Alien Abduction: Who Done It? Killer Anal – Episode 3 part ii

Title: Alien Abduction: Who Done It? Killer Anal – Episode 3 part ii

Author: X-tremeFAN

Content Codes: Anal, death, rape, MF, voy

Celebrities: Andre 3000, Beyonce, Big Boi, Jay-Z

Disclaimer: Be aware that this story is for adults only and should not be construed as a true story in any way. It is pure fantasy and for non-commercial use only.

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Andre 3000, Big Boi, Jay-Z and Beyonce found themselves sprawled out on a solid metallic floor wondering what the hell was going on. One second ago Big Boi was holding a semi-automatic pistol to Beyonce’s head threatening to pop her, and then there was a flash of light blinding the four. But how did they end up here?

Andre 3000 and Big Boi were no longer armed and Jay-Z sneered. He stood up facing them relieved that somehow his shackles had been removed and now he was able to kick some heads in.

“Now hang on just a minute”, Big Boi said as he and Andre 3000 backed away.

“He fucking raped me J”, Beyonce screamed angrily, pulling at dry blood in her hair.

Big Boi was adamant.

“Now, now. I didn’t rape her. That was all Andre. All I did was take your wheels for a spin.”

“O come on man”, Andre 3000 said.

“What can I say bro.”

Jay-Z looked like he was about to lurch forward and charge the pair when a booming computer generated voice reverberated around the room.

“Hello. Please stop what you’re doing and listen. I am Peaches. I am a quantum computer spacecraft from another galaxy far away and I travel around here and there watching and bringing justice to the Universe. I am the judge, jury and!”

Jay-Z backed off to protect Beyonce from what he deemed might be a threat whilst Big Boi looked at Andre 3000 with a grin.

“You don’t sounds like a Peaches. What’s the dealio?” Big Boi said.

“I’m not a man you can be assured of that. I have beamed you up to talk about what I sensed to be a grave injustice. Due to limitations in my programming I must hear that you understand and are clear about who deserves to be punished.”

Beyonce pointed at Big Boi and Andre 3000 speaking quickly, “Those two bullies over there raped me, anally, and they were going to shoot us.”

“Who us? We would never.” Andre 3000 and Big Boi lied in chorus looking all innocent like.

“And they stole my car and trashed it”, Jay-Z added for good measure.

Peaches coughed like it was clearing its throat but in a enjoying it kind of way.

“Is this true?”

“Nah man”, Big Boi answered. “I mean some of it’s true but only because she took some music tracks from us and didn’t give us a cut. She got what was coming to her.”

“So it is true”, Peaches asked seeking clarification.

“Well we didn’t shoot them.”

“Derr”, Beyonce said pouncing on the admission. “But you were gunna!”

Andre 3000 lost his patience.

“Look man are you gunna probe us or what because I’ve got stuff to do.”

Big Boi laughed.

Peaches paused for a few seconds creating an uncomfortable silence before continuing, “Where were we. You were saying she stole from you?”

“He’s lying”, Beyonce said cutting in. “I mean he may have had some input but it was off the cards. He’s only pissed the song went double-platinum.”

Andre 3000 and Big Boi remained silent.

“And consequently they stole your car, raped you in the ass and were gunna shoot you until I interrupted.”

The computer generated voice sounded like it was smiling.

“No”, Big Boi said adamantly


It was Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s turn to speak in chorus.

“Well yes kind of”, Big Boi admitted.

He couldn’t lie to save himself.

“Okay then”, Peaches said. “Now we have that all straight I think the only repercussion possible is for the young lass here to return the favour and rape your asses like you did hers. With a strap-on of course.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z started laughing.

“Yeah bitches your asses are mine”, Beyonce teased her eyes blazing red.

Andre 3000 thought this could be an easy way out.

“Hhmmm well”, he said raising his eyebrows.

But Big Boi was not amused.

“There’s no way in hell I’m taking it in the ass.”

Peaches made himself perfectly clear that he was in no mood to negotiate.

“You can either take it in the ass or you can forever be entombed in the vacuum of space once of course your insides boil and your eyeballs explode.”

“That’s not much of a choice”, Big Boi claimed. “I think I’m gunna have to choose hhmmm… death.”

“Done!” Peaches stated and with a flash of light Big Boi disappeared, teleported outside the spaceship where he couldn’t possibly survive and where he would never be found. He was just another piece of space trash. “If his plan was a way out he failed. If he was just being a smart ass he failed. Now let us get on with the show – I mean… trial.”

Jay-Z and Beyonce cheered and hi-fived each other.

“Strap me up Peaches”, Beyonce said.

Peaches quietly quivered a slow exhale to himself as a bench elevated out of the floor. A black strap-on dildo ten inches long and almost two inches wide sat atop of it like a display at a gallery.

“Damn”, Andre 3000 cried not sure whether he was more shocked at Big Boi’s sudden departure or the size of the dildo.

“This is state of the art technology”, Peaches stated. “When you strap in on it will sync itself to your central nervous system and you will feel the dildo as if it were the real thing. It will throb in time with your thoughts and feelings. You will even be able to experience an ejaculation from go to wo.”

“No shit”, Jay-Z said wasting no time in inspecting the gadget.

“Yes. As he shall be punished for his misgivings so shall the young lass here understand why he chose the path he did.”

Beyonce was pantyless and hardly heard Peaches as she slipped into the strap-on dildo in an instant.

“Uh huh”, she said looking at Andre 3000, her dress up around her waist.

Beyonce stroked the dildo and felt intense pleasure around the head and shaft. Her heart rate increased and her hips felt like they wanted to gyrate increasing the pleasure.

“Whoa!” Beyonce hesitated. “I mean, bend over bitch.”

Jay-Z was watching on with satisfaction.

“You heard the lady”, he said.

“Please undress and bend over the bench”, Peaches asked Andre 3000 in a slightly less than sultry tone of voice.

“Damn”, Andre 3000 repeated stepping forward and dropping his jeans. “I’m not taking off my shirt.”

Jay-Z lashed out and grabbed Andre 3000 behind the neck slamming him down onto the bench. As Andre 3000 tried to pull back and retaliate parts of the bench changed from a solid to a liquid metal, latching onto his waist, wrists and feet with cuffs, and then returned to the hardened state.

“Come on man”, Andre 3000 said getting more annoyed at his lack of control of the situation.

Beyonce laughed this time.

“You keep saying that”, she said with glee.

“Fuck him B”, Jay-Z demanded to another quiet throat quiver from Peaches.

Beyonce took her position behind Andre 3000 but she wasn’t quite tall enough to do the dirty.

“Oops let me fix that”, Peaches said as the floor beneath her lifted to the perfect step height.

“You have to spit on it B”, Jay-Z instructed Beyonce in the art of penetration.

“It feels too good”, she iterated.

“You wait ’til it’s in there”, Jay-Z said laughing.

“Come on get it over with”, Andre 3000 demanded.

“I’m going to enjoy every second of this”, Beyonce retorted parting Andre 3000’s buttocks with her fingers and pushing the dildo with her hips so it touched his sphincter.

“That’s it B shove it in there.”

“No wait, wait”, Andre 3000 cried.

Peaches couldn’t help himself but groan out loud like he was having an orgasm.

“You mean like this”, Beyonce ignored Peaches yelling in Andre 3000’s ear as she plunged the dildo deep into his anus.

The tension was written all over Andre 3000’s face as he started pulling at the restraints trying the break free. When he realised it was in vain he cried out long and painfully.


Beyonce became oblivious to Andre 3000’s pain. As she plunged the dildo into his ass all she could feel was the enormous pleasure it gave her and she couldn’t focus on anything else. Her hand had been nothing in comparison.

“O – MY – FUCKING GOD” Beyonce exclaimed, trying to slow down her hips moving to and fro which were bombing Andre 3000’s anus without even a conscious effort. “This is like whoa. I’ve never in my life!”

“You fucking bitch!”

Jay-Z responded to Andre 3000’s insult by punching him in the jaw just enough so that it hurt without knocking him out.

“It’s your turn hoe now be a good little piece of ass and take it good.”

Andre 3000 started to moan agony in tandem with Beyonce who moaned absolute heaven.

“FUCK – ME!” Beyonce exclaimed feeling the onset of an orgasm and screaming. “You mean to tell me this is what a cock feels like?”

“O it gets better B believe me.”

Beyonce began to lose sense of her surroundings overtaken by an impending orgasm she couldn’t stop even if she tried. It was like that dildo had a mind of its own and she was nothing more than an extension of its needs. Her hips drove it deep into that anus for all its worth. And just when she thought she couldn’t take the pleasure anymore she was overtaken by her first ever ejaculation. Her hips bucked deep and the dildo throbbed to such an extent she thought she might pass out. Artificial seminal fluid began pumping into Andre 3000s colon and all she could do was hold on for dear life –

After several minutes the dildo stopped throbbing and softened a bit allowing Beyonce to finally withdraw from Andre 3000’s anus and step down off the step. Unable to continue standing up she fell to the floor spread eagled with a smile ear to ear. She began laughing.

“I think. I think that I forgive you Andre”, Beyonce managed to blurt out as she started tingling from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes.

Jay-Z started laughing and despite his annihilated ass Andre 3000 couldn’t help but chuckle between a wince or two.

“I can keep this right?” Beyonce yelled out, still laughing.

Peaches released Andre 3000 from the bench who immediately pulled his pants up.

“Justice has been served. And now it is time to go.”

“But… ”

“Wait. I have a question”, Andre 3000 said.

Peaches paused before speaking, “Alright go ahead.”

“Well I think we all want to know the meaning of life. I know these are strange circumstances we find ourselves in but I’m not going to pass an opportunity to find out.”

“And you think because I’m a quantum computer that I must know”, Peaches said laughing. “Let me leave you with this. The meaning of life is fucking hoes in the ass you dumb… ”

The trio didn’t hear the ending of Peaches speech as they we blinded by a flash of light before finding themselves back in the high beams of the Maybach Exelero.

Beyonce squealed with delight.

“It let me keep it J”, Beyonce said all smiles, flashing her dildo at Jay-Z.

Jay-Z looked at Andre 3000, “Do you need a ride?” He asked.

Andre 3000 slowly nodded knowing he didn’t really have a choice.


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