Ali Landry And Katherine Heigl

Ali Landry & Katherine Heigl

The following story is a work of fiction. Neither Ms. Landry or Ms.
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Ali Landry and Katherine Heigl.

If you walked really quietly, and didn’t say a word, your looks
would take
you anywhere. Ali Landry shuddered each time she heard that little
tidbit of

wisdom as it crossed her mind. She had heard that when she was
thirteen, and
she was hearing now. But, Ali, a very headstrong girl, never
listened. If
people wanted to pigeonhole her as a girl with a million dollar body
and a
ten cent brain, she’d take a great deal of pleasure proving them
wrong. "For Christ’s sake, Ali….try and be a little more than a
set of tits with
legs?" The director rolled his eyes at the tall curvaceous brunette.
took a deep breath, and forced back the sharp remark on the tip of
her tongue. The director was being particularly foul today. It was
only a walk-on for God’s sake, thought Ali, no need for all the
scrutiny. The girl beside her whispered. "Don’t worry about
Orlando. Or as we call
him, Orlater. He gets snippy like this only when we’re pressed for
Ali turned and looked at the girl, her deep brown eyes shimmering.
"I don’t
sweat directors. I was in the Miss USA pageant, I can handle
directors." She
cast another withering look at Orlando, who was now lecturing the
sound technician about the soundtrack recordings. "What I hate is
Especially for something like this. It’s not even a pivotal scene."
The girl smiled at her. "True, but that’s Orlater. Always got to
have it
just so when it gets down to the wire." Ali, despite her flare of
smiled back. The girl was quite disarming. Suddenly it dawned on
her that
she didn’t even know the girl’s name. "I’m embarrassed to say you
this, but,
I didn’t catch your name." The girl ran a hand through her long,
length blonde hair, and gave Ali a wry grin. "Katherine Heigl.
Most people
just remember me as the Body."
Ali sized her up, and gave a low whistle. "You certainly do have
that." Ali
herself was about five seven, she judged Katherine to be about five
eight, or
nine. She also had, to put it the best possible way, an
embarrassment of
riches. The girl had to have a thirty-eight D inch bust. Ali had
to marvel
at it, since she had an eye-catching thirty-six D bust herself.
Katherine smiled warmly at her. "I prayed for them. Almost makes
me wish I
was an atheist." Ali laughed. "I know the feeling, hon."
Katherine stared
at her bra line and nodded. "I’ll bet you do."
The conversation was cut short by Orlando’s return. Ali, with
words fresh in her mind, went to work, and did just as the annoying
man said. Mercifully, it was over, and the filming was over for the
Ali had just pulled on her jacket when she felt a tap on her
shoulder. Turning, she was pleased to see Katherine standing behind
her with a mischievious grin. Ali returned it. The girl’s bubbly
nature was so infectious. "What are you up to, Katherine?"
"Call me Kat, and I’m going to go to my place, get changed, and hit
the pool.
You game?" Ali stared at her for a minute or two. "Why are you
inviting me
out? You hardly know me?"
Kat’s grin got even wider. "You survived Orlater. Relaxation is in
Ali. And the pool at my apartment is just what Doctor Heigl
ordered." Ali
started to laugh. "Okay, okay. I surrender, I’ll be there. Where
do you
live anyway?"
"Out on Mullholland, it’s away from the road. Number 18." Ali
raised an
eyebrow. "There’s only houses out that way." Kat winked.
"Maybe…" She
gave Ali a little wave, and flounced out the door.

It took Ali about half an hour to locate Number 18 on Mulholland,
and her
suspicions were right. It wasn’t an apartment, but a sprawling
acreage with
a large hacienda styled house at the end of a long crushed white
stone drive.
Ali pulled her Fiat convertible up to the veranda, and stared at the
How can Kat afford this place? She’s only twenty-one for God’s sake.
Ali got out of the car, reached in the backseat and got her garment
bag. She
wore a pair of white cutoff shorts, white deck shoes, and a pale
blue T-shirt. On her head, nestled in the bangs of her long auburn
hair, were a
pair of silver framed sunglasses.
She had just got to the door, when it opened, and took her breath
away. Kat
opened it, wearing a burgundy bikini top, and matching bottom,
concealed by a
pale pink serape. Her blonde hair was brushed back, and she looked
incredibly gorgeous. Ali stared at the girl for a moment, and Kat
slightly. "You made it, even though you’re a little late." Ali tore
her eyes away from Kat’s breasts and returned the smile. "You never
gave me a time to show. Probably for the best, it took me a while
to find
this place." Kat giggled. "True. C’mon in, and I’ll get you a
drink." Inside was even more opulent than the outside. Ali was lead
into the living
room. It was a wide room, with a massive set of French doors in the
facing out to a hardwood deck. The walls and ceilings were white,
while the
furniture was a light sky blue. A glass coffee table, with white
legs sat in
between two love seats. A fifty-two inch television sat in the
corner. So
spacious was the room, that the television didn’t dominate it. Kat
took a
step down into the living room, and walked over to a long counter
top. She
went behind it and produced a large blue pitcher.
Ali shook her head in amazement. "A minibar. Kat, I’ve got to
"How can I afford this place?" Kat pulled out two low ball glasses
and poured out a slightly yellowish liquid. Ali walked over when
she was offered
one. Ali nodded, and Kat replied. "I can’t. I’m subletting this
The owners’ are staying in the Azores until September. They liked
me right
off, and let me stay here at a reasonable rate. I’ve already got
some money
saved up, and some invested."
"You got a place picked out?"
Kat rested a hip against the bar and canted her head towards the
deck. She
watched Ali as she drank. "Not yet, but I have some prospects. You
your gimlet?" Ali took a sip, and smiled. "Yeah…hits the spot on
a day
like today. Vodka right?" Kat grinned. "Only drink I know how to
Aside from rum and coke, or gin and tonic." Both women laughed. Kat
stepped away from the bar, and with one hand holding her drink, she
removed her serape. "Coming out to the pool?" Ali took a swallow
and was
glad it was cold. Kat’s bikini bottom was little more than a thong
with a g-string. "Uh…yeah…I’ll be right out. You have a place
where I
can change?" Kat gave her a sultry look from over her shoulder.
"The washroom’s just through there." She nodded at an open doorway
just to the
left of the television. Ali conveyed her thanks, and went to get

"Why do I get the feeling something more is going to happen today?"
Ali studied herself in the mirror. She’d changed into a very modest
white bikini
with blue foliage stripes across it. She took another drink of her
gimlet, and hefted her breasts, adjusting them again. "The hell
with it. If
it happens, it won’t be like a total shock." Ali tossed off her
drink, and
headed out to the deck.
It was more of a jacuzzi than a pool. Built into the deck, Ali
could walk
right to it. Inside it, however, sunning herself, and looking like
a sea
nymph was Kat. Ali slipped into the tub, and Kat opened her brown
eyes with
a smile. "Ali, you look hot."
Ali met her gaze, and said. "So do you."
Kat sat up a bit in the jacuzzi, and openly looked at Ali’s
breasts. "How
big are you?" Ali leaned back a bit, pushing them out a bit.
"Thirty- six D.
How about you?" Kat pushed her own out. "Thirty-eight double-D. I
developed early." Ali nodded.
The girl looked up suddenly. Ali had a relaxed expression on her
face. "Kat….I know what you want. I want it too. Shall we cease
playing grab-ass?" She added with a smirk. "Figuratively." Kat
smiled. "I’ve never done it with a woman before, but I just knew I
had to try it with you."
Ali nodded. "Well, I’ve only done it once or twice myself. I’m
glad to be
your first." With that, Ali leaned forward, and kissed Kat gently
on the
lips. Kat moaned at the contact and leaned into the embrace.
Ali’s hands went to Kat’s large breasts, and massaged them gently
through the
bikini. Their tongues met and slowly tasted each other’s mouths.
Kat moaned
as Ali’s hands stroked her. Ali let her tongue trail out of Kat’s
mouth, and
began to lightly kiss her neck. The girl was quivering with
excitement, it
was all Ali could do to not ravish her totally. Kat had the body of
a goddess, but she was just learning this depth to her sexuality.
Ali wasn’t
about to ruin it for her.
"Oh yes…Ali….you’re so hot…." Kat’s breath was becoming
ragged, and
Ali hadn’t even gotten warmed up. Ali whispered. "I’m going to eat
tits until you beg me to stop." Kat groaned again. Ali kissed her
lips again, and licked her way down to the mountains of her
cleavage. She undid the top, and dropped it on the deck. She cupped
the large breasts
in her hands, and gave them a slight squeeze. She leaned in again,
and took
a large nipple in her mouth. Ali sucked deeply on Kat’s nipple,
lightly teasing the other. She released it, long enough to lick all
around the aureloea, then suck it back into her hot mouth. Kat was
writhing now, her
hands clutching at the deck, her chest thrust out, trying to get
more of her
towering bosom into Ali’s mouth.
Slowly, Ali nuzzled her cleavage, kissing the valley deeply. She
then traced
her way to the other breast, and gave slow sucking kisses all over
Kat’s chest. Kat was whimpering in pleasure, and Ali knew where she
had to go.
She eased Kat out of the tub so she was sitting on the edge. Ali
took both
breasts into her hands, and pressed them together, gently, and began
to slide
her tongue deep inside the woman’s breasts. Carressing her nipples
as she
savored the taste of Kat’s body, Ali felt her own bosom press
against Kat’s
bottoms, and the heat was intense. The girl was groaning louder and
Reluctantly, but methodically, Ali moved down to her stomach, and
French kissed her naval. Her hands spreading Kat’s legs, who
automatically reclined
to her back. Ali licked her belly passionately, lightly grazing the
edge of
her bikini bottom. Kat gasped. "For fuck’s sake….eat me!" Ali
gave her a wicked grin as their eyes met. She pulled down her
and left her naval. Ali stared at the girl’s sex and gently eased
in a finger. She almost saw steam escaping. Kat tensed and shook.
Juices flowed
out of the girl, and Ali, startled, leaned in and lapped up the
nectar. Kat
shuddered again. Ali couldn’t believe her luck. This girl was
horny! She eased in a second finger, and started to explore with her
tongue, in earnest. She licked each side of her vaginal wall,
enjoying the flavor. She
pushed deeper, and found the clitoris. Ali licked it twice, and
began to
suck on it. Kat’s eyes crossed, but she managed to keep her legs
open. Her
hands gripped behind her knees.
Ali moaned into Kat’s pussy, and started to trace shapes across the
clit. A plane. A cross. A circle. A spiral. Ali finished
tracing a star,
when she simulataneously slipped one finger inside Kat’s anus, and
drove her
tongue in as deep as it could go. This was too much for the girl
and she
arched her back, and shrieked as yet another orgasm shook her.
Ali eagerly drank the juices, and gently kissed her pussy. Kat
moaned. "I
never knew it could be like this." Ali rose out of the tub, and
licked her
way up the girl’s body. She sucked deeply on each breast and licked
the cleft, before returning to Kat’s lips. Ali stared into Kat’s
eyes. "Neither
did I."
Kat eased her onto her own back, and kissed her passionately.
"We’ll see,
Ms. Veteran Pussy Licker." With a giggle, Kat started to lick Ali’s
neck and
shoulders, her fingers peeling down Ali’s top. Ali groaned this
time. Had
it really been that long?
Kat reached her breasts, and played with each long nipple. Their
eyes met,
and they giggled. Kat took one nipple into her mouth and sucked
slowly. Her
eyes a picture of desire as they locked with Ali’s. She released
the nip,
and squeezed both breasts firmly, causing Ali to squeal in a mixture
of shock
and delight. Kat took the other into her mouth and sucked slowly
again. She
leaned back and squeezed the nipples until they popped and lightly
bit each
one. Ali gasped. The girl was a quick study.
Kat rolled on top of Ali, and started to press her own breasts into
She writhed on top of the model, and moved up far enough to place
her nipples
in Ali’s panting mouth. Ali sucked again on the giant mounds, but
Kat quickly moved down her body.
Kat licked down Ali’s belly, and sucked her naval into her mouth.
Ali moaned
in pleasure. Kat grinned up at her, quickly reached up and sucked
Ali’s hot
breasts again. The model was thrashing about on the deck like a mad
This girl’s energy was incredible.
The girl made her way back down Ali’s body, pausing again at the
naval, and
slowly pulled down Ali’s bikini bottoms. Kat petted her pussy
gently. She’d
always fantasized about this, and now, here it was. Ali looked down
at her
through glazed eyes. "For eat’s sake…..fuck me!" Kat snorted at
the demand, and Ali gave a sultry smirk. "Yes ma’am!" Kat leaned
forward and
gave Ali a tentative lick. She tasted almost like mangoes. Kat
started to
devour the model with lust. Her tongue delving deep inside the hot
of her sex, and flicking her clit with her own pink tongue. She
moaned in
delight at how Ali constricted around her tongue, and started to
piston into
her. Ali wrapped her legs around Kat’s head, and moved her hips in
with her thrusts. Deeper and deeper the girl went, and finally she
was rewarded when Ali stiffened and screamed. "Oh my God!!!!" Kat
savored each
drop of Ali’s climax, and sucked her dry.
Ali relaxed, her legs slipped from around Kat’s head and neck. Kat
smiled up
at her, Ali’s orgasm glistening on her beautiful face. Ali smiled
back. "You sure you never did this before?" Kat winked.
"Well…..I came close
with Carmen Electra. We just licked each other’s breasts. But I
never did
this, or what I’m about to do."
Ali looked at her. "And what is that?"
"This." Kat cupped her breasts, and aimed one nipple at Ali’s
pussy. With a
grin on her face, she leaned in, and started to rub her breast
against Ali’s
sex. The model melted with the first contact. "Oh……fuck…."
nipple reached Ali’s clit, and the sensation in addition to the
suction created by Ali’s pussy started the girl quaking again.
Ali gritted her teeth and humped Kat’s breast frantically. She
gasped as the
hard nipple plunged inside her. She groaned, and scissored her legs
Kat’s torso. Kat arched her back, and started to grind harder. Ali
sharply, and stiffened as another orgasm rocked her body.
Kat slipped up Ali’s body, she positioned her wet breast in Ali’s
mouth, who
licked it clean. Kat kissed her tenderly. "Wanna move in?" Her
eyes twinkling. Ali laughed, and clutched her ass. "You bet your
sweet ass."
They kissed again, and got up from the jacuzzi. They went inside,
and made
love once more. It wouldn’t be an easy relationship for both women,
but then
again, Ali always was one for bucking the odds. Something told her
Kat was

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