Alesha and Lisa Go Back To School

Author: Nobbem’ard

Celebrity: Alesha Dixon, Lisa Maffia

Story Codes: gang, cons, anal, oral

Disclaimer: The events described in this story did not happen, will not happen and could not happen.  It is a fantasy and is to be read as such.

Alesha and Lisa Go Back To School

The girls’ agents have told them that there’s a school in Inner London where kids with poor backgrounds are able to express themselves through music rather than violence, and they are persuaded to go take a look, not for publicity, just to help the kids, and a visit is agreed.

What the girls don’t know, is that this visit has been arranged because the guy running the school knows rather too much about these agents, and they’re very much aware that they could be sacrificing the safety of their girls.

Well, the visit is arranged, and Alesha and Lisa have a really enjoyable couple of hours at the school, singing, dancing, making music and chatting to the teenagers, who are aged between 13 and 17, and who are enjoying having the two gorgeous singers with them.

The bell rings at 4 pm, and most of the kids are going home, but there’s a group of 10 remaining, even though the teacher also seems to have disappeared, although the girls thought he was going to fetch their bags and phones from the reception area.

Lisa looks around, and has to admit that a couple or more of these lads are quite fanciable, although she’s not really supposed to be looking, but Alesha is beginning to get twitchy, especially when one of the older boys starts to make a move on her,

“You like young cock, Alesha?”

He slides his arm around Alesha’s waist, but she wriggles clear,

“Don’t be silly! And your teacher’s gonna be back in a minute!”

He grins,

“Nah! Don’t think so!”

Quickly the boy has his arms around Alesha, and she feels his hot breath in her face as he says,

“Yeah! I reckon you love sweet teen cock!”

Alesha squirms, but the boy’s too strong for her, and when he kisses her lips, she finds herself relaxing, even returning his kisses.

Meanwhile Lisa is quickly coming to terms with her position as two of the fifteen year olds she’s been looking at all afternoon start working on her, one of them stroking her thigh while the other slips his fingers inside her top, finding her breasts and fondling them gently, Lisa grinning while the boys play with her, opening her legs so that the boy stroking her thigh can start to move onto her crotch, her damp womanhood just a thin veneer of silk away from his fingers, and she kisses his ear, then whispers,

“You can have me, if you want!”

He grins,

“I intend to!”

and his fingers are inside her knickers, while the other boy releases her tits, and she groans with pleasure as he fondles them, murmuring,

“And so can you!”

The boy kisses her mouth, and the pair of them gradually strip Lisa naked, and she glances across to Alesha and smiles,

“We’re gonna get laid, mate! Enjoy!”

Alesha’s not quite so keen, especially now the boy who has made her his target has a pal with him, who turns out to be his 14 year old brother, and the older boy holds Alesha nice and steady while the kid whips her knickers down, lifts her skirt, and starts to stroke her cunt, then he leans forwards, and kisses it, slips his tongue inside her slit, and starts to lick her vagina, his young tongue really turning the singer on, so that when the older brother finishes stripping her by pulling off her bra, Alesha’s fingers starts working on his trouser zipper, his sleek cock pinging out, and Alesha feverishly starts to suck it for him, no longer worried about what happens to her.

Lisa meanwhile has one of her teenagers on his back now, and she’s on top of him with her legs spread, and she starts to ride him, while his mate sticks his cock straight in Lisa’s mouth, and she starts to suck it, but has to stop because the boy she’s riding is already coming, and she grits her teeth as she feels his jizz squirting inside her body, something she wouldn’t do with a mouthful of cock, and then she dismounts, the boy who’s cock has just come out from between her lips now getting on top of her, slipping the same cock into her vagina, and he starts to fuck her, while another boy comes over and kneels next to her, Lisa immediately playing with his cock, slipping her fingers up and down it, then she hears Alesha cough.

What has made the lovely singer cough?  A throatful of teen spunk!  The 17 year old couldn’t hold back any longer, and shot his load in Alesha’s mouth, and she swallows it, or most of it anyway, with some of the residue stuck to her teeth, on her lips, and dribbling down her cheek, and now Alesha finds that the remaining three boys are standing around her, the other one’s brother now slipping over towards Lisa.  Alesha raises herself up to her knees, and slowly starts to suck the first boy’s cock, replaces it with the second after a little while, then with the third, not sucking any of them for long, but soon feeling herself being tipped over onto all fours, a finger slipping into her vagina, soon being replaced by a cock, and one of the boys starts fucking her, while another comes around the front, and she takes his cock in her mouth, being nicely roasted by the two kids.

Lisa’s also got pricks in her crotch and her mouth, but she’s on her back getting hers, one kid simply fucking the ass off her face to face, except he can’t see her face, because his mate’s mounted it, shoved his cock into Lisa’s mouth, and he’s humping away at that, the boys going at it like they’re racing to see who comes first, with Lisa’s body as the racecourse.  The younger boy shoots his load in Lisa’s mouth shortly before his mate concludes his shagging, and the singer is awash with spunk now, even before the two remaining boys, the youngest ones, start on her, turning her onto her front, one boy sitting in front of her, sliding forwards, his prick slipping solidly into her mouth, his legs wide apart, while the other one surveys her dribbling vagina, thinks about fucking her, then slips his cock into her nice tight anus instead, Lisa moaning gently as the pair give her a seeing to.

Alesha too has absorbed two doses of spunk, one in either end, and is now on her back being satisfyingly shafted by one of the boys Lisa has been fancying, the well hung young fellow’s young cock definitely hitting the spot for Miss Dixon, who pants as he hives her his man-sized penis, the boy just 16, but very much used to having sex, even though shagging a woman like Alesha is a step way beyond any he’s taken before.  The boy humps away at Alesha, the singer quivering in orgasm, while a groaning noise from Lisa tells the story that her latest roasting is complete.

Still the 16 year old fucks Alesha, as the other 16 years olds who roasted her turn their attention to Lisa, who sucks both cocks at once, then feels herself being pulled over, one of the kids impaling her ass on his cock, leaving her cunt free for fucking.  This is incredible for Lisa, and she screeches with pain and pleasure as the two boys rams their young knobs into her each one thrusting at the gorgeous singer. She’s heard of girls being double-dicked like this, but never expected to on the end, or rather in the middle, of it, and it hurts like hell, but she’s loving it, and she can see that Alesha is still being shagged by the same guy, her hands on his ass, tugging him inside her hard, while she wriggles and writhes her crotch at him, until finally he shudders and Alesha cackles her famous cackling laugh as he shoots a jet of warm stick spunk inside her, hugs him, and proclaims,

“That was great! I hope you’ve got a dose of that spare for Maffia over there!”

The boy’s arrogant, and he just climbs off Alesha, and sneers,

“Well, I hope she’s a better fuck than you are!”

Now a pair of 15 year olds are feasting on Alesha, with the double-dicking of Lisa now complete, the boys having both shot their muck, but they decide on a roasting for Alesha, reversing their roles from what they did with Lisa though, but Alesha still takes cocks in her mouth and her cunt, on all fours, with Lisa right next to her now, the 14 year olds roasting her, and the singers are now getting really pounded, the only sounds in the room caused by two sets of bollocks slapping on their crotches, and two other pairs slapping on their chins, the boys all seeming to come at roughly the same time.

Neither Lisa nor Alesha can stand now, never mind walk, but Lisa wants the 16 year old who fucked Alesha so hard, and Alesha wants the two boys who stripped and fucked Lisa first off, and the boys are delighted to grant their wishes, Alesha mounting one of the kids to ride his cock, while the other rams his cock up her ass, giving her a double-dicking, while Lisa takes her ease, laying back while the really rather superbly built arrogant boy slides his cock into her saturated and swollen vagina, and gives her really good, hard seeing to, still pounding away long after the younger kids have double fucked Alesha, sending her into space with delight, and Alesha still has time to give the old man of the party, at 17, a blowjob he’ll never forget, licking him up and down his shaft before parting her succulent lips and pushing them down over his cock, sucking like fury as she slides her head up and down, his warm and sticky semen shooting into her mouth and down her throat as she swallows everything he’s got on offer.

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