Alanis Morissette: Backstage Antics

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Alanis Morissette : Backstage Antics
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For a good long while I was more or less forced to work at night due
to some unusual circumstances, so of course I missed Alanis’ tour
for Jagged Little Pill. You can guess how I jumped at the
opportunity to finally see her live when she went on tour to
support Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.

My tickets weren’t the best and they weren’t the worst either,
but I always liked to call in on the contest the local radio
station had for backstage passes whenever a concert came through
that I wanted to see. Much like every other contest I entered I
never won. That was until now.

I was the 25th caller to get through and I had won the backstage
passes! After taking a few minutes to calm down, I gave the
station the required info then got directions to the station to
pick up the passes.

After what seemed like an eternity driving to the station, I
finally arrived. I saw a number of people walking in and out so I
followed them figuring I’d eventually get to where I needed to go to
get the passes. I followed this one guy about 25 or 30
who was dressed very GQ and ended up in a room with a radio
station staff member with a box full of blue plastic cards.

The GQ guy got his blue card and left and I stepped up to the

"Is this where I’m supposed to pickup my backstage pass?"

"Yes it is, name?" the worker remarked.

"Jimmy Taylor. Are these all passes?"


"I thought I won the phone contest?" I asked confused.

"Look there were and still are multiple contests and give-
aways," the worker huffed as she handed me a goldish/yellowish card.
"Enjoy the show."

"Uh… why’s my pass yellow if everyone else’s is blue?"

"Look, I just hand out the passes. I don’t make the rules on how to
do so. I’m just following the demands Alanis’ PR
people. It’s now 3:38 pm so you get the gold card. I don’t
know why they picked that time, but that’s what they said to
do. Now hurry along, a line is starting to form behind you."

As I walked back to my car, I examined the gold pass more
thoroughly. It had the show date, Alanis’ name, backstage
access, and the usual printed on it. Ah well gold, blue, green
I don’t care what color it is as long as I get to go backstage
and meet Alanis. Just one more day…

The day of Alanis’ concert had finally come. Now normally I
don’t get all excited and giddy and everything over a concert,
but this was no ordinary concert. I was going to meet Alanis

Anyways I drove down there earlier than usual for me going to a
concert. There were a few other people already there, diehard
fans no doubt, and we just talked about whatever came up for
awhile. I eventually got around to showing them my backstage
pass for me and they were excited for me as they had never met
Alanis either.

When they finally opened the gates I headed towards the
backstage area while everyone else went to their seats. As I
reached the door to go backstage I pulled out my pass and showed the
security guard blocking the door. He looked it over
momentarily before disappearing into the back. A few minutes
later another guard came out.

"So you’re the one eh?"

"The one?" I asked

"Yeah, the one with the gold pass."

"Oh, yeah I guess I am."

"Since you have the gold pass Ms. Morissette can’t see you right
now," he said as he waved other people in who had blue passes.

"Why do they get to go in?" I started to protest.

He looked at me and glared, "Look kid, don’t blow it. I don’t
recognize you so I’m guessing this is your first time at getting the
gold pass so I’m gonna be nice to you this once. You don’t
realize what you hold in your hand, people have literally killed
each other over this thing. Just come back here after the show
and you’ll see why."

With that the guard stopped looking at me and started waving
others in who had the blue card. I didn’t say anything as I
didn’t want to piss the guy off and I was curious as to what
this gold pass did that made people want it so bad.

"Thank you so much! You people are wonderful!" Alanis gushed as
she finished up her encore, the lights coming on after she
ran offstage.

"Now’s as good a time as any to see what magical powers this pass
has," I sarcastically said to myself.

I found my way back ro the area I was denied access to and the
original security guard was there again. I showed him my pass
again and he went backstage again. This time a good fifteen-
twenty minutes passed before he returned.

"Follow me," he said hoarsely as began to walk back into the
backstage area.

I followed of course and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
People here and there drinking, some eating, most talking.
There were a couple of non-celebrity types back there that I
recognized and gawked at not realizing how far the guard and me
had walked. After about ten minutes I came out of my stupor and ran
into the security guard who had stopped in front of a door.

"Watch it," he growled.

"Sorry," I said as I looked up and saw the door bared no marking.

"You will leave as soon as you are finished. We will see to it," he
said as he opened the door, pushed me inside, and shut the door
behind me.

I started to look around the room when I heard a voice.

"Are you Jimmy?" a female voiced asked me from another room
connected to this one.

"Uh… Uh… yes… i a.m…" I manage to stammer out with only a
small amount of embarrassment as I recognized the voice of
Alanis Morissette.

"A shy one I see," Alanis said smiling as she emerged from the room
wearing a plain white cotton robe. "Go ahead lie there on the
couch," she said pointing at the room’s only couch.

"Um… ok…" I said as I slowly sat down instead.

"Something wrong? I won’t bite too hard. I promise." Alanis said
smiling wryly pushing me down on the couch.

"Ah nothing I guess… It’s just that this is the coolest thing to
ever happen to me," I said regaining my composure a bit.

"Ok I understand. This isn’t the first time this has happened to
someone coming back here for the first time. Just trust me
ok?" she said smiling sweetly with those beautiful eyes of hers.

"Sure Ms. Morissette," I said relaxing quite a bit more.

"Look Jimmy, call me Alanis. Miss makes me feel old."

"Sure thing," I said smiling to myself with my eyelids half-shut as
I leaned back against the couch.

"Good, now take off your shirt and pants and lie on the floor."

"What?!?" I asked sitting up startled.

"Jimmy love, calm down," Alanis whispered as she ran her hands down
my face and looked deeply into my eyes. "You’re tense and I just
want to give you a full body massage. It’ll help relax
you and I’m pretty good at it. Just as the people who’ve come
before you…" Alanis softly spoke as she planted her lips onto

"Wha…" I started.

"Just do it…" Alanis said smiling as she winked at me.

I complied as I slowly removed my shirt and then pants leaving
nothing, but my boxers.

"Damn…" I thought to myself as I laid down on my stomach on the
carpeting, "I can’t be getting seduced by Alanis Morissette can

As I laid there I could feel Alanis straddle me, reach forward,
and began to work on my shoulders and upperback.

After about five minutes of massaging, she stopped temporarily.

"Ms… I mean Alanis something wrong?"

"Not at all Mr. Taylor," Alanis giggled as the white robe she was
wearing landed on the floor in front of me.

"Uh… Alanis?"

"Yes Jimmy?" she responded as her hands continued to work on my

"If your robe is on the floor what’re you wearing?"

"Why don’t you see?" she responded slapping my butt as she got off
of me.

The totem pole raised the tent as I turned to see Alanis
standing there completely nude. Needless to say I was a bit

"Excited I see," Alanis smirked as she started to rub her foot up
and down my cock through my boxers. "Now stand up," she commanded

As I stood up my boxers came down as Alanis got on her knees as
she tugged on them.

She started off first by rubbing my shaft up and down with her
right hand and licking the head of my prick with her tongue.

"God damn this is nice," I mumbled out loud as Alanis completely
engulfed my cock in her mouth running her tongue up and down it
tickling my sack at the end.

I started to buck my hips towards Alanis’ face as her suction
became stronger and her tongue applied more pressure.

"Not so fast, it’s your turn," she said as she sat down on the
couch, spread her legs, and began to rub her clit. "Eat me Jimmy."

I couldn’t disobey this gorgeous creature as I stared at her
bushy brown forest. I lowered myself between her legs and began to
rub her clit for her.

I put a thumb on each side of her and spread her pussy open. My
slithered it’s way inside of her as my fingers explored her
pubic mound.

God I couldn’t believe I was eating out Alanis! Now I so badly
want to fuck her!

My tongue continued to trace around her wet opening and explore
it when Alanis spoke, "God I love this, but fuck me now Jimmy! Shove
that hard prick inside my hairy beaver and fuck it to

Jesus, could this be Alanis being so dirty could it?!?

"What’re you waiting for? Fuck me damn it!" she begged me.

Not needing to be told again I quickly got up and brought my
harden dick to her wet cunt. Slowly I pushed it in until I
bottomed out inside of her. Then I slowly began to push my cock in
and out of Alanis’ juicy hole.

Alanis’ hands reached down, grabbed hold of the bottom of the
couch, and began squeezing as I pumped my prick deep in and out
of her cunt.
I grabbed Alanis by the hips and began thrust even harder.

"God damn this is good…" I groaned out our bodies connected.

"Oh god Jimmy! Shit this is good!" Alanis screamed as her muscles
went to work and her pussy began to squeeze on my cock.

"I fixing to cum! Shit…!"

"In my mouth Jimmy! Cum in my mouth!"

"Oh shit!" I screamed as I pulled and started to shoot my load
before I could get my dick in her mouth. I started to jerk
myself off to milk my cock for all the cum it was worth as it
began to splatter over her stomach and chest and then her face.

As I began to finish Alanis took my cock in her mouth and began
to lick it clean.

"Hmm… Yummy…" Alanis panted out with a smile on her face as she
deep-throated my cock two more times for good measure.

Having cleaned and dressed I was about to leave when Alanis
handed me a green plastic card.

"What’s this?" I asked as I looked the card over. It appeared to be
another backstage pass.

"It’s a green pass Jimmy."

"What does this get me?"

"You’ll just have to see next month when Garbage comes through,"
Alanis grinned giving me one last kiss on the cheek before the

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