Alexis Bledel – Sinful Gilmore

Title: Alexis Bledel – Sinful Gilmore

Author: Tricky Dick

Celebs: Alexis Bledel

Codes: MFF, NC/CON, exhib, oral, voy, mast

Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it.  No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you.  All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.  I don’t know Alexis Bledel or have anything to do with her.  Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.



Alexis Bledel is a good girl…. unless she has no choice.

I hate it when these innocent types dress up like whores but then don’t put out.  Little Rory Gilmore playing Becky in Sin City…. and does she even fuck anybody?  HELL NO!  Well WTF?  I saw the script…. I knew she was going to be a tease in the film…. but she wasn’t going to get away with it this time.

I knew that she would need a fitting for that slutty outfit and that meant she’d be getting naked….. that was all the opportunity I needed.

I set up a bunch of cameras hidden throughout the dressing area.  Since I had access whenever I wanted…. I could plant them….. and retrieve them later.  I knew that little princess would come in and try on a bunch of stuff and I was ready for her.

Alexis has a really nice body for a petite little lady…. nice perky breasts and a neatly trimmed bush.  She got her pussy all buffed and polished for this fitting because the clothes were tight.

The pictures I got were spectacular….. and I couldn’t wait to for my little princess to see them….. and then for me to see it “in person.”

Alexis opened the door to head out on an errand and found a manila envelope and a small box on her doorstep.  No address or anything, she looked around to see who might have left it.  She opened the envelope and pulled out the contents….. Her smile turned to a look of shock.  Pictures of her… NAKED…..  She hurriedly scanned through them in a panic and some of the fell to the ground.  She instantly dropped to her knees to scoop them up and rushed back into her apartment.  Devastated she spread the photos out onto the dinning table and looked at them…. clearly it was when she went in for a costume fitting….. GOD…. she is completely naked….. with close ups of her breasts and pussy…. “At least my legs aren’t spread.  Fuck…. somebody is going to get fired for this.”  Just then the box began to ring.  She opened it and found a brand new i phone.  The ID said “Sir”.  “Hello?”, she answered. “Hello Rory” the voice replied.  “Do you like the pictures I sent?”  “Who is this?”, she asked….. now realizing that she was talking to the perpetrator. “You can call me SIR… princess….. and I’ll call you Rory…. for now.” the voice replied.  “You have a very nice body…. those pictures are delicious….. just like you.  I bet men all over the world would go CRAZY for these pictures….. don’t you think?” a chuckled slipped out.  Alexis’ face went pale.

Alexis Bledel was still staring in Gilmore Girls…. she’d NEVER done a nude scene or even worn see through clothes.  “If you tell ANYONE about this, I’ll sell them to the tabloids and they’ll be everywhere by tomorrow morning. Do you understand me?” said the man.  “I have money…. I can pay you for them.” she offered, hoping that she could get enough money right away.  “It’s not JUST about the money honey…. You’re going to play Becky in Sin City right?” the voice asked.  “Yes” she replied.  “But you’re just a sweet innocent girl…. what do YOU know about being a whore?”, the voice pressed.  “It’s just acting… It’s just a movie.” she countered.  “But my sweet little Rory, how can you play a slutty whore if you don’t know anything about being a slut?”…..  the voice asked…..  Alexis was quiet for a moment trying to think of what to say.  “Don’t worry…. because I’m going to help you.  And you will do EXACTLY as your told or all the photos will be on the internet by tomorrow morning….. understand?” the voice asked.  “Why are you doing this to me?” Alexis asked.  “DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” the voice demanded.  “Yes…. yes I understand.” she replied weakly.  “Say it…. Tell me how you’re going to behave” the voice demanded again.  “I will do what you tell me to do” she offered.  “EXACTLY what I tell you to do without question… UNDERSTAND?” the voice corrected her.  “Yes…. I understand”, she replied.  “Failure to follow orders will break our deal and the photos go out…. Oh and Rory, I just sent you black and white…. the actual photos are in HD full color and I have more.” the voice pronounced.  Just then the phone buzzed and Alexis looked at it and tapped on the screen.  It was a full color photo of her showing her completely naked and you could see everything….  “I expect your complete cooperation….. understand?” the voice asked.  Feeling completely trapped Alexis replied “Yes…  I understand.”

“GREAT… Now open the Bluetooth head set and turn it on.  She opened it and turned it on.  It was paired with the phone and now the man could talk to her in her ears.  “Can you hear me princess?”  “Yes” she replied.  “Yes Sir” he corrected her.  “Yes Sir”, she replied obediently.  “Let’s get this party started.  Take off your clothes.” the voice ordered.  Alexis nervously put down her phone and began to undress.  “Tell me when you’re naked.” the voice ordered.  Alexis unhooked her bra and finally slipped off her panties.  She stood in the middle of her apartment naked.  “Okay I did it” she replied.  “What you can’t even say you’re naked?…..  Tell me.” the voice ordered.  “I’m naked” she complied.  “Good….. go find a full length mirror.” the voice ordered.  Alexis walked down the hall and into her bedroom where she had a large full length mirror.  “Okay I’m here” she replied.  “Now take a selfie in the mirror and text it to me.” the voice ordered.  Alexis nervously opened the camera app…. the man already had naked pictures of her so why this one…. but she knew she had no choice so she clicked off a picture and messaged it to “Sir”.  “Not bad, but I want Smiling Happy Rory…. do it again…. and make it good.” the voice ordered.  Alexis re-positioned herself…. gave a big smile and snapped a picture.  It turned out good so she sent it.  “Very nice” the voice complimented.  Okay…. Now walk out into the back patio.” the voice instructed.

Alexis walked down the hall and out to the back.  “How do you know about my place?  Do I know you?” she queried.  “Just do as your told Rory and you’ll be much happier that way.” the voice chided.  “Adjust that chaise lounge so you’re more upright and sit down.” the voice ordered.  “How do you…. can you SEE ME right now?” she asked pointedly.  “ARE YOU GOING TO OBEY OR NOT?” the voice barked.  “Yes Sir” she replied.  Alexis adjusted the chair so it was mostly upright and then sat down with her knees together looking all around to see if she could see anyone watching her.  “Ever the good girl…. You’re such a tease.  Stop covering up.  Spread your legs and put your feet on the ground….. open yourself up now.” the voice ordered.  Alexis reluctantly complied.  If she had a bikini on she wouldn’t care but like this…. her pussy was wide open and exposed to the bright sunlight and if anyone happened to look over her fence they would see her on display.  “How do you feel?” the voice asked.  “I’m okay…. just worried my neighbors will see me like this.” she replied.  “You’re such a prude….. Haven’t you ever gone skinny dipping?…. or even flashed anyone?…. sheesh.” the voice lamented.

“Okay…. well time for some relaxing fun.  Play with yourself.” the voice ordered.  “What?” she asked obtusely.  “Don’t play dumb with me Rory…. I KNOW you know how to masturbate…. Start by rubbing and playing with your nipples…. They’re probably already stiff from being outside.  So play with them.” the voice ordered.  Alexis complied and her nipples were hard….. when she touched them outside in public it gave her a shiver.  “Pinch them…. tug on them…. squeeze those beautiful tits.” the voice ordered.  Alexis sighed lightly.  “Good….. now run your hands over your body….. stroke that sexy flat tummy and feel those delicious thighs…. slide your hands all over your beautiful skin.” the voice ordered.  Alexis complied and began to enjoy the sensation of fondling herself outside.  Anyone could be watching her.  It excited her and it was nice to feel her skin…. her own touch was good….. her nipples were very hard now.  “Very nice….. It feels good doesn’t it?” the voice asked.  “Yes…. Sir” she remembered.  Alexis rubbed her body caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples until the voice ordered…. “Now play with your pussy… I bet it’s already getting juicy and hot.  Slide your fingers over it…..”  Alexis ran her hand over her pussy…. She could feel her juices starting to flow.  As strange as all this seemed, it was turning her on.  She purred lightly as she touched her clit.  “Yeess….” hissed the voice.  “Now slide your fingers inside your pussy….. She complied more willingly… pressing her fingers inside and coating them with her juices she began to finger herself.  “Now smear your juice all over your clit and pussy.” the voice ordered.  Alexis opened up her pussy and rubbed her juices all over until she was slick.  She sighed when she touched her clit and her breathing got heavier.  “Does that feel good baby?” the voice asked.  “MMmmhmmm” she replied softly.  “Are you all nice and wet?” it asked….  “Yes Sir” she replied.  “Are you turned on?” it continued.  “Uh huh.” she replied.  “That’s so sexy Rory…. you’re so hot and wet…. now finger your pussy… push them DEEP inside you.” the voice ordered.  She didn’t need to be asked twice.  Alexis drove her fingers in deep and began to rub her clit too. She started to pant and purr and as she got closer to cumming.  “Harder Rory….. Faster baby…. cum hard for me” the voice urged her…..   Alexis was thrusting her hips forward, wiggling her fingers and vigorously rubbing her clit….. She arched her back, thrust out her chest….. UMmmmm… MMMM…. Hmmmmm…. Uhhhh….. HUH….. UH….. Mmmmm….. UGHHHH….  twitching and twisting she CAME!….  “WOW…… that was HOT!” the voice complimented her.  Alexis lay the panting and the phone buzzed.  She picked it up and an HD clip of her started to play right as she was cumming.  “You filmed me?!… How?” she asked…  “I’m everywhere Rory.  Now answer the door.” he replied knowingly.  “There’s nobody, (the doorbell rang) She got up and headed towards her clothes.  “Answer the door naked”, the voice commanded.  “I, I can’t…. I.” she stammered “Do it…. or I’ll add your “video” to my upload.  And don’t get any ideas about hiding behind the door.  Open it wide.  Smile and be nice and act natural. Act like this is normal and let him see you.” the voice instructed.

Alexis had never done anything like this…. the whole day was becoming a blur.  She reached the door just as the bell rang again and she opened it all the way as ordered.  The man looked up and was startled by the naked girl at the door.  Then came the realization of who it was.  “Hello” she offered coyly noticing that he wasn’t looking at her eyes but drinking in her nude body.  The man stood there dumbfounded.  “Is that for me?” she asked trying to make all this seem normal but now realizing and actually almost enjoying the remarkable POWER that she had over this man just because she was naked.  He looked up at her…. “UM yes…. Yes…. this is for you.  Please sign here.” He handed her the pad and she signed for it…. He was still staring at her naked body.  “Ask him if he likes what he sees” the voice ordered.  “Do you like what you see?” she asked, knowing the answer.  The man nodded numbly and licked his lips.  “Tell him to wait right there.” the voice ordered.  “Stay right here… don’t move.” she asked.  The man nodded again.

“Take the box inside and open it” the voice ordered.  Alexis complied.  She opened the box and found a vibrating egg device and a small bottle of lubricant from a sex toy provider.  “Take out the egg and the lube.” As soon as she had the egg in her hand it buzzed.  “WOAH” she exclaimed.  “Relax, I was just testing it to make sure it’s working.” the voice replied.  “Now take the egg and the lube out to the driver.” the voice ordered.  Alexis took the items back to the door.  The driver was waiting patiently and his eyes lit up when he saw that she was still naked.  “You’re very beautiful Ms. Bledel” he complimented.  “Tell him to call you Rory” the voice ordered.  “Thank you and please call me Rory.” she replied.  “Ask him if he would please help you with the egg.” the voice ordered.  “What is he going to do with it?” she asked under her breath.  “Tell him to put it in your pussy.” the voice ordered.  “Alexis’ smile went away and she spun around.  “You want him to do WHAT?” she asked.  “RORY…. You WILL hand him the lube and the egg and you will watch him put some lube on the egg and then slide it inside your pussy…. now do as your told!” the voice ordered…. and just to remind her…. the man played the audio of her cumming to emphasize his point.  “Helpless to stop this, she turned around nervously and handed the driver the lube and the egg.  “Please put some lube on my egg.” she asked.  The driver put down his tablet and applied the lube.  “Ask him!” the voice said forcefully.  “Would you mind putting it in my pussy?” she asked.  The driver looked at her.  “Are you sure?”  “Yes…. please put it in my pussy for me”. she replied.  Her heart was pounding and she pretty much didn’t even need any lube as her cunt was dripping.  The driver got down on his knees and inched closer.  Alexis stared at him as he moved his hands to grip her.  He went for her leg first but then moved his hand to her ass.  Alexis realized she’d have to open her legs more to get the egg in so she stepped out and her pussy gaped.  The man gulped as he looked at her gorgeous love box.  Finally he began to insert the egg.  She was tight so he had to push.  She was wildly excited as this stranger was holding her and forcing a sex egg inside her.  Her breathing became erratic and she moaned as he pushed it in.  Alexis ended up holding on to him as he worked it into her channel. She groaned and leaned on him shivering as he pushed it deep inside her.  She was very turned on.  “Now let him lick the juices running down your legs.  No licking your pussy… just your legs.” the voice instructed.  Alexis wanted this…. actually she wanted him to lick her pussy but that was forbidden which made her even MORE excited.  “Now… please lick the juice off my legs.” She opened up wider and the man licked her inner thigh.  Alexis shivered as he got closer to her pussy.  “Ask him how you taste?” the voice ordered.  “How do I taste?” She asked.  “Oh Ms… Rory, you taste very good.” he said.  She wanted him to lick her pussy so badly.  “Don’t let him lick your pussy” the voice reminded her.  She stopped him before he got too far.  “That’s enough” she said.  They were both disappointed.  The man stood up waiting to see what would happen next.

“Now…. I’ll give you a choice, If you think he’s cute and you want to, you can suck his cock…. If you don’t want to do that, you can jerk him off with the lube.” the voice offered.  Alexis looked at the driver.  He was pretty cute and she was VERY turned on but he was a complete stranger. He could have a disease for all she knew.  “Take out his cock now.” The voice ordered.  Alexis knew she couldn’t get out of this part but didn’t know WHAT this guy was going to do.  She reached out and unzipped his pants…. Then she knelt down and the driver stared at her in disbelief at his incredible luck.  She reached in and pulled out his raging cock.  It was a nice cock.. and she looked up at him and he was so enamored with her… and as she contemplated putting it in her mouth the egg kicked on.  “Ohhhhhhh… ” she moaned and squeezed his cock.  The vibrations sent shock waves up throughout her loins nearly making her cum on the spot.  “Without a second thought Alexis engulfed the driver’s cock…. pumping it into her delicate mouth.   “Yes Rory, suck his cock.  Take it deep in your mouth.” the voice whispered in her ear.  “Don’t you wish he could be licking your pussy right this second.  “MMMMM…. MMMM… MMMM….” she moaned.  The driver couldn’t last at all…… within minutes he was about to erupt.  Alexis was going to jerk him off but then the egg turned up to another level.  “Cum Rory…. Cum all over my egg…. don’t you wish it was his hot cock shoved in your tight, juicy pussy….. Make him cum Rory…. Let him cum in your mouth Rory…. the voice urged.  Alexis was on the verge of cumming.  The driver unconsciously grabbed her head “Oh Rory I’m gonna cum!” he moaned and his cock twitched and erupted sticky, salty sweet cum into her mouth, sending her over the edge herself.  They groaned together as she swallowed his cum.  Then as quickly as it happened Alexis got up, thanked the driver and shut the door leaving him to put his cock away and zip up his fly.

“God Damn Rory that was fuckin HOT!” the voice complimented her.  “How do you feel?” the voice asked earnestly.  “I don’t know…. I just gave a blowjob to a complete stranger while naked on my doorstep.” she replied.  “Yeah you did…..  Do you feel like a slut?…. Do you feel like a dirty cum swallowing whore?” the voice chuckled.  Alexis didn’t know how to feel.  Her pussy was still burning and the taste of the man was in her mouth.  She RARELY swallowed for her boyfriends and certainly not for some stranger.  “Take the phone over and plug it into the adapter on your TV.” the voice instructed.  Alexis, still dizzy from her tryst with the driver followed instructions.  A file came onto the phone.  “Press Play”, the voice ordered.  Alexis did and onto her big screen TV came a brilliant HD video of her bobbing her head furiously on the Delivery driver.  She could hear the moans and slurping sounds and watched as he came in her mouth and she came too…. and just to add more fuel to the fire, the man hit the button for her egg again, making her knees buckle.  Somehow the man was right there videotaping her every move.  Strangely enough, she wasn’t surprised….  She played the clip again and found her hand unconsciously rubbing her clit.  “Mmmm” she purred as she watched her lewd act play out.  The voice could hear her breathing heavily and he knew she was up to something.  He clicked the egg up higher and she moaned.  “Yeah baby, you feel so good…. Mmmm” he whispered into her ear.  “I bet you taste so sweet.  I want to lick your pussy until you cum in my mouth.”  Then he turned up the egg high.  “I bet you want more hot cum in your mouth don’t you slut?  “OHhhh…. OH…. ” she moaned.  “All you can think about is getting a nice hard cock in the tight little pussy” he said.  “UMMMM  GOD…. ” “You’re just a dirty little cum guzzling whore aren’t you Rory” the voice taunted her.  UGH….  MMMHHHMMmmmmm” and Alexis started to cum.  Her knees were shaking her pussy was on fire, if she could have a stranger cum in her mouth right then….. she’d swallow it.  She couldn’t believe what she was thinking.

She sat down on a chair near the TV and the voice said, “You like my little egg friend don’t you?”  “Yes”, she replied confidently.  “Good…. Now you’re ready for the fun part.”

“Okay Rory.  Here’s what I want you to do next.  Go and take a shower.  Leave the egg in.  I’ll turn it off for awhile.  Put on your slinkiest dress with nothing underneath and drive to this hotel.  Park in the garage and take the elevator to the 10th floor.  Go to room 1037, I’ll leave the door open for you.  Just come right in.”

Alexis did exactly as she was instructed.  She showered, her body still twitchy from being so turned on…. the water on her skin excited her, the egg moving around inside her aching pussy excited her, the idea of wearing no underwear with her dress excited her…… She was in her bedroom when the phone rang.  “Yes Sir” she chirped.  “You sound happy” the voice replied.  “I am Sir” she replied.  “Do you like being a dirty little cum guzzling whore?” the voice asked.  Alexis pondered that question for a moment and quietly said, “Yes”.  The man chuckled at her….. and turned the egg on again.  “Ahhhh….. ugh.”  she grunted surprised by the vibration.  “Thank you for being so honest.  I’ll be sure to reward your for that.”  “Open your curtains.” the voice ordered.  Alexis pull the cord and opened her sliding glass door curtains all the way.  The evening sun shone in on her bare skin.  “Lay at the edge of your bed with your legs spread your dirty slut.” he ordered.  Alexis complied.  Now rub that juicy pussy for me…. ” he ordered.  Alexis laid back on her bed and began to finger her clit.  Her pussy was still juicy from all the attention and now fired right back up by the egg.  Her fingers found her throbbing clit and she began rubbing it.  “Ohhh…. wow….” she cooed.  “You’re still on fire aren’t you my little Rory slut?” the voice asked.  “Yes” she sighed.  “I bet you want a cock in your mouth AND your pussy right now don’t you….. dirty whore. the voice pressed.  “God Yes” she replied and the man turned the egg up higher.  “OH…. OH SIR…. UGH…. THANK ….. YOU….” she cried rubbing vigorously until she came.  “MMMM MMMM MMMM  UHHH…. UHHH….. GOD….. GOOOODD….. YES!”  She lay back on the bed panting…….  “That’s my dirty little Rory.  We are going to have FUN tonight. So put on your dress and get your slutty ass over here because I wanna cum all over your face.” the voice ordered.  “Wait!” she replied….  She sat up…. “How do you want my hair?  Up or down?  I want to look good for you.” she asked.  “That’s very thoughtful of you Rory.  Since this isn’t formal please wear your hair down…… Then I can pull it while I’m fucking your tight cunt from behind.” and he hung up.  His words sizzled in her ears.  He was going to defile her….. her heart was racing.  Alexis put on her sexiest dress, sprayed her best perfume and got ready to leave.

Alexis got into the car and sat for a moment contemplating all that had happened today.  The egg inside her was throbbing a rhythm that kept her pussy juicy.  KNOWING in her head and heart that this man was going to fuck her…. another stranger, licking her pussy, fucking her hard, cumming in her mouth…. doing whatever he wanted to her was driving her crazy with lust.  No longer was she frightened of being violated… no…. now she was excited by the idea.  Somewhere in her mind she could still taste the spunk from the driver and THAT excited her too.  She quickly drove to the hotel and made her way to the room.

Room 1037 had the door latch put into the door frame so it stayed open.  Alexis opened the door and moved the lock so the door would close.  “Hello Rory” the man announced.  “You look amazing!” and she really did.  She wore a short cocktail length dress with one shoulder.  Her hair and makeup were impeccable.  The room was lit up with professional lights and he had a few cameras pointed around the room…. one even pointing right at her now.  As crazy as it sounds she was so hot she wanted him to tear off her dress and fuck her on the floor right then and there.  “I’m not wearing any underwear” she offered.  “Show me”, he countered.  Alexis lifted her dress and revealed her neatly trimmed bush.  “Beautiful” he replied.  “You’ve been a model slut today.”  She smirked at him.

“Close your eyes and get down on your knees Rory.” he ordered.  She obeyed.  From around the corner a bellman appeared.  He walked over to her and waited.  The man turned up the egg.  “MMMAAAHHH….. OH….. GOD” she exclaimed.  “You like that don’t you, you dirty little slut?” he asked.  “Yeesss….. so much.” she hissed.  “I bet you’d like a nice hard cock to suck right about now wouldn’t you?” he asked.  “Yes please” she begged.  The bellman couldn’t believe his ears.  The man motioned for him to take out his cock…. which he did and stick it in Rory’s face which he did… and like a predator, she slid it right into her mouth and began sucking.  Over the boy’s shoulder the man pointed a camera…… capturing this vision of Rory Gilmore giving a perfect stranger a blowjob.  “OH WOW”, he said and Alexis immediately realized it wasn’t the voice….. she opened her eyes and saw the bellman.  His cock was hard and throbbing in her mouth….. she saw the camera and she just couldn’t stop herself.  She resumed sucking this boy and the man turned up the egg.  Now he urged her from behind the camera.  “Come on Rory….. suck that cock DEEP….. You sexy little slut…. I know you want his hot cum in your mouth don’t you?”  “Mmmm hmmmmm ” she purred which made the boy’s balls twitch.  “Tell him Rory….  Tell him what you want.” he ordered.  Alexis looked up at the boy and the camera captured every filthy word….. “Cum in my mouth….. I want your hot jizz all over my tongue.” She resumed sucking his cock enthusiastically.  The poor boy was ready to burst.  “Ah…. Ah….. Ah…. God Rory…. Fuck…. I’m gonna cum!” he moaned.  “Don’t swallow his cum you little whore…. I want to see it in your mouth.” the man ordered.  Alexis had never done that before but hell she had never done a lot of things until today.  The boy shuddered and GUSHED cream into her mouth.  “OH GOD RORY I’M CUMMMING! He cried.  She dutifully held it in her mouth until his balls were empty.  Finally she released his cock.  “Show me.” the man demanded.  Alexis looked up at the camera and opened her mouth.  His cum filled her mouth like a pool….. It was salty and sweet and dirty all at the same time.  “Now swallow it all you filthy slut.” he ordered.  Alexis obeyed and then opened her mouth to show that it was all gone.  “That’s my good little whore.” he said and then the man led the boy out.

“So Rory…. How was he?” he asked.  “HE CAME SO MUCH!” she exclaimed… “I can’t believe you made me hold it in my mouth…. It felt like a whole pint in my mouth!”…. she giggled.  The man smiled at her…  “But you loved it… didn’t you?…. little slut.” he replied.  “I can’t believe that I did.  I was so shocked at first but then it was already in my mouth and I just couldn’t stop.  You’ve really turned me into a slut.” she admitted.  “Well don’t get carried away… It’s not like you CHOSE to suck off these two guys all on your own.” he said.  “Now up….. and go rinse your mouth out in the bathroom.” he ordered.  Alexis obeyed again.

When she returned the man was ready for his first contact with the willing starlet.  All day he had manipulated her into orgasm after orgasm…. ordering her to pleasure two complete strangers…. Now he would savor the sweet willing mouth of his conquest.  Alexis returned to him and for the first time…. he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.  He was older with a touch of gray on his temples but strong and healthy.  Alexis felt wonderful in his arms…. the anticipation of this moment had her heart pounding.  He kissed her for long time and finally released her and said, “I would really love one of your spectacular blowjobs.” he said sweetly.  “You’re asking me? Alexis replied.  “Yes…. Honestly I didn’t know WHAT you were going to do today but I was NEVER going to sell your pictures to the tabloids or anyone…. I’d NEVER do that to you.  I just wanted you to get naked…. suck a cock…. do something you’d never do…. like masturbate in your back yard where any of your neighbors could see you.” he said.  “Thank God they didn’t.. ” she replied.  “Well…… ” he offered.  “Wait WHAT?” she squeaked.  “I’m pretty sure that the neighbor across the way spunked all over his back fence about the same time you were getting off…. but he didn’t have a camera on him so… no pictures or video.  “Well how did you see him….. or for that matter how did you get ANY of that video?.. I never saw you at all.” she asked.  “Silly Rory…….  Drone with an HD camera.” he replied.  “I can’t believe I did those things… I’ve never done anything like that before.” she said.  “Well I’m happy that you’re happy…. You look happy.” he said.  “I am…. I feel good….. sexy…. a little dirty…. but it’s okay…. I like it.” she said…. and Yes….. I would love to slide your cock into my mouth and suck it until your cum fills my throat….. because I’m your cum swallowing slut.” she said with a smirk.  The man pulled her in and kissed her deeply again….. then he pulled away and said, “Alexis…. You are a stunningly beautiful woman…. and this naughty side of you is breathtaking…..”  He kissed her again and unzipped Alexis’s dress and slipped off the shoulder and the dress fell to the floor.  There she stood, completely naked and without hesitation she planted a little kiss on his lips and dropped to her knees.  The man watched as Alexis Bledel opened his pants, pulled out his stiff cock and slipped it right into her mouth.  “MMMMMMMM” she purred on it…. She could taste his pre cum….. and she was developing a taste for cum.  She turned her beautiful blue eyes up to him and he gazed at her as her mouth and tongue worked his cock.  She was a vision.  She cradled his balls and massaged them and swirled her tongue around the tip….. then she turned her full attention to making him cum.  Alexis sucked it deep, fast and hard…. AHHH…. OH RORY….. OH BABY…..  UGH…. YES OH…. FUCK…. YEEESSSS!”  His hot cum pumped into her waiting mouth…. and Alexis savored it.  She let it swirl around in her mouth so she could really taste him.  Then she opened her mouth to show it to him.  It was a sight….  Alexis Bledel with his throbbing cock on her tongue and a mouth full of cum her blue eyes gazing up at him lustfully as she swallowed it down.  Then she took the tip back in her mouth and played with it like a little school girl.  This blowjob was everything he’d hoped it would be and more.  But now there was a knock at the door.  A smile of anticipation spread across his face and Alexis smiled back wondering what else he might have in store for her.

The man lifted his lover to her feet.  “Rory…. do you trust me?” he asked.  “Yes.  I know you would never hurt me.” she replied.  “Good” he replied and kissed her deeply again…. then lifted her to the bed and sat her down.  Then he removed a blindfold from his pocket and tied it over her eyes.  “Relax and get ready for more fun” he said with a smile.  Young Alexis felt her heart quicken as she heard him go to the door and let in another stranger.

Out of earshot the man let in a woman.  She was dressed fairly plainly with a short dress, little make up and a short hair style.  “Hello Grace.  Did you enjoy the little clip I sent you?”  “Immensely”, she replied.  “I honestly can’t believe you have her behaving so obediently.”  “Please understand that I have her trust now and she’s going to let you pleasure her….. but I’m going to conceal your identity to begin with…. and then reveal you when she cums….. After that…. she’ll obey.”  The man handed her a remote.  “What’s this for?” She asked.  The man pressed the button.   “OOOOHHhhhh….   I almost forgot about that”, Alexis spoke out from the edge of the bed.  “It’s a pleasure egg.  Rory has been stimulated all day long but no one has touched her pussy other than herself.  So…. we have a deal?” he asked.  “Oh wow….. this is going to be so much fun….. and YES we definitely have a deal.” she replied licking her lips.

The man walked over to Alexis and re-positioned her further up on the bed and placed pillows under her head while the woman slipped off her dress and panties.  She was very beautiful, just not glamorous.  She licked her lips again and turned the egg up higher….  “Oh….. OHHHH….. That feels SO GOOD….  Thank you Sir….. I’m ready….. please please lick my pussy.” Alexis begged.  The woman’s eyes lit up with lusty desire and she moved between Rory’s open legs…. she wasted NO TIME in sliding her tongue right between Rory’s juicy folds.  “OOOOOHHHHH….. GOD!” she sighed.  The woman savored the sweet young starlet’s juices.  All Alexis knew was that the egg had wound her up again and FINALLY…. FINALLY she had a warm wet tongue on her pussy…. She wiggled her hips deeply wanted her clit licked but the experienced lesbian KNEW that and proceeded to tease and twist her little prize until she begged to cum.  She stroked her inner thighs and licked all the juice that had run down Rory’s legs.  Her knowledgeable tongue licked and sucked Rory’s swollen labia…. dipping into her oozing channel..  “OH GOD… PLEASE, PLEASE SIR….. LET ME CUM…. I’ll do anything you want.”  Grace looked up at the Man with absolute joy and nodded to him.  Then on cue he removed Rory’s blindfold and Grace turned the egg up on high.  “OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH …. OH YEEEESSSS” Rory hissed and began thrusting her hips up.  Grace wrapped her strong arms around Rory’s quivering legs and assaulted her clit.  “UUUUGGGGHHHHH…..  OH OH OH GOD OH GOD!! UH UHHHH….. UHHHH  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMAAAAHHHHNNNNNN” Rory didn’t just cum….. She spasmed and gushed juice all over Grace’s face.  As Rory lay their trembling Grace licked up all the juice she could.  Rory looked down at her and realized she been eaten out by a woman…. her first lesbian experience.  The man taped this entire first encounter….. another amazing video to add to his collection of unbelievable sex acts performed by the sweet little Gilmore.

Grace turned off the egg and reached into Rory’s quivering cunt and gripped the egg.  “UGH…. Ooooh…. Oh Sir….. I mean…. Ms….. Oh GOD that feels wonderful.” she moaned.  Grace gently eased the egg out of Rory’s throbbing pussy…. more juice dribbled out with it and Grace was quick to plant her mouth on Rory’s exposed cunt and lap it up.  “MMM MMM…. Oh MISS….. That feels SO GOOD…. ” she purred.  Now Grace longed for the big explosion.  She tossed the egg aside and slid three fingers inside Rory’s delightful pussy.  “HOOOOO…. MY GOD!” she moaned.  Grace kept her grip on one leg and began to rub Rory’s G spot causing her hips to wildly thrust into the air.  Grace watched in delight as Rory thrashed around under her expert manipulation….  “AHHH…. AHHHH…. AHHHH…AHHHHHHHH HUH…. GOD…. OH GOD…. ” and Grace seeing the explosion was imminent, sucked Rory’s clit into her mouth and flicked her tongue back and forth over it.  Rory lost all grip on reality.  She grabbed Grace’s head and bucked into a mind blowing orgasm.  “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH…..  UUUUUHHHHHH….. YAAAAAAAAAA EEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!  Juice squirted out of Rory’s cunt spraying Grace’s face.  Rory sagged back to the bed seeing stars and giggling…. her heart pounding with excitement.

Now the man resumed his leading role.  “Rory…. how did you like your first lesbian experience?”  Alexis smiled a delighted grin at Grace.  “I liked it very much….. Thank you miss.”  “I would like you to return the favor to Ms. Grace while I taste you…. How do you feel about that? he asked.  Alexis’s eyes widened and she smiled a quirky smile and said… “Okay…. I’ll try.”  Grace crawled up to Alexis and kissed her….. She’d kissed a girl in as an actress but she’d never kiss a woman who had just eaten out her pussy.  Her tongue was soft and Alexis could taste her own juices in Grace’s mouth.  They both sighed together as both touched and stroked the other.  Alexis was TOTALLY into this…. she WANTED to eat Grace’s pussy….. She never done anything like this and today was the day of being a wanton, cum swallowing, pussy licking slut.

Grace wanted to let Rory come to her so she rolled her on top…. and they kissed a little more…. Then Rory kissed down her body stopping at her tits, tummy and ultimately her pussy.  This was Rory’s first pussy…. it smelled good….. lightly scented but also very excited with Grace’s juices.  The man watched as Rory went right in and mimicked what happened to her by licking right between the folds of Grace’s pussy.  Grace purred an appreciative response so Rory continued to lick up and down her slit and lap up her juices.  “Do you know how to rub her G spot?” The man whispered into Rory’s ear.  She shook her head no….  “Slide your fingers inside her pussy.” he instructed.  “Now curl them up like this and be careful of your fingernails.  Rub the spot right inside at the top of her vagina.” he advised.  Grace sighed and then groaned as Rory found the right spot.  “YES…. right there.  Keep going.” he urged her.  Rory felt powerful and rubbed faster watching the woman who had just made her see stars, writhe and buck…. and then just like Grace had done, Rory sucked her clit into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue.  Grace bucked and thrashed about as Rory made her cum HARD!

Not to be out done Grace rolled Rory back onto her back and attacked again… now charged up….. She finger fucked the sweet Gilmore until she squealed out another orgasm.  Then she climbed over Rory’s body and knelt above her face.  Rory knew what was going to happen and it excited her.  Grace sat down on her face and Rory began to lick and suck on Grace’s pussy.

Seeing her juicy love box aching for more action the man finally got to taste his prize.  Grace had Rory’s pussy dripping and ready for whatever.  When his tongue found her pussy Rory moaned blissfully into Grace’s pussy.  Grace looked over her should and smiled at The man pleasuring this amazing woman under her.  The man expertly licked and sucked Rory’s pussy…. moaning his utter glee at how delicious she was…. His fingers teased at her willing cunt…. it clenched in satisfaction as his fingers entered her.  Rory was in a Heavenly state as Grace tasted delicious in her mouth and The man was about to make her cum….. all she could think about was how much she wanted to feel his cock in her pussy but for now she shrieked in erotic ecstasy as he began to rub her G spot.  Rory’s cries of pleasure were muffled by Grace’s pussy but she exploded just the same.  Grace climbed off to enjoy the finale of their little play.  The man prepared to fuck his sweet little angel.  Alexis Bledel’s dripping, trembling pussy ached for his cock.

The man had waited all day for this moment.  He’d watched the beautiful Gilmore Girls star suck and swallow other guy’s cocks.  He’d watched her lick a strange woman’s pussy and she’d even given him a fabulous blow job ….. but the moment of truth had arrived.  He moved between her outstretched legs and looked into her lust filled eyes and rubbed the tip of his swollen cock against his eager partner.  Grace held the camera for the close up of the penetration….. the other cameras were recording all her reactions and his reactions.

Days of planning, Hours of lust and seduction…. watching as others savored elements of his prize…. Now she was HIS.  Willing and enthusiastically his.  She would do whatever he asked…. and they both knew it.  The man drove his cock into the wet and wanton pussy of this baby faced girl.  “OOOHHHHHHHHH” The both groaned blissfully having delayed this moment for hours.  He sunk every bit of himself into her until they were face to face.  He ground down on her making her sigh with pleasure as they kissed.  Alexis was like a nuclear bomb ready to explode.  All the sex all day long…. but this was the first cock in her pussy.  She wanted it so badly since masturbating in her back yard.  Every time she came…. It just made her want cock more and more…. now she was stuffed full and ready to be fucked hard.

The man had blown a quick but full load in her mouth only minutes before but now hard again his performance was going to be legendary.  With no reason to go slowly or build anything up…. she was ready to be fucked, The Man held her legs and began to pump sweet little Rory.  She moaned and groaned in ecstasy as his hard cock drove into her.  She was his fuck toy and she loved it.  Rory wouldn’t last 5 minutes and she was cumming!  Her sweet little pussy squeezing at him just encouraged him to fuck her harder.  He pulled a leg up and twisted her body exposing her cunt to the camera.  Grace got a delicious close up as he fucked Rory hard…. She squealed as his pubic bone hit her burning clit again and again with reckless abandon.  Another orgasm rocked her.  Grace marveled at The Man’s expertise…  Rory was a whipped little slut.  Now for more fun as he winked at Grace.

The man flipped Rory onto her knees to fuck her doggy style.  Rory was looking forward to that part.  She liked it that way.  This was no exception.  “YEEEESSSSS GOD” she moaned lustfully as he drove into her.  Gripping her hips the man fucked Rory HARD and she grunted happily approaching another orgasm.  That’s when she felt Grace wrap her lips around her sensitive clit.  “OOOOHHHHH GOOOOOOD” Rory cried out.  She came so hard she almost passed out.  The Man pulled out and Grace flipped her on her back and buried her face in Rory’s pussy hungrily lapping up her orgasm.

Now it was time to finish her off.  The man reentered his lusty slut with a groan and placed her ankles on his shoulders.  Rory looked up at him dreamily knowing her was about to pound her until she passed out.  She grinned at him thinking back to the morning and shrieked with delight as he slammed his cock into her.  “UGHHH…YESSS!”  The man pounded the sweet Gilmore making her cum again.  Dizzy and seeing stars she saw that he was ready to blow.  “I’m going to cum all over your face my little slut” he said.  Rory smiled him and waited for her facial…. just one more thing on her slut bucket list that she could check off..  Finally when he was ready The Man jerked his cock all over Rory’s delicate face.  Rory slipped the sensitive tip into her mouth and slurped on it milking out what juice he had left.  The HD video Grace shot was priceless.

Alexis Bledel had just experienced the most fantastic sex of her young life…. and it was only going to get better.

This man had used his little slut to create more opportunities for wild sex.  The bellman’s girlfriend was now in play….  Grace had a sweet little angel that she was going to turn over to the man.  He had plans to use his little Rory to seduce these young girls who, once they see how obedient Alexis is…. they’ll fall right in line.

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