Album Release Party

Album Release Party

Author: JJGARCES1980

Celebrities: Maddie & Tae, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Cassadee Pope, Kimberly Perry, Kacey Musgraves, Kellie Pickler Jana Kramer, RaeLynn, Karen Fairchild & Kimberly Schlapman

Story Codes: cons, oral, anal, F+M

Disclaimer: The following story is a fantasy, and fantasy is legal. It’s on you if you think any of this is real. Questions or comments? Hit me up at

“Maddie, Tae, come on in girls.” I told my two teenage superstars as I called them in for a meeting in my office the day I found out that their debut album had a release date, having hem sit down on the couch in my office so that I could tell them.

“You girls have been working hard, and it’s paying off more than we ever anticipated,” I told them as I looked at Tae in her short skirt on the couch, and then at Maddie in her short pair of shorts, “and I think you two deserve a reward for all of your hard work, so I have put together a “special” party to celebrate the release of it.”

“What kind of party did you have in mind John?” Maddie asked me, curious, as she got up and kissed me on the cheek, wondering if we were about to have one of our private sex marathon sex sessions with just the three of us involved.

“Yeah John…I bet lots of sex is going to be involved, isn’t there?” Tae whispered as she got up and went to the other side of me, kissing me on the lips and fondling my dick.

“Not now Tae,” I whispered as she hit her knees to suck my dick, playfully pouting when I stood her up, “but I’m glad you girls have always been so willing to put out for me, especially considering that you were both virgins when I met you. So I have put together a little party for the album release that involves the three of us, thirty hot guys I know from the industry, and some of your hottest friends.”

“MMM…sounds hot…which girls did you invite?” Maddie whispered as Tae suckled my neck, obviously getting more turned on by the moment.

“Carrie, Miranda, Cassadee, Kacey, Kimberly, Kellie, RaeLynn, Jana, and the Little Big Town girls,” I told them, rattling off the names of ten of Nashville’s hottest women as I ended the meeting, telling them to meet me up in the penthouse suite at Nashville’s finest hotel in a few days’ time to commence this party.

When the day of the party arrived, I breathed a sigh of relief to finds that every one of the girls I had invited had actually showed up.

There was Carrie Underwood, not even a month removed from having a baby, but looking hot as hell anyway, already talking up two of the top-level executives I knew and had invited to this party, and already looking pretty cozy too, I might add.

Over in another part of the suite, Cassadee Pope and RaeLynn were already making out as three guys looked on, ready to pounce on them, while Miranda Lambert sat and drank alone at a corner table.

The Little Big Town girls, Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman, were the last ones to say yes to attending, and only did it because their new single, which everyone thought was great, was bombing at country radio, so they decided to attend so they could personally persuade some of the radio execs to start playing it.

Kimberly Perry and Kellie Pickler had just walked in the door, with Jana Kramer and Kacey Musgraves not too far behind them, and once my girls Maddie & Tae arrived, we could finally officially begin the party.

And my part of the party got started when Maddie & Tae immediately came over to me and hit their knees, each of them taking one of their balls into my mouth and starting to suck on it as soon as they got my pants off.

“MMM…it’s gonna feel weird having another guy’s dick in my pussy,” Tae whispered as she sucked me off, Maddie stroking the base of my dick as I looked around the room and saw Carrie bent over a chair in the far corner of the room with one guy sliding his dick into her pussy as she made out with another one of them.

“You’ll get used to it,” I told her as Maddie made out with me and Tae sucked more of my dick into her mouth, moaning to herself as I placed my hands on the back of her head.

The two guys playing with Carrie were really getting into with the new mom by that point, as the guy she had been making out with now had his dick buried at the back of her throat as the guy in her pussy started to pick up the pace of his thrusting, while in another corner of the room, Cassadee was making out with RaeLynn to take her mind off of the fact that one of the guys had his dick balls-deep in RaeLynn’s freshly-popped pussy, while another guy stood behind Cassadee going in and out of her pussy.

“MMM…Tae honey…gonna cum…” I whispered as she bobbed her blonde head around my dick, pushing it to the back of her throat as I came with a shudder, flooding it with my sticky cum.

“UH…” she hissed as I slammed my hips into her face one last time and gave it to her, rubbing her cunt as she swallowed my load.

“Everyone else is fuckin’”, she whispered to me in her soft Oklahoma drawl as she got up and slipped out of her clothes and led me to one of the beds, “it would be a shame if we didn’t join them baby.”

As I climbed on top of Tae, I looked up and saw quite an orgy going on around us already, Carrie now taking three dicks at once, the guy who had been in her pussy now in her ass, having long ago cum inside the blonde beauty, while the guy who had been getting blown by her took his turn at her pussy and a new guy came over and stuffed his dick down her throat.

RaeLynn was sucking the guy off who had been in her pussy, and I couldn’t tell from where I was if she had let the guy cum inside her or not, but someone else had replaced that guy between her legs as Cassadee laid beside her and also took two dicks at once, having already taken a load or two in her pussy, as well.

The LBT girls were double-teaming one lucky guy, with Karen riding the guy’s dick while Kimberly rode his face, while Jana was only servicing one guy currently, but she was making sure she got the best out of it as she rode the life out of the dick she was currently fucking.

“OHGOD…so fucking tight Tae…gonna cum soon baby…” I hissed as I drove my dick in and out of Tae’s tight pussy, having been fucking her for about ten minutes, as I watched Miranda and Kimberly both bent over and fucked from behind, the second or third different cock to be tearing up their pussies already.

“Do it…cum inside YOUR hot blonde bitch John…I might fuck every guy in this room tonight…but your cum is the only cum I want inside me baby…” she hissed as I drove into her a few more times and came inside her, causing her to grunt as I sprayed my cum over her deepest walls, her legs hanging limply off the bed as I got off of her and moved over to Maddie while the guy that was behind me wasted no time sliding inside Tae and starting to fuck her.

“UH…UH…OHGOD…YES…” Maddie shouted as my dick filled her pussy, Tae’s back arching for the new guy that was fucking her as Carrie was thrown down on the bed next to mine by one of the more muscular exes at this party as he started to ravage her pussy.

Everyone else was currently being double-(or triple-) teamed, as the room quickly began to fill with the sounds of sex, Miranda being choked by the guy who was fucking her pussy, causing her to shake from head to toe as she came for him and let the guy cum deep inside of her.

The same scenario was playing out all over the room by that point, with all the girls being impaled by at least two, if not three dicks, and it was impossible to tell how many guys had gotten to cum in each of them by that point.

“OHGOD…OHGOD…cumming…YES…” Maddie squealed after we had been going at it for a while, her juices shooting out all over my dick as she arched her back and closed her eyes, squealing again when I shot my load into her, sucking on her tits and making out with her the whole time while the guy next to me hammered into Tae’s cunt until he came with a grunt into her.

“I’m coming back for these sweet asses,” I told M&T as I crawled over to an out-of-breath Carrie Underwood, who had just had two guys erupt inside of her, filling her pussy and her ass, and parted her legs as I slid into her, just as Cassadee yelled in orgasm from across the room as three guys exploded simultaneously into her pussy, ass, and mouth.

“Thanks for inviting me to this party for the girls John,” Carrie whispered as I began to thrust in and out of her, her walls wrapping around my dick, “UH…OHGOD…it’s my first time to get away and have some fun since I gave birth.”

Meanwhile, Maddie and Tae were both on their knees blowing two different guys, while two other guys fucked their pussies, which is also what Kacey was currently doing, while Kellie took three dicks at the same time and also had a fourth different guy mauling her tits while Jana fell to her knees and started blowing the guy who had just cum in her pussy.

“I’ve waited a long time for this chance,” I whispered to Carrie as I threw her legs on my shoulders and bottomed out inside of her, making out with her and sucking on her tits as I fucked her.

“OHGOD…FUCK YES…I bet you want to cum inside me, don’t you John? Do it…cum inside me baby…” rotating her hips around my dick as she threw her head back and came all over it, my mouth attaching itself to her tits as I blew my load into her, dumping a healthy load of my cum deep into her pussy.

“PSSSTT…Carrie…give me your ass…” I whispered to her as I looked over to my left and saw a guy buried deep in Maddie’s ass while another guy bent Tae over and started plowing her ass, “it’ll make Tae jealous.”

“I like how you think John…” Carrie giggled as I bent her over the bed and started plowing her ass, grabbing her hips and hammering into her as Cassadee was getting loudly railed next to us, several shouts going up from across the room as RaeLynn and the Little Big Town girls took loads into their pussies and asses.

“MMM…fuck my ass John…come on…cum in it baby…” Carrie whispered as I drove myself in and out of her, throwing her head back and shivering from head to toe as I shot my load into her ass, moaning my name as I finished cumming in her bowels and pulled out of her, turning around and seeing Jana hit her knees for me as she wrapped her lips around my dick.

“Hey John…nice to meet you…now let me rock your world…” Jana whispered, not even giving me a chance to catch my breath before she started to suck my dick, wrapping her hands around it as she bobbed her head back and forth on it.

All around me, all kinds of debauchery was still going on, Carrie now getting her pussy and her ass stuffed by another set of dicks while Kellie and Kimberly took turns sucking on the two dicks in front of them.

Maddie & Tae had moved onto six other guys, both of them getting triple-teamed, their tight, young bodies moving back and forth as they were stuffed with meat.

“MMM…you suck that dick Jana…I can’t wait to put it inside you…” I whispered to her as I fucked her face a few more times and blew my load down her throat, her eyes closing as she sucked on my dick and swallowed all of my cum, throwing her legs around me as I backed my dick away from her mouth and slid it into her pussy.

“MMM…FUCK…” she hissed as I began to fuck her, her tight pussy stretching out around my dick and taking me deeper inside of her as I thrust in and out of her.

“OHGOD…YES…” I heard Kellie scream from across the room as she came for the guy buried in her pussy, throwing her head back as she rode him a little longer, causing him to shoot his cum deep into her spasming cunt.

“Kellie’s quite the screamer…I think I’ll go fuck her next…” I teased Jana as she squeezed her legs around me even more, her eyes rolling back into her head as she bounced up and down on my dick in the chair we had moved to, my mouth sucking on her tits as she came for me.

“UH…FUCK…cum inside this horny slut John…I need to feel your cum inside me so bad…” she moaned as I grabbed her hips and exploded inside of her, filling up her womb with shot after shot of my cum as I held myself inside of her, bouncing her on my dick a little longer before pulling out of her.

Needing to take a break to recover, I laid back on the bed closest to where I had just fucked Jana and watched as 12 of the hottest women in Nashville carried on.

Cassadee was on her knees as she blew three guys in a row, than laid on her back as she let all three of them have her pussy until they came in her.

RaeLynn and Miranda were riding two guys on the bed next to me, so I walked over and watched as they came all over then dicks that were inside of them, Miranda screaming in orgasmic joy as the guy she was on top of quickly came inside of her and hopped off, allowing me to take his place as RaeLynn took a load in her pussy and made out with Miranda while she rode me.

“OHGOD…your dick feels so good John…I can’t wait to feel you cum inside me later…” Miranda hissed as RaeLynn sucked on her tits, sitting on my stomach as Miranda sat on my dick.

“Maybe when I’m done with you I’ll cum in Rae’s tight little cunt, too,” I teased both girls, Miranda starting to bounce up and down on top of me as we both came together, my cum shooting deep into her snatch as she shot hers all over my dick, finally pulling away from me as RaeLynn started to suck my dick.

“OHGOD…fuck me…” I heard Karen screaming as her LBT bandmate Kimberly rimmed her ass and two guys stuffed their dicks into her pussy and mouth, causing her to gag on the one in her mouth as the one in her pussy shot its creamy contents inside of her.

Over in another corner of the room, Kimberly Perry was bent over a chair with one dick balls-deep in her pussy, and another one balls-deep in her ass, shaking in orgasmic bliss as she came for them and they blasted their loads deep into her holes.

“MMM…” RaeLynn hissed as I placed my hands on the back of her head and shot my load down her throat, still slurping away on my dick as she swallowed my cum and sent me on my way, since another guy had come up behind her and shoved his dick into her pussy already.

A couple of steps to my left, I saw Kacey on her knees with a dick buried at the back of her throat, so I grabbed her hips and slid my dick into her pussy, causing her to moan around the dick she was sucking when she felt me start fucking her.

“Keep sucking baby…” I whispered in her ear as she worked over the dick that was in her mouth, her eyes closing as the guy put both of his hands on the back of her head and roughly fucked her face while I grabbed her hips and pulled them back into mine, my dick bottoming out inside of her as I gave her one last thrust and came deep inside of her, Kacey sliding off the dick in her mouth after swallowing its sticky treat and throwing her head back as I filled her with my seed.

“OHGOD…you feel so good cumming inside me John…FUCK…” she hissed as I drained my balls into her, leaving my dick inside of her for a few seconds to revel in the feeling of having cum in her before moving over to Kim Perry, who was still bent over a chair, recovering from the double-teaming she had been receiving, and sliding my dick inside of her.

“UH…John…is that you baby?” she purred as I drove my dick in and out of her, her walls wrapping around it as I thrust in and out of her.

“Yeah…it’s me Kim…” I whispered, kissing her neck as I drove my hips into hers, her moans getting louder and louder, interrupted only by Cassadee and Kellie screaming out as they got their asses filled with more cum, only for the guys who were fucking their asses to come around in front of them and start fucking their pussies while Jana, Carrie, Maddie and Tae were all getting rocked by three guys at once.

From my perch behind Kimberly, I could see dwindling numbers of men, most of them well beyond the point of physical exhaustion from fucking all 12 of the girls all night long, but Carrie was still being serviced by two guys, one plugging her ass with his dick and one filling her pussy, as Maddie & Tae took turns on another guy’s dick, alternating between sucking it and riding it, while Kacey, Jana, Miranda and RaeLynn rested on the big bed in the center of the room and fingered themselves, RaeLynn and Miranda starting to make out with each other as they did.

“OHGOD…so hot…fuck me John…cum inside me like you have everyone else baby…” Kimberly whispered as I kissed her neck again and pushed my hips into hers, grunting as I shot my load deep into her pussy, her moans filling up the room until they were drowned out by Kellie’s, since she was getting triple-teamed and just had all three dicks that were inside of her go off like shotguns, filling her pussy, ass and mouth with their cum.

“MMM…YES…” Kimberly moaned as I made out with her in the chair, finally pulling away from her when I noticed the LBT girls winking at me from across the room as they finished sucking off the two guys in front of them and began to make out with each other.

“Hey John…bout time you made it over here…” Karen whispered as she started making out with me, Kimberly dropping to her knees again and wrapping her lips around my dick, going to work on my dick as Karen and I made out, our hands grabbing each other in all the right places as Kimberly quickly blew me to orgasm, my hands going to the back of her head as I blew my load to the back of her throat.

“MMM,” Kimberly moaned as she swallowed down my load, pushing me down on the bed and attempting to climb on top of me when Karen pulled her off of me and laid down, pulling me on top of her.

“You got to suck it Kimberly, so I get to fuck it,” she told her bandmate as my dick disappeared inside of her and started thrusting into her, shooing her friend away to go find another dick to play with as I started to fuck her a little harder.

“UH…UH…fuck me John…make this pussy yours baby…” Karen whispered as I drilled her cunt, her moans being drowned out by the sounds of Cassadee and Carrie continuing to be triple-teamed, proving themselves to be the sluttiest of all of the girls, as Kellie took a dick up her ass and the rest of the girls made out with each other, most of the men having retired for the evening by then.

“I own this pussy now, don’t I Karen? Just like I own every pussy in this room,” I told her as I drove my dick into her one last time, her cunt muscles wrapping tightly around me as shed threw her head back and came on my dick, followed seconds later by me cumming into her, filling her pussy with my seed and pulling out of her as she rubbed her cunt, before walking over and climbing on top of an exhausted Kellie Pickler, who had gobs of cum trickling out of every hole she had.

“MMM…fuck me John…I’m not too tired for you…” she whispered as I parted her legs and slid my dick into her pussy, her loose walls stretching out a little for me and taking me deeper into her sloppy cunt as I wrapped my lips around her nipples and started sucking on them.

“OHGOD…baby…fuck me…” she hissed as she wrapped her legs around my waist, her eyes rolling back into her head as she arched her back, Maddie & Tae both squealing in joy behind me as two more guys flooded their cunts with cum, causing them to rub their pussies together after the guys left them, making out with each other as I drilled Kellie’s pussy, Miranda riding a cock as RaeLynn took one deep into her pussy, Jana, Kacey and Kimberly Perry all flat on their backs with a tongue buried inside of them, followed by a dick, and Carrie and Cassadee made out with each other, as did the LBT girls.

“OH…FUCK…gonna…cum…” Kellie moaned as she twisted her hips around my dick, her eyes rolling back in her head as her cum flowed over my dick, my cum shooting into her pussy a few seconds later.

“UH…” she hissed, her eyes rolling up into her head again as I filled her womb, both of us grunting together as I shot the last of my load into her and pulled out of her, Kellie quickly dropping to her knees as I looked around the room, seeing each of the girls getting pounded on by two men once again as Kellie wrapped her lips around my dick and started blowing me.

“OHGOD…such a great little cocksucker…” I hissed as I placed my hands on the back of her head, her eyes closing as Casssdee squealed out again, two guys filling her at the same time, her pussy and her ass getting seeded up yet again as I drove my hips into Kellie’s face and came down her throat, pulling my dick out of her mouth after she swallowed all of it, patting me on the ass as she found her clothes and prepared to leave.

“See you around John,” Kellie whispered, Carrie mouthing the same words to me as she swallowed a guy’s cum and found the dress she had been wearing before leaving with Kellie while Jana, Kacey, Miranda and RaeLynn were all fucking one last guy and letting them cum deep inside of them, Kacey and Miranda being double-teamed and having their ass fucked, as well, before they wrapped things up and left for the night, smiles on their faces.

Maddie and Tae were relaxing on the bed, scissoring each other as they made out, patiently waiting for me to finish with Cassadee, who I just started fucking, and be alone with them again.

“Great party John…OHGOD…pound me…” Cassadee hissed as I threw her long legs on my shoulders, her back arching as I pounded away on her, Kimberly Perry and the Little Big Town girls finishing up with the guys they were currently with, letting them blow their loads into their pussy and asses, respectively, before they all got dressed to leave, leaving me alone with Cassadee, Maddie and Tae.

“You cum all over that dick Cassadee,” I whispered to her as I sucked on her tits, making out with her as my hips powered back and forth inside of her, “because I can’t wait to finish this night by cumming inside you, baby.”

“MMM…OHGOD…tell me you want to cum inside me as bad as I want you to,” Cassadee hissed, her eyes rolling back into her head as we made out and came together, moaning into each other’s mouths as she shot her cream all over my dick and I blew my load deep in her pussy, feeling her cunt start to spasm as I filled her with my seed.

I was so tired by that point that I was seeing double, but I managed to stumble to a standing position and get behind Cassadee, grabbing her hips as I slid my dick into her ass, Maddie and Tae still making out with each other as I railed Cassadee’s ass.

“OH…OHGOD…pound…my…ass…FUCK…” she moaned as I tore up her asshole, her eyes rolling into her head as she threw her head back, both of us collapsing onto the floor below us as soon as my cum shot into her bowels, her anal ring squeezing on my dick as I filled her with it, finally pulling out of her as I crawled toward my two hot, oversexed teenagers.

“We’re gonna do this again, right John?” Cassadee whispered as she stumbled around the hotel suite, gathering her things and leaving after resting for a few minutes, leaving me alone with Maddie & Tae.

“Maddie’s tired…” Tae whispered, winking at me as she bent over the table by one of the beds, allowing me to grab her hips as I slid into her ass.

“OHGOD…YES…it’s harder than you think to keep three dozen guys out of your ass…” Tae whispered to me as I began to thrust in and out of her backdoor, “but I told you I would let you be the one to have my ass first, just like you were the first to have my pussy.”

“Don’t lie to me Tae…I saw you let that guy fuck your ass…that’s why I fucked Carrie’s and Cassadee’s…” I teased her as I pounded on her backdoor.

“FUCK…FUCK…OHGOD…” Tae moaned as I slid in and out of her ass, Maddie rubbing her pussy and fingering herself as she watched me pound her best friend’s ass.

“Luckily for all the other guys she wouldn’t let fuck her ass, I’m a butt slut…” Maddie giggled, thinking back to all the guys she had let cum in her ass over the course of the night as I drove my hips into Tae’s, feeling her anal walls wrap my dick up as I shot my load deep into her bowels.

“UH…FUCK…it feels so damn good…” Tae hissed as I filled her ass with my cum, pulling out of her and making out with both her and Maddie again before collapsing onto the bed with them, both of them wrapping their arms around me as we started to drift off to sleep, closer than we had ever been.

“Let’s get together and do this again sometime…all of us…” Tae whispered as she squeezed my dick, kissing me on the lips as Maddie kissed my neck, all of us looking forward to the next milestone in their career so that we could get everyone together again.

And also more sexually spent than any of us had ever been.

But right before I fell asleep, I got the idea to create a special tour for them, so that their young male fans can get share a “special” night or two with them too, too.

Now all I had to do was convince everyone else in town that it was a good way to promote them.

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