Alison Stoner Gets Taught A Lesson

Alison Stoner Gets Taught A Lesson

This story is fiction, not reality. If you are offended by extreme sex, rape or paedophilia then please stop reading now. Likewise if you are under the age of 18.

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Author: Mark Cunningham

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Alison Stoner was now a big kick ass movie star in America. At the tender age of 13 she was fast emerging as a new hot talent, one everybody wanted to be in their movies. Because of her newfound fame, she was being really picky about
her roles. She turned down one role because the director wanted her to cavort around in a bikini. Christ she thought to herself, I’m only 13 and already the sharks want me to strip. She knew she was attractive and was a magnet for desperate men and boys, and she loved and demanded attention everywhere she went. She dreamed of the time she walked into school once dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. The males had stood there, jaws dropping so far flies could have flown in there and they wouldn’t have noticed.

She loved teasing the boys, but she was determined to be a virgin til the day she got married. She had masturbated sure, every little girl did. But her hymen was still intact. She hadn’t had anything penetrate her little barely teenage cunt yet. She was saving that for when she met someone really nice and she was married to him or her. She was determined to just enjoy being in a position to tease the boys. She was back at home, relaxing before jetting off to film her next movie. She was looking forward to it; she was going to play a bitchy girl in it. Little did the director know, but she didn’t have to act bitchy. She already was a bitch.

Anyway, one Saturday morning, her mother called up to her and asked if she wanted to go out shopping. Alison agreed, and of they went in her mom’s 4×4. Whilst in the mall, Alison saw one of her oldest friends, Jenny. She had outgrown her though, so tried to shield herself from view. However, she hadn’t bargained on her mom calling out to Jenny and inviting her over to talk. Alison made it plain she thought she was better than Jenny, and acted like a total snob. Then much to her horror, Jenny invited her over to her house that night for a party, as Jenny was turning 14 on Monday so she was having the party that night. Alison was about to make up some excuse when her mother (God, how Alison cursed her under her breath) said Alison would come. Armed with the address and time, Alison was dragged off to find a dress for the party and a present for Jenny.

Alison made it quite clear to her mom that she didn’t want to go to the party, but her mom told her to stop being such a little spoilt princess. Alison resented this. Didn’t her mom know whom she was talking to? She was Alison Stoner, a famous movie star. She had her pick of roles, she could decide whether she went to some party or not. She sulked and sulked all day, but when she found that Jenny’s brother was going to be there she cheered up. She had always enjoyed teasing him before she had become famous. She had paraded around in a little dress when she was just 10 and he had such a boner looking at her that he still masturbated over the mental image to this day.

Anyway her mom drove her to the party, and when she knocked on the door she adjusted her dress. She groaned when Jenny answered the door, because Jenny was wearing a really childish dress, and it just served to reinforce Ali’s belief that she was better than everyone else. She entered the lounge and was greeted by friends that she had long since grown out of and had not spoken to for years. She was really obnoxious and when she saw the buffet laid on for the part by Jenny’s parents, she started to regale the guests about the food the movie stars have at their parties. One particular comment was designed to hurt, and it did. ‘My God, who has jelly now? That’s for kids for Christ’s sake’.

When Alison left the party, the other guests breathed a huge sigh of relief. They had had enough of listening to Alison going on about her movie star friends. Tom this, Keira that, etc. The atmosphere picked up tremendously after that, and the party became even more enjoyable. Anyway, a couple of days of days later she realised she had left her purse at the party. She called Jenny and went over to the house to get the purse when Jenny said she had found the purse. Alison knocked on the door, and Jenny answered it and ushered her into the lounge.

‘You were really snobby and bitchy at my party; you ruined it for everyone. What happened to you Ali’? Jenny asked her friend. Ali just shrugged her shoulders and demanded that her purse be handed over. ‘I don’t have time for this crap, I have a meeting later with Tom’. Jenny looked confused and was met with a sarcastic ‘Tom Cruise, duh’! In reply.

She went to leave the house but was stopped by Jenny’s brother Matt who had been listening in the kitchen to Alison being mean and bitchy. He had a few friends over, all of which had fancied Alison for months. They all fanned around her, making her feel scared for her safety. Matt walked towards her and snarled at her ‘Horrible mean bitch. Maybe we should take you and make you feel a hard cock inside your cunt’.

Alison tried to leave the house but was grabbed by one of Matt’s friends, John. He turned her around and watched as she was marched upstairs into Matt’s room to be defiled. Alison was stripped naked, and when she cried out to Jenny to help her, she got a face full of saliva as Jenny told her she had asked for this. Alison’s jeans were ripped off her body, revealing a black thong. Matt grabbed hold of her little pussy through the fabric and felt no hair. He told his friends and they laughed. He then tore the thong off, and passed it round his friends who sniffed at the fabric. They whistled at the scent of a barely teenage cock-teasing slut who was about to be punished.

He ripped her T – shirt off and revealed that the little slut wasn’t wearing a bra. Her little 13-year-old tits were pointing straight up into the sky, with nipples that were soon erect from the treatment that Matt and his friends gave them. Matt positioned Alison on all fours on the bed and unzipped his jeans. His monster 10-inch cock sprang to attention, fully erect. Alison nearly fainted when she saw it. Matt got between her legs and pressed his cock against the barely teenage cunt in front of him. With one thrust he got 4 inches inside Alison.

Alison screamed with the pain of having her virgin twat stretched for the first time, especially as she was being raped. Matt gave a sick smile when he met her hymen. He pulled out, and then with a hard thrust burst her hymen. Alison let out a piercing scream, as her virginity was gone forever now. She started screaming at the top of her lungs as the crude fucking continued. Matt built up quite a head of steam and after just 5 minutes grunted as he filled her teenage cunt with hot spunk.

His friend John climbed on the bed next and penetrated her with an 8-inch cock. Alison by now was sobbing, as her virginity was not just being taken but destroyed. Her first time was meant to be with someone she cared for, loved and special. Not being raped by Jenny’s brother and his friends. Another friend, Jay moved in front of Alison. He let his big 9-inch cock fall out of his pants and pushed it between Ali’s lips. He started crudely fucking her face, making her struggle to breath as she continued to sob.

John was really giving her a seeing to, he lasted just a couple of minutes longer than Matt before he shot his spunk too. Jay pulled out of the mouth and went round the back and then he fucked her too. His cock went in and out of her, the spunk of John and Matt helping him to thrust deep into her teenage twat. He pulled her hair and started calling her all the names under the Sun. ‘Dirty little cunt. You made us fuck your sweet barely teenage cunt. You fucking little prick tease’.

He spunked and then got off the bed. The last friend, Zach, climbed onto the bed behind her. He started spanking her arse, eliciting screams galore from her. He carried on spanking her then said to his friends: ‘maybe I should make her virgin arse bleed. What do you think guys? Hey, Jenny do you think I should take your little bitch friends virgin arse’? Jenny nodded her head in agreement and then walked to the bed and sat on Ali’s shoulders. She told Zach to start giving the whore her first anal fuck. Matt by now was hard again. He looked at his sister, and was really turned on by her words.

He walked over to her and asked if he could fuck her. She said yes, and lay down on the bed next to Alison. Alison was forced to watch through a tear stained face as her one time friend had her first fuck of many. From her own brother of all people. She suddenly was aware of something being prodded against her arse. She turned and saw Zach getting ready to dry fuck her virgin arse. She was sobbing uncontrollably now, waiting for the invasion of her tight arse. Zach was egged on until he couldn’t wait any longer and plunged into Alison’s tight virgin arse.

Jenny was screaming in ecstasy as her own brother, her hair flailing, fucked her. She let out a loud scream as her orgasm hit her young 14-year-old body. Matt grunted as he came ever nearer to shooting spunk deep into his own sister’s teenage cunt. He pulled out of his sister, smiling at her. She smiled back at him, and then positioned herself so that Alison was faced with her little twat. Matt grabbed Alison’s hair and forced her to eat Jenny’s cunt out. Alison nearly puked when she saw the cum running from her one time friends little twat.

Matt held her firmly and told her if she didn’t clean Jenny’s pussy then the rape would carry on. Alison realised this struggling was futile so started to lick her one time friend’s twat out. Her tongue snaked into the little twat, making Jenny gasp and shudder. On and on went the oral sex, and when Jenny finally gasped and screamed in orgasmic delight, Matt let Alison stop eating some cunt juices. When she asked them to stop cos she had done what had been asked of her, they just laughed and told her that she was their property now. They would let her go when they wanted. So the brutal crude rape continued.

Alison was screaming her lungs out meanwhile as Zach roughly took her anal cherry. Blood was starting to trickle from the virgin arse of Alison as the crude fucking continued. Zach grunted as he finally shot his load into the tight hole. Jay climbed onto the bed and pushed his own cock back into Alison’s tight arse. He groaned as he felt the anal muscles clamp around his cock tightly. He grunted as he felt his spunk rise from his balls. He stopped, giving Alison some respite from the crude anal fucking. Without warning, he suddenly thrust back into her arse again. This time, Alison let out the biggest bellow since the rape had started. Suddenly, Jay pulled out before he could come.

Police sirens filled the quiet street, and the patrol car stopped outside Jenny’s house. Two burly cops alighted from the vehicle. Alison saw this as her chance to escape from the brutal rape. No such luck for her! The 2 officers happened to be big black burly fuckers. Their cocks were both at least 12 inches. Alison didn’t know it, but she was about to be destroyed by two massive cocks.

They knocked on the door. Matt opened the door, whilst still dressing. The officers asked what was happening. Matt told the officers the whole story. The officers, instead of handcuffing Matt, they asked if she was still naked. Matt led them back upstairs to where Alison was still being held down to suck cocks so she couldn’t make any noise to alert the cops to her presence.

Jay leapt out of his skin when he saw the cops sanding there. Alison looked up, giving the cops a thankful stare. They merely grinned, and unzipped their pants. Alison let out a howl of frustration as she realised that she was not going to be helped. The two cops got her positioned so that one could fuck her little cunt and the other could fuck her virgin arse. They pounded away at her holes, making her scream in agony as this little Hollywood bitch film star got the fucking of her life.

She was by now howling in agony, as her insides were being ripped apart by the 2 monster black cocks stretching her virgin holes beyond anything she could ever have imagined. One of the cops grunted as he added more spunk to her arse, and then asked the other cop to lift her off his cock so he could make a call. Alison was screaming as her anus was being torn to shreds by a big cock. Her attackers were verbally abusing her and she nearly fainted when she heard another 5 cop cars turn up.

Soon, another 10 cops were in the room, among them a female cop. She looked really pretty, long blonde hair tied into a bun and a tight clingy uniform. She was a lesbian, and after her male colleagues had finished raping poor Alison, she pulled her pants down to reveal she was wearing a strap on cock. Alison by now was on the verge of passing out from her crude raping that day. It had been a few hours since she had arrived at Jenny’s house. The cop got between her legs and rammed the strap on deep into Alison’s cunt. She was fucked beyond mercy, until she passed out.

After Alison had been fucked into oblivion, the police decided to take her home but not telling her mom she had just been raped by some of the cops taking her home. They would tell her they found her by the side of the road, obviously been assaulted and sexually assaulted. In the car on the way to her house, the cops told Alison to never tell anyone who had raped her. She had top issue a description to fool everyone otherwise she would be found and raped again. This time they would take her to the state lock up for the inmates serving long sentences to have their way with a piece of barely teenage meat.

Alison complied with the instructions, but she stopped filming. She was a wreck by the rape. And she soon learnt that being a stuck up bitch wouldn’t get her very far in life if she didn’t have any friends. She tried to make amends with Jenny and was pleased when she was allowed to make things better. Matt very now and then would touch her tits or arse, making Alison freeze with fear and panic. She would be living like that for the rest of her life, at least until Matt or she died.

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