Alicia’s Life After Hollywood

“Alicia’s Life After Hollywood – part 1”

I know that many of you haven’t heard from Alicia Silverstone lately.
You probably were wondering what she has been up to lately. Well,
basically after several flops in movies and gaining a few pounds, she
went into hiding of sorts, trying to distance herself from the glitz and
the glam of Tinseltown. A few weeks ago, she distanced herself from me
to. I was her boyfriend for 7 months. I am feeling kind of pissed off
about the situation still. She said she wanted to “start over” or
something, so she ended our relationship. Well, to exact a bit of
revenge about her, I have decided
to make her personal life private. I
am going to tell you about the first sexual encounter her and I had.
This is the first time I will tell this… but it may not be the last of
our experiences that I share with you.

So we were on our 6th or 7th date, typical home video and ordering food.
She was so uptight about being seen in public. She thought she was a
much bigger star than she actually was. All we had done up to this point
was kiss a few times with tongue and I squeezed her butt on 2 different
occasions as we were kissing. Real uptight about that stuff to. Well on
this night I had a plan.

I had a bottle of champagne that I spent a fortune on. I was gonna try
and loosen her up. I also slipped a few shots worth of vodka into her
glass when she went to the bathroom. Hehehe. I was desperate. She came
back in and chugged it down, saying “mmmm I am thirsty…can I have some
more?” I grinned and filed it back up to the brim. She was already
acting a little more airheaded than normal, so I knew the alcohol was
kicking in.

She suggested that we take our glasses to the couch and sit. She laid
down and put her big feet on my lap. I rubbed them as she moaned “mmmmmm
…. mmmmm… mmmmmmmmm” and rambled on in a now drunkened state. Her
eyes began to wonder as she told me about how she hasn’t dated that much
in the last few years, and that I was the most serious boyfriend she
ever had. This was her way of flirting with me. She began to stare at me
longer and longer, then it happened. She glanced down at my dick. I
didn’t figure it out at first, but it finally sunk in my mind. She
licked her lips probably without even knowing she did so. I felt the
blood pump to my genitals. Alicia’s feet were really warm on my leg,
inches from my cock, and her toes were wiggling. She just kept staring
and staring at my crotch, and the attention was causing my dick to kind
of jerk around and begin to grow. I couldn’t hide my erection at this
point. The attention was too much for me, and I felt my cock jerk inside
my shorts.

“What are you looking at?” I said with a sarcastic glare in my voice.
“Wha? What? Umm uh n-n-nothing.” she said, snapping out of her daze and
looking away. “Yes you were Alicia. That was bad of you. I saw you. You
are a bad girl.” “W-w-what do you mean? What are you talking about? I
j-j-j” she felt nervous. “It’s okay baby. Everyone gets horny every now
and then. It’s only natural. Were you looking at my cock Alicia?” She
glanced at the floor, then bit her bottom lip and looked back at it.
“Alicia… you can look at it. Dont be nervous. Do you want a closer
look? Just tell me.” She hesitated and then said “well I … I… I have
always been curious. I have never seen a….. a… a COCK up in person
before.” She stared more, then looked into my eyes. “C-can I see it? Can
I see your dick? Please?” She looked me in the eyes and I nodded.

I stood right in front of her, my crotch right at eye level. I reached
down and took her hand in mine, then pressed it against my hard cock in
my shorts. She squeezed my cock through the material, then suddenly
jerked her hand away. She shook her head. She reached up and traced the
outline of my cock. She moved her fingers tantalizingly to the head of
it and pressed gently. I could feel my knees knocking. The feeling of
her gentle hand on me was too much.

I moved away and knelt between her thighs. I put one hand on one of her
knees, the other hand on the other. I pressed my lips to her inner
thighs and ran my lips all the way up to her crotch, and then moved my
lips down her other thigh to her knee. “Oh, God, I love that,” she said
softly. I reached up and unsnapped her shorts. She moved her butt off
the couch for a second, and tugged at the hem, pulling them and her
panties down with one movement. I pulled them down to her ankles, and
she kicked them aside. I looked up — right into her thick brown muff.
She had dark brown pubic brown hair, and her thick pussy hair appeared
even darker and richer than the hair on her head.

I could see her inner lips, moist and pink, protruding out slightly from
her outer lips. I stuck out my tongue and ran it up her thigh again,
this time lifting her legs over my shoulders. With that angle and
position, I could even see her ass hole as she parted her legs, bending
them at the knees, using my shoulders for support.

I kissed down, down, down. My tongue reached her cunt. I licked her
pussy lips softly, moving my tongue gently across the folds of skin. She
jerked and moaned, and whimpered. I licked upward, from the bottom of
her snatch to the top, tasting her pussy cream with the tip of my
tongue. Then, I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit. She moaned
loudly, and her knees began to shake. My cock was throbbing and I was
going to cum soon, just from what I was doing to her.

I licked a little harder, and then inserted my tongue into her pussy.
She came, nearly knocking me over with the jerking movements of her
legs. I kept my mouth to her cunt, turning my head sideways, kissing her
on the lips, just as if they were a pair of facial lips.
She came again, this time shouting my name. Then, she moved her legs off
my shoulders and sat up straight.

All of a sudden, she moved off the couch and knocked me over, grabbing
my shorts and tugging at them. “C-c-can I try some stuff?” she shyly
asked. She pulled my shorts off and had my cock in her hand in about ten
seconds. Her warm, wet mouth moved to my dick as she grabbed it at the
base. She took it in her mouth with one quick movement, and I could feel
my cock at the back of her throat as she made swallowing motions. The
sensation could drive you nuts. I felt her build up a suction, and she
slowly moved up on my dick, then back down on it as she moved her tongue
to the bottom of my dick head, pressing my cock against the roof of her
mouth. Her fingers were fiddling with my balls, tugging at the skin

I had to act fast or I would cum in her mouth. I laid Alicia on her back
and got in between her legs. She was squirming away a little, like she
was scared and having 2nd thoughts of getting fucked for the first time,
but I had to give it to her. She would thank me later. I rubbed my head
up and down her wet pink slit. She whimpered in nervousness and
continued to back up a little. I flung her legs up on my shoulders and
before she could move away, I lunged deep into Alicia’s wet warm pussy.
“HHHMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm” was all I could hear. I bottomed out in her cunt.
This must have been her first time, because she was really holding back
her moans. She just whined and kinda sobbed without the tears as I moved
in and out. The feeling was so amazing. This was not my first pussy, but
by far the best. I caressed her tits as I squish squashed in and out of
her faster and faster. “Uh…uh… relax Alicia… ah it will AH it will
feel better if you relax” I said as I pumped her hard. Her feet and toes
were curled and her eyes were shut tightly. She was holding her breath
for a few seconds and then let out a “mmmmmmm uhhhhmmmmmm mmmmmm” long
little moans, before holding her breath again. Like I said, uptight as

I pulled out and rolled her on her stomach. It was kind of funny because
when I pulled out and put her on her stomach, she must have thought I
was done because she got up on her elbows and it looked like she was
trying to stand up when I sunk into her hot cunt from behind. “AHHHHHHHH
MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm” she cried out as I really stuck it to her pussy from
behind and started to pump. Her arms gave out and she just laid there,
limp, on her belly, doing that same moaning/sobbing thing like a puppy.
I didn’t care any more about being “loving” or “nice”, damn I just
wanted to fuck this bitch and cum. I know she was from Holywood and my
girlfriend and all but guys have needs to ya know.

I pumped her for several minutes from behind, rubbing her ass and
massaging it. Then I pulled her back on to me, and tried to get her to
ride me while sitting on my lap. I was moving her whole body as she just
sat there. After a minute of lifting her up and down on my cock, I got
tired so I just let her sit on it. Two seconds after she was sitting on
my cock, she finally did a cork screw while on my dick and turned to
face me. That is when she loosened up and started to ride me real good.
I just laid back and watched this former star bounce up and down with a
look or lust on her face and a bit of pain from the first feel of cock
in her. This whole feeling made my nuts start to twitch. I could feel
the rising feeling that told me orgasm was imminent. I could feel my
stomach muscles tighten, and it seemed that she knew I was going to cum,
too. That is when she did the unexpected.

She slid off of my cock completely. I was disappointed for a second and
was about to scream about blue balls or something when I felt her mouth
engulf my cock and bob up and down humming. “OHHH AHHHH
ALICIAHHHHHHHH!!! AH AH!!!” I couldn’t control my voice or my body. She
sucked harder and faster, grabbing my cock at the base and stroking it
in time with her mouth movements.

With a loud grunt, I came, shooting my load in her mouth. She sucked and
swallowed, the squishy sounds of her swallowing actually turning me on
even more.

She kept my cock in her mouth for another minute as it slowly deflated
in size, but it stayed, for the most part, hard.

Then she lay beside me on the floor, her chin in her hand. She jumped
up, ran to the bathroom, and I heard her swish around some mouthwash,
before running out and laying back down. I looked at her oddly, still
out of breath. I gave her the look of “just how many cocks have you
sucked exactly??” Before I said something like that, which would have
insulted her obviously, so giggled and said “dont worry i dont do this
all the time. This is actually my first time with any of this. I saw
that in a porno… you know… the whole sucking thing… and no i dont
watch pornos all the time I just..” she laughed again. “Well did it feel
good when I sucked it?” “Alicia it felt…. it felt…. oh gosh…” She
laughed and put her hand on my balls and cock, playfully tickling it and
rubbing it up and down. “That good huh?” she said wth a grin, “well I’ll
have to remember that for next time….” “NEXT TIME!?!?” I asked. “Oh
yeah.” she said with a smile. She put her head on my chest and fell
asleep holding my cock.

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