Alicia Story

Alright crew we have a busy night ahead of us!” the stage director shouted about an hour before the Billboard Music Awards was to take place. All of the stage guys were getting the usual pep talk we always get before big shows. This night of course was huge. I was saying to myself. Afterall I had already met the guys in Incubus, Britney Spears, Tim McGraw, and a few of the other performers that were going over their last minute preparations. All of us were told we had an hour break before the show was to commence so I took off and went outside to smoke a cigarette. No one was around at the time so I leaned back and went over
the events that had happened throughout the day.

Flashback to earlier in the day

Looking down at my watch I noticed lunch was soon as taking a break from watching the rehearsal of “Whats Going On?” which was the big finale to be that night, I decided to go and get something to eat. Anyways I was walking through the hallways to the cafeteria when out of nowhere a door opened in front of me and I ran right into it. When I woke up I was laying on a sofa in what appeared to be a dressing room. As I started to sit up thats when I saw and heard the most beautiful woman ever.

Alicia Keys: Are you ok?

Me:Am I in heaven? Because you have to be an angel.

Alicia Keys: Yeah you’re alright. I thought I almost killed you when I opened that door up and hit you.

Me:Ha Ha! I am hard headed. I better be getting back to work though.

Alicia Keys: Don’t worry, everyone knows about the accident and you don’t have to be back until show time.

Me: Thank you, I guess I should be leaving though so that you can get ready yourself.

Alicia Keys: You can’t go yet. I haven’t properly apologized.

Me:It’s not a big deal. Really it isn’t.

“You don’t want me to have a guilty consciensous when I do my performance do you?” she asked me. I shook my head no, and as she came closer to me I finally had the chance to soak in her beauty. She recently had blonde and Alicia hair extensions put into her blonde hair. She had a Murder Inc t-shirt on, and some grey sweat pants. She had no shoes on, but did have some socks as well. She sat down on the sofa and started kissing me, and I proceeded to kiss her back and our hands were going all over each other, and she then started to take off my shirt. She then went on to the jeans. I had a huge 8 inch erection as Alicia started kisseng down my chest, and as she reached my boxers she ripped them off and looket at me with a devilish grin and said, “now about that aplogy…hehehe!” she giggled. Alicia started licking up and down my shaft and started kissing right at the tip of my cock. I looked her in the eyes as she slowly spit some saliva on and she started to slowly take the entire length into her mouth as she was now deep throating me. My eyes were rolling and all I could say to her was “oooh damn youre fucking good!!”

Alicia just giggled a little more, and then kept sucking. I was getting close to blowing my load, and. She had to have known because she started toying with me as she licked, and then she took a little bit of just blowing on it, and then after a moment I shouted loud “I’m coming!!” Alicia left my dick in her mouth and just swallowed every drop right down. She then proceeded to remove my dick and as she did she licked every drop of come off and then she said “I apologize!” We both laughed as I then layed back to recover. She stood up and went over to the radio and turned it on to her song “I’m Coming Out” as it was playing. Shen then went to her shirt and started seductively taking it off slowly. As she took it all of the way off I could see her bra clad chest, and it looked magnificent. Sheer white it was, and then she started to take it off, but I motioned for her to stop, and she smiled at me and started to move on as she hooked her thumbs into the bands of her sweatpants and slowly removed them turning around to give me a view of her gorgeous ass without any panties on. There Alicia was just in a bra and some socks on and I motioned for her to come to me as I was hard again.

“Now its my time to show you my appreciation for everything you have done for me,” I said. She then came over and got on the couch with one leg on the arm and the other on the back of the couch. I looked up and started licking her pussy as the sweet smell of her pussy intoxicated my senses. Alicia was screaming in extasy as I continued on eating her out and I was also fingering her at the same time. A few minutes passed on with me licking her pussy and nibbling on her lips that I was then flooded with her pussy juices all into my mouth. Alicia slumped down in my arms and I ran my hands through her hair as we kissed, and then I removed her bra to expose her C cup breasts, and I saw half dollar sized nipples staring me on. I started fondling them, and then kissing on them gently. This got Alicia Keys excited again as she moved around and promptly raised her body and then with ease she impaled herself on my rod with a loud moan. Slowly she was moving around and up and down on my dick. My hands were massaging her tits and then I lent up and mashed my face into her tits as I was almost nursing like a little baby.

Without skipping a beat I moved on top of her to where I was thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy. The room was filled with passionate moans as I was thrusting away and biting her nipples. We kept this up for a while longer and she screamed “Oh my goddd I think I’m coming!!!” She went through her orgasm trying to subside her screams. I started kissing her gently again as I pulled out and said to her “Turn your ass around!” She followed my orders and I started thrusting my dick into her ass with speedy repetitiveness and all the time my hands were fondling her tits. I was then saying to myself that no one would ever believe this, but I didn’t care. About 5 minutes later I shouted as I pulled my dick out and shot my load of come all over her back. She looked at me, and kissed me. “I think I better get going. I had a lot of fun!” She told me. We then kissed each other again, and both of us went out separate ways.

Flashback to the present

About this time I look down at my watch and realized I better get back to the stage to the crew so I took off running. Halfway down the hall I stopped and then heard someone whispering in my ear “Call me sometime!” I turned around to see Alicia Keys as she handed me a card with her phone number on it, and we kissed. She then ran off to the stage to get ready for her performance, and I knew if it was anything remote to what we had done I would not want to miss this.

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