Alexandra’s Biggest Fan

Title: Alexandra’s Biggest Fan

Author: MovieBuff

Celebs: Alexandra Daddario

Codes: MF, cons, first, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Author’s Note: This is my first story on the site. I have been following this site for a little over three years now, but never decided to try writing a story until now. It also takes a while before getting to the sex, but I wasn’t sure how to break this story up into smaller parts. Anyway, I hope you all like it. Also, the events of this story happen in June 2017.

18-year-old Joey Grimes had just graduated from high school and was very happy that he did. But he was also very sad, because there were many friends he would never see again and he still didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He had also never had a girlfriend and has been single his whole life, not to mention a virgin. One day, he thought that maybe if he couldn’t find a life or love in his home state of Oklahoma, maybe he’d find them elsewhere. That was when Joey decided to go to Los Angeles.

Joey packed his bags, said goodbye to his parents, and got in his car to head for L.A. It was a two day drive, but Joey wasn’t too bothered. He had all the time in the world. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much money. Well, he had about $500, but Joey knew that hotel rooms and service would cost a lot more than that. “I’ll probably just sleep on the sidewalk,” Joey thought to himself. Finally, he made it to Los Angeles. “Jesus, it’s beautiful,” Joey said to himself. He parked his car next to a sidewalk and grabbed his camera. He started to walk down the sidewalk and proceeded to take pictures of the sights.

He walked for about an hour and then stopped into a restaurant to get some lunch. Afterwards, he went back to take more pictures. Joey got so into the sights, that he didn’t even notice a young woman walking right towards him, and the two collided and fell down. “Oh fuck!” exclaimed Joey. “Ma’am, I am so sorry! I was not looking where I was going and…” Before Joey could finish explaining, the woman looked up. She had long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and huge boobs. With that, Joey instantly recognized her. “Holy shit! You’re Alexandra Daddario!” exclaimed Joey.

“Why yes, I am,” Alexandra said, picking herself up off the ground. “Always nice to be recognized.” Joey got up and brushed himself off. “Yeah, well I’m really sorry I knocked you over,” said Joey. “I should’ve been looking where I was going.” “Oh, that’s alright,” said Alexandra, readjusting herself. “You’re not hurt, are you?” asked Joey. Alexandra put a hand on Joey’s shoulder. “Relax,” Alexandra said in a calming tone. “I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me.” Joey let out a sigh of relief and put his hand on his chest. “Oh thank God,” said Joey.

But even after that episode was over, Joey still a million thoughts racing through his mind. You see, Alexandra Daddario was Joey’s biggest celebrity crush. He had a huge crush on her ever since he saw her in the Percy Jackson movies. In fact, Joey thought Alexandra Daddario was the most beautiful woman on the entire planet. The girls whom he went to school with were nothing compared to her. Finally, Joey found the courage to speak. “My name’s Joey,” he said, extending out his hand. “I’m your biggest fan.” “Pleasure to meet you, Joey,” said Alexandra, shaking Joey’s hand. “So are you like a tourist here?” “Why yes I am,” Joey replied. “I just arrived from Oklahoma after graduating from high school last month.” “Well, congratulations,” said Alexandra. “Thank you,” replied Joey. There was a brief silence, when Alexandra spoke. “You wanna come back to my place?” she asked. This was an offer Joey could absolutely not refuse. “Hell yeah!” exclaimed Joey. “Alright, let’s go,” said Alexandra. With that, the two headed off to Alexandra’s house.

When they arrived, they went inside, and sat down on Alex’s living room couch. “So what brings to you to Los Angeles?” Alexandra asked Joey, kicking off her shoes. Joey told Alex about his life in Oklahoma, but never mentioned his love life. But eventually, the conversation shifted and Alex started to talk about herself. “Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me?” asked Alex. “I’ve got one,” said Joey. Before he asked, he took a deep breath. “Has anybody ever told you that you are the hottest, prettiest, most beautiful woman on the entire planet?” Alexandra’s heart melted when Joey asked that. “Aww, you are so sweet!” Alex squealed, throwing her arms around Joey. “Thank you,” Joey said, a little dazed.

“So do you have a girlfriend?” asked Alex. “Well, actually no,” replied Joey. “In fact, I’ve never had a girlfriend and I’m still a virgin.” “That’s alright,” said Alex. “Don’t want to do it too soon.” “Right. So, just totally guessing here,” said Joey. “But I don’t think you’re a virgin, Ms. Daddario.” Alex laughed and just looked at Joey. “No, I am not a virgin,” Alex said with a giggle. “Didn’t think so,” Joey replied. “I mean, what with Woody Harrelson and ‘True Detective’ on HBO.” Alex’s bright blue eyes widened and she looked at Joey. “You saw that?” asked Alex. Joey realized what he had said and turned bright red. “Yeah…I, uh, came across it,” Joey stammered. “Er, uh…on the internet.” “Came across it or looked it up?” Alex asked, with a suspicious smile. Joey sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “I think I need to tell you something, Ms. Daddario,” said Joey. “I’ll start from the beginning.”

Joey told Alexandra about his crush on her ever since he saw her in the Percy Jackson movies. “I was just sitting there watching the movie,” explained Joey. “Then there you were and I thought to myself, ‘Wow, she’s really hot.” “So you’ve been in love with me ever since?” asked Alex. “Yes, Ms. Daddario,” said Joey. “So you came across my nude scene?” Alex asked. “You saw my tits, ass, and pussy?” “Yes, ma’am,” replied Joey. “How many times have you watched it?” asked Alex. “I don’t know,” Joey replied, a little embarrassed. “But at least over 100 times.” “Have you jerked off to it?” Alex asked. Joey was taken aback by this question, and replied, “What?” “Have you jerked off to it?” Alex repeated. “Yes!” Joey exclaimed. Just then, Alex moved closer to Joey. “Ms. Daddario?” said a confused Joey. “Do you always think of me when you touch yourself?” Alex asked in a sexual tone, running her hands along Joey. “Yes…” replied Joey, who was getting more and more aroused.

As much as he was enjoying Alexandra Daddario touching him seductively, Joey stopped her for a minute. “Do you have sex often, Ms. Daddario?” asked Joey. “Yes, I do,” replied Alex. “You have no idea how many celebrities I’ve fucked.” “You’ve fucked other celebrities?!” exclaimed Joey. “Other than Woody Harrelson?!” “Oh yeah,” said Alex, who started to count on her fingers. “I’ve fucked Mark Wahlberg, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christian Bale, Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Fassbender…Hell, there was even a time where I fucked Robin Williams.” Joey was getting more and more turned on as he heard this. “You wanna go upstairs?” asked Alex. “FUCK YEAH!” exclaimed Joey. With that, the two went upstairs to Alex’s bedroom.

When they were in Alex’s bedroom, Alex closed the door and locked it. “I like where this is going,” said Joey, who was then grabbed by Alex and had his back pinned against the door. “Do you want me?” asked Alex. “Yes, I do,” replied Joey, staring into Alex’s mesmerizing blue eyes. “But remember, I’m still a virgin.” “Not for long,” said Alex, who then leaned forward and planted a long, steamy kiss onto Joey’s lips. Joey wrapped his arms around Alex and slid his tongue into her mouth, making contact with her tongue. They kissed for about five minutes, when Alex let up. “God damn,” said Alex. “That was amazing.” “I may not have a girlfriend, but I do know how to kiss,” said Joey. “So are you gonna take my clothes off now?” asked Alex. “I thought you’d never ask,” replied Joey.

Joey grabbed the end of Alex’s shirt and lifted it up over her head, when he saw Alex’s fabulous bare breasts. “You weren’t wearing a bra,” said Joey, throwing Alex’s shirt into a corner. “No I wasn’t,” replied Alex. “I never wear a bra on Fridays.” Joey could feel his dick getting hard in shorts. “May I touch your breasts, Ms. Daddario?” asked Joey. “I wouldn’t expect you not to,” replied Alex. “And by the way, call me Alex.” Joey raised his hands and placed them on Alex’s knockers. “You have wonderful boobs,” Joey said as he fondled them. “Thank you, Joey,” said Alex. “How do they feel?” “Big, soft, bouncy, and really fucking nice,” replied Joey, who felt his boner getting harder. “That’s what I like to hear,” said Alex. She and Joey walked over to her bed, and Alex sat down as Joey continued to feel her up. But soon, Joey stopped. “Why’d you stop?” Alex asked in a disappointed tone. “Well, how else am I supposed to take your pants off?” asked Joey. Alex smiled and said, “Good point.”

Alex lay back across her bed as Joey unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. “Lift your bottom up a little,” Joey said. Alex did as she was told and Joey pulled her pants down her legs and off her body. After throwing them to the side, Joey got on his knees and started kissing Alex’s bare feet. Alex sat up and looked down at Joey. “What are you doing?” asked Alex, giggling. “Worshipping you like the goddess you are,” replied Joey. “You’re sweet,” Alex said, blushing. “But you forgot something.” “Really?” asked a confused Joey. “What’d I forget?” Alex stood up and pointed to her panties. “Whoops!” said Joey. “I forgot to remove your underwear!” Alex laughed and nodded at him. “Yes you did!” said Alex.

Joey got up from the floor and hooked his fingers into Alex’s panties. With his heart pounding and his erection getting harder, Joey pulled down the panties, exposing Alex’s luscious pussy and ass. Joey stepped back and couldn’t believe his eyes. Alexandra Daddario was standing in front of him, completely and totally naked. “You have the most wonderful and sexiest body ever,” Joey said, entranced. Alex smiled and blushed. “Could you do a quick 360-degree turn for me?” asked Joey. Alex held her arms out and spun around, giving Joey a full view of her sexy naked body.

“You gonna strip down now?” Alex asked Joey. “You don’t want to get your clothes all dirty, do you?” Joey laughed nervously, not because he was about to have sex, but it would be the first time he was naked in front of a female. “Give me a minute,” said Joey, taking off his shoes and socks. “If it makes you feel any better,” said Alex. “I already know you’ve got a boner.” Joey laughed and rolled his eyes, but then he walked up to Alex. “I undressed you,” said Joey. “How you take my clothes off?” Alex smiled and grabbed the end of Joey’s shirt. “Are you ready?” asked Alex. “I’m ready,” said Joey. “Ready for the big ride, baby!” Alex grinned and yanked off Joey’s shirt. She then got on her knees and unbuttoned and unzipped Joey’s shorts. As she pulled them down, Joey’s hard on popped right out. “Oh!” exclaimed Alex, laughing. “It almost hit me in the face!” Joey laughed along with Alex, who then took off Joey’s boxers. Now Joey was naked in front of Alexandra Daddario.

Alex stayed on her knees, examining Joey’s boner. “Wow,” said Alex, amazed. “This is a big one.” Then, much to Joey’s delight, Alex started stroking Joey’s virgin dick. Joey sighed in pleasure as Alex continued running her fingers along his shaft. “Oh Alex,” said Joey. “Your touch feels so good.” “You think my hands feel good?” asked Alex. “Sweetie, I’m just getting started!” Alex then got up and dragged Joey back over to her bed and pushed him down on his back. Joey sat up as Alex got back on her knees. “I’m gonna blow you away,” said Alex. Before Joey could say anything, Alex put Joey’s cock in her mouth and started to suck him off. Joey started moaning as Alex bobbed up and down, running her tongue along his head. Joey’s lips quivered as Alex continued sucking his dick. “Oh, thank you,” said Joey. Alex then stopped sucking and came up. “Honey, we haven’t even gotten started,” Alex said with a wide grin.

Alex then leaned down to suck Joey some more, but Joey tapped the top of her head. “Yes?” asked Alex. “I was thinking, Alex,” explained Joey. “I’ve just been taking, so I’d like to do the giving now.” “Alright, sweetheart,” said Alex. “What do you wanna do first?” “Well, considering you just sucked me off,” Joey began. “I’d like to eat you out.” “You got it, babe,” Alex said, getting up on top of the bed. She lay her head down on her pillow and spread her legs apart, with Joey between both of them. “Do it,” said Alex. Joey then leaned down and stuck his tongue into Alex’s soaking wet twat. “Oh…ah…heh…ho…eh…” Alex moaned as Joey ate her out. As Joey’s tongue pushed further into her pussy, Alex started to pull on her nipples and her brow furrowed. “Ah…ah…ah…ah…AAAAH!” Alex wailed as she came. Joey then pulled his tongue out. “Your pussy tastes as great as it looks,” Joey said with a smile. Alex was too hot to speak, so she just gave Joey a thumbs up.

Joey then moved up on top of Alex and rested his head on her tits. “Let’s see if your nipples taste nice,” said Joey. Alex finally calmed down enough to speak. “Are you thirsty?” she asked. “Care for some milk?” “No milk, I’ll just take the jugs,” Joey said. Alex found this joke quite funny and laughed. “Oh alright,” she said. Joey then licked and sucked on Alex’s hard nipples, making her moan once again. He did this for about two minutes, when he came up. “Turn over and lay on your belly,” said Joey. Alex once again did as told, then Joey scooted down the bed and placed his hands against Alex’s bare bottom. Once he made contact, he started massaging Alex’s ass. “Oh my God, that feels wonderful!” exclaimed Alexandra. “Glad you’re enjoying it, Alex,” said Joey. Joey then moved his hands away and leaned his head down. “What are you up to?” asked Alex. “My friends always told me I was an ass kisser,” said Joey. That said, Joey began kissing Alex’s bottom, making Alex moan in pleasure. Joey then moved up, kissing all over Alex’s back and then moved up to her head, where he licked Alex’s ear. All Alex could do was lie on her stomach and sigh pleasurably.

After a while, Joey stopped licking Alex’s backside. “Alright, Alex,” declared Joey. “You touched my dick and sucked me off, I ate you out and worshiped your backside.” “Good observation,” Alex said, turning over onto her back. “What’s your point?” “I’ve still got this rock hard boner,” said Joey. “I think it’s time to move on to the…main event.” Alex knew right away that Joey was ready to fuck her. “Well, lucky for you, my vagina’s still soaking wet,” said Alex. All Joey could do was smile. “Are you ready?” Alex asked with a smile. “I’m ready!” said Joey. “Ready for the big ride, baby?” Alex asked, recalling what Joey said earlier. “You know I am,” said Joey. “Go for it, honey!” sang Alex.

Joey got on top of Alex and slid his raging hard on into her pussy. “Oooh!” Alex cried as Joey started to fuck her. “Oh Joey,” moaned Alex. “Oh Alex,” replied Joey, as he  kept thrusting in and out. With each thrust, Joey seemed to fuck harder and harder. “Oh…ah…eh…ha…wah…” Alex moaned as she neared an orgasm. “Don’t stop!” cried Alex. “I’m not stopping until I’m dead!” exclaimed Joey, as he pounded Alex’s cunt with his dick. “FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK…YES! YESYESYESYES! OH GOD!” Alex screamed as she came. Joey fucked her for a few more minutes until finally, he came, flooding Alex’s snatch with his hot load. After cumming, Joey collapsed on top of Alex, sweaty and exhausted, breathing heavily. “Oh my God,” Joey said to himself.

A few hours later, Joey and Alex were still laying in bed naked together, though they were now next to each other. “So how was your first time?” asked Alex. “That was fucking incredible,” Joey replied. “Did you enjoy it?” “You know, for a virgin, you were really fucking good,” said Alex. “Thank you,” said Joey. “That really means a lot coming from you.” Alex smiled. “Well, I’m really glad I made your first time special,” she said. “So what are you gonna do now?” “Well, I was planning on sleeping on the sidewalk tonight,” explained Joey. “I don’t have enough money for a hotel.” Alex’s blue eyes stared at him. “Sweetheart, you are not sleeping on the sidewalk tonight or any night,” declared Alex. “How would you like to stay here with me and be my boyfriend?” Joey didn’t even have to think about his answer. “I would love to stay here in Los Angeles with you,” said Joey. “I’ll work out what I want to do with my life later, but right now, I’m just happy to finally have a girlfriend and not be a virgin anymore.” “I’m glad you’re not leaving,” said Alex. “I like it here with you,” said Joey. “Stay for a while,” replied Alex. After they finished talking, the  two of them kissed and then cuddled together for the rest of the night.

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