Ain’t It funny?

Ain’t It Funny?

by mytasteislikecandy

I couldn’t believe that I’d actually won the contest that the Wiz was having! The Wiz was the R and B and hip hop radio station in Cincinnati, and was running a call in contest to award Jennifer Lopez’s biggest fan a chance to see her in person! When I heard about the contest the first time, I knew I had to win. J-Lo was my idol. Being a Puerto Rican female growing up, I didn’t have too many role models. Then, when Jennifer broke onto the scene, my prayers were answered. Here was a Puerto Rican woman doing it all on her own, and looking damned good doing it too! She had to be the
finest female in all of music today. From her hair and gleaming smile, to that phat ass that I’m sure everyone has fantasized about at one time or another, she was pure perfection.

The night of the concert, I dressed with extreme care. I put on a short jean skirt with a thick camel colored leather belt. Knee high leather boots with a 3 inch heel, and a matching leather halter top. My 36D breasts were pushed up and clearly visible and my ass was barely covered by the short denim. I wanted to make sure Jennifer noticed me. I knew I was attractive. Maybe she could help me out in the business, I thought to myself as I climbed into the limo that the Wiz had provided for me.

We arrived at the US arena 20 minutes before show time. I made my way to the front row seat I had won, very aware of the wolf whistles and cat calls coming from the men in the audience. I simply pushed my tinted sunglasses on top of my head and took my seat. My mind was only on seeing Ms. Lopez in the flesh and only 20 feet away from me.

When I heard the first strains of “If You Had My Love” start, I jumped to my feet and started screaming. J-Lo danced onto the stage in a tight white catsuit, unzipped to her flat belly. Her rounded breasts pushed out the top of her shirt and I stared at them as she began gyrating right in front of me. Her ass in that suit had already caused me to get wet. As she turned around and dropped her ass to the stage floor, I felt my nipples contract and press against the supple leather of my shirt. I licked my lips and moved closer to the stage, singing along with every word. I followed her every move with my eyes, not wanting to miss a second of looking at her. Several times during the first half of the show, her eyes met mine and I almost collapsed. She knew I was watching her. I squeezed my thighs together tightly to try to calm myself down.

During a break in the show, when the dancers performed their own choreography, Jennifer went backstage to change. This time, she came out ready for her ballads. Her firm body was wrapped in a red dress. It dipped low on her back, her rounded ass peeking out the top. She sang sweetly, the bright spotlight shining on her as she stood right in front of me. I could almost see up her dress as it swirled around her thighs. Her legs were smooth and tanned. God how I wanted to kiss them! Finally, the show was almost over. J-Lo paused to thank everyone for coming and then, to my surprise, she called my name. She told the audience how I had won the contest by proving to the Wiz I was her number 1 fan. One of her bodyguards came down and led me on stage where I stood face to face with my idol. She smiled at me and reached for my hand. That was when everything went black.

I came to lying on a soft couch. I blinked and looked around, unsure where I was. I then saw Jennifer’s white catsuit hanging from the back of a chair and I realized I was in her dressing room! I sat up quickly, my head spinning. How did I get back here, I wondered? At that moment, she came out of the other room, still wearing her red dress.

“Are you ok, Jessalah? You came onstage and I reached to touch you and you collapsed. I wasn’t sure what happened, so I had them bring you back here so I could make sure you were alright.”

Her voice was wonderful and smooth, making me tremble. I nodded, unable to take my eyes from her form. She smiled knowingly, and walked over to where I sat. Sitting beside me she rested one hand on the bare skin of my thigh. I looked down, amazed that she was touching me. Lifting my head, our eyes met, and I knew then that she knew.

“Yes, Jess, I know that you want me. And it’s ok. I’ve never been with another woman, but I’m always up for new things. And seeing that you’re absolutely gorgeous, and definitely into me, I’d like to do it with you.”

My mouth opened and I stared at her, not fully comprehending what she was saying. She shook her head and then leaned in, pressing her mouth onto mine. I sat in shock until I felt her tongue tracing my lips. That’s when I knew it was real. I reacted by touching my tongue to hers. She moaned and pushed her mouth harder against mine, our tongues swirling around each other. I felt her hand slip up my body and cup my right breast in her palm. She squeezed it and I arched my back into her hand.

“Mmmmm, these are nice.” she said, lowering her head to nuzzle my cleavage. Her warm tongue lapped at my skin, causing my nipples to harden instantly. Jennifer untied my halter and pulled it down, baring my breasts to her. She gazed at them and then bent down and licked one nipple slowly. I gasped and raised my hands to her head. She took the hint and sucked my breast into her mouth, licking and biting on the nipple gently. Jennifer was sure not to miss the other one and concentrated on moving her mouth back and forth to each one.

Meanwhile, my own hands had found the ties on her dress and undid them. Her full tits fell into my hands and I rubbed them, teasing the nipples with my palms.

“Oh yes! That’s it Jess, I like my nipples being touched!” she cried out, lifting her mouth from me and pushing her breasts into my hands. I then took the opportunity to lean down and suck her nipples into my mouth. She clutched my hair in her fists and pulled my mouth hard against her. I sucked on her harder, her nipples becoming more erect every second. I pushed her breasts together and licked both nipples at the same time. She seemed to love this, because her body began trembling.

Jennifer stopped me and pulled away a bit. “Lie down on the couch Jess. Let me see the rest of you.”

I did as she asked, stretching my 5’5 frame out on the leather sofa. She unbuckled my belt and then my jean skirt. Pulling them down over my hips and thighs, my skimpy white thong became visible. It was already soaked and I knew she could see it. J-Lo took one finger and stroked my mound through the soft cotton, causing me to whimper. She smiled and then pulled my halter top off, leaving me on the couch in only my thong and knee high boots.

“Beautiful.” she whispered before climbing on top of me and kissing my mouth again. She worked her way down my body, sucking my breasts and then my tummy before reaching my pussy. There, she spread my thighs and then pushed her mouth to my soaked panties. I gasped and arched up a little off the couch. Jennifer smiled and then eased my panties off as well. Now my shaven lips were revealed to her. She slipped a finger into my slit, running it up and down slowly. “Damn, babygirl, you’re soaking. Is that all for me?”

I whimpered and then said, “Yes, I’m always wet when I think of you.”

“Oh really? Mmmm….what a lovely thought. I guess I owe you something for being my biggest fan don’t I Jessalah?” Before I could answer, she had my right leg over the back of the couch and my left foot planted on the floor. My pussy was spread before her and she stared at it for a minute before blowing gently over the clit. I groaned and pushed up with my hips. She didn’t hesitate and instantly buried her hot mouth in my cunt. I cried out as her tongue worked around my clit, licking it slowly before circling it. Her finger found its way inside of me and I spread my legs farther. Jennifer added another finger and sucked on my hard little button as I worked my hips in a circle. Her beautiful face was covered by my juices as she ate me, her miraculous tongue flicking over my clit again and again as she finger fucked me. I bit my lip to keep from screaming as I came into her mouth. She didn’t stop eating as I poured my sweet come into her mouth. She lapped it all up like a kitten with milk. When I’d finally come all I could, I sat up and kissed her wet lips. I loved how I tasted on her.

“Can I taste you now?” I asked shyly, my hand reaching out to tease her nipple again.

“Of course Jess. I was hoping you’d want to.” She stood up and finished removing her dress, revealing that she was naked underneath. The body that everyone talked about was shown to me in all its glory. Her full breasts, trim waist, and silky thighs had me enraptured. But it all paled in comparison when she turned around and that pert, rounded ass was in my face. I couldn’t handle it and I put my hands on her hips, turning her so she was facing the couch.

“Get on your knees on the edge of the sofa.” I said, and she complied. Jennifer climbed on the leather couch and put her face on the back of it. Her knees were at the edge, thighs spread slightly. Her pussy was also shaven and I could see the juices already glistening on her lips. Her perfect ass was raised in front of me and I dropped to my knees before it. Using one finger I tentatively stroked her slit, easing it down to her clit. J’s pussy was so soft and wet. I heard her moan into the couch as I teased her, flicking her clit only once or twice as I slowly began fingering her. I pushed in one, then two, then a third finger, listening to how wet she was as my hand worked inside her.

“Mmmmm god, Jess, that’s so good. so good babygirl.” Jennifer was babbling calling my name into the couch as I touched her. Finally, I couldn’t resist anymore and I leaned forward and licked her pussy from clit to ass. She cried out as my tongue penetrated her pussy alongside my fingers. I began licking her steadily, swirling my tongue around her clit as I pumped my three fingers in and out of her wet hole. My face was pushed deep into her pussy from behind as I ate her.

I had always fantasized about this, imagining all the things I’d do to Jennifer Lopez if I ever had the chance. Well, here I was, and it might be the only chance I ever got. So I decided to do all I’d ever wanted to her. I moved my mouth from her pussy, her cries of dissapointment filling my ears as she yearned for my mouth again. Instead, I licked up her ass cheeks, sucking on them gently. Jenn must have known what was coming because she shut up and spread her legs farther for me. I worked my tongue inward until it was touching her asshole. She cried out as I began licking it slowly, my fingers still working in her cunt. As her ass loosened up, I began licking it deeper, making her shiver with each thrust of my tongue. I used my other hand to start fingering her tight ass. Soon I had two fingers in her butt as three others pushed in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and pushing back at me with every breath her booty jiggling as she fucked my fingers.

“In my drawer….” she began, moaning softly between each word. I looked around and saw the drawer she was talking about to the left of the couch. I removed my hand from her ass and reached for it. Digging inside, my hands felt something hard and rubbery. I lifted it out and gasped as a 18 inch double headed black dildo appeared. Jennifer pulled her pussy away from my hand too, turning to face me. She grabbed the dildo from me and pushed me back onto the floor. I grinned and lay back, spreading my legs as she began sucking on the head of the fake cock. Soon, she began working its thickness into my tight hole. I whimpered as it stretched me to capacity, but it felt good. Jenn was licking my clit as she worked it into my cunt. Soon about 8 inches of it was buried deep inside me. I moved my hips around, getting used to it as it stretched me out.

Next, Jennifer began sucking on the other end of it, the motions of her mouth moving it in and out of me slightly. I watched fascinated as she began easing the other half into herself. Soon, her body was impaled on it, her gorgeous pussy spread around the black cock between us. She teased her clit as we began working it in and out of ourselves slowly. Soon, our pussy’s were rubbing against each other. I couldn’t believe the whole 18 inches was taken up by the both of us. I could feel my pussy tightening as the impending orgasm began to rise from inside of me. Jennifer must have been feeling it too, because she tossed her head back and began fingering her clit faster and faster. I did the same, urging my climax to come. We both came at the same time, our pussy’s gripping the dildo and coating it with our come.

We collapsed, the rubber dick still tight inside of us. After collecting ourselves, Jennifer pulled the dildo out of herself and then eased it out of my pussy. I watched as she licked my come off the end that had been in me. I moaned as she offered me her side. I sucked it into my mouth, loving how she tasted.

“Thanks for being my biggest fan.” J-Lo said, helping me to my feet. She handed me my clothes and said, “I hope you win the next contest when I’m in town again. And if not, I’ll make sure we see each other again sometime.” With that she grabbed her robe and left the room. I dressed slowly still tingling from the orgasms I’d just experienced. I looked up as Jennifer’s bodyguard, a gorgeous black man, came in the room to take me home…..but that’s another story.

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