Alanis Morissette After The Show

My idea for this story is Alanis Morissette after the show gets a unexpected and unwanted supirse…………..

Alanis just finished a great performance and goes backstage and locks the door expecting nobody to be there. She walked in to her bathroom and starts to strip and out of nowhere somebody grabs her from her private shower. She starts to scream but to no avail. When Alanis turns around she sees a 6’2 white guy with brown hair and eyes and about an even 200 pounds in her shower. The guy was wearing a muscle shirt and shorts and told Alanis to behave and she wouldnt get hurt. After this he told her to get on
her knees and to give him a blowjob. Alanis unwillingly and slowly gets on her knees when the guy forces her down on her knees faster and tells her if she bites she will regret it. Alanis starts by slowly licking the entire length of the 12 inch cock. Alanis never has seen a cock this size before and could only fit 6 inches into her mouth. The guy forces the rest of the cock down her throat and forces her to deep throat all 12 inches. The guy reaches down and pinches and squeezes Alanis’s tits and Alanis almost cums on the spot. The guy told Alanis to stop and she did and she was forced to the ground and the guy puts a finger near her puss and feels how wet it is. The guy then says that you are enjoying this arent you, you dirty skanky slut. Than without warning the guy sticks all 12 inches into her puss. After several thrusts Alanis has several orgasms. The guy stops and sees a tired Alanis and he decides where he is gonna but his cum. He rolls Alanis over and lubed up her ass with Alanis’s juices and cum and Alanis starts fighting it and screaming that she has never had anything in her ass. The guy smiles with delight and and sticks all 12 inches as fast as he could and started humping at a regular pace and eventually cums in her ass and Alanis is lying on the ground almost passed out and the guy orders her to clean his cock and to get rid of the shit and cum on it. Befor ethe guy leaves he tells Alanis if she tells anyone he will release photographs of them and a movie. She nods her head and the guy leaves and gives Alanis his number to which Alanis puts in her purse and says to herself I will have to call him when I get home. 🙂


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