Airport Trouble

Airport Trouble (M+F-gang, reluc, anal, oral, bukkake, unif, voy)

by Sara Violet (


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Jessica Biel is the only celebrity in this story. The entire story is focused around her as the main focus of sexual excitement.

Airport Trouble

Jessica Biel was driving to an airport in a major city near the coast. She had just finished surfing and realized she was going to miss her flight if she didn’t hurry. There was no time to change out of her surfer’s wetsuit, which at least was long-sleeved and legged. She parked her rental car and went into the airport. Security was a lot higher due to terrorists attacks. There were police officers all over.

Huffing from jogging, she came to a security checkpoint. The two officers there stood staring at her as if in awe. It wasn’t every day they saw a beautiful celebrity right before their eyes wearing a skin-tight wetsuit. The sergeant there immediately decided to make her security check difficult.

“ID, please,” the Sergeant said. His name was Don.

Jessica took out her ID and gave it to him in a hurry. She hoped this wouldn’t take long. She’d miss her flight if it did.

“Hmm.” Don looked at it carefully, taking his time.

“Come on! Please hurry, I’m going to miss my flight!” Jessica almost screamed at him.

Don looked up from the ID, locking his eyes on her with a stern look. “I think you should come with me, ma’am.”

“Oohhhh… FUCK!” Jessica screamed in outburst. Her curse echoed throughout the wide walkway corridors, and everyone turned to look at her. “What the hell is your problem?! You’re wasting my time!”

“Calm down and come with me now!” Don ordered. The other officer positioned himself behind her just in case things got violent. A group of other officers who were nearby rallied to the scene.

“Calm down, miss,” one of the officers warned as they approached.

“Fine…” Jessica said. She knew the only way to make it on time now, was to cooperate with them as much as possible and hope they go easy on her. “I’m sorry officers… please just let me go to my flight.”

Don said “Come with me, ma’am. I’ll process you as fast as possible.”

Jessica had a defeated expression on her face. It was exactly what Don was hoping for.

Don told the rookie he was originally with, “Stay here and process these other people.” He turned to look at the other officers and said, “You guys come with me.”

They all went to a private room normally used to perform cavity checks. Don made a rookie named Gage stand outside at the door on guard duty, to make sure no one would even try to disturb them.

The three officers who were in the room positioned themselves so Jessica was on the far side, opposite of where the door was.

“Go up against that wall, put your hands up high sort of to the sides up on the wall, and spread your legs apart,” Don ordered.

Jessica did so, putting herself in an utterly submissive position where she was pressing her hands up on the wall with her legs spread apart, which made her butt stick out slightly. It was an extremely sexy sight to behold for the young law enforcement officers. Because they made her face the wall, she couldn’t see behind herself. The only thing running through her mind was several variations of obscenities, as she hoped for the best.

Suddenly all three officers had uncomfortable crotch areas, their uniforms being sort of restricting.

“I need to pat you down,” one of the rookies named Lance said to her, boldly taking control from the Sergeant, exploiting the situation to make it seem like standard procedure. Don wasn’t a greedy man. He just wanted his piece of pie, whether it be now or later — so he let Lance have his way. Lance stepped up to her and began running his hands over her body, sliding his hands across every inch, letting his hands linger on the areas of her breasts and butt cheeks. He did it one more time “just to make sure”, and removed his hands reluctantly. The other two officers were beginning to get restless and jealous.

“Good, but remove that suit so I can be more thorough,” Lance instructed her.

Jessica first removed her shoes. Then she reached back and unzipped the back of her wetsuit, climbed out of it and tossed it to the floor. She had nothing on underneath except a thong, much to the satisfaction of the three men staring at her. Jessica blushed and used her hands to cover her breasts.

Thinking quickly, the other rookie, Ray, went over to the camera mounted on the wall and plugged the cord in. A buddy they had in the monitor room would take care of it: record the scene for themselves without anyone else knowing. The red active light on the camera had long been dead. Without Jessica realizing Ray had turned it on, she would just assume it was off. The camera had a perfect angle aimed on her.

“Good, but that thong will have to come off too, Jessica. Pull it down slowly to the floor without bending your knees. Go ahead and back up from the wall to do so, then resume your original position,” Lance instructed.

Huh? Jessica thought. Lance’s instructions seemed kind of excessive. She did as she was told, taking her time to pull the thong down slowly, revealing her pink anus and pretty vulva clearly to the men and unknowingly to the active camera at the same time. She then resumed her original position against the wall. By now the men were getting extremely uncomfortable in their uniforms.

“Very good,” Lance said. “Now just relax… Relax the muscles throughout your body. You may find this next step unpleasant, but it will only get better. We must do your cavity search now.” Without putting medical gloves on for this “cavity check”, he placed his hands on her bare butt cheeks and squeezed. He felt her tense up, and said, “Easy now, just relax, I promise it won’t feel that bad at all.”

She was blushing in humiliation. She sniffed, trying to hold back tears. Three guys were staring at her private parts, and one of them was feeling her butt cheeks. She had never been more exposed in all of her life. Things were going to get a whole lot worse for her though.

Lance re-adjusted his hands, moving his thumbs into the gap between her butt cheeks, and then slid his right hand down to press his thumb against her anus and a finger against her vaginal opening. He very slowly applied more pressure to her anus with his thumb, as his finger slid semi-easily into her vagina. Her vagina was tighter than he would have expected. From his estimates, she never had much sex before. He pushed his finger in deeper into her vagina, letting it slide deep into her tight channel. His thumb suddenly slid into her rectum from the opening of her anus. At first she wasn’t relaxed enough and her anus gave resistance to his invading thumb, but as she rationalized it’d be better to make it as easy as possible, she became relaxed enough and her anus actually opened slightly. Lance’s thumb then went in smoothly.

Lance said, “There you go. You’re doing very, very good.” As he reassured her that she’s doing a good job, his entire thumb disappeared into her butt as it sank in. He began sliding his thumb and finger up and down, inwards and outwards, stroking into her with his digits. He continued for a minute until her sex became wet with the sign of arousal. She’s mine, he thought, satisfied with the results so far and convinced that he could move on to the next step.

He pulled his thumb and finger out of her suddenly and started taking off his uniform, managing to strip it off rather swiftly. He became completely naked standing right behind her. His cock was raging, completely hard and erect. His shaft of cock meat and testicles were unusually large, his cock ten inches long and two and a half inches thick, and his testicles were as large as plums. The head of his pole was thick, juicy and abnormally a bit thicker than his shaft, being three inches thick, and two inches longer than normal.

Lance took in the sight of Jessica, admiring her curves, and loved the sight of her butt sticking out with her anus and vulva clearly visible. He couldn’t contain himself longer. This was the best sex he’d ever have, he had no doubt about it. He stepped up behind her, closed his grip around the base of his cock, and wedged the head of his meat between her butt cheeks, pressing the tip of his head against her anus.

“What the?!” Jessica asked in shock.

“Sshhh, just enjoy it girl,” Lance coaxed. It seemed to be enough to keep her calm for now. Jessica was paralyzed in fear; she had no idea what to do. Her anus was barely able to expand two inches in diameter, let alone the three inches necessary to take in the size of his cock head. Lance pushed and pushed, trying again and again to force his meat up into her unlubricated bum, grunting and sweating as he tried. He held her waist to help, pulling her hips towards his crotch as he tried to jam his dick inside. He pushed harder and harder, and finally, through his sheer determination, his cock head suddenly popped firmly into her butt and her anus sealed around his crown tightly. He was greatly rewarded with the wonderful tightness and warmth of her rectum clasping his thick meat. Jessica moaned in deep pleasure from the experience, oddly liking it for some reason. She never had anal sex before: it seemed to be something that totally agreed with her. Lance began pushing his cock in further, planning to go as far as possible.

“Good girl, you didn’t even flinch,” Lance said with pride. “You’re the best woman in the world.”

Lance didn’t bother taking his eyes off of Jessica and said to his two friends, “Come on guys. One of you can administrate her oral checkup, and another can administrate the upper body test.”

The other two guys began frantically trying to strip off their uniforms, getting it off of them before going up to Jessica.

“Let me reposition this,” Lance said. “Jessica, I want you to follow my lead.” As his buddies positioned themselves, Don standing around while Ray laid down on the floor on his back, Lance guided Jessica down to the floor, making sure Ray would get her breasts right near his cock. Lance positioned her so that she was holding herself slightly hovering above Ray.

Ray’s slab of cock meat was a good thirteen inches long and three inches wide, perfectly shaped as if it were sculpted by an artist at one point. The head of his cock was juicy and really smelly, as if the strength of the smell of the cock head was twice the amount that’s normal. He moved his groin upwards between her tits and reached out his hands to grab them. He rolled her nipples around in his thumbs as he pressed his cock onto her chest between them, and then pressed her tits together around his thick large cock. His cock was so long that the head reached her face, and he made sure it laid across her left cheek, rubbing it across the cheek of her face every time he stroked his shaft between her perfect breasts. The smell of his cock head rubbed off onto her face, making her face smell strong of it. He accidently bumped the head onto her nose. The slit of his cock head opened around the membrane between the nostrils of her nose on the bottom, sucking it into the hole of his big dick. The strong smell filled her nose as she breathed. She had no choice but to smell it with every breath she took from now on through her nose: the smell had wiped off from the cock head onto that area of her nose. Ray was proud of himself for doing that. He made sure to rub the head of his dick all around her nose and try to wedge it into a nostril as far as it would go. After trying that for a while with little success, he repositioned his cock to lay across her right cheek so that his friend could exploit her mouth and taste buds, and he continued pumping away between her warm breasts.

Don’s cock was the smallest of the three, only being eight inches long and two inches thick. But his meat was the most veiny, roped with thick veins all around the shaft. His cock also had more fatty tissue, making it softer and more squishy. It was really meaty. Once his friend was done with her nose and began pumping between her tits, Don pressed the head of his penis onto her lips, wanting to get his share of this babe for himself, and he thrust his hips forward. His cock slid off of her lips and stroked across her face.

“Open your mouth sweety,” Don told her. Jessica opened her mouth immediately for him. Don rearranged his cock and slowly inched his meaty dick into her mouth. Since she was bad for not opening her mouth the first time, he decided to make sure his cock head would sit on her tongue for a while so she’d taste his meat thoroughly. It was actually more of a reward than a punishment, he thought.

“That’s it — keep your tongue still and let the taste of my meat sink into your taste buds — that’s a good girl. Never forget this taste. I hope it’s the only thing you taste for the rest of eternity, other than churning loads of semen to quench your thirst,” Don said. He seemed to be a heavy dirty talker when it came to sex. He also made it a point to go out of his way, really keeping the head of his cock laying fully on her tongue for at least ten minutes. He stroked his dick slowly back and forth inside. The entire time he did that, the head of his dick laid fully on her tongue, slowly wiping back and forth, with the taste seeping dangerously thick and thorough into her taste buds. She moaned loudly in pleasure to show her acceptance of the gifts and treatment of all three men. She was really loving it.

By now, Lance was pumping most of the length of his cock into her butt. He was getting more aggressive with his strokes each passing moment. Soon another inch was stroking inside, then another, until finally his entire cock was bucking in her ass, pumping it continuously and hard. He took out about three inches before pushing in each time. His large balls swung back and forth from the bucking, smacking softly onto her cunt with each thrust forward. He was satisfied that he was able to feed the entire length of his cock into her ass. He imagined how full she must have felt in her bum, and how unusual the pleasure she received was. He knew he was filling up one of her most intimate and naughty areas. Even though it was almost impossible for him to fit so much of himself into her ass, through his absolute determination he had managed to fill her bowels with his meat. It was the greatest task he had ever succeeded in, he thought. He was giving her something he felt she truly deserved. He knew he was giving her something that made her feel complete, as if his cock belonged in her ass, shoved up into her rectum from her anus. A smile crossed his lips. I’m such a nice guy, he thought, driving his cock into her bum, pushing twice as hard as before with a renewed sense of strength and energy.

Ray was still pumping between her breasts. He was finding it extremely pleasurable. Her soft, firm and full breasts, pressed into each other around his shaft, was like nothing he had ever experienced before. His cock spasmed, threatening to spew semen. The leap of his cock made the head thump quietly onto her cheek where it rubbed across. It spasmed again and a thick glob of semen seeped out from the head. The emerging glob actually managed to stick on the end of the slit as his cock head rubbed continuously across her face. During one of the strokes, the cock head neared close to her eye and she saw the white glob sticking on the tip of it. She lowered her eyes down at Ray and saw him smile suddenly at her, since he wanted to show her what he thought about the glob of seed that threatened to smear into her face. That turned Ray on even more. Jessica switched her gaze back to the cock head. Another glob suddenly erupted weakly from it as she watched. This time the semen emerged like a lava flow, climbing over the sides of the head and leaking down to her face, and with each stroke of his cock, the semen was mopped around her lower and upper right cheek. She continued watching the head, seeing more pre-cum seep out every few seconds, all of it being wiped onto her face. While she watched the slit in particular, the cock suddenly jolted and a huge strand of gloppy semen sprayed from it, leaping all the way up to her right eye and splatting there. Because her eye lids closed on reflex the instant the wad began spraying out, the mass of semen covered up her eye lid without actually going on her eye. The semen was so thick that it clung there even though it was on an angle. With her right eye sealed, Jessica opened her left one to see things with. Still smiling, Ray laughed quietly at her because of what happened, finding it funny for some reason. The laughs added to the background noise of grunts and groans while all three men worked their cocks on or in her.

The ten minutes now up, Don was satisfied with the amount of time she had tasted his cock head so far. He saw the pre-cum eruptions his friend was adding to her face and smiled. She must have been loving this. Don rationalized that these were the sweetest things Jessica could ever have to endure. He was very similar to how his other friends felt about doing this. All three men felt very good about what they were doing to her. It was the best moment of their lives. Jessica was even loving it, groaning and moaning in pleasure. The things they were doing to her made her extremely aroused. It was almost like a fantastic dream experience to her. Everything was happening far too quickly to be thoroughly enjoyed, and she couldn’t get enough of it. They were fulfilling one of her greatest sex fantasies.

Don began pumping his meat into her mouth with more vigor. The head always rubbed across her tongue. He loved that, and had to make sure it did. His thrusts forced more of his cock in and he began sliding in and out with long strokes. The head went too far one time and bumped into the back of her throat. He was surprised that she responded with no gag reflex at all. He pushed his meat in just as far again, bumping the head onto the back of her throat, and held it there. Again, she didn’t gag at all, largely due to her banana deep-throating experience. Don grinned wickedly to himself from ear to ear. Placing his hands on the back of her head and gripping her hair to hold her steady, he pushed his cock down into her throat, watching her neck expand to accommodate the size of his thick cock. He buried all eight inches into her mouth and throat, a good deal of his full length embedded inside her throat, with the slight bulge in her neck obvious to him and Ray. He noticed that amazingly somehow she was still breathing through her nose even though her oesophagus and mouth was full of his meat.

“You’re amazing,” Don told her. “It’s just been proven that your mouth is the perfect cock receptacle. No one else even comes close.” Don began pumping furiously, the nerves in his cock head sending him into pure heaven from the sensation of it feeling the confines of her throat. He pulled her face towards his crotch as he thrust forward with his cock each time, burying his meat completely into her with each powerful thrust. Even though he was previously building his climax much more slowly than the other two guys, his new vigorous pumping was helping to build it much quicker. He couldn’t wait to make her taste his seed.

The tightness of Jessica’s butt made each of Lance’s strokes into the depths of her bowels utter bliss. It was almost too good to be real, and finally his balls reflected that. His testicles yanked up in the scrotum suddenly as his long climax began. For a few seconds his cock spasmed and jerked while no semen at all came out, like a dry orgasm, and then suddenly the cum burst from his cock head with intense velocity. The first strand blew out of his slit and flew deep into her butt, hitting the wall of her colon and slipping further, the strand lacing a long line across her colon. Half of the strand was pushed in further by his pumping cock, as more thick globs of his gloppy seed sprayed into her bum, hosing down her colon. The cum piled up in the area of her colon his cock could reach, until there was just too much semen there, and with each new spurt, the added strand packed the load of cum about half an inch further each time. The strands were very large, and so was the quantity of strands he kept giving her. After about thirty seconds, and thirty spurts, about fifteen inches was packed inside of her butt, being shoved deep into her bowels and intestines, and he was still cumming heavily. He was stroking his cock in long strokes as it blast wave after wave of semen into her bum. Lance never realized that his loads, even for their abundance, were rich for their levels of sperm. Over fifty trillion sperm were in his load. Over fifty trillion sperm, and counting, were now deep in her ass, wiggling all over the place. The semen was actually slowly churning from the movement of the sperm. Eleven more spurts spewed from his dick, causing the load to expand to a total of twenty and a half inches into her bum. His ejaculation finally stopped and he slowly pumped his cock into her butt a few more times for good measure. Once he was satisfied, he tried pulling his dick out of her, but his cock head stopped at her anus. The width of his cock head acted like an effective butt plug, that not only did a good job keeping the cum inside of her from escaping, but also made it difficult for him to pull it out of her. Because this wasn’t the first time they’ve done this and used this room, there was already a kit inside that had something Lance wanted. He took the kit and took out a transparent butt plug and some industrial strength glue. He applied glue to the inner side of the ring on the end of the butt plug, and once his cock was small enough to pull out, he pulled it out and quickly inserted the butt plug. The glue on the inner ring of the end of the plug pressed onto Jessica’s anus and glued it there, ensuring the butt plug would remain there and keep the semen inside for as long as it’d take her to figure out how to get it off.

“There you go baby, it’s all for you,” Lance told her, patting her on the ass. He fondled her butt cheeks and carefully fingered her cunt while he watched his two buddies finish off.

Ray said suddenly, “I’m cumming!” and got out from underneath her. Don certainly wasn’t going to pull out of her mouth, but at least released his hands from her head so Ray would have somewhere nice to dump his load. Ray stood over her and aimed his cock at her hair on the top of her head, making sure his cock was aimed so it wouldn’t spray cum down her face onto his friend. Streams of seed came flowing out of his cock in an almost continuous stream, flowing kind of like a river as it piled on top of her head and ran down the strands of her long hair. He dumped his cum continuously onto her head as he jacked his cock over her. A large pile of semen formed on the top of her head as he sprayed. Strands of seed laced her hair in several directions, some even flowing down the sides of her face and past her cock-sucking mouth. Streams flowed down her hair mostly on the side opposite of Ray, some falling to the floor and a lot of it staying in her hair. He finished with his climax and backed away a little to observe the remaining action. Her hair was completely wet from seed as well as sweat that saturated it. The white semen showed clearly in her dark brown hair. It wasn’t even close to half as much semen as Lance produced, but it was quite a hefty load none-the-less. It was quite a sight to behold.

Don started to buckle and his testicles prepared for the ejaculation. He pulled his cock out until just the head of his meat was left in her mouth, and his dick started spitting out his semen. He wanted her to taste every drop. Like his cock, his load of semen was also the most normal out of the guys. The first strand was small but kind of long, and crossed over her tongue and laced it. More strands came out lacing her tongue in the rich seed, until her tongue was completely covered and her mouth was semi-full. He pulled his dick out. He knew exactly what he wanted from her.

“Without spilling any of the cream, tilt your head back and open your mouth for me,” Don said. She did so, showing him the semen he had deposited into her mouth. Her tongue was submerged below the cum.

“Wiggle your tongue around slowly,” Don instructed. Jessica did so, wiggling her tongue slowly, a few times showing her tongue emerge from the pool of cream.

“Good, now close your mouth and swish the fluid around inside,” Don told her. He could hear the swishing of his semen going through her teeth as she did so. He let her do it for at least a full minute.

The last order Don gave, he told her, “Now be a good girl and swallow all of it.” She swallowed it all, sending it down to her stomach.

Proud of his work, Don said, “Very good girl.” Despite what male substances were on her lips from the sex, he bent over and gave her a kiss on the lips, showing how much he appreciated it and how proud he was of her.

He turned to Ray and said, “I’m going to get back to work. You get ready too so you can switch with Gage so he can have a turn. When the three of you are done, meet me so we can talk this over.”

It had been about twenty minutes and Don needed to get back to the desk so it wouldn’t cause too much suspicion. Both him and Ray dressed themselves. When they were done, Don gave one last look to Jessica, smiled, and him and Ray walked out of the room. Ray took over for Gage and sent him in.

Gage grinned at the sight of Jessica, who had semen saturating her hair and a butt plug in her ass. He stripped naked and was ready within a few moments.

“How’s her vagina?” Gage asked.

“Off limits,” Lance replied.

“Fine,” Gage said, and took his place in front of her face. He shoved his seven inch dick into her mouth and grabbed her tits, squeezing them and fondling them while he pumped his cock furiously in and out. He was far more rough than the previous three. He was even warned once after arresting a person about being too rough. Needless to say, he was never meant to have sex. But today he was having it with Jessica Biel. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and made her suck and lick his testicles.

“Clean it,” Gage said. Then he made her lick his penis, and then he returned to using her mouth as his cock receptacle, pumping in and out to his own enjoyment. He didn’t really care if she enjoyed it or not. Somehow Jessica was enjoying it anyway. Gage, though ruthless, was glad to see she was enjoying it. It softened his heart to know she could take such a brutal man and allow him to use her for his pleasure.

Lance was getting aroused again. He guided Jessica so that she repositioned into a sitting position. Gage was still pumping into her mouth. Lance put Jessica’s right hand on his cock and her left hand on his testicles and asked her to stroke his shaft and massage his testicles. She did that for him while sucking Gage’s meat.

Eventually both Gage and Lance ejaculated at the same time. Gage pulled out of Jessica’s mouth and both Gage and Lance positioned themselves to spray their loads onto her face. Lance replaced Jessica’s hand on his cock with his own so he could aim at her face, but he left her other hand on his big balls. She moved her other hand to Gage’s balls and massaged them softly. Wads of semen came flying out of their cocks and landed on her face. Their cocks spat and spat for the few seconds their ejaculations lasted. Jessica felt the jolts of their testicles from each spasm of their cocks as they emptied their balls onto her. Lance’s load was several times smaller this time, but was at least two times larger than a normal load. Gage’s load was completely normal in amount. Together, they had managed to cover most of her face, including her lips, nose, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, and even her eyebrows. It was quite a mess. One strand of semen was hanging from her chin, threatening to fall down to the ground but managing to hold on.

“You look perfect,” Lance told her. Smiling, he went over to a cooler and took out three bottles of water. He gave one to Jessica and one to Gage. They had a short intermission to rest up a little.

Determined to be able to see again, Jessica began wiping the semen off from her eyelids, moving the puddles down to her cheeks and she began smearing all of the semen on her face into her skin, rubbing it all in like a face cream. Once she was done, the two guys were aroused again from having seen her do that.

Sex commenced once again. Lance shoved his meaty pole into Jessica’s mouth this time, which stretched her mouth to the max, and Gage rubbed his cock along her back. Lance pumped his cock inside her mouth. The sight of her mouth stretching on his cock head and shaft would put any “monster cock” pornography add to shame. His cock head also tasted kind of sweet. Jessica liked how it tasted and made sure to lick it the entire time, while Lance kept it there for her to enjoy as he gave small thrusts into her mouth, not going further than near the entrance to her throat. Gage stroked his dick across the crease in her back, and reached around to her front to hold on to her big tits while he pumped. All three of them continued until after ten more minutes both guys climaxed. Streams of jizz filled her mouth once again and she swallowed. Gage stayed on her back and emptied his balls there. The guys were so worn out from all of the sex, and now they just wanted to relax. Their penises almost definitely wouldn’t become aroused again either. They were spent, even out of breath. Gage was a little less fatigued than Lance. They both started walking over to their uniforms.

“What about me?” Jessica asked, feeling incredibly aroused and still not having had an orgasm during their activities.

Lance laid on the ground and pulled her into a sitting position over his face, making sure she was partially hovering over him while her front end faced in his direction, the opposite direction of his legs, and he had good oral access to her cunt from this vantage point. He licked and sucked at her cunt, giving her his full oral services. He flicked his tongue across her clitoris, licked across the length of her vulva, and even pushed his tongue into her vagina to give her pleasure. When he pressed his face in deeply, the stubble of his black facial hair scratched gently against her cunt lips and other parts of her vulva.

Meanwhile, Gage had turned his attention to her breasts, kneeling in front of her chest, kind of on the side so he wouldn’t be kneeling on top of Lance’s head, and squeezed her boobs and flicked her nipples with his fingers. He took as much of each of her breasts into his mouth as he could, sucking away. If she had breast milk to give, Gage could have looked like the most greedy person ever to feed. He sucked hard as he licked with his tongue. His slobber went all over her tits.

Jessica was in pure delight. What Lance was doing to her cunt, and what Gage was doing to her breasts, was giving her pleasure beyond anything she could have imagined. Her body shivered as she began her short-lived, but amazing climax. Her vagina and anus spasmed as her body writhed. Her anus sucked on the plug in her butt with every spasm, as if it was trying to take it in deeper, but naturally couldn’t. Her orgasm left her feeling completely satisfied.

Gage and Lance left her and stood a foot away. They admired her features, and their handy work. The two men seriously wanted to jack off in her again, but knew they couldn’t. Even as they tried, their dicks wouldn’t become easily erect anymore.

Jessica decided to give them something they’d remember. She grabbed hold of both of their cocks with her hands, and each cock a big, sloppy kiss, right on the cock head for both.

“Thanks boys,” Jessica said.

Gage seemed to be untouched by the comment. “Of course. You’re a good cum rag.”

“You’re welcome, baby,” Lance said for his response.

It was Jessica’s turn to be naughty. In response to Gage’s comment, she gave him a mischievous grin.

The two guys got dressed and left, leaving her there alone, completely drenched in sex. She realized there was absolutely no way she’d get out of the airport without drawing attention to her cum-covered self. But that was only the beginning for her. Next she’d have to figure out how to remove the butt plug. Missing her flight didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.


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