All American High


In a perfect world the thing you are about to read may have happened. But in a perfect world our supermodel/actress/singer girlfriend’s would leave us no time to write this kind of stuff either.

If you are underaged and/or living in a country where the below is forbidden I strongly recommend that you go on and read. All around the world people died for the freedom of speech and the freedom to express yourself. And yes, they did mean erotic fiction with it.

If you are one of the characters written about in this story and feel horribly humiliated by this text I have a word of advise for
you: You are celebrities, beautiful to a T, have loads of money and generally a high life. People adore you, people think you’re gods, people do fantasize about you. Life’s a bitch! Get over it. So instead of trying to sue me you better try some of the things written below. If you still want to sue me: try and find me.

Bottom line is, whoever you are, relax, sit back and enjoy the ride!


All American High

There is no such thing in our society as the structures in an American high school. This is at least what you think when you are either student at a high-school or are occupied with some job in the Hollywood movie industry, where this is an equally repetitive theme like aliens invading our world or people who accidentally change their bodies with their father/mother/a complete stranger.

In everyday life, there is really no such thing as an American high-school. I can think of no place that is so packed with realities that are clichés, clichés that are reality, reality that is simply real and clichés that are nothing but clichés.

How do I know that? Well, it took me the easiest and at the same time hardest way to find that out. Like millions and millions of others I attended this strange and wonderful micro cosmos called high school. The difference between me and these millions? They have either high profile jobs that don’t leave them time for writing or they have a family that leaves them not time to write. Or they can not write a straight sentence even after they left our educational system – and these are not the least. Finally there is a group who was simply too drugged throughout the whole time to remember the fascinating details that mad our life a living hell.

In the following you will read detailed descriptions of the life at our All-American- High-School. If you come across passages where you wonder how I came to know it, especially the detailed. Remember: I am the narrator of this story. I know everything. Maybe someone told me, maybe I was there, maybe I even participated in some of the events.


First let me introduce you to some of the most important people in the strict hierarchy of my late youth/ early adolescence, that easily competes with most of ancient pantheons. Of course there were far more people and in the course of the story you will meet some of them but I want to use this introduction to make the beginning a little easier. Just imagine you are the main character in one of these Hollywood movie’s (see above) who attend a new school and I am the inevitable best-friend-character giving the introduction.

First of, there is the high-priest, some may even call her high-goddess, of our society better known as the pupils. Now, this girl is a living cliché. This girl was not just born with one silver spoon in her mouth but with a complete set of silverware. Mandy Moore – the name alone fits best to her sweet, M’n’Ms’ like looks and the equally sweet personality she sports for her parents, other relatives and the teachers – is the single child of rich parents. She was, of course, the head cheerleader and yes, her boyfriend was the captain of the football team. One has to admit that her grades were just as A-class as her clothes and her European sports car. She was simply a girl you had to love. If not, you hated her. No shades of grey existing in between. Except maybe for the pity you develop for a girl like her when you grow older. The best remembrance in everyday school life I have of Miss M’n’M is the following: clad in her tight-fitting green and white cheerleader uniform that never seemed to show a hint of dust or sweat, circled by the group of her fellow cheerleader and nearly equally blessed best friends, walking past me, smiling her dental cream add smile that made Daddy overflow both with love and money, with laughter as clear as church bells and upon spotting me, turning the said smile into a frown of dismay, with her finger and her thumb in the shape of a L on her forehead. I doubt that anyone ever told her that she looked kind of dumb doing that.

Her company, nearly always as present as a personal bodyguard, can all be described in a single sentence: just as cute, just as rich, just as stuck up bitches and only a little less popular. Or in other words, along with their leader Mandy, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Jessica Biel were the bunch of the most fuckable and at the same time least touchable girls (at least for mortal people) in our world.

The rest that can be said about them is also quite similar. Of course they were all cheerleaders, looking so very cute in their uniforms that Mommy was proud of them and every male citizen instantly became a hard-on when they walked past them. And naturally these girls were dating the super hunks from the football team. The rumours were also always the same. They already had sex. They did not, because they swore to stay virgins until they are married. Or the breast-enlargement-rumour. While Mandy’s tits were too small in my eyes to be technically enhanced and the same being for Jessica Biel, the question was really hot about Britney and Jessica Simpson.

Their boyfriends at the same time gave less room for speculations. They all would make it to college, but none of them without a football scholarship. Each and every of them looked like they were doing the after picture in an before and after pimple lotion add. And they were all trained from head to toe, muscular with the very exception right between their legs. The growth of both brain and cock seemed to have stopped in a very early stage, while they kept on pumping up their muscles and egos. Saying that is not just bad will. On the rare occasions I found the way to physical education I had the doubtful honour of seeing these guys in the shower. And none of them was half as well hung as they bragged about. At least as I could tell from the very short glimpse I caught before turning away in disgust again. And yes, the egg-cups they wore were at least one number too large. If the anti-promiscuity oath of the teen queens were correct, there would have been hardly any use than do-it-yourself-homework for any larger tools. Except for single episodes these guys were so interchangeable that today I have problems remembering if their names were Harry, Barry, Larry and Garry or Jim, John, Jack and Jefferson jr., or whatever.

Then there was the large crowd of the less-blessed. At least when you call popularity on a High School a blessing. From our very own in-crowd there were several steps down the ladder, the highest of them still able to kiss up to the teen queens and their hunks. The further down you came, the less important you were. Except for the lowest of them, the sediment of the pupils society. Yes, the very people like me – meaning “like me” in the sense that there was one reason or another that they were outcasts. There are many reasons why one could become one of these other than the old just-to-ugly-to-be-called-a-human-being. Maybe there was a humiliating episode in pre-school that everyone still remembered. Or a girl had gotten Barbie-Goes-Shopping before all of the M’n’M girls had her, back when they were six years old. Or you were too bright, probably because you could tell a PC from PVC or H2O from HBO. Or you dared not to respect the rules of High School hierarchy and thus being thrown to the dust of the bottom of it. This bunch of “L”osers were important for two reasons. One, that every other breathing mammal could look down on them, even those from the second last step of the ladder. So you always knew that there is at least someone whose life is even worse than yours. Second, we were the main targets for the in-crowd. And this means the complete range from being locked in a closet, dumped head first in the toilet, tossed over meal plates in the cafeteria and so on down to the daily dumb remarks the hunks thought were so funny and sophisticated – while they obviously were not.

In this story you will come along a few of these kids, so for now, just like at the beginning, let me introduce you to some of the most important unimportant ones.

Let me start with one girl, that was cursed in many ways at the same time. She was none of the gymnast and cheerleading trained yet curvaceous girls but rather skinny. Add a bit greasy, just grown and not really cut, light brunette hair and a pale skin, leave out use of make-up except for eyes edged in black and you get a prime outcast. Then, from the very beginning, she was hanging out with other “losers”, a bunch of skaters, dressing like them. This and her lack of aspiration ever to be like one of the M’n’Ms made it impossible for her to ever raise from the lowest point of the ladder. But it was even worse: this girl was Canadian. All put together made Avril Lavigne to the prime paria in our cast system.

At our walk among the pack of underdogs, meet the Twins. Actually they ain’t no twins, not even sisters or blood relatives in any other way. The reason why they were called the Twins were others, several others. First off, Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton lokked pretty much alike. They even dressed the same. As the teen queens would have put it: not flash, not fancy, not cool but just phony, darkish, half tomboyish, half folkloristic, altogether quite lesbian way. And when they did not spend time together they spent it with their equally uncool hobbies, playing piano and guitar. Or they even did it together. Playing piano and guitar that is.

Part One: On the way to the home run

The wonder of sports allegories. The bases. Of course, there have been quarrel about what they mean. But right in the end, there is a common understanding. So here is a little repetition for all those who may have forgotten.

First base: kissing; especially with tongue; French kissing

Second base: fondling; slight touching and rubbing of the genitals with clothes still on but especially the odd fondling of the girl’s breast, with or without her clothes

Third base: heavy petting, meaning touching of the genitals without clothes; mutual masturbation and if you are really lucky oral sex

Fourth base, home base: intercourse; the actual shagging; good old, dirty fucking; laying a pipe – you get the picture

First base

There would be so many examples for the first base. Hardly anyone has not had at least a single kissing experience in High School. So I could talk endlessly about first kisses on front porches, in deserted classrooms, in cars or wherever. I could tell endless stories about how kisses can go wrong, how a surprised and disgusted girl jumps back when she suddenly felt a tongue in her mouth that is not her own for the first time. Or how foreheads bumped together in a very unpleasant way while two first timers struggle to find the correct face to face constellation. Or the even more unpleasant experience when two braces hooked together. And, well, if I would, it could be quite funny. But it also could easily get boring.

To describe a real interesting kissing experience you have to have something really sexy, something nasty, something raunchy. Something … like a slumber party.

It was quite early in our High School days. The inevitable hierarchy was already building but not yet cemented.

It was a Saturday evening in the house of the Moore’s. Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Jessica Biel were having a slumber party. Even back than, who would not have wanted to be there? Four blossoming, well-trained, beautifully shaped teenage bodies in skimpy nighties.

And of course, what else would be the topics these teenage cheerleaders were talking about than, well cheerleading, cute Hollywood stars who they thought would be princes on white horses, not knowing that they were coked up alcoholics who spent loads of cash on whores, then of course fashion, what they expected their parents to buy them for their next birthday and, most important, boys.

“You mean, you haven’t kissed him yet?” Jessica Simpson asked with honest surprise.

“Well, you know – “ Mandy hesitated, looked to the ground and nervously played with her fingers.

“What, have you or not?” Britney asked.

This was the first time that Mandy obviously stood behind the other girls in one thing. She used to be the first, most likely the best but definitely not the last to do or have something.

“Only a peck on the cheek.” Mandy admitted. “Or maybe accidentally halfway on the lips. But not for real.”

“I can’t believe it Mandy.” Jessica Biel said, making her friend feel even less comfortable.

“Hasn’t he tried to?” Britney asked.

“Well, no. I mean, maybe.” Mandy stuttered. “Not really I think. I mean, I would have been afraid to make a mistake anyway.”

“Girls, I guess we have to help her out of this misery.” Jessica Simpson announced with a big gesture and the other two girls nodded.

“What do you mean ‘help me out of this’?” Mandy asked.

“Teach you how to kiss!” Jessica Simpson answered.

“What?” Mandy could not believe what she had just heard.

“Show you how to do it.” Jessica Biel explained. “And how to do it properly.”

“No way.” Mandy contradicted, her eyes wide and round.

“Sure, that’s what friends are there for.” Britney left no doubt that Mandy could not neglect their help.

“You mean, I shall kiss one of you?” Mandy was still not sure if her friends were only kidding or being for real.

“One of us or each and every of us, whatever it takes.” Jessica Simpson said. “Right girls?”

“Listen, Adam and me, we have done it lots of times, it’s really no big deal.” Jessica Biel said. “I’ll show you.”

“Al… alright.” Mandy gave in, still unsure. “What do I have to do?”

“First, you come here and kneel exactly in front of me.” Jessica Biel instructed her and waited until Mandy had done it. “Now you close your eyes and slowly, very slowly lean forward. Do it carefully so we don’t bounce our heads together.”

Mandy did, how she was told, then Jessica did the same and also closed her eyes. Both girls were kneeling on the floor of Mandy’s bedroom, clad in their nightgowns, their hands resting on their naked legs just above their knees.

“Now come a little closer.” Jessica continued. “And relax, I will do the work. You just have to sit still and enjoy it.”

Both girls leant further forward, bringing their faces closer together. They could already feel each other’s breath on their face. Mandy hesitated, trembling a bit with excitement, so Jessica made the final approach and suddenly Mandy felt Jessica’s lips touching hers. It was a sweet and soft feeling. Jessica kissed Mandy only with slight pressure and only by bringing their lips together. After only two or three seconds they parted again.

“Stay just as you are.” Jessica gave the next instructions. “Now I’m gonna kiss you a bit harder and I will massage your lips with mine.”

The brunette leant forward again until their lips touched. She carefully started massaging Mandy’s lips with hers. Slowly she increased the pressure, making the kiss more intense. It lasted far longer this time and Jessica only stopped when she finally felt Mandy kissing back slightly.

“That was good.” Mandy murmured, longingly leaning forward.

“Then wait ‘till you feel this.” Jessica replied. “This time I’m gonna slide my tongue into your mouth and I want you to massage it with yours.”

For the third time Jessica leant in for the kiss. Their lips touched again, pressed together and Jessica slid her tongue slowly forward.

At first it was slightly awkward as the wet tongue slipped between her lips. Jessica moved the tip of her tongue a bit from one side to the other so Mandy could get used to the feeling and to make her relax her lips. Then she pushed a little further, sliding her tongue into Mandy’s mouth, touching the other girl’s tongue. After the first contact Jessica retreated her tongue again, kissed Mandy a little harder but still careful on the lips and then slipped her tongue back into her mouth again. This time she started massaging Mandy’s tongue lightly with her own. Mandy did not shy away but held still and experienced a completely new sensation. She as so lost in the moment that she nearly forgot to breath.

“Oh god, that felt so great.” Mandy panted when the two girls broke the kiss. Only slowly did she open her eyes again.

“Well, you felt great, too.” Jessica Biel smiled at her kissing student.

“And it looked very sexy.” Britney said with a wicked smile for her own.

“I wish I could see it as well.” Mandy murmured, still overwhelmed by the new experience.

“Oh, that’s no problem.” Jessica Simpson replied. “Anything that helps you.”

Mandy was still a little breathless from her kiss when she saw Britney and the blond Jessica leaning in for the kiss. She watched excitedly how their lips touched. She could see how both girls stuck out their tongues and they met between their moist lips. They teased a bit and then let their tongues play with each other’s.

“Oh my god, that looks so sexy.” Mandy gasped wide-eyed.

“Yeah, not bad.” Jessica Biel said. “But you don’t only have to kiss your partner’s lips. The neck or the earlobes are very sensitive spots, too.”

Jessica Biel slid her hand on the other Jessica’s neck and pulled the blond girl towards her, thus forcing her and Britney to break their kiss. But Jessica Simpson seemed not to mind at all. Instead she just turned towards the brunette and they started kissing. But only lightly, with their tongues merely teasing and only for a short moment. Then Jessica Simpson started kissing her friend’s cheek, all the way to her neck and then up to her ear. Carefully she sucked the earlobe between her lips and nibbled lovingly on it. While she did this Jessica Biel let her tongue and lips trail up and down the side of the blonde’s neck.

“Now, does that make you hot?” Britney asked with a wicked smile.

“Oh, sure, that looks so really sexy.” Mandy answered without taking her eyes off the two kissing Jessicas. She felt, how the erotic sight of their tongue and lips playing aroused her. Her nipple became harder under her nightgown and brushed against the smooth material. Even more, she felt a slight moistness and tingling in her pussy.

“Then imagine doing it with your boyfriend.” Britney added. “If you do it properly he’ll melt in your hands and do even more what you’re telling him than he already does.”

“You think so?” Mandy murmured, still watching the other two girls like hypnotized.

“Yes.” Britney said. “But first you have to show me that you understood how to do it.”

“Mmh? What?” Mandy said and felt like woken from a dream when she felt Britney grab her lightly by the chin and carefully turn her head.

“Kiss me.” Britney whispered.

Mandy moved towards Britney. This time she made the approach and pressed her lips onto her friend’s. Just like Jessica Biel has done it with her only moments before she started massaging Britney’s lips with her own and she felt the busty blonde kissing back. They kept on kissing like this for what seemed forever to Mandy. It felt wonderful how Britney’s warm, moist lips pressed against her own. When she felt Britney’s hand sliding onto the back of her neck to pull her in even more Mandy placed her right hand on the blonde’s cheek and caressed it lightly. Then she got bolder and pushed her tongue forward, slipping it through Brit’s lips into the other girl’s mouth. She was greeted by her friend’s tongue and they let their tongues wrestle and massage each other.

When they finally broke the kiss Mandy wasn’t just blushed. Her lips were tingling, she could hear her blood rushing through her head, feel her heart beating like wild in her chest while her nipples were poking hard and erect against the flimsy material of her bra and her nightgown and she could also feel a strange warm moistness squirming in her loins.

“See, that wasn’t that hard.” Britney said. “And you’re a quick learner, too.”

“You’re boyfriend will be very thankful for that.” Jessica Biel laughed.

“Not that he will ever now how you learned it.” Jessica Simpson added.

“NO, of course not!” Mandy wailed and blushed even more.

“I haven’t had a taste yet.” The blonde Jessica continued. “Care for some more practice?”

Second Base

Lover’s Lane, Lover’s Grove, Lover’s View – no matter what it is called, it is there. It is there, somewhere slightly outside the town. And as one third of us were conceived in a place like this what speaks against the idea that a lot of us have their first sexual experiences there as well?

Just an example …

Like a few times before Jessica Simpson was sitting in the back of her boyfriend Buzz’s car, with his tongue shoved inside her mouth and his hands all over her ample chest. But this time she did not get defensive when he became a bit too bold, squeezing her breasts through the sweater a bit too hard. Instead she had even encouraged him to feel her up. It had not been him who had laid his grasping fingers on the delicious bulges straining against the sweater. It was the blonde who had placed his hands on her breasts.

In the past she had often stopped him when he had tried to fondle her tits. But now he could feel her soft curves through the fabric of her sweater. Encouraged by her non-resisting he squeezed her tits lightly and again nothing happened except for his cock jerking inside his pants to a higher level of hardness. He squeezed a bit bolder the next time and this time git a reaction from his girlfriend. But again it was no objection but only a little sound that seemed to be arousal that escaped her lips.

He could hardly believe it. He was about to go where he never went with Jessica before. Where no man had gone before. Under Jessica’s sweater. At this time enough blood had left his brain and was pumping in other regions of his body so that he did not question the situation anymore. Instead he took the next logical step – we’re talking about the logic of a hormone steered teenager with a major hard-on in his pants.

He pushed his left hand under her sweater and felt her bare skin against her fingers. He slid his hand further up until he felt the texture of her frill bra spanning over the curves of her glorious tits. At this long and much desired touch both his heart jumped and his cock became even harder, pulsing nearly achingly inside his pants now.

He continued fingering around under her sweater. First there had been the bare skin of her flat tummy, then, as he reached the stunning, up swinging curves of her tits he felt the material of her bra. And as a heart stopping spilt second his slightly trembling fingers slid even further up he had the soft naked skin of her breasts under his touch. The next time he squeezed her soft globes harder. So many times had he dreamed about it. So many times had he tried to get his hand on his girlfriend’s tits but always had Jessica stopped him. And the few touches had had experienced, only split seconds of his hands brushing over her tits, pushing against the soft curves, were nothing compared to the glorious feeling of the naked skin beneath his fingers now as he fumbled her breasts.

But – typical for a teenage boy – he was not satisfied with that. What if he tried to push up her sweater? Would she resist? Or would she lat him do it? Was he really that lucky? Would he get to see his girlfriend’s tits naked before his eyes? If the answer would have been no he would have never recognized it. He was a desire driven, hormone fuelled sex vehicle on a one-way road towards naked flesh. And all this inside a muscle car.

So without thinking he pulled his hands off her breasts – not without reluctance – and grabbed the hem of Jessica’s sweater. Without her resistance he pushed up the sweater and exposed her midriff. The many hours of jumping, bending and twisting during the cheerleading training had formed a slender and taut figure and he brushed briefly over the smooth skin of her tummy.

He fumbled behind her back for some time without any sign of success. Jessica smiled nervously while he effortlessly tried to unclasped her bra. He gave up the struggle with the clasp when he finally figured out that he would not be able to pull off her bra even if he unclasped it when his girlfriend was still wearing her sweater. So instead he reached for the front of her bra and tugged at the cups, pulling them down. He gazed at her wonderful, round breasts as they finally came to view the more he pulled the white, lacy bra down.

Her tits were amazing. They were shaped beautifully round and full, firm under the touch of his fingers, the soft skin smooth and flawless and her nipples stood hard and erect with excitement. When he touched her naked breasts Jessica moaned but not so much because of the actual feeling of his fingers on her tits but more because of the fact that she let him do it for the first time. But just a moment later it were indeed his groping hands that made her moan. He was a bit like a child playing with his new toy after tearing off the wrapping paper. And in a way it was not much different. Unfortunately for the blond cheerleader it was the first time that he touched breasts besides those on the pages of men’s magazines or the computer screen. And so his groping, squeezing and tugging of her naked tits and her nipples was not much of a pleasuring.

But to him it was more than he would have hoped for when the busty cheerleader had gotten into his car on this evening. To him the sensation of groping her breasts was so big, that his dick was really achingly hard and his juices were boiling inside his balls. As he could not push the part of his body into hers that he wished to her thrusted his tongue further inside her mouth and worked on hers harder.

While their tongues wrestled in their mouths again he let his left hand wander down her front, brushing over her firm breast, and although he could not get enough of it he pulled himself from it. His fingers trailed down her now bare tummy, to her right side. Coming to rest on the outer side of her thigh. He gave the well trained flesh of her slender thigh a squeeze then slid his hand inwards. He thought if he was lucky enough this night that she let him go this far he might as well try to push his luck a little further. And while he did not just pushed his luck but also his hand right between Jessica’s thighs he found, much to his surprise and even more to his delight – that she opened her legs up for him slightly.

There was not much he could feel. She was wearing tight jeans pants so there was no way to easily slip his hand inside her panties. Still it thrilled him to have his hand jammed between her warm thighs, knowing that there were only two layers of clothes between his fingers and her pussy. At the same time his right hand was busy fondling her breasts and his tongue was wrestling with Jessica’s. For the football stud this was close to sensual overload. Just as the contents of his balls were quite close to overload.

By now, her panties were squirming with juices, too. Jessica felt strangely aroused. So aroused like she had never felt before when she had been physical with her boyfriend in the back of his car. She had only experienced this kind of excitement when she had secretly explored her own body. The front of her panties felt soaked with wetness as her boyfriend kept on pressing his fingers against her crotch. She had let him go further than ever before, baring his tits before him and even letting him rub over her crotch through her jeans pants. But she could not let him go any further.

“Buzz.” She groaned. “Buzz, please!”

But as he did not stop to rub against her crotch she pressed her thighs together firmly, trapping his hand between her legs and making it nearly impossible for him to push further.

Buzz!” She pleaded again, more determined now. “Buzz, stop!”

With a sigh he pulled his hand from in between her legs and straightened up a bit. He looked at his girlfriend while she pulled down her sweater over her exposed tits.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t go this far.” She said. “Not yet.”

Her boyfriend leant back in the seat, trying to get into a position where his rock hard cock was not strangled by the tightness of his pants. Meanwhile Jessica had one hand under her sweater to readjust the cups of the bra over her breasts again.

“That’s okay.” He said, secretly cursing that his luck had left him. “I’m ready when you are ready.”

“You’re so sweet.” Jessica said and leant forward and blew him a light kiss on the lips.

“You want to go home now?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s late anyway.” Jessica replied with a fake look at her watch after she had straightened out her sweater again. “We don’t want my parents to become suspicious, do we?”

Third Base

The same place, another sports car, another football jock and another teen queen.

“Why don’t you want to sleep with me?” He wailed.

“You know that I want to save it.” Britney defended herself

“For what?” He groaned and rolled his eyes.

“You know that very well!” The blonde replied. “For the true love. The one I’m going to marry.”

“Oh great!” He exclaimed and slumped back into the driver’s seat. “So you don’t love me.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Britney tried to justify.

“What am I then?” He interrupted her. “Just the boytoy you go out with because all your friends go out with football players, too. And in the meantime you are looking for Mister Right?”

“No, no, I really love you.” Britney shouted near to despair. “But you know that I want to save it until after the wedding. You never know what might happen before. We talked about this already and I thought you would accept that.”

“Sure I do.” He replied. “But you don’t make it easy for me. I think you should accept that I have certain needs, too.”

“But I do!” She wailed.

“No, You don’t!” He stated abruptly.

“There is a certain limit that I just can’t overstep.” She defended herself. “I always thought you are fine with it.”

“I would be if you at least try to give in to my needs.” He said.

“How often shall I say this again?” She returned, getting close to tears as this quarrel turned to be the most serious they ever had. So far he always seemed to accept that she wanted to keep her virginity and except for occasional and quite weak tries to talk her into something he never pushed her because of it.

“Oh Birt, I don’t talk about overstepping a border that you want to keep up.” He replied and turned back to his girlfriend. “But there is so much we could do before we even get close that.”

“What do you mean?” Britney asked completely unaware of what he was aiming at.

“You know, there are so many ways for a girl to pleasure a man without actually having real sex.” He smiled warmly so he could get her trust back.

For a second none of the two teenagers said a word. Britney did not immediately catch up with his thoughts. Unlike some young, female pop stars who only faked chastity for image reasons, Britney Spears was really living the virtues her parents had told her. Knowing this the football stud helped his virgin girlfriend with the imagery.

“You really want me to do that?” Britney asked a bit shocked when he had ended his description.

“I would love it if you want to do it. As a prove of your love.” He formulated the inevitable yes to her question.

Then he shifted in his seat and placed his hand on her shoulder, pulling her towards him and planting his lips on hers. At least Britney had never had inhibitions about kissing. But what he was about to get was far better. He could not believe that he had obviously talked her into it. He just shouldn’t push her now or he might shy her away again. So he went for the usual routine, kissing his blonde girlfriend, reaching for her ample tits after some time and giving them a good rub and squeeze. She had allowed him this quite some time ago when they had had a similar conversation. He had not seen them yet, though. But as he massaged the cheerleader’s plumb tits through her sweater she made no effort to stop kissing his lips and go on with other parts of his anatomy.

So after some time of swapping saliva he took one of her hands and placed it right between his legs. Under her palm she could feel the bulge in his jeans. She undid his zipper hesitatingly and pulled the trousers down a bit, as far as she could while he was still sitting. Her hand got between his legs again and she felt how his hard on strained against his boxers. She popped open the two buttons and instantly – like all brave American should do – his cock jumped into the breach. Britney’s hand got slapped by his hard member as it sprung to attention, like a little child got slapped when it tried to reach for the cookie box. Except that Britney had her hand down there to keep her boyfriend away from her box.

It was the first time Britney saw his cock. It was the first time that Britney saw any cock for real. Of course she had seen the pictures – illustrations – in her sex education book. And once or twice she had gotten a glimpse on some smut pictures someone had brought to school. But this was definitely the first in-flesh example of a male boner. And with the lack of a point of comparison she thought it was enormous.

“What now?” Britney asked.

“Touch it.” He instructed, his heart beating harder every second at the prospect of things to come. But first he jumped a bit in his seat when his girlfriend wrapped her ice cold fingers around his shaft. “And now … move it up and down. Carefully!”

Nervous but also curious she pumped her little fist up and down a bit, watching his cock head break through her closed fingers and sink back between them again. Although it was not necessary – he would not get any harder than he was since he had his hands on her tits – the blonde kept on jerking his cock. She was a bit startled by the strange feeling of his erect prick between her fingers. To encourage her Britney’s football jock boyfriend kissed her again. With his member being massaged like he usually had to do for himself he was so eager to conquer his girlfriend somehow that he thrust his tongue into her mouth more forceful than usually. But that wouldn’t be the worst she would have had in her mouth by the end of the night.

“Yes, Baby, now get down on it.” He groaned as they broke the kiss.

“But what if I do something wrong?” The blonde asked with a nervous look on her face. “You know I have never done this before.”

“Don’t worry Baby, you can’t do anything wrong. Just take it into your mouth and suck on it. That can’t be too difficult. Now get down.” He urged. He did not know what he was talking about and honestly did not care about her inhibitions. He was just eager to get his girlfriend’s hot lips wrapped around his cock.

“Okay, but if anything is wrong, you’ll tell me, right?” She wanted to know.

“Yes, sure.” He answered and placed one hand on the back of her head as if to stroke her soothingly. Instead he made her head bow down a bit to get her going down.

Now as she got the close-up of his rod she could even smell the odour of his sex. It was a bit strange and she was not sure if she could get used to it. And there was a drop of a clear liquid on the little slit at the tip of the cock. Up to this time Britney Spears had never heard about precum in her life.

She was nervous but slowly parted her lips. She brought her face even closer to his hard member and closed her eyes. But to do her boyfriend Chad the favour, to prove her love without spreading her legs and loosing her virginity, Britney forced herself forward, opening her mouth like a hungry little bird and moved over the erect prick. For a few seconds the hard prick hovered inside her mouth without making contact. Only when his hard on swayed a bit when he shifted in his seat it bounced against the inner of her cheeks or her tongue. Then, very slowly because she was afraid she could choke on his dick, she closed her lips around the shaft and engulfed his warm cock in her mouth.

It felt strange to have his prick inside her mouth. It felt even more awkward when her tongue touched it. Only with a vague idea of what to do Britney started moving her lips along his cock until only the tip of his prick remained between her lips, then she took it deeper into her mouth again. She felt him responding to her action. He bucked slightly as she pressed her soft lips firmly around his member. She took it for a sign that she was doing it the right way and continued to do it.

He indeed enjoyed it. It really wasn’t the most professional blow job ever to be executed on a man/boy. But how could he tell? It was the first time that a girl sucked on his dick. So only the act that she did it sent him into heaven.

So that was the picture: the blonde, busty cheerleader was bent down from the passenger seat over the lap of her boyfriend, her luscious lips were tightly around his cock, slurping along his shaft. Taken the fact that he was a teenage stud in a state of constantly increasing sexual pressure, that all day he had been overly excited about what could happen in his car and that his hot, blond girlfriend had his cock shoved up into her wet mouth it was no big surprise that he was quickly about to come. Actually it was more of a surprise that he had not blown his load the second Britney had touched his prick with her hand.

But now, only after a short time of her cock sucking the juice in his balls was boiling. He felt how he rapidly was loosing his control. Not that he really had his cock under control anyway. After only a few more times of her head bopping up and down over his shaft he suddenly exploded.

“Oh god, Brit, I’m coming!” He managed to groan a split second before he erupted.

His warning came too late for Britney to evade his load. His cum spurted from his prick into her mouth and Britney jumped back, gagging and coughing as he creamed her tongue. The second shot hit her chin and cheek just as she pulled back and let his prick slip out of her mouth. The rest of his spunk splattered over her sweater.

“Oh god!” Britney coughed as she involuntarily swallowed the spunk she had inside her mouth.

“Oh god!” He groaned in delight.

“That is so …” The blonde continued.

“… great!” Her boyfriend moaned satisfied.

“… disgusting!” Britney finished.

The blonde quickly got a paper tissue out and wiped her face clean of the cum and then dabbed at her sweater. She quickly realized that she would not get the stains out of it. She instantly imagined how her mother would spot these stains. Panic welled up inside her and she thought feverishly how she could avoid this. In the mean time Chad was busy stuffing his now spent dick back into his pants.

Fourth base

Ah, the fourth base. Time of penetration, premarital coitus, premature ejaculation and unwanted pregnancy. There are so many interesting examples for the first time and in the course of this story you will come along several ones. Do you remember yours? Did it work? I mean, was it a fully satisfying (for both) never ending shagathlon? No? But still you remember it. Although there have been many, many times that were far better and much longer. At least I hope for you that it is like that. But the first time has something special that makes it so memorable. Well, it is the first time. But for some it is even more memorable than for others.

You guessed it: Just one example …

“Are you sure you want to do this?“ Adam asked as his girlfriend shut the door of her bedroom behind her.

“Yes, I want this so much.” Jessica Biel replied but her voice sounded a little unsure.

The two students had sneaked out of school earlier that day and driven to Jessica’s house. As Jessica had promised her parents were not home and they would not be back before the late evening. In the refrigerator a precooked dinner waited with heating instructions and the note “BEHAVE WELL; WE LOVE YOU BABY! MOM”

Jessica and Adam had come there because Jessica had made her boyfriend a promise. The last time they had been at lover’s lane and Adam had tried to get into her pants Jessica could only stop him by saying she did not want to have her first time in his car but when they had the chance to they would do it in her room. Now that her parents were not home for several hours and the whole house was empty they had rushed there from school to finally do it. For Jessica it was not just the promise she had made but she also really wanted it. She was curious about sex and wanted Adam to be her first. And as he had pushed her more often and more intense lately than ever before she thought it was about time.

The two teenagers quickly stormed up the stairs and slammed the door of Jessica’s room behind them. They dropped their bags on the floor and started kissing right away. Their first real French kiss had been some time ago but on this day it was different. Their tongues wrestled rather clumsy due to the nearly unbearable excitement they both felt. Moving slowly towards Jessica’s bed they also started undressing each other blindly. Although he had wanted to see his beautiful girlfriend naked for so long now Adam only recognized that she was actually completely naked when Jessica suddenly was lying nude in front of him on the bed. He marvelled at her slim figure, the slender legs that, to this moment, he had seen the most uncovered in the miniskirt of her cheerleading uniform, he gazed at the small patch of pubic hair and the pink pussy lips, clung to that delicious view a few moments, then let his eyes wander over her flat belly to her wonderful, round tits.

Only a few times had he slipped his hands under her shirt, sweater or top and fumbled her breasts. Once in his car he had even managed to push up her shirt and reveal her tits. But this was in semi darkness so now was the first time he saw the nice, round and firm breasts completely naked and in daylight. He placed his hands on her firm curves, this time without her resistance and started massaging them. He took his time to caress the much desired globes. After a long time of kneading, kissing, licking and massaging he finally let go of the delicious breasts and let his hands wander down her body.

He brushed his hands through her soft pubic hair until his fingertips touched her pink pussy lips. He let his fingers trail along the soft flesh of her slit, running them up and down several times before plunging them between her pussy lips into the warm and wet inside of her cunt.

“Uh, careful, you have to be careful.” Jessica groaned. “I’m very sensitive down there.”

More careful now he continued to stroke her pussy but kept to the outside this time so he would not hurt her. They went on caressing each other, with casual kisses and Adam concentrating especially on Jessica’s wonderful breasts but they were both too nervous to make it a real intense foreplay. When Adam’s hand returned between his girlfriend’s legs he felt the growing moistness there.

“Do you think you are ready now?” He asked excited.

“Yes, I guess I am.” Jessica replied, a bit unsure if she really was. “Put on the condom, Adam.”

“Sure, baby.” He said and slipped off the bed.

He got the condoms he bought the day before from his bag and returned to the bed. He sat down on the edge and opened the boy. Jessica watched him fishing pone of the packages out of the box. Nervously he fumbled at the package of the condom. He managed to rip it open and peeled the rubber out but his trembling fingers launched what was supposed to be protection as a dangerous missile through the room and it smacked against the big mirror on the opposite side of the room. He blushed and coughed nervously, then got out a second package. This time it did not rocket through the air but her pulled it down over his member.

“I’m ready.” He said with a crooked smile.

“Then it’s time.” Jessica replied with a hoarse whisper.

With the lack of experience they needed some time to find the right position. They moved and rolled with Adam’s dick slapping against Jessica’s thighs but after some attempts they got it right. The tip of Adam’s dick was brushing along Jessica’s slit and the nude girl shivered slightly at this touch. She knew that there was no way back anymore. She was about to loose her virginity. As her boyfriend pushed forward, she closed her eyes.

Both groaned as Adam eased his dick into Jessica’s tight, virginal pussy. Jessica’s swooned as her pussy walls stretched slowly under the pressure of his hard cock. Her face was contorted in slight pain while for the first time a dick slid up into her cunt. No blood flowed, though, as some time ago she had broken her hymen with her fingers. And although she had played with her pussy on a regular basis she had never put up anything into it than her fingers.

The expression on Adam’s face was just as tensed but for another reason. Feeling the tightness of her vaginal walls clamping down on his prick was nearly enough for him to explode right away. He slid in and out of her very slowly to keep the additional pressure of the friction to a minimum to avoid cumming far too early.

But after some time the situation got the better of him. His horniness and the fact that he was lying in bed with his girl friend underneath him completely naked for the first time and they had sex for the very first time took over. He started humping at her tight snatch faster, drilling his prick harder and deeper into her. At the beginning the clumsy thrusting did not pleasure Jessica. She shuffled beneath him to accommodate the position and after some time Adam managed to fuck her in a more pleasurable way. Still, and naturally to the fact that is was a first for both of them, he did not perform very effective. They both moaned and broke into sweat over the dull fucking and advanced only slowly towards a controlled orgasm. Every time Adam recognized that the friction and pressure became too much for him and he might cum prematurely he stopped his humping and waited for a few moments, laying on top of his naked girlfriend, breathing hard and kissing her. After that he would always continue pumping his cock into her cunt just as he did before.

After what seemed ages for the two inexperienced teenagers (and what actually was something between five and ten minutes after the penetration) Adam recognized that Jessica responded more intense to his fucking. Taking it for a sign that she was close to a climax he started humping more vigorously.

„Oh my god, oh my god, Adam!” Jessica suddenly screamed.

“What is it baby?” The humping stud groaned. “Are you coming?”

“No, not me!” Jessica wailed and tried to struggle out from under her hyperactive lover. “But my parents are coming.”

“What?” His head shot up and he looked into his girlfriend’s face. The terror in her eyes scared him just as the words she had just said. The, with his dick still buried inside her, he heard it, too. Steps downstairs and the voices of Jessica’s parents.

She sat up and so her cunt clamped even harder over his prick. He groaned, pulled back and suddenly, kneeling in front of her on the bed, his whole body went stiff.

“Oh, shit, shit, shit.” He groaned with one hand pressed between his legs.

“What –“ Jessica started but before she could finish she already felt it. Drops of hot spunk sprinkled through his fingers and stained her legs and the sheets. “Oh, fuck, dammit!”

Jessica jumped up from the bed and shot through the room. She pulled some de-make-up papers from a box and wiped the cum off her skin. She threw them in the wastebasket and gathered her clothes.

“Adam, get up and put on your stuff.” She hissed nervously as she fumbled with her own clothes. “You have to get out!”

“Out? How?” Her boyfriend asked helpless while he struggled to get into his jeans.

“The window!” Jessica said and pulled the top over her head. She straightened the crumbled clothes with her hands and then she pulled the blanket over the stained sheets on her bed. Adam was not quite done dressing on put she pushed him towards the window. “Listen, I’ll go out and distract my parents and you climb out of the window.”

“But Jessica, I can’t climb out of your window.” Adam complained. “There is no roof and nothing I can hold on to.”

“You just have to.” Jessica hissed. “Because if my father sees you here, your head won’t hold onto your neck any longer.”

Without further waiting Jessica hurried out of her room and towards the staircase. Adam could already hear someone coming up and so he opened the window.

“Mom! Dad!” Jessica tried to chirp as normal as she could but her voice was clearly trembling with nervousness.

“Darling, are you alright?” Her mother’s voice came from halfway up the stairs. “You look blushed, are you feeling ill?”

“No Mom, I’m fine.” Jessica replied. “I’m just a bit exhausted from sports, you know.”

“Oh, well, you really look like you could use a shower, baby.” Mrs Biel had obviously reached the top of the stairs. “A fine young lady like you does not look very good with sweat running down her flawless skin offside the playground.”

In them meantime Adam jumped i9nto his clothes and got ready to jump out of the window. As he pushed the window open and stuck his head out he had massive doubts that this was a good idea. But when he heard Mrs. Biel’s voice at the top of the stairs he knew that it was better than getting caught in Jessica’s room – anything would be better – -and swung himself over the window swill.

The rest of the tale is the story of a fall directly into Mrs. Biel’s price winning roses, sneaking through a backyard, climbing over a fence, an angry neighbour dog, running and climbing another fence, a torn designer jeans and the secret behind Adam A.’s scar on his butt.

Part Two: Easy like a Sunday Morning

It was one Sunday morning and Mandy Moore had been rolling around in her bed half asleep, half awake for some time. She felt a bit strange that morning. All night long she had had these dreams. She could not remember what they were about but every time she woke up she felt strange. She felt like she was in need for something. But she could not tell what it was. No matter how she turned and rolled, every position brought pressure somewhere on her somehow tensed and tingling body.

She wondered what caused this unfamiliar need. And she did not know how she could stop it, satisfy it. But unconsciously her hand wandered between her thighs again and again. Although she did not want to touch herself down there – that would have been a sin for sure – she could not stop her hand from moving there. So she pressed her thighs firmly together and trapped her hand between her legs that were covered by her nightgown, keeping it away from her panty covered pussy.

But this did not help at all. All the years of Christian education, all the going to church and all the prayers could not deny it: the cute, innocent, angle-faced, gold-locked Mandy Moore was horny.

And the urge was far stronger than her inhibitions and the fear of committing a sin. Her hand slid further up under her nightgown, against the pressure of her thighs. When her fingers finally brushed lightly against her panty covered pussy Mandy’s whole body shuddered. Sizzling bolts of pleasure jolted from her virginal snatch and electrified her young body.

Mandy felt hot. Not hot like parading around in sexy clothes hot. But more like feverish hot. Her cheeks felt hot and blushed, her forehead also and most of all her loins. And the desire to touch herself down there slowly grew unbearable. In an attempt to cover these immoral feelings from the outside world Mandy pulled the sheets tightly around her young body. But deep inside herself she knew that she did not just do it because of that. There was more and she could not help but giving in to the desire.

The blonde had tugged her whole body tightly under the blanket, only her cute, slightly blushed face and her golden locks, although out of order from her daily routine due to the sleep, could be seen. Carefully she pulled up her nightgown, baring her legs, pulling it over her slender hips, slid her arms out of the sleeves, got it over her shoulders and finally pulled it out from under the blanket and over her head.

For a moment she lay still, feeling the blanket touching her bare skin where seconds before her nightgown had covered her. Then she peeled the straps off her shoulders, unclasped her bra and pulled it off her young, firm breasts, then she slipped the bra out from under the sheets and tossed it over the edge of the bed to the floor where the nightie was already lying.

Again she let the sheets fall back down on her now nearly naked body before she made the next move. The blanket touched her bare breasts and as it brushed down it teased her hardening nipples. The arousal only grew with this and Mandy could feel the moistness inside her panties grow, too. And in fact, her white cotton panties with the little blue flowers on it was soaked with wetness already. The blond cheerleader listened to her heart drumming in her chest before she hooked her fingers in her panties and pushed them down, wriggling out if the moist material and peeled it off her slender legs. Then it went the way of the nightgown and the bra.

She shivered from nervousness and so her fingers trembled slightly as they brushed over her short, soft pubic hair. Mandy gasped as her fingertips made contact with her pussy lips. So far she had only touched her pussy when she was washing herself under the shower. Now, without the washing cloth and with the pure purpose to explore these strange, new feelings, it was totally different.

Only slowly and with light pressure did she slide her fingertips over the moistening slit. She rubbed two fingers carefully over it, knowing that this was the pinkish, puffed opening where later in her life, definitely not now at her still young age but later, a guy would push his member through. But if the tingling was already that strong, the urge so deep, how could she hold it back until it was the right time to sleep with a boy? Mandy did not dare to insert her fingers into her pussy. But she felt she would have to increase the pressure. If she would leave it like that the incredible tingling in her loins would drive her crazy. She had to find something she could use other than her fingers.

In search for something – anything – Mandy’s head rolled around, her eyes wandering around. On her nightstand: a glass of water, her watch, a teen magazine, the lamp. Nothing she could use.

She searched.

Her cuddly toys.

Her cuddly toys?

Her cuddly toys!

No, no, no! She could not do this. No way!

Quickly she looked for something else. And she grabbed a small pillow, pulled it under the sheets and stuffed it between her thighs, pressing her legs hard together. With the pillow between her naked, youthful thighs Mandy could put pressure on her tingling pussy by squeezing her legs together and pressing her hand onto the pillow with her hand. And just as slowly as she did it unconsciously the cheerleader moved her pelvis, grinding her snatch over the soft material of the pillow. It felt wild. Her heart was beating like wild. The next second her heart jump even more.

“MOM!” Mandy nearly shouted in shock when the door opened and her mother stood in the doorframe. In the spilt second after the door handle moved and before her mother’s head appeared the teenage cheerleader had slumped back on the bed, trying to look like she just woke up. Now, that only her head stuck out under the blanket she hoped her mother would not recognize that her beloved, innocent daughter was lying completely naked underneath the sheets and only seconds before had been exploring her body and masturbating.

“Good morning, darling,” Mrs. Moore chirped and smiled, “I didn’t know you were already awake.”

“Mmhh, just woke up.” Mandy blinked and faked a tired smile.

“Well, then it’s time to get up, my lazy angel.” Her mother said and walked over to the bed. “Get ready for church. Our Maiden already got breakfast ready.” She added and grabbed the hem of the blanket to pull it away.

“NO!” Mandy wailed in terror. “I mean, YES, I’ll be up in a minute.” The blonde’s body tensed under the sheets and she secretly grabbed the blanket from underneath to avoid it being pulled away.

“Are you alright, honey?” Mrs. Moore asked and brushed the back of her hand over Mandy’s cheek. “You look a little blushed and look sweaty.”

“No, Mom. I’m alright!” Mandy tried to stay as calm and normal as possible. “I’ll be up in a minute. Promised!”

“Okay, but don’t take too long.” Her mother smiled and stepped back. “Or I will have to throw you out of your bed.”

“Yes, Mom, alright!” Mandy swallowed hard, still afraid her mother could decide to pull the blanket away right there and then.

But Mrs. Moore only smiled, turned around and left the room. Mandy sighed relieved when her mother finally shut the door behind her. For a few moments she stayed under the sheets, long enough so that her mother could not be standing in front of the door anymore and suddenly walk in on her when she stood up, all naked. Still, when she finally slipped out of her bed, the blond girl covered herself up with the blanket. As she stepped in front of the large mirror on her closet she stopped and looked at herself. It was no wonder that her mother had noticed something. Mandy was more than a little blushed. Her cheeks sported a bright red, partly due to nearly being caught masturbating by her mother but mostly because of the intensive pleasuring she gave herself during the self exploration.

Part Three: Dog meets Underdog

Usually the ways of the underdogs and the teen crème do not cross except for tripping someone up. But it does happen once in a while and at this rare occasions things can happen no one would ever expect. Things, that could easily turn the ways of living upside down. So it is better to keep them secret. At least for the time being. But later, when our ways have parted, there comes a time when even these stories can be told

It was one hot afternoon and Avril Lavigne was walking through the empty corridors of the school. She had spent the whole afternoon in detention for scratching something into a desk with a knife. She even had to stay longer than the rest of the students in detention as she had decided to finish this very artwork during detention and was caught again. Now the school seemed deserted and she was on the way to her locker to get her skateboard when suddenly she heard someone walking behind her. She turned around and saw one of the guys from the football team. She turned her head again and frowned. She hoped he would either pass her without saying anything or that he would even stop before that. Much to her dismay she recognized by the sound of his steps that he sped up his pace. He was quickly drawing closer so she decided to walk faster, too. After a few metres she heard how he fell into a slight jogging speed and made up the missing distance.

“Hey, Lavigne, what are you still doing here?” He asked from behind her.

“Detention.” She mumbled, not turning around but walking straight on. Why would a a football hunk talk to her when no one was around to applaud to any mean/stupid remark she wondered.

“That’s bad.” The guy said, walking up next to her. “What for?”

“Stuff.” Avril pressed trough clenched teeth. Although she had not looked at him she had recognized that it was John Miller, star quarterback and boyfriend of Mandy Moore.

“Oh, I see.” He commented as if she had really explained something to him. “Teachers are constantly picking on us for no reason, right?”

“What do you want?” Avril suddenly stopped, turned towards her unwelcome company and glared at him.

“Oh, I forgot a book and needed it for study, so I came to …” he started explaining and gestured casually.

“No!” Avril interrupted him. “What do you want from me? Why are you even talking to me?”

“I just saw you and wanted to say hi.” He said. “You know, make conversation.” He added when he saw the expression of plain disbelief on her face.

“Since when?” She blurted.

“What, is it forbidden?” He asked.

“Forbidden?” She laughed and rolled her eyes. Avril was not sure if this was real or not. Probably she had been fallen asleep in detention and was dreaming this now. “In the whole time since I first came here you have never spoken to me other than to insult me. And if your precious girlfriend would see this she would either tear me apart or cut your ball off. So what is this, a joke?”

“Come on, Mandy is not that bad.” He tried to sooth Avril’s upcoming rage.

“What?” Avril was sure she had not fallen asleep but must have banged her head and was suffering from a severe concussion. “Helloho, are we talking about the same girl? Of course you don’t care but Mandy would never talk to me except for asking me where she should kick me next time.”

“Yes, maybe.” The guy admitted. “But I am talking to you now.”

“Yeah, and that’s what I don’t get.” The Canadian replied. “What’s suddenly so special about me?”

“Oh, I guess there are a lot of special things about you.” He suggested.

“Alright, now this is getting ever more crazy.” Avril groaned. “Tell me one thing you know about me.”

“You’re – you’re – umh, you’re Canadian.” He stuttered.

“Something different.” Avril insisted.

“Well, rumour has it, that you already have had sex.“ He said, unsure how she would react.

“Is that why you are talking to me?” She laughed.

“What do you mean?” He tired to block her accusing remark

“Come on, don’t play dumber than you are.” Avril frowned. “You heard that I have had sex and now what-? Do you want advice how to make Mandy to do it, too?.”

“What do you mean?” The footballer blushed and tried to defend himself.

“Oh, don’t try acting.” She laughed again. “To what base did you get with her, huh? Let me guess, she hardly lets you shove your tongue down her throat and if you’d try to get under her shirt, she’d freak out. Let alone under her skirt.”

“Hey, that’s not true!” He blurted but was not really convincing. “I have had sex with a girl!”

“But not with Mandy.” Avril frowned.

“Well, that’s none of your business, to be honest.” He said. “But I have had sex, in summer camp, you know.”

“Yeah, whatever!” Avril waved away the thought about it.

“But what about you.” He tried to turn away the attention from his sexual experience. “How do I know that the rumours about you are true.”

“You don’t.” Avril simply replied. “I never said it was true.”

“Because it’s not.” He stated.

“I didn’t say that either.” She grinned half bored.

“You’re not saying a thing.” He made his next step. “Because you would have to admit that you never did it. I mean, you know …”

“What? Just because I’m not a cheerleader doesn’t mean I have no boys hitting on me.” She snapped sharply. “I’m all woman!”

“Yes, I’ve recognized that.” He said and looked down on her. He really had recognized it. Lately Avril’s breasts had started to grow a bit and strained against her extra tight fitting camouflage t-shirts she was wearing all the time. “And I can make you feel all woman, too.”

“What?” The Canadian girl nearly choked in surprise as she laughed.

“Come on.” He pressed on. “We can do it here and now.”

“Who said I would sleep with you?” Avril blocked and folded the arms in front of her chest.

“I know you want it.” He answered, nearly gaining back his usual confidence.

“You think your irresistible, huh?” The Canadian snapped at him.

“Well, I think you do want it.” He insisted.

“And I think you’re the one who wants it bad.” She replied.

“But you are still here and haven’t said no.” He said.

“Not yet.” Avril suggested.

“Come on, why are you bitching around like this?” He asked.

“Bitching around? Just because I did not say I want to fuck you?” She asked back. “After all, whatcha wanna do? Do it here in school?”

“Why not?” He said and raised his eyebrows, stepping closer to her and placed his hands on her hips. “Come on, Avril, admit it. You dream of sleeping with one of the football team just like every other girl.”

“You make me sick!” Avril retched and pushed away his arms.

“Oh, don’t act like that.” He tried again. “I can see that you want me. I see it in your eyes.”

“Then read my back!” The blonde said and turned away from him, walking off.

“Stupid bitch!” He shouted after her.

“Wanker!” She shot back over her shoulder.

“Cunt!“ He hissed.

“Asshole!” She replied sharply and spun around again..

“Canadian!” He said and stepped towards her.

“American!” She spat back and suddenly jammed her hand between his legs.

First his face contorted in surprise and slight pain from her grip at his private parts. But after a moment he felt how she slowly started rubbing her hand against his crotch.

“A nice package.” Avril whispered as she felt his dick growing inside his pants under her slow massage.

“You can unpack it, if you want to.” He coughed and tried to accommodate the growing load in his trouser under her groping fingers

“Could be interesting.” Avril said and rubbed her hand harder over his crotch until she felt he was fully erect. But not here.”

They were lucky and the next very door they had been standing in front of was open and they slipped into the classroom. As soon as they slammed the door they dropped their bags. Avril’s books scattered over the floor as the guy grabbed her by the shoulders, turned her around, pressed her against the wall and pressed his lips on hers.

Suddenly Avril broke the kiss and pushed the guy back, glaring at him. Should she really do this? Should she really fuck that football hunk? In a classroom?

“Mind, I’m just doing this because you’re Mandy’s boyfriend.” Avril panted while she struggled to pull the t-shirt over her head. As it came off, her firm, small tits were revealed. The tomboyish Canadian hardly ever wore a bra.

“Fine by me.” The guy said and also pulled off his sweater, revealing his well-trained six-pack and muscular chest.

“Not because I dig your body or something.” She continued, unbuckled her trousers and pushed down the cut-off jeans.

“Of course not.” He agreed, tossing away his shoes and then pulling down his pants.

“And if you ever tell someone we did this I’m gonna kill you!” Avril hissed.

“Sure.” He replied, hardly listening but mustering the girl in front of him. Avril was now only wearing panties and he marvelled at her surprisingly good shaped body. She was slimmer than his girlfriend Mandy and had breasts that were a bit smaller. But her figure was better toned than he would have expected.

He placed his hands on her waist and moved her over to the teacher’s desk. He lifted her up and fumbled at her panties, pulling them down to reveal her flimsy pubic hair and her glistening, pink pussy lips. At the same time she grabbed his boxers and pulled them down. His erect prick jumped to attention instantly. Avril frowned. She had seen bigger ones, but for now it would do. She was horny and she wanted to triumph over Mandy big fucking her jock. And he was definitely eager to do it, too. He launched forward again when he had her panties down and groped at her tits again. The Canadian pulled the football player down to her and kissed him wildly again.

With his hands still closed around her firm breasts and her tongue still wrestling with his, he stepped closer so that the tip of his prick pressed against the entrance of her pussy. Avril spread her legs wider to give him better access. Taking this for his final green light he thrust forward and his cock slid into her tight snatch. They both moaned at the intrusion. The guys cock was not too big but Avril’s cunt was very tight so that for both of them the pressure was incredible.

With slow movements he began pushing into her and pulling out again. But his thrusts quickly become harder and longer. Her small body was rocked back and forward pretty hard as the big, muscular guy humped her. But although he drove his member hard into her tight cunt Avril thrust her slim hips in counter rhythm against him to feel him even deeper inside her.

With a few last, powerful strokes he slammed his prick deep into her cunt before his body suddenly stiffened. He pulled Avril closer to his chest and his cum spurted into her. First she was a little shocked when she felt his juice shoot into her. But then she wanted to cum, too. She tried to sling her arms around him and thrust her hips forward. But as she tried to kiss him he evaded her. He backed up and suddenly his prick slipped out of her pussy.

“Wait, wait!” Avril moaned and reached her hands out to him. “I’m not done yet.”

“But I am.” He replied dryly and picked up his boxers.

“What!” She shouted shocked and angry. “You just fucked me to get off?”

“What did you think, punk?” He frowned and continued to put his clothes on as fast as he could. “My girlfriend is the head cheerleader! I just came to you because I heard you are an easy girl.”

Avril jumped down from the desk and put on her panties, shouting at him. Before she could even put on the rest of her clothes the guy was out of the classroom. The Canadian kept on cursing, not knowing if she was more angry at the football player or at herself.

If you think that this was how it ended you have obviously already forgotten how it was when you were a teenager. Or you never have been a teenager. And as the later is hardly possible, except when your only twelve and then you should not read this anyway, I guess it is the first.

No, the actual end began with an ugly scratching noise that was caused by a key on a metallic silver paint job and lasted exactly the length from the rear fender to the front fender. It happened while nearly all of the students were sitting in their first class the next day and by the time they came out to the parking lot again the hood of the football team’s captain’s silver metallic Mercedes looked like someone had practicing Ollies with a skateboard on it. Which is what actually had happened. But the cursing and shouting of fury was nothing against the hysterical screaming when his girlfriend Mandy Moore found an obviously used condom knotted to the rear mirror of her shiny red cabriolet. If anyone would have tested it – quite a funny image when you think about it that it was on the school parking lot and the hyperventilating head of the cheerleading squad was leaning against her car – he or she would have recognized that it was a spritz of water and sour cream (yes, really sour cream, the stuff you find in the refrigerator of a supermarket, not an euphemism for the stuff you can find in the refrigerator of a gynaecologist). But even if that would have happened it would have needed someone who could distinguish between these two.

Part Four: Trouble in Paradise

As perfect as the lifes of the goodie two shoes, the million dollar princesses seem they are not all the time. Sometimes there are little disorders, bumps on the gold paved road to Miss Teen America, Hollywood fame or whatever they dreamed of. Like too small breasts. Most of these things could be corrected with daddy’s money. Like too small breasts. Others can be fixed with a little help from their equally million dollar friends. Unlike too small breasts. But sometimes things happen where even the teens queens are helpless.

Once again, just one example …

There is hardly anything sexier than a good looking cheerleader in her tight fitting cheerleading outfit when you are a usual teenager in High School – or a sick old man. Anyway, there is hardly anything less sexy than a guy doing cheerleading. No matter if you are a boy or a girl.

Face it: it’s not cool. Wearing the male equivalent of a cheerleading outfit, grinning, dancing, cheering the for football team or whoever. To sum it up – without judging it, of course – it’s only sissy boys doing it. And it’s not cool.

But sometimes, there is a guy who takes advantage of the only good thing about being a male cheerleader. The fact that they are always close to the female cheerleaders. Like the one guy who made Mandy Moore loose her cool and dental crème add smile while she was doing her cheering during a football game.

He had been lusting for her for a long time. And he had the look of becoming her partner in cheerleading, being the one tossing her up and holding her during the more difficult figures. Unfortunately for him that helped him in no way getting really close to her in terms of a relationship. But at least he got very close to her in terms of, well, being close to her. And he had finally decided to make full use of it.

During this game started the dance routine like he always did. There was no reason for Mandy to get suspicion. He waited until one of the figures where he was holding her up. Instead of supporting her like he usually did he placed his one hand in a way that he cupped one of her delicious ass cheeks and squeezed lightly. A slight wrinkle appeared on Mandy’s forehead. It grew even deeper when he squeezed again, this time harder. Still she said nothing as she came down to the ground again. She supposed he had just not grabbed her the right way.

When she jumped up the next time to be supported on his extended arm Mandy suddenly felt that this was indeed not quite in the position his hand was supposed to be in. Instead, she suddenly felt two of his fingers sliding along the outlines of her panty covered pussy. She blushed and had to hold back a curse. Somehow she managed to do her cheerleading routine although his fingertips brushed over her slit.

“Hey, what are you doing there? How dare you?” She hissed through clenched teeth when she dropped down again.

“I thought you weren’t quite smiling as usual so I thought I’d brighten up your smile a bit.” He grinned wickedly.

“Don’t you dare doing that again.” She warned.

“Can’t promise that.” He answered and lifted her up for the next figure before she could say anything else.

And again Mandy felt his hand in the unusual position. She swallowed hard as she felt his fingers pressing against her snatch again, rubbing along her slit. Strangely she felt how her loins became suddenly very hot and they tingled and seemed liquified. And actually a few drops of pussy juice trickled through her cunt lips.

He felt this slight moistness inside her panties and rubbed her pussy a bit harder. When he brought Mandy down this time he quickly held up his fingers to his nose and sniffed them, smelling her sweet odour.

“Mmh, you smell beautiful, Mandy.” He said and trailed his fingertips over her neck, leaving a spot of moistness on her skin.

“You asshole, do this again and my boyfriend will get a piece of your ass after the game!” Mandy hissed some of the most filthy words she had ever used.

“Asshole? Piece of your ass?” He seemed to consider something for a second. “You’re giving me an idea there.

Again Mandy was lifted off the ground and pushed up. This time his hand was placed so that his finger should be out of reach of her pussy. At least Mandy thought so. But still something was strange. But before she could figure it out she already felt his finger slipping under the hem of her panties, pushing the thin material to the side a bit and sneaking into the crack of her petite ass. Mandy blushed even more than before and nearly shrieked. It happened quickly but for the head of the cheerleading squad it seemed like the world stood still. The tip of his finger pressed against her sphincter, a strange feeling she had never experienced before. He pressed a bit more and suddenly his finger popped past the entrance to her ass, sliding a bit up her anus. Mandy gasped for air at this intrusion, her eyes went wide and wild and her famous smile she had even managed to keep during the first molesting completely disappeared from her cute face.

He pulled his finger back out just in time when he had to let Mandy down. The cheer all the others were doing died in Mandy’s throat, feeling the aftermath of his finger that had just been in her virgin ass. The very finger that shot up in the air as he was doing the cheer the head of the squad was currently not able to do. He grinned like he never did before, knowing he had just gone where no one had gone before. The only sad thing was that the cheering routine had just ended. Lifting his hand to his nose, sniffing at his fingers that had just been at the head cheerleader’s pussy and ass as she stiffly rushed away from him, blushed and with trembling knees.

A small achievement for the sissy boy. But an achievement nevertheless.

Part Five: El Capitan

Another thing I will never forget is Jessica’s face, Jessica Simpson this time, the morning after a very legendary party at El Capitan’s house. That is, the face of hers when she stormed past me in the corridor, pale faced, hair wild, clothes crumbled. I had a bad head myself at that time but that memorable encounter got be sober in a second. Unfortunately at that very moment I didn’t know the reason for her epic bad hair day and her even worse mood. But maybe it was better that way. The expression on her face together with the knowledge what had happened could well have led to a sudden heart attack. Even a teenager can only bear a certain amount of , well, joy.

What happened…

El Capitan, for a start, was one of the coolest guy I’ve known throughout High School. Okay, I didn’t really know him, no one really did, but as long as you were invited to his parties that didn’t matter at all. But of course I knew a lot about him. The exact things the other’s knew, which doesn’t mean these things were all true. So it was said that the time he had spent in High School was equal to the time a snowman lasted in the Sahara dessert. And it was said that he spent half of the year on some tropic island to surf. Others said he spent each year six month in jail. What was true is, that he had a band and he had a house. And in this house he and his band had the most awesome parties one can imagine while in High School. These were none of the parties were people like me were neither invited nor welcome. These were our parties. A smudged up house, no neighbours to complain about too loud music, women, booze as well for under aged and for free, other illegal substances if you wanted and dared to. Now these parties didn’t happen every weekend or so, otherwise they wouldn’t have been that legendary.

This particular party started out innocent enough. At least if you call it innocent when mostly underaged are getting the chance to drink booze and smoke weed.

What made this party different from all the others was that also our teen queens appeared. Usually it would have been far too “down class” for them but it had happened that, probably because of a bad constellation of the stars, they all had a rebellious phase after quarrels with their parents. And so the complete posse had sneaked out of their bedrooms in order to do one of the most savage acts they could imagine: go to one of El Capitan’s parties.

It was a big surprise for the High School folk at the party when they arrived. For some time they were just standing near to the door and everyone who knew them stood as far away as possible. The boys and girls were suspicious about the fact that the four top cheerleader were present, at a party the were not supposed to be and without the company of their hunks, too. This was, until some unsuspecting guy came along and gave each of them a pitcher of beer. After that, they were standing near the door, with a pitcher of beer in the hand and everybody who knew them did not come close to them but at least partied on like usually.

The fact in mind that none of the four was used to drinking alcohol it was no wonder that after they were half way through the big pitchers the already started feeling a bit tipsy. That also had the side effect that they loosened up a bit and thanks to the guy who filled up their pitchers again they even started dancing. Of course they did not dance with any of the underdogs from High School but merely with themselves. And so they drank beer, danced, drank beer, dropped into some of the dusty armchairs standing around, drank beer, were too drunk to get up and dance again and drank more beer.

Just like already mentioned, none of the four girls was used to drinking alcohol, so round about the third beer they were all completely drunk. Mandy Moore had it worse than the others by that time. Sitting in an armchair she watched some people dancing when suddenly the scenery blurred in front of her eyes. Her head swooned and she felt really, really uncomfortable all of a sudden. She had to use the bathroom. Quick. She staggered up on her feet but had to hold onto the wall before even making the first step.

“Mandy, you alright?” Britney, who was sitting next to her, slurred.

“Bathroom.” Was all Mandy muttered. Her knees were shaking, all the blood seemed to drop out of her brain and her face went accordingly pale.

“Shit, Jessica, we need to get her to the bathroom.” Britney shot up from her seat, quite safe for her alcohol consume, and grabbed Mandy’s shoulder.

Britney could not have told which of the two Jessicas she meant but Jessica Biel was the only one who reacted anyway. Although she would have preferred to stay and drink another beer she got up and helped the blonde to get their friend to the bathroom.

Together they made it there and were lucky that the smutty bathroom was not occupied at that moment. The moment Mandy saw the door she stumbled forward, slammed and locked the door behind her and had a very intense conversation with the porcelain. Britney kept on asking if she was alright but the retching sounds were louder than the concerned calls so they had to wait until Mandy opened the door herself. When she did she looked absolutely awful. She was even paler than before, her hair looked greasy, her eyes were dazed. Although Britney Spears and Jessica Biel had problems walking straight themselves they helped Mandy Moore back to the armchairs they had been sitting in before.

“Where is Jessica?” Britney asked after a few minutes.

“I’m here Jessica Biel mumbled and looked into the pitcher with stale beer in her hand. She considered drinking some more of it but realized that, if she did it, it would come out again just as quick as it came in and that it would bring his friends with it, too.

“Naw, the other one!” Britney groaned.

“What other?” Jessica Biel asked again and considered drinking some more of the beer again, too.

“Jessica Simpson.” Britney said, struggling with the name.

“Dunno!” The confused Miss Biel mumbled, looked into her mug of beer and asked herself if she could drink some more.

“We should look for her.” Britney suggested.

“Look for who?” Jessica asked, and pinched her eyes to focus her beer.

“Jessica.” Britney replied and rolled her eyes.

“What?” The other girl said and looked up. “Want some beer?”

“No, not you. The other Jessica.” Britney groaned. “Jessica Simpson. No I don’t want your beer.” The blonde considered her options. She could not send Jessica Biel to look for the missing girl. She was far to drunk and was more likely to go missing, too, instead of finding their friend. But she also could not leave Jessica to watch over Mandy while she searched herself. The brunette was even too drunk for that. And probably the other Jessica had already gone home already without telling them. Anyway, Britney knew she could not wait much longer but had to bring Mandy home, She was really concerned about her drunken friend. Actually she was concerned about all three of her drunken friends, but especially about Mandy.

“Forget about it, Jessica.” The blonde finally said. “Maybe she is already gone. I’m talking about the other Jessica. Simpson!”

“Yeah, maybe.” Jessica Biel said absentmindedly, gazing at the little waves the beer made when she moved the pitcher from one side to the other.

“Listen, Jessi, I need you to help me get Mandy home, alright?” Britney said.

The two girls picked up their wasted friend, each laying one of her arms around her shoulder and Britney slung one arm around Mandy’s waist.

The door was only a few steps away when Jessica raised the pitcher with the beer to her lips and took a deep sip. Only a split second later she dropped the pitcher, let Mandy’s arm slide from her shoulder, pressed one hand hard on her mouth and stormed towards the door. Britney had to catch Mandy or she would have dropped to the ground. With the strength and skill that only the most desperate have Jessica opened the door, ran over a kissing couple and made it round the corner just in time. Britney could hear the retching sounds while she tried to keep Mandy upright. After two or three minutes Jessica reappeared at the doorstep, her face pale, a few strands of her brunette hair stuck to her sweat covered forehead.

“I’m sorry,” Jessica muttered. “I think it will go now.”

Together they supported Mandy and brought her to the next bus stop.

A bit earlier, while Britney was worrying about Mandy, who was puking her guts out in the bathroom, and Jessica Biel wished she had brought her beer with her, El Captain had chatted up Jessica Simpson.

They had not changed more then two sentences when he recognized that she was already completely drunk. So there he was, in his crib, on his party and had a tasty, drunk High School cheerleader before him. She did not get why he moved her away from the partying crowd into an empty room but she did not resist.

She did not resist when he started kissing and feeling her up either. He quickly undid the buttons of her shirt to reveal her bra covered tits. He squeezed the big, round globes and kissed down her neck while he slowly moved her over to a mattress that was lying on the opposite wall. He motioned her to lay down and started undressing himself. As he turned around to her again Jessica was lying face down on the mattress.

It looked like she was falling asleep and that would have spoiled the whole thing. She sure was one tasty piece of High School pussy, El Capitan thought, but he did not want to hump an unconscious teenager. Still he kept on undressing. When he was stark naked he stepped towards the young blonde. He got down on his knees behind her and hitched up her skirt. When he did, she slightly groaned and murmured something he did not understand. But anyway, she had not passed out and as long as she was half way conscious this was sure going to be fun.

So he peeled of the panties from her ripe ass and pulled them down her slender legs. He smiled as he saw her gold-fringed pussy. Her pink lips looked soft and tight. This would sure be fun as long as she could stay on her knees. He grabbed her by the waist and made her get onto her knees, her head still buried in one of the pillows.

He spread the legs of the half naked girl and fingered her pussy a bit more. He rubbed three fingers over her cunt lips and after some time felt a slight moistness. It was not quite as wet as he used to get a girl before going down on her but as she did not show any reaction he figured she would not mind anyway.

With one hand supporting the blond girl, whose name he did not know, by holding her at her waist and the other hand on her ripe naked ass he pressed his dick against the entrance of her gold-fringed pussy. Then he pushed forward and plunged the head of his prick into the pinkish folds if her virginal snatch.

To Jessica’s luck she was so wasted and half passed out that she felt nothing but a slight, uncomfortable pressure as the guy behind her pushed his dick further up her virgin pussy and popped her cherry.

“Damn, a virgin!” He groaned when he felt the warm slickness spill over his cock. But it did not irritate for long as he had felt it time and time before.

Then he just fucked away, humping his pelvis against her bare ass, drilling his hard rod into her tight cunt. As she did not give his thrusts any resistance her slim body rocked uncontrollable under his fucking movements.

The lack of lubrication made the effect of her tightness around his pistoning cock even more intense than it would have been with more of her pussy juice and so the friction quickly brought him close to an orgasm. Only a few minutes, probably less than five, of this dull but for him delightful fucking the cum in his balls was boiling and about to be released. He slammed his prick a few more times into her teenage pussy before the tension in his sack became to hard to control.

By the time he came Jessica had completely passed out. Although he did not really care he was still sober enough to know it would save him some trouble if that girl would not become pregnant and so he pulled his squirting prick out of her tight snatch as he started to shoot his load, resulting into a very sticky feeling between Jessica’s thighs the next morning.

When Jessica woke up the next day her head buzzed like it was occupied with a few dozens of angry hornets, her mouth felt like she had a flush towel in it and her guts seemed to disintegrate with every second. First she wondered who she was but quickly made up her Swiss cheese like mind about that. Next she wondered where she was but could not answer this question, neither quickly nor at all. Next she recognized that her blouse was unbuttoned. The fact that her skirt was still hitched up over her taut ass hit her a split second before the recognition that her panties were missing. The inevitable realization of her where and what about crept around in the back of her mind, somewhere behind the angry hornets. She recognized the stickiness between her thighs, followed by the strange, burning/tingling feeling in her pussy. But it finally the cruel and bitter truth smacked her right into the face and hit her like a bucket of arctic water when she recognized that someone was lying behind her on the filthy mattress.

Jessica jumped up, turned to see her most horrible expectations affirmed and would have started to cry and scream if the screaming would not have given another body fluid but tears way. Instead she ran, flung open the door and ran into the direction where she thought she could remember the bathroom was.

Now that was the very moment I saw the cheerleading sweetheart. I was on the way to the bathroom myself to release the last two mugs of beer I had consumed in a very natural way. My head felt a little like cotton wool and I had the strange need for rolled pickled herring but this set aside I felt quite good. That changed into utter confusion and seconds later sheer amusement when I saw the freaked out Miss Simpson. Pale like the wall – actually pale like a newly painted white wall, not like any of the green, brown yellowish walls in this shack – her hair wild and matted, clothes crumbled, the blouse open and her delicious breasts bouncing as she ran for the bathroom. She reached it before I did and slammed the door behind her, not even recognizing me.

With a slightly puzzled grin I dropped next to the bathroom door and asked myself how this wonderfully strange early morning – well, after a party like the one the night before noon is indeed early morning – came to happen. I listened to the puking sounds from the other side of the door, which usually might have animated to spill my last dinner, too, but which amused me even more at that moment. I sat there until nature’s call got the better of me and, given the fact that the bathroom was occupied, I decided to relieve myself behind the house.

Part Six: French Lessons

It was in our last year in High School – well, my last year of High School – when it happened. The summer the year before I had lost my virginity to Avril Lavigne. Which was kind of fair as I had taken hers as well. Mathematically it was a equal deal. It was nothing special and we did not talk much afterwards – meaning both right after the sex and the year after. Actually, between us everything stayed as it had been before. Except that we were no longer virgins anymore. So the year passed, another summer came and then finally the last year. And it started with a bang.

She entered the micro cosmos of our High School and although I had managed to largely ignore everything that had to do with she managed to change it. Not completely though. I was still not interested in what was going on in school – including classes – with one exception. Her: Alizée Jacotet, a French exchange student, a tiny person somehow, nearly a head smaller than me, a slim body with the exact right curves in the exact right places. A heavenly beautiful face to match her slender, incredible figure, framed by dark brunette hair that seemed to shade into black depending on the light.

She was adorable. A heavenly temptress sent to us – sent to U.S. – from the Grande Nation as an exchange student. And although she sent shivers through me every time she showed up anywhere I was or every time she spoke up in class – that French accent was just too cute – I did not change into a drooling idiot, let alone change my habits.

One of my habits was coming to nearly every class five minutes to late. I made up for that by staying five minutes longer, equalling it to a correct over all length. Not because I was an eager student but to get to the next class five minutes too late again.

So one time I was killing time by pretending I was searching something in my bag after one class – I can’t remember what it was – when I recognized that Alizée was talking to our teacher. The chance to catch a glimpse at her extra short skirt was another reason to stay longer.

But suddenly I was torn right out of my immoral thoughts by the voice of our teacher. I had been on my way out of class, walking slowly, secretly staring at the French girl’s ass when fate struck.

“… listen, Miss Jacotet just told me that she has a few problems and asked me if I could recommend someone who could help her learning.” Our teacher declared. “And I was thinking about you!”

The fact that she recommended me to give private lessons would have been a good enough joke itself. No matter what the subject was, I was definitely not one to give private lessons. I guess our teacher just asked me because she had once again caught me lingering around so I would be late for the next lesson. Just as I had been to late to hers.

“Well I don’t know …” I tried to object but was cut off. I quickly learned that she was not asking me. She was telling me to help Alizée. And I admit, although it made me nervous, I did not object any longer.

So this was what brought Alizée Jacotet to the door of my house two days later. As she rang the bell I was just coming down into the living room. She looked absolutely stunning when I opened the door. Alizée wore a short, black skirt, a white blouse under a short cut black jacket.

“Bonjour!” She said with the cutest smile I had ever seen.

“Bon-, er, hi!” I stuttered.

„It is bonjour. And its means hello!” She said.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. That French accent was so damn sexy. It didn’t just make my heart jump.

To make long things short: I did everything you’re supposed to do in a situation like that. Like fetching her a cold Coke, trying to be extremely charming while I actually was dead nervous, stare at her slightly tanned, slender, flawless legs that were barely covered by the mini skirt, as we sat together on the couch in the living room.

I can’t remember if we did anything for whatever subject I was supposed to help her for. I know that we were soon talking about other things. And what else would you start with but France when the French exchange student was sitting next to you?

“Can you teach me some French?” I asked after a while.

An amused smile hushed over her lips and her eyes seemed to sparkle.

“Oui! Très volontiers.” She said. “I’d love to.” She added when she saw my quizzical look and I had the feeling she meant more by saying it than the obvious. I would soon find out.

“Great!” I replied and looked around the room in search for a suitable example. “What about … the living room?”

“Living room?” She seemed to think of the meaning of the word. “Oh! La salle de séjour. But this is boring.”

Suddenly she moved on the couch closer to me until she was sitting right next to me, on the edge of the cushions, our knees touching in a right angle. Then she straightened up.

“I’ll teach you something better.” Alizée smiled.

“La femme.” She said, pointing a finger at herself. “Woman. Or la jeune fille – girl – if you want to.” Then she pointed her finger at me. “L’homme – man. Or again: le garçon – boy.”

I had always found it very appealing when Alizée had spoken English. Her vocabulary was quite good but she had a very strong French accent. And that as extremely sexy. And now, hearing her talking French, even if it was only a few words, mixing it with her accent, she seemed even sexier. And she was no way near stopping.

“Le doigt.” She wriggled one finger in front of my eyes. “The finger.”

“Les cheveux.” She said as she brushed through my hair. “The hair.”

Then she trailed with her index finger down my face, from my forehead, over the temple, my cheek and then tapped playfully against my nose: “Le nez.” Then her finger brushed over my lips, pressing lightly against them. “La bouche.” Alizée whispered. “The mouth.”

Suddenly I realized how close the French girl was to me. Her face was mere inches away from me. I could feel her breath on my face already, smell a light whisk of sweet perfume.

“Le basier.” She whispered.

Then she leant forward, placed her fingers on my neck and pressed her soft lips on my mouth. I was taken aback first but then kissed back lightly. Unfortunately it the kiss lasted only for a few seconds.

“The kiss.” She said as she shifted away a bit again.

Again she leant in for another kiss but this time I felt her tongue sliding forward, breaking trough my lips and playfully twirling around my tongue. This time it lasted far longer than before. She shifted more towards me so that her upper body now rubbed against mine. I could even feel her pert breasts pressing against my chest.

“Très bien!” Alizée smiled when she broke the kiss and brushed a stray of her dark hair out of her face. “Very good. Do you want some more?”

My heart was beating like wild now and I mistook it as an invitation for more kisses so I quickly nodded. A second later I found out that Alizée had meant something different. But her continuing lecture in French was far from unpleasant.

The young European beauty lifted her slender, right leg and hooked it over mine. Now as her naked leg pressed against mine I recognized that Alizée had slipped off her shoes and her bare foot brushed over my ankle. Alizée leant down and kissed my neck lovingly. I could even feel a quick stroke of her tongue before she spoke again: “Le cue – the neck.” Next her hand trailed down my chest as she glanced into my eyes. “La poitrine – the chest.”

To my surprise she too my hand and placed it on her chest, quiet in the middle, just above her left breast. I could feel her heart beating under my fingers.

“Le cœur – the heart.” She explained before she guided my hand further down. She slid it over her firm breast with some pressure, brought it down to her hip and then pushed it upwards again, under her top.

“Le ventre.” She whispered as I felt the smooth skin of her flat tummy. This time I could sense a slight shiver in her.

Next it was her turn again to let her hand venture over my body. She placed it on my upper thigh, slid it inwards a bit and brushed her fingers slightly back and forth over my inner thigh: “La cuisse.” But I was now too nervous to follow her lecture. If it still was one. If it had been one anyway. Then again, I got the next one, though. Alizée’s hand slipped further inwards and touched my already semi erect member through my pants. She had to suppress to giggle as I slightly jumped from her sudden approach at my little – but currently growing – friend. But her face was all serious again and her eyes suddenly had something temptingly smoky about them as she looked at me again.

“Le pénis.” She said. “How do you call it over here?”

“How do we call it?” I cleared my throat. My body felt extremely hot at several spots all of a sudden. “Dick.” I suggested. “Or prick. Cock. Member.” I felt a bit more comfortable now as she listened to every possibility I gave her. “Or shlong.”

Without a warning Alizée burst out in laughter which blew away the comfortable feeling again that I had just gained. I wondered if I had done anything wrong as she chuckled.

“You must be kidding.” The French girl giggled and the laughter gave her face a breathtaking cuteness. “You don’t call it like that!”

I was relieved that it was only my choice of words that had made her laugh and this, plus the cute look on her beautiful face made me fall into her laughing, too.

“Well, not very often I guess.” I admitted. “And now I can see why.”

The chuckling subsided instantly when Alizée brushed with the back of her hand over my face again. “You are so funny.” She said and I saw something in her eyes that I had never seen in a girl’s eyes ever before. It seemed like adoration. It seemed like she honestly wanted me. I tried to reply something but Alizée pressed a finger onto my lips.

“No, it is my turn again.” She said, slid from the couch with a gracious move and stood in front of me.

“Le chemisier.” Alizée said as she slowly popped open the buttons of her shirt. “The blouse.”

She dropped it to the floor, revealing her upper body, her tempting breasts clad in a black bra. My heart jumped when she reached behind her back, pushing her breasts further out as she did so and unclasped the bra. She slid it off her breasts, not shy to bare them to me.

“Le soutien-gorge.” She continued as she tossed the bra playfully over to me.

“La jupe.” Her skirt dropped, revealing her black panties.

“Le culotte or le slip.” The blood rushed through my ears as she slid down her panties and my view fell on a finely shaven, small strip of dark pubic hair.

Now that Alizée stood completely naked in front of me my expectations were proven totally right. She was small but her slender body had the beautiful proportions of a grown up woman, not of a girl. Her breasts, perky and probably one size bigger than one might expect from a girl of her size, were perfectly shaped, round and firm with wonderful nipples that were already erect. Her tummy was, just as had felt before, flat an smooth. Her hips were slim but shapely and matched the rest of her body just perfectly. Her slender legs were well trained and had not one ounce of superfluous fat on them, nor were they too skinny. And her ass, as I would find out soon, was as amazing as her tits, firm, with flawless skin and curves that seemed to be from the skilled hands of a master artisan.

I don’t know if I got my clothes off before she walked over to me or when she was already back on the couch with me. I don’t remember how I got them off with out strangling myself with my shirt or something. But somehow I did because the next thing I do remember is how we were laying on the couch together, naked, kissing and fondling out bodies. Well, I was fondling Alizée’s incredible body while her hands brushed over mine.

“Je prends la pilule cotraceptive.” She whispered as she failed to find the correct English sentence. Seeing the totally clueless look on my face she thought hard again. “I am on the pill?!?”

“Ah, I see, you’re taking the pill.” I said and she nodded.

“Yes, but still, I want to use this.” She continued and held up a condom that she had held in her closed fist. “Le preservatif. If you don’t mind?”

“No, of course not!” With her last question she sounded a bit insecure. As if I could say no to it. And it the same time I kind of knew that she would never do it without the additional protection. But then again I would never have neglected the condom. After all, I’m not an idiot and only a complete idiot would have sex without the good old rubber if you are not in a long term relationship.

And so all of a sudden a big deal of tension and nervousness was blown away. Not that Alizée had been nervous except for the protection topic. Now she simply leant forward, finally getting down on me and pressed her lips back onto mine and we engaged in an intense French kiss. For the first time our completely naked bodies made full contact. Everywhere I felt her soft skin, everywhere I felt her slender figure pressing and rubbing against me and my prick actually pressing against her flat tummy made my had swoon just as the passionate kiss did.

“Wait! Now that we have it, we should not forget it.” Alizée said breathless and winked with the condom.

She quickly ripped open the package, took out the condom and rolled it down over my member expertly. As I shuddered under this actually first contact between her slender fingers and my prick I did not recognize how expertly she did it.

Then Alizée straddled my lap and slowly lowered her body down onto me, impaling herself on my member. She let out a light hiss that was silenced by a louder moan that came from me. The she started moving up and down. It was as incredible for me. I actually did not do much. And I did not have to do much. I really did as Alizée had told me – sit back and relax. Well, it was not so much as relaxing but I did enjoy it.

The only thing I recall doing actively was massaging Alizée’s juicy breasts after she had placed my hands on them and encouraged me to squeeze them. Not that I had needed any encouragement.

The way this young French beauty moved on me was literally breathtaking. She worked her hips back and forth, rotating her pelvis in the most pleasurable way one can imagine. Of course I did try to do my share of the humping but first I was not the experienced one here, second it was hard the way I was positioned on the couch and third most of the time I was so stunned by Alizée’s motions.

By times I was really paralysed. There were enough reasons to be. Whether it was her beautiful face slightly contorted in pleasure, eyes closed and her biting on her lower lip or her dark eyes open and locked onto my eyes or her big, firm breasts bouncing slightly with her fucking movements or whether it was my member sliding in and out of her cunt. And I had my eyes a lot on the later one. Only time I had had sex before I had never seen the actual penetration and now it was right there in front of my eyes. I watched how Alizée moved up and down over my member, her pussy lips opening up before my prick and closing down around it again, clamping down on my shaft, milking it as she gyrated erotically in front of my eyes.

I don’t know how I could keep back for so long as I did. I guess it was due to Alizées movements. She seemed to sense every time I came dangerously close to the point of no return and slowed down. That way she prolonged the act quite a bit. And managed to get off herself. At least she started bucking, moaning and shuddering when I finally filled the condom with my seed.

When we were both finished we lay spent, happy and naked on the couch, covered by a blanket. It was awkward. It was in the middle of the afternoon. I just had had amazing sex – with the hot French exchange student! We were supposed to do something for school, er, something whatever it was. Instead we had had sex. In the living room. In the middle of the afternoon. Me and the sexy French exchange student.

We lay like this for what seemed an eternity, kissing and caressing each other. In fact it was merely twenty minutes until we hear a car pulling up in the driveway. The dressing on was somewhat quicker and less sexy than the undressing before.

When my mother entered the house we were already fully clothed and pretended to be working with our books.

“Hello, I’m home!” My mother called out and a second later came round the corner into the living room.

“Hi, there!” I said. “This is Alizée. You know the exchange student from France. We had to do this thing for school together, I told you.” (But instead she shagged me on the couch, right over there!”

“Oh, nice to meet you.” My mother chirped and they shook hands. “Did you work on it?”

“Yes!” (NO! She worked on me! Me, me, ME!)

“Good!” My mother continued, unaware of the nasty romp that had been going on in her house only minutes ago. “I hope you had fun doing it.”

“Yes!” (OH, YES!!!!!)

“Very good. Alizée would you like to stay for dinner today?” My mother asked.

“Oh, yes, that would be nice, merci!” Alizée replied and my mother smiled at the cute French accent. (I smiled because I had just fucked with the hot French exchange student.)

Up to this date I’m happy that my parents never found the used condom that I had quickly dispensed in the waste basket in the living room after the sex with Alizée.

On this evening I learned on what a frisky relationship I was about to let myself into. During dinner Alizée slipped her shoe off and suddenly I felt her naked foot jammed between my legs across under the table. My face must have been a picture and my mother asked if I was alright, if something was wrong with the meal. Needless to say that I got a major hard-on again as she rubbed her foot over my crotch. I was amazed how the naughty French girl could keep such a straight face and how there was no sign above the table of what she was doing underneath the table.

So this was the beginning of our relationship. A mid-afternoon shag in our living room. From there on Alizée taught me a lot about sex. In the beginning I wondered how experienced she was and how she had gained it. Later I learned that back home in France she was pretty much a lolita. Of course she appealed to boys her age but she also attracted a lot of older men. She even loved to tease elder men when we were together. It was sometimes a bit weird but at the same time kind of appealing. The reason why I never really objected probably was that I knew I was the only one she was actually fucking. And that we did. Lots of it. Of course our relationship was not just about that. But it was probably the most lasting memory of it. This and the picture of this cute, hot, naughty, sexy French girl.

But I’m not gonna tell you about how hot Alizée looked in her short, low cut dresses and her knee-length black leather boots, won’t tell you how she taught me “real” French, both on the giving and receiving end. Not about her cute, porcelain like feet and her little toes she loved to have sucked on. And I’m definitely not gonna tell you how she turned me on by talking dirty in French. Not that it really mattered what she said because although I was learning a bit of French I did not understand what she was talking most of the time anyway. So for that means she could have read the shopping list to me as long as she did it in French and in that dirty, raunchy way. But, well, I’m not telling you anyway.

Part Seven: The Prom

I never understood what the buzz about the prom really was about. Half of the people there can be sure to be humiliated in one way or another, two or three of the girls will get knocked up, more loose their cherry to a drunken High School dude, still everyone seems to be eager to go there. I never planned to go to my prom. Until Alizée happened to me.

Yes I had planned to go there with Alizée. After all, she was my girlfriend. But for some reason – I knew it back then but I have forgotten now – she had to go back to France before the ball. It was strange when she told me. Of course I had known that she would go back but somehow it seemed to be a fact that we would go to the ball together, spent a bit of free time together before she would go back home.

We had contact for quite some time after she had returned home. We wrote e-mails, on a daily basis at the beginning, talked on the phone one a few occasions, three or four all together and Alizée wrote me a real letter every now and then. A few months after her departure she wrote me that she had a new boyfriend – our contact did not break because of it – but I guess I knew that she had found one quite soon after she was back in France. But she wanted to spare me, did not want to break my heart.

Then again I was somehow relieved that I did not have to go to the prom. Even better was that my parents left the house for me alone. I don’t know why. If Alizée would still have been there then I would have wanted the house empty after the prom. But maybe they wanted me to have a relaxed evening. It was okay though.

But an evening alone at home would not have been worth telling so fate once again struck and sent me driving to school – lets say I had forgot something that I needed to retrieve or I had promised a friend to drop him there or something else.

When I arrived at school my plan was just like the one of a bank robbery: quickly in and just as quickly out again. But as nearly all bank robberies it did not work out that way. I was already on my way back to the parking lot when I saw a girl with short, dark brunette hair hunched on the steps. As her back was turned towards me I could not figure out who it was. But even from my angle it was plain obvious that she was crying.

I just wanted to be sure that she was alright. I couldn’t walk past her while she was probably seriously hurt in one way or another. As soon as I had reassured what I already assumed – that it was only heartache, most likely a girl whose prom date had only asked her because he found no other and then dumped her last minute – I would have been off.

“You alright?” I asked when I was standing behind her. Never would I have been prepared for what came next.

“What?” The girl sobbed, turned her head and glanced up to me.

Mandy Moore? The blonde, ever happy-smiley, captain-of-the-cheerleader, teen-queen? With her hair cut short, dyed brunette, sitting on the steps to the parking lot outside the school while the prom was in full go inside, crying? What was this? Twilight zone?

“Are – you – alright?” I managed to repeat with my jaw slack while I was staring at her in pure disbelief.

“Do I look like I’m alright?” She managed to his although she was heavily sobbing as she glanced at me through a veil of tears.

“Er, no – not really.” I admitted with plain surprise.

“So?” The cheerleader in the black prom dress wept as I stood there staring at her.

“So what?” I asked, still confused.

“Do you like seeing me like this?” She wailed in anguish. “It must be great to see someone you hate like this!”

“No – no, not at all. I’m sorry.” I stammered, surprised by the harsh accuse.

For a moment I stood there just watching Mandy’s shoulders heaving and falling as she continued to sob, her elbows on her knees, her face hidden in her hands. I must have been standing there longer than I had thought, trying to figure out and understand in any way what the hell was going on. I just realized it when Mandy turned towards me again.

“You still here?” She glared at me, the tears making her eyes less menacing than I was used to.

That was it. I thought I’d better be off. Whatever had happened so something drastic like this was possible – the head of the cheerleading team with complete change looks and miserably crying – it wasn’t my business. So I walked past her, down the few steps, willing to forget this. Although it wouldn’t be easy. But I didn’t come far.

“He cheated on me.” Mandy cried again.

I stopped and turned around very slowly as the meaning of what she had just said crept into my consciousness. My next question was not necessary but I asked anyway: “Who?”

“My boyfriend, Dick!” She sneered miserably.

“What exactly do you mean when you say he cheated on you?” I asked and walked back towards her.

“What do you think she shot sharply at me between two sobs. “He slept with another girl!”

“Your boyfriend … has slept … with another girl?” I asked slowly to get everything right. Now that sounds harder than it should. I didn’t mean to put my finger onto the wound.

“Yes.” She shuddered under the following sobs.

“Who?” I admit the question was not the most sensitive one in this situation. But this crying cheerleader here and me had never been anything like friends and although I had never given a damn about high school gossip this had stirred my curiosity. At the same time I didn’t really expect an answer. But I was proven wrong.

“That Avril girl!” Mandy bawled, her body trembling as she sobbed heavily.

Suddenly I felt stunned. Not that I really cared about it, I had no romantic feeling for Avril but I was surprised that the number one football jock would get down with the skater girl. And she with him. With a expression of puzzlement I dropped on the steps next to Mandy.

“How did you find out?” I asked after a while.

“He told me.” She spat out.

“He did what?” I couldn’t believe my ears – no wonder as I didn’t believe anything of this at all. “Today?”

“Yes.” The girl on the steps next to me sobbed.

“At the prom?” He wondered.

“Yes!” She wept.

“Boy, that guy sure has a bad timing.” He couldn’t help but saying which resulted in another rush of heavy sobbing and weeping.

It was useless to ask her anymore about this as she would not have been able to say one sentence straight without breaking into sobbing again.

So lets push REWIND and see what happened earlier that evening …

The day of the High School prom. Like lots and lots of others super football stud Dick had groomed and applied more after-shave than necessary, doing the same with some hair product and put on a smoking and a neck tie. Together with his floral present for his prom date, of course long time girlfriend and head of the cheerleader Mandy Moore, he pulled up in front of the Moore’s house in his shiny sports car. Although he had walked up to this very door very often by now but this time he was quite nervous this time. It was probably because he hope to finally screw his chaste girlfriend on this special night. After he had rung the bell Mandy’s mother opened the door and greeted him with a smile.

“Oh, Dick, how wonderful you look,” Mrs. Moore beamed at her daughter’s boyfriend. “Mandy will be with you every second. Wait until you see her, she looks so beautiful. You will be such a wonderful couple at the prom. Oh, you are the sweetest couple anyway. I’m sure you two will be vote ball king and queen. Who else than the captain of the football team and the captain of the cheerleaders should be voted.”

I wonder how anyone can listen to this superficial drivel without becoming nauseous. The worst thing about it is that Mrs. Moore really meant what she said. And that it was important for her. Not just that her beloved daughter was the head of the cheerleading squad but also that Mandy was dating the captain of the football team. To Mrs. Moore these were two things that were inevitably linked. And she never got tired of bragging about it in front of neighbours, family, friends and anyone else who was already sick of hearing it. And she would have ranted on about if Mandy would not have come down the stairs at that moment.

This was, when it happened. When super stud Dick saw his beautiful, blond girlfriend he was shocked. She wasn’t blonde anymore. She had dyed her hair a dark brunette plus she had cut them shorter. Sure, the black dress she wore hugger her wonderful figure in all the right places he simply was taken aback by the drastic change.

“Hi, Dick, you are looking great.” Mandy said coyly as she stepped in front of her boyfriend.

“Thanks.” He mouthed lushly.

“Do you like what she has done with her hair?” Mrs. Moore asked.

“Erm, it’s … I mean, she’s … that’s … new.” He stammered.

“Yes, isn’t it gorgeous?” Her mother chirped.

“Guess it is.” He managed to fake a smile.

It took a few more minutes of small talk with Mandy’s parents, taking pictures and the two teenagers exchanging their gifts before Mandy and Dick got into his car and drove to the school. Not a single word was spoken until they reached the school parking lot.

“You hate it!” Mandy stated, staring out of the front window.

“You could have asked me first.” He replied sternly and got out of the car.

“Asked you?” She shouted but he was already out and had closed the door. She got out, too, and slammed the door. “Asked you? Why?”

“Why?” He repeated as if he could not believe she asked that.

“Yes, why! Why should I ask you before I change my hair?” Mandy asked angrily.

“Because this decision doesn’t just affect you!” He shouted back to her over the roof of his sports car. “Do you think anyone will vote for us as prom king and prom queen now that you have done that to your hair?”

“What? Why not?” She felt smacked. “And why should that matter anyway?”

“It does matter! Because it always mattered!” He shot back angrily. “I am the captain of the football team and you are the head of the cheerleaders and up to now that always mattered to you, too.”

“But maybe it doesn’t matter to me right now.” Mandy gasped helplessly.

“You’re always doing this. You’re always just thinking about yourself!” He shouted and came round the car. “Just as you do with your stupid chastity thing. Let me guess, you haven’t changed your mind about this. You suddenly don’t want to be a blonde anymore but you still want to be a virgin, right?”

“You didn’t say this.” The cheerleader was shocked and upset by what she had just heard. “You never had a problem with it and you did accept it.”

“Accept it?” He mouthed. “What other chance did I have? Well, maybe I shouldn’t have. Maybe I shouldn’t have lied to you about it but instead split up. And maybe I should have gotten what you don’t want to give me far earlier.”

“What?” Suddenly, as if in premonition, tears started welling up. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that I should have fucked that skater chic far earlier. Or instead of Avril I should have dumped you for one of your cheerleader friends. They are just as good as you are and they don’t hold back anything unnecessarily.”

“No … no!” She stammered, fighting the tears. “Say that you haven’t slept with her. Please!”

“Oh yes I did! This year, right in there!” He shouted and pointed at the school.

I guess that’s enough, so lets go back where we stopped …

“Boy, that guy sure has a bad timing.” He couldn’t help but saying which resulted in another rush of heavy sobbing and weeping.

What followed was a quite uncomfortable silence. I just sat there, trying to sort out these more than strange developments of the last few minutes. I don’t know why I had stopped and listened to Mandy’s misery in the first place but I knew that I could not just stand up and walk away.

The weeping captain of the cheerleading squad dabbed at her nose with a tissue.

“Why aren’t you in there?” She asked, breaking the silence with more than just her heart breaking sniffing. “Oh, I forgot, your girlfriend is back to France, right?”

“Yeah, right.” I don’t know what puzzled me more, the fact that she knew this or that she cared about it at all. This was getting stranger every second.

“Don’t you want to go in, though?” She continued.

“No. Thought about it.” I answered. “That’s why I came here. But I decided not to. I don’t care too much about this whole prom thing anyway.”

“You never cared about any High School business at all, did you?” I shook my head and decided not to wonder about the course of this conversation anymore. At least not for the moment. “So you’re going home now?”

“Yeah, after all I have the whole house for myself.” I replied. “I don’t know exactly why but my parents went out to leave the house for me tonight. Maybe as some kind of compensation because I don’t go to the prom.”

There was an uncomfortable silence as none of us knew what to say or if there was anything left to say. At least Mandy wasn’t sobbing for now. It was Mandy who spoke first.

“Would you mind giving me a ride?” She asked, obviously doubting that I would say yes. “Dick collected me from home so I’m here without my car.”

“Uhm, sure, no problem.” I said, puzzled again.

“Really?” She asked, equally puzzled. “I thought you would say no. You must hate me.”

Her last remark felt strange just as everything at that moment but different, bitter.

“It’s okay.” I replied hastily. “It’s the same direction anyway.”

So we got up and Mandy followed me to my car. Chance had it that nobody came our way and saw us together. It was have been an odd situation to explain.

We didn’t speak during the drive. Being the responsible driver I am I didn’t really look at the girl in the passenger seat. The few times I glanced at her I recognized how awkward the situation was time and time again. And I noticed that I started feeling pitty for the miserable girl next to me.

So wear, I had no second thoughts when I said the following, it was just some crazy bit of pity that took hold of me. Probably not so much of a surprise as the events of this evening had confused me totally. Who can blame me? My world had turned upside down in just half an hour.

“I want to come to my place first before I bring you home?” I offered – again: no second thoughts there. “You could fresh up your make-up so that your parents don’t see that you’ve cried?”

“Really?” Back then she obviously had been as surprised by my offer as I am now.

“Sure.” I said.

“Well, I think that would be a good idea.” Mandy said. “If you really don’t mind.”

Again, the rest of the drive was silent except for the radio playing. Finally I pulled up in the drive-way in front of our dark house.

“We’ve been in High School together all the time and never did I know where you are living.” Mandy said as we stepped out of the car and walked towards the front door. “It’s a very nice house.”

“Well, thanks, I guess.” I replied and unlocked the door. I switched on the lights and gestured Mandy to come in. “Te bathroom is upstairs the first door to the left. There’s a lot of make-up and de-make-up stuff there. I’m sure it’s okay when you use it.” I walked into the kitchen and turned on the lights there, too. “Would you like anything to drink?” I called and then recognized that Mandy had followed me.

“Yes, that would be very nice.” She replied, standing in the doorframe.

“What do you want?” I asked as I opened the fridge.

“Actually, I became very cold when I was sitting on the steps.” She answered carefully. “Do you have tea?”

“I guess so.” I said as I closed the fridge again although my initial offer had rather meant popping open a bottle of coke. “I’ll find some and fix you a cup.”

“I guess I’ll go to the bathroom then.” Mandy said. “Upstairs and to the right?”

“The first on the left” I corrected and filled the kettle with water.

“To the left, right!” The newly brunette girl reaffirmed and turned around.

I cannot recall what I was thinking at these moments. I guess, I was not thinking at all but merely listening to the sound of the water slowly heating inside the kettle. And that was probably the best think to do. I would not have known what to think of this most unusual and unexpected situation at all.

The water had just finished boiling and I searched for the tea in the cupboards when Mandy came back into the kitchen. She walked over to the working place and hopped onto it, dangling her legs over the edge while she watched me making the tea. What was that? Cheerleaders don’t sit on the kitchen unit next to the sink! I was sure about this. They are not supposed to do things like this. It is some kind of a natural law.

I don’t know for how many times it had already happened that evening but for a second there was an uncomfortable silence again. Some witty Hollywood scribbler would have come up with some funny lines if that had been a romantic comedy. But as you know, this is the real life. Silence. Until the de-make-uped cheerleader broke it.

“This is so strange.” Mandy sighed. “I would have never thought something like this could happen. The way Dick reacted when he saw me and how he freaked out. I mean, it’s just hair and colour.”

Did she just say that? Miss cover-of-any-teenage-girl-glamour-style-magazine just said that?

“I can’t believe that he actually left me over this.” She continued.

“Yeah, life’s a bitch.” I said and for the first time I did not feel the urge to add: “And so are you.” Instead I felt real pity for her. Not because she did not spend the night with her boyfriend at the prom but because she obviously felt miserable.

“You never liked him, did you?” She asked.

“What? Who?” I asked, torn out of my thoughts.

“My boyfriend.” She said.

“Oh, no, not at all.” I replied

“Strange to say that, but you’re so right on this.” Mandy said. “And probably always were.”

“Yeah, I always knew your boyfriend was a dick.” I joked.

I had waited so long to say that, not actually the best joke ever but one so utterly true. Still I was surprised to get Mandy’s clear laughter for it.

All this was said without us looking at each other. As I handed her the cup with the tea I looked into her face for the first time since she had re-entered the kitchen. Mandy had completely washed off the make-up and as far as I could tell she had not put on any new. This was the first time in all the High School years that I saw her without make-up. And I was stunned that her natural beauty was even greater than the styled version. Although she had always been a stuck up bitch I had to admit that she was really good looking. And now, with the newly short-cut, brunette hair and without chemicals on her face her beauty left me nearly breathless. Only now, that I forced my eyes off her pretty face, did I fully recognize what she was wearing. Before, on the steps in front of the school and later in my car, it was only a black dress. Now I saw the spaghetti straps, baring her finely shaped shoulders, the lack of other straps indicating she was wearing a strapless bra, the figure hugging but not obscenely tight fitting cut of the sheer black dress that stopped just below her knees, leaving the view at her slender calves and the black high heeled sandals with the fancy straps twirling around her slim ankles.

She received the cup and smiled while she held it with both hands to warm her fingers. We both stood there – well, Mandy was sitting on the working place while I leant against the kitchen units – sipping from our hot beverage.

“You have done so much for me tonight and I have failed to say thank you even once.” Mandy broke the silence again after some time.

I turned my head towards her and noticed that she shifted slightly on the working place and bowed down. Next I felt her soft lips on my cheek.

“Thanks.” Mandy whispered.

“You’re welcome.” I mumbled and most probably blushed.

“I would have never thought that you would ever say something like this to me.” Mandy said with a crooked smile. “But then again I would have never thought that I would come to your house either … or kiss you.”

“Well, that was nothing.” I tried to play it down.

“No, it was not.” Mandy replied and slid down from where she had been sitting, standing directly in front of me, our faces mere inches apart so that I could feel her sweet breath. “But this is!”

The brunette gently grabbed my face, pulled me closer to her and this time pressed her lips on mine. Not for the first time this evening I felt stunned. But luckily I recovered quick enough to kiss back lightly before our lips parted again. Only a few seconds we stood like this, close, our lips so close that we could nearly feel each other. Then I slung my hands around Mandy’s waist and pulled her to me, feeling her left hand on the back of my neck, the other on my shoulder. Our lips met again but less gentle this time. Our tongues slid forward simultaneously, bouncing against each other and then wrestling feverishly as engaged in a long, wild kiss. And it wasn’t seconds this time. As our tongues played wildly, on moment in my mouth and the next in Mandy’s, and our lips massaged each other nothing could be heard except for heavy but muffled breathing and the soft sounds of our passionate kiss.

It took several moments until my mind was no longer fogged by the overwhelming kiss so that I noticed how her breasts squashed against my chest, the soft flesh flattening as she pressed up against me. And I could feel her at every other point brushing against my body. And she felt me as my prick stirred inside my trousers due to the firm, slender figure that rubbed against me.

My mind was filled with this new turn of events. Nothing was in my head but the sensation of Mandy’s lithe but firm body against me. Nothing but that except for one thing that had been bothering me the whole evening.

“Why did you say that you think I hate you?” I panted breathless when I managed to break the fiery kisses.

“What?” Mandy panted just as out of breath and obviously a bit startled about the disturbance. “I don’t know. I always thought you did.”

“No, I don’t!” I shook my head slightly.

“Now I know!” Mandy said in a soft voice and looked deep into my eyes.

“To be honest, I always thought you would hate me, too.” I admitted.

“I don’t know.” The brunette bit on her lower lip. “Maybe I did. But today I found out that I was wrong with al lot of things. Now I know only one thing …”

I could only arch my eyebrow.

“I want to be with you tonight.” Mandy whispered, her eyes locked on mine.

It is hard to believe that on this night anything could have still stunned me. But this did. The next seconds become a blur until we were both on our way to my room.

I walked up the stairs, Mandy following right behind, still wearing her diamante covered, high-heel sandals that made a clacking sound on the stairs. My room was on the end of the corridor and Mandy stepped in as soon as I had opened the door and turned on the lights slightly, letting them dimmed a good deal.

The brunette girl walked past me and spun around to inspect the room and when she faced me again she smiled coyly. I stepped towards her and placed my hands on her hips.

Mandy framed my face with both hands and pressed her lips on mine again, sliding her tongue into my mouth and kissing my with a certain determination and passion that still could not hide her nervousness completely. The kiss was in deed overwhelming and literally breathtaking for both of us as we pressed our lips hard against each other and our tongues wound in our mouths like snakes. Yet this kiss clearly said one thing: this is the last thing I’m doing of which I’m certain. Whatever comes next is totally knew to me. Show me what to do.

Mandy stepped back a bit again and pushed the thin straps of her expensive prom dress off her shoulders. The dress was designed to accentuate the figure of the woman who was wearing it but it was not designed to stay up without the straps so it slowly slid down her body, revealing inch after inch of bare skin. Now my earlier assumption of a strapless bra was verified. The black satin brassière hugged her wonderful breasts perfectly, supporting them – without the straps a complete wonder to a teenage boy and not just those – and forming a breathtaking cleavage that had been simply wasted under the all-covering dress. Further down the cheerleader’s flat tummy accompanied her fine, slim waist as both came into view. And as the dress had passed her exquisitely shaped hips and uncovered panties which matched the bra, the thin material slid effortlesly down her slender legs.

The brunette girl looked absolutely stunning. The years of cheerleading had at least paid off in one matter – her body was well-trained and her muscles perfectly proportioned which resulted in a fit, lean and tight but in no way beefy look.

To make her feel more comfortable in standing half naked in my room I also took my shirt off and started unbuttoning my jeans. While I pulled down my trousers Mandy sat down on the edge of the bed and fumbled with the clasps that held the straps of her sandals. She undid them and quickly unwound the straps around her ankles, putting the shoes aside. When she straightened up again she reached around her back to unclasp her bra, too. Now my throat did went dry. Mandy’s breasts were incredible. Not as big as some of her cheerleader friends’ but definitely more than a handful. They stood proud and did hardly sag as she put away the bra. I could no longer hide my erection now that I also was in only my underwear.

I walked over to her and gently made her lie down as I got to her onto the bed. Again we kissed, but less passionate this time. The kiss was soft and only short, no tongue and as we broke it again I started trailing down her body with my lips. I carefully kissed her bosom first before I caressed both her beautiful mounds. The brunette inhaled with unmistakeable delight when my lips brushed over the erect nipple of her right breast first and then of her left.

Back then I did not think of it like that but there was a definite difference between Mandy’s body and Alizée’s. First off, Mandy was a good deal taller than Alizée, nearly matching me in height. Second, the French girl had a the proportions and fine shapes of a slim woman but in the confines of a girl. Mandy at the same time was a blossoming woman, her body not less finely shaped but with slightly softer, more womanly features. And while the Alizée sometimes seemed quite fragile, like a porcelain figure, Mandy sported more, well-proportioned muscles, not looking buff in any way but lean and fit. Talking about their breasts, they may have had about the same size but due to the difference in height Mandy`s seemed slightly smaller and the were a bit softer.

Of course I did not compare the two girls when I was kissing down Mandy’s body. Instead I reached for the waistband of her black panties and pulled them down over her hips, off her butt and along her legs and finally let them fall off the bed. I marvelled at the small patch of dark pubic hair over her pinkish pussy lips for a moment before I leant down and kissed Mandy again.

I pulled off my underwear as well and the next time I leant down and in for the kiss my fully erect prick bounced against her thigh. While I peppered her neck with light kisses and massaged her shoulder with my right hand I let my left hand wander down her naked body and carefully placed it between Mandy’s thighs. With only slight hesitation the brunette parted her legs before my fingers and as my fingers brushed over her short, curly pubic hair I could feel moistness on them.

She did not shy away as my fingers gently slid over her pink pussy lips. She seemed to be ready. But when I took my hand away from in between her legs again kissed her cheek Mandy suddenly opened her eyes and I could see fear or doubt in them.

“Do you …?” Mandy asked with a light trembling in her voice but I silenced her by placing a finger across her lips.

Instead of answering her question for protection I jus nodded and carefully moved over her to the other side of the bed and reached for the nightstand. From the corner of my eyes I saw how Mandy shifted on the bed while I reached into the drawer and got out a condom. I opened the package and pulled the protective rubber over my member and then rolled back over to the beautiful brunette.

She had already spread her legs slightly but I placed my one hand gently on her inner thigh to make her spread them a bit more so I had better access to her virginal cunt. I moved over, getting over Mandy, my face hovering directly over hers and my prick brushing over her inner thighs. I shifted a bit and the tip of my prick pressed against the entrance of Mandy’s pussy. I noticed how she flinched at this touched and kissed her lips lovingly before I made the next move. I let the fingers of my left hand trail from her face over her neck and her should, down to her breast and caressed her until she relaxed again.

Then I carefully got down, pressing my dick against the outer lips of Mandy’s slit. The brunette arched her back lightly and gasped as the head of my cock slipped past the entrance to her cunt. Even as I only has the tip of my member inside her I could tell how tight she was. Slowly I pushed a bit further, still she seemed to be excited by the new sensation, thrilled by the feeling of my cock conquering her. Then I suddenly felt resistance and as I had supposed Mandy instantly froze. I gently pushed forward, breaking her hymen. A slight hiss of pain slipped from Mandy’s lips and she tensed up again for a second. I retreated a bit and only pushed forward when I felt that she relaxed under me again. I took it very slowly, letting her virginal cunt accommodate to the intruder that she wasn’t used to.

Slowly and gently I pushed back and forth, not imbedding myself in her completely. Mandy had her eyes closed and the expression of slight pain and nervousness slowly changed as she found the new experience more and more pleasuring after some time. I did my best to make her relax more, caressing her naked skin, kissing her neck

Her incredibly tight, virginal cunt had a vicelike grip on my shaft and milked my member automatically with every careful thrust I made. This intense stimulation made it hard for me to concentrate on taking things slow. It would have been so much easier to just let go and fuck her harder. But then I would definitely have scared her, probably hurt her and me myself would have come within a few moments. So I forced myself to make only slow movements.

I took a few minutes of slow, careful before I finally noticed a change in Mandy. From the second I had broken her hymen she had been breathing heavily, trying to suppress the slight pain. But finally a moan of delight came from her lips as she had accommodated enough to start enjoying the sex. Instinctively she arched her back and grinded her hips against mine to get a more intense feeling of pleasure. Slowly at first Mandy started moving her hips up and down, pressing against me and falling back into the mattress. But soon she developed a steady rhythm in heaving her pelvis. She may not have done it before but as she obviously had her body under control completely – bless the cheerleading training again – her movements flowed easily and I found it easy to match them.

Only now did I recognize how exhausting it had been for myself to keep it slow so I would not hurt the girl who I had just deflowered. But as she had accommodated to the new experience now my thrust could become a bit more intense. They were still careful and gentle but I imbedded myself deeper inside the tight, wet folds now. Although she had never done it before and I was trying not to hurt her more than making it tantric sex from the text book – yes, there is at least one, ever heard of the Kamasutra? – we managed to time our movements perfectly. What helped was that we took it very slow and so Mandy only flinched every now and then when I pushed a bit further up her snatch.

In the dim light of the room Mandy’s skin seemed nearly of a bronze shade and as a thin film of sweat covered her body it shimmered lightly, accentuating her fine curves even more. Together with her easily flowing, rhythmical movements it was a highly erotic picture as she was laying under me.

I just could not help and slid one hand on Mandy’s succulent breasts. I closed my fingers around her right mound, rubbing it with my palm and massaging it gently. Then I brushed over her hard nipple with the tips of my fingers taking it carefully between them. And at last I took a gentle hold of the soft curves again, framing the naked breast with my fingers, bent my head down and kissed the wonderful mound. I knew I was doing just the right thing when I got a moan of delight from Mandy as she arched her back to press her beautiful breasts up further.

After some time I felt my orgasm approaching and had to slow down my movements in order not to come right away. Unfortunately Mandy seemed to miss a bit of the pressure and so she sped up the upward thrusting of her hips. This had the effect that my attempt to prolong the act was not as successful as I had wished.

So not long after my prick jerked and my seed filled the condom. For these seconds I froze in the middle of the movement, getting a longing whimpering from Mandy who seemed to be close, too, and suddenly felt neglected. As soon as the stream cum had subsided I started pushing forward into the warm, wet tightness of Mandy’s snatch again.

A few moments later her more and more rapid going breath signalled that she was also approaching orgasm. When she reached the point of no return, feeling the pre-orgasmic tension gripping her loins Mandy let out a blend of low moans and whimpering before she bit her lower lip and her body twitched under me as she slowly lost control over her perfectly rhythmical thrusting only moments before. And than the pure pleasure flooded her loins and her brain as the relieving waves of satisfaction rolled over her. Mandy moaned with trembling lips and her back arched as if she wanted to dive even deeper into the pleasure as the climax gripped her and flooded through her body. Her firm, well-trained sweating body shuddered as she came beneath me. Her vaginal muscles spasmed in a reflex and a groan escaped my mouth as my prick was milked with a vice like grip once again.

When the last aftermaths of her climax buzzed through her body Mandy brushed her hand over my cheek, lifted her head and longingly, only opening her eyes slightly for a spilt-second and parted her lips. I met her with mine and welcomed her slowly intruding tongue. After the kiss we both fell back onto the bed and cuddled under the sheets – actually, I did it after disposing the condom. We did not lay there the whole night. After about half an hour Mandy slipped out of the bed and disappeared into the bathroom with her clothes. I peeled out of the sheets short time after and dressed back on. When Mandy appeared fully clothed again we went down in the kitchen and I fixed us another tea before I drove Mandy home.

So, this was how High School ended for this class. What? You are complaining about the end? Hey, I’m the narrator of this story – of course I get to fuck the best girls. Damn, if you don’t like it, write some yourself …


Me as Myself

Mandy Moore as Teen Queen #1

Jessica Simpson as Teen Queen #2

Britney Spears as Teen Queen #3

Jessica Biel as Teen Queen #4

Avril Lavigne as Skater Chic

Alizée Jacotet as French Exchange Student

Football Jock #1 as Adam A.

Football Jock #2 as Buzz

Football Jock #3 as Chad

Football Jock #4 as Dick

Strange, cool Dude as El Capitan

Random Sissy Boy as Cheerleading Guy

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