Air Of Mystery

The warm water from the scented bath trickled in tiny droplets down my soft, tanned skin; lingering over the mounds of my breasts before falling from my erect nipples onto the flooring beneath my feet.

I felt the gentle trickles as more droplets slid slowly down my stomach to find their way to the warmth of my womanhood; halting briefly as my pubic hair soaked them up before releasing them again to permit the droplets an uninterrupted journey down my long, slender legs.

As I glided, naked, across the room the heat from the scorching sun outside warmed my body and immediately began to cause the wetness from
my bath to dry naturally on my smooth skin.

My hair cascaded over my shoulders and I paused at the small, ornamental table to retrieve the hair brush that awaited me there.

I passed slowly through the open doorway as the brush began its downward strokes and the water droplets from my hair were forced out to be evaporated in the intense heat of the room.

With my slender body still glistening from the few remaining water droplets that had yet to disappear I eased my naked body onto the softness of my bed and delighted in the feel of the cool silk sheets beneath me.

I continued to stroke the brush downwards until my hair was smooth and dry; my long legs open to allow the hot air of the room to dry the hairs surrounding my still wet slit.

I knew that my womanhood was wet from the bath but I smiled in anticipation of the other wetness that would soon creep from deep within my pussy once my lover arrived to take his satisfaction out on my naked body. But I had no intention of letting him find me naked and showing him any signs of my eagerness to have him service me.

Antony, like any other man, delighted in the air of mystery that was created by the naked female form being seductively hidden in thin, colourful material that allowed just the briefest glimpse of the delights that awaited him beneath.

As I prepared my body for the ultimate attentions that my latest conquest would soon lavish upon it I dropped my free hand down between my open legs and allowed my slender fingers to alight on the softness of the pink flesh surrounding the slit that would soon be ravished by Antony’s probing tongue.

I knew that my lover would delight in the scent of my womanhood as his lips reached down to first kiss, then lick, at the tenderness surrounding the slit that his huge cock would later fill.

I trembled slightly as the thought of that cock penetrating my body filtered into my imaginative mind and my fingers rubbed a little harder against the tiny bud that protruded from the top of my now moistening slit.

I closed my eyes and lay back onto the softness of the silk sheets, my long legs opening even further, my knees bending to allow greater access for my probing fingers.

I gasped slightly as the wetness began to creep from the depths of my pussy and coat my waiting fingers in the juices that were so desirable to all men.

The hair brush fell to the floor as my other hand released it from its grasp to allow my palm to rub sensuously over the firmness of my abdomen before moving upwards to the mounds that stood proud and firm in front of me.

My body shuddered again as I pulled the palm of my hand across each waiting nipple and my mind replaced my hand with Antony’s strong fingers as they began to rub and pinch at their hardness.

My hips began to move slowly against my probing fingers whilst my nipples were receiving the attention that sent tiny shivers rippling around my body.

With my eyes still closed and my long, dark, lashes cascading down; my mind gave way to the fantasies slowly creeping through it.

Fantasies that had Antony mounting my naked brown body and penetrating the depths of my now very wet slit with that huge, hard cock that my sensuous body so desired.

My mind sent that heavenly shaft deep into my womanhood as I felt his hot breath upon my waiting mouth. His manly chest pressed heavily down on my firm breasts as he eased his weight onto me.

My hand began to press hard over my erect nipples in an effort to create the sensations my mind was conjuring up. I bent my naked torso forward slightly to allow 2 fingers to slide, with ease, into the wetness of my pussy and the feel of my thumb, as it ran gently over my clitoris, sent a wave of delight through my aching body. A body that now ached for the orgasm that my mind and hands were creating with such sensuousness.

It came quickly and suddenly. That wonderful sensation that rippled through my trembling body as my orgasm struck.

I screamed aloud, knowing that nobody dare be close enough to hear me, and my hips gyrated on the silk sheets as my fingers were forced harder and deeper into my depths.

My pussy spurted its hot juices out onto Antony’s thrusting cock as my mind replaced my fingers with the throbbing weapon that my pussy had felt so many times before.

My other hand gripped and pulled at my hard nipples as my mind and body took me to the heights of pleasure that were superseded only by the real thing as a lover thrust his powerful and demanding cock between my soaking wet pussy lips.

As my body trembled in the powerful orgasm ripping through it I thrust my hand forward; sending my fingers deeper into the wetness of my womanhood one last time before the orgasm subsided to leave me drained, but ready, for the real thing that I knew would happen that afternoon in the heat of my bedroom.

I eased my fingers from my wetness and slid them gently between my lips so that I could taste the sweet nectar that my lover would soon be savouring on his own mouth.

The stickiness of my juices delighted me and my mind again replaced my fingers with Antony’s hard cock as I slid them in and out of my eager mouth.

The hot air of the room, coupled with the relaxing of my body after its orgasm, caused me to drowse briefly as I stretched my naked body on the large bed beneath me.

I felt the cool dampness of the sheet beneath me where my juices had seeped from my womanhood and I knew that the scent would linger for a short while before the heat of my body would dry it up.

My mind drifted into that realm that awaits a relaxed body and my sensuous thoughts glided around inside my head as the brief sleep slowly overcame me.

When Antony arrived, just as the hot sun began its decent into the western sky, he found me dressed in my thin robe that was sheer enough to show the darkness of my nipples surrounded by the firm flesh of my naked breasts.

My make up had been applied with expert attention and the blue shade around my eyes highlighted the dark outline that pointed seductively away from my pupils.

My gold necklace shone as it hung, almost erotically, around my neck. My wrists held the weight of the gold bangles with ease and my rings sparkled in the dimming light as the sun sank slowly over the horizon of the red and blue buildings of the city that stood on the edge of the glistening blue sea; the huge lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour a miracle of engineering.

I stretched my slender body seductively on top of the silk sheets beneath me as Antony entered the silent bedroom.

My perfume filled the air and masked the scent that still lingered between my legs from my earlier orgasm. He would smell that soon enough.

I smiled at him as he approached the bed and gazed down on my waiting body. I knew his mind was imagining the delights that awaited him beneath my garments and I moved, seductively, to allow my robe to slide from my legs so that his eyes were able to alight on the smooth flesh beneath it.

He smiled as he sat beside me and whispered his greetings; his hand immediately falling on my leg where it began to caress the soft flesh gently as it moved slowly upwards under my robe.

His head dropped and his kiss was firm and welcoming as our lips met in the sweet kiss of lovers.

My body trembled very slightly as I felt his firm hand glide under my garment and rest upon the naked mound between my legs.

His mouth pressed firmly down onto mine as his hand felt the nakedness of my waiting slit; but he refrained from using his fingers on me as he rubbed his open palm firmly over the soft hairs surrounding the delights that awaited him.

I reached my arms around him and pulled his body tight to mine as our tongues probed the depths of our mouths.

His open palm pressed even harder onto my pussy and my hips reached up towards it as I craved the feel of his fingers inside me. His chest pressed down on my covered breasts as my nipples began to harden beneath it and I pulled him even tighter to me.

Suddenly his palm closed slightly and my hips jerked as his finger slid into the wetness that had formed inside my waiting slit. I wanted him. I wanted that heavenly cock I knew was waiting hard and ready to service me.

I pushed his torso from my own body and my hand slid down to his groin. I felt the hardness of him beneath his clothes and he let out a low murmur of pleasure as he began to whisper the words of passion and love that all women so desire to hear.

As his finger curled responsively into the wetness arising from my slit he uttered words of love, of sex and of desire.

He called me his seductress, his goddess, his Queen. I pressed my hand harder against his growing cock and began to pull at his garments so that I could feast my eyes on his nakedness.

Suddenly his probing fingers left my wet slit and he rose from the bed.

Within moments his clothes were on the floor and he stood naked in front of me. The sweat caused by the heat of the room glistened on his naked and scarred body and my eyes feasted on the muscles that stood out proudly on his legs and arms.

His huge cock stood rigid in front of him; pointing at me as if to announce that my body was his to ravish and plunder as he pleased.

His lips touched mine again as he slid gently on to the bed beside me and his hands began to unfasten the clips that held my see through robe around my now trembling body.

My nakedness sent tiny quivers through his erect cock as it pressed against the side of my leg.

Our tongues began to suck frantically at each others as his hand reached down between my legs and again alighted on the wet nakedness of my swollen pussy.

My back arched upwards to greet his probing fingers as my arms encircled his torso and pulled him closer to me.

I moaned into his mouth as I felt his large fingers slide into the wetness between my legs and my hips rose and fell as I desperately attempted to encase his fingers within the depths of my womanhood.

His mouth suddenly left mine and I moaned loudly as I felt his lips, wet from our kissing, alight on the erect nipple of my left breast.

He bit me gently and sent a wave of hot desire flooding through me as I continued to raise my hips up and down against his probing finger. I wanted more of him; I wanted to feel his cock pounding inside me.

I knew, however, that Antony had more pleasures in store for my body before he would insert his huge manhood into me.

His mouth left my nipples and he began to place tender kisses and tiny nips over my breasts, my abdomen and then down between my legs to the place that was eager and wet to feel his hot breath upon it.

Leaving his rigid finger deep inside me his tongue finally entered the depths of my wetness and I screamed. I screamed in pure pleasure as I felt his tongue rasp over my clitoris and into the wetness before returning to my tiny bud that waited so eagerly for him.

I now began to pound my hips harder and harder onto his rigid finger as I felt the marvels of his tongue ravishing my pussy.

I came.

In a scream of pleasure, I erupted, just as he pulled his finger from my slit and rammed his now stiff tongue deep into me. He felt my juices squirting onto his tongue as he reamed me hard and fast.

My whole body shook and my eyes began to water as the orgasm rippled through me.

I had reached the pinnacle of desire as my head swam and my mind felt as if it was high in the clouds amongst the gods.

As Antony pulled his tongue from within me I came down from the height of my passion to lay breathless on the silk sheets now soaking with my perspiration.

But Antony did not allow me time to relax fully before I felt him ease himself between my legs, felt his strong hands around my hips, felt the head of his throbbing manhood at the entrance to my wetness and then felt the sudden thrust as he drove into me.

He had raised my legs and I immediately clasped them around his neck and locked my ankles together as he knelt beneath my quivering body. His cock filled every corner as I opened myself up for him.

I screamed again as the pleasure overtook me and his thrusting cock reamed into the depths that awaited it.

Again my body began to shake as another orgasm began to rise within me. I took the whole length of his thrusting manhood, plunging into me in long, slow, powerful strokes that had him moaning obscenities into the humid air to mingle with the passionate screams that I let flow yet again.

On and on he plundered me as his cock throbbed inside.

I orgasmed again just as I felt his cock harden a little further and felt his eruption as it spurted into me. Wave after wave of built up fluid unleashed itself into my waiting vagina, as my own juices covered his thrusting weapon and mixed with his own sperm as it flooded into me.

Antony collapsed onto the sheets beside me and took my face in his hands. He murmured again the words of love and desire; again he called me his Queen.

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