All Tied Up

All tied up.
featuring Alexandra Daddario

Author: HunterD aka Tony_N

MF, Cons, Bond, Oral


This story contains sexual content, if you’re too young to legally read such stuff, exit now.
Sadly none of this actually happened.
This is my first attempt at a story in quite a while (since the “Days with Demi” ones) , I admit I mostly just banged this out since I have liked Alexandra for a while and wanted to try to have the first story with her on the site. If there is any interest I may try for a better written sequel.

Alexandra breathed deeply, moving a little to be as comfortable as the restraints allowed her.

Her hands were cuffed, arms raised above her head as she was on her knees on the bed.

She knew only one pair of eyes was watching her, but that didn’t change that she knew she was naked outside of the cuffs, a blindfold, and a collar, and thus completely on display.

Of course that was how she wanted it.

She had been enjoying the little playing around with being cuffed to the bed, and now she had requested to try something a bit further up (or was it down since she was submissive?) the BDSM chain.

“You do make for one very pretty pet.” he said.

the fact the voice of her “sir.” had come from behind her made her jump slightly, which made her massive breasts jiggle, she turned her head, instantly wondering why she bothered since the blindfold meant she wouldn’t be able to see him anyway.

She could feel the weight on the bed as he climbed onto the bed behind her, she felt his hand adjusting the collar around her neck, hearing the clink of metal against metal she realized he’d added a leash to the collar.

He let it go, draping it over her shoulder, she could feel the cold metal of the chain touching her shoulder, down over her breast. The stimulation of the cold metal making her nipple stand at attention

She felt him wrap his arms around her, his hands reaching up and gently caressing both her breasts, he squeezed them, letting her nipples poke between his fingers, slowly moving his hands down the curves of her body.

They ran across her flat belly and waist, moving around her hips to reach her back, giving her tight ass a quick squeeze before running his hands along her thighs, reaching in front of her, then letting his hands caress her inner thighs, pulling her legs apart, his hand sliding up her thigh.

“Are you wet already?” he asked.

A little thrill of embarrassment and arousal ran through Alexandras body, he already knew the answer, he could feel it on his fingers, but she knew he wanted her to say it.

“Yes, sir.” she answered.

His hands moved away from her body, and she felt him move on the bed, now in front of her.

She felt one hand beneath her chin, tilting her head up, and felt his lips touch her perfect pouty ones, his tongue pressed against her mouth and she opened her lips.

His tongue brushed hers and she felt a sweet taste, it took her a moment to realize it was some of her own wetness he’d licked from his fingers. The little thrill of tasting herself causing her to moan into his lips.

“Do you like the taste of your pussy, Alexandra?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Use your words.” he said, accompanied by a quick little spank across one of her perfectly round cheeks.

“Yes, sir.” She replied

“Yes, sir, what?” he asked.

Alexandra paused, her arousal making actually forming the reply properly that much more difficult.

“Yes, I like the taste of my pussy, sir.”  Alexandra wasn’t even sure if the mixture of arousal and embarrassment were a mix or just one and the same, but she knew she was dripping wet and he’d barely even touched her pussy so far this evening.

He kissed her lips again,  but pulled away quickly, planting another kiss on the side of her lips, he continued the trail, he slowed down, and Alexandra realized he was kissing down the line of her chin, then down her neck around the collar, down to kissing a trail across her clavicle.

Her breathing grew heavier, her breasts had always been sensitive, a good way of getting her wet fast, and given how wet she already was anxiously awaited his lips on her there… only he didn’t do as expected.

He kissed down her sternum, moving between her breasts, so that all she could feel on them was his cheeks.

He reached her flat stomach, kissing along it beneath her breasts.

She whimpered, trying to move against the restraints to get her breasts nearer his mouth, but he knew her too well, moving just a little further away to keep teasing her.

She could almost feel him smiling at the desperate attempts, and she knew she could feel his lips still smiling when he finally kissed the top of her right breast.

She swayed forward again, trying for more stimulation, and then she felt him reach around her body, behind her back and flinging the leash over her shoulder, into that hand.

He tugged, not hard enough to choke or hurt her, but enough that it reminded her the collar and leash were there.

He kissed her lips again, “I can either give you what your body wants, and just start sucking your nips and fuck you, and we’ll be done once we both cum…or you can let me tease you, and I promise you’ll get more out of it.”

He released the leash, “Please tease me, sir.” she said.

He began the happy torture of kissing along her body again, this time moving to the side, kissing her flank and then up each rib.

Alexandra kept enough control to try not to move, though her hips instinctively grinded against nothing as her pussy searched for stimulation.

She swore he kissed every inch of her ribs before finally returning to her breast, slowly kissing down her giant globes, she swore she felt his lips cover their every inch before he reached her areolas, then she felt is tongue slide out, tracing the line of her areola with it, then doing the same on the other breast.

He repeated the action, and again, Alex feeling her breath growing ragged as she realized he was slowly making each circle smaller.

She whimpered, her hips still grinding against the air as she wondered how much longer it would take before he finally stopped teasing her.

Then he sucked her right nipple in her mouth, sucking hard as he traced and teased the nipple with his tongue, the other breast being groped by his large hands which still couldn’t squeeze her entire giant breast.

“FUUUUCK” Alexandra screamed in pleasure, her mind ablaze as her pussy twitched around nothing, her body bucking, boobs swaying and jiggling even with the pressure of his mouth and hand against them.

He slowed his stimulation, letting her ride out and cool down before he detached himself completely.

“Did you just cum without be even touching your pussy?” He asked her, and there was no doubt there was an element of pride in his voice.

“Yes.” she answered breathless, it was another second before she added. “Sir.”.

“Hmm, well I’m conflicted.” he said, pausing for moment.

Alexandra could tell by the tone in his voice he wasn’t, but did her best not to smile at his obvious acting.

“See, I didn’t tell you you couldn’t cum, but I didn’t tell you you could either. Do you think I should punish you?”

Alexandras mind raced, exactly what would a ‘punishment’ entail?

But she did love being submissive so far, and she knew he’d stop any punishment if she actually wanted him to…

“Yes, sir. Please punish me.” she said

She felt the tug around her arms ease, untied the rope holding her arms up, so that while her hands were still cuffed together she could move her arms,  she simply let them fall in front of her.

He reached up and undid the blindfold, letting her gorgeous sky blue eyes look up into his darker eyes, he gave the leash a little tug, instructing her to move off the bed, then he sat on the edge of it, motioning for her to bend over his lap.

Alexandras eyes went wide a moment, she had to admit she hadn’t expected  that, but she quickly bent over his knees.

He ran his hand across her perfectly round cheeks.

“Be a good pet and keep count.”  he said, giving each cheek a squeeze.

“Yes, sir.” Alex answered with baited breath, wondering and worrying.

She felt his hand squeeze the buttcheek closer to him again, and then the felt the jarring spank against her ass.

It didn’t so much hurt as it shocked, and it took her a moment to remember to say


She could swear she heard him chuckle, which only made her more embarrassed at being bent over his knee and spanked, but the embarrassment only made her more turned on, which would have started a vicious cycle if not for the next spank landing on the other cheek, this one harder than the first.

She pressed her body against his knees in instinct, though the fact she felt like if she moved a little further maybe her clit would rub against his thigh made her want to do it harder.

“Two.” she said.

The spanking continued, and Alex quickly figured out that if there was any true ‘punishment’ to this it wasn’t pain from the spanks, it was the feeling of embarrassment and arousal.

After she reached “Twenty” he took a break, his hand running across her shapely ass, before it dipped between her spread legs, rubbing across her slit.

He pressed his fingers against her, not enough for them to go inside her, but enough to make waves of pleasure pulse through her.

“MMmmm” she moaned, trying to keep the control and not push back for more stimulation.

“You’re so wet it’s dripping” he chuckled

Alex wondered if she should respond, but he spoke again before she could form a response.

“Is it really a punishment if you’re enjoying it this much?”

Alexandra opened her mouth to reply, but he rubbed his fingers against her clit, making her body buck in pleasure before he pulled his hand away, and spanked her again, this time harder than before.

Her hips grinded against his thighs, glad for the occasional little rub against her clit.

The mixture of pain & pleasure, embarrassment and arousal, all combining to keep Alexandra from forming real rational thought as she was barely able to keep count.

He stopped again at fifty, Alexandra breathing heavily, she’d have been worried at the burning in her buttcheeks if not for the fact his fingers were pressing against her pussy again.

“You’re even wetter than you were earlier.”

Alex let out another wordless whimper, and he continued “That’s enough spanking though.” he leaned closer to her ear. “You did take your punishment well, do you want a reward?”

“Please..sir.” she answered, breathing deep.

“You’re officially allowed to cum whenever you want now.” he whispered, so close against her ear she could feel his lips curled into a smile.

His fingers pressed against her pussy again, rubbing it slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed.

His other hand groped the breast closest to him, and Alex opened her mouth, unable to catch her breath as she felt like her entire body was stimulated, the pleasure from both her breasts and her pussy spreading through her body like wildfire.

The orgasm overtook her body, her hips bucking against his fingers, needing them deeper inside her as she felt her nipple pressed between his fingers.

She finally felt her body coming down from the orgasm, her body feeling like bliss and exhaustion as she felt his hands move away, she was still too lost in that feeling to consciously notice as he repositioned her, moving her so she sat upon his lap before he kissed her again.

She kissed back hard before he pushed her back a little, leaving her on his lap as he lifted the hand that been between her legs.

“You did say you liked the taste of your pussy, so here’s another treat.” he said, holding the fingers in front of her lips.

Alexandra smiled seductively, letting her big blue eyes look up at him as she moved down and wrapped her pouty lips around the fingers, moaning as she sucked them clean, before she kissed him again, letting him taste her pussy on her tongue.

“I think I should taste some of that straight from the source.”  He said, placing Alex on the bed,he moved her so her ass hung off the edge of the bed, spreading her long legs, placing them over his shoulders.

He licked a long flat trail down her inner thigh, lapping up much of the juices that had previously dripped down her legs, he repeated the act on the opposite thigh, switching between the two before he licked across her outer lips.

Alexandra’s moans were the only sounds in the room, she was too exhausted to cum again soon, but his teasing, letting his tongue touch everywhere but inside her or on her clit, it was making her wet all over again, and he kept teasing , licking up every drop that escaped the confines of her sweet snatch.

Finally he dove in, his tongue buried deep inside her wetness, lapping up her taste, Alexandra could feel the fires inside her stoking again, she silently wondered how many times she could cum before she just fell into exhaustion, her hips grinding against her “sirs” face instinctively, and then he pulled away, the emptiness in her pussy making her whimper again as he use the leash to pull her back up.

She sat on the edge of the bed, confused for a moment before she saw his hard cock, she let him reposition her, her body on all fours on the bed as he climbed onto the bed behind her.

“You ready to be really fucked?”

Alex eagerly nodded before finding enough breath to answer “Yes, sir, please fuck me.”

She felt the head of his cock press against her open pussy, and gasped and moaned as the sizable shaft sunk deeper inside her.

Her pussy still soaked from the constant stimulation, it took all her willpower to not slam herself back on the cock, to let him stay in command as he slowly slid inside her.

Normally she’d be happy he was taking it slow, it was long and thick, and in normal sex it took her time to warm up…but tonight she’d already been warmed up and wanted him to just fuck he as hard as he wanted.

But no, he was moving slower than normal, making sure she felt every millimeter stretching her and moving deeper inside of her.

It felt like an eternity before his hips touched hers, and he stayed still as a statue, she wondered whether it was to let her adjust or just to torture her and make her wait, and she was opening her mouth to ask when he suddenly pulled out a decent ways before slamming back into her.

He built up speed and power, slamming into her hard enough the room was filled with the sound of their bodies slapping together.

Alexandra mewed a quiet “thank you.” as the fat cock drilling into her sent her back to her near orgasmic bliss.

His thrusts seemed both random and far too planned, keeping her on edge but not quite giving her enough to send her over the edge again.

She panted, feeling his arms around her again as he groped her swaying tits, she lost all sense of time, losing herself in the bliss of pure passion as he squeezed her breasts, drilling harder into her as he let her cum over his cock, not slowing down as her body quaked underneath him.

He pulled away from her, laying down beside her.

“Think you can finish pleasing your ‘owner’ tonight?” he asked, and she nodded breathless.

“I want you to climb on top of me and ride as hard as you can, I want to see those massive tits of yours jiggle like never before, and I want you to fuck me properly as a thank you for making you  cum so much tonight. You can only cum when you feel me cum in you. Okay?”

“Yes, sir.” she said with a smile, kissing his lips as she swung a leg over his


She reached her still cuffed hands between his legs, feeling her juices on the thick shaft, and aimed it at her wet pussy. Once the head was inside she moved her cuffed hands back to his chest, slowly letting herself slide down his pole, trying to pay him back for the teasing he’d done all night.

Once she was all the way down his shaft she started to grind her hips slowly, making a soft circle as her inner walls stretched against his massive member.

He let her tease him for awhile, enjoying the smile and look of confidence in her blinding blue eyes, but he eventually reached up, grabbing her cuffs and pulling them over his head, making her lose her balance and her body crash against his.

He whispered in her ear. “I ordered you to fuck me, not tease me. Now be a good pet or next time I’ll just tease your pussy and never let you cum.”

Alex wasn’t sure whether he’d actually go through with that threat or not, but she decided not to chance it.

She moved back up to sitting on top of him and leaned back starting to bounce on his cock.

She took it slow at first, barely letting a couple inches out of her before sliding back down to take it in her again.

His hands reached around, groping her recently spanked ass. “faster. I waited long enough. Pet.”. He ordered.

She nodded, he had made her cum harder than she thought possible, it was time to thank him as best she could.

She leaned forward, weight on her cuffed hands as she slid her pussy up his cock so that only the head remained inside, then slammed herself down to hear the familiar slapping sound of their bodies hitting together, she used the momentum of the impact to bounce herself back up, quickly moving to top speed, her breasts jiggling, her pussy swallowing his shaft as fast as she could.

He reached up, his hands cupping her breasts as he began to thrust into her as well, she lost her balance again, her body falling into his, he moved his arms around her, clutching her close as they pounded into each other.

His thrusts became more ragged as he neared his orgasm. “cum for me” he ordered as he slammed his cock into her one final time, and she felt his cock begin to twitch and unload inside of her.

She followed his last order, the feeling of his cum sending her off once more, another wordless cry as she was too exhausted to scream.

She rode him until her own orgasm stopped, pulling her body up just enough to let his cock fall from her, before she settled back down, lying on his body as he undid her cuffs.

“I think you like being my pet.” he said teasing with confidence that would have been infuriating if he wasn’t right.

“I do. I gotta thank Leven, she’s right being submissive is fucking hot”

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