Fic Title:Alexa

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Pairing:Salma Hayek/m


Summary:A young American architect drives over to an old and abandoned hacienda to do some research on it,only to bump into a woman claiming to be one of the hacienda’s former owners.

Warnings:Strong language,male/female sex


It had all started on September Second within the outskirts of Coatzocoal,Veracruz,Mexico,which was where a young architect named Woody Brosnan–who happens to be me–was driving his way towards an old and abandoned hacienda that was once owned by the wealthy Banderas
family to do some research on old-style houses.

Anyway,as soon as I had arrived at the hacienda and started looking around the place,I was unable to avoid a sudden head-on collision with a woman who had looked like a certain Hollywood babe named Salma Hayek.

And after I had introduced myself and told her why I was looking around the place,she had apologized to me and told me that her name was Alexa Banderas and the family has asked her to help me with research in any way that she could.

Of course,that was good enough for me,because I had taken a deep breath,turned towards my newfound hostess and asked her which part of the hacienda would she suggest on exploring first.

And at first,I had found it to be quite weird that she had suggested that we should go explore one of the bedrooms upstairs,but then,I had reminded myself to take it easy and remember that the family has asked her to me with my research.

Just then,as soon as we had walked into one of the upstairs bedrooms,I had started looking around and noticed that it had looked just as wonderful as the rest of the house.

However,I was unaware that while I was writing down some notes in my notepad,Alexa has taken all of her clothes off,placed her nude body on the bed and waited for me to turn towards her.

And as soon as I had done that,I was shocked to discover Alexa’s bare-ass naked body on the bed and exposed in front of me that I had walked over to her and almost asked her what the fucking hell was she doing.

But before I was about to allow one single word to come out of my mouth,Alexa had wrapped her arms around me and kissed me ever so passionately on the lips,which had caused a sudden wave of sexual pleasure to start flowing throughout my entire body and became too strong for me to resist.

And so,after I had taken all of my clothes off and placed myself on the same bed,I had started licking all over Alexa’s nude body–all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts.

And after she had placed her hands on my bare shoulders and told me to keep on touching her and sucking her wet pussy dry,I had suddenly realized that I was experiencing something that I had never experienced with a hot babe like her before,for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after I had placed my stiff cock inside her asshole and used each of my hands to carress both her tits and snatch,Alexa had placed her hands on my bare arms and started begging me to keep on fucking her until she was finally able to cum.

Then,after we had started moving harder and faster and our lovemaking has reached its final scene in the movie entitled THE MASK OF ZORRO,the both of us had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

And after my newfound lover had placed her head on my chest and her gentle hand on my shoulder,the both of us had snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep with our naked arms in a lover’s embrace.

Just then,about an hour later,I had woken-up from my little nap and discovered that I was the only one inside the room and Alexa has suddenly vanished without so much as a trace.

That had caused me to quickly get my clothes back on and race out of the hacienda to go look for her,only to have me run into the local police,who had decided to pick that time to come over and see if I was alright.

Surprisingly enough,after I had told them that a young woman named Alexa Banderas has suddenly disappeared and I was on my way to look for her,the look of shock had came over the faces of each of the police officers,just before one of them had asked me to sit down and let him explain something about Alexa’s true connection with the Banderas hacienda.

Then suddenly,there was a sudden cold streak running down my back,for the officer had told me that Alexa Banderas was a beautiful young woman who was about to marry this one young man that her father had hated so much that he had grabbed for one of the swords in his private collection and stabbed him 26 times with it.

And after she had witnessed the gruesome act,a heartbroken Alexa had to one of the upstairs bedrooms,opened a window and leaped out through the window and straight down on the hard driveway.

Poor Alexa Banderas was only 39 years old when she had died…in the year 1966.



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