Alanis Morissette – Mesmerized

Story Title: Alanis Morissette – Mesmerized

Author’s Name: Oceantom

Content Codes: MF, mc, nc, oral

Celebs: Alanis Morissette

This story is just a fiction and is in no way connected with the subject or any existing persons. This story contains adult material and can be read only if you’re over 18. All characters appearing in this work aren’t real. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. I’m not making any money on this story. Please, do not copy it.

I always had a thing for rock and metal divas. They are much hotter than pop stars. Too bad they’re also less willing to show their bodies in the videos or magazines. So, stories are the only and best way to make them naughtier. I’d like to know what do you think about this story, do feel free to write at especially if you’re into rock and metal chicks too.

Alanis Morissette – Mesmerized

„Thank you for visiting me, Ms. Morissette”

“What’s up?” asked songstress as she walked into the office of the Jonathan Irons, her previous manager. She never liked that guy and hoped to never see him again. But he stated that this is really urgent business that involves rights to her songs. So she decided to visit him anyway. But she couldn’t hide her disgust when she looked at that 50’s old, fat man with round face.

“I want to show you something first” Irons reached into his pocket and produced metal plate hanging on the thin silver chain. He moved it forwards, letting the swing slowly from one side to another.

“Do you recognize this?”

“No, what…” Alanis lowered her head to look at the strange thing. What it was? She had no idea. It looked like ordinary jewelry. There was something written on that plate, she tried to read it and made her eyes following the plate. As she looked at it, she started feeling more and more relaxed… Something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what.

“Then take a look. Look at it, Ms. Morissette… look as it swings from side to side… don’t stop… just look…”

As Irons was saying those words with emotionless, monotonous voice, he was sure that he got her. Her eyes were following the plate. He made it for a minute more to be sure that he did it perfectly. Then he moved to the door and locked it.

Alanis stood near his desk like a mannequin. Irons returned to her. He looked as the mesmerized beauty with a smile of sheer satisfaction. He lost lot of money because of her. She fired him out. But time of the revenge eventually came. His palm sunk in her gold, brown, curly hair. Alanis stood, ignoring the fact that alien man is sniffing her hair. He moved his palm to her face, stroking it gently, then opened her full, red lips with his finger. He stole a kiss from her with an evil smile.

Unbuttoning her white blouse, he revealed her perky tits, covered with a white bra. His hand closed on her right breast, kneading and caressing it before he finally unsnapped her bra and let if fall on the floor. Alanis did nothing to stop him. He looked at the topless beauty that stood right in front of him. Her long, brown hair fall freely, almost covering top of her chest.

Irons moved his mouth to her right tit, licking and sucking her big, dark nipple. He bit if softly, tasting her soft, sensitive flesh. Feeling that he is getting hard, Iron revealed his big, veiny cock.

“Sit” he said and Alanis sat obediently on the chair. Using her both pretty breasts, he placed his dick between them. She said nothing as he started to rub his dick against her milky breasts. Strings of precum left marks on her nipples. He squeezed them around his dick. She produced soft moan as he fucked her tits, but again showed not a sign of resistance.

“Serve me with your mouth” he said, trying to see if might react for more complicated commands. She did, moving her palms to lead his dick to her open mouth. Her long, brown hair waved as her head bobbed back and forward. Her mouth was completely filled with his hard cock. Alanis was definitely skilled cock sucker. She slurped his dick from the tip to his hairy balls.

Alanis sucked his dick obediently, like a marionette. Irons grabbed her head, but she was doing it great without further commands. Strings of her saliva dripped from his cock. She managed to get it all inside her mouth, till his penis reached her throat.

Irons came buckets, filling her mouth with his semen. She tried to swallow everything, but failed and his semen leaked out from her mouth, dripping down her chin. Removing his cock from her mouth, he saved last for her face, leave big, milky globs on her cheeks and nose. He looked at her now. Yes, she looked much better like this. Using his cell phone, he made number of pics.

Enjoying this idea, he ordered Alanis to strike a pose with her palms on her hips. Then he made her kneel on earth. Every time she had to make sultry look and cum on her face was making it ever hotter. She leaned against the walls, massaged her own tits and Irons recorded every second of that show.

Finally, he told her to remove her trousers. She did it nice and slowly. Revealing her white panties. Irons smiled and made her sit on the desk and play with her. His cell phone once again came to work, recoding her masturbation session. Her hands were working hard, caressing her pussy through the material of the panties and playing with her breasts. She wasn’t far from climax when he told her to stop. He was hard again and wanted to fuck her.

“Lie down on the desk and spread your legs for me” he said and she obediently did. Irons removed her panties and brought them to his nose, inhaling the scent of her womanhood. Then he put them to his pocket. Her pussy was hairless. Irons caressed her wet snatch with his palm, feeling her juices running freely. She was wet, nice and ready despite being mesmerized.

“Tell me you’re a whore and you want me to fuck your pussy” he said.

“I’m a whore and I want you to fuck my pussy” she answered without hesitation.

“Oh yes, Alanis, you are” Irons smiled and without losing time pushed his hard dick into her wet, welcoming womanhood.

She moaned as he penetrated her. His big cock went inside her wet, tight hole. Moving on her, Irons started licking her round breasts once again as he was fucking helpless songstress. It was sweetest revenge he could ever imagine, worth much more than all other thing she could do to her. Ramming his hard cock deeper and deeper into her, he fell like a conqueror of the castle. This bitch finally got what she deserved. She moaned softly, tears shone in her eyes as Irons fucker her.

Irons’ cock slammed into her faster and faster. He was looking at her naked body with delight, feeling like a winner. She was his, her body was in his command, and he could make her do anything he wanted. And what he really wanted now was to give her hardest fuck in her life. To fuck her and mark her as his property. Sperm on her face was first of those marks.

Alanis panted under his powerful thrusts, her legs were kicking air as Irons fucked her mercilessly, to finally reach the crucial moment when he grabbed her hands and shoot his load deep into her.

Rising from above her, Irons moved his cock to her mouth and made her clean him. He used his cell phone to record her sweet lips pressed around his cock. He looked at the clock. It was getting late. He’d love to keep her forever, but some people saw her entering his office. If she’d stay here too long this might look suspicious. He had to make few important things then.

Irons ordered Alanis to clean and dress herself, although she decided to keep her panties for himself. Then he made her sit on the chair and listen to the commands.

“You’ll leave this place and wake up from the trance when you’ll be out on the street” he said, keeping metal plate swinging in front of her eyes “When you’ll be back home, you’re gonna fire your current manager out and call me to become your manager once again. Do you understand?”

Alanis nodded. He let her go. As she left, he returned to his PC and turned it on, loading all the photos and movies he made on the hard disk. It was an hour later, when Alanis called him.

“Yes, I’ll return to your manager’s chair with pleasure…” he answered, smiling and looking at the photo at his desktop. Alanis sat there topless on the chair, with her palm sunk in her unzipped trousers. “And when we’ll meet again, we’re gonna talk about changing your image. Yes, Alanis, we’re gonna make your stage return stunning. How about arranging Playboy session for you?” he added. She said nothing, so he continued “And if your new LP won’t be a bestseller, there’s always another way. I know some prolific porn producers….”

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