Alien Abduction 2: Alyssa Milano

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading.

Alyssa Milano
By Wonder Mike

Qwerty and Tiny where disappointed that the lead they
found at the F.B.I didn’t pan out, agent Scully was so deep
under cover that she was of no use, they decided to go a
different route.

Tiny told Qwerty about three sisters who had magical powers, they
might be able to send them home, Qwerty was ready to try anything,
so he agreed.

Tiny explained that they were really powerful together, their best plan
of action was to capture one of them and convince her to
help them.

They decided on the youngest sister, Phoebe Haliwell, she didn’t have a
power, so she couldn’t hurt them, she also had visions, she would be the one
who could
find them a way home.

It was three in the morning, Alyssa Milano had just come in from bar hopping

with Shannon, she was tired and horny, she had worn her silk mini dress, but
she still hadn’t found a guy who wanted her for herself, they only wanted the
she was really frustrated.

She had only been married for a short while, she found her husband was just
like all
the other guys, he was cute an attentive, but he soon began treating her like a
instead of a wife.

She thought she heard a noise behind her, but maybe she was just paranoid,
well, even paranoid people have enemies, she opened her door and went in, she
turned and locked it, but when she turned around again there were two men
standing there.

She screamed "Who the fuck are you two." Qwerty told her there was no need to
worry, they weren’t going to hurt her they needed her help. Alyssa slowly
backed away, she had heard about stalkers, and she didn’t want any trouble.

Tiny told her they knew she was a witch, they were from another planet and
they just wanted to go home. Alyssa began to laugh hysterically, they thought
she was Phoebe.

She said "Listen honey, Phoebe is just a character that I play on a television
show, my name is Alyssa Milano." Qwerty told her she didn’t have to but on an
act, they weren’t here to expose her and her sisters, they only wanted to get

Alyssa tried to explain again, that she wasn’t a witch, and that she didn’t
have any powers, she knew it was hopeless though, it was obvious that these men
were insane, she only hoped that they weren’t dangerous.

Tiny whispered to Qwerty that it didn’t look like she was going to help on her
own, they would have to convince her in their own special way. Alyssa grabbed
the can of mace that she kept in her purse, she told them to stay away.

Tiny disappeared and reappeared behind her, he grabbed the mace from her, he
told Tiny he was right, they were going to have to do this the hard way, Qwerty
dropped his pants, Alyssa knew what was coming next, she tried to break away,
but Tiny was too strong.

Tiny was going to change her mind himself, he ripped her dress off, she stood
naked in front of him, Qwerty warned her not to run, Tiny whipped out his cock,
it was a rock hard eight inches, Alyssa looked at it and thought it looked
nice, she looked up at Tiny again, she had thought he looked weird when she
first saw him, now she thought he looked a lot like Brad Pitt.

Tiny grabbed her by her huge tits, he ran his hands all over them, he then
began to squeeze her nipples, Alyssa began to moan, her tits where very
sensitive. It had been so long since her husband had touched her, she thought
maybe he had set this up, she had told him about a rape fantasy she had. She
decided to play along.

Alyssa reached down and grabbed Tiny by the cock, she began to stroke it
wildly, she would give her husband a real show, she knew he must be somewhere
watching, she bent over and wrapped her full lips around Tiny’s cock, he let
out a yelp,
and then started to fuck her face.

Alyssa easily swallowed his entire cock, she grabbed him by the ass forcing
his cock deeper down her throat, Qwerty stood behind her and slipped a finger
into her ass, she started to rock back and forth.

Tiny grabbed her by the pony tail of her hair, he pulled it straight up into
the air and started to fuck he face harder and faster, Alyssa screamed "Fuck me
honey," she didn’t have to tell Tiny twice, he spun her around like a top so
she was facing
away from her, he grabbed her by the hips and rammed his cock into her cunt.

Alyssa screamed and immediately slammed back onto his cock, she was thrashing
around wildly as she fucked him as hard as she could, Tiny had never had a
woman like that before, he just stood there with his hands on his hips as she
rode him, he was just on a mission to keep from cumming to soon.

Qwerty called him a pussy and told him to fuck her, Alyssa screamed "Right
pussy, fuck me." Tiny grabbed her around the waist and started to pump it to
her, Alyssa only yelled "harder" Tiny did the best he could to accommodate her,
he grabbed her by the pony tail and started thrusting as hard as he could.

Each thrust tiny took sent Alyssa flying forward, he yanked her back by the
pony tail each time, she was wiggling her ass from side to side as he pummeled
her. Tiny’s cock then doubled in size, Alyssa screamed at the top of her lungs,
she had never had anything that big inside of her, Tiny rammed his giant cock
all the way inside of her again.

It took Alyssa a couple of seconds, but she quickly adapted to the new size,
she didn’t know what happened, but she knew it felt good, she again started to
slam back onto his cock, Tiny couldn’t believe it, this witch was hot, he
started to ram his cock into her harder and harder, Alyssa only moaned

Tiny yanked his cock out of her, she screamed at him, he laid on his back and
ordered her to ride him, she jumped up and hopped on his cock, she started
thrashing her head around as she bounced up and down on the giant cock, she had
her third orgasm, she started riding him even harder.

Tiny started to thrust up into her, Alyssa’s eyes rolled back into her head,
all the two alien’s could see where the whites of her eyes, she leaned over and
wrapped her arms around him, she slammed her cunt down on his cock as hard as
she could, Tiny’s cock double in size again. Alyssa screamed at the top of her

She began to go into convulsions, Tiny slowly began to thrust up into her
again, she was pulling at her own hair, Tiny began to thrust a little harder,
she tried to speak, but only low guttural noises made it out, her juices came
squirting down her legs and she passed out.

Tiny lifted her off his cock, he laid her on her back and placed his cock on
the tip of her tongue, he began to stroke it until he started to cum. He came
and came until he completely filled her mouth with his seed, and he came some
more, it came spilling out down her chin, he rolled her over to her side so she
wouldn’t choke and die.

Alyssa Milano had no idea how long she had been out, she thought she must
have had the most wonderful dream ever, she than saw Qwerty and Tiny standing
over her, Tiny asked her to help them get home, Alyssa said she could cast a
spell. But Tiny had to use his wonderful cock on her again, Qwerty told her he
would be the one to give it to her.

Alyssa screamed "No," and threw herself at Tiny’s feet, she started licking
his legs and begged him to fuck her again, he told her he would if she was
still standing when his partner got though with her, Alyssa decided she would
fuck Qwerty senseless if it meant getting another fucking from Tiny.

She spun around so she was facing Qwerty, he pulled out his cock. It was
twelve inches long, Alyssa thought it was nice, but it wasn’t as big as Tiny’s,
she started to lick up and down the shaft, Qwerty patted her head like she was
a dog, he than reached down and cupped one of her breast. Alyssa grabbed her
other breast and lifted it up to her mouth, she began to suck her nipple.

She reached between her legs and began to rub her clit, it was still a little
sore, but she was dripping wet, she wrapped her luscious lips around Qwerty’s
cock and tried to swallow it whole, she managed to gobble down ten inches of
it, she then began to slowly finish the rest, it was a tough journey but she
managed to deep throat him.

Qwerty laid her on her back, he threw her legs over her shoulders and buried
his cock deep into her cunt, she cooed as he entered her, she wrapped her legs
around him and started to roll from side to side, Qwerty started to slowly pump
his cock into her, Alyssa started to thrust her hips up into him, she moaned

Qwerty started to pump faster and faster into her, Alyssa started to thrust
her hips upward harder, Qwerty put his arms underneath her and lifted her off
the ground, Alyssa than felt her pussy being stretched again, Qwerty’s cock was
getting fatter and fatter inside of her, all she could do was groan "Yes"
Qwerty began to ram it to her.

Qwerty had turned his cock into a square, Alyssa could barely breathe now, he
fucked her even harder, he then turned it into a pyramid, Alyssa tried to thank
him but she still couldn’t speak, he then turned the pyramid upside down,
Alyssa was about to pass out again, Qwerty couldn’t have that, he turned his
cock normal again.

Qwerty then form a T at the base of his balls, he locked Alyssa on his cock,
he than stood up with it still inside of her, he started to swing her back and
forth on
his cock, Alyssa finally managed to catch her breath, she wrapped her arms
around her neck and began to swing on her own, Qwerty began lifting her up and
down, Alyssa
began to scream for more.

Qwerty made his cock fatter again, he kept making it fatter, it was soon the
size of an egg plant, she was still swinging back and forth on his cock, she
her arms around his neck even tighter, now it was Qwerty who couldn’t breathe,
he had to finish her off now, he made his cock grow even fatter, Alyssa was
out cold.

Qwerty than shot his load into her cunt, the force of it knocked her off his
cock, he dropped her slowly to the ground and began to spray her with his seed,
she laid
on her back and opened her mouth and swallowed as much as she could, she than
fell over unconscious.

It was night again when she woke up, the two alien’s asked her how she could
help them get home, Alyssa told them that she knew someone who could help, they
would have to persuade her thought. She told them where they could find Holly
Marie Combs. Alyssa knew it had been even longer for her since she had gotten
fucked, Holly would
do anything to repay her for this too.


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