Alison Brie’s Repayment

Title: Alison Brie’s Repayment

Author: The Chemist

Celeb: Alison Brie

Codes: MF, Oral

Disclaimer: This is an act of fiction. I do not know Alison Brie at all and this scenario did not actually occur. I make no money from this story.

Summary: A continuation of Super Bowl Bet with Anna Kendrick though you don’t have to read that in order to understand this story. Anna calls her kinda-boyfriend Og to help her out by picking up her friend Alison Brie at the airport.


I was laying around at my house when the call came through to my cell phone. I lived just across the Canadian border in a big city, well in Canadian standards, in Vancouver. I was from the States, in particular Los Angeles where my parents were and still are important in the film game. Though most people blamed nepotism, I also work in the industry behind the scenes just like them, but doing more assisting work and production rather than producing shows and movies like my parents.

I looked down at the caller display and saw a name that instantly made my face light up in a big smile. That name was Anna Kendrick, a girl I had been friends with for years, nearly a decade, before we finally hooked up when she came to my Super Bowl party back in January. We’d meet years before when I was working as an assistant on the Twilight movies and had remained in contact. Finally, over a silly sexual bet, we had gotten together, first with only oral sex, then later actually doing the horizontal shuffle. After that, we had hooked up several times a week as she spent 4 weeks in the area filming a movie.

“Hey Anna,” I said as I switched on the video chat option.

“Sup loser, long time no chat,” she replied, wearing shades as she sat in what looked like an outdoor cafe.

“We talked last night after you landed back in Hollywood,” I reminded her. “Man, coke really fries your brain like they say on those PSAs.”

“Screw you Og,” she laughed, calling me by my actual nickname, though she often resorted to using loser as well.

Just to remind everyone (in case you haven’t read/forgot the first story in this universe), I was named Ogden by my wealthy parents nearly 30 years ago and most of my friends shortened that and simply called me by my nickname Og. Naturally that drove my parents crazy, especially my overbearing mother, but thus I digress.

“I’d much rather you screw me actually,” I joked. “Especially since you went back home I have a feeling that I’ll be doing most of that myself though.”

“I know, I’m sad I had to leave too,” Anna said, actually showing disappointment on the portion of her face that was visible. “But we had a lot of fun…and I’m sure I’ll find myself up the coast soon for some reason or another.”

“Likewise,” I replied. “I could always justify a trip to see the parents and maybe sneak over to your place…”

“Mmhmm, maybe break in, tie me up…”

“And make sweet, dirty love to you all night,” I finished, smiles plastered on both of our faces.

“God I miss you…and your giant cock and talented mouth,” Anna huffed in more frustration.

“Right back at you. I know you only just left but I’m so fucking horny,” I told her.

“That’s actually why I’m calling,” the actress said, taking the conversation in a lateral step. “Can I ask a favor of you but I think you’ll end up being more than compensated for your time.”

“Now I like where this is going,” I said, perking up.

“You will, though no guarantees…though with her it’s as close to a slam dunk as you can get,” the Pitch Perfect star rambled.

“Less beating around the bush and get to the point,” I demanded, snapping the adorable girl out of her spiral.

“Right okay. Well the favor/bad news/part you won’t want to do…”

“Anna! Get to it or I swear the next time we get together I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit or walk right for a week,” I shouted the threat.

“And that’s suppose to deter me,” she said with a confused look. “Anyway, would you be able to drive to the airport tonight to pick up a friend of mine?”

I was a little taken aback by the question, only because I was expecting something more complicated. I know why she was building it up to be bad, after all no one likes driving to the dreaded airport, even when it was to drop off a loved one. Now she wanted me to do it for a complete stranger, however it was for Anna who was kinda, sorta my girlfriend or regular booty call or whatever the fuck we were.

“Okay I can do that,” I replied, checking my watch. “When?”

“Have I mentioned how gorgeous you are? Oh, and how big your cock is? Yeah men love compliments on that type of thing,” she replied, expertly dodging my question like a seasoned politician.

“Actually yes, you have.”

“Can I tell you who you’ll be picking up first,” Anna asked.

“When Anna,” I demanded.

“Okay this sounds bad Og but it’s at 1…forty-five…am,” she finally revealed.

“Hell that’s early,” I swore, running a hand threw my close cut sandy blonde hair. “Really early.”

“I know I know, but just think about what I’m willing to give up for it,” she replied, sliding her sunglasses down far enough so I could watch her wink.”

“No offence Anna but I’ve fucked your ass already, how much more can I really do,” I told her.

“Oh Og, you are adorable. That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Anna countered.

I took heed of this comment, actually so did my cock. I could feel my pants begin to tent at the sluttiest sentence that my quasi-girlfriend could have said. While it was very true that we had done a lot of stuff together in bed in our month together, the promise that it was only the tip of the iceberg had me very excited. So much so in fact, that I completely forgot to ask who I was getting.

Anna and I had continued to chat for the next 5 minutes or so about potential bedroom activities that we could do together, and I was surprised to find that the skinny actress had no filter. It seemed like any of the ideas I threw out, including threesomes to orgies to public sex, which was a particular kink of mine, were fair game.

One of the reasons that Anna knew it was a tall ask for me to do was that tonight was Thursday night. For most people this had little effect, but for me it was the night that I went out and grabbed a few drinks with some friends. She knew that and knew that we tended to close down the bars, mainly because Thursdays were my Fridays, I had no work the next day. This meant I couldn’t get drunk and walk home like my normal Thursday entailed, however when it came to do a favor for Anna, I was pretty chill about giving up my drinking night.

By the time I realized my folly was too late. After I hung up with Anna earlier in the evening, I texted my buddies and told them I couldn’t make the bar tonight. I could have gone for a little bit, but I didn’t have great self control so only reserving myself to a few drinks over the hours I would be there was too risky.

Instead, I cancelled on them and told them I’d be good for tomorrow night instead after our pick-up football game. They made me agree to pay for the first round, but that wasn’t too steep of a punishment, besides I made a good living and well, if I ever needed money more parents were more than willing to help out.

I eventually went for a shower to help stay awake, as I always felt shitty when having a nap this late at night. While I was getting refreshed by the warm flowing water, a text came threw to my cell phone from Anna, detailing the flight number, arrival time and gate I should be at. I didn’t get to my cell right afterwards either, as I took my time getting dressed and then even cleaned the bathroom, something I was usually too remiss to do.

Text: Anna Kendrick. Time: 12:01

Thanks again cutie. You’re the best. Even using long form of words for you, not just single letters.

Text: Anna Kendrick. Time 12:31

Hopefully you didn’t fall asleep…or at least set an alarm. I’m gonna be asleep so phone on do not disturb. Talk tomorrow.

“Shit,” I swore, having seen the messages.

It wasn’t a big deal, but it would have been nice to know which of her friends I was picking up. The star power of the girl, or guy potentially, wouldn’t have awed me given my career in the movie and TV industry, but it would have been nice to know there name. There was a good chance that they weren’t even famous, so what would I call them? Anna’s friend? How personal.

I did a little more tidying around the house, nothing major just some general clean up, loading the dishwasher and picking up any loose clothing from around the house. I still had 20 minutes to kill so I considered booting up the game console, but I didn’t want to get into anything too serious so instead I headed out.

At that time of night on Thursday there was hardly any traffic so I made most lights and before I knew it I was pulling into Vancouver’s vast airport. Karma was on my side apparently, as one of the parking meters in the short-term lot was out of order so I was able to snag the spot for free.

“Maybe they will have free coffee inside too,” I mused as I headed into the large building.

It was a simple joke to myself, but before I knew it there was a small paper cup in my hand filled with hot, surprisingly good java. One of the big chain shops in the country had their annual deal of a free small coffee for the entire week. My way to work amazingly never went by one of the cafes so I was unaware, despite their numerous ads.

“Pick up a sexy girl’s friend = good karma all night long,” I thought to myself.

I checked my phone again and noticed that I was ten minutes early so I got up the text message and checked the gate and flight number. My good luck held and I looked on the screen and saw that not only was the plane from Los Angeles on time, but it had already landed roughly 15 minutes ago. The gate wasn’t far so I made haste and before long I was taking a seat with my drinkable coffee and waiting for a woman to come up and identify me as her ride.

“Og? Ogden?”

It had barely been 2 minutes, hell I had only taken a few sips of my coffee before the somewhat familiar voice called my name from 3 feet in front of me.  The reason why I recognized the voice, despite never having met this girl before, was because she was in one of my favorite comedic shows. I started watching Community because I was a Chevy Chase fan but the group dynamic of the younger cast was dynamite and had me coming back for more…and because Annie Edison, played by Alison Brie was adorably sexy. Now that I was staring at her in the flesh, I could definitely confirm that she looked even better then on screen.

“Holy shit,” I couldn’t help but say. “You’re Alison Brie.”

“I think you said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet,” she assessed before laughing at me.

I flushed in embarrassment in my large gaffe. Having been working in the industry for most of my adult life, I was normally a lot better at containing my excitement. However there was something that made me exclaim my feelings having seen who Anna’s friend was. After all, I had a major crush on the Scream 4 star as the brunette was the complete package in my eyes: short, milky white skin, a stunningly beautiful face and massive tits.

At this point I realized I hadn’t talked in a while so I quickly got to my feet and regained some semblance of composure.

“Sorry about that. Can I take your bags,” I asked, extending an arm.

“No I’m okay,” the much shorter girl answered.

I looked at her and cocked my head at her while giving her a face that let her know how ridiculous of an idea that was. My facial expression was able to portray what I was thinking, specifically that she had 2 bags that were pushing the airline’s limit of 50 pounds each plus a medium-sized carry-on and a purse. Then there was the fact that she had spent 3 hours stuck in a tiny chair and the fact she was a mere 5’2 and maybe 110 pounds while I stood a significantly amount bigger; 6’2 and pushing 200 pounds.

“Come on, pony up the bags,” I insisted. “It’ll make me feel better about gawking a minute ago.”

“Yeah okay,” she relented with a pleasant smile. “Anna did warn me you were a gentleman.”

“Hopefully she only told you good things about me,” I said as I led her on a short walk until we exited the terminal and hit the crisp night air.

“Very good things only,” she said in a tone that was clearly flirty.

As I looked over at her as we waited for a car to pass before crossing the street into the underground parking lot, I noticed goosebump that appeared on her creamy white legs, which were numerous given her choice of wearing a mid-thigh length skirt. Although Vancouver didn’t get stereotypical winters like other parts of Canada, it was only a seasonal 68 degrees tonight and had a bitter wind coming off the ocean to boot.

We continued to walk while I kept stealing glances over at her. I hid them well, turning my head to face her as we talked about how her flight was and what brought her to my adopted country, though every time she broke eye contact with me to see where we were going I lingering on her body for only another second or two.

Of course I’m sure grabbing the attention of men was something Alison Brie was all too familiar with. Puberty may not have given her a big growth spurt height-wise, however it did wonders to endow the comedic actress with heavy assets in the front of her chest that left her well renowned. Hell, the creators of Community even named a monkey after her amazingly healthy rack. The brunette’s body type was a mix between slim and curvy; no one confused her for being a stick figure as she had some healthy meat on her bones yet she still very much had a petite feel about her.

In addition to Alison’s head-turning C-cups and her altogether amazing body, it was her gorgeous face that was the focal point of my gazing. Her big blue eyes could hold men’s attention after they were done scoping out her cleavage while her sweet smile also had a hint that there may be something naughty under her innocent beauty. She may not have initially screamed that she was a highly sexual creature given her cute appearance, but there was very much more lurking beyond her surface, especially after the brief mention Anna Kendrick had given me earlier.

“This is me,” I told the attractive actress as we approached a medium-sized blue pick-up truck.

“Oh…cool,” she replied.

I couldn’t quite place the tone of her voice as she said that, but I brushed over it without much of a care. If it was my luggage then I would have just chucked the bags over the edge of the cab, instead they belonged to a lovely lady so I undid the back and slide them in with care. Alison thanked me for the care and gave me a little peck on the cheek for my trouble before we circled to our respective sides of the truck.

As I opened my door and couldn’t help but notice that Alison had vanished from sight, only to return a second or two later. I didn’t know what that was about, nor did I really care, she probably just had to fix some article of her clothing. Regardless, the tiny actress was able to step up into the large truck as we belted up before the truck roared to life and we peeled out of the parking space.

“So you landed Anna Kendrick,” Alison said after a minute of silence.

“Ha ha. I guess I did,” I chuckled at her straight forward attitude.

“So Anna told me you really know your way around a pussy,” Alison blurted out nonchalantly after a pause of a few minutes.

“Wow. Blunt,” I replied, caught off guard by her comment. “Guess Anna doesn’t mind sharing personal details.”

Of course, from what I knew about Alison Brie, it shouldn’t have surprised me that much. Much like I had a reputation for my oral skills, as now both the Community actress and Anna Kendrick were all too familiar with, so too did Alison. Hers was based on being a dirty bird, a girl who was up for just about anything sexually, and that had me excited even before her last words.

“I have heard those rumors circulating, yes,” I replied, not wanting to be too desperate, though the idea of pleading for her to show me her amazing tits had crossed my mind.

“She’s a pretty cool chick. Also a big sex fiend which tells me you’re working a serious piece of meat,” she said in no uncertain tones.

Now with a comment like that there were several different ways to answer, which is exactly what the talent actress wanted. I could go all cocky since I could back it up, but I really hated that type of guy so I ruled that option out. Another way was to be all bashful but that could be considered childish so I went with the nonchalant choice, one that would put the ball back in her court.

“I do okay, but I’m not one to brag,” I answered.

“Not a bragger, I can respect that,” she replied, turning to face me full on. “What about being a show-er?”

“Hmmm…I guess under certain circumstances I have been known to let others gaze on it,” I countered, very intrigued as to the direction we had gone in.

“Oh come on, whip it out. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” Alison practically begged.

“You mean you got a big cock under that skirt,” I bantered back.

“Witty and funny, just my type,” the brunette said while looking me over. “Seriously though, show that thing off for me.”

It was an interesting offer but I had made up my mind as soon as she put the original offer on the table. Though my cock looked healthy while soft, it was in it’s full glory when erect where it stood a solid 8 inches long, it was also girthy to the point that one ex-girlfriend said it was better than most cocks in porn.

I played up a sigh as though I was in resignation to giving in to her. I slipped my left hand onto the steering wheel, freeing up my more coordinated right so that it could make swift work of my jeans’ button and zipper. I lifted my hips off the seat and slid the denim pants down to my knees, a position that didn’t interfere with my driving since it was an automatic transmission truck. However, instead of pulling down my plaid boxers at the same time, I stopped undressing and looked over at the beautiful girl, whose eyes were glued to my package.

“Okay time for you to pony up. You can see the real thing once you get the ladies out,” I demanded.

“Such a tease you naughty boy,” Alison replied, proceeding to bite her bottom lip.

However, the brunette posted no protect at my request and did as I wanted. She was wearing a floral sundress that showed off her healthy cleavage, apparently it was much warmer in LA when she left then it was here in British Columbia in the middle of the night. However, it was to her advantage as rather than have to get completely naked she simply clutched her fingers inside the dress right above her large tits and pulled the material to the sides. I kept an eye on the road as I gandered over at the stripping girl as the top stretched until finally her naked boobs came popping out and into my line of sight.

“My God, those are perfect,” I exclaimed at seeing her bare tits.

As if to accentuate how awesome her lady bits actually were, the talented actress brought her hands up to her collarbone before rubbing down her body. As her small hands ran over her breasts, which had to be an easy D cup by my fairly reliable estimation, the jiggled while still being supported on the outsides by her dress. As she reached the meatiest portion of her boobs, she contracted her hands in order to pinch her pink areola, causing her nipples to harden promptly under the touch.

“Mhmm,” she groaned.

I wanted so desperately to focus all my attention onto her bare tits, but I knew that it would result in a rollover car accident and I didn’t feel like dying tonight…though I would die a happy man. More than that however, I wanted so badly to dip my head towards her, latch my lucky lips around her erect nipple and suck on that beauty for all I was worth. They were like a pair of tractor beams that were doing their utmost to bring my towards them.

“So fucking hot,” I swore loud enough for her to hear me.

I still had to look at the road every now and then. I was done going threw the somewhat chaotic streets of the airport themselves, but at this point I had to turn the wheel and steer onto the street coming up. I made the right turn onto the road we’d be travelling on for the next 10 minutes, but before I could look back over at her I felt Alison’s moist lips on the nape of my neck and her warm hand reach under my shirt to rub the toned abs beneath.

“Whoa Alison…what are you doing,” I asked in shock. I had to act quickly to the right the truck after a brief wandering into the neighboring lane.

“I’m collecting what I’m due…a view of cock that better be big,” she replied in a very sexy voice.

I still felt the hot breath and occasional kissing of the attractive woman as I dared a quick glance over at my kinda-girlfriend’s friend and saw the look of pure desire draped all over her gorgeous face. Knowing that there was nothing I could do to stop, not that I had a God damn intention of doing something so stupid, so I simply re-adjusted myself in the driver’s seat so that my waist was further away from the steering wheel to allow Alison easier access to what she clearly desired.

“Good decision,” she whispered in my ear before flicking her tongue against the lobe.

I couldn’t help but be disappointed when her hand left my stomach but all was forgotten and forgiven when I felt the car air touch the skin of my groin as the horny girl lifted up the waistband of my boxers. To make things easier I shifted my hips up enough so that Alison was able to wiggle shorts down over my ass enough so that my now erect dick freed itself and smacked against the steering wheel with a dull thud.

“Oops. Sorry about that,” Alison giggled before looking down at what I had to work with. “But seriously, nice cock Og.”

“Awh, I bet you say that to all the guys,” I joked as my cock stood in attention.

I could feel her gaze upon my package as though there was substance to it and couldn’t help to feel subconscious. After all, this was Alison Brie staring at my dick, a big star from Hollywood who had a sexual reputation to make most blush, thus she had seen her fair share of meat poles in her time. And now I knew that she was storing me in her memory back and comparing me to the hundreds (potentially thousands) of other men she’d judged.

“Hmm…did it hurt when it hit the wheel,” she asked me, still close.

“Umm…a little I guess,” I replied, not knowing why.

“Let me make it up to you by kissing it better,” she said which had my cock feeling harder then ever. “Plus to show my appreciation for picking me up.”

Alison was putting a lot of stock in the hope that I was a good driver while getting blown because there was no way she could wear a seatbelt and bend that far down. However, she wasn’t wearing the belt, which allowed the actress shoved her thick ass to the edge of the seat so it was pushed against the side of the door. Now that she had maneuvered her body around, she could now bend over enough to have her face in line with my very erect cock.

“Oh God,” I groaned.

My moan of pleasure was as a direct result of Alison reaching down and lightly running her fingertips down the underbelly of my member from the tip down to my full sack. The mere but very real touch made my cock twitch in excitement and felt as though somehow grew harder than before.

With a grin on her face, Alison made a gentle fist around the base of my thick cock and opened her mouth in a big O. Lowering her head even more, the sexy girl clamped her plush lips down on my shaft, much to my appreciation. With his tip in her mouth now, I could feel Alison swirl her tongue around the crown before descending further down.

Now resting her tongue on the underside of my member, Alison bobbed her head slowly but always making progress downwards so more of my shaft entered her. Whatever couldn’t get inside her mouth she was gently yet firmly stroking with her hand in perfect rhythm with her bobbing head.

Luckily I had already driven past the more populated streets in the immediate vicinity of the airport and was on a road that was relatively straight with much less vehicles. Although my attention was regrettable split, which stopped me from taking in every little subtle detail of her blowjob, I couldn’t remember Alison taking any breaks to breath since she began blowing me. Now aware of it, I focused on that fact for the next few minutes and was impressed to find that Alison was using her nose to get oxygen so that she ever had to unwrap her lips from me dick.

“Fuck that’s good,” I groaned, which was slightly drained out by the loud slurping noises the brunette was making.

I suppose my comments inspired the actress as it felt as though she redoubled her efforts. Pulling her head back so only the tip remained in her mouth, Alison used her tongue to work wonders on my crown. Apparently she was waiting to hear me grunt in approval again before she changed course and now slowly descended back down my shaft until my knob poked her in the back of the throat. She relaxed her throat enough so that she was able to get another inch of my impressive dick into her throat at which point she promptly began to gag.

I noticed that it doesn’t faze her in the least, something she must have been expecting to come so she simply pulled me out of her throat just enough to get air into her lungs. In the process Alison had spat up a little bit so that now my dick was completely covered in a thick layer of her saliva.

“Such a nice dick,” she complimented.

The break in blowing me continued as her hand wrapped around the now lubricated cock and her fist speed along my length as incredible speeds. Without her spit coating mem, I would have been covered with blisters, but the spit-up made the handjob feel amazingly blissful. She brought her lips up to be pressed against mine, at which point I returned the tongue-filled kiss though kept my eyes open to see where we were going.

As she continued to kiss me and beat my meat sword, I realized that this was the first time in close to 10 minutes since she started to blow me that she had taken a break. After kissing for awhile, I assume her swift moving arm was getting tired so before it failed on her, Alison leaned back down and moved her lips from against mine to be used to latch around one of my testicles and began using her tongue on it while sucking it with her mouth. She stopped after a minute to switch so that she gave equal love to each of the large nuts before ceasing her ferocious stroking with her hand and taking my dick back into her mouth.

Whether it was luck continuing to be on our side or the fact it was past 2am on a Thursday night, but we caught every green light on the large street we were on. We still had several more miles and about 20 minutes until we got back to my house, and based on the evidence so far, there was no way I’d make it before she made me cum.

“Is this a busy road,” Alison asked as she darted her skilled tongue at my pee slit.

“Umm…kinda yeah,” I replied, trying my best to keep us in our lane.

“Take a detour onto easy streets,” she instructed. “Privacy and straight.”

She made me use my brain now, all while her lips wrapped back around my shaft and plummeted downward. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed Alison’s talented mouth for a few seconds before racking my memory for a road that would suffice the large breasted woman’s demands. Her mouth was almost completely full of my girthy member when I thought of something, so I drove another mile, all while she bobbed in my lap, before turning from the busy street onto a quieter avenue.

“Hold on,” I told her before I made a series of quick turns. “Okay, smaller street with no more turns for awhile.”

I couldn’t help but be disappointed when Alison moved her mouth away from my cock. Though she wasn’t as good to Anna, then again no one I had ever encountered was as good as the redhead, it was still a hell of a blowjob going on. However, out of the corner of my eye I could see Alison moving around in the seat, where she was now perched up on her knees facing me. The more interesting part about that was her dress being bunched up around her hips, showing off her neatly shaven pussy, except for a thin trimmed strip of brown hair.

“No panties, wow Ali,” I commented, using her nickname that I heard Anna refer to her as.

“Took them off before I even got in the damn truck,” the horny girl replied, which is where she disappeared to as I was first getting my door open back in the parking garage.

“Umm…whatta doing,” I asked. I had an idea of course but she surely wasn’t thinking what I was I hoped.

“Gonna fuck you now,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Try not to kill us.”

I had fucked in a car before, hell I think most kids in high school did since they needed somewhere to do it when the parents were home. However, having sex in a moving vehicle was a first for me, and though I knew it was highly moronic and dangerous, there was no fucking way I was turning down the chance to get my dick wet in Alison Brie.

I did a quick scan out of very mirror and window in my truck and couldn’t see any cop cars, or any other vehicle for that matter around me. I slowed down enough that I could make a sudden stop or last second swerve to avoid anything that came into the street as I prepared to fuck in a moving car.

“Watch the wheel,” I warned.

Alison merely gave me a look that portrayed for me to man up, or some other comment along the same lines. She acted so nonchalant as she crawled to me before spreading her bent legs wide as she got into position of straddling my lap. I had pushed my seat back all the way before hand and thanked my rigorous workout routine for not having a gut because we needed every spare inch we could get in order to wedge two bodies between the driver’s seat and the steering wheel.

Our chests were pressed tightly up against one another but we managed to turn our bodies to opposite sides just enough so that our heads were beside each other, allowing me the ability to look out the front windshield. My arms wouldn’t be of much help in this encounter, as they resides on either side of her womanly hips to hold their own side of the wheel to steer.

“Can’t wait to have this big cock inside me,” Alison stated.

She was true to her words and had her hands down between our legs, fingers encircled around my pole. I wished that I could have dipped my head down and sucked on her nipples and lived within her cleavage all night, but that would have resulted in instant death as the car wrapped around a light post.

“Fuck me,” I swore as she sat down on my tip. “You feel like a God damn furnace.”

“Best fucking furnace you’ll ever know stud,” Ali retorted.

Alison was not finding it too hard to slowly work her curvy body up and down my lap despite the tight quarters. She seemed to be enjoying herself immensely as well, having took barely any time at all to have worked all the way down my lengthy shaft, taking the entire thing into her snatch.

The rumors around Hollywood about Alison Brie were aplenty, specifically about how truly slutty of a girl she was. She had been with the same guy for several years now, but that didn’t stop her from fucking her way through many of the men, and if rumors were to be true, women that she worked with or went to the same party as. Now, as she rode me in a car that I was currently driving, I got the distinct impression that this wasn’t the first time she had done something like this.

I continued to somehow keep the car on the road as we kept motoring towards my house. Actually, now that I thought of it, I didn’t really know where I was going. Was Alison under the assumption she was coming home with me in some pre-arrangement she had worked out with Anna? Or was I to take her to a hotel that she likely had waiting for her, set-up by whatever producer had flown her out to Vancouver in the first place.

“Fuck that feels good,” I murmurred.

I continued to drive on the road taking us to my place while Alison slowly yet steadily bounced on my lap. Her snatch was tight, something that made her velvety folds clutch and rub my veiny shaft as it was worked in and out. She was also wetter then any cunt I had been in before, clearly the plane ride and wanting to hook up with me based on Anna’s recommendation had her turned on tremendously.

“I’m getting close stud,” she told me.

I still was wishing to suck on her tits but I knew that was a pipe dream so I was content to use my peripheral vision to see her pillowy breasts jiggle every time she rose up on my shaft. It wasn’t idle but I was able to stare at Alison Brie’s bouncy tits in the flesh so how could I possibly complain, and better yet, who would listen?

“Good…me too,” I huffed.

Normally I pride myself on my ability to last for a good amount of time in the sack, however tonight was shorter than my average by some margin. Ali had only been riding me for maybe 5 minutes, but before that she blew me for close to quarter of an hour. Plus there was the fact that fucking so publicly and in a kinky situation really had my mojo rocking, so much so that I need to cum sooner rather than later, but first was to make sure the brunette actress went first.

“So close…use your finger.”

Now, Ali and I had never hooked up before so I didn’t exactly know what she meant by that. Most girls, especially when you first hook up mean for you to diddle their clit, flick their bean so that they can cum. However, I was feeling a little ricque tonight, probably from the sleep deprivation, extra coffee and crazy fucking so I took a chance.

We were both nearing our orgasm and Alison’s riding on my lap had slowed to a crawl, content to impale herself on my fully to have me as deep as possible then rocking back and forth. It allowed me to raise my knee so the flat of my thigh contacted the bottom of the steering wheel, allowing it to have control and free up both hands. I used my right hand to somehow squeeze between our pressed bodies then extended my finger to reach her exposed clit, at which point I repeatedly flicked her bean.

“Oh fuck! Just like that,” she groaned.

I didn’t stop there though. With the minimally required steering being performed by my leg, I took my left hand off the wheel and placed it on her butt, which was shaped like a firm but well rounded bubble. I squeezed and allowed my fingers to migrate into the crack of her ass cheeks then proceeded to press my middle fingertip firmly against her wrinkled rosebud and rub around the hole’s surface.

“You gonna cum with my dick deep in your pussy and a finger in your ass,” I asked the grinding woman.

“Get that in my ass now,” she said feverishly.

I didn’t hesitate and promptly pushed past her hole’s resistance until my middle digit was wedged right into her keister. No sooner had I worked my lengthy finger into her butt was when I felt the brunette start to quake from on top of me, causing her pillowy tits to jiggle more than usual. As if to confirm the fact she was having a strong orgasm, she screamed aloud, right into my ear while her pussy clamped down on my like a vice grip.

“Fuck,” she swore, clearly exhausted though resumed riding my length.

“I’m about to cum,” I warned, my words going right into her ear which was right next to my lips.

This being our first time having sex, we didn’t have that natural rhythm or chemistry that happened the more often you fucked. Thus, I was understandably upset when I felt her hands pushed off my shoulder in a move that caused her warm, moist pussy to pull off of my dick. Then again, how upset could I be when an impossibly pretty girl just gave me a great blowjob and a good ride.

“Cum in my mouth,” Alison told me.

No further talking was needed as I noticed her ass was back in her own seat and she was facing me. She bent over at the waist and her head was back in my lap where we started in the first place. Rather then descending most of the way down my member, which was slathered in her pussy juice, this time the brunette star had pulled me back enough so that only the head of my cock was between her lips and kept applying suction and making tiny bobs down.

“Fuck…here it comes,” I warned her for a second and final time.

Alison barely had time to comprehend the words before the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of my dick. I could see out of my peripheral vision as she paused a bit as the hot semen plastered the roof of her mouth but noticed her regain her composure quickly to swallow down the initial burst within an audible gulp and returned to sucking my member.

I couldn’t believe her oral skill as she bobbed on my tool while hungrily sucking down all of my sticky seed that I had pumped into her mouth. Eventually my balls emptied completely but Alison continued to slurp up any last remaining trace of jizz that she could find before finally letting the cock slip from her talented mouth.

“Mmhmm Mmhmm mmmm,” the actress moaned. “Can’t decide what tastes better…your sticky cum or my own flavor.”

“Fucking hell,” I swore, getting a grip back on the situation. After a pause of close to a minute I finally remembered what I needed to ask the petite woman. “Where are we going?”

“Oh, I guess Anna didn’t tell you,” Alison said.

“Tell me what?”

“Once she knew I had business here in Vancouver she asked me to fly in a night early and surprise you for her so I didn’t actually set up a hotel stay. I figured we screw at your place all night but then I couldn’t help myself once we were alone,” the actress confessed.

“Damn…that woman is amazing,” I stated out loud.

“You should see how well she munches rug,” Alison shared.

“I would very much like to see that actually,” I said, smiling over at her then lingered my gaze on her tits, which were still out of her dress. “Well the good news is that we’ll be back to my place in another few minutes.”

“Awesome. Could really use a shower,” she replied before finally putting her tits away and doing up her belt again.

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