Title: AlbaTraz
Author: Forest McCokken
Celebs: Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Natalie Portman, Tina Fey
Codes: FF, D/s, prison.

Legal Whetch-a-call. I do not own any rights to anything of the following. This story was neither written nor thought by anyone. As far as any names used they do NOT represent anyone living or dead, and despite really really sounding just like them, they aren’t. if you’re under 18 piss off you bloody wanker. And if you’re offended by anything following after this final word please go away, we can’t be friends. Word.


General Prologue

(Author’s note and historical background I.e. no sex)

The San Francisco Gayezette the 5th Tuesday in March, 2009
Jewish Actress Natalie Portman Arrested under suspicion of Terrorism. Bennifer’s law to take affect, sentencing held tomorrow.

The headlines ripped across America’s consciousness destroying what little faith the people had left in their female celebrities. It had only been a few years in either direction of where we are now and in another universe entirely that America’s love affair with famous hot white women has been stricken a powerful blow.

Only the most recent in a string of female celebrity related crimes, the arrest and inevitable conviction of Natalie Portman only further seals the fate of America’s most cherished pieces of ass.

The San Francisco Gayezette April 32th 2009

Governor Jessie Jane (alternate reality remember?) calling for reinstatement of Alcatraz island and state prison to house the recent influx of female celebrities convicted under Beniffer’s law.

As I’m sure you all well remember, Bennifer’s law, created last 2003 after the release of giggle, er, I mean Gigli and the subsequent murder of Ben Affleck by his then lover Jennifer Lopez, the California state department voted 6-9 on a law that would allow celebrities to be judged guilty entirely on their public opinion at the time. Dubbed, ‘Bennifer’s Law’ the new law would be responsible for sending countless up-and-cuming young starlets to prison over the following six years. Most recently, the law was responsible for Miss Portman’s record setting trial of only 3 hours between initial arrest and final conviction. Under Bennifer’s law, although no actual crime must be convicted, very low public opinion must be substantiated in order to obtain a conviction. Therefore it is needless to say that after her abhorred performance in Star Wars I-III the public was just itching to send her hot little Jewish ass to prison.

With the conviction of poor Natalie, the one hundredth female celebrity convicted under Bennifer’s law, State Comptroller Cruz Bustamante appointed long standing public official Jessica Alba to effectively run the small island and to turn a profit (historical note, the prison at Alcatraz island was closed because it was so expensive to run a prison on an island due to the fact that they had to ferry all goods across the bay).

May 33½ 2009 (Sometime in the afternoon)
Warden Jessica to rename island prison “Albatraz”

The newly appointed Warden, and smoking hot pieceofshit Jessica Alba stated in a press conference held today in the star’s Beverly Hill’s tree house that upon her convergence on the island it will be renamed and given a total constructural renovation. Miss Alba also set the date-to-open as ‘late next month’ allowing the 17 different correctional facilities around the country to prepare for shipment of their sexy cargo to San Francisco Bay.

When asked about how she plans to earn a profit while all her previous predecessors were unable, Miss Alba said in a comically bad Italian-American impression “I’ma cookin’ upa something agooda” as she pinched the air and softly moved her wrist back and forth.

6 to 8 weeks later…



By Forest McCokken

“…Partricia Heaten’s long sensual tongue extends out of her mouth gently exploring the inside of her lover’s…” AGGHH!…CRASH “Sigh, this is never going to do Tina, we’ll have to work on this story later when we don’t have construction workers falling in on us.” Says the newly appointed prison warden Jessica Alba, as she glares down at the fallen construction worker who has just landed on her desk from the ceiling above. “How am I supposed to write these celebrity sex stories to sell to C-S-S-A so this prison can make a profit with all this construction going on!?!”

Tina Fey, Jessica’s sheepish sectary and personal peaun, anxiously looks up at her boss, fearing another frantical tyaraid. Jessica continues to pace her office but she has stopped transcribing her story to Tina and looks annoyed and distant. “I’m sure we can try again later Ma’am” says Tina buttoning up her blouse. “Did looking at my breasts help you get inspiried?” “What? Oh yes Tina, your tits are fine, but I’m afraid these celebrity sex stories won’t pay the bills, we’ll need to find a way to make more money before Governor Jane deciedes to shut us down.” “What do you plan on doing mistress Alba? “Handing Tina Fey several inmate-files she pulled from her desk, Jessica continues “Well, tonight I want you to round up these girls and bring them to my apartment, have them searched and striped completely, I think I have an idea.”

Tina adjusts her bra and pulls it up to cover her goregious gams while walking to the door. “Is that all for now Mistress Alba?” “Yes. But just remember, our new meat is coming today and I want the staff to be on their best behavior, high and tight.” Stifling a confused look Tina Fey closes the door and leaves Jessica alone in her office. As she does so however, Jessica is absentmindedly eyeing Tina’s rounded ass, squeezed impossibly into a tight matching pant’s suit and skirt. Her ass shakes left to right as she walks and Jessica catches herself thinking ‘…like a fine Swiss clock.’

Tina, unlike the other celebrities in Albatraz convicted under Bennifer’s law, plea bargend for several of her co-stars from Mean Girls and instead, because of her intelligent appearance was assigned as personal assistant to warden Alba.

As Tina remoniced on the past several months and how her life had changed, she reasoned that exposing her self to her closeted lesbian boss and caring for her in every possible detail wasn’t all that bad, in fact she thought it quite a turn on having to submit sexually to the fine physical ideal that was Jessica Alba. As Tina sat at her desk she couldn’t help slipping a hand under her skirt and exploring a little fantasy of her own.

High, on her third floor office sits Jessica Alba, her 27th birthday still months away she is in fine physical form. Keeping herself to a strict exercise routine, she works out five times weekly and has the body to prove it. The phrase ‘…could bounce a dime off her ass…” is probably thrown around all too loosely these days but it holds firm in Jessica’s case, rapping her waist in nothing but the sluttiest of short skirts and dresses, it would be beyond any man, or women as the case may be, to rise above Jessica’s perfectly shaped ass. However for Jessica it’s not all about the ass, indeed it is also about tits, and boy let me tell you, she’s got ‘em!

As today is her first real day on the job after first coming to the prison, Jessica has taken the phrase ‘dress to impress’ seriously and is wearing what she considers an equal balance between wanton sultriness and strict professionalism.

On the chest, a silky smooth gray button up dress shirt, reaching only as far as her gold belly button ring emblazoned with the seal of California. Her legs, although not hidden, are inside skin tight black Capri pants barely coming up higher than her pubic hair line and ending high at her calf. Her feet are, of course, in 4 inch strap heels and round out her hotness nicely as well as adding several inches to her frame. Jessica’s thoughts on what she is wearing are rudely interrupted however when her assistant Tina Fey opened her office door. “Miss. Alba I have prisoner 8675309 here to see you. It’s Natalie Portman.” “Yes thank you dear, leave her with me and I’ll come get you when I’m done.” “Yes Ma’am” “Oh and Tiny, leave the chains.”

Sex Scene #1 In Which Jessica Eats Natalie’s Potato Pancake.

Barefoot, Natalie Portman only stands 5’4” and comes up to Jessica’s breasts. She is wearing the standard issue jumpsuit for female inmates from the LA county prison system from which she was transferred. She is wearing a surprisingly form fitting orange jump suit with ankle as well as hand restraints. Natalie’s head is shaved and she is currently staring down at the ground to avoid any confirtation. Jessica sences this and gingerly touches her on the chin razing Natalie’s face to meet her own. For a brief second their eyes meet, Natalie’s small brown saucers watering gazing up at Jessica’s caring expression. As Natalie looks up into Jessica’s overpowering yet comforting eyes, despite all rational thought, her body immediately begins to submit. Her hips starts to tremble, her legs weaken and her thighs are reminded that her jumpsuit includes no underwear. Despite her best efforts, Natalie knows her pussy has become ripe with lust. Natalie lusts the desire to submit to Jessica’s body. To crave to her seeming unjustifiable lust for female flesh and give in to her innermost emotions. Natalie Portman longs to taste Jessica’s sex, to smother her face into her vagina and in give up what she knows to be a false pretext of heterosexuality. In this one small moment Natalie now seems to know in her heart she was made to give eat pussy. Every fiber in her body confirms this as her eyes wonder between Jessica’s legs and her own pussy contracts in an involuntary orgasm. Natalie can taste the sweat on Jessica’s hand as it makes it’s way from her cheek to her mouth. The back of Jessica’s right hand caresses Natalie’s suple mouth, and her fore-finger tracing her puffy pink lips slipping inside the warmth of Natalie Portman’s mouth. Natalie eagerly sucks away at Jessica’s finger knowing it to have replaced the object of her desire.

Natalie cums again as her eyelids close and she begins to taste Jessica’s perfume, the flowerly scent intoxicating her as her vagina waters and her juices begin to flow. For an instence Natalie is truly happy in her lust for another women. Her chains slip away and all she knows is the touch of a women. Whack! Natalie is sprawled on the floor. Instead of the warming glow of Jessica’s eyes, all she sees now is her nicely pedicure feet arched ever so delicately in her 4” heels. Natalie is snapped back to reality “Please don’t hurt me, I’m scared and haven’t had anything to eat in three days.” “Bitch don’t mouth off to me!” says Jessica grabbing Natalie by her short pixie styled hair. “From here on out you’re in Jessica country, bitch, and I expect you to grovel accordingly.” “Please Jessica, I know you can be reasonable, I only want to do my time quietly and stay to my self.” Natalie is wincing at the pain of being suspended by her own hair as she is unable to place her bare feet under her. “Bitch you think I would let a sexy piece of shit like you do your time quietly?” Jessica slams the side of Natalie’s head against her desk causing her to cry out in pain. “Shut up bitch! You might be paying your debt to society but you have yet to start paying your debt to me!” Natalie can’t control her sexual desire as she orgasm just by Jessica’s harsh touch. The act of submission brought to reality as Jessica starts running a finely manicured hand between Natalie’s ass and twat. “Please, don’t, I’m straight, I’m not into girls!” The lies come easily out of Natalie’s small mouth. Preprogrammed for years her resistance the last remaining sign of her almost total sexual submission to Jessica. Her hurtful words only intensifying Natalie’s desire to submit to Jessica’s twat. ‘“I bet you love eating pussy don’t you, you little kike!” Although Natalie is almost immediately horrified by this latest assault on, her religion as well as her race, she can’t help but also feel incredibly turned on as Jessica’s firm hand carresses her vagina and warms her sex causing her to leak through the thick material of her jumpsuit.

“That’s it Nat, ohh your pussies so wet! I bet you love eating pussy don’t you? Natalie knows the shame she should be feeling yet despite this, Natalie desires nothing more now than to crawl between Jessica’s legs and take her sex into her small warm little mouth. Jessica’s mere words cause Natalie to again lose control as she climaxes in her jump suit and lets a small pleasurable moan escape. This does not go unnoticed as Jessica immediately sticks her other hand into Natalie’s mouth. Natalie moans, her pussy now on fire with lust and passion. She can’t stop her vagina from orgasming and as her most powerful climax rushes down her pussy she bites down on Jessica’s fingers, her eyes squint and face contorts in classic O expression. Abandoning all social dignity and giving into Jessica’s skillful fingering, Natalie begins to shed tears of joy and lust as she begins to accept her new sexual feelings towards pussy.

However just as Natalie is approaching the panicle of her orgasm Jessica spins her around and pushes her backwards onto her desk. “You say you’ve never done this before? Well let’s see how you are to licking my pussy.” Jessica makes her way around the desk, sets one leg onto her chair and pulls her panties aside. Natalie now has a perfect position of viewing Jessica’s cunt lips upside down as she is on her back, her head hanging over the side of the desk. Jessica began to squat over Natalie and lower her vagina onto her mouth. “Open.” Comes the command, and Natalie, although accepts her role as a rug eating dyke and eagerly opens her mouth to receive Jessica’s waiting vagina into her mouth.

At this point I would like to take sometime out to thank my sponsor, “Blue Gravy Biscuits” look for them in the big blue box. ‘Gooodddd daaayymmmnn that’s a good biscuit, Bitch!’

A wave of pleasure floods through Jessica’s body as Natalie’s wet and delicate tongue probes through her pubic forest. “Mmmmm, yeah honey that’s it, eat my pussy.” Jessica holds Natalie’s head from the back and forces her up, Natalie’s tongue reaching farther into Jessica’s pink abyss. Jessica begins to unbutton her shirt and rub her tits. Her soft honey colored breasts tipped with dark pink nipples are fully engorged and aching to be played with, yet Jessica is hesitant of depriving Natalie her twat as she has so obviously has taken quite a fancy to eating out it out. “Oh my God bitch, that’s it eat out my fucking pussy!” For Natalie the demeaning command only comes as encouragement and fuels her sexual fire, and while she can’t reach her own aching twat, she welcomes Jessica as with open mouth. Her long pink tongue probing her lips and vagina, rolling her soft hairless lips in her mouth, sticking her tongue far down Jessica’s box and feeling the tickle of her pubic hair against her chin. Natalie sucks Jessica’s lips far into her mouth and lets them retract again, they make a loud sucking noise as they fall back into position and fuels Natalie’s passion to take all of Jessica Alba’s sex into her mouth. To fully taste her pussy and wear her juices on her face and neck with honor.

“Ok, Miss. Natalie Portman you like licking my cunt so much, I want you to really use you’re tongue now, I’m going to cum in your mouth.” Jessica arches her back, lifts up her skirt and pulls down her lace thin panties. She moans with Natalie’s added effort as she inserts her perfectly manicured index finger into her own clean brown asshole. Jessica starts working her finger slowly in and out of her butt hole and crouches more to allow Natalie’s tongue easier access to her g-spot. “Bitch I want you to start speaking Arabic!” shouts Jessica leaving Natalie only momentarily confused before realizing the purpose of the command. With her skirt hiked up to her waist, Jessica Alba tares off her shirt completely begins to rub her titties with one hand and continues to fuck her own ass with her other hand. Yet it is Natalie Portman reciting the Koran with exaggerated tongue movements that causes Jessica’s body to shake with pleasure as she squirts into Natalie’s mouth. Jessica straightens her legs and clenches her asshole around her finger as she continues to spray Natalie Portman’s face and agape mouth with her girlie juices.

Panting, Jessica takes her finger out of her asshole and feeds it to Natalie who in turn sucks on, eyes closed, her face griped with an expression of pleaure and pan. Jessica flips her long golden brown hair covering her tits out of her face and pulls up her panties which are immediately soaked by the time she has repositioned her skirt. She helps Natalie back to her feet and notices she was wet herself, soaking her jumpsuit and leaving a small train from her crotch to her feet. “That’s a good little slut, you’ve done well for your first time licking pussy inmate. I’ll make sure to let the other girl’s know you are a submissive little rug muncher, they’re have lots of fun passing you around I’m sure. You’re about to go into one of the world’s most dangerous prisons in all of San Fransisco, I hope you live to see tomorrow. Bitch, welcome to Albatraz!”

This is the end of part one, but there is plenty more where that came from, if you all liked it, I can see adding up to 9 more segments all with varying bits of comedy and celebrity lesbian sex. Personally I like story and think it’s just as if not more important than the actual sex. These girls are more than just a hole to me, I have to know them as a character in order to feel their pleasure when eating out another girl or their pain when their girlfriend brakes up with them or fists them. Also, the sex is kind of new to me so that can use some work, but please leave comments on both, good or bad.


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