this is a complete work of fiction.


by WillGraham

Thirteen years old. Alicia Silverstone at the height of her beauty.

Those eyes.

That pout.

Her blonde hair flows down over her shoulders. Her eyes shine. Her voice holds him captive with that lilt it’s always held.

His name is Adam. He’s no one important by our standards. Not a movie star or a recording artist or a public figure. He’s just a boy. Thirteen years old. Her study partner in PS853.

They’ve been
working together on a history project. It’s taken up much of their time. And during their time together they’ve found that they like each other quite a lot. And they’ve fallen in love.

Adam and Alicia have been meeting nightly for two weeks. Ostensibly to work on the project. Hands have met under tables. Arms have groped for each other with goodbyes. Secret smiles. Glances. Words.

More than words this evening.

Their families trust them together. Tonight her parents have gone out to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

There is a cornerpiece couch in the den they usually inhabit together. Tonight the books lie unattended.

Alicia lies on her back, against the deep-cushioned corner of the L-shaped sofa. Her arms above her head. Adam on his knees before her.

She is so clearly full of anticipation…

Her legs spread to their sides, her skirt pushed up to the level of her waist. Grey silk panties. Adam kisses her private parts through them. She grips the back of the sofa.

He slips his fingers beneath the elastics. He slides them down her trim legs then spreads her legs again to the sides…

Her beautiful thirteen-year old cunt, covered in downy-soft blonde fuzz. So soft to the touch of his face. He touches his thumb to her clit, makes soft circles. She pants, tries to maintain composure.

One hand on her stomach above him, one hand on her left leg, he devours her. Her arms fall from the back of her couch. One drops senseless to her shoulder, to her face. The second drops to his head, begs him not to stop, not ever stop, God, not ever to stop.

Alicia takes his hand, raises it to her left breast, cups her breast with it. She leaves his hand there, to work it’s magic without her guidance. She crosses her chest with that arm. She begins to manipulate her right nipple softly, manually.

He slips the remnant of the skirt from her. He unbuttons the front of her shirt. The look on her face one of pure want, pure desire. The soft skin of her stomach, her breast. Alicia wears no bra. Has never to this point. There has never been a need. Her breasts are small but exquisitely formed, perfect, sublime. If not for physical want, Adam could almost cum now.

He works her clit softly with his tongue.

She wraps her leg about his shoulder, offers him a new angle, slips one hand down to help herself along. She is mad with passion.

Blind by youth and… love.

Adam guides the leg off of his shoulder. Their eyes meet. Heat in that locking.

He guides her. Turning her around, resting her head against the plush upholstery, her knees supporting her. She’s still wearing the unbuttoned blouse, open breasts tickled by the room’s slight breeze, hardened and true.

She glances over her shoulder at him. He touches her soft girl parts with his soft hands. She’s no superstar. No Aerosmith video princess. She’s just a beautiful, young, sweet girl. And one to whom he would gladly give everything at this point.

He manipulates her clit with his four front fingers, presses into her soft, moist cunt with his thumb.

He kisses the right cheek of her ass.

He slides inward.

He tongues the tight swirl of her ass. Her eyes widen. Her breath quickens. Her jaw drops.

Never has she felt anything like this.

He fingers the fold of her pussy.

She turns on him, overrun with her own heat. She pulls his shirt from him. She pushes him down on the couch, unsnaps his jeans. Pushes them down a little.

She straddles his face. He begins again. She drops her own face to his crotch. Alicia takes Adam’s cock in her mouth. She nibbles all down one side and then takes the remainder right into her throat. She wraps her small fist around the rest of the base of him, pumping while tastes his cock, wiggling over his face.

She works him. Faster and faster. He tastes deeply of her sweet flesh.

She rises off of him.

They stand, nude, before each other. They embrace.

Adam moves Alicia backward.

Softly, he lowers her to the sofa.

He is on her.

She clings to him.

He is within her.

They move fast. His weight on his arms to either side of her lythe form. Her cunt grips him. They slide together. Apart. Together. Never really apart.

He kisses her on her mouth, continues to piston.

And she rides him. She arches her back above him. Her small breasts sway. Jiggle. Bounce.

Her nipples like sweet offerings from God on high.

She rides him and his cock as she has never ridden anything before.

He puts his hands on her tiny ass, helps her to move. Up. Down. He rockets her small form above his as well as he can. Her sweet, slight form. Firmly holding the pale cheeks of her small, tight ass.




She moans. She bounces. God, this feeling… Never known anything like it… God!


He holds her by the shoulders, pulls her down onto him while the delicate muscles of her soft, soft cunt tighten further.

He grabs her again beneath the soft pale cheeks of her ass, lifts her.

She cums, unable to hold it back anymore. Unable to deal with the confusion of feelings stirring from her cunt. She slides off of him and to the floor.

She knows barely anything of this sort of act. But she knows enough to know that he hasn’t finished.

She drops to the floor. Grabs his cock in her small hands.

She wraps her mouth around his cock and swallows it deep, deep into her tiny throat, as deeply as she can.

She pistons her small mouth around him. Vigorously. Deftly.


He starts to cum. She lets him cum. Takes her mouth off, continues to work him with her tiny fist. Beats him off and off and off and off.

He’s panting, “Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God”

He cums on her face and on her chest and in her mouth she sucks up as much of it as she can. She licks her lips and goes back for more. Never does she let up. He can feel his heart racing. Pounding. Ready to explode. And she’s still going. Still riding him with her hand and face. He feels … he feels… it’s hard to breathe… he feels like he’s going to die. Now she’s working him with both hands. Wrapped around each other. And he cums again. So hard. So complete. Less liquid this time but more feeling. Supersensitive. Hypersensitive. ……. AAHHHHHH!!!

She stops.

She smiles up at him. Cum still on her face. As he pants and tries to regain composure.

Naked before each other.

Fulfilled. And in love.

She lays her head on his chest…

It will be this day she thinks of as she masturbates for years, to cum.

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