All You Need Is Love

All You Need is Love


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy

Award shows bring out all sort of celebrities and by doing so,
bring out all sorts of reactions. Elation in the winners is a natural. The losers have
different feelings. Disappointment is there, no matter how much they try to hide it but some are effected
on different levels, depending on how they viewed their own chances. For the many stars who weren’t
nominated, it’s a party where they can
sit back and have a good time and enjoy the
celebrations, which brought out unique reactions for all.

Courtney Love’s reaction to the festivities was pretty simple.
She was horny as hell.

She had decided to make a big splash for the Golden Globes by
wearing what she knew was
the most talked-about outfit at the ceremony. Her designer dress
appeared to have been attacked
by a pack of wild animals, wild slashes ripped across it,
particularly around the chest area, which
had given the censors a nervous time when she appeared on stage for
a presentation. Courtney
enjoyed being in the spotlight and wasn’t afraid of making a fuss
while in it. The glamour look had
been okay for a while, but she was grunge at heart and it was time
to accept that. And if people
were put off by it, tough.

At the moment, Courtney was scanning the crowd, looking for
someone she thought would be
able to give her a good time tonight. It was quite the selection,
the famous of all ages and several
industries gathered at the after party, a load of beautiful people
for Courtney to choose from. Her
gaze finally locked onto someone she thought would give her a fun
night, someone she’d long had
her eye on. It was merely a matter of waiting for her quarry to be
alone and then things would

Jennifer Love Hewitt groaned as she stepped into the elevator.
Things seemed to be
hitting a tad of downside lately. The ratings for “Time Of Your
Life” weren’t as good as she’d
hoped and rumor had it Fox was thinking of canceling the show. With
“Party of Five” confirmed
as leaving at the end of the season, that left Jennifer with few TV
options. Her agent had also told
her that pretty much the only way she could get a mega-hit movie
would be to do a nude scene,
something Jennifer wasn’t too crazy about.

Well, that was something to think about another time. The break
for the Golden Globes helped
her clear her head and it was always good to get to L.A., especially
in the winter. But the whole
party scene didn’t fit Jennifer’s mood right now, especially since
she had to catch a flight the next
afternoon and she hated jet lag. She decided a quick shower, a light
late dinner and she’d be ready
for bed. She looked down in her purse, fumbling for her key and
didn’t notice the young man
pushing a tray down the hallway until she ran into it.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry!” The man was in his early twenties, well
built, handsome with black
hair and an engaging smile. “I was checking in on something, I
didn’t see…” He broke off as he
got a good look at the guest he’d run into. “Holy shit,” he
whispered. “You’re Jennifer Love

“Yeah,” Jennifer smiled.

“Oh, god, Ms. Hewitt, I’m so, so sorry, I didn’t see you, I
didn’t mean to run into you,
please don’t tell anyone, my boss will fire me…”

“Hey, hey, ease up,” Jennifer said, raising her hand. “I won’t
tell anyone.”

“Thanks a lot,” the man said, taking a breath. His name tag
read “Will.” “So, um, just back
from the Golden Globes, huh?”

“Yeah, pretty good show.”

“Apparently, you weren’t there.” Both Bill and Jennifer jumped
as Courtney Love
suddenly showed up behind them. “I mean, come on, could Babs
possibly spend more time on
stage? Lifetime achievement award doesn’t mean you spend a lifetime
up there.”

“Guess she felt otherwise,” Jennifer said, recovering from her
surprise. Will’s mouth hung
open as he stared at Courtney, especially her outfit. “So, what
brings you here? I didn’t know you
were staying at this hotel.”

“Oh, I’m not,” Courtney said. “It’s just, you left the party
before I could show you something.”

“What?” Jennifer was a little put off by the attitude coming
from Courtney, the almost hungry
image that looked more at home for a predator.

“It’s something that’s always been close to me,” Courtney said,
pulling up a large crystal
attached to a chain around her neck. “It was a gift from Kurt,
something I’ve always worn with
me anywhere I go.” She held up the crystal for Jennifer and Will
could both get a good look at it.

“Just look at it, look at it real close and you’ll see how special
it is.”

Both Jennifer and Will were a little put off by the request,
but both instinctively looked at
the crystal. It seemed to shimmer a bit, a trick of the light, both
thought. Suddenly, the shimmer
stopped and a brilliant beam of blue light shot out of the crystal.
It stopped in mid-air before the
young people and split into four smaller beams, each one shooting
into their eyes. Both Jennifer
and Will stood stock-straight, stunned by the unexpected blast of
energy coming into their minds.
Then, both visibly relaxed, their eyes shutting and heads slumping
forward as they fell into a deep

Courtney lowered the crystal and nodded. She had been telling
the truth about the
crystal’s history, she’d never lie about Kurt, but she had neglected
to mention the unique charms
the crystal had. She had used it quite a bit in the past and found
it a great way to get herself off
without the pain of a relationship. And it definitely made for a fun
night out.

Courtney bent down the floor and picked up the key from where
it had fallen from
Jennifer’s limp hand. She quickly fit it into the slot and opened
the door. “Come in,” she
commanded and stepped inside as the mesmerized pair entered.

Courtney swiftly undressed, which didn’t take too long given
her outfit (or lack of one)
and led the two to the bedroom. She stood there and appraised the
actress and bellhop, both of
whom were under her power. “Take off all of your clothes, kids and
let’s have some fun.” She
watched as the two slowly disrobed. Jennifer’s dress fell in a pool
at her feet, followed by her
panties, her strong breasts full in the air. Will had quite the nice
body himself and Courtney could
tell she was in for a fun night.

She moved forward and pulled Will in, kissing him hard on the
lips. As he kissed back, she
ran her hand down to his cock and squeezed it, feeling it harden in
her hands. She moved back
and kissed Jennifer, her hand still holding Will’s cock. Getting him
had been an added bonus, one
that she was looking forward to utilizing quite a bit.

She led them to the bed, falling back as they began to merge
together, swapping kisses
with extra energy as the two hypnotized people began to get into the
passions. They quickly
settled into a threesome position. Will lay on top of Jennifer, his
cock sliding into her pussy. He
lay down on her, his face pushing into her breasts as Courtney sat
herself onto Jennifer’s face.
Will began to pump himself into Jennifer, his cock sliding in and
out of her as he licked and kissed
at her breasts, his tongue tickling her nipples as his hands pushed
her tits together. Jennifer let her
hands drift over Courtney’s thighs, her tongue sliding in and out of
her pussy as she went at it.
Courtney grunted as she felt Jennifer lick at her, the passion much
more than she expected. She
wondered if Jennifer had done this before and thought it didn’t
matter as long as she was good at
it. Jennifer moaned as she felt herself build and cried out as Will
came into her, his cum rocketing
into her pussy and leaving her mouth wide open for Courtney’s juices
to fall into it as the rocker
came as well, her body shaking as she came hard and fast.

In seconds, the three had rearranged themselves at Courtney’s
direction. She moaned as
she felt Will’s hard shaft push into her asshole, then leaned down
and buried her face in Jennifer’s
wet pussy. Will began to attack her from behind, his cock sliding in
and out of Courtney’s ass, the
grip of her cheeks increasing as he thrust into her. With each
shove, Courtney was pushed further
into Jennifer’s womanhood, her tongue eagerly lapping away at the
young actress, trying to repay
her for what she had done. She loved this, being fucked from behind
while eating another woman
out an experience she hadn’t undergone in a while. With a final
thrust, Will blasted his cum into
Courtney, pushing her a few inches further into Jennifer. Courtney
moaned through her tongue
lashing as she felt her body shake. It wasn’t long before Jennifer’s
body shuddered and she came
onto Courtney’s face.

Courtney looked down at her two subjects and moved in. They
were lying close together,
on their sides, so Courtney has a clear view of Jennifer’s clit and
Will’s cock. She moved in and
began to lick at them, alternating between each. As she did so,
Courtney reflected on the night
and decided a little parting gift was appropriate….

Jennifer shuffled as she slowly came awake, conscious of the
arms wrapped around her.
She looked up into the sleeping face of Will and smiled. She moved
up and kissed him, gently
waking him up. His eyes opened and fixed on her. “Oh, my god, it
wasn’t a dream.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” Jennifer said with a smile.
“It was nice having you here tonight.”

“My pleasure,” Will said. “Even though I’m gonna get fired for
this, it’s worth it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll clear it up,” Jennifer said.

“When do you leave?”

“This afternoon,” Jennifer said. “Back to New York for

“So, this isn’t going to be a long-term relationship, huh?”

“I guess not,” Jennifer sighed. “But it was fun.”

“It was,” Will nodded. “It was. I’m not going to forget this
for a while.”

“Hey, I’m not leaving yet,” Jennifer said. “We’ve got time to
make new memories.” She moved up and embraced Will, kissing him hard as they rolled around,
neither aware of the rock singer lying in her own hotel room, enjoying her own memories of a
night of Love.

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