Alien Abductions 1: Gillian Anderson

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading.

Gillian Anderson
By Wonder Mike

Qwerty was sick and tired of the primate planet that was
called Earth by the inhabitants, his ship crashed in 1947,
had been stuck here ever since, he was ready to try anything,
even Tiny’s stupid plan.

Tiny was the only other survivor of the crash, they were
shape shifters and easily passed as humans.

Tiny’s plan was simple, he had seen earthlings on the
information box they like to watch, earthlings with special
knowledge of aliens. He explained that two members of the F B I
were on the look out for them, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Tiny was sure that they had information and they could be the
key to getting home, he was sure that he could get Agent
Scully to tell him everything she knew, woman always offered
to do anything he said.

The aliens got a scan of Scully on the information box, that
was all they needed to bring her to them.

Gillian Anderson was in Los Angeles, they had just finished
filming for the day, she sat in her trailer and took a nap.

Gillian was awaken by two strange men standing over her, the
told her "Please to be afraid agent Scully." Gillian knew she
was surrounded by two crazed fans.

Gillian told them she was not an F B I agent, she told them it
was just an act. Qwerty and Tiny knew it was part of the
training she received, she frequently worked under cover.

They asked her what she knew about spaceships, Gillian was
getting scared, she told them she had no information for them,
it was obvious, these guys were dangerous.

Tiny stood behind her, he told Qwerty that he needed to get
the information the special way, this earthling was pretty,
and very small, he would have fun with her.

Gillian started to tremble now, it was apparent that these
deranged men where planning to rape her, she knew she had two
choices, submit and hope that they didn’t hurt her or fight,
and hope that she wins.

Tiny pulled off her jacket and pulled her arms back behind
her, he was lightning
fast, Gillian didn’t even have a chance to move, Tiny had his
hands wrapped around her ample breast, he slipped his hands
between the buttons of her silk shirt and began rubbing her
nipples, it was too late to fight now.

Gillian was slowly getting excited, she had always had a
secret rape fantasy, if she played along, maybe these two
geeks wouldn’t hurt her, she decided not to fight them.

Gillian told them if they promised not to hurt her she would
do everything they wanted. Tiny told her they had no plans to
hurt her, they had another way to get information, pleasure
was a much more effective tool.

Qwerty lifted Gillian’s skirt, he started rubbing between
her legs, Gillian stood perfectly still, Qwerty kicked her
legs apart, Tiny pulled her down from behind, he pushed her
knees up do her chest, he then ripped off her shirt.

Qwerty thought she had weird shaped breast, but they were a
nice size, he sat on her chest and started feeding her his 8
inch cock as she held her legs, Tiny buried his tongue into
her cunt.

Gillian squealed like a school girl as his tongue entered her,
it felt like it was all the way inside of her, but she knew
that was impossible, Tiny started to shake his head from side
to side with his tongue inside of her, Gillian had her first

She didn’t even notice that she had grabbed Tiny by the hair,
she was also humping her hips onto his face, it felt like his
tongue went even deeper inside of her, she had another orgasm.
Tiny pulled away from her, she saw his face, it was covered
with her juices, that wasn’t the strange thing though, his
tongue was at least five inches long.

Gillian started to slowly suck on Qwerty’s cock, she didn’t
know why but she was excited and needed it now, she felt like
the slut she was before she became famous, she then gobbled up
his entire eight inches.

She began bobbing her head up and down faster and faster,
Qwerty grabbed her by the hair and began pulling her head up
and down, this excited Gillian even more, she hadn’t deep
throated anyone since she met Van Halen 15 years ago.

Qwerty got off of her chest, he pushed Tiny out of the way and
slammed his cock into her cunt, Gillian quickly wrapped her
legs around him and started to hump up onto his cock, Qwerty
started to slowly pump in and out of her, Gillian began to
gasp for breathe.

Qwerty was now ramming his cock into her, Gillian felt more
fulfilled than she had ever been before, Qwerty pulled her
ankles and but them behind her neck, Gillian had no idea she
was still so flexible, this had once been her favorite

Qwerty instructed her to roll over, Gillian tried to do it
without pulling out, she couldn’t though, she was stuck, she
finally managed to slide away from Qwerty, his cock had a T
shape at the base, it looked like a dog’s cock, she had been
knotted, she hadn’t noticed it before.

Gillian rolled over so she was on her hand and knees, she
wiggled her ass, Qwerty mounted her from behind, she felt the
knot go in this time, she let out a loud gasp, it was the best
thing she had ever felt.

Qwerty grabbed a handful of her long red hair, he used it as a
reign and started slamming her cunt, Gillian was screaming at
every thrust now, nobody had ever fucked her that hard before,
she started to rock back on his cock, she couldn’t match his
mighty thrust though.

Qwerty next instructed Gillian to ride him, she managed to
untie herself from his cock, he laid on his back, Gillian
reached back between her legs and began to stroke his
wonderful cock, she tried to squeeze his knot, it had changed
shaped though, it had began round and was the size of a

Gillian squatted over Qwerty and lowered herself on his cock,
she was determined to get that knot inside of her, she was
sitting directly on top of it and straining, it was too big,
Qwerty gave a mighty upward thrust, it went in.

Gillian screamed for him to go slow, Qwerty started thrusting
up into her as hard and fast as he could, his thrust lifted
her off the ground, she pleaded for mercy as she was having
orgasm after orgasm, she couldn’t handle much more of his jack

She planted her feet and started to slowly go up and down, she
was pulling off of the knot every time she rose, she used her
weight to get it back in every time she lowered herself, she
finally had accepted the size. She began going up and down
faster and faster with each stroke.

Tiny grabbed her and pulled her off, he told her Qwerty was
the warm up, he was the main course, she would tell them where
the government was hiding their space craft before this night
was through, Gillian just wanted to be fucked some more.

Tiny pulled out his eight inch cock and stuck it in Gillian’s
face, she immediately grabbed it and started to suck, she
shoved the entire thing down her throat, she had to pull out
when it doubled in size, she couldn’t believe what she had
just seen, she
had to have it inside of her.

Tiny laid on his back, Gillian jumped on his cock, Qwerty had
prepared her for this, she began jumping up and down on the
cock, she began whistling as she worked, Tiny began to thrust
into her, Gillian rocked back matching him thrust for thrust.

Qwerty stood in front of her, he shoved his cock down her
throat, she swallowed it whole, Qwerty grabbed her by the hair
and began to fuck her face, Gillian started bouncing up and
down on Tiny even harder than before, this was the greatest
moment of her life.

Tiny’s cock doubled in size again, Gillian let out a scream
that echoed through out the room. Qwerty unloaded down her
throat at the same time.

Gillian couldn’t stop screaming, Qwerty couldn’t stop cumming,
he unloaded, and unloaded directly down her throat, Gillian
was choking on the sperm, but she had to swallow as fast as
she could, it was as thick as a milkshake, and tasted even

Qwerty completely filled her mouth, it started to spill out,
she couldn’t swallow anymore. Qwerty finally stopped cumming,
he had unload about sixteen inches down her throat.

Gillian swallowed the rest of the cum in her mouth, she then
started riding Tiny, she was stretched to the max, but she was
terrified that his cock would double in size again, she had to
finish him off before it happened again.

Tiny started to thrust up into her, Gillian began to scream
again, Tiny knew he had her just where he wanted her, he
stopped thrusting and asked her were the space ships where,
Gillian screamed "I don’t know about any space ships I am just
an actress."

Tiny started to thrust again, once again Gillian began to
scream in pleasure and pain, Tiny began to thrust harder and
harder, Gillian leaned over and wrapped her arms around him,
she started to slowly bounce up and down on top of him again.

Tiny started to moan, she started to ride him even harder,
Tiny began to thrust upwards harder, he then lifted her of his
cock, he laid her on her stomach and mounted her from behind,
he then rammed his cock into her cunt again, Gillian was too
weak to raise up.

She was in a great position for Tiny, he was able to really
hammer her now, Gillian had stopped screaming, she went
completely limp, Tiny rammed her harder and faster with each
stroke, Qwerty cheered him on.

Tiny’s cock doubled in size again, Gillian lifted her head and
let out on blood curdling scream, the aliens thought she would
shatter the windows, she then fell back to the ground
completely unconscious, Tiny worked his enormous cock in and
out of the actress slowly.

His cock was so huge, Gillian’s cock was being pulled in and
out with each stroke, Tiny was slowly building up steam
though, as her cunt expanded with each stroke, he was able to
start to hammer her again, and again. He finally unloaded his
seed deep inside of her.

The lubrication his sperm provided allowed him to pull his
cock out, the sperm came pouring out of her cunt, his cock
then shrunk back to normal.

Gillian awoke hours later, they told her she must tell them
where the space ships were or they would fuck her in the ass,
Gillian screamed they were at the White House, the two aliens
released her and made the trek to Washington.

They returned from their trip where they found nothing,
Gillian was naked on her hands and knees waiting for their
return, she begged them to fuck her again, the two aliens had
other things to do. They wanted to go home.

Tiny wasn’t disappointed that they hadn’t found anything, he
knew of three sisters who had magical powers, they would
surely be able to get them home, after all. they were the
Charmed ones.


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