Alias Meets Angel

Alias Meets Angel


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Wanted to
get these two
together for a long time now and this was the coolest idea I could come up with.
Hope you all
enjoy it.

Darkness greeted her vision as her eyes opened. She glanced around, trying
to figure out
where she was and what was happening. All she could see was darkness around her,
making it
difficult for her to figure out just how big the room was.

Without warning, a light struck from above, showing off the inside of a
tight room that
could easily be termed a cell. Four cots
were attached to walls, paint peeling
off of them, the floor
showing a manhole that had a rather nasty odor. The woman had barely adjusted
her eyes to the
darkness when she felt a pair of hands grab her from behind.

She acted on instinct, breaking away and slamming back an elbow, felling it
hit a few
inches lower than she wanted. She spun around and launched a kick only to have
hit her first,
knocking her back. She barely even noticed the figure, she was too busy trading
blocks and
punches, grunts filling the small room until the two figures each kicked out at
each other,
knocking themselves back. They each leaned against the wall, taking in the other
with a
professional eye.

They were about the same height and wore the same style of clothing: Black
leather pants
and top, one a turtleneck sweater, the other a dark leather shirt with jacket.
One had brilliant red
hair in a short hairdo. The other’s dark curly locks brushed past her face. Each
was in excellent
shape, with the leather showing off some nice curves, each stood with a
professional fighter’s
stance that pointed to expert training and each was incredibly beautiful.

“Who the hell are you?” the dark-haired one asked.

“You first,” the redhead stated, ready to move at an instant’s notice.

“I asked first.”

“You attacked me.”

“Thought you were a bad guy.”

“Locked in with you?”

“Wouldn’t put it past the guys I know.”

“Sounds familiar,” the redhead remarked. “I’m Sydney.”

“Max,” her companion stated, backing up. “So, who’d you piss off?”

“Not sure,” Sydney frowned, biting her lip. “I was on stakeout in Texas,
trying to track
some suspects in the Pentagon attack——”

“The what?” Max frowned.
Sydney turned to her. “Pentagon attack? You know? Got hit the same day as
the World
Trade Center?”

Max raised an eyebrow. “Hold up. You’re government?”

“CIA,” Sydney nodded, figuring there was no use hiding it.

“And you guys are *still* trying to track down people on that?” Max
snorted. “Come on,
you’ve been doing it since the attacks in ’01! You must be doing something wrong
if they’re
slipping away!”

“’01?'” Sydney asked in confusion. “What the hell year do you think this is

“2019,” Max replied in utter seriousness.

Sydney looked at her, then shook her head. “Terrific,” she muttered. “I’m
stuck in a cell with a
raving lunatic.”

“Hey, I may be nuts but I don’t rave,” Max threw out. She drew a long and
suspicious eye
on Sydney. “Well, you ain’t Manticore, that’s for sure. They’ve got better dress

Not sure what she was talking about but positive it was intended as an
insult, Sydney took
on a sour expression. “What’s Manticore?”

Max turned away, not wanting to answer. She brushed at her long hair and
Sydney saw a
flash of something on her neck. She swiftly moved and pushed Max’s hair aside to
reveal what
appeared to be some sort of bar code. Max yanked herself away and turned to face
Sydney, who
was frowning. “What the hell kind of a tattoo is that? You retail or discount.”

“Funny,” Max sniffed. “You really wanna know? I’m a genetically engineered
created by a top-secret government research project who escaped and is now on
the run in post-
apocalyptic Seattle trying to avoid the agents of that project and eke out a
living helping a
crusading cyber-journalist expose the wrongs of life.”

Sydney stared at her for a long moment. “That is quite easily the biggest
bullshit cover I
have ever heard,” she finally said.

“Cover?” Max said, raising an eyebrow. “Okay, who are you?”

“Fine,” Sydney shrugged. “I was a college student recruited into what I
thought was a
covert unit of the CIA, spent years training and working with them when my
boyfriend proposed
to me so I tell him what I really do so my agency kills him to keep it quiet.
Then my father shows
up into my life after years apart, tells me he’s part of this unit and that I am
not really working for
the CIA but for an international criminal organization so I go to the real CIA
and get to become a
double agent and discover that my father is a double agent for them too. So, now
I’m bouncing
from organization to another, most of the people at my first unit believing they
work for the CIA
and I can’t tell them the truth but blab everything about them to the CIA and
live in fear that
someone’s going to find out and I’m going to get killed by either organization.”

Max stared at her for a full ten seconds. Then, she broke out into a wide
grin. “Damn,”
she said. “You’re definitely not a spy for whoever’s running this place. No one
can come up with
something that nuts.”

“Thanks, I think,” Sydney said, glancing about the cell. “Any ideas on what
to do next?”

Max’s head jerked to the door, hearing something. “A couple.”

“They involve kicking someone’s ass?”

“Most of my ideas do.”


The doors opened, a heavy-set man with a machine gun entering, two men
behind him. He
stopped, glancing around the cell in confusion at how utterly empty it was. He
moved inside,
glancing all around, trying to figure out just what was going on. He was
suddenly hit by an idea
and looked up just in time for Sydney’s boot to catch him in the face. He fell
back as Sydney let
go of the ceiling light and dropped down, blasting him with a punch that sent
him back.

The two guards at the door tried to enter, only to have Max swing herself
down, each foot
smashing them in the jaw, sending them flying backwards. Max moved in, a blur of
smashing each guard with a combination of punches and kicks that had them
unconscious. She
turned to see Syndey launching a terrific spin kick that smashed into the
guard’s face, sending him
down and out. “Nice form,” Max said, and meant it too.

“Compliments later, escape now,” Sydney said. She and Max took off running,
holding back on her speed so Sydney could catch up. Otherwise, she’d be on the
other end of the
hallway in an eye blink. A group of gun-toting men came out of a side hallway
and right into their
path. In a matter of seconds, they were on the ground unconscious as the two ran

“Man, since the Pulse, it’s like the Army doesn’t even try recruiting guys
anymore,” Max

Sydney had no idea what she was talking about and didn’t bother asking. One
good thing
about working alone, she didn’t waste time on useless banter.

Surprisingly, the facility they were in, which resembled an empty high
school to Sydney,
was pretty empty, only a few guards here and there, all of which soon found
themselves on the
ground gasping for breath as the two perfect female fighters ran on. They
finally came to a large
door, a code pad next to it. Cursing under her breath, Sydney quickly patted
herself down. “Shit,
they took my stuff,” she muttered, looking at the pad. “Maybe I can——”

“Can I try something?” Max interrupted.

Sydney looked at her and shrugged. “Sure.”

Nodding, Max lashed out with a kick, smashing the code pad to bits.
Instantly, the doors
slid open, the two running out. “Definitely not CIA,” Sydney remarked. “Only the
FBI destroys
equipment like that.”

“FBI? Jeez, you are an anachronism,” Max said, shaking her head as the two
ran into the

The truck came to a stop before the small diner, Sydney and Max hopping out
of the cab.
“Thanks,” Sydney said.

“Hey,” the driver frowned. “Where’s my money? You said you’d pay me five
bucks if I drove you here.”

The two paused and looked at him. Sydney bit her lip, trying to figure out
how to work
this. Before she could, Max pushed herself forward, unzipping her jacket,
reaching down and
pulling up her shirt enough to show off the most perfect set of breasts Sydney
had ever seen. Max
held the shirt up for a full ten seconds, then lowered it. “That enough
payment?” she asked as she
zipped her jacket up.

The driver mutely nodded as Max turned and walked off, Sydney staring at
her. She
became aware of the driver looking at her in expectation and rolled her eyes.
“Sorry. Only one to
a customer.” The driver was disappointed but the memory of Max’s tits was enough
to get him
through the long drive ahead.

“I still don’t like this,” Sydney muttered as she and Max entered the
diner. “Shouldn’t we
keep moving in case someone’s looking for us.”

“Chill,” Max said. “I’ve spent plenty of time hiding out from the
government. Morons
never think someone who breaks into a facility would actually get away by
hitchhiking. We’ll be
safe for a while. Grab some food, then I try and hitch a ride to Seattle and you
go to wherever
you go to find guys who no one’s paid attention to for years.”

Sydney sighed again. Max wasn’t that bad of a person, sassy and sarcastic
but still nice
and Sydney had to admit that if any woman was going to turn her into a night of
passion, it’d be
her. But this whole “future babe” thing was really wearing thin. If she could
just get to a phone, a
couple of rerouted calls and the Agency would pick her up and she’d be out of
this cold Dakota

Max shuffled into a booth, checking out a menu. Sydney was coming next to
her when she
saw a newspaper lying abandoned at a nearby table. Curious to see how long she’d
been gone, she
checked the headline. And froze in place.

Max was trying to decide how many washed dishes would pay for a hot meal
when she
heard a choking sound. She looked up to see Sydney staring in shock at the paper
in her hands.
“What’s up?”

“This….this isn’t right,” Sydney said. She tore here eyes up to see a
calendar on a nearby
wall. Then, she glanced over at a nearby television set, which happened to be
tuned into the news,
the date on the bottom evident: October 7th, 2019. “This is…..What’s

Max was getting concerned as she looked at the horror in Sydney’s face.

Sydney looked at her. “The last thing I knew…..It was 2001. Not….not
this. Not….” She
turned and bolted out the front door of the diner. Max looked at where she’d
gone, then took a
breath and stood up. She froze for a moment as she felt a tingling in between
her legs and realized
that the excitement she had felt for the past few hours, culminating in her
flash of the driver,
wasn’t just from the heat of battle. No, it was just heat. Or rather, in heat.
Biting her lip, Max
tried to hold herself in and moved to follow Sydney.

The small shed was off to the side of the diner and looked like it wasn’t
used much. It was
cold and dark, which suited Sydney fine. She sat on the floor, knees curled up
against her chest,
heaving with breath, tears in her eyes. She’d given up trying to convince
herself this was a dream,
she knew it wasn’t. This wasn’t some trick, somehow she knew that. No, either
this was another
time or she was going crazy and she didn’t know which option was worse.

She started a bit as the shed door opened and Max stepped in. The door shut
behind her,
the two looking at each other in the dim light afforded them. “You okay?” Max
said, licking her
lips lightly.

“No,” Sydney said hoarsely. “I’m not. Is this really 2019?”

“Yeah. You really from 2001?”

“Yeah,” Sydney said. “Oh, God. My dad… friends….is there still an

“Sort of,” Max shrugged. “In 2009, some terrorists set off a pulse bomb,
wiped out most
electronics, threw us into chaos. It’s pretty much been hard goings since then.”

Sydney rubbed at her face. “Oh, I think I’m gonna be sick.” She looked up
to see Max
take a step back, her face a mix of caring but with a twinge of fear
and….desire? “What is it?”

Max bit her lip again. “I should be outside.”

“Why?” Sydney frowned.

Max brushed at her hair. “My DNA…..When they….made me…..they
integrated feline
DNA into my system. Made me agile, I can see in the dark and stuff. And it also
means that every
so often, I…..go into heat.”

Sydney looked up, eyes wide. “Heat? Like, you feel kinda hot?”

“No, like I wanna fuck anything that’s around,” Max replied. “Male or
female.” She
looked at Sydney and couldn’t help licking her lips. “And honey…’re
sending out major
signals right now.”

“Oh,” Sydney said softly. “That’s……something.”

There was a long moment of silence as Sydney slowly slid her legs down and
couldn’t take it anymore. She moved forward, pushing Sydney down on the wall,
her lips reaching
in and pressing on hers, tongue diving straight into her mouth and tickling
hers. Sydney froze
herself, caught off-guard by Max’s move. Then, her eyes slowly shut and she felt
herself start to
give in, her tongue answering the call.

Max broke off and looked Sydney straight in the eye. “Sorry,” she hissed.
“Can’t help it.
It’s genetics——”

“Then it’s catching,” Sydney said huskily. “Cause I can’t help it either.”
She kissed Max
again, the dark-haired woman closing her eyes and answering as their hands slid
over their bodies.
They broke off just enough to start undressing, Max tearing away her clothes and
helping Sydney
get out of hers too. They finally stood up and looked each other over.

“Oh my God,” Sydney whispered as she stared at Max’s body, her full and
round breasts,
her trimmed bush, her excellent shape. “You’re perfect.”

“You ain’t bad yourself,” Max said, taking in Sydney’s form, her nice
breasts and athletic
body showing off herself. She glanced in between her legs and raised an eyebrow.
“So. You’re
not a natural redhead.”

“Sorry to disappoint,” Sydney said, not noticing the cold on her naked skin
since just
looking at Max made her hot as hell.

“Don’t,” Max said huskily as she moved forward, slamming Sydney against the
wall, their
lips back together as they went at each other. Max moaned through the kiss as
she felt Sydney’s
hands slide around to her excellent ass, squeezing the hard buttocks as she
pushed Sydney against
the wall. Sydney moaned as she felt her ass grind against the cold wall as Max
went at her.

Without warning, Max grabbed her and pushed her onto the floor, Sydney’s
body spread
out as Max moved onto her, sitting herself onto Sydney’s face. Sydney
immediately went at her,
tongue slowly sliding up and into her soft lips. Max softly moaned as she felt
Sydney’s tongue
slide into her pussy, tickling inside. Sydney had only been with one woman in
her life, a one-time
fling during her freshman year, which she liked but felt it just wasn’t for her.
The memories of that
encounter were smashing back as she licked Max’s pussy, Max groaning as she
worked herself on
Sydney’s face.

Max was in heaven right now. Sure, being in heat could be a pain in the
ass, but when she
found the right way to get off, it was awesome. Usually, she just gave some guy
the thrill of his
life but here, she was the one getting a thrill. She groaned as she felt
Sydney’s hands cup her
breasts, squeezing them hard, pinching the nipples as she licked her out. Max
ground her pussy
onto Sydney’s face, moaning for her to hit just the right spot. Sydney did, Max
letting out a long
and loud cry as she came onto Sydney’s face.

Sydney was still licking away the juices when Max got off of her and
immediately moved
onto Sydney’s body. The genetically engineered woman shoved her face right into
Sydney’s pussy
and started licking away. Sydney groaned, feeling something he hadn’t felt in so
long a time,
absolute pleasure as Max’s tongue worked away at her. God, the woman was
insatiable, her licks
so damn good. And her handplay wasn’t bad either, her hands squeezing away at
Sydney’s tits,
pushing them together hard as her tongue worked inside her clit. Sydney closed
her eyes, feeling
herself start to build as Max went at her, using her special enhanced skills to
drive the red-haired
woman closer and closer to orgasm until finally, Sydney came with a long and
loud shriek,
splashing Max’s face with juices.

Max slid up and onto Sydney, the two kissing each other long and hard,
tasting the other’s
juices, Max’s hands reaching down to squeeze Sydney’s hard breasts again. Sydney
around to grip Max’s breasts, the two kissing hard, the cold forgotten, the
danger forgotten, all
forgotten except each other……

The two technicians glanced at the readouts carefully, then looked through
the large
window showing the room on the other side. Inside, Jennifer Garner and Jessica
Alba were lying
next to each other, sharing slow and wet kisses. They were both naked, save for
a set of small
computer chip-like electrodes spread at the major nerve clusters of their bodies
as well as their
temples and foreheads. Each had a hand on the other’s pussy, rubbing the
opposite clit as their
kisses continued. Jennifer sighed, her long brown hair mixing a bit with
Jessica’s black locks as
their kisses continued, each completely unaware they were being observed.

“Nice,” the female technician said. “They’ve been going at it full on for
twenty minutes
and their bio-rhythms show no change in their minds. They’re still hypnotized.”

“I should hope so,” the male technician said. “They had the best mind guys
in the
Company working on them every night the last week.”

“Working on them hard from what I’ve heard of those guys,” the female
quipped as she
wrote down something on a pad. “And they won’t remember a thing about this,

“Not a thing,” the male replied, adjusting a counter. “They’ll wake up in
their own homes,
maybe an afterimage of a dream but that’s it. Nothing concrete.”

“I have to say, I had my doubts about this when it came up,” the female
said. “But making
them believe they’re their characters and act like this does show the false
memory implanter and
emotion controller are both viable.”

“Hey, could be worse ways to waste tax dollars,” the male shrugged. “Be
glad someone
up there decided stars would be a good choice to test this stuff out. Guess even
toadies need to get their rocks off.”

“Eyes on the job,” the female said playfully.

“Oh, they are,” the male smiled in reply as they continued to watch the two
stars in a show
only their minds could see, unaware they were the subjects of a secret
government experiment,
one that was providing a crossover most would kill to see. And some said
intelligence agencies
didn’t do enough to help the citizens of their country.

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