Alien Babe

Fic Title:Alien Babe

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Pairing:Courteney Cox/m


Summary:An extraterestrial being lands on Earth,assumes the form of Courteney Cox and goes to explore the City of Los Angeles,where a handsome scientist rescues her from a speeding car.

Warnings:Male/female sex,strong language


It had all began on the 15th day of June,which was when a strange and small spacecraft had just entered the atmosphere of our own planet Earth and landed on a deserted stretch of beach within the state of California.

After touchdown has been compleated,the
sole occupant of that ship had stepped into a small booth and pressed a button,allowing the energy of the booth to transform the being’s physical structure into that of a Hollywood actress known as Courteney Cox,who had once starred on the hit NBC-TV series entitled FRIENDS.

And then,after she had looked at her new reflection in a mirror and let out a small smile,the ship’s main view screen had turned itself on,causing the newly-transformed alien babe to turn her head towards the screen and discover that she was recieving a message from her homeworld,which was reminding her to gather as much information as she could on the humans on this planet of ours and return home with that data.

And so,after she had made a vow to her leaders that she would never fail,the alien babe had activated the computer and requested for the appropriate costume for her to wear on her survey mission.

And after the computer had caused a bikini swim-suit,a white shirt and a pair of red shoes to appear in front of her and she had put on the clothes that were given to her,the alien babe had stepped out of her starship and started walking towards the unsuspecting city of Los Angeles.

As soon as she had walked into the city,she had looked at the tall skyscraper buildings with a sense of awe,unaware that a speeding car was heading towards her and it was too late for the car’s driver to put on the brakes and stop.

But then,just as the car was about to slam right into her,a young and handsome physicist named David Springsteen had spotted what was going to happen,ran over to the alien babe and dragged her out of the way of the speeding car.

And after he had done that and was relieved to discover that she was still in one piece,a smiling David had introduced himself to the new babe–unaware that she was actually a being from outer space–and invited her to go with him over to his place,where he has a large backyard swimming pool that he was willing to share with her.

And then,after she had said ‘yes’ to that invitation,both David and the alien babe had walked all the way to his place and told her to make herself at home,while he goes into the bedroom and changes into his swim-trunks.

But then,after he had gotten his swim-trunks on and stepped out of the bedroom,the look on poor David’s face had changed into that of pure shock,for the babe that he had just rescued from getting hit by a speeding car was sitting in a chair with her swim-suit and one of her shoes off.

And after she had noticed the look of confusion on David’s face,she had asked him was there anything wrong with a scientist of his magnitude wanting to examine a perfect human female specimen.

And then,after he had given her question some thought and nodded his head slowly,the alien babe had looked at the sight of his dick bulging out of his trunks and asked him to go ahead and give her an injection.

Then,after he had figured that–at least–it would in the name of science to do so,David had taken his swim-trunks off,placed his stiff cock inside her hot,wet pussy and started sucking on her firm breasts.

And while she was running her hands all over his bare back,David had suddenly realized that he was experiencing something that he had never experienced with such a wonderfully-built babe like her before,for he was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after he had placed his stone hard number inside her asshole and used each of his hands to carress both her tits and snatch,the alien babe had placed her hands on David’s bare shoulders and started begging him to keep on fucking her and make her wanna cum.

Sure enough,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its final survey mission,the two newfound lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

But then,after both David and the alien babe had snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover’s embrace,the computer aboard the babe’s spacecraft had noticed that she was unable to make it back to the ship and contacted her homeworld for instructions.

And after they had heard from the computer about their agent’s sudden disappearence,the leaders of the babe’s home planet had ordered the computer to override the ship’s manual controls and use the automatic pilot to fly the small starship back to its homebase.

But after she had woken-up from her little nap,looked out the window and noticed the small spaceship that had brought her to Earth taking off and returning to its home base,the poor alien babe had suddenly realized that she has no other choice,but to possibly remain on Earth forever,which her homeworld’s leaders would not be too pleased about.

But then,after she had looked at one male human being that she had the honor of having sex with and noticed that he was sleeping peacefully next to her,the marooned alien babe had let out a smile,gently placed herself on top of her Earthbound lover and figured that the leaders of her home planet could just go ahead and screw themselves,for she had just realized that she was grateful to have herself placed on her new homeworld…and with her one true love.



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