Ali Landry’s Last Photo Shoot

Ali Landry’s last Photo Shoot

By: Anonymous

One day while finishing up at the studio, Superstar Ali Landry
walked in. She told me she needed to do a spread for FHM magazine
right away and money was not a problem. I asked her if she had
informed any of my staff of the request. Ali said no, it’s being
kept very hush-hush and she was the only one who knew about the
request. I thought it was odd at first but then agreed when
realizing nobody knew she was here. I set up the studio and then
returned to my office to grab a stun gun I kept there. I was going
to use it on Ali and then have my way with her. After
all, that
incredible figure of hers was built for one thing and one thing
only, SEX! When Ali returned she was wearing a sexy burgandy pair of
panties and a matching bra. I was breathless from the sight. She sat
on the bed at the set I had prepared and awaited my instructions. I
had turned on the video camera and focused it on the bed while she
was in the back dressing (or should I say undressing). I grabbed my
camera and began snapping off photo’s of her lying on the bed in a
very horny manner. My loins were driving me crazy with anticipation
so I circled around behind her snapping off shots of her on her
stomach. I quickly grabbed my stun gun from my front pocket and
leaned in over her. I quickly stuck the stun gun into her back and
zapped her before she could evade my attack. Ali convulsed from the
electric shock and then fell unconscious beneath me. I smiled and
said “this is gonna be one night I’ll never forget, thanks for
stopping by my sweet”.

I stood up and went to my office. I grabbed a
siringe filled with sodium penathol and returned to the still
slumbering sexy Ali Landry. I administered a healthy dose to her
perfect ass cheek and placed the siringe on a small table next to
the bed for future useage. I then grabbed a hold of Ali Landry’s
ankles and placed her feet against my face and began taking in her
sweet scent. The smell of her feet was intoxicating just like her
beauty! I sucked on her feet just as long as I smelled them,
becomming drunk from there taste.

After enjoying Ali’s feet and let
her perfect legs lay across the bed and placed my face into her
pantied protected ass. I rubbed my face into her panties, taking in
the scent her ass had. I quickly fondled and massaged her perfect
ass while stealing the aroma her ass had. I removed Ali Landry’s
panties and began sucking frantically upon those perfectly round and
firm ass cheeks! After stealing the taste of her backside I
undressed in what seemed seconds. I climbed up onto the bed looking
down at the helpless prize below. Naked as ever my shaft eagerly
awaited it’s opportunity at the grade A ass below! I nelt down and
positioned myself over-top of the slumbering Ali Landry. I smiled
devilishly and began forcing my swollen and starving cock into Ali’s
unblemmished backside! I straddled Ali Landry’s figure and humped
her perfect ass the way I had invisioned!

Every stroke was bliss and
the smell of Ali’s sexy long mane fueled my passion towards new
limits! Ali Landry’s unconscious figure swayed limply to my
advances. All of this was being recorded on the video camera. “What
a ride” I said outload in utter glee as I continued humping her ass!

I moaned in exstacy to every stroke until finally exploding and
letting out a loud grunt of satisfaction and victory! When my cock
was fully empty of it’s built up jism I regained the strength to
rise up from atop my newest conquest and admire Ali’s newly humped
ass. Ali Landry belonged to me now and she became a perminant
fixture to my private office serving my every sexual fantasy from
that day on. Ali Landry was never heard or seen from again and I
became a master in the art of sex thanks to her last photo

Not To Be Continued!

Story by anonymous

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