Alizee’s Vegas Honeymoon Goes Wrong

Alizee’s Vegas Honeymoon Goes Wrong

by ErosTrek –

Story Codes : MF, rom, exh, M+F+

Notes : Alizee Jacotet got married to Jeremy Daniel Chatelain in Las Vegas on November 6, 2003. This story has been inspired by that marriage.

* * *

“Jeremy mon amour!” Alizee sighed as the door to their suite closed behind them. Within seconds they were kissing each other passionately as she put her arms around his neck and jumped up onto him, legs around his waist. His hands groped under her short skirt, eagerly cupping and squeezing her firm butt cheeks. Tongues darted in and out
of each others mouths as Jeremy stumbled towards the kingsize bed in the center of the room.

For several long moments they tumbled together on the bed their mouths still locked together until they were out of breath, then Jeremy reluctantly slipped out of his young wife’s arms and stood up. He grinned at her as he quickly stripped out of his clothes and she giggled shyly. She’d waited so long for this moment! They’d only married this afternoon in one of those chapels on the Strip, just like she’d seen on tv back home in France. It had been done on a moment’s whim – they hadn’t even told their parents yet and more importantly they hadn’t spoken to their agents. She guessed Mylene was going to freak out when she told her what she’d done but no one was going to stand in the way of her true love, not even the person who’d made her famous. For Alizee was one of the most well known internationally French singers, having started at the age of 16 with a #1 worldwide hit, Moi Lolita, and now at 20 was at the peak of her career.

For a moment she suddenly wondered whether she’d made a mistake by marrying Jeremy Chatelain like this but any doubts left her when she saw him standing naked before her, the sight of his young athletic body and … she blushed deeply … his stiff erection made her tingle all over and she felt a warmth begin to spread between her legs.

She lay back on the bed, her head on a pillow as he bent over her kissing her on her forehead then down slowly along one side of her face and along her neck. Alizee shut her eyes and sighed in pleasure as he slowly caressed her full breasts under her t-shirt. Her nipples stiffened under Jeremy’s touch and he lowered his mouth to them, nipping at them playfully through the thin material. The excited young man’s hands moved lower and lower until they were on his bride’s thighs and his breathing quickened when he raised her miniskirt up around her slim waist, exposing a tiny wisp of a thong that barely hid anything.

“Oui, Jeremy, oui!” Alizee cried as her husband hesitated for a moment, fingers trembling slightly against her inner thigh. As she encouraged him his fingers found their way under her panties, pushing the tiny strip of material aside. Alizee bit her lower lip as his hand brushed against her quim. He caressed the fleshy folds with an intense urgency, his fingers rubbing and probing until they found a warm, wet place to slide into with little resistance. Alizee gasped loudly and dug her nails into Jeremy’s bare back as he penetrated her down to his knuckles.

He looked into her gleaming brown eyes. “Am I hurting you my love? Shall I stop …?”

“Non, it feels so good, keep on doing it … oh yes, put them in deeper … move your fingers faster …” she urged making little bucking motions with her hips while grabbing his wrist and forcing his fingers into her. Jeremy grinned, his face flushed red and perspiring. God, she was a little minx! His hardon was so intense that it was painful. He’d have to do something about it quickly or he’d burst ….

“I .. Alizee .. I ..” he began, removing his hand from her pussy and climbing up over her sexy body, straddling her thighs, “I want you now …”

“Oh Jeremy, fuck me” she shouted wanting to feel his rock hard cock inside her, stretching the walls of her vagina, pounding her until he filled her with his seed …. just the thought of Jeremy doing that made her juices flow! She shut her eyes and waited expectantly, her breathing rapid, her heart fluttering savoring the ecstasy she knew was about to come ….

…. a long while passed and nothing happened. She opened her eyes.


He was still over her, kneeling over her thighs, but there was a strange look on his face. Embarrassment. Shame. His lips quivered as if he were going to cry.

“What’s wrong Jeremy?” she asked a bit worried but he didn’t speak. Then she felt a wetness on her thighs that hadn’t been there a moment before. Alizee looked down and gasped. What had been a magnificent phallus just a moment before was just a flaccid, limp cock now. A bit of cum still drooled from the head and was dripping onto her leg explaining the wetness she’d felt. He’d ejaculated prematurely. All sorts of thoughts were flashing through her head none very favorable to her new husband. Oh, she knew she should be more understanding of him. After all he’d told her he was a virgin and this would be his first time with her, something she’d found hard to believe at the time – after all she’d been 16 when she’d done it with one of the audio technicians backstage of one of her music videos!

“It’s ok, my love” she told him in as sweet a voice she could muster though she didn’t feel it was ok at all. She was feeling so horny that she was thinking of bringing herself off right there in front of him, but that would only make him feel worse than he was already feeling. “Here, lay down, let me try something.”

Jeremy obeyed, wondering what she was going to do. They switched positions, this time Alizee straddling his thighs her miniskirt still bunched up around her waist. She put a hand around his limp cock and slowly began to massage some life back into it, rubbing it with her closed fist up and down its length while running her thumb in little circles over the sperm covered glans. It twitched a couple of times but that was it. No response. It remained as limp as a piece of dead meat.

“Putain!” Alizee exclaimed. This just wasn’t happening. Her first married night was becoming a nightmare. By now they should have been making wild, passionate love. She should have been having multiple orgasms as his hard cock ripped into her making her scream with joy! But no! There he was lying down, his cock shrivelling even more as she jacked it up and down. “Jeremy, what’s up with you?” she asked in frustration, “Jeremy? Jeremy?” she repeated her voice now incredulous.

Jeremy was snoring! He’d gone to sleep while she’d be trying to revive his cock! Alizee uttered a few choice expletives that she hadn’t even realised she knew. She had the sudden urge to kick him right in his balls but at the last moment decided against it. She straightened her thong and pulled down her miniskirt, washed the cum off her hands and thigh in the bathroom, grabbed her handbag and left the suite in a blind rage slamming the door shut behind her. It was 2am in the morning but here in Vegas most of the bars and casinos remained open at night. The young woman didn’t know where she was going or what she was going to do but she just couldn’t stand staying in the room with her impotent husband.

* * *

They’d been staying at one of the nicest mega-hotels on the Strip and there were nine themed bars to choose from but Alizee couldn’t stand to be in any of the places she’d been with Jeremy over the last week. She’d run out into the street, tears fogging her eyes and flagged down the first cab she’d seen.

In heavily accented English she’d asked the driver to take her to a bar away from the Strip and he’d nodded knowingly spotting the smudged eyeliner, evidence of fresh tears running down her cheek. Another one of those teens who’d binged in Vegas and gotten married in the ten minute wedding chapels. Oh he saw plenty of those every week. They’d be all over each other, kissing and groping on the backseat of his cab, unable to wait till they reached their hotel room then days later it would be over. This one though was a hottie, he thought. Definitely European from the accent. German maybe, or French. Sexy just the same. He wondered what kind of idiot would let go of this girl. As he drove he kept glancing back in the rear view mirror as she looked out sadly at the brightly lit buildings and massive neon signs. Now and again he caught a glimpse of her panties from under her miniskirt as her legs moved apart slightly with the motion of the cab.

Thirty minutes later he pulled up outside the Bucking Bronco, a bar/diner which was outside the usual tourist areas. “Miss? Miss we’ve arrived” he told her as she seemed to be daydreaming staring into space outside the window without really seeing anything.

“Oh .. thank you.” She fished in her handbag and handed him a 100 dollar bill. “Keep the change” she told him when he looked at it and muttered about not having enough cash on him.

“Well, thanks miss, that’s very kind of you.” Another rich bitch, he was thinking, or maybe she won big at the roulette. He shrugged. If she was ok with giving him $100 for a $20 ride …

She was already heading towards the bar her cute little ass swinging to and fro in the too short miniskirt. “Oh boy” he said aloud, “she’s a hot one!” Well, since he’d done most of the evening’s rides and thanks to the girl, he’d also turned a nice profit, he’d stop over and have a drink too. He knew some of the regulars at the Bronco and he’d even gone out with one of the waitresses. Not a bad place to be and maybe the European girl would want to go back to her hotel and she wasn’t going to find a cab so easily out here this time of night.

* * *

Alizee sat in a corner of the bar sipping on her drink, whiskey on the rocks. She didn’t usually drink much but on this occasion a strong drink was called for. Everytime her thoughts turned to Jeremy she glared and took another gulp from the glass. Damn him! She’d thought he was a man, a strong man who’d make her happy and make love to her three times every night. Oh how she’d dreamed of him going down on her, filling her with his manhood on those lonely nights she’d been on tour. She’d phone him and they’d talk dirty to each other each of them masturbating until they both came … or maybe he hadn’t been she thought suddenly, maybe he’d been making meaningless sounds over the phone as his dick lay limp between his legs … oh no, that couldn’t be .. but the mental image stayed with her as she finished her glass in one gulp and signalled to the waitress for another. Damn him! Damn Jeremy and his idea of getting married!

Three glasses later Alizee was feeling a bit lightheaded and Jeremy and his limp dick were slowly vanishing into an alcohol induced haze. A smile was returning to her pretty face as she began to see things in a new light. The men at the tables were good looking … oh yes, these were big, strong, muscular American men … probably hung like the horses they rode, she thought with a naughty grin. Even the women, the waitresses, in their high heeled boots, denim short shorts and checkered shirts tied up into a halter top leaving their midriff bare began looking good to her. Only one thing was annoying though and it was the Western music piped out as background music. Ugghhh it was horrible! She’d better do something about that. Alizee got up and headed for the bar counter, climbing up on a high stool and kneeling down on it. Because of her short skirt, this attracted quite a few appreciative glances from around the bar but she didn’t notice.

“Hello Mr Barman” she said her voice slurred not only by her accent but by the drinks she’d had, “this music you have, it is stupid.” She didn’t wait for the caustic reply the barman was about to make, instead she found a cd in her handbag and put it down on the counter. “This is my music” she told him smiling widely, “it’s much better, now put it on your player!”

The barman picked up the cd and was about to throw it into the trash when the cab driver who’d brought Alizee called over to him, “Hey Vince, humor the girl, she’s a tourist. From Europe. Besides she looks like she’s had one too many.”

“If you say so, Miguel, but don’t let her go saying my music is shit because it ain’t.”

“Nah, of course not, but a change can’t be all that bad” Miguel laughed and patted the barman on his shoulder. He turned to Alizee, “Ok Miss, my friend Vince will put your cd on. He has this great audio system … Japanese ya know, even has that thing were you sing along in mikes, tried it myself once but I can’t sing at all. You should have heard how those guys,” he jerked a thumb over his shoulder, “shouted for me to shut the fuck up.” He laughed again.

Alizee giggled. “I can sing. I am a singer, a famous singer” she announced proudly.

“Yeah right, and I’m Madonna.”

“Non, non, you are not” she said seriously, “I have met Madonna and she does not have a moustache.” Her finger traced over Miguel’s moustache and he shivered involuntarily with a sudden excitement as she touched his face.

Suddenly the music stopped, there was a moments pause, then it started up again, different this time. The tune was catchy and rythmic and very different from the usual music played here. Everyone looked up from their drinks in surprise.

Alizee laughed and clapped her hands. “See, my music is much better. You said you have karaoke here?”

“Yeah” Vince grumbled and headed off again for the microphone which he brought back to the young woman. “Now don’t say I didn’t warn you, but these guys here throw beer bottles if they don’t like the singer, you understand?”

“Oui .. I mean, yes, of course … but now I have to get on my stage.” Before Vince or Miguel could stop her, Alizee had climbed up onto the counter top, microphone in hand and began to sway to the music.

Miguel shrugged and spread his hands and Vince shook his head, then they both looked up and enjoyed the view right up the girl’s miniskirt. There was silence across the room as everyone looked at the young woman dancing on the bar counter and then she began to sing. They couldn’t understand the words but the tune was catchy and she sang quite well. It was as if her movements were choreographed to the music which indeed they were. Soon everyone was watching her, some with drool down their chins, as she swayed her hips sexily and at times turned away from them and shook her tight butt. When she did this she’d bend over slightly making her miniskirt ride up revealing the luscious white half moons of her ass cheeks. This brought a volley of catcalls and wolf whistles from the cheering audience.

The music continued for a while, maybe some thirty minutes in which three different songs played, with Alizee singing and dancing sensuously on the counter top. The mood in the bar was at a fever pitch. Every movement of a hip, every flash of bare thigh, every upskirt peek of white panties sent the crowd into a delirious roar of approval. There hadn’t been such a sexy show put on in this place ever – the owner was barely paying his bills let alone afford to hire pole dancers or strippers.

Just as the cd ended and began to play over again, Alizee bent over and grabbed a bottle of beer and raised it to the audience who stood up cheering and clapping.

“Merci, merci!” she shouted into the microphone above the din. She put the bottle in her mouth and drank from it. “Alors .. you want more .. you want a better show?”

The audience responded positively, cries of “Yeah, hell yeah” mixed with cheers and whistles. Alizee grinned widely as she emptied the contents of the beer bottle over her t-shirt making the wet material cling to her breasts. The resulting shouts of encouragement were the loudest yet!

Over the roaring crowd, Vince poked Miguel to get his attention. “Where the fuck did you pick up this girl? She’s a beauty! She has some great talent.”

“Yeah, a great pair of talents” a hoarse Miguel replied. He’d been shouting and cheering as loudly as the rest of the guys and he had the best view in the whole place.

Alizee bent forward and shook her tits, jiggling them to and fro. The bounced nicely under her wet t-shirt. Then someone in the audience shouted, “Take it off!” Others called out, “Yeah, show us your titties!” and other lewd comments.

She grinned, more than slightly drunk, and pulled the t-shirt over her head. She hadn’t been wearing a bra underneath. That much had been obvious before. Now the sight of her young breasts, full and round and juicy sent the crowd into a frenzy as they roared with approval. She crossed her arms beneath them, squeezing them together and bending over to give the guys in the room a good look. Her nipples were rock hard, thick, succulent pokeys. She danced around a bit on the counter, dressed only in her miniskirt. Then one guy shouted, “Take it off!” and it was soon picked up by the rest of the men, “TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!” they chanted.

For a moment she looked a bit startled and seemed about to get off the counter, but then she reached for another beer bottle, took a quick chug from it and put it back down. Then she turned around, facing away from the audience and began to dance slowly, her hips shaking hypnotically. Her fingers went under the hem of her miniskirt and began to tug it down slowly, ever so slowly. The chant of TAKE IT OFF! began to pick up pace, the faster they shouted, the faster the skirt came down until it was around her ankles and she was wearing only her tiny thong, a tiny white strip of material disappearing up her ass crack. The crowd roared so loud that Vince and Miguel looked up at the roof hoping it didn’t come crashing down, but only for a moment. Seeing Alizee up close in nothing but her flimsy panties was too mesmerizing to think of anything else.

Then without anyone asking, she went and pulled down her thong too. Silence descended over the crowd as they gulped in fascination as the young woman bared herself completely before them. Her perfect skin glowed in the spotlights above the bar and they could see she was shaved down there except for a neat little strip of pubic hair pointing down towards her slit.

Alizee sat down on the counter she’d been dancing on. The silence was near perfect as she spread her legs wide exposing herself to the audience. She didn’t need a microphone to be heard now, but she spoke into it anyway. Her voice had a sultry tone as she said, “Who is man enough to take me?”

* * *

The silence continued for a long moment as the men looked at each other wondering if they’d heard right. Had this pretty girl just asked them to fuck her? Was this some sort of FBI sting? Would a SWAT team come rushing in as soon as they laid a finger on her?

Then Miguel, the cab driver, got up from his stool and stood in front of her. “I will” he announced undoing his belt buckle and letting his pants fall, exposing the rock hard erection he’d had for the last hour. Alizee giggled as she looked at the big, purple headed cock.

“Oui, monsieur, that is very nice, much better than Jeremy … now come here.” She leaned over and put her arms around Miguel’s neck and helped herself down from the counter. Then she slid her body down his until she was kneeling before him. She wet her lips and then formed them into an O sealing them around his cock. He grunted as she began to blow him eagerly, making a variety of suckling and gurgling noises. Most of the men in the room had gotten up and moved closer, hands busy in their pockets or openly grabbing their crotches. Now they began to push aside tables and chairs, clearing an area around the couple. Vince went into a backroom and carried out a mattress and blankets he used to nap on and placed them on the floor. By the time the makeshift bed was done Alizee had finished her blowjob, a generous amount of pre-cum dribbling out of the side of her mouth. Miguel lifted her bodily and laid her down on the mattress. She spread her legs wide, her pink hole, wet, open and ready for him.

He placed his penis against her cunt and then plunged it in as deep as he could go on his first stroke. She cried out and her nails raked his back but he slammed his balls against her anus again and again and again. This was what Alizee had wanted – no, expected! – of Jeremy. She’d been dreaming of the great sex they’d been going to have that she’d been in a constant state of horniness and what had happened earlier this evening combined with the unusual amount of drink for her had turned her into a shameless nympho! Soon she was begging Miguel in a mixture of French and English to fuck her harder and deeper until Miguel was too exhausted to continue. Ramming his cock into her for one last time, he pulled out and sprayed a massive load over her, the cum arcing over her stomach and as high as her pert tits. He knelt there for a moment longer enjoying the sight of this exotic beauty as he cupped her breasts and pinched her hard nipples between thumb and forefinger. She cooed in delight as he rubbed her clit with one hand. Her hips bucked as she began to grind her clit against his hand until her entire body shuddered and she came, crying out loudly, in her first orgasm of the evening. Satisfied Miguel got up and stood to one side, his cock soft now as he sniffed at the juices the girl had left on his hand. No sooner had he moved away from her, another guy took his place between her legs. Miguel watched, his nostrils flaring as the young woman’s sexual scent began to make his cock hard again. He’d fuck her again before the night was over!

Alizee was in heaven. Cock after cock pounded away into her, mostly into her wide open cunt though a few chose a backdoor entry much to her surprise. The first one that went that way hurt a lot but as she relaxed and lubricated by the cum he deposited there, she enjoyed subsequent anal sex as much as she was enjoying all the others. Soon it all blurred into an endless stream of big, hard cocks for the young French singer. They fucked her as she lay legs spread like a cheap whore, others turned her over onto her knees, ass high in the air as they took her doggy style, grabbing handfuls of her breasts as they rode her. Sometimes they took her two or even three at a time, filling her every hole simultaneously. One guy beneath her reaming her ass, another kneeling between her legs filling her pussy. As if this double penetration wasn’t enough, a third guy would stick his dick into her mouth and satisfy himself orally. At first she spat out the cum that sprayed into her mouth but soon there was so much of it from so many different cocks that she could do nothing else but swallow it. In any case, her face was coated with fresh sperm as it dripped down her cheeks and plastered her shoulder length hair.

It soon became obvious to most of the guys in the room that it was going to take a while before it was their turn so they turned their attention to the waitresses who had gathered in one corner of the bar. They were watching the foreign girl turn into a cum covered slut with a mixture of disgust and also some envy in their eyes as they whispered amongst themselves. Then they saw some of the guys advancing on them and they stepped back but they had nowhere to go. The men, reverting to caveman ancestor mentality, pounced on the helpless women and stripped off their halter tops and short shorts. They carried their naked, screaming and struggling trophies back to the cleared area and threw them to the floor and went down upon them. Now that there were six girls writhing in ecstasy on the floor, the queue behind Alizee was reduced but the allure of the sexy French girl was such that men came back to her for second helpings of pure animal lust.

It was dawn by the time everyone in the room had been serviced, most three or more times. Alizee had lost count of the number of times she had cum herself – it felt as if she’d been having one long continuous orgasm throughout the night. Every square inch of her skin was coated in semen and she felt exhausted, her legs trembled slightly and her vagina and anus felt raw from all the reaming they’d received. But even after all this she smiled happily and wasn’t in the least bit hungover. She got to her feet slowly, stretched and yawned. She looked around for Miguel, her favorite cab driver and walked over to him.

“I think you’d better take me back to the hotel, monsieur.” She winked at him saucily, “there will be an extra tip at the end of the voyage” she added squeezing her cum covered tits in her hands.

“You’re a fuckin’ crazy nympho” he exclaimed “but I’m glad I met you!” He found his pants and pulled them up over his cock which had developed another bad case of stiffness at what Alizee had promised and indeed they never made it all the way to the hotel, stopping off in an out of the way parking lot for some sloppy sex on the back seat.

When Alizee looked back at the events of the night, she wondered if she’d really gone crazy as Miguel had told her. She didn’t regret any of it though. It was better than what Jeremy had done! A thousand times better than limp dick Jeremy could ever dream of doing and for that Alizee was happy!

* * *

… and hopefully Alizee and Jeremy do not live happily together ever after 🙂

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