All Up in Upton

Title: All Up in Upton

Author: FearTheWrench

Celebs: Kate Upton

Codes: Rape, NC, titfuck, oral, anal, choking, slave, cuck, MF, mDom

Disclaimer: Story is not real, just fantasy, I actually really like Kate and wouldn’t ever want anything bad to happen to her.

“All Up in Upton” starring Kate Upton.

Chapter 1:

Mason closed the door behind him carefully, tucking his lock pick kit back into his pocket, and pulling his gun out. He could hear the TV blaring, and two voices in the upstairs room of the brownstone. He moved up the stairs, slowly, so as to avoid making them creak under his weight.

He reached the top of the stairs, and made his way down the hall, towards the source of the noise, and the light under the door. He knelt and looked into the keyhole of the door. He could see two people, and he nearly gasped as he recognized them: Justin Verlander….and Kate Upton. Mason nearly drooled when he saw the blonde shift on the bed she was laying in, giving him a look down her deep cleavage.

He wanted her. It wasn’t the plan, but he NEEDED to have her. A mental image of the gorgeous model under him, his hand around her elegant throat, and her massive tits jiggling with each thrust. Mason steeled himself, then stood up, and kicked the door open.

“OH MY GOD!” Kate screamed as she saw the large, masked man standing in her bedroom doorway. Justin jumped to his feet and began to walk forward, but stopped dead when he saw the gun in Mason’s hand. He held his hands up, and slowly stepped back. “Easy buddy….no need for that.” Justin said, his voice low. “Glad to hear it, now sit down in the chair in the corner.” he said, pointing with his offhand. “Blondie!” Mason barked, making Kate jump slightly. “Catch.” he said, throwing her a set of handcuffs.

Kate shook “Wh-what do you want, don’t hurt us!” She said, her big blue eyes filling with tears. “Cuff your boyfriend into the chair, no sudden movements, and I wanna hear those fuckers click.” Mason said, gesturing to Justin with the gun. Kate went behind Justin and cuffed his hands between the bars of the chair “I’m sorry baby…” She said, her voice shaking. “It’s okay, Kate, just-”

“Shut it, both of you. In fact…gag him too.” Mason added in. Kate began to cry as she pulled a pillow case off the bed and tied it between Justin’s teeth. “Okay…. Your turn now, blondie. Just do what I say and nobody is getting hurt, okay?” He said, faking a soothing tone while his eyes raked over her body. “She has no idea what I’m about to do….” Mason thought.

Kate nodded slowly. “Okay, I’ll cooperate.” the shapely blonde choked out, her voice shaking. “Here, gag yourself with this, nice and tight.” He said, throwing her a rolled up bandana. Kate tied it off between her teeth, pushing her long blonde hair out over the cloth. “Now….” Mason said, holding up a second set of cuffs “Put these on yourself, hands behind back, I’ll be checking to make sure they aren’t loose, so don’t fake it.”

She cuffed her own hands behind her back. “Turn around, let me see.” Kate turned, and Mason was treated to a view of her luscious ass in her nightgown. Mason walked up to her and checked the cuffs, then, holstering his pistol, grabbed her ass.

“Remember how I said nobody would get hurt?” He sneered, shoving Kate down onto the bed. “I lied.” Kate wriggled, trying to pull the short skirt of her nearly see though pink nighty over her thong-clad ass. Mason grabbed her leg and pulled her to the edge of the bed, rubbing the bulge in his pants against her ass. “WE….” He said, pointing to himself and to Kate “..Are going to fuck like jackrabbits. And YOU…” He said pointing at Justin “Are going to WATCH.”

Mason licked his lips and flipped Kate over, grabbing her large, jiggling tits. “Now…. where should I start….”

Chapter 2:

He grabbed the thin fabric of the nightgown and ripped it clean off her, eager to get at her beautiful body.  Kate squeezed her eyes shut, crying. She was terrified and humiliated, but dared not struggle or kick, one wrong move, and he’d kill Justin, and she didn’t even want to think about what he would do to her.

She felt him run his hands over her bra clad tits and squeeze. “Fuckin’ love bitches with big melons.” Mason said, emphasizing his statement by pulling on her breasts. Justin jerked at his cuffed hands, swearing and screaming at the fat tub of shit preparing to rape his girlfriend. Mason turned to him with a sneer. “What’s wrong, jealous? I bet she just can’t WAIT to get my cock in her holes!”  He grabbed Kate’s pants and pulled them down her long legs, exposing her tight, shaved pussy.

He stuffed the panties into his pocket as a memento of the numerous defilements he planned to enact on Kate in moments. Mason grabbed her bra and tore it off, freeing her large, soft skinned breasts for his pleasure. He grabbed her right breast and clamped his hand onto it. “I’m gonna show you how a REAL man uses tits like these, Kate.” he said, pulling on her nipple before cruelly pinching it between his finger nails.

Mason stood and began to strip as fast as he could. His sweaty, hairy gut came into view, and he quickly undid his belt and dropped his pants. Kate’s eyes went wide, and Justin began to fight even harder. The sight of the monstrous bulge in Mason’s boxers was enough to make the naked, weeping blonde on the bed try to work her way up the bed, away from him. Her boyfriend struggled to free himself and keep this sick pervert off her.

“I’m gonna give you all 12 inches, princess!” Mason said with a grin, grabbing her ankle and pulling her back down to him. She watched in horror as he pulled his boxers down and let them drop. “MMMMMPH!” Kate screamed into the gag as she saw his cock. It was a full 12 inches, uncut, hard, the purple head leaking precum, and it was as thick as her wrist. Kate shook her head in horror, crying and pleading for him not to put the disgusting thing inside her.

Mason climbed onto the bed, and grabbed the wriggling beauty, pulling her towards him. He pulled her onto his lap, his penis rubbing against her belly as he held her close. He rubbed it in slow circles on her flat, toned tummy as her leaned down and began to suck on her tits. He sucked her nipples, biting down to make her wriggle and buck, and lathered them with his slimy tongue.

Kate shuddered as he probed her cleavage with his tongue, licking in long trails up her neck before returning to her chest to squeeze, to slobber, to bite, and to suck. Her nipples grew hard from the cold drool covering them, and he bit each hardened nub, chewing on the flesh just short of bruising her perfect tits. He finally relented in his assault on her breasts, licking up her neck and to her face.

“Your tits taste good, blondie. I’ve been dreaming of doing that ever since I saw you in those commercials with the metal corset.” He said, breathing into her face while one hand slowly drifted towards her pussy. “I bet you wear it for your pussy-ass boytoy, don’t you? Well, I don’t need any stupid little outfits….” His hand lingered other thigh. “I’m gonna fuck you like a MAN!” He shoved two fingers sharply into Kate’s dry, tight hole.

“MMMMMP!” She cried, throwing her head back. Her breasts bounced and jiggled in front of his face, and he took the chance to bite down on them again, drawing more cries of pain and disgust from her. Justin was fuming with anger, if he could get loose, he would kill this fat asshole! “Relax pretty boy.” Mason smirked, pulling his fingers out of her sharply. “It’s just foreplay.” He put his fingers to his mouth and licked them “Mmmmmm….delicious….”

He pulled Kate closer and shifted his position, placing the bulbous head of his monster at the tight, delicate entrance to her pussy. He grabbed her and forced her to look at him. “I wanna see the look on your face when I stuff you, whore!” Mason said, laughing. He drew back, and put all his strength and body weight into a single, violent thrust.

Chapter 3:

Mason’s huge dick shoved hard into Kate’s tight little snatch, the fat, pulsing head stretched her open wide, plowing deep into her dry cunt. “MMGGGGGGGGHHH!” she screamed into her gag, white hot pain filling her pussy as the organ stretched the delicate entrance to her pussy nearly to the point of ripping.

She threw her head back, sobbing and screaming as her burrowed into her tight passage. She felt the inside of her pussy tear in places as she was forced to accommodate the large, violent penetration. She felt him come to a stop inside her as he held her, groaning and the tight, hot fit. Mason pulled her close, her soft tits squashing against his flabby chest.

“Guess what….” he whispered, licking her cheek “It’s only half in.” He said with a cruel smile. Kate looked at him in utter horror and shook her head, squirming and trying to get free. “That’s it, dance on my dick, slut!” He said, bucking his hips up further. Her body snapped taught, and he crammed the remaining 6 inches of turgid shaft into her.

Kate’s eyes rolled back, and she shrieked into the gag as he rammed into her womb, bottoming out in her at lost last. Mason looked at Justin and smirked “Guess what? I’m balls deep in your little girlfriend. Gonna make her my fuckpet!” He punctuated the statement with a hard thrust, drawing another cry of pain from Kate, and making her tits bounce from the movement.

He rutted into the gorgeous blonde as he held her on his lap, licking her neck and pulling her harder and harder against his body. He jerked her head to face him, and savored the look of pain, humiliation, and fear in her beautiful eyes as he plundered her.  Kate closed her eyes and turned her head away, cringing at his breath and the look of animal lust in his eyes.

Mason shifted, pushing her to the bed before dropping his weight on top of her, driving the air from her body. He began to put the weight of his entire body into each thrust, the bed creaking and shaking from the violent, savage rape. He took advantage of the new angle to grab her heaving chest and squeeze her tits pulling and stretching them like toys, using them as handles to pull her into his thrusts. The slapping sound of skin on skin, crying, angry screams, and and the panting and moaning of Kate’s rapist filled the bedroom as he savored the blonde bombshell.

Kate feebly wriggled beneath his fat body, desperate to get more air, she could hardly breath, and the feeling of his body on her made her sick. The greasy, rough feel of the hair on his chest, the shover of sweat raining down onto her, the warm, squishy feel of his hair guy pressed against her flat, toned belly. She squealed as he mauled her tits, licked her, pressed kisses onto her neck and bit her nipples.

Mason sped up, he was close, he could feel it. He smiled “I can’t believe it..” he thought “I’m gonna jizz in Kate Upton’s pussy….”. He felt all-powerful, here he was, raping the perfect woman, about to fill her with his potent seed, and her pitiful lover forced to watch it all. He wrapped a hand around Kate’s throat and squeezed, choking her. Her gurgling and strangling cries into the gag filled the room, and helped him to peak.

“Here…..Kate……got something for you!” He panted out, giving a final, brutal thrust, dropping his entire weight onto her hips, ramming in deeper than she had ever taken before. Kate’s eyes went wide and she flailed, kicking her long legs out to try and dislodge him. Justin roared into the gag as he saw what was happening.

Mason felt his balls tense, and hot, thick cum flowed from his shaft, shooting into Kate’s fertile womb. The beauty under him screamed and flailed, trying to escape the vile seeding taking place. She felt his thick, searing cum fill her belly, and wept. Kate couldn’t bear the thought of what just happened, and what the consequences of it might be. She winced in pain as Mason pulled out of her after a long minute of resting his bulk on her. A thick, hot trickle of semen ran out of her violated cunt.

“C’mere Blondie!” Mason said, pulling her to him and untying the gag. Before Kate could say anything, he pulled her into a forceful, sloppy french kiss. He licked her succulent lips, and rammed his foul tongue down her throat, Kate gagged at his horrible breath. He drooled into her mouth like an animal, before finally allowing her to breath. As she was double over coughing, Mason looked at Justin and taunted him “She’s MY girlfriend now, prick.” He said with a grin as he ran his hand over Kate’s perfect ass “…And now, I think she’s gonna give me a real special show of affection….”

Chapter 4:

Mason drew back his hand and brought it down on Kate’s ass with a loud slap. “Aaaaugh!” she cried in pain, her wail muffled by the mattress. He watched her ass bounce from the strike and smiled.He brought his hand down on the other cheek, feeling her skin under his hand as he hit her. Kate shrieked in pain. Justin was in tears, every cry of pain she made was like a knife in his heart.

She felt a hard tug on her long hair as he pulled her upright. “Nnngh” she grunted in pain, and Mason pushed his mouth over hers again.  He sucked on her tongue and bit her lip lightly, then pulled back and spit into her mouth. Mason laid down and pulled Kate with him, until she was looking at his thick, slimy cock.

Kate cringed in disgust and tried to pull back, only for him to push her closer to the disgusting organ. “Suck it, Kate.” Mason said, grinning at his captive. “N-no!” she whimpered out. “Wrong answer.” He said, slapping her across the face. “Now, suck my fucking cock, or I’m going to shoot your pantywaist boyfriend!”

He grinned, he had her now, she wouldn’t let Justin get hurt. She looked at her boyfriend with tears in her eyes, and mouthed “I’m sorry.” before she turned back to Mason’s dick. She took a deep breath, then opened her mouth, squeezed her eyes shut, and ran her tongue along his shaft.

Kate wretched at the taste of his cum, gagging violently at the bitter, musky taste. She licked up to the tip of his shaft, then stopped, choked back her disgust, and took the pulsing purple head of his cock into her warm mouth. Mason leaned his head back and moaned as her full lips wrapped around him, and her skilled, delicate tongue flicked his slimy foreskin. Kate cringed as she slowly swallowed down more of his thick, throbbing penis into her mouth.

She hated this, he had raped her, and now she was being made to service him. She choked as the end of his cock hit the back of her throat. Mason looked down at the sobbing, gagging model. “Get it ALL in, bitch! I want you to throat me!” he ordered, pushing on the back of her head. Kate fought back, but he was too strong, and he forced her head entirely down, shoving her face into his pubic hair.

Mason was in paradise as he held her down on his dick, her throat convulsed, , her tongue flailed, and her soft, moist lips massaged the base. “Oooooh….” he groaned, pushing his hips up to her face. He held Kate down, enjoying her strangling and gagging, watching her face turn red and her cheeks hollow as she tried to placate him by sucking deeply on his cock. Her vision swam, and she felt light-headed.

He looked down at Kate as she struggled to throat his monster. He pulled her head up and down, fucking her throat vigorously. He watched her elegant, feminine throat bulge as his cock slithered down it. She did her best to try and follow his demands, swirling her tongue around him, sliding it under his sticky foreskin, and sucking wetly as he rammed his dick into her throat over and over with violent force.

Mason finally took a last thrust into her aching throat and held her there until her eyes rolled back and her face began to turn blue. He pulled her off his cock and let her breath for a second before shoving her face back to it. “Not done yet, slut.” He said, looking down at her with cold, cruel eyes. He jerked her head down to his sweaty, hair ball sack. “Lick my balls.” He ordered.

Kate’s face contorted in disgust, but she closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue, and swabbed his scrotum. She lapped at his sack until it was almost dripping with her saliva. “Okay, that’s enough.” Mason barked, pulling her back up to his cock. “Kiss it, then you’re done.” He said. Blinking back tears, his captive beauty puckered her soft, pink lips, and pressed a wet kiss to the tip of his dick. “Good girl….”

He turned to Justin “See how much she loves it?” he asked, his tone mocking and proud. He pulled Kate by the hair up to him and ran his tongue over her cheek. “Tell him how good I am, Kate.” Mason said, grinning. He put his hand on her throat and squeezed lightly. “H-he’s……” Kate began to sob, and he responded by squeezing her throat, letting her strangle for several long seconds. She coughed heavily, as he roared at her “TELL HIM HOW GOOD I AM, COW!”

Kate took a shuddering breath, and spoke very quickly, as if the words were something foul she could hardly wait to spit out: “He’s amazing, Baby, he’s better than you….” she barely whispered the last part as she trailed off into uncontrollable sobbing.  Mason grinned, and stroked her hair like a pet cat. “And she follows orders to well, too!” He shoved her down onto the bed. “Well, since you love it so much, I’ll give you another load, and you can drink this one!”

She looked like she was going to be sick as he straddled her chest. “No, pleasuuuuh!” Kate’s breath was driven from her as he sat on her belly and squeezed her generous tits up around his slobbery, dripping cock. He shoved the head into her mouth and began to pump himself between her soft, warm melons.

“Oh yeah….” Mason groaned, closing his eyes as her flesh enveloped him. He squeezed her breasts harder around his dick and began to thrust, grunting every time he pushed into her mouth. Kate could barely breath under his weight, and the feeling of his sticky penis on her flesh made her skin crawl. “Lick it!” Her barked at her. She silently complied, flicking her tongue over the head every tome her shoved it into her mouth.

He looked down and watched the way her chest jiggled with every thrust, the look of disgust on her face as she lapped at his dripping member. A heavy trickle of pre-cum flowed onto her tongue, and she retched at the taste. “Almost there, princess!” He said, squeezing down on her tits until his knuckles turned white and pumping them furiously along his shaft. Mason jammed the head into her mouth and held it there, he leaned his head back and groaned loudly.

“Drink it all, slut!” he commanded, and held her head in place. Thick, hot jets of musky, greasy cum flooded into Kate’s mouth. She gagged at the horrible taste and stench, but he held her in place, not allowing her head to move. He filed her mouth, and with the choice of either choking or swallowing, Kate squeezed her eyes shut and swallowed hard. Once, twice, three, four times, and finally her mouth was clear.

“Oh man…..” Mason moaned, rolling off Kate and laying next to her, arm around her shoulders. The bound beauty coughed and spat, trying desperately to get the taste out of her mouth. “Don’t get too comfortable, I’m not done with you yet..” He growled, squeezing her left nipple between his fingers hard. Kate whimpered in fear at the thought of what he might do to her next.  Justin had his head down, he was crying. How much more was this animal going to do? How much did he need to defile Kate before he was satisfied?

Chapter 5:

Mason grabbed the bandana he had used to gag her earlier and stuffed it into her mouth again. “Gonna want you quiet for this, bitch.” He snarled, before shoving her forward and grabbing her ass “Of course….I’d prefer to shut you up by going hips to lips, but I can’t do that while I’m fucking your ass, can I?”

At those words, Kate began to kick and struggle. She NEVER did anal, it hurt too bad, and a cock that size…. she dreaded to think of the pain it would bring her.  Justin redoubled his efforts to break free, his wrists nearly bled from the effort. Mason laid his thick cock between the  cheeks of her ass and let it rest there for a moment, enjoying the feel of her flesh against his. “You just can’t wait, can ya?” He sneered as Kate shivered involuntarily at the touch.

“mmmmmpgh!” Kate screamed into her gag, desperate for him to stop, to do almost anything else to her. He slapped her across the ass sharply, and pulled her ass apart, pressing the fat head of his throbbing prick against the small, tight hole.

White hot pain shot through Kate’s body, he bound hands clenched into fists, and every muscle in her body seized at the horrific intrusion. Her asshole stretched wide, and a small trickle of blood ran down his dick as he forced her body beyond it’s breaking point. “Ooooh….” Mason moaned, settling down on top of the twitching, shrieking blonde. “Bet you never fucked her ass, did you?” He said, grinning at Justin. “Figures, a pussy like you wouldn’t know how to treat a piece of good cunt-meat like her.” He punctuated the statement by reaching under Kate’s body to grope her chest, squeezing the soft flesh while he licked her neck and slammed himself into her ass.

Kate screamed into the gag with every fast paced thrust, she felt like he had shoved an arm into her. H grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, inhaling her scent as he slammed her.  He squeezed her tit like a stress ball as he rode her, his sweat running onto her body. “So tight, such a nice ass….” Mason muttered, driving into her harder and faster with ever passing minute.

He grabbed the gag and pulled it out of her mouth. “AAAAAGH! TAKE IT OUTTAKEITOUT!” Kate screamed, only for a fat hand to close over her mouth. “Shut up, stupid whore!” Mason growled, pinching her nose shut for a few seconds before releasing her. “Beg for my cum!” He ordered, pulling her hair. “ah…..ah…..ah” she whimpered out with his continuing thrusts. “BEG FOR IT!” he yelled, digging his nails into her breast. “P-p-please….cum…” She gasped out. He released her chest and pushed his fingers into her mouth. “Okay…. I’ll cum for you, my little fuckdoll.” He pulled his hand from her mouth and settled his full weight onto her “Where do you want my load?”

Kate clenched her eyes shut and let out a choked sob. “On my back….” she whispered. “OH! Just like in that little picture you go leaked?” Mason laughed. “Sorry…. I don’t oblige you your fetishes, pet.” He said. “I think…. I’ll paint your pretty face for you….” He said, grinning at her. “You like that idea, bitchboy? Or would you prefer I load up her cunny again?” He sneered at Justin.

Mason slowly pulled his length out of her ass, his cock streaked with her blood. “Aahh….” Kate groaned in discomfort “You… ripped me….” she stuttered out. “Shut the fuck up, open your mouth, and put your tongue out!” He growled, pulling her to her knees. Justin struggled, and went crashing to the floor as he tipped his chair over. “Here it comes, beautiful…..” Mason said, jerking his cock over Kate’s face. He groaned deeply, and she closed her eyes and cum erupted onto her face, shot into her mouth, and landed in her hair. She wretched and gagged at the smell and taste of his cum, spitting out the drops in her mouth, and rubbing her face into the sheets.

“Not done yet, blondie. Now you’re boy-toy gets to watch you go.” Mason said, laughing cruelly. “Wh-what do you… HAACK!” He air was cut off as he wrapped his belt around her throat and pulled her back over his belly, enjoying her gurgling and squirming as he choked her. “Sthaaaa-” She croaked weakly, pleading for mercy. Justin fought even harder, desperate to stop what he was sure was the killing of the woman he loved.

Her eyes rolled back, and Kate’s world went black. Mason let go of the belt. “Don’t worry, pussy.” He said, looking at Justin. “She’s not dead, I just wanted to choke the little slut out. I’m leaving now….” He said, throwing Kate back onto the bed and gagging her, before wrapping her in the blanket off the bed. “But I am TAKING my cock sleeve with me….” He threw Kate over his shoulder and left.


“Please….let me rest….” Kate sobbed as Mason forced himself into her for the 4th time that day. It has been 1 year since he had taken her captive, and her days since then had consisted of being her captor’s personal slave. He raped her, forced her to service him, to dance for him, and to beg for his disgusting seed. He kept her in his bedroom, chained by the ankle to his bed.

“Not a chance….You’ll rest when I’m DONE with you….” he panted out between thrusts. “Still perfect and tight…” He moaned, slamming into her with renewed vigor. He hadn’t tired of her yet, and she wasn’t even CLOSE to worn out. During the time he kept her, she had been forced to partake in a grotesque parody of a wedding ceremony, dressed in white lingerie, forced to wear make up, and to fuck him on a makeshift altar.

“Here it comes, honey.” He said, pulling out of her roughly and pulling her head into his lap. She opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking wetly on it as she lapped it with her tongue. She felt thick, potent jets of jizz fill her mouth. When she was first here, she was defiant, spitting it out and swearing at him. After his…. “punishments” had been used a few times, she now knew better.

She sat up and swallowed his greasy load. She began to stroke his cock and gently rub his sack. “Good girl……You can rest after a few more rounds. Get it hard and then I’ll decide where to stick it..” Mason said with a grin.

Kate Upton was his now, she was his pet. He would keep her until she was worn out or he decided to breed her. “Maybe I’ll give you my baby….” He thought with a smirk. He would have to stop giving her the pills every day in that case…..

Either way, he was going to have fun for a very long time.

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