Alba’s Addiction


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-Alba’s Addiction-

(MF, oral, Mdom, bond, humil, drugs, BDSM)

By: Exorcist Dave

I wake every morning and thank my lucky stars I chose to pursue this line of work. Of course my lucky stars don’t see it quite that way. I’m never at my sharpest in the morning, it takes a fair amount to wake me up. Waking this morning particular morning to find Jessica Alba’s pouting ruby red lips wrapped deliciously around my shaft qualifies. I’ve had more than a few celebrity blow jobs, Miss Alba however kneels head and shoulders above the rest.

I peel back the jet black silk sheets to watch the delightful sight of her raven locks bobbing up and down like a piston. As her glorious form is unveiled her eyes avert up and lock to mine. She’s a sight; sexy, young, firm, athletic and subservient. Yes she is almost totally subservient. I broke her like a rag-doll, one syringe full of my latest concoction and she’s addicted.

I stabbed her in her perfect bubble butt with the needle out the back of her house a few days ago, and now she’s sucking me off like a total slut. If she doesn’t get a fix every 12 hours the side effects kick in, another 12 and she’s a corpse. What are the side effects you ask? Maybe I’ll tell you later. She had her fourth shot last night taken orally; she licked it from my cock, much as she disliked it. The great thing about enslaving through addiction is no chains are required the slut comes back for more every time.

We’re currently in her bed in her house, well it used to be her house, now it’s mine she signed it over to me last night, along with everything she owns. Her hot little bod is now my playground, I’ve played with all her holes. Fear not though I have lots more planned for Miss Alba, her degradation has only just begun.

I let her finish me off before I kick her out of bed, literally.

“Don’t you dare swallow till I say so, now go make me breakfast whore.” I order, with a mouth full of my cum she can hardly argue, she picks herself from the ground and goes through into the kitchen.

I doze back to sleep softly, I always doze and daydream for a few minutes before hauling myself out of bed. Today is no exception, I spend the next few minutes making loose plans for the abduction and torture of Sophie Ellis Bexter, a rich pop cuntlet I’ve had my eye on for sometime. After another fifteen to twenty minutes of musing Sophie’s fate I come through into the kitchen.

I take a seat at the table and watch that fantastic ass move round the expensive kitchen, busying itself making my breakfast. I don’t have to wait long before the plate is unceremoniously slammed down in front of me. She looks at me with hate in her eyes as she walks back and slumps into a chair. I look at her hard, granted I’ve spent most of my time fucking her but she really ought to know better.

“Did I tell you to sit down!?” I demand. She looks at me annoyed but does nothing to disagree. She stands trying to look defiant through her compliance. I decide I better train her some more.

“Go put your highest pair of heels and then get that kinky little ass of yours back in here quickly.” I watch that gorgeous ass sway as she walks away. In the few minutes she is gone I start on the breakfast she so lovingly prepared. The hot clicking of her heels on the hard tiled floor heralds Miss Alba’s arrival. She stands looking at me annoyed.

“Turn around” I muse, as the rotates I watch her firm ass descend down her firm legs into a pair of minxy black heels. I smile as she comes back to face me.

“You’ll only take those off when you’re in bed with me or when you’re in the shower. Ok?” She nods, unable to speak for the cum in her mouth. I grin deliciously at her as she stands uncomfortably. I finish the breakfast and get up.

“You’re not much of a cook are you?” I ask rhetorically as I move over to my holdall, left beside the kitchen cupboards. I pluck out a tin of dog food and quickly empty its contents into a dog bowl. Smiling viciously I walk up to her and place the bowl under her nose.

“Spit” I order abruptly. She bends forward and lets my come flow from her mouth over the foul jellied meat mush. I smile as I place the bowl at her feet.

“Eat it” I chuckle as I return to my seat and begin to read the paper half heartedly. She looks at me disgusted, maybe it’s the taste I left in her mouth.

“No way you sick…!” She gets a check on that attitude quickly, but not quickly enough to stop herself saying it.

“If you don’t eat it you won’t get anything else all day…” My voice has a frighteningly cold ring to it. “…and don’t think I’ll forget about that little outburst either.” Her gaze moves from me to the bowl as she kneels, shakily her skilled little fingers reach for a glob of the foul meal. She hesitates the goes to pick off a little chunk.

“No hands.” I order, she looks at me in frustration.

“How long till your next fix?” I ask smugly, and with that she starts on the meal. I watch as she takes the foul mixture into her mouth slowly laboriously trying in vane to the keep cum from smearing on her bee-stung little lips as she goes. Finally she finishes and starts to stand.

“Lick it clean” I’m not even watching her now, the disgust gone from her eyes and replaced with only pity. Pity for what she is becoming. A moment or too later and she is on her hot little heels once more, knees hurting from the cold hard floor.

“Since you’re going to eat like a dog. You ought to have a collar like a dog.” I produce a metal collar. Which I place in her trembling hands, she regards it terrified. It locks permanently and bares the name ‘Cumbles’.

“Please…” She whimpers pathetically.

“You want to leave my new house that’s fine, just walk out the door and never come back” my words bring her to tears. She can’t leave and she knows it, she’s already given me everything she owns, not to mention her new found ‘habit’.

“Now be a good little bitch and put the collar round your little neck and become my property” I grin. Jessica trembles as the lock closes around her neck and she becomes Cumbles.

“Well done Cumbles, now go to your room and we’ll get you ready to go out.” I state matter-of-factly. I take in her fine form as she clicks away ahead of me; short black hair, quivering bee-stung lips, firm perky tits, hourglass waistline, flat stomach, fantastically firm ass, tight and hungry shaved cunt, tapering toned legs. I follow her into what used to be her room. I make her turn around while I dig around in her wardrobe.

You cant believe the humiliation in her eyes as I reveal the outfit she’s going to ware to the shops, to her public humiliation. I unveil tight black tee-shirt, at least three sizes to small, and on her lower half a black glistening pair of PVC hot-pants. That’s it, I’m a man of simple tastes. I throw the ‘outfit’ to her, she looks at me pleading.

“Please…” she whimpers, I’m sick of this, much as I love the sight of tears clouding her almond eyes I just don’t have all day. I strike her, hard across the face with the back of my hand. She hits the ground hard, curling into a little ball. I’ve had enough experience to know just how to hit without leaving a mark.

“I don’t have time for your little tantrums all the time!” I scream at her, “Be fucking thank full I don’t just ram a tail in your ass and make you crawl down there at the end of a leash!” I watch as she shivers. “Put them on, RIGHT now!” I bark at her. I watch as Jessica Marie Alba, or Cumbles the cum-slut as she now is, gets to her feet on shaky legs and slips into the skin-tight clothing I picked out for her.

I look upon her wet-dream form, skin tight black shirt barley covering a couple of inches below her breasts and forcing them up and out prominently against her will, hot pants leaving nothing to the imagination. She trembles as she looks at herself in the mirror, poor slut.

“Very nice, a little conservative but we’ll cure that soon enough.” I muse. “Now get into that cute little car out front and drive to the Mall, I’ll give you instructions on this…” I sling a ear piece her way. “… relax…” I grin “this is going to be fun.”


The drive to the mall is torture for her, she has to drive thirty miles in her car, knowing, just knowing that I’m going to humiliate her beyond all hope and reason, and also knowing, knowing that she can do nothing about it.

She’s already started to itch, one of my more interesting additions to the side effects. A few hours before her next fix is due she starts to itch, it starts in random places but soon galvanises to her more personal areas, centring on her nipples and pussy. The itching intensifies as she nears med time.

I’m planning to make Anna Kournikova go cold-turkey during one of her tennis matches. It’ll be fun watching her try not to rip her clothes of and scratch, and scratch in front of the audience, the press and the watching world. The urge to scratch becomes unbearable after so long, eventually over long enough a girl will literally begin to tare her flesh, scratch it away. I’ve watched it happen on testers, watched them rip off their breasts and tare open their pussies all desperate to stop the incessant fiery itching.

I’m following in my own car a good distance behind. I use the time to make a few calls, the Lair just isn’t the same without me there, my assistants don’t keep order with quite the same zeal I do. Still for the public part of Jess’ humiliation can’t be too close to her, the last thing I want is a tourist or member of the press to get a photo of me. I mean lets face it for a rapist more prolific than John Leslie* plastering my face all over the papers really wouldn’t be a good idea now would it?

I’ll skip anymore description of the rather boring journey to the mall, after all it’s really the events there that interest us, isn’t it? I arrive before Miss Alba and take up a position high on one of the mall’s walkways observing the main entrance and the food court. She arrives a good ten minutes later looking rather flustered, seems she had to stop for gas, I ponder how she paid for it without any money as I give her first instruction.

“Take that fine little ass of yours to the food court.” I whisper almost intimately into my mike, I see her shiver as I speak. I was going to give her a mouth piece but then I’d have to listen to her blabbing and moaning, and frankly I can’t be bothered.

She clicks along on her heels, ass swaying, tits bouncing and head bowed in utter shame. Her face goes a delightful shade of crimson as a couple of wolf whistles punctuate her movements.

“Don’t worry I don’t think anyone has noticed who it is they’re whistling at, you have no value to those men, your just eye candy.” I’m enjoying filling her sweet little head with hot little images of her degradation.

“You see that big fat guy over there watching you, you recon he’s going to jerk off over you when he gets home…?” She actually looks up at him, a fat kid with poor skin is virtually drooling at the sight of her.

“Go on, shoot him one of your winning smiles…” I actually chuckle at this as she hangs her head lower than I thought possible.

“Go on work that ass baby”.

“Keep on going, bounce those titties for your public”. Soon enough and encouraged on by my verbal abuse Cumbles arrives at her destination. I quickly direct her over to a quiet corner where I had an inconspicuous package left, I get her to open it. I notice how long this takes her quivering hands to open. What she finds inside isn’t quite as bad as she was hoping.

“Go on slip it on your arm.” I coax from afar, I’m grinning uncontrollably as she slides the slinky black handbag onto her arm. It is now I slip my hand into my pocket and flick a switch. In the blink of an eye concealed lights on the bags sides flick on displaying the phrase ‘Use Me!’ Her eyes go wide and her cheeks go an even deeper shade of crimson as she sees the sign, not that those are the cheeks many of the men here are looking at. As she moves to remove the bag instinctively I cough into my mike, she freezes instantly and leaves the bag in place swinging sexily on her arm.

I spend the next hour or so conveying that fine little ass around the mall. Along the way she picks up many little humiliations, men squeeze her arse, whistle and call at her, until finally I’m ready to bring her to the final planned humiliation.


I direct her along to the gents toilets, she’s learning quickly not a hesitation. She probably thinks she’ll be out of the public gaze here. Little does she know I have a more public meet and greet than she ever planned. Inside the toilets are clean and crisp with white tiles and more than a few mirrors. I’ve had a number of hidden cameras installed and arranged for the mall security not to bother with any disturbances in here. In here she’s truly mine to play with.

In the corner, away from the rows of urinals she finds a horrific contraption. A steel cubic frame, the upper front edge baring wrist stocks and a collar restraint, the back upper edge has a bow slightly to small for her waist and the lower bottom has ankle cuffs. More fear-full than all this is the table top that fits over this little prisons occupant. Into the tables surface the following message is carved.

“Cock cleaner. Place yourself in the talented mouth of this fine little whore. She swallows everything! Her name is Cumbles and if she refuses to do a good job, press the red button.” The tabletop is completed by a tips box, to reward me for all her little services, and the ominous red button glistening like a bleeding nipple.

I whisper in her ear through the ear peace instructions she loathes to follow, but follow she must. She is just hours away from her fix now. The itching is near unbearable, she scratches her nipples even now as she tries to decide.

“Place your hot little body in those restraints now fucktoy.” I whisper like daggers.

Slowly, tremblingly, she steps up behind the mettle cube. I’m watching all the action on a cerise of hidden cameras, and recording the information for future use of coarse. So I watch as my little pet bends over the steel frame, closing her ankles into the foot restraints, which snap-shut automatically. All state of the art this. Next she bends forward, placing her wait on the bow in the upper back beam, and finally places her wrists and swan neck into the appropriate holders. Instantly the restraints snap too, sealing my new whore in place.

I smile gently at the terror in her eyes as I step into the toilet.

“Please!” she whispers with all the pleading urgency she can muster. I smile as I pull her hot raven hair back forcing her head up against her will. I knot her hair into a special restraining device.

“Why?” She offers, poor slut still thinks begging may have some effect other than turning me on.

“Because you whored your body on the international stage. This is for all those hungry cocks who long for your bee-stung lips, you started the whoring now I’m helping it to its natural conclusion.” I beam.

I smile as I step behind her roughly forcing a metal dildo into her tight back passage. The dildo is remotely operated, it sends an extremely painful electric jolt to her anus when the red button is pressed poor thing. She squeals as it enters, and almost screams as I test the button.

“Now now Cumbles, that’s not the cocksucking spirit.” I smile as I hastily inject her next fix into that hot firm ass. The one final adjustment to the arrangement is simple to make, I swing the cubic-cage around slightly. To her horror, her utter terror she is forced to watch her own humiliation in a full length mirror. And with the sound of her pathetic blubbing that I leave her to it, taking the out of order notice from the door as I go.


I’ve been upstairs in the mall, watching on camera for close too four hours as Miss Alba services the general public, one after another users line up to take turns with her pretty lips, and each using the little red button to a varying degree.

The day is almost over, only the security staff, under my employ, and the fat kid who was ogling her earlier. Security finish with her quickly and leave to lock up for the night. I watch the fat kid go at her as he jams his fist onto the little red punishment button with every thrust of his smelly dick. Finally he cums limply down her throat and wanders away, but not before sticking a strip of gum over the little red button, jamming it in place.

So as the lights are shut off I survey miss Alba, stomach swollen with piss and cum, hair filthy and matted, all her lips sore and swollen cheeks red from slapping and her soul thoroughly destroyed. She will lay their all night forced to look at what she has become, unable to scratch her soon itching nipples only to be used again tomorrow. By which time someone has called the police.


Finally the police do arrive and take Jessica into custody. To her dismay however they don’t set her free, they mealy hand her over to the local mental institution, and after a few highly corrupt and thoroughly illegal moves she finds herself in the ‘Seedy Oaks’ metal asylum in the UK, famous for its seclusion of the most disturbed patients and it’s treatment primarily of nymphomaniacs. Now after a long ordeal Jessica Marie Alba, or Cumbles as she now is, is dragged from the interview room and into a large fright elevator, ready to take the ride down to the Lair, some twenty stories below the institute.


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