All Saints: Persuading Melanie

All Saints – Persuading Melanie

This does not reflect the true sexualities of the All Saints, etc.
If only, eh?

By Michael.

The taxi driver taking Natalie and Nicole Appleton through late night
London could hardly keep his eyes on the road so distracted was he by
his two passengers skimpy, matching outfits. He stared goggleyed at
their low cut leather bra tops which revealed most of their ample
curves and he couldn’t heklp but glance down at their long, shapely
legs almost entirely revealed by white mini skirts. Nicolle, always
the tease, noticed him looking and cheekily opened and closed her
giving him a tantalising glimpse of her tight-fitting white
panties.The driver was so startled he almost veered off the road and
had to will himself to pay attention.

Given their eyecatching outfits he expected to be taking them to some
swanky, press filled premiere and was surprised when he was told to
stop outside a flat in a quiet London suburb. The girls stepped out
one after the other and Natalie fumbled in her handbag before sighing.
“Fuck it!” she said “I spent all my cash on this.”

She waggled a bottle of expensive wine at her smiling sister.

“I’m broke too, looks like there’s only one thing for it.” Nicolle

Natalie smiled knowingly as Nicolle scuttled round the other side of
the taxi and got back in sitting down beside the bemused driver and
fixing him with a seductive smile.

“So how much does it come to?” she said.

“It’s erm, erm, it’s twelve fifty darling.” the driver stammered,
still distracted by her revealing attire.

“Let’s see.” Nicky considered “That’s about the going rate for a blow
job, isn’t it?”

“I dunknow, I…” the driver babbled.

Nicolle grinned then unbuttoned his jeans, giggling for a second at
the fully erect cock that sprung out of his flies before bobbing down
and taking it between her pouting lips and into her mouth.
Outside Natalie shook her head in disbelief, even after all these
years it never failed to surprise her what a slut Nicolle could be.
She was certain that if her sister hadn’t made it in music she would
be hanging around some street corner. Nicolle swallowed down the
stunned drivers stream of warm semen happily then stepped out of the
taxi and waved him away.

Natalie shook her head as Nicolle approached her.

“Jesus you’re a dirty bitch Nicky.” she said.

“Just being resourceful.” retorted Nicolle.

The pair locked bare arms and walked up the steps to the front door of
the flat before ringing the bell. Their bandmate and one time friend
Melanie Blatt answered looking unimpressed at their impromptued visit.
“What do you bitches want?” she asked sullenly.

“Oh don’t be like that” Nicolle pleaded “We’ve come to make peace.”
“Fuck off.” snorted Melanie “All Saints are over, I don’t want
anything more to do with you slags.”

The group had been going through some well publicised creative
differences mostly between Melanie and the rest of the group but they
were confident they could get her back on board, one way or another.
“Can’t we just come in and talk Mel? I mean we can’t just throw away
such a good thing without thinking it through, we could still make
millions.” reasoned Natalie.

Melanie glanced at the girls revealing outfits and looked bemused.
“What’s with the slutty outfits? You two look like you’re headed for
an orgy not a girls night in.”

“Just thought we’d give them an airing.” Natalie said “How do we

Melanie gulped as she glanced at the two girls tremendous cleavages
which they were pushing out to full effect.

“Pretty good, I guess.” she said weakly.

“We’ve brought a nice bottle.” Nicolle said “Why don’t we all get
pissed together, eh?”

Melanie considered for a moment, she was alone in the house tonight
and it looked like a very nice red.

“Alright, but don’t think you’ll be able to talk me into coming back.”
Melanie said firmly.

She left the door open and walked inside, followed by Natalie and
Nicolle who smiled knowingly at one another.

“So where’s Shaznay?” Melanie said as the three of them plonked
themselves down on the leather sofa in her sitting room.

“Oh that black bitch is only bothered about her self.” Nicolle said.
“Yeah she co-writes a few fucking songs and suddenly she thinks she
can go it alone.” Natalie said bitterly.

“And there was me thinking this was all my fault.” Melanie said
“Inflated ego was the precise term you bitches used, wasn’t it?”
“Oh come on Mel, that was just a soundbite for that asshole at the
sun, don’t take it to heart.” Natalie said.

“Don’t worry I haven’t.” Melanie replied “I don’t give a fuck about
you or the group anymore.”

Melanie took a swig of the red wine as Natalie and Nicolle glanced at
one another then cuddled up closer to her. Natalie began to stroke her
friends long, brown hair tenderly.
“Oh come on Mel, you don’t mean that, think of all the good times we
had.” she said softly.

“Yeah.” added Natalie taking Melanies hand “We used to be really close

Melanie glanced at her and looked alarmed, the two girls giggled.
“Don’t worry.” Nicolle said “We know you’ve slept with both of us.”
“What?” stammered Melanie “I thought we’d agreed to keep that

“Well we like to compare notes on all our lovers.” Natalie said
smiling and gently stroking her friends arm.

Melanie had been bisexual since she was a teenager and had regularly
slept with both of the Appleton sisters alongside other women, but she
was over all that now or at least she thought so.

“Yeah well I’m not into that anymore, I was just experimenting, but
now I’m a mother….”

She trailed off as Nicolle began to tenderly kiss her and Natalie
slipped two of her fingers into her mouth, sensually sucking on them.
“Stop this.” Melanie said, trying to break away despite her growing
desire. “I told you…”

“Oh come on Mel, for old times sake, eh?” Nicolle breathed and began
to kiss her again, with increased passion. Melanie found herself
unable to resist and submissively slipped back as Natalie unbuttoned
her thin shirt and pulled off her combat trousers so that she was left
only in her matching cotton bra and panties. Both sisters turned their
attention to their friends superb body. Natalie, still exchaning
passionate kisses with Mel, began to rub her friends small, pert
breasts until the nipples stood on end and begged to be set free. She
obliged, unhooking Melanies bra and throwing it to the floor before
bobbing down and suckling on the long, pink nubs that stood out.
A moaning Melanie wondered whether to tell Nicolle that since giving
birth she was able to lactate, but she decided to leave it as a reward
for Nicky’s dilligent suckling.

Her moans of pleasure intensified as Natalie slipped off her panties
exposing a mop of mousey pubic hair covering an experienced but still
pleasingly tight cunt which Natalie pounced on. She slipped three long
fingers up her friend and soon found her pleasure spots causing
screams of delight from Melanie.

Natalie, the responsible one of the band, felt compelled to clear up
the resulting sticky mess and bobbed down between Melanie’s legs
putting her long tounge into the weeping cunt and greedily swallowing
the sticky deposit dropping into her mouth.

Nicolle was also enjoying Melanie’s bodily fluids as she squirted
warm milk into her willing mouth which she lapped up like a hungry
baby. Nothing, Nicolle had decided early in her sex life, tasted as
good as a sexual partners freshly produced bodily fluids.

The sisters eventually swapped roles with Natalie showering Melanie
with lustful kisses then suckling on her by now sore but still
productive nipples while Nicolle used her experienced fingers and
tounge to take Melanie back to an equally loud and even stickier

Finally the three girls lay gasping and sweaty in a naked heap and
giggling wildly at what they’d done.

“So what do you say Melanie, will you give us another chance?” Natalie

“Oh it’ll take more than that to persuade me.” Melanie said.

“Well what else can we do?” Nicolle asked.

A mischeivous smile covered Melanies face.

“Each other.” she breathed “I’ve always wanted to see you two fuck.”
Natalie looked stunned while Nicolle quietly considered the

“We can’t Mel, that’s just sick.” Natalie insisted.

“That’s what it’ll take to get you back in the band?” Nicolle said, a
smile starting to cover her face.

Melanie nodded and smiled back, Natalie looked horrified.

“You can’t be serious Nicky…” she began then trailed off as Nicolle
climbed across Melanie and slid down beside her staring seductively.
“You want this? You actually want this?” Natalie said.
“I suppose I always have….deep down.” Nicolle breathed staring deep
into Natalie’s eyes.

Natalie stared back then gasped as her sister began to tenderly kiss
her, she began to submit knowing that deep down it was what she
wanted to and the pair exchange passionate and long awaited kisses as
Melanie began to rub her naked body.

Passions were quickly unleased and the lustful siblings began to rip
off one anothers few items of clothing so that they were soon naked.
Nicolle, always assertive, climbed on top of the still unsure but very
aroused Natalie and began to slide down her naked body. She used her
tounge to explore every inch of her sisters superb body before
settling between her legs and breaking the final taboo by starting to
finger her.

Natalie screamed with desire, knowing she was in for the most intense
orgasm of her life while Melanie reached for the empty wine bottle on
the table beside her and slipped it inside her throbbing cunt to aid
her passage to an orgasm as she watched the sizzling incestous scene.
Her screams almost rivalled those of Natalie as she brought to

“Oh fuck! Oh yeah…” she moaned as Nicolle munched on her dribbling
pussy. Her inhibitions were slowly dying away as she got lost in wild
desire. Nicolle couldn’t respond, so full was her mouth of her sisters
sweet tasting fluid but she was loving every second of this most
debauched of couplings.

“Piss in my mouth.” she ordered Natalie who looked startled for a
second then duly obliged releasing a stream of salty, golden liquid
which Nicolle happily swallowed down enjoying the refreshment and dark
sensuality of drinking her own sisters urine.

When Natalie could orgasm no more, the girls swapped roles with the
nervous Natalie sliding kissing and caressing her submissive sister
before sliding down between her spread legs and gingerly closing in on
her snatch.

Melanie, meanwhile, had grown bored of spectatorship and rejoined the
action. She showered Nicolle with passionate kisses before turning her
attention to her friends big, firm breasts which she suckled in turn.
Natalie was struggling to bring her sister to a climax, still perhaps
a little inhibited by moral concerns. Nicolle noticed her sisters slow
progress and breathed.
“The bottle, use the bottle Nat.”

Natalie promptly obliged, grateful for a makeshift dildo, she gently
slipped it into her sister.

“Harder!” demanded Natalie now in the throws of desire thanks to
Melanie’s skillful tounge. Natalie pulled it out then violently rammed
it back in causing the desired reaction from Nicolle who screamed with
pain and pleasure.

“Oh that’s it Nat! Make me fucking bleed, I know you want to.”
Natalie’s darkest desires were awakened and she began to viciously
force the bottle head in and out of her sister who wailed in agony and

She didn’t stop the frenzy until she saw a mix of blood and come
begin to gush from her sister which she couldn’t resist lapping up.
She plunged between her groaning sisters legs and began to swallow
down the fluid, all her inhibitions lost.

The girls finished in a wild frenzy of sex kissing, fingering and
licking one anothers naked bodies in turn. At one point Natalie sat on
Nicolle’s lap showering her with very unsisterly kisses while Melanie
alternately licked her anus and Nicolle’s cunt. Each girl was also
treated to the artificial pleasure of the bottle which slipped
convenitely into all their pussies and assholes in turn while they
continued their pasionate exploration of one anothers bodies, roles
were continually swapped as their naked bodies became entwined in a
wild and seemingly endless night of lesbian passion.

They shared a shower the next morning, tenderly soaping one anothers
sensitive pusses and assholes between passionate kisses.

“So when do we start recording again…?” Melanie grinned as she
lathered Nicolle’s breasts with soap.

“Oh fuck the music.” Natalie said rubbing Melanies cunt with a sponge
“We’re only staying together for the sex.”

They all giggled, knowing it was true.



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