All About Mary

Title: All About Mary

Author: Blackjack

Celebs: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Common

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, facial, interracial, creampie

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Throwing her phone across the room, Mary Elizabeth Winstead collapsed on the small bed that was provided for the small condo she had been given on the set of her latest movie ‘All About Nina’. She had been having a rough time in the media to put it lightly, she had gone through a very public break up with her ex husband Riley Stearns as her extra marital relationship with Ewan McGregor had come out. She hadn’t minded that bit so much, it was more to do with the fact that Ewan had told her, explicitly, that his wife knew their relationship was on the way out and the two were breaking up. Now TMZ had been reporting that Ewan’s wife had no idea and he was on his way right back to see her, and his kids, again. Sitting down on her bed, Mary looked at her phone as it rested against the side of her room and various thoughts started to race through her head.

What could she do? Message Riley and see what he was doing? Ask to talk? See if he wanted to take her back? There was no way for that though… She had broken his heart and Mary also sort of knew that he would be a fool to take her back. She had been the one to break their marital vows, she had been the one to sully their relationship with an extramarital affair and he would have every right to not take her back. Lifting a hand up to run her fingers through her long brown hair, Mary sighed softly and looked up at the ceiling of the small room before placing her head in her hands. What the fuck was she going to do?

Standing up off of the bed and slowly pacing up and down inside of her small room, Mary’s mind was running a mile a minute as her phone beeped with a text message arriving. Walking over to it, she reached down and picked her phone up and looked it over. Her big brown eyes settled on the small text display on the front of her phone and a soft smile moved over her lips. Unlocking her phone, she read the rest of the message out loud.

“Hey Mary, we’re gonna have a couple of drinks in my trailer if you want to come by?” It was from Common, one of her co-stars in the new movie. A former rapper turned actor and political activist with still a bit of rapping in his repertoire, he was something of a renaissance man. Mary’s fingers and thumbs hovered over her phone’s keyboard before she started to type out a short response.

“Definitely. Time?”

The phone was quiet for a moment and that was fine with the woman, she put her phone down on the bed and walked over to the vanity mirror and checked her reflection in the mirror. She had on a small denim jacket that covered the band shirt she was wearing, a small velvet skirt complemented it as well and she looked like she was rocking a smart casual look. If she was going to a party though, Mary was going to have to look a lot better. Shrugging the jacket off and throwing it to the floor, she moved over to the closet that she had and quickly started to thumb through the selection of clothing she had brought with her before she settled on a light blue summer dress that came complete with a selection of white stars that littered the front of the outfit.

Stripping down and swapping the costumes around, Mary looked over herself in the mirror before she grabbed her makeup kit, doing her best to fix herself up as she had cried a couple of tears of frustration this night. Looking herself over, Mary nodded and blew herself a kiss in the mirror before standing up and turning around to grab her phone. Picking it up, she saw that she had a new message from Common waiting for her.

“Change of plan, most of the team are going out. I’m gonna stay here though, got a flight tomorrow.”

Mary looked down at the phone and almost instantly, cogs in her mind started to turn. Poking her tongue out of her mouth slightly and wetting her lips, Mary tapped out another message.

“Want some company?”

Looking down at the sent message, Mary felt her heartbeat race slightly as she awaited the response from the darker skinned man. Seeing the three text message icons appear on her phone, Mary found her breath catching in her throat as she awaited the text message back. Mary’s eyes widened slightly as the new text bubble appeared.

“Sure? Don’t know if I’ll be that much fun though. I’m ready to go to bed.”

Looking it over, Mary was quiet for a moment before she tapped out another response.

“I’m sure you’ll be fun in or out of the bed ;)”

Looking at the message screen, the text bubbles appeared and then disappeared as if she was thinking out what he wanted to say. Using the brief time they weren’t talking, Mary quickly hopped up off of the bed and reached up under the bottom of her dress to roll down her panties and sliding them down her long legs, she threw them across the room with the rest of her mess of a laundry pile. Sitting back down on the edge of the bed, Mary picked her phone back up as another message came through.

“Oh really? You didn’t strike me as the type who liked dark chocolate? :P” Mary looked at the message and smirked before just dumping the phone on her bed. Standing up off of the bed, she grabbed her keys to the condo and as she was ready to leave, her phone buzzed to life again. Grabbing it, she read the message and smirked as it was just a photo of a bottle of whiskey with two glasses in front of it with one word. “Ice?”

“Nope.” Mary sent back, looking out across the small parking lot and spotting one of the few trailers with their light on. Keeping her phone with her keys, Mary made her way down towards the trailer where she knew Common was going to be. Crossing the near silent lot, the white woman walked up the steps to Common’s trailer and rapped her knuckles against the door briefly.

Her ears perked up as she heard some noise in the trailer, Mary’s hazel eyes were looking over the door of the trailer, her eyes settling in over the letters of her black co-star on the edge of the door. Taking a step back, Mary looked up at the door and as it opened, she drank in the sight of Common standing before her, dressed up in a rather nice looking button up shirt and a belt and jeans combo but bare footed, Common also had a smile on his handsome face as he nodded his head.

“Come on in.” Common said, his voice a low, sexy husk as he closed the door behind her, his hands almost touching her flesh as she walked in. “I made your drink here.” He said, gesturing to the side bar of his trailer before walking into the main part of the room and sitting down directly opposite her and just next to the table which he had usually used for his breakfast. Mary looked over at her black co-star and he returned the gaze almost instantly. The two shared this for a moment, almost as if they were trying to suss out just what the other person wanted to do. Common wanted to know if Mary was serious and Mary wanted to know if she really wanted to do this. “You want your drink Mary or… You want something else?” He asked, finally breaking the silence and the drawl in his voice was enough to make Mary’s skin crawl in the most delicious of ways.

The woman didn’t answer. Instead, she leaned back slightly and she could feel her hard nipples pressing out against the fabric of her sundress. The way the dress was designed made it look like it was a part of her dress but Mary also knew that Common was looking over her chest and her long, smooth legs so he could definitely tell that she had hard nipples begging for his attention too.

Mary’s hazel eyes settled on Common’s, the mood in the trailer was definitely starting to cook in more of a sexual simmer and even as Mary lazily lifted her long right leg up off of the floor and crossed it, the hem of her skirt creeping up her thighs to show more of the milky white skin. A sly smile broke out over her lips and she sat back, this time her gaze was more of a sultry one. She looked at the small tumbler of whiskey in her hand and with one quick motion she had the entire thing knocked back and she was on her feet with almost an unnatural speed. Walking over to the former rap star, Mary was instantly straddling his lap and her arms had linked behind his head. Leaning herself forward, she whispered in his ear.

“What makes you think I don’t like dark chocolate?” As she breathed those words in his ear, he could already feel him getting hard underneath her and without much of a warning, he had placed his hands on her chest, squeezing them over the fabric of the sundress. Her teeth settled in his earlobe, nibbling against the darker flesh as she started to roll her hips backwards and forwards, grinding herself against his lap as she bit into his ear and sucked on it.

“Damn… I wish I knew you were this freaky at the start!” He said underneath her, a wide grin on his face as he slipped his hands under the bottom of her dress and much to his surprise, he found her to be not wearing any underwear. “Extra freaky!” He added, a wide smile on his face as a hand came up and firmly tugged her hair, pulling her head backwards so he could run his tongue along her throat.

Mary let out a low groan as her co-star ran his tongue over her neck and his big hands were under her dress. His fingers kneaded against her ass before he lifted his hand up and offered her rear a firm slap. The movie star on top of his lap hissed in pleasure, her teeth coming down and biting on his earlobe.

“Harder Daddy.” Mary cooed in his ear, feeling Common’s big, black cock throb with each rub of her pussy against his lap. Her head came back as she had her ass slapped again, her voice nearly breaking as Common digged his fingers into her ass before slapping her cheeks one after the other almost instantly. The sting on the slaps were riding through Mary’s body as she slipped between his legs. Slipping her dress up off of her body and teasingly throwing it at her co-star, Mary had both of her hands on his lap almost instantly.

“Watch yourself Mary, it’s pretty fucking big.” Common had the fabric of the dress in his arms before he lifted it up and wrapped it around the back of his neck while he watched Mary undo his belt and rip his pants open.

“Oh yeah? How big?” Mary asked, her big brown eyes flicking up to look at her co-star and rapper.

“Twelve inches on a good day. And this is looking like it’s going to be a fucking perfect day.” He breathed out, his eyes settling on hers as she reached over and simply let her breathing be felt on his fabric covered cock. The warmth of her breath was already making him hot and hard and when her fingers came up and playfully twanged the waistband of his boxers. Common could tell that fucking Mary Elizabeth Winstead was going to be a wild ride.

Her long fingers slipped into his boxers and with a grace becoming of a woman as beautiful as her, Mary started to tug his boxer shorts down. Common lifted his hips up so that his shorts could come down and as soon as he did that, her eyes were locked on that big cock that he had been hiding from her. Licking her lips and reaching between her legs to slowly rub her clit as a means of keeping herself stimulated while she blew him.

“You’re going to need to be pretty fucking good to get me all the way down your throat.” He said with a smirk as Mary, much to her astonishment, had to wrap both of her hands around his cock to steady it. With both of her hands pumping up and down, Mary spat a bead of saliva on it and gave him a wink.

“I’m the best.” Mary said simply. Sliding her lips down over the big cock, she pressed her ruby red lips together and formed a tight vacuum as she moved her lips down and didn’t stop until she had her lips pressing against the side of her hand. Opening her eyes and looking into his, Mary lifted her first hand up off of the cock and as her lips slid all the way down once more. Mary coughed around the dick and her eyes started to water but she moved on and her other hand came up off of it and soon, her nose was buried in her pubic hair.

“Holy shit!” Common exclaimed as he felt hot snorts of air coming out of Mary’s nose and on his dark skin as she held herself down on his lap with his cock fully stretching out her throat. “Fuck, you really are freaky!” He said with a laugh as Mary started to get into a rhythm. Lifting her lips up slightly and then dropping them down, Mary worked on riding his cock with her face. Warm strands of her spit and saliva were running down her chin from both her bottom lip and the sides of her mouth as she worked on keeping Common’s cock firmly nestled in her throat. “Ah fuck yeah, take that black dick in your throat.” He said with a sigh, his fingers running through her hair as she lifted her mouth up and down, more pools of saliva dripping down that dark length and just coating it in front of him.

With Common’s cock now completely buried in her throat, Mary looked up at him and flashed him a wide grin as her mouth and throat remained firmly spread open. Mary took her hands off of his body and placed them behind her back, his length started to slide down her throat and she didn’t stop until her nose was buried inside of his pubic hair. The man let out a gasp of pleasure before coming up off of the side of his chair and then raked his fingers through Mary’s brown hair, making sure to keep her hair out of her face as she continued to throat Common’s cock with ease.

The man let out a low groan as Mary finally pulled her lips up off of his big, fat, black cock and watched as a large strand of saliva strung to her lip and then over to the tip of his dick’s head.

“Damn, you really are freaky!” Common said with a laugh, watching as Mary came down to lick against the head of his black dick and scoop up some of her own, hot spit. Mary twirled the tongue over his dick’s head before she pushed his thick, heavy member up towards the sky and ran her tongue along the bottom of it, tracing the thick vein that moved from his balls to the tip, Mary moved down to Common’s big balls and popped each of them into her warm, wet mouth. Sucking on each of them, Mary made sure to utterly bathe both of his balls in her spit before letting them fall from her mouth. Licking and kissing each of them, Mary came up from under his cock and then slipped her mouth right back down on his cock.

“Mmmph!” Mary moaned, or maybe coughed would be more apt, as his dick slid all the way down her throat and into her mouth again. Placing her hands on his legs to keep them spread, Mary started to work her lips up and down, coating his dick in more and more of her spit. She could see that his entire length was getting darker and darker, no doubt from all of her warm spit that was just dripping down his length. Watching some beads of her saliva splatter against his balls, Mary looked up at Common who was busy staring at this hot little white actress slobbering over his dick.

Moving to a standing position, Common kept Mary on her knees but this time, he tangled his fingers in her hair and started to control the pace of her throat being penetrated. Knitting her hair together, Mary could feel Common’s cock slipping deeper and deeper into her mouth and as she surrendered her mouth and throat to him, her own pussy was almost as wet as her mouth. Hearing him start to moan and groan while he was pumping his cock inside of her mouth, Mary could only wonder what it would feel like to be flat on her back and having her pussy be ruined by him.

Common’s balls were now starting to slap against Mary’s pale chin, his big balls beating against her all while she simply could close her eyes and then open them occasionally to blink away some of the tears. Keeping her hands on the inside of his thighs, Mary’s throat was starting to get a full workout and with every push inside of her, she could feel Common’s cock starting to twitch. Mary didn’t do anything though. She just let him use her throat. The sounds coming from the trailer were truly erotic and anyone who was listening in would no doubt no exactly what was going on. There were almost comical glugging noises that were coming from Mary’s mouth as the rapper and actor had a firm grip in her hair and also a firm use of her throat as well.

Looking down at her, Common could only bite down on his lip and do his best not to cum to see Mary, his costar, his white costar, getting her face wrecked by his dick. It had been a long time since he had fucked a white girl and watching as Mary took it, it made him wonder why. Pushing his dick all the way in, his head slipping past the back of her throat and having him become fully lodged inside of her, Common hissed in pleasure and started to cum. Slipping his cock back from the inside of her throat, he started to fill her mouth with his hot seed. Shooting rope after rope, Common continued to pump his balls into her mouth and emptying them inside of her. With his balls utterly emptied into his costar’s mouth, the man slowly pulled his length out of her mouth and watched his spit slick cock fall from her lips, the tip of it already hard again and pressing against Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s mouth.

With her mouth now full of sperm, Mary looked up at Common before making a big show of swallowing the cum all the way down. Opening her lips to flash off her now empty mouth, Mary moaned as she sat back on her legs and brought her hand up to her mouth, tending to the trails of spit from her mouth with the back of her hand. Looking at his slick dick and then up at Common, Mary could only grin.

“You’re hard again?” She said with a chuckle, looking up at her costar. “Already?”

“Haven’t had a white girl on her knees for me in a while.” Common said, running his hand over his chin. “Thinking you might not want to wait for me to recharge either.”

“Oh, you’d be right about that…” Mary started but before she had a chance to add anything else, her handsome co star had her in his arms, up in the air and then flat on her back on his table. Swiping at the table to knock the contents off, the iPad, their phones, her purse and everything else hit the seating that ran along the sides of the trailer and Common was between her legs. His dark hands stroked against her pale, white flesh and he moved to flip the bottom of her dress up, the bottom of the fabric landed on her stomach and he could see her now dripping wet snatch. Gripping his own cock at the bottom of his shaft, he pushed his dick forward and then with a single push of his hips, he had his length inside of her.

As soon as her petalled walls were split open, Mary’s back was arched up off of the table and her mouth split open in a scream of pleasure. Her hips were now firmly gripped by her co stars hands and she knew that there was no way she would be going anywhere right now. But, as he pulled his fat dick backwards and then shoved it forwards, making her entire body rock, Mary knew she didn’t want to be anywhere else. Her hands weakly beat against the side of the table as her eyes slowly opened and she found herself staring at the window of Common’s trailer only this time it was upside down. Her tight, wet walls were already squeezing down on him but with each stroke of his hips inside of her, Mary knew that soon she wouldn’t be able to resist and her tight pussy would belong to him.

Common reached down and brushed the straps of her dress off of her shoulders, rolling the fabric down so that her breasts were now visible to him while he pushed himself inside of her. Watching those breasts bounce while he started to work himself into a firm, steady rate of pounding inside of her, Common wanted to see them glazed in his cum as well. So, while the table underneath her creaked while he fucked her pussy, he made a promise to himself that he would glaze those white girl tits in his cum as well.

Mary could feel the cool breeze on her breasts while she was being bounced on his table and almost drunk on his dick, she brought her hands up to her chest, squeezing them and pinching and pulling on her nipples while her pussy was spread wide. Almost painfully. But the pain was a great one, she was going to ache so much after he was done with her and Mary found herself not caring, she just wanted to be used as Common’s own personal cock sleeve. She could feel his balls pressing against her ass now and she didn’t dare look down at her opening, but as she felt him slide backwards and then rock forwards, her eyes shot wide open again and she found herself propping herself up on her elbows to watch her handsome costar pound her.

With Common’s hand hands on her thighs and the small of her back now, Mary was propped up against his chest and simply had to take it in one of the hottest ways she ever had done. Her nails were essentially useless against his back and while she would have cut any other of her lovers to ribbons, she couldn’t help but feel like she was doing nothing against his hard skin. Mary’s pussy, while already lubricated from her own juices as well as the first load of Common’s balls, was still so tight and squeezing him hard as he slammed himself inside of her. Mary’s head fell back and her mouth dropped open as she was rammed harder and harder, the table beneath them sounded a lot like it was ready to be broken from their hard fucking but Mary had no doubts that Common would have just kept her in his arms and pounded her in the air. Common slowly pulled his dick backwards, the head of his cock remained buried inside of her so she could actually look down and see just how wet she was and how lubricated she had made him.

“I want to watch that ass bounce.” Common said, a hand striking her ass and making the movie star shriek in pleasure.

“Want to bend me over baby?” She asked, biting down on her bottom lip.

The man ran his tongue over his top row of teeth and moved down, bending her left leg at the knee to fold it inwards. Common, to Mary’s surprise, then rolled her over so that she was now face down on the table. Mary’s eyes went wide as she was flipped over and impressively, his cock never left inside of her. Mary’s eyes went wide as Common started to move himself backwards and forwards inside of her. She already knew that her cunt was going to be molded to his big, black dick and as he rocked his dick in and out of her. Mary gasped in pleasure as her pussy was essentially destroyed by his strong dick game. His waist started to beat against Mary’s ass cheeks, watching them both slap against his dark skin and the contrast of skin tones was enough to make the man taking her from behind know just how good of a lay she was. His hands came down and each of them had taken a cheek in hand and was carefully kneading the cheeks before he lifted his right hand up and he struck the cheek with a firm, open slap. Watching the cheek bounce, he did it again, harder and making the woman shriek for more.

Smirking, Common pulled her cheeks apart and pushed his thumb right into her asshole. While he fucked her from behind, he started to explore her asshole. Feeling her tense up around it, the darker skinned man smirked and rubbed the tip of his thumb around it.

“Never done it in the ass before Mary?” He asked, smacking her cheek with his free hand while his thumb continued to probe against her asshole.

“Mmmm… Fuck! No! Never!”

“We’re gonna have to try that one then.” He said with a smirk, pulling his big black dick backwards and out of her tight pussy. Gripping his dick, slick in her cum, he pushed his dick upwards and towards her asshole. With one of his strong hands on her waist, he kept hold of his cock with the other hand and then, he pushed himself forwards and moved it right inside of her.

Mary’s eyes were wide and her mouth was wide open in disbelief as she had her ass being forced open and being forced to take that big, black dick inside of her back door. Common could have heard her protests but if he did, he wasn’t going to stop so all she could do is just sit there and take it. Mary’s body felt so weak to her, she was limp, soaked in sweat and her own cum as she was just railed hard and fast on the table inside Common’s trailer. Her hands weakly tried to lift herself up but as she did, she felt Common’s hands slide between her legs and start to rub against her pussy. With the feeling of his strong hands on her entrance, rubbing against her clit and also pushing his fingers inside of her slit, Common was already working on taking her asshole.

As soon as the head of his big, black dick pushed inside of her tight back door and she had to take it right back inside of her most forbidden hole. Mary bit down on her bottom lip and did her best to not scream out as she was penetrated from behind and she was forced to just take his dick in her asshole. She could feel his left hand on her waist before it slipped up to the mess of her hair and he offered it a hard tug, lifting her head up off of the table and yanking it up into the air so he could hear her moan while he fucked her ass. Pushing his dick all the way in, Mary’s eyes went wide at the aspect of the fact that all twelve inches of Common’s cock was forced inside of her and she was left with an asshole full of big, black cock.

While Common was happy fucking Mary in the ass, he could feel his own orgasm starting to build in his balls and as they pumped backwards and forwards he knew his orgasm was near. Looking down at the back of Mary’s head, he grunted as he started to really ram his dick forward inside of her. With one more hard push inside of her ass, Common bit down on his bottom lip and voiced his concern.

“Gonna cum soon…” He admitted, looking down at her as she did her best to nod her head despite him still having a hand full of her hair.

“Face.” Was all Mary could muster and he was fine with that. Common slipped his dick from her ass with a soft popping noise and mustering his upper body strength, he lifted her up and draped her over the table. With her head laying over the side of the table, Mary weakly fingered herself and toyed with her breasts as she closed her eyes and waited for Common to finish. His hand was stroking against his shaft, rapidly pumping his fist up and down while he aimed his dick against her face. Grunting, he started to cum hard. Shooting hot ropes out of his dick and towards her face, Common painted her lips with his cum before firing a rope over her chin and then down towards the top of her face. A rope landed across the bottom of her nose and rolled into her nostril as another rope landed over her right eye, gluing her lashes together while all she could do is moan and pant for it.

Taking a step back, Common grabbed hold of the bottle of whiskey and took a swig before looking over at her as she weakly opened her one free eye.

“That was fucking wild.” He said with a grin, looking over at her as she rolled over onto her stomach.

“Phone.” Mary managed to wheeze out, looking up at him. Common nodded his head and walked over towards where her phone was, passing it to her, she unlocked it and snapped a selfie of herself before looking up at him.

“Can you go again?”

“You bet I can.” Common said, his black dick already coming back to life at the sight of the white woman, her face wrecked with his cum and she was begging for more.

Mary licked her lips, scooping up some of his hot cum onto her tongue and then she spun herself around so that her legs were hanging off of the edge of the table. She held her legs open as best as she could do as Common stepped between them. She felt like such a used slut right now but staring down at that big black member throbbing between his legs made her feel like she was ready to go all over again. She bit down on her bottom lip and watched as he reached down and grabbed hold of her legs, lifting them up and placing them against his chest, he pushed his dick forward again and her wet folds just accepted him all the way back inside of her again. Mary let out a long, slutty groan as her head fell backwards and she just let her body roll with him.

Common gritted his teeth as he watched his dick disappear right inside of Mary’s dripping wet opening. He soon had his waist pressing up against her opening and the rapper turned actor could barely take the smirk off of his face. With her legs draped over his arms, the man reached up and took hold of her breasts, cupping and squeezing the tear drop shaped orbs as they bounced up and down with each hard pump he gave her. With his hands on her breasts, he held them all while he rocked his hips backwards and forwards, sawing his dick inside of her and making his big, heavy balls slap against her ass cheeks, the clapping noise filling their ears as he rammed her on the table.

The white woman just let Common use her. His big dick was too strong for her to even possibly resist and as she was rocked backwards and forwards on the table, she went a wave of euphoria run over her. His hands were on her breasts and his cum was dripping down her face as well. If Mary was to describe the feeling right now, it was owned and the woman wanted it like that as well. She felt his dick stab another hot spot inside of her and as it did, her body convulsed and she arched up off of the table almost right into his arms. Common wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him as he pushed his dick back inside of her at a more rapid pace, bouncing her up and down on his dick as she just took it hard inside.

“Oh fuck!” She screamed out, no longer caring about being quiet or even being remotely graceful, instead she was just happy to be pounded into Common’s own personal cock sleeve. She felt his hands on her ass, both keeping her in place and sliding her up and down along his dick and she was actually content to just have him use her through her orgasms. Her tight walls squeezed down on him again and every single neuron inside her exploded as her walls lubricated Common’s cock as he pounded her. “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck!” Mary continued to scream out expletives as she trembled through another orgasm forced upon her by her black co-star.

Common was starting to feel worn down as well, sweat was forming on his body and as he pushed his dick in and out of her wet folds, he knew he wasn’t too long before he’d start to cum again. Sliding his dick back inside of her, he started to push his dick upwards and against her gspot, his big dick beating against her sensitive spot and forcing another orgasm out of the woman as she practically went limp in his arms as he pounded up inside of her. Her legs were wrapped tight around his back but that was the only sort of sense that the man got that Mary was even conscious as he fucked her. The only sound coming out of her was a soft whimper of pleasure and he knew that she was going to feel sore the next morning. Keeping her pinned up against him, Common started to ram her harder and faster, making the woman almost jump in his arms as he pushed and pumped his hips inside of her. His balls were slapping against her white skin and as he pushed his dick back inside of her one more time, he let go and started to cum.

Mary’s eye shot open as she felt him let loose inside of her and as he sprayed inside of her pussy, she bit down on her bottom lip and let him do it as she realised that she didn’t care. Feeling the ropes of his cum burst inside of her, Mary let him use her as he wished and slowly, her head fell back as she was just ruined with his cum. Slowly though, he slid his dick out of her folds and as he stepped back, he looked down at the gap between her legs and watched as some of the beads of his cum dripped from her entrance and down her legs.

Licking his lips, Common grabbed her phone and snapped another photo of her, sweat-soaked, cum ruined and thoroughly well fucked and just in a state of total euphoria. Snapping a couple more shots, he made sure to grab a photo of her pussy leaking his cum out of her folds and another couple of her face slick with his cum before putting it down on the table next to her. Mary managed to open a hazel eye to look at him before she sighed and nodded her head.

“Fuck…” She breathed out, slowly pulling herself forward and onto her admittedly wobbly legs. She looked around the room before finding the dress Common had discarded for her earlier. Walking over to it, she managed to get herself dressed as best as she could do while Common helped her. Mary turned around to look at Common, his cum still glued to her face, before she smiled and nodded her head.

“Can’t wait to go on the press tour with you…” Mary stepped forward and pulled Common’s shoulders down slightly so she could whisper in his ear. “Do you know anyone who’d want to party with us?”

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