Alicia’s Revenge

Alicia’s Revenge (mf, mff, nc, bond)

Luke was drunk, he was at a club up in the Hollywood Hills drowning
his sorrows.

He couldn’t believe that bitch Neve Campbell had dumped him.

Well, she’d pay, one way or another, Luke mused as he gulped his

Then he heard a familiar voice behind him.

It was Alicia Silverstone, Neve’s sometime-antagonistic roomate.

Alicia and Neve were at that time two struggling actress sharing a
apartment in the wrong part of Hollywood.

Luke had in fact, met Alicia first and asked her out.

It was on that first date,
of course, when they had bumped into her
roomate Neve.

Luke had finished the date, but he strategically called when he know
Alicia wouldn’t be home, and moved in on Neve.

Not that she had any reservations about stealing a guy from Alicia.

She never did.

"Hey Luke, I heard what happened, I’m sorry it didn’t work out between

"I can’t believe the dumb bitch just up and dropped me, just like
that!" He looked at her, and noticed that she was a little hurt.

It was then he remembered that he had asked Alicia out first, all
those weeks back. "Well," she started tentatively, "have you tried
calling her?"

" She won’t return my calls," he replied.

"You could come home with me. That is, to try to talk to her in
person. She have to talk to you then. At the very least, you’ll get
an explaination."

The possibilities whirled through Luke’s mind.

Was she coming on to him ?

More importantly, maybe this would be a good chance to see Neve face
to face, to give that little cock-tease a peice of his mind.

Alicia opened the door to her apartment, and it was dark.

She motioned for Luke to come in after her.

They saw the light under Neve’s door, and heard her telephone voice
softly in the darkness.

Alicia suggested, "Let’s go into my room and see who she’s talking

Luke walked over to Alicia’s bedroom and listened through the wall.
She came in after him and shut the door behind her.

"Maybe…" she started, but then he cut her off.

"Shhh!" He strained to make out her words, but he could barely hear.
Then he felt her hand on his shoulder. He shrugged it off roughly,
but she was persistent. When he reached to push her hand away, he
accidently brushed against a soft breast through her soft sweater. He
jerked his hand back, embarassed.

She didn’t make any move to cover up or look mad. Instead, she looked
thoughtfully at him and a devilish look crossed her face.

"I know what you need!" she whispered, as she dropped to her knees.
Her hands went up to his fly, looking for the zipper.

Luke couldn’t believe what was happened.

Is this girl insane?

He tried to stop her hands, but Alicia wouldn’t take no for an answer.
He looked down, and saw her looking up at him, longingly, with her big
pouty lips. Beyond her face were her breasts jutting out, over her
tan legs folded under her with the hem of her mini-skirt riding up her

"Oh what the hell," Luke muttered, as he lowered his hands, freeing
her to undo his pants. I guess there are worse ways for a girl to be
crazy, he thought to himself.

Alicia Silverstone pulled out his soft cock and touched the head with
the tip of her tongue. She felt it shudder, as the member started to
grow. As it rose, she opened her mouth and put as much in as she
could. She closed her lips on it and drew back, wetting his hardening

"Mmmmm" Luke whispered, as he undid his belt.

She started to move her head up and down, taking the length of his now
rigid cock in her mouth.

Her tongue swirled around it, as she gently carressed his balls.

Luke started thrusting his hips as she took him in. Alicia swayed on
her knees in rythm with his movements, sawing his cock in and out of
her mouth.

Then he reached out, grabbed the back of her head, and started to fuck
Alicia’s face, each thrust he would push it in as far as it could, and
she started to gag, but he didn’t stop, and slid it in and out, deeper
each time.

Finally, Alicia gaged and broke away from his grip.

She turned her head and coughed.

Luke reached down and picked her up by her arms.

Before Alicia knew it, he stood her up and turned her facing away from

Alicia was pushed into the wall, catching herself with her hands. She
felt his hands reach around her and grab her tits through her sweater,
as his body closed in behind hers.

"Oh yeah, I know what you want, Alicia" he whispered into her ear.
His hands went down to her waist, one hand went roughly up her
sweater, under her bra, mauling her bare teenage tit.

Luke rubbed and fingered her nipple until it was hard.

His other hand pulled her skirt up around her waist.

Alicia tried to move her hands down, but he pushed his body against
hers, and she had to stop herself with her hands from slamming her
face into the wall.

"Yeah, don’t fight it. You know you want it Alicia"

His fingers went down to her crotch and cupped her sex, working their
was around her panties into her snatch. Luke pushed his throbbing
cock against her round ass, pinning her, as his finger found her clit.

Luke rubbed Alicia’s clit roughly, finding it suprisingly wet so

He knew what he wanted, his hand pulled the crotch of her panties
aside, and he guided his cock up against her cunt.

"No, wait …" Alicia protested.

"Shut up, you bitch actress, I’m going to take you here and now," as
he violently thrust upwards into her, his cock penetrated Alicia’s wet
cunt, all the way until his thighs pressed against her soft ass.
"Ohhhh", Alicia gasped, as he held his cock hard as far up as it would
go, then he slowly backed out until he was almost out, then he rammed
it back up again.

With each thrust, his legs slapped her ass, as he fucked her hard. He
continued to maul her breasts as she held herself from the wall. As
they fucked, she could feel his urgency pumped into Alicia, with his
hot breath on her long blonde hair,her neck and his hands all over her
teenage body. Faster and faster, Luke fucked Alicia Silverstone,
until his cock erupted, sending pulses of cum into her.

After he pumped is load into her, he pulled out, and walked over to
the bed, collapsing on top.

Alicia turned and looked at him, catching her breath.

Then that same smile returned.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh yeah, that was great," he sighed, closing his eyes. "Maybe for
you it was you bastard." then she paused, smiled and said, "and it
was for me, too, in a different way." a wild look coming into her
eyes. With that, she marched over to the door, straightening her
sweater and pausing to peeling off her ripped panties.

Alicia opened the door and exited, turning to barge into Neve’s room.

Neve Campbell was lying on the bed, doing her nails. "What the…"

Alicia reached up her skirt between her legs and withdrew her wet
fingers, sticking them in Neve’s face.

"Taste that, bitch. Know what it is? That’s Luke’s cum!"

"You’re fucking crazy Alicia, what are you talking about?"

By this time, Luke had jumped up to see what the hell Alicia was up
to, as Alicia said this, he entered the room, zipping up his pants.

"Why, you, you little whore! This is how you try to spite me, you
cheap slut?!, you little cock sucking tramp!"

Alicia slapped her hard, sending Neve sprawling back on the bed. "You
little bitch! I’ll show you who’s a tramp!"

Alicia jumped on Neve and straddled her chest. Before either of them
knew, Alicia had slapped her again, stunning Neve. She looked around
and saw a pair of pantyhose, and quickly tied Neves hands through the

"Wh-what… you bitch! let me go!"

Alicia slapped her again, silencing her. When she saw that Neve was
immoble, she knew she had her where she wanted her.

"You’re the little slut Neve, not only stealing men from me, but
stealing parts from me, going behind my back talking to producers….
Well tonight Neve I showed you, I’ve got your precious Luke’s cum
dripping down my leg, because he fucked ME, now, the best you’ll get
Neve is his sloppy seconds, after it’s been in my cunt."

“ Look Alicia, I can explain —-”

Neve’s words were cut off as Alicia slid up Neve’s body, until she was
straddling Neve’s face, Neve Campbell tried to thrash her head, but
Alicia locked her legs around Neve’s face.

"Eat it, you bitch. Eat it, and taste Luke !"

Alicia grabbed Neve’s hair and started pulling it, until Alicia let
out a scream. "Eat it, or I swear, I’ll pull ever damn hair out of
your head!"

Luke stood amazed at what was occuring before him, that Alicia was so
evil and Neve so helpless.

He also couldn’t help noticing how completely raunchy the scene was,
better than any Hollywood production and that probably this was the
best performance the two

actresses would ever give, the scene with one hollywood teen actress
forcing the other to eat his cum out of her cunt.

Neve cried out, as Alicia tugged on her hair, and was forced to lick
her tight teenage cunt.

Luke’s cum rubbed off Alicia’s inner thigh onto Neve’s face, as more
fluid dripped onto her reluctant tongue touching the wet pussy of her

Alicia started to moan and closed her eyes as Neve was forced to do
her work, but Alicia never let go of the hair.

Luke couldn’t contain himself, he walked over to the bed.

"Oh yeah, Neve you bitch. You think you can dump me and get away with
it?" Alicia opened her eyes and turned around, to find Luke on the
bed, ripping off Neve’s shorts and panties as her legs thrashed.

"Go ahead, give it to her Luke, fuck the little slut, that’s all she
is, anyways, a cheap Hollywood fuck whore, make her SCREAM."

Luke finally worked the shorts off and grabbed each ankle.

Neve’s long thin legs were spread out before him.

He pushed them back, bending her legs against her body, spreading them
wider, revealing the thin black hair of her bush.

Luke moved up and put his now raging cock aganist Neve’s slit. She
squirmed, but Alicia held her chest down and he held her legs tightly.
He rubbed the dry cunt a couple times with his still wet cock,
moistening her opening with Alicia’s and his juices still covering

Luke he thrust his cock into her, making her shriek into Alicia’s
cunt. As he started fucking her, he let go of her legs, pinning her
lower body now with his rod. Neve thrashed her body, struggling
against the ropes holding her wrists and Alicia’s wieght on top of

Luke pushed Neve’s t-shirt up and rubbed her tits as he fucked. Her
nipples became hard between his thumb and fingers.

When he twisted them, she screamed.

"Shut up, bitch, and keep eating!" screamed Alicia, as she tightened
her grip on Neve’s hair.

Luke continued to punish her cunt, as Alicia moaned louder and louder.

Finally, she came, almost drowning Neve with her girl cum.

That sent Luke over the edge, as he unloaded into Neve’s helpless

After Luke caught his breath, he quickly got up and redid his Jeans.

"Going somewhere Luke? We’re not done with her just yet" Alicia
taunted, with that she pulled herself off Neve’s face.

"Yeah, but I’m leaving, but I’ll be back. This is too good not to
call for some reinforcements…."

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