Alba’s Elevator Encounter, Part 1

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to celebrities that were recorded by the CIA. But it turns out, gasp, they are not.

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Alba’s Elevator Encounter Part I:

Joanna waited as the elevator rose inexorably onward and upward, toward the top of the building. Of course, that was where she had to go. They probably made everything as difficult as possible just for her. It seemed that way sometimes, anyway. Everyday she got to see people better off than she was. Applying makeup to small time actors only gave her a distorted view of reality, that everybody was better off than she was. In truth, it was the super happy people she saw everyday that were the exception.

The elevator stopped about a thousand floors from the top to let somebody inside. Joanna looked down, avoiding her eyes, and began applying her own makeup. She hated makeup, but she used it because everybody else did. If it were only her, she would burn all her makeup to the floor. Makeup was her job, she didn’t like it invading the rest of her life.

She looked up at the woman who had walked inside and her jaw dropped. Shoulder length black hair, full lips, dark eyes, heavy mascara. It was Jessica Alba. What was she doing here? This was a small film company, she wouldn’t do a job for them, would she?

Jessica stepped inside cheerfully, swinging her arms. The elevator resumed its gradual move to the top. She shook her head in amazement. Joanna was a huge fan of Dark Angel, a great television series in which Jessica played the main role. She avoided saying anything, for fear of embarrassing herself.

Jessica’s full lips parted, “What do you do hear?”

Joanna gasped, unable to accept that this was actually happening. After a moment of silence, she said, “I’m a makeup artist.”

“Must be such a simple life.”

Not really. “Yeah.”

“Sometimes I wish I could just quit this whole actress thing and be a house wife, or an accountant.” Two radically different jobs, but Joanna hardly heard her. She was too busy slipping in and out of shock.

Joanna felt herself lift off the floor. The elevator was stopping again. But this time the lights went out, the music stopped, and she heard a loud shriek of metal and machinery.

Jessica gasped. “Oh no.”

“Shit!” Joanna was searching in the darkness, looking for a source of light. There was only sheer, impenetrable darkness. Moving frantically, she bumped into Jessica. “Sorry,” she said as their breasts mashed together.

“It’s okay,” she responded frantically. “What do we do now?”

Joanna had no idea, but she played the expert. “I think we wait until somebody fixes it. There is nothing we can do to escape. We’d probably just end up endangering ourselves.”

Jessica’s voice was small, frightened. “I just need to see something. The darkness will drive me crazy.”

“Hang on. Joanna felt for her purse, which she found between Jessica’s legs, and took out her cell phone. She opened it, flooding the small boxy room with shallow green light. It made the place look small, but it was better than seeing nothing.

She looked up at Jessica’s face. She appeared more frightened than Joanna. Jessica opened her pouting lips and said, “Thank you.” Jessica looked even more beautiful in the soft green light, even if a little creepy. It hid her makeup, letting her real face shine through.

“No problem. We can use yours if the battery dies out.” Joanna was surprised by the calmness in her own voice. She was truly frightened, but for some reason she could appear composed in front of her favorite actress. She would have expected the situation to be reversed. Jessica played such a mean, tough bitch in most of her stuff. It was ironic that she would be the one in control, and not Jessica. Seeing the real her surprised her, but didn’t disappoint her.

Jessica leaned forward, hesitant to ask her next question. “How long will this take?”

“I don’t know,” she realized as she said it. Quickly, she lied, “Definitely less a few hours.”

“I hope you’re right. Duty calls.”

She watched Jessica curl up into a little ball, rubbing her arms with her hands. The power was probably out, and the temperature was dropping. “Is it cold in here?” she asked, making conversation.

“Yes, very,” Jessica said, lips starting to tremble. “We should move closer together. Body heat.” She started to move toward Joanna, inching her way over. They huddled into a corner, shivering, leaving huge shadows in the green light. The little warmth it provided was comforting, the touch of her favorite actress reassuring. Jessica pushed closer and closer, shivering as she leaned on her shoulder. “That’s better.”

“Mmm,” she hummed, comforting. “I hope we get out of here soon. I don’t know what it’s like in your line of work, but in mine punctuality is a big thing.” She realized what a stupid thing she had just said, and corrected herself at once. “Of course, they probably know the elevator is stopped. I bet the power went out in the whole building.” Now she was going to make her nervous. “But I’m sure it will be back soon,” she added quickly.

“What do you do?” Jessica mumbled, words muffled by Joanna’s shirt.

She already said this. Of course, Jessica hadn’t really been paying attention. “I’m a makeup artist.”

“Oh, that’s right. Sorry,” she said, awkwardly.

“It’s fine.”

“What’s it like to live such a simple life? I mean, I’ve gotten so used to all the hype, the crowds, trying to please everyone. I’ve forgotten.”

Jessica looked up at her with puppy eyes. Joanna could tell that she truly felt what she was saying. She didn’t want to make Jessica feel uncomfortable by admitting her life wasn’t the way Jessica thought it was, so she lied. “Well, the schedule is simple. I don’t have to worry about impressing thousands of people. I guess it’s a good life.”

“If you make a mistake you’ll survive.”

“Yea. Your life can’t be too bad though, can it?”

Jessica looked down in the green light. “The attention, the money, is nice. But sometimes it is just too much. Sometimes I want to slow down and rest. But there’s no break. Unless…” she looked back up, slowly, her eyebrows arched. “Unless something like this happens. This is the only escape.”

Joanna reached out and wrapped an arm around her waist, comforting her. “It’s okay. I lied. My life isn’t so simple. Nobody has a simple life, really. I guess it really depends on how you look at yourself, more than on the way you actually are.”

By this time the winter temperatures were really starting to overtake the elevator’s small space. Joanna could feel Jessica shivering under her arm. She sat up behind her and started braiding her hair, legs splayed up against Jessica’s. They were shivering together, lips turning blue if only they could see them. “It’s so cold,” Jessica moaned.

“Here,” she said. She started rubbing her back, keeping her warm. She rubbed her tank top, moved down. Her skin was so soft. Did she use some special ointment? Her back was warm too. Jessica scooted backwards, closer, enjoying her touch. Joanna leaned forward, pressed her face against her back, feeling the warmth. Her hands slid down her back, feeling the smooth curves, the goose bumps. She was suddenly aware of a growing warmth in her groin. Her legs were wrapped around this beautiful woman, she realized. Where did this feeling come from? She never had these urges before.

Jessica turned back around, facing her. She was suddenly aware of Jessica’s nipples, poking strait out under her thin, white tank top. She forced her eyes away, closed them. What was she doing? Her adoration of Jessica Alba had never been sexual. She didn’t look at women that way. It turned her off to see beautiful women.

Shivering wildly, Jessica leaned forward and gave her a bear hug, trying to keep warm. She felt their soft breasts pushing against each other, nipples touching through fabric. Joanna couldn’t stop thinking about it. Her ice cold nipples must have been brushing up against Jessica too. Did she feel it? No, she probably didn’t notice. Joanna had hugged women before, obviously. She never really paid attention, even if she felt it subliminally somewhere.

Jessica fell backwards, pulling Joanna on top of her. Joanna was strongly aroused, feeling this amazing woman cuddled under her. She was wet. Her lacey underwear was soaked. Would it leak through her jeans? She hoped not. She didn’t want this to show. Jessica wasn’t thinking sexually. She pulled her on top to keep warm, to use her as a blanket. Nothing more. Joanna didn’t want to embarrass herself.

She looked down at Jessica. Her eyes were closed, her full lips trembling in the green light. She moaned.

Joanna couldn’t take it anymore, having her in this position, seeing her like this. Her legs tightened. She leaned forward to kiss her. She would make it peck, something that could be interpreted as an invitation or just a friendly kiss.

For an instant their lips touched. Her lips were so perfect, yummy. She wanted to nibble on them a little, but she resisted and pulled her head back. Jessica’s eyes shot open, that beautiful mouth taking on a look of disgust. No. She’d ruined it. Damn. Jessica gave her a revolted look and pushed her off. “Yuck.”

Joanna had ruined it. She’d made the kiss too long. It was hard not to. She scooted over to the other corner, embarrassed. She put her head in her arms. Oh well, she thought. It wasn’t meant to be. She didn’t even like women that way, what was she thinking?

“What the hell’s wrong with you?”


“That was so gross.”

“I don’t, usually…like women.”

“What are you some obsessed fan?”

“No, nothing like that. It was just,” she paused, “that position we were in. I thought it was an invitation.”

Jessica’s face seemed even greener than the cell phone light should have allowed. She said nothing, just glared at her with a hidden sense of fear.

“I’m going to sleep,” Joanna said, realizing she hadn’t gotten nearly enough sleep last night. She took off her jacket and used it as a blanket.

“Okay,” she responded, uncomfortable.

She closed her eyes, and the last thing she saw were Jessica’s two ample breasts, covered revealingly by that impenetrable barrier; a thin white tank top an eighth of an inch thick.

* * *

Her neck was craned against the elevator’s stiff metal wall, leaving a sore feeling. She knew it would ache tomorrow. The darkness was overwhelming. She could see nothing. Hopefully Jessica had turned off the cell phone, not wanting the battery to die. If only she’d had a pillow. She was about to reach for her purse, move it under her head, and close here eyes, but she heard something.

“Yes,” Jessica hummed ever so quietly. There was a tiny, almost silent noise. Rubbing. It was so quiet it might have been her imagination.

Calm down Joanna, this can’t be what you think it is.

“Oh God,” she whispered harshly.

Joanna couldn’t believe here ears. No, don’t listen. This isn’t for you. You’re invading her privacy. Just ignore it.

She could hear Jessica’s hand rubbing so quietly against her pants, her crotch. “Mmm…” she was fantasizing. “What are you doing Joanna? Oh, yes.” She heard Jessica unzip her pants.

Joanna couldn’t help herself. Jessica was fantasizing about her. She felt herself getting wet. Her own hand started migrating toward her crotch. Her fingers grazed her muscular stomach, slid under her belt. She imagined her crotch was actually Jessica’s, teasing her by running her hands over her panties, rubbing harder, sliding under.

Jessica went on whispering. “Yes, fuck me. Oh, are you always this good with your fingers? Oh!” She paused for a second, breathing heavily. “I wouldn’t dare,” she gasped.

Suddenly a bright light seemed to fill the compartment. Joanna’s eyes shut quickly, blinded. She pulled her hand out of her crotch. Had Jessica seen her? She couldn’t hear anything. She opened her eyes slowly, snuck a glance.

Jessica’s pants were wrapped down at her knees, her hands reaching just under her lacey black panties. Her hands slid up her tank top, cupping her breast. She was leaning toward Joanna, her free hand reaching forward. The glimpse was over.

Jessica rubbed her breast softly through the shirt, panting quietly. She brought her hand back down, lifted slowly, taking the shirt up with it. Joanna could have “woken up” then, but she remained motionless. Joanna couldn’t bear to spoil this mood. Another quick glance. The shirt was off.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Jessica whispered. “I don’t know if I can hold it anymore.”

Joanna was soaking in her crotch. It burned with desire. She wanted Jessica’s cute pink tongue inside her, against her clit.

“Just how big?” she went on whispering. Joanna felt her buttons coming apart on her blouse. From her neck…to her chest…down to her belly. She snuck another quick glance. Jessica was straddling her, clear juices dripping down her leg. Her undershirt was dripping with sweat, her nipples hard, perfect skin. Jessica’s face was inches from her abdomen, and she could feel the hot breath against her skin. Her face was eager as she pulled off the blouse.

She hardly managed to close her eyes before Jessica glanced up at her face.

“Oh God, they’re perfect,” she whispered, commenting on Joanna’s spherical tits.

Joanna couldn’t believe she was getting all this praise from such a perfect woman. She felt Jessica’s legs tighten around her hips. Jessica lowered onto Joanna’s abdomen. She could feel Jessica’s hand sliding in and out of her pussy, bringing more juices out. They dripped down, onto her belly.

“Yes,” Jessica fantasized. “Yes, don’t stop, yes, oh, ooh.” Joanna felt Jessica’s hand slide out, back onto her abdomen. “Should stop…a goodbye kiss,” she whispered. The hand, slightly wet, ran up Joanna’s abdomen, up to the side of her back, around her lacey bra. It cupped her breast for the shortest moment, then continued up around her neck, to her cheek. She felt Jessica’s weight shift, their bellies touching, then her huge breasts coming up against her. Her nipples hardened. Did Jessica notice?

Alba’s luscious lips came up against her mouth, in the most electric kiss of her life. A woman! God, she couldn’t take it. The fact that Jessica was a woman made her hot with desire. Only a woman knows what a woman wants. She’d heard that before.

Joanna let her eyes shoot open. She hummed in compliance, tongues plunging, legs wrapping tightly around Jessica’s ass. Jessica leapt back, embarrassed.

“Don’t stop,” Joanna moaned.

“I don’t want to,” Jessica cried, shaking her head. She dived back forward, kissing her down her neck. Her head came to rest between Joanna’s breasts, her nipples rubbing against her tight stomach. Her tongue slid over her skin, panting hot breath. She pushed away Joanna’s bra, not even unbuckling it. Her lips wrapped around her hard nipple, pulled back, pushed down. Stinging joy seemed to flow from her tongue’s actions. Joanna never knew so much pleasure could come from her nipple.

Jessica pulled back and started flicking her tongue over the nipple lightly, teasing her. The burning in her clit was growing so strong. It needed attention. Jessica’s hand, as though reading her mind, began to work its way down her body.

Joanna rubbed Jessica’s soft back, sliding over perfect skin.

Jessica’s fingers cupped her pussy, rubbed her shaved skin. Then her ring and forefinger pushed away the tight skin, sliding across her labia. Joanna was caught in a world of utter pleasure. She wants me, she thought. Jessica’s middle finger touched her clit, and she couldn’t help but start moaning instantly.

“Mmmm.” Her finger slid up and down her clit, her mouth still around her nipple. “Oh. Ooooh. Oh God.”

“You like that?” Jessica asked between breaths.

“Keep going,” she cried. Waves of desire crashed as her finger slid up and down, softly, periodically. Joanna hardly even noticed she was moaning anymore, even though she was almost screaming. All she heard was a wonderful buzzing in her ears, the world seeming to fade away, only her and Jessica.

“Mmmm. Mm. Oooh. Oh! OH!” Jessica bit down on Joanna’s nipple at just the right time, amplifying everything. The burning was so strong, so pleasurable. Girl cum spilled out of her pussy, dripping all over the expensive elevator floor. “Jesus yes!” Jessica timed her strokes perfectly, each wave of the orgasm seeming more powerful than the last. Utter pleasure filled her entire body. Her legs tightened around Jessica’s back, soaking Jessica with liquid. “Yes, yes, yes, oh, oh God, oooh,” she uncurled, legs loosened, fell back to the floor, orgasm subsided.

She was filled with more contempt than she had ever known, fulfilled. She was still stuck in the elevator, but at least she was warm.

…To be continued.

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