Alexa Vega And Kate Beckinsale

Alexa Vega and Kate Beckinsale

By Emily and Nicola

It was the premiere of Spy Kids 3, and many celebrities of Hollywood society were attending the premiere. Obviously Alexa Vega was attending, but one of the guest celebrities attending was Kate Beckinsale. After the movie ended Kate went to the dining hall for the reception and was getting a drink when Alexa stumbled to her. “Oh shit I’m sorry I made a mess of your dress.” Alexa said. Kate was wearing a white silk dress, the kind of dress she wore at the Pearl Harbor premiere. Alexa wore a blue formal cotton gown. “That’s okay, I’ve got many dresses.” Kate
said, at that moment Kate and Alexa looked at each other, and from their eyes it was evident that love was at play. “Do you want to get out of here.”? Kate said “Why not.” Alexa said.

At that moment Kate and Alexa left through the back entrance and got to Kate’s car. Once they entered the car the kissed passionately. “Want to go to my place?” Kate asked, “I’d love to.” Alexa said, giving another passionate kiss. Once they arrived at Kate’s place, they kissed again. Kate took Alexa by the hand and led her to the kitchen. Alexa knew what Kate wanted to do. “So who gets the salad dressing?” Alexa said, “You do, I get the mustard.” Kate said. They both kneeled down and kissed each other one more time, there Kate squirted mustard onto Alexa’s dress. Alexa did the same with the salad dressing with Kate dress. Once their dressed was messed up with the sauces they jumped at teach other and licked the sauces off their dresses. Alexa squirted some salad dressing onto Kate’s chest, there the dressing was going towards Kate’s left breast eventually landing on her nipple, Alexa went towards it and licked it off thus licking off Kate’s nipple, she sucked on the nipple and Kate moaned in pleasure. “Let me try something. Bend over so that your pussy is facing me.” Kate said. Alexa did what she was told, there Kate lifted her dress to reveal that Alexa was wearing no underwear “I don’t like wearing underwear since I get hot and sticky.” Alexa said Kate grabbed the mustard and squirted it inside Alexa’s small fresh asshole and her small but non-virgin pussy, Alexa screamed at the mustard’s spiciness. Once the mustard was pouring out of her holes Kate dived in like a hungry dog and licked her holes. Alexa screamed due to Kate’s licking. Once Kate had finished both girls collapsed onto each other, they sat on the floor opposite each other.

“That was awesome Kate.” “You sucking my nipple, that was awesome Alexa.” Alexa noticed that Kate was wearing shiny black leather sandals with a long heel. The sight of Kate’s feet turned on Alexa. She started masturbating “What you getting so horney about?” Kate asked “You feet, Kate.” Alexa said. There Kate took off her sandals and shoved her bare feet in front of Alexa. Alexa smelled the stinky feet, and she got turned on, she dived in and licked Kate’s big toe kissing it and licking every other toe and licking the sole of her feet. “Let me do yours.” Kate said Alexa lifted her feet that were worn by flip-flops Kate took the flip-flops off and started giving Alexa an erotic foot-wash to her stinky feet. They eventually licked every part of each other’s feet. There both Kate and Alexa took off their dresses, took their shoes and went hand in hand to Kate’s bedroom.

Alexa jumped on the bed and Kate jumped on top of her. There the two lovers kissed passionately, Kate started to explore Alexa’s body and started kissing her small breasts, sucking on her nipples. Alexa moaned in ecstasy. There Kate went all the way down to Alexa’s pussy and started licking her clit. Kate got one of her shiny leather sandals and gave it to Alexa to suck the heel. Alexa gave the heel a good blowjob and she gave it back to Kate, where Kate circled the heel around Alexa’s clit before pushing it sharply into Alexa’s pussy. Alexa didn’t scream since she wasn’t a virgin but she screamed in pure ecstasy. “Lift your ass for me sweetie.” Alexa, who still had the shoe in her pussy, lifted her ass in the air and there Kate licked Alexa’s asshole, before inserting the other shoe into her anal hole. Kate started pumping the two shoes in and out of Alexa’s holes when Alexa cummed all over the shoes, Kate took the shoes out and licked both of them clean.

“Kate, have you got any laxative?” Alexa asked “Sure” Kate answered confusingly. Both Alexa and Kate went into the kitchen and Kate gave her some laxative “You eat some too.” Alexa told Kate. Kate swallowed some laxative and Alexa also. A few minutes later both girls needed to take a shit. “I need to go to the loo.” Kate said “No Kate.” Kate and Alexa went to Kate’s bathroom where Kate had a large Jacuzzi, there both girls got in and Alexa lay inside the tub. “Now Kate shit all over me.” Kate was bursting and she had no choice but to shit all over Alexa, so she did. Line after line of shit came out of Kate’s ass landing on Alexa’s face. Alexa started to chew and eat the shit. Once Kate finished she smeared it all over her body, there Alexa got a pile of Kate’s shit and inserted it into her pussy. Kate then lay on the tub and Alexa positioned her ass over Kate’s face, there Alexa unloaded her shit, Once Kate started chewing on it she retched, but soon she got used to the taste and got horny, Kate took a pile of shit and inserted it into her pussy, once Alexa finished and both girls were covered in stinking shit, Alexa and Kate, kissed passionately and got into a 69 position and licked their shit covered pussies.

Kate and Alexa went to the shower and cleaned up, Kate drew a bath and both she and Alexa entered the Jacuzzi. Alexa laid her head on Kate’s naked chest. “I really enjoyed tonight.” Alexa said “Me too sweetie.” Kate said. Kate was under the impression that by the morning this was just a fantasy come true. Morning came and Alexa was going to leave, when Alexa pulled Kate close to her and kissed her. “I hope we meet again.” Alexa said “Me too sweetie, me too.” Alexa left and Kate smiled to herself. This was the beginning of something special.

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