Alexis Bledel: Secret Slut

Alexis Bledel: Secret Slut

by Jimbo Jones

Starring: Alexis Bledel

Codes: M+F, cons, oral, slut, drugs

The following story is fiction. Comments welcome:

“Welcome back to the Ritz Carlton, Ms. Bledel. It’s always a pleasure to have you,” the concierge said with a wide, sycophantic smile.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll take my usual suite,” Alexis Bledel replied, smiling politely and casting her eyes downward. The strikingly beautiful young actress, clad in a thin floral-patterned knee-length sundress
and demure black cardigan, wasn’t really in the mood for small talk. She’d just finished up a sixteen-hour shooting day on her current movie project in New York, and couldn’t wait to shed her clothes and sink into her pricey suite’s deep, luxurious spa-style bathtub. She tapped her fingers rhythmically on the counter as the concierge swiped her credit card and printed out her receipt.

“Your usual suite, Ms. Bledel,” he said as he handed her an electronic key. “Michael here will help you with your bags. And if there’s absolutely anything you need” — he said, giving her an elaborate wink — “anything at all, you be sure to give me a call.”

“Thanks,” she repeated, tucking her sleek brown hair behind her ear self-consciously. She knew what the concierge was referring to, but wished he had been a little more subtle about it. She followed Michael to the elevator, and they proceeded to her top-floor suite.

Alexis inserted the key and led them in to her massive, opulent suite — a wide open room with a spectacular city view (courtesy of floor-to-ceiling windows), full bar and kitchen, and, most importantly, four-poster king-sized bed. “I’ll just leave these here, Ms. Bledel,” Michael said, motioning to the floor in front of the walk-in closet. She couldn’t help but stare at the firm muscles that rippled through Michael’s shirt as he hoisted her bags off his shoulders and set them on the floor.

“That’s fine,” the pale brunette said with a nod. “And please, call me Alexis.”

“Anything else I can help you with, Alexis?” Michael said with an attractive smile.

As she locked eyes with the bellhop, Alexis let her mind wander for a moment. Truthfully, she wanted nothing more than to strip Michael’s clothes off, throw him onto the bed and ride his throbbing cock until he climaxed deep inside her. Every few weeks, usually after a particularly grueling workday, she would book a room at the Ritz for the express purpose of getting fucked silly by whichever well-hung stud (or studs) she could find on short notice. Though she presented herself in public as a shy, prudish good-girl, the truth was that she had an absolutely insatiable thirst for sex. After a long day, nothing rejuvenated her mind and body like a marathon fuck session. Rather than troll the nightclubs for cock like attention-seeking sluts Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, she kept her unstoppable libido carefully concealed, preferring instead to get plowed in private — and in style — at the Ritz.

Realizing that she had let several seconds pass in silence, Alexis quickly blurted, “Um, maybe.“ She ran her eyes up and down his athletic frame once more.

“Um, what time do you get off?” she asked, shyly tucking her long brown hair behind her ear again.

“I get off in just a few minutes,” he replied. A second passed, then they both burst out laughing when they realized he’d inadvertently stumbled into a double-entendre.

“Well, you can certainly take your time if need be. Why don’t you rustle up a couple of friends, and meet me back here in half an hour?”

“Sure,” Michael said, making a victorious fist-clench behind his back out of Alexis’ sight in celebration of his good fortune. He’d heard stories of the actress’ legendary Ritz sex romps, but had always happened to have the night off on the occasions when she’d checked in and banged anyone with a pulse and a thick cock.

“In fact, make it fifteen minutes,“ Michael offered. “I’ll rustle up a couple buds, maybe grab another kind of bud,” he said, raising his fingers to his mouth in the universal hand symbol for smoking a joint, “and we can have some fun.”

“Perfect,” she said. “I’ll just take a minute to freshen up. Take the room key just in case I don’t hear you knock.”

“Will do,” Michael said, grabbing the key and practically skipping out of the room.

Alexis smiled contentedly and headed to the bathroom to scrutinize herself in the mirror. She trailed a finger over her soft white skin, then locked eyes with herself in the mirror. She knew she looked smoking hot, and smirked to herself as she slipped a finger under her dress, past her microscopic black thong and into her tight young pussy in one swift movement. She rapidly pistoned her finger in and out of her cunt for a moment, then removed and examined it. Confirming her suspicion, it was coated in a sheen of clear pussy juice. She licked her lips, then quickly sucked her finger dry, grunting as she tasted her own salty wetness.

To her surprise, there was a knock at the door. Only five minutes had passed since Michael had absconded, and since he had a key, she ignored the knock and gave herself one last once-over in the mirror. She adjusted her dress so that her pert young breasts were exposed as fully as possible, then heard the door to the suite open behind her. Michael had managed to corral two equally fit and attractive guys. Both carried bottles of expensive-looking French red wine in both hands.

“Steve, Tom, this is Alexis. Alexis, Steve and Tom.” Their hands occupied, the raised the wine bottles to waive hello. Alexis couldn’t help but notice their eyes scanning up and down her petite frame, taking in every inch of her flawless body. Her shyness evaporating, Alexis gave both of them an electrifying blue-eyed smile.

“Nice to meet you, fellas. Why don’t you pour us some wine and I’ll put some music on.”

“Sure,” Michael said. “Care for a little herbal refreshment as well?” he asked, pulling a Ziploc bag of potent-smelling weed from his jacket pocket.

“Definitely,” Alexis said. Michael nodded, then set about rolling a thick joint. Steve popped the cork on a bottle of ten-year-old French pinot, handing Alexis a large glass. She slipped Led Zeppelin II into the CD player, then took a healthy gulp of wine and got down to business.

“I’m going to change into something more comfortable,” she announced to the room. As the opening riffs of “Whole Lotta Love” emanated from the stereo, she slowly unstrapped and kicked off her high heels, knowing full well that the eyes of all three men were glued to her every movement. A jolt of anticipation coursed through her lower body, and she felt the moisture begin to build in her pussy as she visualized the men’s cocks growing hard while their eyes leered over her curves. Turning away and approaching her closet, she reached behind her back and slowly pulled down the zipper of her tight dress. In full view of the men, she slipped the dress down her hips and legs. As it dropped to her feet, she kicked it aside, then bent over to open her suitcase, exposing her taut, pristine porcelain ass to them, clad only in a skimpy black thong.

“I think I’ll go with the blue teddy tonight,” she said, reaching behind her back again, this time to unclasp her bra. Her back to the men, she teased them a bit, playfully covering her firm breasts with one hand to ensure that the horny guys didn’t catch a peek. She pulled a devastatingly skimpy lacy blue teddy from her bag and slipped it over her body, then smoothed her hair over her ears and turned to face the flabbergasted men.

“Much better,” she said, immediately noticing the growing erections bulging through their pants. Shaking his head in near disbelief, Michael sparked up the overstuffed joint he had rolled (his attention up until that point having been focused upon ogling Alexis’s nearly naked body rather than properly assembling his joint), took a long drag and passed it to the lingerie-clad hottie.

“God, I love weed,” she said, drawing a huge rip from the burning joint with a contended sigh. Her fondness for cannabis was another secret she kept carefully out of the public view, smoking only at home or during her fuck sessions at the Ritz. She exhaled a long stream of smoke, then took another large swig from her wine glass. Her mind was already beginning to spin, and as the potent weed began to take hold of her thoughts and erase her last lingering inhibitions, she began to have trouble standing upright. Joint still in hand, she sank into a comfortable leather couch, then drew another large toke.

“Wow,” she said in a slow drawl, “This is good shit.” The gorgeous young actress was seemingly oblivious to the fact that she had laid back on the couch with her smooth white legs splayed wide open, partially exposing what appeared to be a cleanly-shaven snatch under a thin black thong. She hit the joint for a third time as the guys looked on in surprise, not having guessed that she’d be such a weed fiend.

As she exhaled another long stream of smoke, Alexis passed the joint off to Tom, then sat up for a moment and downed the rest of the wine in her glass. Dropping the glass to the floor, she sank back into the couch, legs spread even wider than before.

“Wow,” she again drawled slowly. “I haven’t felt this good in a really long time.” As the men looked on, she slowly snaked a finger downward, sliding it under her thong and back into her increasingly moist pussy. The room filled with the unmistakable sound of a finger swirling deep inside a wet pussy. As she probed her own fuckhole, she looked up at Michael.

“I can really only think of one thing that would make it better,” she said lasciviously, slurring her words slightly.

“Oh yeah?” he said flirtatiously, moving toward her. The horny young brunette slipped another finger into her cunt as he approached and dropped to his knees. They locked eyes and she quickly nodded, lifting her smooth thighs so that he could easily pull her tiny thong down her legs and off. He pressed the silky panties to her face, forcing Alexis to breathe in the scent of her cunt juice-soaked panties. He pressed them to her mouth, and she grunted and bit down on them, pulling the thong from his hand with a ferocious look in her eye. In response, he forced the panties completely into her mouth, holding a hand over her face to ensure that they remained firmly lodged there. With his other hand, he fondled the lips of her hairless pussy, admiring how rapidly they had grown swollen and pink. Keeping one hand over her mouth, he bent down and placed his face directly between her thighs, extending his tongue to lick her bare fuckhole from bottom to top. Michael stopped just short of her engorged clit, causing Alexis to moan in pleasure, the panties slipping from her mouth as she clasped his head between her hands, pulling him deeper between her legs.

As Michael set about licking and exploring Alexis’ juicy pussy, Steve took a hit from the joint and passed it off to Tom, then approached the couch where his friend was working busily between Alexis’ quivering legs. Alexis moaned under Michael’s oral ministrations, bucking her hips rhythmically into his face as he worked his skillful tongue deep inside her. Michael marveled at the sheer elasticity of Alexis’ firm young body, her hips undulating and chest heaving as he tongue-fucked her tight twat. Locking her hands around her own calves, Alexis pulled her legs wider apart as Steve yanked off his clothes, presenting his eight-inch member to her at eye level. As Michael removed his tongue from inside her and set about delicately sucking her rock-hard clit, Alexis let out a low, guttural moan, then reached out and began to stroke Steve’s hardening cock.

Her red eyes lolling lazily backward, she began to emit a series of high-pitched squeals as Michael unrelentingly assaulted her clit. Sweat trickling down her forehead, the stoned slut haltingly jerked Steve’s cock, her body convulsing with waves of pleasure. Alexis wrapped both hands around Steve’s cock and jacked it rapidly, but was forced to stop for a moment as Michael brought her to the brink of orgasm. Sensing her impending explosion, he laid off her clit for a moment, gently teasing his tongue up and down her swollen lips. Desperate for orgasmic release, the publicly prim-and-proper actress emitted a surprisingly filthy plea.

“Don’t — ugh! — stop — ugh! — licking that fucking — ugh! — dirty little clit!” she begged, throwing her head back and spreading her legs as wide as possible, her dainty red-painted toes clenched tightly as she began to cum. The beautiful young woman’s orgasm was gorgeous to behold. As her body went rigid, she momentarily dropped her hands from Steve’s cock, letting out a series of animalistic screams as her body spasmed in climax. The men watched as Alexis, her pale skin now uniformly flushed, managed to scream out, “I’M! CUMMING!” before letting out a few more high-pitched moans. Breathing heavily, she slowly dropped her legs from Michael’s shoulders, no longer able to support her own body under the triple assault of wine, weed and wicked oral sex.

Not allowing Alexis a moment’s rest, Michael stripped off the rest of his clothes and seized his nine-inch cock in hand. It had grown rock-hard as he tongue-fucked the energetic brunette to the point of orgasm, and she gave not a hint of protest as he set it at the opening of her slick pussy. Her narrow, reddened eyes locked upon his, and she grunted the two words he’d been expecting to hear.

“Fuck me,” Alexis Bledel pleaded.

Almost immediately, he drove his hips downward into the couch, swiftly sliding his thick cock into her primed pussy. The inebriated actress screamed in ecstasy, locking her shapely legs around his back as he relentlessly drove his cock in and out of her.

As Michael fucked the skinny writhing girl silly, Alexis returned her hand to Steve’s cock. He impatiently brushed it aside, instead bringing his cock directly in line with her delicate, pristine face. Delighting in the revelation of Alexis’ hidden sluttiness, he slapped his hard member across her forehead over and over again, leaving a trail of pre-cum across her face and into her increasingly messy and matted-down hair. Grabbing hold of the back of her head, he gathered her hair in his fist and pulled her head toward his crotch, roughly plunging his cock down her throat. Alexis gasped, her dark mascara streaking as a single tear dropped from the corner of her eye. Gagging slightly, she stretched her mouth as wide as she could in order to accommodate his girth.

Alexis was in absolute ecstasy, taking a pounding from two huge cocks while waves of pleasure radiated outward from her pussy, from which a constant stream of clear cunt juice now steadily dripped, coating Michael’s cock as he kept up his assault on her shaven snatch. Alexis moaned around the cock in her mouth, snaking her tongue down its underside and forcing it as deep down her throat as possible. Her muffled moans grew louder as Michael ever-so-slowly pulled his throbbing cock from her sloppy pussy, then rapidly drove it back inside her until his balls slapped against her taut ass cheeks.

As the room filled with the sound of Alexis’ moans and Michael’s balls slapping against her flushed skin, Tom polished off the last of the joint and took his place at the other side of Alexis’ head. He reached down and pulled what remained of her slutty blue teddy from her lithe frame, then lavished his attention upon her pert, firm little breasts. As Tom tweaked the moaning slut’s rock hard nipples, she began to switch off on he and Steve’s cocks, giving one cock a deep, thorough suck and series of jerks with her hand before turning her head and repeating the maneuver on the other.

A fine sheen of sweat had broken out over Alexis’ entire body, and as she moaned and bucked in response to each of Michael’s punishing thrusts, she felt the telltale tingle of another orgasm building deep within her fluttering cunt. She decided at that moment to put all of her energy into bringing Steve and Tom to orgasm, trying to time their explosions with her own impending climax. The eager cocksucker took the entire length of Steve’s member down her experienced throat, then grabbed hold of his balls with both hands and massaged them roughly as she sucked his cock with as much force as she could muster.

“Oh FUCK!” Alexis screamed loudly around Steve’s pulsating dick as Michael penetrated deeper inside her than any man had previously traveled. As Tom slapped his cock across her hard nipples, she could feel Steve’s balls begin to twitch, indicating that his climax was imminent. Alexis herself was on the precipice of a monstrous orgasm, and with her last bit of energy she deftly applied three huge, deep sucks to Steve and Tom’s cocks, then began to moan uncontrollably as Michael’s relentless cock brought her to a transcendent orgasm.

“Fuck yeah, slut! That’s it! Fuck!” Steve cried out as Alexis’ mouth brought him to orgasm. Pulling his cock from her tight throat, he took one look Alexis’ orgasm-contorted face and began to spray thick lines of cum across it. As Alexis continued to cum on Michael’s cock, Steve propelled huge ropes of semen across her previously unspoiled face, then directed the final white jets into her dark brown hair. Seeing the gorgeous actress’ orgasming face covered in semen was too much for Michael, and as Alexis continued to moan loudly and buck against him in climax, he pulled his pulsing member from the depths of her gaping pussy. Seeing Michael’s cock emerge from her twat coated in pussy juice, Alexis grabbed ahold of it and applied a series of deft jerks, causing Michael to cry out in short order.

“Fucking skank,” he muttered as he began spurting an even thicker volume of cum all over Alexis’ pale white skin. Michael shot thick ropes across Alexis’ midsection and heaving tits, then surprised her by grabbing his cock and aiming it upward, covering her neck and chin in sperm. Alexis finally began to come down from her tremendous release, and immediately eyed Tom, whose thick seven-inch organ was seemingly begging to be inside her.

Summoning a bit more strength, Alexis pushed herself up on her elbows, then locked stoned, narrowed eyes with Tom. Wordlessly, she turned her cum-covered frame onto her stomach, then lifted herself onto her knees and presented her bare, perfect young ass to him. The sheer ferocity of Alexis’ lust for cock rendered Tom nearly speechless. He seized her supple hips in his hands and set his cock at the loose and sloppy entrance to her hairless cunt. Marveling at the perfect female body welcomingly bent over on all fours in front of him, Tom met no resistance as he slowly slid his thick cock inside. Alexis cried out briefly and then let out a now-familiar moan of pleasure as her pussy was stuffed anew with meat. Grasping Alexis’ ass in his hands, Tom began thrusting deep into the supposedly demure Gilmore girl’s cunt.

Tom knew that he wasn’t going to last long fucking a cum-covered Alexis Bledel from behind, so he grabbed her wrists and locked his hands firmly around them, then with each thrust roughly pulled her body back toward him, impaling the horny slut on his fully erect rod each time. Biting down on a couch cushion to keep from screaming herself hoarse, Alexis let Tom take full control of her body, moving only to buck her ass against his hips in an effort to match his powerful thrusts. As Tom ravaged her pussy from behind, Alexis turned her head upside down and watched between her legs to marvel at the sight of Tom’s cock sawing in and out of her cunt, from which a steady trickle of pussy juice dripped. Alexis looked up to catch Tom’s eye.

“Spank me,“ she breathed, her face nearly unrecognizable behind the thick splotches of man-cum adorning it. Tom happily obliged, delivering a firm smack to each of Alexis’ taut white ass cheeks. “Again!” Alexis cried as Tom continued to thrust his member in and out of her pussy, and he again spanked her firm ass, the skin reddening each time he levied an open-handed slap upon her behind. Within minutes, the fact that Alexis Bledel was letting him abuse her body for his own pleasure had driven Tom to the brink of orgasm. “Fucking cum-loving whore!” Tom cried out as he pulled his cock from her loose twat, then unleashed his own torrent of cum across Alexis’ smooth white ass and back. She slumped forward on to the couch, her formerly carefully-manicured body now a drunken, stoned mess of sweat and semen. Tom aimed his last spurts of cum at the backs of Alexis’ thighs, then slumped across from her on the couch in exhaustion.

As Alexis’ cum-soaked skin began to stick to the luxurious leather couch, she smiled to herself and drifted into a light, sedate slumber. Her hunger for cock had by no means been fulfilled, this triple banging having merely been an appetizer for the depraved main course to come.

To be continued…

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