Alison Brie: A Piece of Trash

Alison Brie: A Piece of Trash

Author: A-Train

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. This story contains non consensual sex. An act like this should not be imitated. The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

M/F, non/con, RAPE, oral, ws , anal, spank, reluc, Mdom, viol, sick, tort

I have her cornered in a back alley, THE BITCH HAS NO WHERE TO
GO. Alison is cornered,cowering like a whimpering baby “You …………………………………………………………………………………… can’t do this” I back hand the bitch. She lands in a pill of smelly trash, I shove her face in the garbage bags to muffle her cries. I rip that tiny skirt off, her
glorious ass is now revealed to me. I slide my belt off and begin
thrashing away at that plump ass “STOP…STOP…STOP”, I continue
attacking that soft pale ass.

She begins thrashing around fighting to get away, her ass is rippling from
the whacks, red marks begin appearing, the sound of smacked flesh
echoes throughout the alley, at this point I’m rock hard. I toss the belt to
the side and flip her over, and rip open the top of her blouse. Revealing
young miss Alison Brie’s best asset those massive tits, I am stunned ”
Oh my God they’re perfect”. I take this beautiful site in for a second,
before I lunge towards those breasts. I poke and paw at these soft
bouncy boobs and kissing every inch of them. I lick them from the bottom
to the top and around the nipples, lathering them up in my saliva. I begin
sucking on one of her nips like a hungry child as I start humping her leg.
I let out a loud popping noise as I pull my mouth off her breast, “Time to

I whip out my hog and shove it in dry, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” she cries out”. I
just keep pumping away despite shouting “I love being inside you”. I lift
those long toned legs into the air and really begin fucking her with all I
got “OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO DEEP” with tears running down her face.
I slip her heels off and begin licking the soles of her feet as I plow her
pussy. ” I can do this all day” I say laughing before I bury my face into

her feet. Seeing those boobs jiggle as I fuck her cunt gives me an idea. I

pull out my cock and go straight to those juicy jugs and start titfucking
her, sliding between those things guided by her sweat and my spit. Her
breasts are so enormous I use them to hold onto as leverage while I fuck
them. ” These are the best tits ever!” I say as I cockslap her boobs.

With a angry hoarse voice ” FUCK YOU”. I slap the bitch to teach her

lesson ” I can’t take this .. it’s time to shut you up”. I grab a handful of her
hair and starts rubbing her face against my dick, “SUCK IT BITCH”. She
starts hitting me with her fists ” No .. No .. No”. I give her one big slap to
knock her off balance ” You just don’t listen” I pull her back up and hold
her nose until she begins gasping for air. That’s when I shove my cock in
and begin facefucking her. I push it to the back of her throat and she

starts gagging, drool starts pouring out of her mouth as she fights for air.

She pushes off and begins dry heaving ” She likes it”. She rests back in
the trash sucking in as much air as she can, before I pounce back onto
her and start facefucking her even harder. I’m in so deep my balls are
slapping against her chin and my pubes keep bumping against her nose.
The longer I go the more her legs kick ” I’m sure having fun how about
you” I pull out to hear her reply “You’re .. (coughing) disgusting”. I lick the
drool off her face and give her a big wet sloppy kiss with a lot of tongue.
“Baby you haven’t seen anything yet” I reach into one of the garbage
bags and pull out a handful of what must be week old spaghetti. “You’re
fucking disgusting” I smear the sauce and noodles across her face “You
belong in the trash”.

I toss her in the dumpster and jump in with her. I shove her face in a old
chocolate birthday cake, she begins really crying now as cake frosting
and sauce cover her face. “Time to get nasty” as I spread her buttcheeks
apart and begin licking her warm asshole. “YOU SICK FUCK” as my
face is buried in her asscheeks. I hop out to get the belt and whip her a
couple of times to get her attention. “NOW BEND OVER” she obeys
while she is sniffling from crying so hard. Without warning I shove my
dick into her ass causing her to let out a blood curdling scream. I start to
give the assfucking of a lifetime, pounding my dick deep inside her
bowels. While I’m fucking her I wrap the belt around her neck and use it
to fuck her even harder. Causing her to just let out these painful grunts

that’s almost as loud as the sound of my hips slapping against her ass.

Her tits are bouncing back and forth as I fuck the shit of her. As she lets
out ” I can’t…breathe” and her face starts turn purple I feel my balls start
to tighten up. That’s when I pull out, spin her around by the belt/leash,
and start jerking it in front of face. “GET READY BITCH” I say before
ropes and ropes of CUM shot over face and tits. The CUM is over her
eyes, dripping down her chin, and plastered over her tits. Mixed with
cum, food, and tears her face is a glorious sit to behold. I pour spoiled
milk and smear coffee grinds all over her. As I find a old banana and
smash it and rub it in her face I say ” You’re filthy, it’s time to clean you

I unload a golden stream of piss over her, wiping away the filth ” A nice shower for you”. She starts retching, I pull her close to get some in her mouth. This is when she pushes me away and curls into a ball sobbing in fear “GO AWAY YOU MONSTER”. I piss a couple of more drops on her exposed back and smile ” Why didn’t you say so”. I hop out of the
dumpster and close the lid, locking her away with the trash. I get me
clothes on and skip out of the alley with spring in my step.

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