All You Need Is Hate

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Celebs: Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Jennifer Lawrence. Codes: (FF, MF, cons, nc>cons, oral, anal, toys).

All You Need Is Hate

By voodoojoe and TRL

″Ugh, what’s she doing here?″ Selena Gomez asked of no one in particular when she walked into Ashley Benson’s trailer and found Vanessa Hudgens already there.

If anyone were to accuse Selena or Vanessa of not being real actresses, it would only because they hadn’t seen the girls pretend to like each other in public. In private though the girls had no problem letting the other one, or anyone else that might be around, know their level of dislike.

It had started when Vanessa had gotten tired of Selena being labeled America’s Sweetheart and portrayed as Little-Miss-Innocent even though she was anything but. Meanwhile, Vanessa had long since been labeled as a skank and a slut simply because some douchebag hacked her phone and stole some pictures that hadn’t been meant for public consumption.

It just wasn’t fair as far as Vanessa was concerned. Selena had been known to fuck anyone and everyone she could sweet talk into bed, and considering Selena’s level of attractiveness, not many said no, not even the girls.

Vanessa, on the other, hand, was a serial monogamist, at least for the most part. She had a couple friends with benefits situations that she liked to turn to whenever she found herself without a boyfriend, but in general she kept her private parts to a very select few people.

Then after a while of Vanessa making it clear she didn’t care for Selena, Selena had gotten tired of the attitude and returned the animosity. Before long the two could barely stand to be in the same room as the other and would find any excuse to leave, or at least set up shop on the other side of the room.

It was so bad between them that when they found out they had each taken parts in the same movie both had contemplated dropping out. Selena had ultimately decided to stick it out because she needed a more adult role to help her break out of the Disney mold. For Vanessa it was mostly about getting a paycheck after Sucker Punch had landed with a massive thud at the box office.

″Quit being a bitch or get the fuck out,″ Vanessa snapped.

″You get the fuck out, she’s my friend,″ Selena sneered.

″Knock it off, both of you,″ Ashley Benson shouted, stopping Vanessa’s retort before she could make it.

Ashley liked both of them but at times they were like two warring dogs. If they got in the same room they inevitably wound up at each others throats and it was best to nip it in the bud before they really got into it.

″She started it,″ Vanessa mumbled, grabbing a magazine off the arm of the couch.

″I don’t fucking care who started it,″ Ashley snapped, unable to take it any more. ″If you can’t get along then I don’t want you guys in here. From now on this is a safe zone. If you’re in here you will at least pretend to like each other or you will fucking leave.″

″I’m horny,″ Selena said, pouting at being yelled at.

″Surprise, surprise,″ Vanessa snorted. She clammed up and went back to looking at the magazine though when Ashley turned to glare at her.

″Ooh, is that Taylor?″ Selena asked, snatching the magazine out of Vanessa’s hands when she saw a picture of one of her best friends, and frequent bed buddy, Taylor Swift.

″Fuck off, bitch,″ Vanessa screamed, taking the magazine back.

″I give up,″ Ashley grunted, rolling her eyes as she slumped down in her chair.

″I’m a bitch? You’re a fucking ice queen,″ Selena snarled.

″Well at least my boyfriend isn’t gay,″ Vanessa hissed.

″Well your boyfriend is a dud in the sack,″ Selena said, smiling when she saw Vanessa’s reaction. ″That’s right, I fucked him and he lasted like two minutes. I got more fun out of my vibrator, after the batteries died.″

″You’re such a fucking liar,″ Vanessa screeched. She hated the thought of having shared a guy with Selena and refused to believe it could be true.

″Maybe,″ Selena said, smirking. ″There’s also the time I took your girl Tiz and fucked her silly. She really loves to have her ass licked, doesn’t she?″

″Oh my god,″ Vanessa said, knowing firsthand that Ashley Tisdale had a thing for having her salad tossed.

″Mmm, it’s just too bad Stella couldn’t make it. I would’ve loved to get my hands on that little piece of ass,″ Selena said, licking her lips.

″Don’t even go there,″ Vanessa said firmly, trying to keep her anger in check at the thought of her sister being brought into the conversation.

″Don’t want to think about your baby sister on her back with her legs spread begging for me to make her come?″ Selena asked, pantomiming spreading Stella’s pussy lips and flicking her tongue against her clit.

″Fuck you,″ Vanessa said, getting up and storming out of the trailer.

“You two are the WORST,” Ashley grumbled. “I thought Troian and Lucy didn’t get along after Shay took Lucy to Sao Paulo and not Troian.”

“She started it,” Selena said.

“That’s what she JUST said about you,” Ashley said, rolling her eyes. “And didn’t you fuck her boyfriend?”

“Only twice,” Selena said. “Or wait, who’s she dating now? Are we talking her old boyfriend or her new boyfriend?”

“How do you get by being such a slut, Selena?”

“Duh, look at me! I’m totally hot, and all the guys think they’re getting me for the first time.” She paused for a second. “Even some of the guys who I’ve done twice.”

“Meanwhile, you’re in the biggest relationship in the tween world,” Ashley said. “Do people really think you’re still a virgin?”

“Honey, even I don’t think my ‘boyfriend’ is straight, and I’m dating him,” Selena said, actually making quotation marks with her hands.

“You’re the worst,” Ashley said, going back to her magazine.

“So I’m still horny. Wanna fool around?”

“Really?” Ashley said. “You’re coming on to me right now? You know I’m not happy with you.”

“Well, who else am I going to get to fuck me? Little miss high-and-mighty Vanessa? Not likely.”

“You’re right, Baby V probably wouldn’t fuck you,” Ashley said. “At least, not gently.”

Selena was quiet for a long moment. “I’m not really into rough sex,” she said several moments later, surprising Ashley. “Although…”

Ashley frowned. “I really don’t like that look on your face.”

“You and Vanessa are filming tonight, right?” Selena asked.

“You know we are. Rachel will be there, too.”


“Rachel Korine – you know, our co-star.”

“Oh,” Selena said. “Meh, I can never remember her name. What time will you guys be getting back?”

“Don’t know. Late, I bet. Probably early morning. I think we’re shooting all night.”

“Hmmm… plenty of time,” Selena said, getting up and heading out of the trailer.

“Plenty of time for what?” Ashley called after her. Selena didn’t respond.

* * *

The pink sweatshirt kept Vanessa from shivering in the morning coolness, but her legs were covered in gooseflesh, as her cut-off short-shorts protected almost nothing. It was even worse this morning than it had been the day before – something about the breeze or something. Man, she needed to get back to her hotel room and sleep for 8 hours or so, wrapped in a warm blanket. It was crazy to be this cold in Florida while filming a Spring Break movie.

Of course, if Vanessa had a boy here, she could warm up in a much more fun way, but her current boy toy was half the country away, and all Vanessa had to keep her entertained between the legs were her vibrator and a dirty novel she’d bought at the airport waiting to transfer for her flight to Miami. And while they’d both served her purposes so far, she was too tired tonight.

“Morning, Miss Hudgens,” the doorman greeted her, recognizing her despite the blonde wig Vanessa was wearing for the movie. She could’ve taken it out, but it really did help her get around unrecognized. She grunted some noncommittal reply and headed right for the elevator, fumbling for her keycard to get up to her floor.

Already half asleep, Vanessa stepped onto the elevator – and was immediately pushed all the way to the back, as someone else pressed up against her small body. Hands hit her legs, feeling her bare skin and pausing long enough to squeeze her ass.

“Close your eyes or you’re dead,” a voice whispered in her ear. A familiar voice, though one Vanessa couldn’t quite place…

“Ashley?” she asked as the hand on her ass worked it’s way around and rode up her stomach under her sweatshirt until it could grope her breasts. Vanessa cooed at the touch – her vibrator and that book really hadn’t done it for her.

“We’re going to your room, and you’re going to take off those shorts, and you’re going to let me do whatever I want to you,” the voice said. As she spoke, something came down over Vanessa‘s eyes, preventing her from peeking even if she wanted to “Play along, and I promise you’ll get off.”

“What is this, some sort of role-play, Ash-”

“Sussh,” the voice cut her off. The elevator opened up and her new companion took Vanessa by the arm and guided her down the hall, taking Vanessa’s card from her hand as they went. Vanessa tried to concentrate just on walking straight and not tripping, but her mind kept wandering back to all the sexy possibilities she was facing. She was fairly certain it was Ashley – she’d muttered something about Selena keeping her eyes open on the way back to the hotel, and the two had been flirting pretty hard since they’d arrived on set together. But Ashley had also been flirting with that bitch, Selena, and as far as Vanessa knew, Ashley hadn’t slept with either one of them yet.

Maybe it was all that playing around with guns in the scene they’d just filmed – pretend robbing a store must have flipped some sorta fantasy switch in Ashley. And now Vanessa was going to get a good little fucking out of it. She couldn’t complain. This whole blindfolded situation had her all hot and bothered now, her nipples rock hard and her pussy warming up enough to chase away the memories of the cold morning.

They stopped and Vanessa heard the card swipe and the door open. She was shoved inside, and the door slammed behind her as she struggled to keep her footing.

“Drop the shorts and panties,” the voice said in her ear, a little louder. Funny, that did NOT sound like Ashley. But if it wasn’t Ashley-

“Shorts off! Now!” the voice barked, and Vanessa did as she was told – she was too horny now to say no. She shucked her short-shorts and then yanked the thong she’d been wearing down too, and stepped out of the knot of discarded clothes at her feet.

As soon as she did that, the voice – not-Ashley, apparently – pushed her face-down onto the bed, and Vanessa heard a zipper and some clothes rustling before someone straddled her from behind. Something long and hard rested upon the crack of her ass, and she jumped for a moment, fearing this was some guy – it was far too big to be ANY of her boyfriends. But it was cold and felt rather plastic, and Vanessa knew then it had to be a strap-on of some sort.

“Roll over and take your sweatshirt off,” the voice said. Vanessa KNEW that voice. Who was it? Who could this be? Was it one of the handful of girls she’d shared a bed with before? Not Tisdale, not Chung, not Reed…

Vanessa kept racking her brain as she rolled over underneath the strapped woman and then sat up enough to yank her sweatshirt up off over her head. As she did so, her blindfold came with it, and as she dropped the heavy shirt to the bed next to her, she got to see her mystery woman for the first time.

It was Selena!!!!

Recognizing her nemesis Vanessa tried to fight her off but Selena had the advantage of being on top and being a bit stronger. The younger girl smiled wickedly as Vanessa tried to roll over but wound up on her back with Selena still on top straddling her waist. She grunted when Selena grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back.

Reaching into a pocket of her own sweatshirt that she’d deposited on the bed next to them Selena extracted a length of rope and used her teeth to unwind it. Putting one end in the hand holding Vanessa’s Selena began to wind it around Vanessa’s wrists. With her wrists wrapped a few times Selena tied the ends into a knot and leaned down to press her bare breasts against Vanessa’s back.

″This would’ve been so much easier if you’d kept the blindfold on,″ Selena hissed into Vanessa’s ear.

″Get the fuck off me,″ Vanessa screamed, shaking her body in an effort to knock Selena off of her.

″That will not do,″ Selena said, grabbing the handkerchief she’d used as a blindfold and this time stuffed it into Vanessa’s mouth. ″Like I said earlier, if you behave, I’ll get you off. If you don’t, then the only pleasure I’ll worry about is my own. Do you understand?″

Vanessa wanted to scream and fight and do whatever she could to make sure Selena didn’t succeed. But even worse was the fact that her pussy was oozing at the thought of an orgasm and didn’t seem to care that it was Selena on the other end of the toy pressed in the crack between her lovely buns.

″Understand?″ Selena asked again, slipping a hand underneath Vanessa to pinch a nipple.

″Ooooh,″ Vanessa moaned involuntarily into the gag. Resigning herself to her fate Vanessa merely nodded and spread her legs.

″Good girl,″ Selena said, reaching her free hand between them to grab her toy.

With her chest still pressed against Vanessa’s back Selena slid the hand that was underneath Vanessa down the bound girl’s stomach until she reached her crotch. Rubbing Vanessa’s pussy Selena maneuvered the toy until she felt it press against the opening of Vanessa’s pussy.

Feeling the fake cock push against her opening Vanessa couldn’t help but moan. They’d been on set for a couple weeks without her boyfriend and as much as she hated that it was Selena, she knew she really needed a good fucking. A vibrator was nice, but it didn’t compare to having someone else take care of your needs.

″You like that, don’t you, bitch?″ Selena demanded as she bottomed out inside Vanessa’s cunt.

″Mmhmm,″ Vanessa moaned, lifting her ass to push against the invading toy. It was much bigger than her boyfriend, though it wasn’t the biggest she’d ever had. On a joke Tiz had mail ordered one that had been about the same size, maybe even a little bigger. But it was still quite a bigger than what she’d gotten used to having inside her.

″Such a tight little pussy,″ Selena moaned, her hands on Vanessa’s lower back and pressing her into the bed as she slid the dildo in and out of Vanessa’s hungry snatch.

″Uhhh,″ Vanessa groaned, closing her eyes and trying to pretend it was anyone but Selena stirring up such pleasure inside her. Between her time without sex and the size of the cock being drilled into her Vanessa could already feel her body starting to respond. It was only a matter of time before Selena made her explode all over the fake cock.

″After you come, should I make you eat my pussy, or should I take this big fat cock and shove it up your tight little ass?″ Selena asked, making Vanessa freeze for a moment.

Vanessa wasn’t an anal virgin, but she could count the number of people that had gotten into that club on one hand. And none of them had done it with something as big as what Selena was working over her pussy with. The last time she’d taken anything back there was several months ago, and even then Ashley Tisdale had used a relatively thin dildo while eating her pussy.

″I think I’ll save your ass for another day,″ Selena said, picking up speed as she fucked Vanessa’s cunt. ″Because as much as you don’t want to admit it, you’ll be back. In a few days you’ll get horny without your limp dicked boyfriend around and you’ll beg me to fuck you again. You’ll spread your legs and offer me anything I want if I just make you come as hard as you’re about to in a few minutes.″

Vanessa wanted to argue, but the gag got in the way. Even without it though she knew Selena was at least a little right. If she had to go another week or two with only her vibrator to keep her company she’d be right back where she was at the moment, willing to sell her soul to her least favorite person in the world just for a quickie.

″You’re gonna come soon, aren’t you?″ Selena asked, feeling Vanessa’s muscles start to tense up. ″Tell me, is Stella supposed to be visiting the set any time soon? Because I really do want a crack at her tight little snatch.″

At the mention of her sister Vanessa tried to buck Selena off but all it did was force even more of the toy into her pussy, which in turn pushed her even closer to her orgasm. Before she could stop herself she had an image of Stella on her hands and knees with Selena slamming a fake cock into her pussy just like she was at the moment. As much as she tried to fight the image it was just enough to push her over the edge.

″Uhhhhhhh,″ Vanessa screamed into the gag. Her pussy clamped down on Selena’s dildo and her whole body twitched and shook with the release of a couple weeks worth of pent up need.

“There, see, that wasn’t so bad, was it,” Selena said, bending down to kiss the side of Vanessa’s forehead. “You took that much better than Jennifer Stone did the first time I had her – and she wanted it!”

Vanessa wanted to tell Selena to go to hell, but her mouth was still gagged.

“Now, you’re going to eat my pussy,” Selena said matter-of-factly as she got off the bed and started stripping off her strap-on. “Please do a good job – I like a lot of clit action, but don’t ignore the folds, okay? Run that sharp little tongue of yours all over and get me off. Okay?”

Selena was sounding downright chipper for someone who was in the middle of forcing herself on another girl. Under other circumstances, Vanessa might have laughed, but as she was the one about to munch down on Selena’s pretty little pussy.

And it was pretty. Selena’s small tuft of dark fuzz was trimmed into a perfect little landing strip, and her labia were the perfect shade of pink to make Vanessa’s mouth water.

Vanessa wasn’t a lesbian, even though she had sex with girls. She didn’t usually go for the whole licking and kissing stuff. She just liked to strap a dildo on and fuck another girl, who’d then turn around and do the same. Sure she enjoyed grabbing a girl’s boobs while she was fucking her, and girls did have such kissable lips, but Vanessa wasn’t a lesbian.

Still, she’d gone down on every woman she’d even fooled around with, and she knew what she was doing between a girl’s legs. She just wished she didn’t have to do it to slutty Selena.

Now free of the strap-on, Selena moved to straddle Vanessa again, this time up towards her neck, her shapely butt resting on Vanessa’s tits as the younger girl reached down and pulled the handkerchief out of Vanessa’s mouth.

“You bitch,” Vanessa spat.

“You love it,” Selena shot back before repositioning her pussy right atop Vanessa’s mouth. “Now lick me.”

Vanessa licked. She didn’t really have a choice, with her hands tied and Selena sitting atop her. She thought, briefly, about biting the former Wizards of Waverly Place starlet, but decided against it – Selena hadn’t hurt her yet, and they still had a long way to go working together on this movie. Plus, Vanessa’s hands were tied – she couldn’t get away from Selena even if she wanted to.

So Vanessa licked and kissed and nibbled a little, causing Selena to gyrate atop her. Right away, Vanessa discovered Selena had a nice sweet and sour taste to her pussy, and something about that taste made Vanessa crave it a little more. Try as hard as she might, she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying this little pussy feast.

“Mmmm, harder!” Selena moaned, pressing her crotch down against Baby V’s chin. Vanessa did as she was told and licked Selena’s engorged clit harder, really shoving her wet tongue down over the bud, helping to drive the other girl to her orgasmic bliss.

“YESSSSSS!!!!” Selena hissed loudly as her body finally got the relief she’d needed. She might not have gone the weeks that Vanessa had between good fuckings, but her heightened sex drive didn’t like to be ignored for very long. Thus she was here, having her pussy munched on by a woman she really didn’t like.

Selena’s tight little body shook with orgasm and she had to reach up and grab ahold of the headrest of the bed to keep from falling down.

“Wow, you got some skills, bitch,” Selena said, slowly pulling off Vanessa.

“Why don’t you untie me and I’ll show you some of the skills I picked up while filming Sucker Punch,” Vanessa said, her tone making it clear she wasn’t speaking of sex skills.

“Oh, now, don’t be all pissy,” Selena said, bending down and kissing one of Vanessa’s nipples. “You got off just like I did.”

Vanessa just glared at her as Selena got up and quickly redressed. She had to slip the strap-on back on over her legs – she didn’t have anywhere else to put it, and there were too many weirdos with cameras running around to just carry it out.

“Are you going to untie me or what?” Vanessa asked as Selena pulled her shorts up over the dildo – there was a HUGE bulge in front, but Selena’s long sweatshirt would cover it enough for her to get back without causing a scene.

“Yeah, once I’m ready to go,” Selena said. She glanced at the mostly naked Vanessa on the bed and smiled. “You know, Baby Sleaze, you wanna hook up again, I’m more than willing.”

“Just untie me already,” Vanessa snarled. Shrugging, Selena came over and undid the knot holding Vanessa’s hands together. The ropes slacked, and Vanessa could work out of them in a minute or two. By then, Selena would safely be back at her hotel room.

“You’re going to pay for this,” Vanessa muttered as Selena walked out, actually waving back at Vanessa. “She’s so going to pay,” Vanessa repeated to herself.

* * *

″She did what?″ Ashley Benson asked, shocked as Vanessa recapped her on the events of the previous night.

When Selena left Vanessa had been filled with the usual tingling sensation radiating from her pussy that she always felt after a nice orgasm. But mixed in with that was a desire to return the favor and make Selena regret her actions.

Vanessa had spent a while afterward brainstorming ways to make Selena pay. She’d come up with a couple ideas before quickly discarding them. After maybe an hour the sleepiness that she’d felt prior to getting into the elevator descended on her again and it became hard to think when her brain desperately wanted to shut down.

And after a night’s sleep Vanessa found herself no closer to a plan than she had been the night before. Thus she’d called Ashley and had her come to her hotel room to fill her in on Selena’s escapades in hopes of maybe gaining an ally, if not another head to put together in search of a plan.

″The little bitch tied my hands my back and fucked me, right here on this bed,″ Vanessa said, nearly spitting with rage, though more about how much she’d enjoyed it rather than the actual act


″Oh my god, what are you going to do about it?″ Ashley asked, her nipples starting to harden under the white tank top she’d tossed on to make the walk down the hall to Vanessa’s room.

″I don’t know, that’s why I called you,″ Vanessa admitted. ″I was hoping you might have some

idea, or at least suggest something that might lead me down the path towards an answer.″

″You could use one of the prop guns for something,″ Ashley suggested. She was really very good at being devious or evil, but she remembered thinking the prop guns from the robbery scene had looked really real.

″Maybe, but she’d know they were fake,″ Vanessa said, her mind whirring as an idea started to

form in the back of her head. ″Have you had sex with Selena yet?″

″Not really,″ Ashley said, lowering her eyes. ″We kinda made out a little and she got her hand my pants a couple days ago but we were interrupted and haven’t had the time since.″

″So if you invited her to your room after shooting tonight she’d show up hoping to get into your pants?″ Vanessa asked.

″I don’t know, probably,″ Ashley responded. She and Selena had been friends for a while since their boyfriends/beards were friends and since day one Selena had been less than subtle about her desire to get a taste of Ashley’s pussy. It had even been Selena that suggested Ashley to the producers when Emma Roberts had pulled out of the movie not long before filming had started, and Ashley was sure at least part of the reason for the benevolent act was to get Ashley alone on a film set where she could finally wear her down.

″Good, you can be the bait,″ Vanessa said, getting up off the bed.

With the plotting taking up most of her brain power Vanessa pushed everything to the back of her brain. Taking off the t-shirt and shorts she’d tossed on to sleep in the night before, she stood completely naked in front of Ashley for a moment while she rummaged through her clothes.

As Vanessa bent over in front of her Ashley was taken by surprise. It was a marvelous sight, Vanessa’s ass the sight of her bare slit peeking out from between her legs, but she felt a bit like a voyeur because it was almost like Vanessa had completely forgotten she was there. When Vanessa fished out a thong and yellow sundress Ashley knew that ogling time was over and she should probably head back to her room to get ready for the day herself.

″I’m gonna go,″ Ashley said, deciding that a cold shower might be in the offing since she didn’t have the time to take care of herself properly before she had to be on set.

″You’ll help me, won’t you?″ Vanessa asked as she pulled the sundress on over her head. ″We can fuck the little bitch together, it’ll be fun.″

″I don’t know,″ Ashley said. She really needed to get laid but she also wanted to stay independent and if she helped Vanessa then she was worried that Selena would think she was choosing sides.

″If you help me tonight, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me tomorrow when we have a free afternoon,″ Vanessa offered, smiling seductively.

″Fine,″ Ashley sighed, unable to resist as she reached for the door. ″I’ll have Selena drop by my room after shooting tonight. I’ll give you my extra key so you can get in there a little early and set up whatever you’re planning.″

″Excellent,″ Vanessa said, tenting her fingers in front of her in her best Mr. Burns impression.

* * *

Selena Gomez’s lips felt like satin upon Ashley’s, which normally would’ve sent Ashley over the edge of happy lust, but she was incredibly nervous about what she was doing. She’d never been the bait for a trap before, despite the number of plots and twisty seductions that went on while Pretty Little Lairs was filming.

Oh, sure, Ashley had seduced more than one girl in her past, and been seduced more than once, too. But she’d never seduced a girl just so someone else could revenge fuck her.

Though the way Selena was grabbing Ashley’s tits through her bikini top, the two co-stars might not get to whatever trap Vanessa had up her sleeve.

The car stopped, and the two girls got out, Selena tipping the female cab driver handsomely for keeping her eyes forward while the two starlets had made out during the brief ride back. Ashley didn’t look at the woman – she felt like if she did, she might spill the whole gig.

Not that she knew what it was. She was just getting Selena to come back to her room for sex – a surprisingly easy thing to do, even though Selena had plans with her worthless boyfriend. That idiot was now taking Ashley’s no-good boyfriend out to go to some arcade or something, which was probably code for something similar to what Ashley was about to do with Selena, only with just boys. Ashley shivered at the thought. She was NOT one of those girls who got off on watching two boys make out.

She did, however, get off on making out with other girls. How could you not?

“So, when we get to your room, what are we looking at, toy-wise?” Selena asked casually as they walked past the doorman – who was either hard of hearing or well trained to not react to hearing comments like that. Ashley blushed anyway.

“You okay?” Selena asked, noticing Ashley’s reaction. “You look nervous.”

“I’m fine,” Ashley said.

Selena stopped and glanced around. “This isn’t your first time, is it?”

“NO!” Ashley said, a little TOO loudly. Blushing even harder, she grabbed Selena by the arm and moved towards the elevators. “No,” she said again, as if Selena had somehow missed her outburst.

“Who was your first girl?” Selena asked quietly, smiling seductively as she spoke.

“Rachel Bilson,” Ashley admitted. “I guest starred on an episode of The O.C. when I was 17, and Rachel told me they were thinking of doing another lesbian storyline, and I thought if I slept with her, she’d help me get the part. But there wasn’t another lesbian storyline – the show got canceled instead.”

“Bummer,” Selena said, swiping her card in the elevator and leading Ashley inside. “Of course, you DID get to tap Rachel Bilson, you lucky little slut,” Selena said. The elevator doors closed and Selena practically pounced upon Ashley, shoving her back against the wall and kissing the Pretty Little Liar as hard as she could. Ashley felt herself growing more and more nervous with each floor they ascended towards Vanessa’s scheme, but she also felt the heat between her legs growing with each moment Selena’s lips were on her own.

And Selena didn’t break the kiss until they reached their floor.

Reluctantly, the younger girl released Ashley’s mouth as the doors slid open. “Well?” Selena asked. “Are you going to take me to your room, or should we go to mine? I think I’m a couple doors closer, if that makes a difference.”

Ashley hesitated. Did she really want to get between Selena and Vanessa by helping Vanessa out? She could just go to Selena’s room and have great sex and wake up tomorrow in Selena’s bed instead of her own.

But of course, if she did that, Vanessa would be pissed at her, too. Ashley didn’t want that. Ugh, couldn’t they have gotten Rachel to get between them? Ashley was starting to wish she’d just skipped the movie all-together and done some stupid supporting role in a RomCom instead.

“My room,” she said. “I, ah, I want to wake up in my own bed.”

“Ok,” Selena said, seemingly not at all upset about Ashley’s comment. “I can always run back to my room quickly to grab any extra toys we might want later,” she added with a wink.

“Yeah,” Ashley said, turning towards her little clutch purse, fumbling for her key. She better not have forgotten it – Vanessa had her spare, and it would be super embarrassing to be locked out right now.

“I’m so going to lick every inch of your skin,” Selena whispered in Ashley’s ear as the blonde swiped her key.

“After you, Selena,” Ashley said, opening the door and waving her co-star in.

* * *

As she walked into the room Ashley nervously glanced around the room. She didn’t see Vanessa or even notice anything out of place that might indicate that Vanessa was even in the room. She was starting to wonder if Vanessa had forgotten or was running late when she noticed the

bathroom door was open a crack even though she remembered leaving it wide open earlier.

″Come here,″ Selena said, turning and beckoning Ashley to her with her finger.

Taking a deep breath Ashley took the two steps to where Selena was standing. When she leaned into kiss Selena the younger brunette reached around to untie the strings holding Ashley’s bikini

top on.

Dropping Ashley’s bikini top to the floor Selena licked her lips at the sight of the blonde’s bare tits. Unable to stop herself, even if she’d wanted to, Selena leaned down and latched onto one of those glorious melons.

″Ohhh,″ Ashley moaned, clutching Selena’s head to her chest.

While Selena was sucking on her nipple Ashley found the clasp on Selena’s own bikini top. When the top came loose Ashley untied the strings around Selena’s neck and let it fall to the ground.

Hearing a slight noise Ashley turned her head just in time to see Vanessa opening the bathroom door. Holding Selena’s head even tighter to her chest Ashley watched as Vanessa skulked across the room. When Vanessa got closer Ashley turned so Selena’s back was to Vanessa and took a couple steps back towards the bed so Selena wouldn’t think something was up.

Selena didn’t realize what was happening until she heard the clink of metal against metal from behind her. By the time she tried to turn her head to see what it was she felt the cold metal of the handcuff being slapped on one wrist. Before she could react and try to fight it off her other wrist was being cuffed as well.

″You fucking tricked me?″ Selena snapped at Ashley, realizing she’d been duped. ″I should have known your sudden eagerness was a put up so Baby Sleaze could get back at me. You’re just as bad as she is.″

″I didn’t want to take sides, but she was naked and begging and my hormones couldn’t say no,″ Ashley explained.

″Then let me go and we can forget all about this. We can go back to my room and fuck so loudly the people on the floor above us complain about the noise,″ Selena suggested.

″Hate to break it to you, but she made that same deal with me,″ Vanessa whispered into Selena’s ear. ″And this way she still gets to do everything to you tonight and then gets to do whatever she wants to me tomorrow. If you ask me, that’s a pretty hard deal to top.″

″Maybe, but I’m a much better lay than you are,″ Selena countered, fighting against the cuffs. ″And if she doesn’t choose me, she’ll never get another shot at me.″

″I don’t know why you’re so mad. You were right, I couldn’t stay away and came back for more,″ Vanessa said, grabbing Selena’s shorts and unceremoniously yanking them down to her ankles. Hooking her fingers into Selena’s bikini bottoms Vanessa turned to Ashley. ″In the bathroom there’s a paper bag, get it for me?″

″Okay,″ Ashley said, making sure to keep her eyes on Selena as Vanessa pulled the bikini bottoms down over the young Latina’s drool worthy ass.

By the time Ashley had returned with the bag Vanessa had pushed Selena face down on the bed and removed the shorts and bikini bottoms from around her ankles. With her eyes still on Selena’s ass Ashley handed the bag to Vanessa, who opened it up.

“You into anything weird, Ash?” Vanessa asked as she rummaged around in the bag.

“Weird?” Ashley asked. She thought tricking one co-star into being trapped and fucked by another was weird enough.

“Yeah, butt plugs, nipple clamps, feet?”

“No, nothing like that,” Ashley said.

“Mmmm…. Leighton Meester gave me the most awesome foot job when we were starring in Monte Carlo together,” Selena remembered wistfully.

Vanessa slapped her on the ass with her bare hand. “Hush you, you’re not supposed to be remembering other babes while we fuck you.”

“You aren’t fucking me yet,” Selena grumbled.

Vanessa slapped Selena’s ass again. “Ash, do you want a strap-on or the double-dong?”

“I’ve never even SEEN a double-dong!” Ashley said, surprised as Vanessa pulled out a neon-pink, double-headed dildo that was at least two feet long – 12 inches for each girl, she supposed.

“You can have it, but you should probably use it on Selena’s twat – last time Tiz and I used it on my ass, it got a little stuck and kept pulling out of her but staying in me.”

Ashley’s eyes went wide as Vanessa handed her the sex toy. “Oh wow.”

“Time for us to get naked, shall we?” Vanessa said, reaching behind her to pull the string on her bikini top. “Then I can throw my strap-on on and we can fuck some revenge into her, just like she deserves.”

″Sounds fun,″ Ashley said, following suit as she watched Vanessa take off her shorts and bikini bottoms.

″Why don’t you get her started,″ Vanessa offered, nodding towards where Selena was still laying on her stomach on the bed and getting highly impatient. It was one thing to be handcuffed while getting fucked, but it was quite another being handcuffed while not getting fucked.

Ashley had never used a double-dong before, but she figured it couldn’t be much different from a regular dildo. And while she tended a vibrator was her generally preferred weapon of choice she’d used a dildo on several occasions, both on herself and on other girls.

Grabbing the double-dong a few inches behind one of the heads Ashley ran the tip along the length of Selena’s slit. As Selena moaned and pushed back against it Ashley pressed forward, easing the toy into Selena’s snatch.

As the dildo penetrated her pussy Selena was in heaven. She’d really gotten off on fucking Vanessa the night but it had been a couple days since she’d had anything in her pussy and as far as she was concerned that was much too long. And even though she was handcuffed and completely at the mercy of one of her least favorite people in the world, Selena had to admit that she needed a good fucking.

While watching Ashley start to work the first couple inches of the double-dong into Selena’s twat Vanessa pulled the strap-on harness up her legs. She’d bought it earlier and made sure to try it on in her own room and adjusted the straps specifically so she didn’t have to fiddle with it at a time like this.

Shifting Selena around on the bed a bit, Vanessa moved her until she was laying diagonal across the corner of the bed with her head at the end of the bed. Grabbing a handful of Selena’s hair Vanessa pulled it just hard enough to get her to tilt her head back and open her mouth.

Just as Selena was getting used to having her pussy fucked with the double-dong Vanessa pulled her hair and shoved a dildo into her mouth. Being the slut that she was Selena didn’t even hesitate before wrapping her lips around the toy and letting Baby V fuck her mouth with it.

″Mmmm,″ Selena moaned around the toy in her mouth when Ashley started sliding probably seven or eight inches of the dildo in and out of her pussy. It was pretty much a perfect size for Selena, big enough to fill her up nicely but not so thick as to make it uncomfortable.

″Hmm, should I make you eat my pussy, or should I take this big fat cock and shove it up your tight little ass?″ Vanessa mused, repeating Selena’s words from the night before. ″You know what, since you’re so proud of that ass I think I’ll see what the big deal is.″

″Want me to stop?″ Ashley asked, pausing in her fucking of Selena’s pussy.

″Not yet, but you could get her asshole ready if you want,″ Vanessa suggested, still fucking Selena’s mouth with her strap-on.

″Got any lube?″ Ashley asked, reaching for the bag with one hand as she pushed the dildo into Selena with the other.

″There is some in there, but I’m betting Slutena here would love it if you gave her a nice little rim job first,″ Vanessa said, slipping the toy from Selena’s mouth long enough to let her respond.

″I love having my ass licked,″ Selena hissed, lifting her crotch off the bed to meet Ashley’s thrusts with the double-dong. ″Stick your tongue in my ass and make me come on that dildo.″

Having never performed analingus before Ashley nervously leaned forward. Tentatively sticking out her tongue she lightly licked around the puckered opening of Selena’s starfish. At first she wasn’t sure if she liked it but when Selena moaned and lifted up to press her ass against Ashley’s mouth she decided to give it another try.

As Ashley’s tongue tentatively flicked across her anus Selena was starting to feel the first tinglings of her approaching climax. Between the dildo in her pussy and the tongue on her asshole Selena had everything she could possible want, other than the use of her hands and maybe for Vanessa to not be there, but no situation was perfect and Selena was determined to squeeze as much enjoyment out of it as possible.

Deciding that she kinda liked the kinkiness of licking another girl’s ass, Ashley worked her tongue around Selena’s ass with a bit more gusto. After a few licks Ashley noticed that Selena’s moans seemed to get louder the closer she got to the center and concentrated her efforts there a bit. When Selena’s moans indeed grew in both volume and frequency, Ashley took the next step and pressed the tip of her tongue against the center and was amazed at how it felt to have Selena’s brown eye yield just enough to allow her tongue to penetrate it and then cling tightly to it.

″I think that’s enough, time for the lube,″ Vanessa said, noticing how into the butt licking Ashley had gotten and wondering if Ashley liked to receive as much as she liked to give.

Grabbing the small bottle of lube Ashley poured a healthy amount directly into the crack of Selena’s ass. As it dripped down over her butthole Ashley massaged it in. When she was satisfied the outside was well coated she poured some lube on her fingers and pushed against Selena’s asshole to stretch her out and help grease the highway a bit. The double-dong started to slide out of Selena’s cunt, so Ashley grabbed it with her free hand and, with nowhere else to put it, shoved it deep into her own pussy, eliciting a moan of her own.

Vanessa had the strap-on around her hips by now, but was still adjusting the straps, so Ashley plunged her finger deep into Selena’s ass, making Selena coo in delight. “You, ah! You wanna spread that lube around everywhere,” Selena advised.

“God, you’re SUCH a slut,” Vanessa said.

“You two are the ones about to fuck my ass while I lay here handcuffed,” Selena shot back. “Ooooh, little deeper Ash.”

Ashley shoved her fingers in a little further, well past two knuckles, lubing Selena’s eager backside as best she can.

“Okay, enough of this,” Vanessa said. “Move over, Ashley. Time we see if Selena’s ass is all it’s cracked up to be.”

“You did NOT just say that,” Ashley moaned, while Selena giggled.

“What?” Vanessa asked, pausing, looking both a little ridiculous and incredibly sexy at the same time as she stood there wearing nothing but a large strap-on dildo, looking confused.

“You want to know if her ASS is all it’s CRACKED up to be?” Ashley said, emphasizing the funny words.

“Oh, grow up,” Vanessa snorted, ignoring the joke. Instead, she lined the thick head of the cock up against Selena’s backdoor, and, having lubed both Selena and the plastic shaft up, managed to get the head into the handcuffed starlet in one solid thrust.

“Aaaaah!” Selena gasped in a little bit of pain.

“Awww, are we hurting Slutena?” Vanessa said mockingly as she pushed the cock further and further into her co-star. Ashley watched amazed as, bit by bit, Selena took more and more of the strap-on. With each shove, Selena moaned or grunted, as if in pain, but from the look on her face, it was clear to Ashley that Selena was loving this, even if she hated the girl on the other end of that shaft.

Finally, Vanessa bottomed out, getting every inch of the strap-on up inside Selena’s butt, and as if to celebrate, Vanessa leaned forward, pressing her chest into Selena’s back and reaching around to grope the other girl’s tits, one in each hand.

“Wow,” was all Ashley could say, her hand dipping down to finger her own little snatch, the double-dong still sticking out of Ashley’s pussy, forgotten by the Pretty Little Liar as she stood mesmerized by the ass fucking before her.

“Come on, Baby Sleaze, you can do better than that,” Selena said as Vanessa pulled almost all the way out before shoving the plastic cock all the way back in.

“If you don’t shut up, I’m going to have to shove something in your mouth again,” Vanessa snapped.

“Oooh, Ashley, come over here and shove that double-dong into my mouth – but turn it around first. I want to taste you.”

“You are SUCH a slut,” Ashley said, actually laughing. Still, she did as she was told, pulling the double-ended dildo out of her sopping wet pussy and offering it to Selena’s mouth.

“Girl’s gotta get some pleasure from somewhere,” Selena said. “And it’s not like Baby Sleaze is exactly getting me off with her gentle humping back there.”

“Oh, that’s it!” Vanessa snapped, slapping Selena’s ass hard. “You want an ass fucking? I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t sit straight for a month!”

″Promises promises,″ Selena said, opening her mouth and taking the double-dong between her lips. Her tongue swirled around the head, licking Ashley’s juices from it before taking a little more into her mouth.

Grabbing Selena’s hips Vanessa pulled her back onto her strap-on while she pushed forward, causing her pelvis to meet the cheeks of Selena’s ass with a loud smack. It didn’t seem to bother Selena though as the young slut just moaned around the toy in her mouth and tried to push her ass back against Vanessa even harder.

″Is this hard enough for you, Slutena?″ Vanessa asked, drilling Selena’s ass as hard as she could.

″Uhh, hahruh,″ Selena moaned around the toy in her mouth.

″Harder?″ Vanessa asked, amazed at what Selena could take.

Quickly Vanessa and Ashley worked up a rhythm. With each thrust Vanessa made into Selena’s ass Ashley pulled back and slid the double-dong out of her mouth. Then as Vanessa withdrew Ashley pushed forward, stuffing Selena’s mouth with fake cock.

Deciding that this arrangement wasn’t going to get the job done, Vanessa slowed down to a virtual stop. Barely moving in Selena’s ass Vanessa took the opportunity to cool down and catch her breath a bit.

″Maybe it’s time to take it up a notch,″ Vanessa suggested. ″Ashley, why don’t you come back around here?″

″Okay,″ Ashley said, wondering what Vanessa had in mind. She was having fun fucking Selena’s mouth while watching her ass cheeks ripple from Vanessa’s thrusts, but Vanessa was leading the show and Ashley was just along for the ride.

Selena moaned when Ashley removed the dong from her mouth but it also intrigued her as to what Vanessa had in mind. Were they going to change places? Maybe Ashley was going to eat her pussy while Vanessa fucked her ass. The options were numerous and Selena’s pussy tingled  with the possibilities.

″There’s another harness and dildo in the bag, put it on,″ Vanessa said when Ashley had moved to stand next to her. ″We’re going to make ourselves a little sandwich out of little Slutena here.″

″Wow,″ Ashley said, almost not believing her ears. She’d seen a porn or two with double penetration scenes but she’d never actually been involved in one. Even during the regular orgies behind the scenes of Pretty Little Liars they’d never gone that route, though they did make the occasional daisy chain.

″You ever had two cocks at the same time, Slutena?″ Vanessa asked, making long slow strokes into Selena’s asshole.

″No, but I’ve always kinda wanted to try it,″ Selena moaned, her pussy spasming at the thought.

″Well then I guess you’re gonna get your wish,″ Vanessa said, reaching her hands under Selena’s stomach. Pressing her chest against Selena’s back Vanessa held her tight as she rolled over and pulled Selena with her, the dildo still buried in Selena’s ass.

With the harness around her waist and fully adjusted Ashley turned and saw Selena laying on top of Vanessa with her legs spread. The first thing she noticed was Selena’s soaked pussy, quickly followed by the sight of Vanessa’s toy slowly sliding in and out of Selena’s tight little ass.

″Ready Ashley?″ Vanessa asked, holding Selena’s legs open for her.

″Yeah,″ Ashley said, a little nervous about whether Selena could take both toys but too turned on by what was happening to back out.

Lifting her head Selena looked intently at Ashley as the blonde stepped up to the bed. Vanessa had her knees bent and feet at the edge of the bed with Selena’s legs spread and draped over each side of Vanessa’s knees.

Taking a deep breath Ashley ran the tip of the dildo along the length of Selena’s slit. When she reached the entrance of her pussy Ashley eased forward but stopped with just the tip inside when Selena’s eyes went wide and she gasped for air.

″Shit,″ Selena hissed, feeling stretched beyond anything she’d ever felt before. It felt awesome, but it was overwhelming. ″Keep going, but slow.″

With Selena’s consent Ashley slowly pushed forward some more. Every inch was slow going but it didn’t bother Ashley much. The tightness of Selena’s pussy pressed the base of the dildo against her clit and sent waves of pleasure through her.

″How much is in?″ Selena asked, feeling like she was being split in half, but in the best possible way.

″Almost done,″ Ashley said, slowly working more of the dildo into Selena.

″Keep going,″ Selena said hoarsely, her body on fire from all the stimulation.

Unable to stop herself Ashley pushed forward, burying the last little bit into Selena’s pussy in one quick thrust. Selena’s mouth dropped open and her head lolled back in surprise as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Luckily both Ashley and Vanessa held still for a few moments to give her time to adjust to the feelings before they started fucking her in earnest.

″Oh fuck, I’m gonna come,″ Selena groaned, Ashley’s dildo rubbing against her clit with each stroke pushing her towards the edge.

″How does it feel to know you’re coming from having me fuck your ass while Ashley fucks your pussy?″ Vanessa hissed into Selena’s ear to remind her that she was still at Vanessa’s mercy.

″So good,″ Selena screeched, her eyes fluttering shut as her orgasm tore through her.

Selena’s holes clamped down on the invading cocks but neither paid much attention. They kept on thrusting in and out while she undulated and shook between them. Selena was their own personal fuck doll and they treated her as such, working in unison to fuck her within an inch of her sanity.

″Holy fucking god,″ Selena grunted, unable to tell whether her orgasm was still gaining in strength or if it was rolling into another one. It really didn’t matter either way but it sure felt great.

″I’m getting close,″ Vanessa said, the tightness of Selena’s anus forcing the toy into her clit finally taking its toll on her stamina.

″Me too,″ Ashley said, the sight of Selena going through orgasm after orgasm pushing her towards the as well.

With one final thrust Vanessa stuffed her toy into Selena’s ass as deeply as she could. A loud moan issued from her throat as her muscles tensed and her climax hit her. She bit her lip and shook with pleasure as her eyes clenched shut.

Watching Selena and Vanessa in the throes of ecstasy pushed Ashley over the top right after. She threw her head back and let out a strangled cry as she went hurdling over the cliff. Tremors of pleasure ran throughout her body as she vowed to herself that at some point she was going to do something like this again, possibly even as the meat in the sandwich.

Spent completely, Ashley had the presence of mind to remove the strap on from Selena’s pussy before collapsing onto the bed beside them. With Selena going limp on top of her Vanessa used her hands to lift Selena off her own toy before rolling her over onto the bed on the other side of her.

* * *

“…so after they finished double-teaming me, they let me slink back to my room for what was left of the night,” Selena said into her Bluetooth headset as she perused a lingerie rack.

“I know you too well, Selena,” the voice on the other end of the line said with more than a hint of resignation. “What are you going to do to get back at them?”

“Well, I can’t get at Vanessa this weekend – she’s gone up to New York for a bit. But Ashley’s still here, and it’s high time that stuck-up liar learned she can’t backstab me and get away with it,” Selena replied. She held up a red bra and panty set that had a sexy cut, but she didn’t like straps. Putting it back, she started to move past the lingerie. It wasn’t what she was here for anyway.

“Don’t hurt the girl, Sel,” the girl on the other end of the line said. “Vanessa’s clearly seduced her, but you can get her back.”

“I know, Demi, but first she has to learn her lesson,” Selena said. “Oooh, paddles!”

Demi ignored this comment. “I know there’s no stopping you, but keep in mind she doesn’t know better. Heck, you liked Vanessa until you met her. Remember that night we laid around your hotel room, playing with ourselves while looking at Vanessa’s nudes?”

“I remember that more because we roleplayed as a photographer and naive model, looking for her first big break,” Selena said with a smile. “Whatever happened to those pics?”

“I deleted them – we’d just seen Vanessa’s problems with nudes, I wasn’t going to have the both of us lose our jobs with Disney because you couldn’t help taking a picture of my face in your lap.”

“You’re so not fun, Demi Lovato,” Selena said with a sigh. “Hmmm… this looks interesting.”

“What?” Demi asked. “Where are you?”

“A sex shop,” Selena said.

“WHAT?!” Demi cried, loud enough to make Selena wince in her ear. “I’ve got some nice toys here with me, but if I’m going to get my revenge on that bitch Baby Sleaze and her lying little liar of a companion-”

“Lying little liar?” Demi repeated, confused. Selena ignored it and kept going.

“-then I need something new. Something kinky. Something like an under-the-bed harness system so I can chain them in place and have my way with them all night long.”

“Can’t you just egg their cars or put itching powder in their panties?” Demi asked.

“What is this, high school?” Selena said, looking over the harness package. The straps were made of Velcro, so she could easily take Ashley or Vanessa’s limbs out one-at-a-time and turn them over without ever setting them free. After the ass fucking she’d gotten last night, Selena wasn’t going to let either of her co-stars get away without having their backsides treated like Selena’s personal humping playgrounds.

Demi sighed in Selena’s ear. “I suppose you’re going to want me to come out to Florida so I can help you get your revenge.”

“No need, Demmers,” Selena says. “I know you’re busy with your tour and whatnot. But hey, do you still own that ball gag with the dildo sticking out the other side? You know, the one you made me use on your 17th Birthday- OH! Never mind, they’ve got one here! And it’s pink!”

Selena was certain she could actually hear Demi roll her eyes over the phone.

* * *

Ashley Benson was exhausted. Aside from the lack of sleep she’d gotten the night before, she’d had a busy day of shooting little scenes. Nameless, background sorta scenes, with minor dialogue at most, but requiring her to be on set and ready to go from sun up to sun down. Just her. Vanessa was gone, and Selena was… well, probably putting on a show with her loser boyfriend, trying to cover the fact that he was gayer than Elton John. Ashley would probably have to do the same with her fake boyfriend next time she got a day off, since it was her boyfriend Selena’s boyfriend was busy being gay with all the time.

All the thoughts of gay boy sex made Ashley shiver. Girl on girl sex was so much prettier. And while Ashley did like cock, last night she’d reconfirmed that it was often more fun to be wearing a cock than having one shoved in and out of you by some heavy-breathing, sweat-smelling guy. At least when Vanessa and Selena got sweaty, they looked hotter. Plus, they had boobs.

Ashley swiped her card in the elevator and rode up to her floor, thankful to be alone in the elevator. She half expected to be grabbed from behind and fucked by Selena – not that she would’ve put up much resistance. She WAS rather horny.

Still, she was also exhausted, and all she really wanted was to get to bed.

She made it to her hotel room unmolested, and quickly stripped out of her sweatshirt and short-shorts, walking around the room in the bright green thong she’d worn and nothing else. There was a noticeable wet spot in the front that she ignored as she brushed her teeth and washed her face. When she went to grab her night shirt, she paused, then decided against it. That little itch between her legs was growing, and if she wasn’t going to be forced into Selena or Vanessa’s beds tonight, she might as well take care of it before she drifted off to sleep.

Shucking the panties, she climbed into bed stark naked, reached into the small bag next to the bed, and pulled out the pretty, Opal white vibrator Troian Bellisario had given her for her 21st Birthday, along with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a note saying “Don’t do AnyONE I wouldn’t do.” She still had that note somewhere at home. The bottle was long gone, as were the boy and girl she’d gotten drunk and had a threesome with that night, but the vibrator remained, and was one of Ashley’s favorite toys.

But as soon as Ashley laid her head back on the pillows, her body’s need for something besides sex started to take over – her eyelids drooped, and she nearly dropped the vibe, she was so tired.

“Meh, sleep,” she muttered aloud, feeling like she was halfway there already. Masturbation could wait – her vibrator would still be there in the morning. She wasn’t needed on set until after noon, so she could have a lazy morning of diddling herself and taking a long, hot shower. Placing the vibe on the bedside table, Ashley rolled her naked body over onto her side, and was asleep heartbeats later.

She woke up cold, the sheets gone, and her naked body exposed, tied spread eagle on the bed, with a gag in her mouth and a vindictive looking Selena Gomez practically hanging over her face.

“You didn’t think I’d let you get away with siding with Baby Sleaze, did you?” Selena asked.

″Well, I, um, uh,″ Ashley stammered, wondering how worried she should be.

″Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you, much,″ Selena said with a smirk, reading the anxiety on Ashley’s face. ″In fact, I’m going to fuck you better than you’ve ever been fucked before.″

″That doesn’t sound so bad,″ Ashley said, her pussy practically drooling at the thought.

″It’ll be even better than it sounds,″ Selena promised, pulling out a pink ball gag. But before Ashley could ask about it Selena stuffed the pink ball into her mouth and hooked it behind her neck.

Having never had a ball gag in her mouth Ashley was a little worried at first, but quickly decided it wasn’t so bad. There were even some holes in the plastic ball to allow her to breathe if she needed it.

″A girl could really have some fun with these,″ Selena said, fondling Ashley’s impressive breasts.

Moaning, Ashley tried to grab Selena’s hands and hold them to her chest but groaned when the restraints stopped her from moving her hands more than a couple inches. Instead she lifted her shoulder and pushed her tits against Selena’s hands.

″Want me to keep playing with your titties or should I move south?″ Selena asked, using her index and middle fingers to ‘walk’ one of her hands slowly down Ashley’s rib cage.

″Loh-uh,″ Ashley tried to get out through the gag. To try to make sure Selena understood she raised her butt off the bed in an effort to ‘wave’ her pussy in the air.

″Oh shit, I forgot something,″ Selena said, suddenly leaving Ashley alone on the bed.

″Noooo,″ Ashley tried to scream into the gag. She’d been super horny before falling asleep and then Selena had done just enough to reawaken that horniness and then leave her in a lurch.

″Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a minute,″ Selena said, leaning down to give Ashley a nice long kiss that did more to increase Ashley’s arousal level than it did to relax her.

Left alone in her room, tied to the bed, with a plastic ball gag in her mouth, Ashley was momentarily left to wonder if this was Selena’s revenge. It would sure be embarrassing if a maid, or worse, a producer, walked in on her like this in the morning. But as she thought about it, she knew it was too far out of character for Selena to ignore sex when it was in the offing.

That didn’t mean Selena wasn’t going to let Ashley stew a little either. She’d run back to her room to grab a toy she’d picked up for herself while she was out shopping but decided that maybe Ashley would be a good guinea pig to try it out on. Rather than run to her room and then run back as quickly as she could though, she made it a point to dawdle a little along the way. Not too much because she was also really horny and wanted to fuck Ashley, but enough to make Ashley wonder.

With her new toy now strapped firmly around her waist, covered by the white cotton robe she was wearing, Selena slipped into the lock the key card she’d gotten from the maid she’d seduced to get into Ashley’s room in the first place. When the door unlocked Selena pushed the door open and grinned at the sight of Ashley still tied spread eagle on the bad. The ropes were loose enough that she could move a little, but not enough to actually be able to get out of them without some help.

″Miss me?″ Selena asked, striding towards the bed. ″I’ve got a big surprise for you, but I think you’ll like it. But if you don’t, I know I’ll like it and that’s really all that matters, right?″

With that, Selena moved to straddle Ashley’s stomach. When Selena walked on her knees up Ashley’s body the blonde could feel some sort of strap-on brush against her but it wasn’t until Selena was straddling her chest and pulled open her robe that Ashley finally got a look at what Selena had in store for her and gasped.

The dildo had two shafts stacked one on top of the other to penetrate both pussy and ass at the same time. Selena had originally picked it up because the box said the dildo had a suction cup on the base that she could stick to a smooth surface and penetrate both of her holes on her own the next time she felt the desire to have both holes filled again. But it also had come with a harness that made her think of using it on Ashley as well.

″You seemed to like it when I got both holes stuffed, so I thought you might like to try it,″ Selena said seductively. ″Did Baby Sleaze leave any lube here last night? Because if not then you’re really going to suck this thing, particularly the smaller one and get it soaked with your saliva before I shove it up your ass.″

″You seemed to like it when I got both holes stuffed, so I thought you might like to try it,″ Selena said seductively. ″Did Baby Sleaze leave any lube here last night? Because if not then you’re really going to suck this thing, particularly the smaller one and get it soaked with your saliva before I shove it up your ass.″

With the ball gag still in her mouth, Ashley couldn’t answer, but she nodded towards the bedside table, where there was, indeed, more lube.

“Oooh, I’ve got one of these,” Selena said, distracted by the opal vibrator Ashley had left out on the table. “My mother got it for me!”

Ashley raised an eyebrow at that.

“Yes, my mother. Gave it to me for my 18th birthday, and told me it would treat me better than any boy my age ever could.” Selena ran her hand down the simple shaft. “She wasn’t lying, but I already knew that. And I knew girls would treat me even better.”

For a long moment, Ashley feared Selena’s little trip down memory lane had distracted her – Ashley’s pussy NEEDED fucking! But Selena quickly snapped back to what she was doing, put down the opal vibrator, and went digging for lube. She came back up with a tube, and was quickly coating both shafts with it. Ashley practically moaned in anticipation, watching Selena’s delicate fingers run up and down the twin plastic cocks. Next, Selena put a dollop of the lube onto her fingers and the stuck those fingers down onto Ashley’s pussy.

“MMMMMMHHHHH!” Ashley cried out in shock from the coolness of the lube on her very hot pussy..

“Oh, is this a little cold for you?” Selena asked, her smile making it clear she knew just how cool the lube was. “Now hush and let me lube you up,” Selena said, sticking her fingers into Ashley and spreading the lube around inside Ashley’s crotch.

While she was quick, Selena was thorough, rubbing the rapidly warming lubricant all over Ashley’s vaginal walls and her pussy lips outside. It wasn’t really necessary – Ashley was soaked with desire, and would’ve easily accepted almost any type of penetration with ease. Selena knew this, but wanted to rub Ashley’s pussy once, teasing the restrained blonde before pulling her hand back, and once again recoating it with lube.

With a wicked smile, Selena jabbed her lubed finger right up into Ashley’s ass.

“MMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMMAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!” Ashley hollered, her eyes making it clear she thought Selena had stuck the tube into the mini fridge in between doses.

“Just shut up and let me lube your ass,” Selena said, shoving her finger deeper into Ashley’s backside.

By the time Selena was done the lube had started to warm up from the body heat and Ashley started to relax. Relax as much as a girl could while staring down a double barreled dildo about to fuck both of her holes at once for the first time anyway. But at least she wasn’t being distracted by the cold lube.

″Ready?″ Selena asked, sliding down the bed far enough to unhook Ashley’s legs. It didn’t really matter to Selena whether Ashley was ready or not, but she still felt marginally better when Ashley eagerly nodded her head.

Lifting Ashley’s legs off the bed Selena pushed them up into the air. Resting Ashley’s legs on her shoulders Selena reached down and grabbed the dildo. Having never used that type of toy before Selena fumbled a little bit trying to get both shafts lined up with holes but when she did she locked eyes with Ashley to let her know it was about to happen.

″Shwwwiiitttt,″ Ashley grunted as both holes were forced open at the same time. It was even more intense for her than for it had been for Selena because Selena had at least been able to adjust to having one a toy in one hole before the other one got filled.

With just the tips of the toy imbedded in Ashley Selena stopped to give her a moment. When Ashley’s body seemed to calm down and her eyes opened Selena eased forward once more, working another inch or two into the blonde.

″Does it feel good?″ Selena asked, truly interested in Ashley’s opinion. If it hurt too much or just didn’t feel right then it would make her less likely to try it herself.

When Ashley nodded tentatively Selena decided that was good enough for her. Even though she wasn’t nodding vigorously or anything, it was her first double penetration and she only had maybe half of the cocks inside her. By the time she got used to having them all the way inside her and fucking away Selena was sure those tentative nods would become more eager.

Sliding some of the toys out Selena made extra sure to keep at least a little inside Ashley so she wouldn’t have to go through the initial penetration again. When just the heads were still inside the blonde Selena pushed forward with a little more force, plowing about three quarters of the toy into Ashley’s holes.

″Huck,″ Ashley moaned, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as the feeling threatened to overwhelm her.

″Is that a good ‘fuck’ or a bad ‘fuck’ Ashley?″ Selena asked. It looked like a good one but with the ball gag blocking the actual words Selena couldn’t quite make out the underlying tone.

″Ood,″ Ashley said, nodding her head and pushing her crotch against Selena to let her know she could continue.

As Selena worked the rest of the toy into Ashley was amazed at what it felt like. There had been quite a bit of pain at first with both holes being stretched at the same time, and even still there was some uncomfortableness but everything was stretched so tightly that all the nerves in the area seem to be pressed right up against one of the shafts.

Being careful Selena started to fuck Ashley using about half of the toy. Both were still new to this toy so she didn’t want to go too fast too soon and push Ashley past her boundaries. But when she remembered the vibrators implanted in the tips Selena got a mischievous grin.

Grabbing the remote that was clipped to the harness Selena decided to experiment a bit. She turned on the vibrator in the bigger shaft that was currently inside Ashley’s pussy to the lowest speed. At first nothing seemed to happen and then Ashley’s opened a little wider and her moans got a little louder as she felt the light rumbles deep inside her.

Continuing to slowly fuck Ashley Selena turned up the speed and with each speed she went up Ashley’s body trembled harder and by the time Selena reached the highest speed Ashley bit down on the ball gag, arched her back, and exploded into perhaps the best orgasm she’d ever had.

As Ashley climaxed Selena kept the vibrations turned up but as she started to come down Selena followed suit before turning them off altogether. When Ashley started to come back around Selena decided it was time to see what would happen with the anal vibrations.

Following the same pattern Selena turned on the vibrator in the other shaft and like before she could see the impact all over Ashley’s face. They weren’t quite as strong as with her pussy, but at the same time she was still super sensitive from her orgasm so the net effect was roughly similar.

When Ashley roared through her second orgasm Selena set both vibrators for the lowest speed just to give Ashley a little something extra and then set about making sure she got her own orgasm. Sometime in the next couple days she could experiment with the toy some more but at the moment she wanted nothing more than to come while fucking the shit out of Ashley.

Clipping the remote back on the harness Selena put her hands on the bed and went to town. Lowering her head Selena watched the toy slide in and out of Ashley’s pussy and felt a small spasm in her pussy at the sight.

After a couple minutes of furious pumping Selena finally felt herself start to approach the point of no return. Dropping down to her elbows Selena pressed her chest against Ashley’s, feeling their breasts rub against each other with each thrust. The extra stimulation was just enough to push Selena over the edge.

″Oh god,″ Selena screamed, burying the dildos into Ashley one last time as her orgasm shot through her. Ripples of pleasure flowed throughout her body, tensing and flexing muscles as they went and leaving them wiped out as she collapsed on top of Ashley.

When Selena stirred a couple minutes later Ashley was trying to say something through the gag with little success. Slowly reaching up Selena undid the hook on the gag and removed it from Ashley’s mouth.

″Wow,″ Ashley said, flexing her jaw to get the blood flowing in it again like she’d just gotten done giving a marathon oral sex session.

″I’m too tired to go back to my room,″ Selena said, turning off the vibrators and carefully slipping the toy from Ashley’s holes with a popping sound. ″If I untie you, can I sleep here?″

″After that you can do pretty much anything to me you want,″ Ashley said as Selena unhooked her hands from the ropes.

″I’ll leave the restraints hooked to the bed in case we feel the need to use them later,″ Selena said, pulling the blankets over them.

″Good idea,″ Ashley said, her eyelids drooping as the exhaustion set in.

* * *

If you had to go from Florida to New York City in the middle of March, Vanessa Hudgens had picked the best possible time to do so. A freak warm streak had the temperatures close to 80, and Baby V could hardly tell she wasn’t still on the Spring Breakers set.

Except for all the sex she wasn’t getting.

“So, yeah, the boyfriend’s here, and now I gotta act all in love with him and whatnot,” Vanessa said into her phone. “Get caught on camera with him a few places, so his big secret doesn’t get out. It‘s all an awful publicity stunt, but can‘t have all the little impressionable girls in the heartland thinking it‘s okay to be single for more than twenty minutes.”

“Jeeze, V, why don’t you find a guy who’s NOT gay for once?” Vanessa’s younger sister, Stella, asked from her end of the phone.

“Because then he’d probably actually want to have sex with me all the time, and that might stop me from getting with girls when I want to.”

“Oh please, no boy is going to tell you NOT to have sex with other women.”

“You’d be surprised,” Vanessa said. “Listen, I gotta go, Stella. Give me a call on Monday and let me know what you’re up to. Maybe we can get together during my next break.”

“Ok,” Stella said. “I do miss you, big sis.”

“Back at ya, lil’ sis,” Vanessa said, hanging up the phone. She sighed to herself and looked around. There was a coffee place across the street. She could duck in there and hopefully avoid the paparazzi – and ignore the fact that she was supposed to be with her boyfriend at the moment.

The coffee shop – some nameless joint that tried to be part Starbucks, part Mom and Pop operation, smelled better than it looked, with the wafting aroma of coffee filling Vanessa’s nostrils before she could even open the door. That right away put her in a better mood. The cute barista behind the bar did even more.

“What can I get you?” he asked. Tall – though compared to Vanessa, that wasn’t saying much – with sandy brown hair, deep green eyes, and a smile good enough to be in the movies, his nametag read Tod, with just the one D, and he seemed genuinely glad to see her.

Of course, it could’ve been the fact that Vanessa was the only customer in the joint.

“Hi,” Vanessa said. “What have you got in the extra-tall market? Besides yourself, that is?” she said, putting on her best flirt.

* * *

Tod with just the one D slammed Vanessa’s body back against the cardboard boxes, most filled with bags of coffee, though some had coffee cups or napkins or straws in them. Vanessa only knew this because a couple of them fell over, spilling out all over the storeroom floor as Tod pushed her on top of some of the sturdier boxes in order to get at her box. Of course, to do that, he’d have to get past her pants – not that Vanessa would let her pants provide too much obstacle when she was in need of a good, strong fucking.

Tod began taking off his own pants, clearly in a rush to release his cock from it’s confines. As it sprung into view, Vanessa cooed appreciatively. It wasn’t the biggest cock she’d ever had, but it wasn’t the smallest, either, and it was clearly hard and ready to go.

“I, uh, I have a condom here somewhere,” Tod said, reaching down for his pants.

“Oh, Tod, I don’t want some silly condom you’ve had in your wallet for half a decade – I’ve got some fresh ones in my purse,” she said, motioning towards the black designer bag she’d dropped just as they’d entered the storeroom.

As Tod moved to get the bag, Vanessa hopped down off the boxes and stripped out of her pants and shucked her panties. She left her shirt on – it was barely there as it was, cut to look like it was half ripped, with ample cleavage and all sorts of midriff exposed. Her sunglasses were already back in her purse, but she paused long enough to undo the tie in her hair, letting the tight bun free to cascade down her back. When Tod turned around, he almost dropped the condom he held.

“Wow,” was all her could say.

“Thank you, Tod. Now how about you throw that sucker on and get me back up on these boxes?”

Poor Tod fumbled with the condom for almost a minute before Vanessa sighed and walked over to him. She took the package from his hand, deftly ripped it open, and dropped to her knees before him.

“My my, what a tasty dick we have here,” Vanessa said, giving it a playful lick before placing the condom on the tip of it. Oh-so-slowly, she rolled the latex down over Tod’s erection, the expression on his face making it clear that only through extreme application of willpower was he NOT filling the condom that very second.

“So, Tod – how do you want me?” Vanessa asked. “On one of these boxes? Maybe bending over a couple? Or are you just going to throw me on the floor and have your way with me?”

Tod actually looked at his watch. “I’ve only got five more minutes of break,” he said, grabbing Vanessa by the shoulders and spinning her around. He pushed her down over a couple of the boxes, spread her legs, and was up inside her pussy with one mighty shove.

“Mmmmmm,” Vanessa moaned. Oh, this was nice. A good, hard, hot cock between her legs. Tod began sliding in and out of her like a piston, driving his manhood deeper and deeper into her.

Vanessa almost never did this, hooking up with strange guys, or even girls for that matter, but one of the few things she grudgingly gave credit to Selena for was the ability to take whatever pleasure she can get whenever she can. And right now Vanessa benefiting from that kind of thinking as Tod grabbed hold of her hips.

Being as tiny as she was Vanessa’s pussy was just as tight and it gripped and squeezed Tod’s cock in a seeming death grip with each thrust. Even through the layer of latex engulfing his manhood it still felt a little like an anaconda wrapped around it trying to squeeze the life out of it. Which is to say, it was among the best feelings in the world and Tod wished he had more than a few minutes left on his break to enjoy the sensation.

″Fuck me harder,″ Vanessa moaned, pushing her ass back against him to meet his thrusts.

It had been a few months since Vanessa had been with a guy and while she had no plans of switching back to sausage even on a regular basis, they did have their advantages. Like how because they were born with their cock they had a level of experience using it that only the sluttiest lesbian ever could approach. Not to mention how when they got ready to come it actually pulsed and throbbed in such a pleasurable way that no hunk of plastic could replicate.

Of course, that didn’t change the fact that for the vast majority of the time, women just looked better, smelled better, felt better, tasted better, etcetera. Which was precisely why Vanessa preferred to share her bed with women, though she did get a craving for a guy every now and then. Usually she just called up an ex when the craving hit and let him service her but being in New York she didn’t have any handy.

″Fuck that tight little pussy,″ Vanessa moaned, feeling her orgasm start to approach. She knew it wasn’t going to be a mind blowing one with so little time to build up to it, but if ‘Tod with one D’, as she’d started thinking of him, was able to get her even that far in such a small time frame then it was an impressive feat.

″Gonna come soon,″ Tod grunted, feeling the jizz start to boil in his balls.

″Just a little more,″ Vanessa hissed breathlessly, reaching down to frig her clit in hopes of getting just that extra little bit that she needed to finish herself off.

Gritting his teeth Tod tried to think of baseball. Being from Baltimore originally his mind automatically went to the Orioles. He tried to name the starting rotation but after he named Zach Britton he realized he had no idea who was supposed to be after him. Luckily that inner debate helped take him mind off his problem just long enough.

″Gonna come,″ Vanessa hissed, trying to keep her voice down so that any customers that might be on the other side of the door wouldn’t hear.

With that announcement Tod gripped her hips tightly and began to power into her with everything he had. No longer needing to hold back he fucked her with short, fast strokes and soon found himself on the verge of orgasm.

Feeling Tod’s cock start to throb inside her sent Vanessa over the edge. With a stifled scream her head lowered and her pussy clamped down on his cock. Her eyes clenched closed and she bit her lip as the climax rocked her.

Slowly slipping out of her Tod helped her turn around and lean against the boxes. She had a dreamy look on her face and her eyes were only half open as the after effects of her orgasm still washed over her.

″That was really good,″ Vanessa said when she had enough of her faculties back to form a sentence. ″If you drop by my hotel before I leave town in a couple days I might be willing to let you see what you can do with more than a few minutes.″

″Definitely,″ Tod said, nodding as she picked her pants up off the floor and reached into the pocket to pull out a card with the name and address of her hotel on it.

″Make sure you get there between nine and midnight,″ Vanessa said, pulling up her pants. ″If you’re there before nine I’ll probably be out and if you’re after midnight I’ll probably be too tired to do anything.″

″I’ll be there before midnight,″ Tod said. ″Are you going to tell me your name?″

Thinking for a moment Vanessa decided not to give him her real name. If he knew who she was he wasn’t telling and if he didn’t then it wouldn’t hurt to try to keep it that way. ″It’s Selena.″

″I’ll see you later, Selena,″ Tod said as Vanessa straightened up her clothes.

″Looking forward to it,″ Vanessa said, sticking her head out of the door to make sure the coast was clear. She didn’t have to worry because the place was as empty as when she’d first walked in. As Tod set about cleaning up the stuff they’d knocked over Vanessa slipped out of the supply closet and walked out of the door, but not before making a stop at the tip jar to make a little donation.

* * *

The Southern Beaver was about as dive a bar as you could get without actually being a dive. Faux Dive, Ashley Benson supposed. The seats were meant to look old and beat up, the sound system was supposed to look like a rusted jukebox with records in it, despite being a modern MP3 player, and the plastic alligator hanging over the bar was supposed to look like a real mounted alligator – so long as you didn’t look too close. But the seats were surprisingly ergonomic, all the music was current, and the clientele looked like the closest they’d ever get to a real mounted alligator was if they were wearing crocodile skin boots.

“Why are we here again?” Ashley asked.

“To get drunk, of course,” Selena Gomez replied. “And maybe get laid, too.”

“We could do that back in the hotel, and there’d be no question about getting laid,” Ashley said. Not that Selena would have trouble getting laid here, either. Not in cut-off overalls and a bikini top that left almost all the rest of her skin bare. Ashley wasn’t wearing a hole lot more, with a tank-top and shorts, but Selena was drawing almost every eye in the place, male and female.

“Yeah, but we’ve only left the hotel for work in the last few days,” Selena said. “I wanna get out, fuck someone I haven’t already tied to a bed and single-handedly double-teamed.”

“But why here?” Ashley asked.

“Because it’s enough of a dive that no one will recognize us, but not so much an actual dive that we might pick up something just for sitting on the chairs.”

Ashley looked down at her chair, just in case.

“So, boys or girls tonight?” Selena asked, taking a long sip from her Long Island Ice Tea.


“Do you want to flirt with boys or girls tonight? I’ve tried flirting with both on the same night, and it generally doesn’t work out – though I did once get a married couple who wanted a threesome. Didn’t work out for me – the guy shot his load thirty seconds after I started making out with his wife, and even after watching the two of us girls together AND some serious oral efforts, he just couldn’t get hard again.” Selena sounded genuinely remorseful at this lost opportunity.

Ashley thought about it a moment. It had been a while since she’d gotten any real cock, and her fake boyfriend wasn’t likely to give her any. And maybe there was some attractive choices around here somewhere.

“Boys, I guess,” Ashley said, sipping her own drink – an appropriate Sex on the Beach.

“Good, I was hoping you’d say that,” Selena said. “So, should we bet on it?”

“Bet on what?”

“To see who lands a guy first.”


“Yeah – Samantha Droke showed me and Demi how to do it when she snuck us into our first bar while filming Princess Protection Program. First girl to pick up a guy to go home with her – without just telling him you want him for sex – wins.”

“What do you win?” Ashley asked. “Bragging rights?”

“That, and whatever we decide on. Demi, Sam, and I bet money – Sam won that, though probably because she could actually legally buy her guy a drink. I’ve done it with Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy where we bet sexual favors – I won that one, and Leighton and Katie both had to go down on me in the morning.”

“Lucky,” Ashley said. “We play a game a little like it on PLL – we bet to see which girl can pick up a cute extra while we film certain scenes with all 4 of us. Shay ALWAYS wins, though – being a lesbian icon and whatnot, she’s got extras just throwing themselves at her.”

“Mmmm… I’d throw myself at Shay Mitchell, too,” Selena said. “So, money, sex, or something else?” Selena asked.

“We usually play for money, just a few bucks, nothing big. But I guess I’d be up for just about anything,” Ashley said, spotting a cute guy in the corner looking her up and down.

“Anything, huh?” Selena asked, the wheels in her head turning. “What about naked pictures?”

“Excuse me?” Ashley choked, nearly spitting out her drink.

“Winner gets to take naked pictures of the loser. Say, five pictures in whatever pose or content they want?” Selena suggested, already picturing Ashley on her knees with a vibrator shoved up her cooch.

“I don’t know, what if someone sees?” Ashley asked, wary of the rash of leaked pictures over the last couple years.

“That’s part of the fun,” Selena said, trying to cajole Ashley into agreeing. “Besides, we’ll take precautions. We’ll use a digital camera instead of our phones and we won’t e-mail them to anyone. They’ll be just for the winner.”

“If I turn on my computer in a couple months and find my tits plastered all over TMI, I’m going to kill you,” Ashley sighed, shaking Selena’s hand to seal the bet.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a guy in a cowboy hat over there that’s been trying to see through my overalls since we walked in,” Selena said, sliding off her chair.

The moment Selena walked away, Ashley noticed the guy in the corner that had been checking her got up to make his move. Acting coy Ashley focused on her drink rather than the guy approaching her.

“I couldn’t help but notice you across the room,” the guy said when he was standing next to the table. “I also know that’s an extremely overused line, but I got nothing else. I just needed an excuse to talk to you and everything else that came to my mind was even worse.”

“I guess you could’ve used something really corny about angels falling from heaven,” Ashley said.

“Mind if I sit?” he asked. When she nodded, he slid into the chair Selena had just vacated. “Name’s Louis.”

“Ashley,” she said, discreetly sticking her chest out as she reached out to shake his hand.

“That little bitch,” Selena muttered to herself as she watched Ashley use her tits in such a shameless manner. Really though she was just mad that she hadn’t used that trick first.

“So, you from around here?” cowboy hat asked, though he preferred to be known as Jay.

“Nope, just down here on vacation, looking for some fun,” Selena responded, putting all sorts of emphasis on the last word. They weren’t supposed to come right out and say they wanted sex, but as far as Selena was concerned there wasn’t anything in the rules about making it plain as day without actually saying it.

“How about I buy you a drink and we can talk about what kind of fun you’re looking for,” Jay said, motioning for the bartender to bring them both another round.

And so it went with the two girls unabashedly flirting with the guys while also sneaking the occasional glance over the other to make sure they weren’t being left behind. When Ashley and Louis got up to dance, Selena grabbed Jay’s hand and pulled him towards the dance floor so she could continue to keep an eye on her blonde friend.

As the music bumped Selena pressed her body against Jay’s. She could feel the growing lump in the front of his pants that told her he was more than interested. Turning around she pressed her ass against his crotch and began to grind it against him as his hands roamed her body.

“Want to get out of here?” Jay asked when the song ended, reading the signals coming off Selena like they written on a billboard outside his bedroom window.

“Definitely,” Selena said.

“My place or yours?” Jay asked, putting an arm around her waist.

Not wanting to have to keep track of a purse, Selena had only brought a few things with her. She had a little cash that in her front pocket with her fake ID in case someone carded her but as she patted her pockets she realized that she’d completely forgotten her room key.

“I guess yours,” Selena said as another idea formed in her head. “Unless you want to drop by a friend’s room first.”

“There’s no friend of mine I wanna see right now,” Jay said.

“I meant a friend of mine’s. Come on, let’s see if she’s back yet,” Selena said, dragging Jay out of the bar. “If she’s not there, here loss.” Selena smiled to herself, looking forward to having naked pictures of Ashley.

* * *

Louis was a smidge on the shorter side, height wise, but he packed it in his pants. A solid 8 inches, judging by the tent his tighty whiteys were showing. It had been SOOO long since Ashley’d had a cock that, well, that long.

Ashley lay back on her bed, spreading her legs wide. Her shorts were long gone, not making it much past the door. Her tank top was flung over her chair, and her bra was discarded somewhere between there and the bed. Only her thong remained, and frankly, Ashley wasn’t willing to wait to remove it.

“Hurry up, big boy,” she said, actually pulling her panties aside as Louis scrambled out of his underwear, releasing that glorious monster he was packing. Ashley groaned in anticipation. It was like something out of a porn movie!

Louis was just about to get on the bed when there was a knock on the door.

“Anybody home?” Selena’s voice called out.

Ashley jumped up, ignoring her near-nakedness, and raced to the door. Flinging it open, she greeted Selena and Jay wearing just her pulled-aside thong.

“Oh, Hi, Selena,” Ashley grinned. “Are you finally back? Louis and I have been back for AGES now.”

“You bitch,” Selena muttered. “Fine, you win. Care for some company?”

“What?” Ashley asked.

“Company,” Selena said, pushing Jay inside. “You got a queen sized bed, let’s share it, shall we?”

Ashley started to protest, but Selena walked in past her, already undoing one of her over-all straps. “Whoa, nice package there, dude,” the younger Spring Breaker said upon seeing Louis’ naked body.

“Sure, come on in,” Ashley grumbled. Doing a belated look up and down the hallway, Ashley didn’t see anyone else, and quickly shut the door behind her.

Selena was already crawling on the bed, dragging Jay with her as her eyes were locked on Louis’ giant cock.

“Don’t you dare touch him before I do,” Ashley snapped, rushing over to leap on the bed.

“I thought you’d been here for ages,” Selena teased, reaching out and grabbing Louis’ manhood and giving it a quick yank.

“Oh, it is SO on,” Ashley said, reaching over and pawing at Jay’s crotch – which was still covered by his pants. Considering Selena was already down to just her bikini top and panties, he was by far the most over-dressed in the room.

“You wanna swap before we even start?” Selena asked, still gripping Louis’ cock.

“NO!” Ashley said. “I want THAT thing inside me first. Right now, even,” Ashley moaned, letting go of Jay and actually climbing over Selena to get at Louis.

“Okay, but let me know when you want to tag out,” Selena said, rolling over and kissing Jay while undoing the buttons on his shirt as she did so. Jay reached down and cupped Selena’s ass, covered now only by the thong she’d worn under her overalls, which she’d removed at some point when Ashley wasn’t looking.

Ashley reached naked Louis and almost immediately stuffed the head of his cock into her mouth. Ashley wasn’t a fan of giving guys blowjobs – they almost ALWAYS filled her mouth without warning her – but she just HAD to get her lips around this giant bad-boy. Her head bobbed up and down on Louis’ shaft, coating it with her saliva, while one of her hands cupped his balls and tickled them as she slowly took more and more of his man meat in her mouth.

Selena wasn’t just sitting there, waiting for Ashley to finish her tongue work. Selena was practically tearing Jay’s clothes off, his shirt long gone and his shorts around his ankles. And while he might not have been as impressive as Louis in the length department, he more than made up for it in the width compartment.

“My my, what a fat cock you have,” Selena said with a sing-song voice. “All the better to fuck me with?”

“Absolutely,” Jay said, rolling Selena over onto her back and pressing his thick cock against her thong-covered crotch. “You better get that thing off before I just rip through it.”

“Mmmm, I almost want to see you try,” Selena said, but she reached down and pushed him back enough so that she could shuck the thong, tossing it across the room to be found sometime much later. She then lay back, spread her legs wide, and accepted Jay’s cock into her without preamble.

“Oooh, FUCK!” Selena gasped as Jay’s fat cock slid into her sopping wet pussy. “Oh, Jay, you’re so BIG!”

Ashley frowned as she heard this, and pulled her mouth off Louis’ shaft. “You bitch,” she muttered over her shoulder at Selena before crawling up Louis until she could place her own dripping slit above his large shaft.

“You ready?” Ashley asked.

“Hell yes!” Louis said, reaching up to cup Ashley’s ass, and gently guiding her down onto his impressive rod.

“Mmmmmm,” Ashley said, easing her way down, bit by bit. Louis was easily the biggest man she’d ever had – though she’d had a dildo or two larger over the course of her sexual career. But unlike a lot of guys with big cocks, Louis knew to be slow and gentle with Ashley if he wanted to get himself all the way in without hurting her – especially with Ashley on top. While he held her ass, she was in control of how far and how fast she came down on his dick.

“Oh, wow,” Selena said, glancing over from where Jay was pounding her. The sight of Ashley’s pussy sliding down on Louis was mesmerizing, the perfect visual accompaniment to the solid fucking Selena was getting. Just watching Ashley get that long shaft up inside her was enough for Selena to start worrying she was going to climax sooner rather than later.

When Ashley finally bottomed out on Louis’ cock she sighed and stayed still for a moment. She felt full in all the right places and as she started to raise up she felt a little emptiness inside her.

“Fuck my slutty little pussy,” Selena hissed at Jay as he worked her over.

Selena was in absolute heaven as her pussy stretched around Jay’s cock but being the slut that she was she couldn’t help but wonder what Louis’ cock would feel like inside her. That led her to wonder what it would feel like to have both of them inside her, though she figured that one might have to wait until later.

“Uh, want to, uh, switch?” Selena asked, her eyes focused on Ashley as she bounced on top of Louis. His dick was long enough that even raising up as far as she could on her knees Ashley still wasn’t in danger of having it fall out of her.

“Not yet,” Ashley said, not feeling like sharing at the moment, though she did have her eye on Jay’s cock as it stretched out Selena’s pussy.

As much fun as Selena and Ashley were having, they weren’t the only ones enjoying themselves. Jay had just dropped by his favorite bar to have a couple beers and play a little pool, and then found himself with a hot little piece of Latina ass grinding against him on the dance floor. He wasn’t even sure how old she was, but she took his cock like a champ and no matter how hard he drove into her she seemed to love it and wanted more.

For Louis, he’d been at the bar to meet a friend, who’d never shown up. He’d been about ready to leave when these two cute girls walked in. The blonde, and her tits, had really captured his eye so when her friend had slipped off he’d taken the opportunity to at least talk to her. He hadn’t expected to be laying on his back while she bounced on top of him with her friend just inches away talking about switching. To say it was the best day of his life would be an understatement.

“If you make me come you can fuck Ashley over there,” Selena said, feeling her orgasm off in the distance. She wanted to make sure Jay had a carrot in front of his nose to motivate him though she didn’t think he’d actually need it. He was fucking her like a machine and didn’t seem to be showing any sign of slowing down.

“Does she have any say in that?” Jay asked, giving Selena an extra hard thrust for emphasis.

“She’s almost as, uh, big a slut as me,” Selena grunted, pawing at her breasts to get a little extra stimulation. “She’ll totally let you, uh, fuck her. But you gotta make me, uh, come first.”

Turning his head to look at Ashley he saw that her eyes focused on where his cock was pistoning in and out of Selena. That told him all he needed to know about whether Selena was telling the truth or not. And that gave him all the motivation he needed.

Tapping into a previously untapped reserve of strength Jay began to really power his way into Selena’s snatch. Her grunts and moans increased in volume to the point that Jay was worried someone in a neighboring room might call security but he pushed that out of his mind as he set about making Selena explode on his cock.

Watching Jay ramp up his already impressive speed put Ashley into overdrive as well. She knew that when Selena came Jay would be looking to make good on Selena’s promise that he could her and she wanted to come all over Louis if possible before that happened.

“So good, so close,” Selena moaned, needing just a little extra to push her over the edge. “Play with my asshole.”

“Okay,” Jay said, the request taking him by surprise. He wasn’t averse to a little anal play, but normally he had to be the one to initiate it. He rarely had a woman say no to it if she actually gave it a fair try, but this was the first time a woman had actually told him to do it without him introducing her to it. “Suck on my finger.”

When Selena had gotten his finger nice and wet with her saliva he slowed down enough that he could reach underneath her and grab her ass as he fucked her. Slipping his finger between the cheeks he found the little dimple of her asshole. Splitting his concentration he ran the tip of his finger around the edge of her anus as he pushed his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck, here I come,” Selena screamed when Jay pressed the tip of his finger against the center of her asshole and it started to force its way in.

As Selena’s cunt clamped down on him Jay clenched his eyes and gritted his teeth. He pushed in as far as he could and then stayed stock still to help ride out the wave of orgasm that Selena was going through. Her body thrashed around underneath him for a few moments before she arched her back and went stiff as a board.

When she finally moaned and went limp Jay took the opportunity to move again. He started fucking her with slow strokes knowing that she’d probably extremely sensitive after an orgasm like that and didn’t want to overload her too much.

Watching Selena rocked by a monster quake pushed Ashley to the brink as well. When she saw that Jay was still hard and back to fucking Selena the thought of having it inside her pushed her over the edge.

With a scream she bucked on top of Louis. Slamming down on his cock she took all of it into her and the fullness that accompanied it pushed her climax even higher. Putting her hands on his chest to steady her she shook in pleasure before collapsing on top of him.

“I’m gonna come,” Louis said as Ashley lay on top of him. He’d tried to ride it out like Jay but sight of Ashley’s tits shaking on top of him while she came had been just too much for him.

“Pull out,” Selena said, looking to satisfy another craving that she rarely had, but when she got she had to fill.

Pushing Ashley off of Louis Selena grabbed his cock. It was still slick with Ashley’s juices as she gave it a couple strokes with her hand. Feeling it start to pulse in her palm Selena quickly wrapped her lips around the head just in time for the first spurt of come to erupt into her mouth. When the second and third spurts followed Selena was amazed at the volume and decided that she definitely needed to share.

Pulling off Louis’ deflating cock Selena moved to where Ashley was laying on her back next to him. Grabbing her Selena kissed her. When Ashley moaned and opened her mouth Selena passed some of Louis’ load to her. At first Ashley was shocked and had no idea what Selena was trying to do but when she realized what it was she really got off on how naughty it was to pass a guy’s jizz back and forth between them while the guys watched them.

The room was silent for a long moment, until Jay let out a quiet “Whoa.”

“I’ve never done THAT before,” Ashley said.

“I haven’t done it much, either,” Selena confessed, gently playing with one of Ashley’s nipples. “Only once or twice.”

“That was insanely hot,” Louis said. As if to provide evidence to that fact, Louis’ cock was rising back to full staff. Across the bed, Jay’s was, too.

“So, still up for swapping?” Ashley asked.

Selena didn’t need to be asked twice. The girls quickly moved about, with Ashley laying on her back for Jay’s cock, while Selena stroked and licked Louis’ staff.

“Mmmm, you’re so THICK!” Ashley groaned in delight as Jay slowly but easily slid his manhood deep inside her. Despite her orgasm – or perhaps because of it – she was still soaked down there, and Jay was able to put his full, thick length into her without issue.

Selena, however, had other ideas. Part of her wanted to feel Louis’ long member slide up into her pussy, but another, dirtier part needed it somewhere else.

“Fuck my ass,” Selena said, laying down on her stomach next to Louis.

“Seriously?” Louis asked, surprised.

“If you don’t move quickly, I’ll say no,” Selena said, wiggling her rear end a little as if to emphasize her point. She needn’t have bothered – Louis was already moving to straddle her from behind.

“Fuck my pussy first – get yourself good and lubed,” Selena instructed. Louis followed directions well, sliding his long cock up into Selena’s pussy with relative ease. Considering his cock was already coated with juices from fucking Ashley, and Selena was practically flooded with her own natural lube. After five or six really good shoves up into Selena’s pussy, Louis was more than coated enough.

Carefully, Louis lined his shaft up against Selena’s puckered hole, gently but firmly easing himself inside the Disney starlet’s backdoor.

“Ooooh!” Selena moaned before suddenly gasping as Louis’ head popped past the ring of her ass, and suddenly his shaft was sliding up inside her rear.

“Oh, wow,” Ashley moaned, her head rolled to the side to watch Selena’s anal penetration, all while Jay was pounding away into Ashley like a jackhammer. Ashley was a bit mesmerized by the erotic sight, and her fingers quickly dipped down to run over her clit, adding another sensation to the already fantastic fucking she was getting from Jay.

“Keep going,” Selena instructed Louis, her hands gripping the sheets tightly. Louis was easily the largest man to ever get up her ass, and he seemed to keep pushing in further and further and further. Selena wished she had some sort of mirror or camera – she couldn’t see how much further it would be until Louis bottomed out, but every inch into her he pressed filled her more and more, driving her that much more wild.

“God, I’m gonna cum,” Ashley moaned, unable to wait much longer. This was, by far, one of the hottest things she’d ever seen.

“You want me to stop?” Jay asked.

“NO!” Ashley yelled. “Fuck me, Jay! Fuck me so good, so hard! Harder! HARDER! FUUUUCKKKYESSSSSSSSS!!!!” Ashley bellowed as her second orgasm of the night shattered through her body. Making her eyes roll up into her head and sending her world black.

“God, I love watching women cum,” Selena muttered to herself. It seemed like the moment Ashley’s body went limp, Louis’s balls came in contact with Selena’s ass, and he could go no further into her. He held there for a long moment, letting her get used to all 8 inches inside before slowly starting to pull out.

“Oh, fuck YES!” Selena groaned. She loved every second of Louis pulling out until just the head of his cock remained inside her. Then he started forward again.

For the next couple of minutes, Louis slowly fucked Selena’s ass, driving her crazy as he went all the way in and pulled almost all the way out. Each time, he moved a little faster, and a little harder. Finally, as Ashley came around enough to watch coherently again, Louis was able to slide in and out of Selena with relative ease, and he was happily fucking her perky little butt.

“Mmm, still hot,” Ashley said.

“So Goood!” Selena moaned. It was pretty clear to Ashley that Selena was close to getting off on her anal fun. Feeling impish, Ashley slid across the bed some and started to kiss Selena as the younger girl continued to be ass fucked, actually reaching under her to squeeze one of Selena’s nipples.

“Nnnggghhhh!!!” Selena groaned. She would’ve told everyone she was almost there, but with Ashley’s tongue in her mouth, she could hardly speak. It didn’t matter – Louis wasn’t going to stop until he shot his load inside Selena’s butt, and he was nearly there.

In a race between them, Selena crossed the climax line first, her young body quivering in delight as orgasm flattened her body. It might have been her climax that set Louis off, however, because he started filling Selena’s ass with his hot cum seconds later, nearly falling atop Selena as his arms gave out under him.

“So fucking hot,” Jay said. He was still inside Ashley, though his pace had slowed dramatically since she came, more of an occasional stroke than actual fucking. Ashley’d almost forgotten about him.

“You wanna see something hotter?” Ashley said, that same mischievous smile on her face.

“Fuck yes,” Jay replied.

“Come here, Louis,” Ashley said, beckoning him. Louis managed to get up on his knees and work his way over to Ashley’s head. As Selena watched, enraptured, Ashley took Louis’ cock into her mouth, and cleaned the shrinking member with her tongue, easily tasting both Louis’ cum and Selena’s ass on the shaft.

“ATM?” Jay said, amazed. His eyes went wide, and he made three quick strokes into Ashley before pulling out and blowing his load all over her taunt little stomach.

Selena and Ashley traded looks before breaking down into huge fits of laughter.

* * *

Vanessa yawned as she walked through the door of the building at what seemed like the break of dawn even though it was more like eight. She had a meeting with a casting director and it was one of the main reasons she was in New York in the first place.

Paramount was putting together a remake of Flashdance and her agent had scored an audition for the lead. They were trying to keep things quiet for the moment so it was all being done on the down low, hence the cover of her being in New York to visit her boyfriend.

“Vanessa Hudgens for Anthony Pierce,” Vanessa told the receptionist.

“I’ll let him know you’re here,” the receptionist said, picking up the phone.

Picking up a celebrity gossip magazine Vanessa started to leaf through it. She snorted every time she saw them gushing over a couple that Vanessa knew for a fact to be little more than PR fabrications. In fact, most of the magazine seemed devoted to relationships that were about as real as her own.

“Vanessa?” a female voice said, causing Vanessa to look up.

“Jennifer? Hey girl,” Vanessa said, recognizing Jennifer Lawrence from when they’d gone through the auditioning process for The Hunger Games and kept in touch ever since. The press had portrayed Vanessa as the early favorite for the role of Katniss but in reality she’d known pretty early on that she wasn’t right for the role, which had made it so much easier to cheer for someone as genuinely nice as Jennifer to land such a coveted role.

“What are you doing here?” Jennifer asked, sitting next to Vanessa.

“Please tell me you’re not here to audition for Flashdance,” Vanessa said, knowing that with Jennifer’s exploding name recognition and clout she could have pretty much any role she wanted.

“No, my agent looked into it but they want to start filming before Catching Fire is scheduled to wrap so the schedules don’t match up,” Jennifer said, referring to the second Hunger Games book. “In fact, I’m here to help audition a couple finalists for Catching Fire.”

“So, how’s the boyfriend?” Vanessa asked, remembering that Jennifer was in what seemed like one of the few relationships in Hollywood that was actually real.

“It’s been better,” Jennifer sighed. “We had a big fight before I left on this big press tour and now he’s not taking my calls.”

“I hope it’s nothing serious,” Vanessa said, feeling a little guilty that the first thing she thought of upon hearing the news was that it might give her an opening to seduce Jennifer.

“Oh you know, the usual story,” Jennifer explained. “We’ve both gotten busy with our careers and don’t see each other as much as we used to and photographers follow us around and make it almost impossible to have a private moment. Then on top of that I was heading out on a round of premieres and events for a couple weeks.”

“I’ve been there,” Vanessa said. “After a while you either learn to adjust to the pressure and make time for each other or you let it break you up.”

“Vanessa, Mr. Pierce will see you now,” the receptionist said.

“After this I think I’ll hit the gym back at the hotel but you should come by when you’re done. We’ll get room service and hang out,” Vanessa suggested.

“I’d like that,” Jennifer said.

* * *

Opening her eyes Selena immediately closed them and groaned at the sudden light. With her eyes still clenched shut she lifted her arms and started to stretch them out to her sides but was startled when her hands bumped bodies on either side of her.

With memories of the previous night flooding back Selena couldn’t help but smile at the warmth that spread through her at the thoughts. Opening her eyes once more she saw Jay sleeping on one side of her. Turning her head she saw Ashley sleeping on the other side, with Louis on the side of her.

Many of the blankets that had started the night on the bed had kicked off or discarded during the night. Selena could feel a sheet draped across her legs to about the knee and it looked like it extended up to just below Ashley’s butt as she slept on her stomach. Selena couldn’t see enough of Louis to tell if he had any covers on but she didn’t see any from where she was and Jay was completely naked next to her.

Seeing Jay’s semi-hard cock Selena started to remember how awesome it had felt inside her. Then those memories started to trigger her hormones and once Selena’s hormones started flowing, they took over her body. It happened every time and Selena had long since learned not to fight it.

Still laying on her back Selena reached a hand over and took Jay into her hand. Even semi-hard Selena’s fingers barely fit around the shaft as she started to stroke it. As it got harder in her hand Selena felt a desire to suck on that fat lollipop.

Moving onto her knees next to Jay Selena crouched over him. Pointing his cock straight up Selena wrapped her mouth around the head, feeling amazed at how much it stretched her lips. As she worked more of it into her mouth she felt movement on the bed.

“Mmmm,” Selena moaned around the cock in her mouth as she felt a tongue on her clit. At first she wasn’t sure who was licking her but when she felt stubble against the insides of her thighs she knew it couldn’t be Ashley. Selena was about to lift off Jay’s cock so she could tell Louis to fuck her when Louis seemed to read her mind.

Louis had woken up and seen Selena’s ass up in the air looking so inviting and been unable to resist. To test the waters he’d given her a couple licks and when she’d responded favorably he’d decided to take another shot at her pussy. As much as he’d enjoyed fucking her ass the night before, he’d barely gotten any time with her snatch.

“Oh yeah,” Selena groaned, feeling Louis touch parts of her pussy with his cock that hadn’t been touched in far too long.

“Starting without me?” Jay asked, opening his eyes and looking at them. The feeling of Selena’s mouth on his cock had slowly dragged him to the surface of his sleep but it wasn’t until he heard Selena’s moans that he’d truly figured out that it wasn’t a dream.

“Actually, I started with you,” Selena said, stroking his cock in her hand. “But then Louis was feeling lonely and I couldn’t allow that.”

“What if I’m feeling lonely?” Jay asked. “Should I wake up Ashley?”

“There’s another way,” Selena said, reaching back to put a hand on Louis’ stomach.

Pulling forward she let Louis’ cock slip from her pussy. Pushing him onto his back she climbed on top of him. Grabbing his cock she pointed it at her snatch and start to push back onto it, her eyes rolling back in her head as it penetrated her again.

“Fuck that feel awesome,” Selena moaned when she had every inch of Louis in her cunt. “Now fuck my ass, Jay.”

“Whoa, really?” Jay asked, moving in behind her before she could answer. He’d been hoping to get a shot at her ass this morning after watching Louis take care of it the night before. This wasn’t quite what he’d envisioned, but he certainly wasn’t going to turn it down.

Selena’s eyes went wide and her breath caught in her throat as Jay started to push the head of his cock against her asshole. When she’d formulated the idea she hadn’t accounted for just how thick Jay was. He’d felt thick in her pussy and now as her asshole parted to take him inside she felt like he was going to tear her apart at the seams.

She had no intentions of stopping whatsoever though. When Selena set her mind to something, she did it. And right now she was intent on feeling both of them sliding back and forth inside her at the same time.

“Oh my god,” Ashley said, sitting up and rubbing sleep out of her eyes as she watched Jay push his way into Selena’s asshole. The sight was so hot that Ashley’s hand went to her pussy without her even realizing it until she felt her fingers on her clit. “That is, I mean, wow.”

“Feels pretty good too,” Selena said, pushing against Jay as he started to fuck her with about of his cock buried in her backside.

After a minute or two of sitting on the bed watching Jay work more and more of his cock in Selena Ashley remembered the bet. She had five pictures of Selena in any way, shape, or form that she could take and at the moment she was having a tough time thinking of a picture she wanted more than Selena with two guys drilling her at the same time.

Hating to tear her gaze away from the action Ashley did it anyway, at least long enough to grab her camera off the table where she’d left it. Moving back towards the bed she turned it on and started to look at the screen to frame the picture. She settled on a shot from the side with Selena barely visible between the two male bodies.

“Say cheese,” Ashley said. When Selena turned her head to look at her Ashley pressed the button and the room was momentarily filled with the bright white light of the flash. “That’s one.”

“Get over here,” Selena said as Jay and Louis set up a nice rhythm fucking her together.

Seeing an opening Ashley moved to straddle Louis’ face so she could watch but Selena made her turn around. As disappointed as she was to have her back to the action Ashley found it hard to complain though when she felt both Louis and Selena let their tongues play with her pussy. It got even harder still when Selena spread the cheeks of her ass and pressed her tongue against Ashley’s tight little starfish.

“Oh FUCK,” Ashley moaned as Louis ate her pussy and Selena tongued her ass. The combination was amazing and she was actually somewhat thankful her view of Selena’s double teaming was blocked because she wasn’t sure she could last very long with this kind of attention while watching that kind of show.

“I’m gonna come,” Louis announced, the combination of Selena’s tight pussy, made even tighter by the fat cock in her ass, and the situation taking it’s toll on him.

“Come in me,” Selena said, realizing he had nowhere to go without making them completely rearrange themselves in the next few seconds.

With her blessing, Louis grabbed her hips and gave a couple quick, hard thrusts before burying himself to the hilt in her pussy. With a grunt he gritted his teeth and his eyes rolled up in his head as he let loose. His hips jerked each shot as he basted her insides with his jizz.

“Fuck me,” Selena screeched, the feeling of Louis blowing his load inside her pushing her over the edge.

With her holes clamping down on the cocks inside her Selena shook with pleasure. She came so hard that she bit down lightly on one of Ashley’s butt cheeks to try to stifle her screams.

Gripping Selena’s hips Jay tried to hold out but the vise-like squeeze Selena’s ass was putting on his cock was just too much. Slamming full force into her ass one last time, he unloaded, depositing his spunk deep into her anal cavity much the way Louis had the night before.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned as Jay pulled out and flopped onto his ass on the bed, exhausted.

Turning around Selena remembered how Ashley had finished things the night before. Grabbing Jay’s slowly deflating cock Selena locked eyes with him to make sure he knew what was coming. When she saw the excitement in his eyes she swooped down and wrapped her lips around his cock.

“Oh shit,” Jay gasped as she worked his sensitive cock into her mouth, licking her anal juices off the shaft as she went.

“I’m pooped,” Ashley said, flopping down on the bed. She’d managed to have a couple minor orgasms while riding Louis and Selena’s faces and it left her spent, something she could see she had in common with the others.

“I should probably get going,” Louis said. As he got up to get dressed Jay followed suit and soon Selena and Ashley were alone in Ashley’s hotel room.

* * *

“Wait, you’re telling me he’s gay?” Jennifer asked as she bit into a french fry.

“He couldn’t be gayer if he was singing show tunes in ladies underwear,” Vanessa said. Like most women do when they get together, they were exchanging juicy bits of gossip.

“And Selena is okay with letting people think she’s dating him?” Jennifer asked.

“Let’s just say Selena gets as much cover from it as he does,” Vanessa responded. “They were supposed to shoot some beach scenes this weekend with extras and topless models and the like and I wouldn’t be surprised if Selena’s worked her way through half of them by now. Unless of course she’s spent the weekend in bed with Ashley.”

“Wait, Selena’s into girls?” Jennifer asked, truly shocked.

“Selena is into everything,” Vanessa said, rolling her eyes. “And yet people still think she’s Little-Miss-Virgin when I know for a fact that she’s been ridden more than a mechanical bull in a Texas rodeo bar. She’s probably gotten more pussy than all those guys out there that worship and defend her combined.”

“Wow, I never would’ve guessed,” Jennifer said. “I don’t know if I could be with a girl, could you?” Rather than answer Vanessa just took a sip of her water. “You’ve been with a girl? What was it like?”

“It’s about the best thing in the world,” Vanessa admitted. “In fact, I tend to prefer women most of the time.”

“So your boyfriend?”

“Is about as straight as Selena’s,” Vanessa said, finishing Jennifer’s question. “It’s better this way. He gets to make the world think he’s straight and I get to have the media bump from being in a celebrity couple while still getting to fool around with a couple of my friends.”

“Anyone I know?” Jennifer asked, far more interested than she thought she would be.

“Maybe,” Vanessa said, not offering to name names.

“That’s it? You drop a bombshell on me like that and all I get is ‘maybe’? Wait, it’s that Laura girl you were going everywhere with for a while, isn’t it?” Jennifer asked, then smiled when Vanessa merely looked away.

Vanessa had dated Laura New for awhile but when rumors of their relationship started popping up all over the net her people had gone into spin control mode. She’d had to take her relationship with Laura underground a bit while coming up with a “boyfriend” to parade around in front of the paparazzi to put the rumors to bed. Unfortunately Laura hadn’t been so understanding and they really hadn’t talked much in the last few months.

“I bet you had sex with Ashley Tisdale too, didn’t you?” Jennifer asked, suddenly unable to do anything but picture Vanessa and Ashley kissing.

“This is turning you on, isn’t it?” Vanessa asked, noticing the excitement in Jennifer’s eyes.

“Maybe,” Jennifer admitted. “Or maybe it’s just been too long since I got any…” she said, trailing off as Vanessa ran a finger gently across her hand.

“Well, maybe you need someone to take care of that problem for you,” Vanessa said. “How do you like it, Jennifer? How do you like your sex?”

“I, ah, I don’t know-”

“You strike me as a softness queen,” Vanessa said, rolling over Jennifer’s half-protest. “The kind of girl who likes a guy to lay her down and make love to her all night long, all while never breaking a sweat.”

“No, I like to break a sweat,” Jennifer said, sounding sheepish as looked away.

“Are you a top or a bottom?” Vanessa asked, actually taking Jennifer’s hand in hers. “Do you ever ride your boys cock, taking control of him, owning him and his little dick?”

“No,” Jennifer admitted.

“You really should try that,” Vanessa said, lifting Jennifer’s hand up off the table. “There’s nothing hotter than when a woman takes control of her own pleasure.”

With that, Vanessa opened her mouth and sucked one of Jennifer’s fingers in, clearly imitating oral sex on it. All Jennifer could do was stare in abject lust.

“You know, it’s been a while for me, too,” Vanessa said, plopping Jen’s finger out of her mouth suddenly.

“I- I thought you got some last night,” Jennifer said in a husky whisper.

“I did,” Vanessa agreed. “But that was with a boy. I haven’t had another girl in days now.” That was true, really. It’d been two days since her last encounter with Selena and Ashley.

“You haven’t?”

“It’s so much better with girls, Jen. You really should try it some time. You can BOTH be all sweet and soft and girlie, but you can also get hot and sweaty, too. Trust me when I say that there’s nothing a boy can do to you that a girl can’t do better.”

Jennifer’s eyes were wide, and she actually licked her lips as Vanessa spoke.

“You want to come try it with me?” Vanessa asked.

Vanessa fully expected to have to sweet talk Jennifer for a while longer before the shapely young starlet gave in, but to Vanessa’s surprise, Jennifer caved quickly.

“Yeah, yeah I kinda do,” Jennifer admitted. “I mean, you have experience, and we’re friends, so I trust you would let me go at my own pace.”

“Slow and easy,” Vanessa promised, mentally making a note to NOT pull out the strap-on the second they got back to Vanessa’s room.

Jennifer took a deep breath. “Then Vanessa, would you be my first girl?”

Nothing could keep the grin off Vanessa’s face as she said “Check please!”

* * *

“If you can get a girl to kiss you, you can get her to do anything else sexual to you.”

Those had been the wise words Carla Gugino had imparted upon Vanessa and Abbie Cornish as the older actress had thought she was taking Emily Browning’s lesbian virginity on the Sucker Punch set one night, when shooting ran late. Vanessa had know first hand that Emily had slept with no less than three of her other female co-stars before that night, but Carla seemed to be quite fond of the idea of turning a straight girl bi, so they’d all let her have her moment.

Her advice had rung true, as Vanessa had learned a few times since – mostly with Laura New and briefly with Emily Meade while Vanessa was filming Gimme Shelter. Both girls had just been good friends, but when Vanessa had taken a risk and kissed them, they’d both rather rapidly gave in to sex, Laura so much that she and Vanessa had actually dated for a while.

If that happened again, this time with Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa was not going to complain.

The hotel room Vanessa was staying at in New York City was a far cry from the beach-side place she’d been staying at in Tampa, but featured a few common, but critical, similarities. Namely, the presence of a bed, a fully-stocked mini-bar, and the ability to dim the lights.

Jennifer had seemed quite nervous as Vanessa had lead her into the room towards the couch, and for a few minutes, Vanessa worried she might lose her new friend before they ever got to the “with benefits” part. But a 12 dollar wine cooler from the mini-bar later, and a little more suggestive talk about the other girls Vanessa had been with – which, the more Vanessa thought about, was a larger number than she would’ve guessed – and Jennifer was more than eager to go.

“So, ah, how do we start this?” Jennifer asked, downing the last of her wine.

“Well, depends on who you are,” Vanessa said, still thinking about how Selena had attacked her in the elevator. “But most of the time, it’s just like with boys.”

“You mean they paw at you all night until you give in, take your panties off, and let them grunt and grind into you until they’re done ten minutes later?” Jennifer asked with a smirk on her face.

“You get them to last ten whole minutes?!” Vanessa said in mock surprise. “No, silly, I mean we start with kissing.”

“Oh, okay,” Jennifer said. “I’m up for that.”

“Mmm, I was hoping you’d say that,” Vanessa said, leaning forward and pressing her lips against Jennifer’s pouty little masterpieces.

Not wanting to push too fast Vanessa kept it to a simple kiss until she felt Jennifer start to part her lips. Taking that as a sign Vanessa slowly pressed her tongue against the opening, waiting for Jennifer to open her mouth and accept it.

As Vanessa’s tongue slipped into her mouth Jennifer couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was in another girl’s hotel room, kissing her, and totally enjoying it. If everything Vanessa did felt as good as this one little kiss, Jennifer didn’t know how she was going to be able to go back to being with only her boyfriend.

When Jennifer moaned into her mouth Vanessa decided to take the next step. Lifting her hands she placed them on Jennifer’s sides. When Jen didn’t seem to object she slowly slid them up until her thumbs were just underneath the swell of her breasts.

“Mmm,” Jennifer moaned as Vanessa’s thumbs caressed the underside of her boobs.

Grinning to herself as she continued to kiss Jennifer, Vanessa extended the range of her caressing thumbs until they found Jennifer’s nipples. They were already rock hard and pressing against Jennifer’s blouse and Vanessa’s tweaks brought another round of moans from Jen’s mouth.

“Want me to take off your shirt?” Vanessa asked, breaking the kiss and moving her hands to idly finger the top button.

So turned on she was unable to speak Jennifer merely nodded. She moaned as Vanessa’s hands grazed her chest as she worked the buttons. By the time Vanessa had her blouse unbuttoned and pulled open Jennifer was determined to give Vanessa carte blanche and let do whatever she wanted at whatever speed she wanted to go.

“Anything else you want me to take off?” Vanessa asked, her fingers toying with the hemline of Jennifer’s skirt.

“Everything,” Jennifer hissed, shrugging out of her blouse.

“That’s the spirit,” Vanessa said, finding the zipper on the side of Jennifer’s skirt and pulling it down. “Why don’t you get your bra while I take care of things down here?”

“Kay,” Jennifer said, beyond the point of thinking as she reached behind her to unhook her bra.

Vanessa had gotten Jennifer’s skirt down over her ass but she’d stopped to watch as Jennifer pulled the straps of her bra down her arms. When Jennifer moved her hands away from her chest Vanessa was simply floored by the breasts she was currently seeing. She’d known they were much bigger than her own boobs, but Jennifer’s melons looked even better than Vanessa could have possibly dreamed.

“Damn,” Vanessa said, her mouth practically watering at the sight of Jennifer’s tits as she continued to pull the skirt down and leave Jennifer in nothing more than a simple thong.

Jennifer sat there nervously waiting for Vanessa to pull down her thong but instead Vanessa ran her hand over the front of her underwear, stroking her pussy through it. It caught her by surprise enough that she sucked in a lungful of air and moaned at the contact.

“Someone’s really into this,” Vanessa said, noting the wet spot on the front of Jennifer’s thong.

“Totally,” Jennifer nodded, nervously biting her lower lip.

“Then tell me what you want me to do,” Vanessa said. She was hoping Jennifer was far enough into it that a little shove wouldn’t spook her. Hell, if Vanessa was any judge of things she figured she could pull out her strap on and tell Jennifer it was time for some anal and she’d stick around.

“Eat my pussy,” Jennifer hissed, barely able to speak as she watched Vanessa’s movements intently.

“Oh, I’m going to do that and then some,” Vanessa said, finally hooking her fingers in the waist of Jennifer’s thong. When Jennifer lifted her ass off the couch Vanessa tugged the garment down her legs before discarding it.

Sitting fully naked in front of another girl for the first time in her life, at least when sex was on the docket anyway, Jennifer nervously spread her legs to show Vanessa  everything she had. Her pussy was normally shaved, but it had been a few days since she’d seen her boyfriend and hadn’t been expecting anyone to see it, she’d let a little growth show up.

Not wanting to wait any more Vanessa put her hands behind Jennifer’s knees and pulled her forward on the couch until her ass was on the edge of the cushion. Lifting Jennifer’s knees Vanessa placed them on the edge of the couch on either side of her ass with her legs spread, opening her up nicely for her.

Leaning in Vanessa dragged her thumb along Jennifer’s slit. She’d already known she was wet from the spot on the front of her underwear but Vanessa quickly found out that Jennifer was downright soaked.

Not wanting to waste any more time Vanessa went on the attack. Vanessa could tell that the build up and anticipation had pushed Jennifer much closer to climax than either of them had expected. That left two options, Vanessa could either slow it down even more and tease her or she could speed up and get Jennifer’s first orgasm out of the way as quickly as possible so they could get to other things.

Settling on the second option, Vanessa flicked her tongue against Jennifer’s clit. When Jennifer moaned Vanessa flicked again and again, driving the younger girl out of her mind with how great it felt.

Most girls complained that their boyfriends didn’t go down on them or weren’t very good at it, but Jennifer really didn’t have any complaints. Sure hers didn’t eat her pussy for hours on a nightly basis or anything, but he did it halfway regularly and until she’d felt Vanessa’s experienced tongue she’d thought he’d been pretty good at it. But what Vanessa was doing to her was unlike anything any guy had ever been able to even think of doing.

“Fuck,” Jennifer hissed, her body shaking as little tremors of pleasure shot through her with each rapid-fire flick of Vanessa’s tongue.

“Mmmm, we’re going to have so much fun today,” Vanessa said, pulling her mouth away from Jennifer’s pussy for a moment.

“So much fun, ohhh,” Jennifer moaned, her eyes half closing as Vanessa started to slip a finger into her pussy.

“After you come I’m going to get my strap on and fuck this pussy,” Vanessa said, rubbing Jennifer’s clit with her thumb as she worked a finger in and out of her pussy. Then an idea came into her head and she couldn’t help but toss it out there to test Jennifer’s resolve. “Oooh, then maybe I’ll fuck you in the ass too.”

“Huh?” Jennifer asked, a combination of excitement and nerves hitting her at the thought. She’d never had anything in her ass before, though she’d thought about it a time or two. Her boyfriends never seemed to be interested and it had always looked like it might hurt in the porn videos she’d seen, so she’d never pushed to try anything more than a little touching herself back there in the bathtub once when she was teenager.

“You’re going to love it,” Vanessa assured her, seeing the arousal hiding behind the nerves in Jennifer’s reaction.

Wanting to get to the next step as quickly as possible, Vanessa went back to using her mouth. Adding a second finger to Jennifer’s pussy Vanessa caught Jen’s little bud between her lips and started to suck. In a couple minutes she could tell Jennifer was on the verge or exploding.

“Ooohhhh goooooood,” Jennifer panted, her eyes rolling up into the back of her head as her body shook with pleasure greater than anything she’d felt in ages, possibly ever. Her orgasm tore through her leaving every nerve ending in her body on fire and sensitive.

“You look so hot when you come,” Vanessa observed, moving up Jennifer’s body to kiss her lips as the younger actress was still barely cognizant.

“Thank you,” Jennifer said, and she wasn’t just talking about the compliment.

“Save the thanks for when I’m completely done with you,” Vanessa said with a mischievous smile on her face.


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