Alba’s Elevator Encounter, Part 2

Warning: The following is fantasy. Jessica Alba doesn’t run around fucking beautiful women when she gets stuck with them in elevators, no matter what she does in our fantasies. If you’re under eighteen, it’s to be illegal for you to read this, but it’s all you think about when you cream your pants in bed so whatever. Just don’t read those stories where thirteen year olds are being raped by escaped prison inmates who happen to be their fathers…or anything involving Barbara Walters.

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Part II:

Laying back in her unbuttoned blouse, bra shoved up to her shoulder, Joanna calmed from her orgasm. Regaining her breath, she leaned forward. Jessica Alba’s face was yearning, begging for something in return. Joanna had no intentions of ignoring her.

Unable to resist any longer, Jessica had begun fingering herself, her ring and middle finger sliding in and out of her tight pussy.

Joanna leaned forward. “Let me.”

“God yes,” she moaned, leaning back, pushing against the elevator wall.

Joanna leaned forward, grabbing Jessica’s hand, pulling it away. Jessica wanted to be gratified too fast. She needed to get her to calm down. Crawling forward, she straddled the beautiful actress. Jessica trembled below her, watching intently. Enjoying the attention, she started to give her a little lap dance, gyrating her hips. She ran her fingers all over her body, cupping her breast. Jessica moaned as she watched. “Just fuck me. Please.”

“Not too fast,” she whispered back. She gave her own tit a short lick, and worked her hands around to her back.

“Mmm. Take it off.”

Joanna did as told, letting the bra fall onto Jessica’s eager face. She ran her fingers through her hair, back down over her round tits, down to Jessica’s tight body. Feeling the trim muscles, she had to wonder where Jessica worked out. How much work went into such a fucking tight body? She bent down and kissed the skin just above her panties, teasing her. She could feel it was working, muscle spasms emanating through Jessica’s body. She licked her way down her leg, barely managing to avoid the point of most interest. She pulled Jessica’s pants the rest of the way off. Working her way back up the luscious leg, she pulled the one article of clothing left, her lacey panties, down toward her face.

Her heart was beating. She’d never given oral to a woman before. Would she make the cut? Fuck it, she’d done everything else right. Jessica’s pussy was a work of art, a thin slit of hair just above, tight as fuck. Jessica was no virgin, but that pussy was reserved for special occasions. When Joanna realized she was one of those occasions, she could feel herself getting wet again.

Joanna knew what Jessica thought she wanted, but it wasn’t what she was really begging for. The buildup. She shot Jessica a wicked smile, and once again worked her way past the gorgeous opening. Crawling forward like a panther, she gave Jessica’s body one long lick, cupped her right breast, and brought her tongue to the left tit. She enjoyed the taste, the feel of the erect cylinder against her lips. Her left hand worked at the other nub, stroking it softly.

When she glanced up, tit still in her mouth, she wished she could take a Kodiak. The site of two gigantic breasts framed in front of her pouting face, gasping in pleasure, was enough to bring the shock of who this woman was entirely back into her psyche. She was so perfect. I want your body.

“Fuck yes,” Jessica exclaimed, the “f” drawn out. She was trying to hold her verbalizations in, trying to hide her pleasure from Joanna. Anything to get to that orgasm faster. Joanna wouldn’t let that happen. She pulled back again.

“No, no, no,” Jessica cried. Moaning, she pouted, “That felt so good.”

Joanna eased forward. “Shhh,” she comforted her. “It’ll all come.” Lowering her head, she pressed her mouth against Jessica’s soft, wonderfully oversized lips, and there tongues touched. Jessica arched her back, and started turning her hips, side to side. The motion was hard to resist. Joanna found herself pushing in and out as well. She didn’t feel much of anything sexually, but it was arousing feeling Jessica squirming below her, feeling her hot breath against her face.

Jessica wrapped her legs around Joanna’s ass, pushing her inward. “I want you to fuck me,” she begged. Joanna pressed harder, but that didn’t seem to do much. As though Jessica could be any more aroused. She tried several rythms, none of them seeming to hit right. Eventually she resisted the urge to press in and out. Instead, she swayed her curvy hips from side to side.

“Mmm. I like that one.”

Joanna kept at it, her pubic bone pressing against Jessica’s clit. Her face was tightening below her, her mouth open, sucking in air. “Yes. Oh that feels good. Mmm. Fuck yes.”

Joanna felt her own muscles tightening. Jessica didn’t even have to look to know. She grabbed at her swinging breast and, between gasps, flicked her tongue. Jessica was the one receiving more stimulation, but Joanna felt herself nearing orgasm faster. “Jesus. Oh wow.” She tried to keep pushing at Jessica’s optimal rhythm, but she found herself speeding up for her own pleasure. “Jessica!” Hearing the name in her ears, she was empowered. She said it again. “Jessica, yes. Oh fuck me! Mmmm.” Every breath was a scream, whether incomprehensible moaning or not. Jessica snuck in a light spank as Joanna went over the edge a second time. She let out one, big, raging scream through clenched teeth, and collapsed on her lover’s tits.

Jessica didn’t complain about the tease at this point, but Joanna saw it was time. She made her way over every inch of Jessica’s chest, torso, down to her pubic area. Circling the beast, she debated going in for quiet some time. Jessica was in pure ecstasy. It was almost as good as the orgasm itself to know that Jessica Alba’s joy was at the hand of her. She plunged her tongue deep into her pussy, in and out, and worked her way up to her clit.

“Mmmm. Never stop.”

Jessica was practically humping Joanna’s face, her thighs tightening around her head. The taste was unbearably wonderful, the thought of what she was doing even better. The feel of Jessica’s hands running through her hair, the pleasure she knew Jessica was feeling. She didn’t want to leave, didn’t want this to end.

The lights came on.

“Oh God,” Jessica moaned, the sound of pure joy. “I don’t care. Yes. Oh yea.”

Joanna could feel the elevator rising. She didn’t stop.

Jessica’s muscles were spasming against her tongue. She could feel exactly what she wanted. Timing her strokes perfectly, she ran the very tip of her tongue up and down the raisin, slowing herself.

Jessica braced herself against the wall, raised her hips, groaning with pleasure.

The elevator stopped, the door opened. She didn’t give a shit.

The crucial point dove away from the reach of her mouth, deeper into the animal. Not to worry, Jessica was screaming her lungs out, her thighs trembling, melting. Her screams were shaky, uneven, overwhelmingly wonderful to listen to. Fluids burst into her mouth, ending the whole experience.

They lay panting on the elevator floor, gasping for air, stark naked, in front of ten pleased witnesses. They could think what they wanted. Jessica was hers to keep.

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