Alba And Joanna Meet Jennifer Garner (Sequel To Alba’s Elevator Encounter I And II

Warning: The following is fiction. Jessica Alba doesn’t behave the
way we’d like her to. Although the hypnosis portrayed in this work
is more realistic than many, it is still fictional. Joanna does not
exist, and therefore, amazingly, isn’t co-executive producer of
anything. Apparently it’s some guy named Chris Henze. Don’t know who
he is, don’t much care. Other fictional characters, fictional
events, and fictional representations of actual people are bound to
pop up as well. This is fantasy, don’t take it too seriously. In
addition, if you are a minor, you’ll need to leave the internet
cafT, go home to mom, and limit
your fantasies to what you can
imagine in your sleep.

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Alba and Joanna Meet Jennifer Garner (Sequel to Alba’s Elevator Encounter I and II):

Joanna still couldn’t get over what had happened to her in the past
few months. One little encounter, that could have easily been
nothing, ended up being the most important few hours of her life.
Not only had she discovered both her and Jessica Alba, who she met
then and there, were bisexual, she had formed a beautiful
relationship that took her out of the trenches and into the
forefront of societal bliss.

Jessica had been working on some dancing movie when they met. Now
she was executive producer of a new action movie based on some comic
book, Beautiful Killer, which she would star in as well. And here
Joanna was, co-executive producer. The money came straight from all
those donations she received from anti-hate organizations. Hell, she
really didn’t think she deserved it. She didn’t even know she was bi
until a few months ago. But free money was just that, and it was
impossible to turn down.

She would never have to look at makeup again.

Joanna was fixing dinner in the kitchen. Grilled cheese, that was
the extent of her abilities. The house (Christ, she lived in a house
with Jessica Alba) was extravagant, evening light streaming through
the windows, casting onto the plush carpet. The plasma TV was
running, showing a daytime rerun of her new favorite show, Alias.
With Jessica’s Dark Angel sadly canceled, she was left with this as
her source of hot-bitch-kicking-people’s-asses television. Garner
was no replacement for her new lover, but she was an adequate
replacement for Dark Angel.

She heard the front door open, followed by a stereotypical, “Honey
I’m home!” She couldn’t help but laugh. Joanna was becoming the
perfect housewife, waiting excitedly all day for her lover to come
home, fixing dinner for her. That is, if she could figure out the
dinner part.

She rushed out and embraced the embodiment of beauty, rubbing her
hands over her skin in a passionate kiss. Her heart still raced
whenever she felt their tongues press, still got wet at the thought
of what could follow. Jessica was never going to become a part of
her everyday life, even if she saw her everyday. She backed up, lips
still locked, and tried to get at her zipper.

Jessica broke the kiss. “What are you watching?”

She turned toward the flat screen hanging on the wall, Garner’s face
serious, contemplating Sydney Bristow’s next mission. “Alias.”

Jessica frowned. “I hate that show.”

“Why? Hot bitch kicks people’s asses. Sounds like our kind of show,
doesn’t it?”

She shook her head. “Yea, but it was sort of her fault my show was

She gave Jessica a playful shove. “Oh, come on. It wasn’t her fault.
It’s more the network’s fault than anything else. They stuck you on
a Friday night, even with your high ratings. Then they fucked up the
whole story line and added all those shitty characters. It’s like
they wanted the show to fail. Who watches things on Friday?”

“Yea, but Fox had to compete with rival shows. A lot of the
following for that kind of show went from mine to hers. Kinda pisses
me off.”

“But it isn’t her fault, right?”

“Not really, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the show.” She
picked up the remote and shut it off. “I don’t.”

* * *

Jennifer Garner was ready to come, the man’s tongue working on her
in ways she didn’t know were possible. Bracing herself against the
fake wall of the empty set, she looked down at Jeff’s spiky hair,
tongue straight out, plunging in and out of her tight pussy.

Jeff Philips was a writer for Alias, perhaps the most brilliant yet.
Writing was an ongoing process in the show. Nothing was planned, the
writers just rushed ahead, making the story up as they went. The
truth was, that is exactly what he was doing to her at that moment.
He was so spontaneous. That was what she loved about him.

She hoped her husband never found out.

She whined her thoughts out loud. “I want you sooo bad Jeff.”

He moaned compliance between her legs, the vibrations adding to her

His tongue made all the right moves, swirling through her, inside
her. The attention to her clit was overwhelmingly satisfying, but
she hungered for something else. “I want you inside me Jeff.”

He stopped, watching as she begged for the tension to be released.
“What’s that?” he demanded of her.

“Your cock. I want you to fuck me Jeff. Fuck me hard.” Her own voice
made her hot, listening to the desperate begging, how drawn out the
words were, the moaning. He grabbed her, pulling her away from the
wall, and began working his way between her long, slender legs. She
felt him inside her, his hips grinding. Gradually they matched
rhythms, moving slowly at first. It was like a dance, she thought.
Only mutual effort would please them both.

Feeling him pound into her, she realized he wasn’t that big. Funny
she’d never noticed that before. He wasn’t tiny, just average. But
there was something about the way he did it, she couldn’t tell what,
that got her heart racing. “Mmmm.” She felt muscles tightening all
over her body, tensing around his shaft. He lifted her left leg,
started ramming harder against her g-spot.

“The other one too,” she begged. Jeff leaned back, shoving both her
legs forward, pointing them straight up. “God yes.” Her mouth was
agape, refusing to close until she was past her climax. She moaned
with each thrust, curling forward, pulling him toward her. Moans
gave way to shouting. She started bucking like a wild bull, Jeff
riding her. He grunted and fell on her chest, slowing down. She felt
cum burst into her, his tool releasing its tension against her
vaginal walls. She was already over the edge, screaming in pleasure.

As soon as she collapsed on the floor her cell rang, sitting inside
her business suit just to her left. Jeff started to laugh, pulling
out of her. She joined in, face flushed.

Still naked, she reached into her pocket. “Hello.”

“Yes.” The voice was familiar, one she hadn’t heard in a long time.
She couldn’t place the name. “It’s me. We met a while back.” She
thought back, tried to think whose voice it was. It was so familiar,
but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“I recognize your voice, but I can’t remember who you are, exactly.”
She hoped she hadn’t offended him.

She swore she heard some snide comment made, but she couldn’t make
it out, or exactly who said it. “Hollywood therapist, remember?”

Yes, she did. Mike Caputo had helped her through a rough time, when
she had suffered with depression a few years back. The memories
started piling, reluctantly, and her past rushed back at her. It was
almost impossible to forget who he was now. “I don’t need your help.
I’m over that now.”

“I know,” he insisted. “I’m asking you a favor.”

“What do you need me for?”

“It’s for a client. She has some issues only you can solve.”

* * *

Jessica gave Joanna one last longing look, wanting the moment to be
drawn out as long as possible. She lusted for the curves in her
body, the feel of her skin. Just an hour or so, she reassured
herself. Just an hour and it will all be over. She turned her
attention back toward the door. “Mike Caputo” the sign on the door
proclaimed. She could have turned down this stupid therapist
bullshit. She was the producer. But, well, she hadn’t. It was
basically a requirement for anybody with her kind of money to see a

She walked into the office, the door closing behind her. The man
gestured toward a leather couch. “Please sit.”

She walked across stained wooden floor toward the soft sofa,
plopping herself on it, laying back. Swinging her arms over the
back, she sighed. “What do you want therapist,” she demanded.

The man smiled. “My name is Mike Caputo. You can call me Mike.”
“Mike’s” smile grew annoyingly large, trying to take over his entire
wrinkled face. “Your girlfriend tells me you have a delusional view
of Jennifer Garner?”

This was such complete bullshit. Joanna never would have said that,
not in that way. “I have no delusions.”

He sifted through the papers on his desk, a very expensive plant
standing behind him, making him seem small and unimportant. He, of
course, was. “It says here you claim she ruined your career. Can you
add to that?”

She sighed. “Her show became more successful than mine. If it hadn’t
been for her competition, I’d still have my show.”

He gave her a false look of curiosity. “You don’t feel the Fox
executives deserve to be held responsible?”

“No, they were just doing there job.”

He chuckled. “I assure you, so was Jennifer. She was a former client
of mine.” His eyebrows jumped in satisfaction for a moment, just
before he realized his mistake and looked back down at the papers.
“Even when she was depressed, she was a kind person. But that’s
doctor-patient confidentiality.”

The man’s eye’s seemed to be piercing her skin, looking deep inside
her. She felt uncomfortable under his gaze. “Why are you telling me

He chuckled. “Because you’d have to be insane not to like Jennifer

Oh, great. So that’s why she was here.

The discussion went on like that for some time, Mike telling her how
wrong she was, Jessica arguing his points one by one. She wasn’t
going to budge. Not even disagreeing because she disliked Jennifer
Garner as much as because she couldn’t stand losing to this prick,
she went on into what seemed like delusional excuses.

Folding his hands, he rested his head on the desk. “Jessica. It is
my opinion that you have developed an unhealthy obsession with
Jennifer Garner, stemmed from a deep desire to be her, inside her


“We’re going to try some hypnotic therapy,” he said suddenly.

She flinched. “Are you licensed in hypnosis?”

He stood up, walking toward her slowly, calmly. “Just relax. Take
your mind off of all the stress in your life.”

She gave him a funny look.

“This won’t work unless you are willing to let it happen.”

“I’m not.”

“Jessica, this is the only way you can get better. Trust me.”

The last thing on her mind was trusting this prick. His piercing
gaze put her off and he seemed to be the one suffering from a
delusion. She had no unhealthy obsessions. Was it a disorder not to
like somebody?

He looked into her eyes, talking. His voice was calm and timid,
almost shy. It wasn’t like some overpowering force, not some
overpowering feeling like being possessed. She just seemed to change
her mind at some point. It wasn’t mind control, or at least never
felt that way.

She wasn’t entirely sure why, but she complied. Closing her eyes,
she lay back on the sofa, stretching her arms out, her shirt
lifting, revealing skin. Her eyes still shut, she could feel him
looking at her with those piercing eyes. Something came over her,
and she let herself calm down. He was looking at her sexually. The
thought of sex seemed to get lodged in her brain to the point that
she began running her hands up her body, caressing herself.

“I want you to let go of the world around you Jessica. Think about
someplace warm, a nice place. We all have someplace we wish we could
go to. Think of that place Jessica, and go there in your mind. Are
you thinking of that place?”

“Yes,” she said calmly. She thought of that night in the elevator.
She was there, in that instant of overwhelming passion. Serenity
washed over her body, and she felt everything else melting. He kept
talking, but it wasn’t what he was saying that mattered. It was the
way he spoke, seeming to lull her inward. Soon all she saw was that
elevator, and even his voice seemed to disappear.

* * *

“Come inside Jennifer.”

She walked into the familiar office, the memories still piling up.
It was almost too much to take, until she saw Jessica’s beautiful
body draped on the couch. She was running her hands over her body,
through the tiny T-shirt that clung tight to her chest. Jessica knew
how to dress, and knew what she looked good in. The skin tight
leather pants were enough for Jennifer to wish she were inside them.
Looking regretfully at her own blouse, jacket, and khaki shorts, she
felt out of place.

Mike didn’t divert his attention away from Jessica. Remaining
focused on his patient, he simply said calmly, “Come closer

As she did, she clearly saw Jessica’s excited nipples through the
tight blue shirt. There was a hardly noticeable tingling, a stinging
in her crotch. She felt her heart speed up. She averted her eyes,
embarrassed at her self.

Mike went on in his calm voice. “What are you fantasizing about

Jessica was squinting in pleasure. “She’s straddling me. She wants
me so bad, she’s visibly wet. She runs her hand over her body. Now
she’s touching herself.”

“Who are you fantasizing about?”

“Joanna Gilbert.”

“Jennifer Garner?” he said calmly, trying not to sound like he was
saying anything new.

Garner flinched. “What the hell are you doing?” she whispered
harshly through clenched teeth.

Pressing his finger to his lips, signaling her to be quiet, he went
on listening. Jessica looked excited in her state of mind, breathing
hard and slow. “Yes, Jennifer. She’s straddling me in tight
leathers, a whip in her hand.”

Garner gasped, “What the fuck?” She felt violated. Jessica didn’t
deserve to see her doing these things. Mike certainly didn’t deserve
to put her into those fantasies. She wanted an answer, but the only
one she got was another gesture to be silent. She continued to watch
as Jessica ran her hands over her body, mildly disgusted.

Jessica began curling up into a ball on the sofa, her mouth curving
into a comfortable smile. “She’s flicking the whip sharply, and
folding it in her hand.”

“How does that make you feel Jessica?”

She looked frightened, almost scared, but full of desire. “I’m hot.
I feel so wet, I’m afraid she sees. She sees. What should I do? I’m
embarrassed, and she’s laughing…But she’s turned on to. She gives me
a playful whip, and we both laugh. It eases the tension. Now she’s
bending over me. I can imagine how nice her tits must be under that
tight leather.”

Jennifer could see what Mike was up to. This wasn’t for Jessica at
all. Jennifer had been depressed a week ago when she met Mike for the
first time in over a year. Jennifer couldn’t even remember what the
occasion was, only that it was just another party. She had been
surprised by his appearance. When they got to talking, she told him
about a fight she’d gotten into with her husband. She remembered
telling Mike she didn’t feel liked. Mike must have thought she was
slipping into a recession. Now he was going to prove to her that she
was liked, sought after. But…she didn’t need it.

Mike went on, voice still calm. Jennifer could tell he was turned on
by this too. That was inevitable, and perhaps as small part of why
he was doing this. But he wasn’t a pervert. He wouldn’t take
advantage of anybody. There relationship before had been entirely
consensual. He continued. “What do you think of her?”

Jessica giggled slightly. “She’s perfect. I love the way her
ponytail bounces while she’s moving for me. Her smile is enough to
get me hot. And those legs. Her tits, I want to…”

Mike was eager himself. “Go on Jessica.”

The burning between Jennifer’s legs was growing embarrassingly. Mike
shot her a quick glance. I know you like this. Mike was the only one
who knew about the encounter she’d had as a young teen. The only
one. He must have believed some of her feeling arose from that,
wanting to experience that again. But…that was just experimentation.

Jessica pouted, her luscious lips taunting her. “I want to tear off
her leathers. I want to kiss those round breasts, feel them against
my lips, lick them.”

Everybody experimented when they were young. It didn’t have to mean
anything. That was the past.

“And I want to feel her body up against mine, our breasts pressing
together, my legs around her. I want her…I want her to take me. I
want to touch her skin so I can think what it would be like to be
inside her skin.”

Jennifer realized she was stroking herself, her fingers cupping her
breast, moving slowly. Her jacket had slid around her shoulders,
down to her waist. It fell. She stopped, removing her hand, trying
to resist. But she decided she would not protest this session any

Jessica was breathing harder now, and Jennifer loved watching as her
chest rose up and down. “She’s taking the top off, reaching down and
pulling up. Oh my God they’re perfect.” Garner unconsciously moved
her hand back to her chest. “I want to feel her tits.”

“Do it!” Jennifer whispered harshly.

Mike turned to look at her, seeing her rubbing her left breast
intently through the blouse. She covered her mouth, covering a smile
creeping from nowhere. He smiled satisfactorily, pleased with
himself. “I’ll leave you two alone now,” he said.

Her heart started to pound as he headed for the door, turning at one
last moment to shout, “Awake!” before leaving the office. She looked
back at sofa, at Jessica’s curvaceous body. Jessica’s eyes shot open
and she felt suddenly trapped, left to deal with trying to explain
the situation. What would she say? It had been so rude of Mike to
end the fantasy like that, so fast.

She looked right at her. “What’s going on? Why are you here?” She
looked disappointed.

Garner stood stiff, her eyes darting slightly. He words trembled.
“Mike, he wanted me to see you.”

Jessica sat up, leaning forward, the visible skin of her stomach
sadly retreating behind thin fabric. “What does he want that for?”
She stood up and walked toward her, hips swaying aesthetically.
“What does he want you to do?”

She started growing more comfortable, her voice steadying. “He
wanted me to speak with you, because you have an…obsession with me.”
She looked at the goddess before her, finding that extremely
difficult to believe. Celebrities didn’t get obsessed with
celebrities, fans did. It was so unlikely.

“That’s ridiculous,” Jessica said, her voice wavering slightly. “I’m
not the obsessive type,” she said steadily, attempting to match the
persona she’d once portrayed in her show. Garner could tell she was
trying to hide something.

I want her to take me. The words shot back at her like a ricochet.
Jessica wasn’t going to make the first move. Somebody had to. She
took a cautious step forward, smiling. “I know what you want.”

Jessica paused, her expression literally frozen for a second before
saying, “Look, I don’t want to be you, okay? I already had a show
like that. There’s no reason I want to be inside your skin.”

She shook her head. “I know. You want this.” Boldly, she wrapped her
arms around Jessica’s back and their lips touched softly. Jessica’s
eyes shot open, Jennifer fearing for a moment that she would be
pushed away violently, shoved away from this new chance. But the
embrace only grew tighter. Jessica’s fantasy must have changed her
perceptions entirely. Jessica moaned immediately, their lips
smacking. Moving in closer, she felt Jessica’s excited tits. The
kiss sped up, she gave it a little bit of tongue. It slid through
Jessica’s luscious lips, up against her mint tainted tongue. She
forced herself harder against her face, feeling hot breaths speed up
as her nose pressed against her face. But could she make it go any

She ran her hands down the curve of her back, cupping her ass cheek,
making it distinctly sexual. Making sure there were no
misperceptions of what was about to follow. Standing in the middle
of the office, they worked their way slowly toward the desk,
unwilling to break the kiss or the embrace. They hit it without
before even realizing, tipping over sideways onto the stained wood
writing table. They landed sideways, across the short length of the
desk, just a few feet supporting them. Legs intertwined, hanging off
the edge, she broke the kiss finally.

Jessica was breathing heavily below her, head dangling over the
office chair. Papers were strewn everywhere, falling off the desk in
huge piles. “I can’t believe this is happening,” she whined.

Jennifer pulled her hair out of her pony tail, letting it fall over
Jessica’s face. “I can’t either.” Scooting forward, she straddled
Jessica. Reaching down to her crotch, she found the button on her
blouse. She undid it, Jessica watching her undo herself absorbedly.
Enjoying the reaction, Jennifer moved her hands up slowly, button
after button, revealing her skin in the growing shape of an “A”,
splitting toward the top. She paused when she neared her bra,
reaching under the fabric and feeling herself, teasing herself. She
hoped she was adequate. Jessica gaped at her as she split the rest
of the blouse, letting it slide down her arms and off the desk.

She bent back down and kissed Jessica’s face, leaning over the edge
of the desk. She almost lost her balance, managing hardly to reach
back with one hand and steady herself. Her breasts swung inside the
support of the lacey red bra, hanging over Jessica’s eager face.
Feeling those small hands on her back, she smiled as Jessica undid
the bra, letting it fall to the ground below them. Jessica gasped
happily, reaching up to caress the modest beauties. It felt so good,
even when Jessica was only rubbing her flesh. Jennifer hummed,
nearly losing her balance again. Deciding her position was too
precarious, she slid back, placing her long legs to the ground,
leaning over Alba’s tight body. Jessica arched her back. Crossing
her hands over her chest she grasped the bottom of her shirt and
lifted it off in one swift movement, revealing Jessica’s perfect,
braless tits. They were tanned, her nipples brown. An irresistible
image of Alba’s beautiful body topless on a sunny beach suddenly
flashed through her mind.

Excited, she held Jessica’s hips and slid back onto the desk,
pushing Jessica forward until her back fell into the office chair,
legs hanging on the table. She reached forward and ran her hands
down Jessica’s body, bringing them between her legs. Grasping the
zipper, she undid her slowly, listening to the sounds of loud
gasping, her own sharp breaths, and the enticing noise of the zipper
as it moved slowly, gradually down. Jessica was wearing boxers. It
surprised and thrilled her as she lifted Jessica’s legs up and
pulled the leather pants over her head.

There bodies were glistening with sweat in the boxy sunlight cast
through the window. She didn’t remember the last time making love
had made her this excited, this hot. She suspended Jessica’s legs on
her shoulders, reaching down toward the gray boxers. They were moist
with her juices. Jennifer couldn’t believe how much this celebrity
lusted for her. How often was a celebrity obsessed with a celebrity?
It made her feel so powerful.

Looking up, she saw Jessica curled up in the chair, grabbing her own
tits, flicking her tongue across those brown pinpricks. Turned on by
the site, she reached down to Jessica’s hips and pulled the elastic
of the boxers toward her, watching as the thin slit of hair emerged,
parting at her wet lips. She pulled the boxers over her head,
letting them stay stretched in mid air at Jessica’s knees, and moved
her head down.

She virtually made out with Jessica’s pussy, sticking her tongue
deep inside her, her lips rubbing against Jessica’s labia. The taste
was wonderful, exciting, and she would have loved it even if it
weren’t for the circumstances in which she found it. Jennifer
grabbed her legs, pulling them farther apart to get farther inside
her. Then she pulled back a little, tongue sliding up, protruding
into the tip of her slit, where the inner lips joined, searching for
the little pup tent in which Jessica’s raisin lay. Finding her
button, she ran her tongue from tip to base across the hardened

She hummed her agreement, wincing under Jennifer’s lapping. “That’s
it,” she said between heavy breaths, chest rising and falling. “Yea.
Right there.” Eager, Jennifer had to be careful not to move too
fast. She kept her strokes soft and slow, matching the involuntary
twitches in Jessica’s cunt, adjusting ever so slightly at every
detail. She hadn’t gone down on a woman before, but she was intimate
with what worked and what didn’t. “Mmmm.” Jessica’s hips started
swaying, grinding into her face. “Deep. Go deep again.”

Jennifer was happy to obey, thrusting her tongue into her opening,
against her walls. Jessica grabbed at her hair tightly, pulling her
inside. She started grinding harder, shoving Jennifer’s nose against
her clit as best she could. Jennifer was forced to breath through
her mouth, forcing warm air into her sex. Jessica let out a deep,
long moan. She was the type that moaned before orgasm, and screamed
during. She was a loud one. Jennifer found herself enjoying the
thought very much that people outside the office might hear them.
“Yea. Oh. Fuck me Jennifer. Oh, oh, oh. Mmmm.” Jessica was pushing
herself up off the chair with her arms, feet flat on the desk, her
hips thrust high in the air, ramming herself upward. “Oooh, ohhhh
God.” Her moans were drawn out, sharp breaths in between.

Jennifer, feeling Jessica’s walls tightening, pulled her nose away
from her clit, getting a breath in. She loosened her grip on
Jessica’s legs, letting them close a little, and ran them up toward
her crotch. Thrusting with her tongue, feeling Jessica lift up and
down below her, she wrapped her arm around Jessica’s leg and over to
the tip of her pussy, teasing her. She slid her middle finger under
her nose and into Jessica’s slit, down to her clit. She gave it a
teasing pinch and started rubbing it down, like she was applying
lotion. “Oh!” Jessica moaned louder this time, her jaw set. Opening
her eyes, Jennifer could see all the way down her body to her
flushed face, eyes tightly shut, face frozen as though she were
about to cry. But she was obviously feeling anything but pain at
this point. “Oh God, oh yea, yes, yes, Jen, Jennifer!” She kept
moaning random words, building more and more i ntense, each breath
sharper than the last. Soon even the breaths drawn in were words.
“Fuck, fuck, me, oh, God, oh, shit, yea, yes, yes, yes, oh, OH!”
Jessica’s clit was diving deeper, retreating. She gave it one last
stroke and then it was out of reach. “FUCK YES!” Fluid shot down
Jennifer’s unprepared throat, accepting most of it. Jennifer hadn’t
been expecting that. She didn’t know women could shoot off like
that. She never had. She continued ramming her tongue down Jessica’s
hole with each spasm, listening to the screams as they lengthened,
then softened. She slowed her ramming and was surprised to find
Jessica’s screaming getting louder again. “Keep, oh, ooh, oh FUCK,
oh, keep, Going!” Jennifer was amazed with what she was doing,
sliding her tongue in and out with the same tenderness and speed,
Jessica’s walls still shoving but with even stronger force. She kept
the orgasm going for ten more seconds before Jessica’s grip
loosened, her legs going limp, and collapsing fully into the office
chair. She trem bled there, recovering, heaving, before smiling at
Jennifer intently.

Jessica was leaning forward, preparing to make her move on Jennifer
when they heard the door swing open. She turned to see a very
beautiful woman, somehow familiar, flinch as she came in. Gasping,
the woman’s hand went to her mouth, tears already visible. She
started shaking her head, denying the sight before her eyes, and
said, “Jessica, how could you!” And suddenly Jennifer put it all

To be continued…

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