All American Swim

An All-American Swim


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. I’ve had
this idea for a long
while now, based on an actual event involving the two I read about. It’s set a
while back so Julia
is still seeing Benjamin Bratt. Enjoy.

The pool of the hotel was a private affair when necessity called for it,
especially at night.
That was just how the clientele liked it, the pool with the artificial grottos
and hideaways quite
popular for late night dips, especially the ones that couldn’t be done in broad

“Come on, try it out,” one of the two women
standing under the covering
said. It was in a
Welsh accent but a light one, coming from a woman who appeared to be refined
beauty, long jet-
black hair framing a nearly perfectly beautiful face. She had already kicked
away her shoes and
was lifting off her shirt to showcase a dark bikini top. Without hesitation, she
unsnapped it and let
it drop, revealing a pair of hefty breasts. Soon, shorts and bikini bottoms were
on the ground too,
revealing a beautiful body, all the more amazing considering it had given birth
not too long before.

“I don’t know,” the other woman said, biting her lip. Her hair was dyed a
bit darker than
her usual red color and wore a simple blue suit, expecting a simple swim. Her
face was beautiful
but in a more down-to-earth way than her companion and even when it seemed
serious, it seemed
capable of bursting into a wide smile at any moment. When invited to go for a
dip at night, she
had assumed it’d be something simple and brief. Her companion apparently had
other plans.

“Oh, come on,” Catherine Zeta-Jones said, hands on hips, evidentially not
caring she was
completely naked in the open night air. “Let loose a little, you need to do it
more. I know you
need to let loose all that tension, this is perfect.”

“It sounds good,” Julia Roberts shrugged. “But….I’ve never been
comfortable with it so

“Come on,” Catherine said again, smiling. “Let me show you.” She turned,
giving Julia a
look at her nice ass before jumping into the water, carving into it and then
popping out, coming to
a shallower end, her breasts floating just under the surface of the water. “It
feels great! Come on!”

Julia bit her lip and shook her head. “What the hell?” She took a quick
glance around and
then slipped off the suit, revealing her nicely toned body, a bit thinner than
Catherine’s but still
flawless beauty, the pert breasts tightening a bit in the cool night air, the
red bush between her
legs betraying her dye job. She slipped into the pool more slowly, letting out a
little gasp as the
water hit her naked skin.

“Oh, God,” Julia moaned, dipping her head under quickly and popping back
out. “You’re
right, I did need this.”

“Guess you did at that,” Catherine grinned. “After the last few months, you
definitely need
a little break.”

Julia sighed and nodded as she floated in the water. She and Catherine had
“American Sweethearts” was in the bag. They played sisters, Catherine a haughty,
selfish movie
star and Julia her henpecked assistant/agent. In the movie, Catherine and her
husband, played by
John Cusak, would break up right after shooting a movie. When the public started
to say they
wouldn’t go see the movie if the two stars weren’t together, Julia and an agent
played by Billy
Crystal had to concoct a wild plan to make it seem like the two stars were back
Complicating matters was the long-time crush Julia’s character had on Cusak’s.

The film was getting major buzz, added onto by the fact it would be Julia’s
first movie
since winning the Oscar. So it had been a little annoyance for them to be called
back to reshoot
the ending after some unfavorable test screenings. Both of them had rough
schedules and
relationships to get back to but there was always time to enjoy a great swim
like this.

“I just don’t see how you’re so comfortable with this,” Julia said as she
swam forward.
“Just doffing and dipping.”

“I’ve never had hang-ups about it,” Catherine shrugged, moving onto her
back, her breasts
dipping over the water as she stroked backwards. “Maybe it’s the European in me,
I just like to
kick back a bit, you know?”

“It is good,” Julia sighed. “So, how’s Michael?”

“Ah, married life,” Catherine sighed with a smile. “It’s good all right.
Too good. You
should try it.”

“Maybe sometime,” Julia smiled. “I don’t know about the baby, though. Hard
to take on
more pounds.”

“You put up with the fat suit,” Catherine pointed out, referring to
flashbacks of Julia’s
character in the film.

“For nine moths?” Julia said, raising an eyebrow. “I’m not ready for that
just yet.”

Catherine sighed and looked away, leaning against the wall as she let the
water flow over
her skin. She may not have been in the Hollywood game as long as Julia but she
had put up with
pressure too from the media for her marriage to an older actor and having his
child to boot.
Enough pressure to really enjoy this swim.

Catherine’s drifted a bit, focusing along the sides of the pool. She
frowned a bit as she
looked at something that seemed rather odd. “Julia, come here a second.” The
redhead floated
over to her, sitting next to Catherine. “Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you?”
Catherine asked,
nodding towards the side of the pool.

Julia turned to where she was nodding and watched as one of the large
lights blinked on
and off. “That is kind of weird,” Julia said, leaning next to Catherine, both
staring at the blinking
light. “Really weird.”

Her voice drifted off as both she and Catherine stared at the light, the
flashes beginning to
increase, almost a strobe like quality. It wasn’t just that one light, it was
several around the pool,
all flashing on and off in sequence, flashes of light all around them through
the water, filling their
vision. At the same time, pulses seemed to come through the water and onto their

The two naked women leaned against the wall, staring at the flashing light,
the flashes and
pulses along their bodies dulling their minds and feeling themselves becoming
more and more
relaxed, so relaxed they didn’t even notice the athletic dark haired man who
came up behind them.

David smiled as he saw the pool do its work. He had been dubious about the
plan but it was working, it really was. The pulses in the water combined with
the strobe light in a
unique way to bring about a hypnotic state faster than most would have guessed.
David and the
other lifeguards for the hotel had enjoyed seeing several guests go under and
spend time with the
more attractive ones. But David doubted anyone had ever lucked into a combo like

He swiftly took off his suit and went into the water, making sure the pulse
waves had
stopped. Now it was just the strobe lights but he was a little more focused on
Julia and Catherine
for them to effect him. He paused, looking at the two incredibly gorgeous naked
women there and
all for him. He tried to figure out who to try first and decided on Julia.

“Listen carefully, girls,” David said in an authoritive voice. “You’re both
feeling very good
now, very, very good. You know that doing what I say feels good so you’ll do
what I say, right

“Yeah……” Both women replied. Smiling, David moved forward and to Julia.
He pulled
her to him and gave her a nice, slow, wet kiss on the mouth. Julia responded
slowly, letting him
put his tongue into her mouth as he reached under and cupped her buttocks
together. Julia
wrapped herself around him as he moved into her, his cock sliding into her pussy
where he began
pumping with strong and even strokes into her, increasing with every move
forward into her

David was startled to feel Catherine come over to him, her tits pressing
into his back.
Evidentially, she was a lot more aroused than David had considered and that was
showing as her
hands moved down to his ass, squeezing them and driving him further into Julia.
“Come over
here,” David muttered and Catherine moved over to him. “Julia, finger
Catherine’s pussy,” David

As he pumped into her, Julia moved a hand down to Catherine, the other
woman moaning
as she felt Julia’s fingers enter her clit and start to work around her.
Catherine moaned loudly as
she felt Julia go at her, the woman fingering her even as David’s cock rammed in
and out of her
waiting pussy. Julia leaned back and moaned, Catherine moaning with her, the
interesting chain
working as David squeezed away at Julia’s ass as he fucked her. Julia yelped out
loud as David
shot his wad into her, her legs squeezing around his waist as they orgasmed.
Catherine pushed her
breasts together, pinching the nipples and moaning as Julia kept on fingering
her. The Oscar
winner was still working herself at Catherine’s clit even as David pulled out of
her and stood her
up. She was finally back on her feet as Catherine came onto her hand, juices
flowing with the

David brought Catherine to him, lifting her up so he could lick and rub at
her ample chest,
pushing the breasts together as he tongued away at her nipples. An idea came to
him suddenly.
“Julia get on the edge of the pool, with your ass turned to us.” He watched as
Julia did, her nice
ass and red-haired pussy facing him and Catherine. He turned Catherine around,
her hands resting
on the wall of the pool as David bent her slightly. “Lick her out, Catherine,”
he commanded as he
slid his cock into her.

As he’d hoped, Catherine was a bit more open to a same-sex encounter than
Julia would
have been. Must have been the European in her. He pushed his cock in and out of
her pussy,
pushing her forward and into Julia’s clit, her hands roaming over her co-star’s
ass as she licked at
the red-lined passage. Julia moaned, rocking back and forth as Catherine went at
her from behind
even as David went at Catherine from the same position.

David’s hands moved from Catherine’s ass to her chest, snaking around and
rubbing the
breasts hard as he pumped in and out of her harder and harder. Catherine’s moans
were muffled
by her tongue lapping away at Julia, her hands squeezing harder and harder at
Julia’s buttocks,
parting and pushing as she licked away. David kept ramming his cock in and out
of her with glee,
his grin wild as he watched the unique train before him. He closed his eyes as
he shot his wad,
Catherine shaking as he came into her. She barely paused as she licked away at
Julia, the
American moaning louder as she felt herself release, Catherine licking away
every inch of juice
coming out.

David took each again but knew things had to end as they always did. He had
the two get
out of the pool and led them to what appeared to be a rock wall. Pushing it
aside revealed a
tunnel and a hidden elevator. “Take the elevator to the top floor,” he
instructed. “A man will be
awaiting you. You will obey him as you obey me. Go now.”

He watched the two naked woman go and sighed. A shame he couldn’t go longer
but the
manager’s deal was that eventually the lifeguards always send the hypnotized
beauties up to his
room after they were done. Well, David figured it was a small price to pay for
such benefits.
Where else could such a sweet moment occur but in America?

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