All in the Family

Title:  All in the Family

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Maia Mitchell

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Look dude, I’m telling you, this chick is fucking hot and she’ll fuck anyone.  Just go up there and do it already.”  Ross Lynch thought about it and then said, “OK, alright.  I’ll do it.”  Ross made his way to the stairs and looked around.  Everyone at the party was having a great time and the music was blaring.  He made sure no one was looking and then went up.  Some guy had just told him about a girl that was fucking everyone and he figured since it was his party, he might as well get some too.  He went down to his brother’s room and walked in.  The blinds and drapes were closed so the room was completely dark and it took his eyes a few seconds to adjust.  He made his way over to the bed and saw what appeared to be someone laying there.  He reached out and felt the soft naked body on the bed.  His hands made their way up to her breasts and he heard her start to moan.  She whispered, “Come on baby, fuck me.  Give me your cock.”  Ross quickly stripped out of his clothes and climbed on top of the girl.  He felt her hand grab his hard cock and guide him into her waiting pussy.  Ross started to fuck the wet hole and was soon pounding away at her.  When she started to cum, she wrapped her legs around him, forcing his cock deeper and deeper inside.  His balls tightened up and then he filled her hole with his hot load.  She kissed him and whispered, “thanks baby” into his ear.  Ross grabbed his clothes and left.

He passed another guy in the hallway and told him that the bitch in the last room was one hot fuck.  The guy smiled and went in.  Ross went back to the party and grabbed a beer.  He sat on the sofa and watched guy after guy go up and come down several minutes later.  He counted at least 12 guys that went up to fuck the girl and wondered what kind of slut would do that.  A few minutes after the last guy came down he got his answer.  There, walking down the stairs still buttoning up her blouse was his sister, Rydel.  He thought to himself, “No fucking way!  I didn’t just fuck my sister, did I?”  Rydel made her way out to the kitchen and Ross followed her.  “Hey Ry, um, did you, um, were you just upstairs in Riker’s room?”  The gorgeous blonde smiled and said, “Yeah, I was.  Why?”  Ross’s jaw dropped open.  He grabbed her by the hand and took her outside.  “OH MY GOD!  You were up there fucking all those guys?”  Rydel smiled and said, “Sure.  I was horny.  What’s your problem little brother?”  Ross looked at her and said, “My problem is that I was one of those guys.  I fucked you about a half an hour ago.  Some guy told me there was a slut banging guys upstairs so I got me some.  It turns out what I got was my fucking slut of a sister.”  Rydel just stood there.  Ross shook her and said, “What are we going to do?  I mean, I just had sex with my sister for Christ’s sake.  This is so wrong.  Sooooo fucking wrong.”  Rydel started to laugh.  Ross looked at her and said, “What’s so fucking funny?”  Rydel said, “Look, Ross, it’s no big deal.  So we fucked.  It’s just sex.  It’s not like we’re going to get married and have little incest babies so just fucking chill out already.”  She was still laughing when she went back into the party.  Ross stayed outside until the party was over and then went up to his room and closed the door.  He was laying on the bed when he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he said.  Rydel came in and shut the door behind her.  She sat down on the bed and said, “I guess we need to talk about this.  I noticed you never came back to the party.”  Ross sat up and said, “I’m so fucking weirded out this whole thing Ry.  I mean, we had sex, you and me.  Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”  Rydel leaned over and kissed her brother.  “Of course it means something to me.  I love you Ross.  Like I told you, it was just sex.  I like sex.  If it makes you feel any better, Riker and I used to fuck all the time before he moved out, besides, you’re a pretty good fuck.”  Ross looked at his beautiful sister and said, “You did?  I am?”  Rydel pulled the sheet down and started rubbing Ross’s cock through his underwear.  She pulled the shorts down and started jerking him off.  She licked her lips and said, “Yup.  I used to suck his cock too.”  With that, she leaned down and took him into her mouth.  Ross laid his head back on his pillow and closed his eyes while his sister sucked him off.  Her head was bobbing up and down on her brother’s cock and within a few minutes, she was swallowing his cum.  When she sat back up again, she looked at Ross and said, “That was tasty.  We’ll have to do this again.  Maybe I’ll even let you fuck me in my ass.”  Ross just sat there and watched his sister leave.  He couldn’t believe it.  He just got head from his gorgeous sister and he loved it.  Suddenly, the thought of fucking her in the ass entered his mind and his cock got hard again.  He jerked off dreaming of drilling his beautiful blonde sister’s ass and then came all over his stomach.  He shot so hard that some of his cum landed on his chin.  After he cleaned himself off, he laid back down but it took a long time before he finally fell asleep.

The next day, Ross was on set early to shoot some scenes for his newest Disney movie.  It was hot and the day was long but all he thought about was fucking his sister the day before.  After filming ended for the day, he was sitting in his dressing room when his costar Maia Michelle came in.  “Ross, what the hell’s wrong with you?  You’ve been like a zombie all day.  What’s up?”  Ross looked at the pretty Aussie and pulled her onto his lap.  He started to kiss her and soon, she was kissing him back.  Ross pulled her t-shirt off and then untied the bikini top she had on.  He was sucking her tits, one after the other and then slipped his hand into her bikini bottoms and played with her pussy.  He pushed a couple fingers inside of her and made her cum within minutes.  Ross picked her up and carried her over to the couch and laid her down.  He stared at the sexy brunette while he took off his clothes.  Once he was naked, he straddled her chest and fed his cock to her.  She took him into her mouth and sucked her costar.  Even though they flirted, this was the first time they had sex.  She’d had a crush on him for years and she didn’t know what came over him all of a sudden but she wasn’t complaining.  Ross let her suck him for a few minutes and then got off her and pulled her to her hands and knees.  He yanked her bottoms down and slid his cock into her waiting pussy.  He was fucking her hard and deep when he remembered what his sister said about letting him fuck her in the ass.  Ross quickly pulled his cock out of Maia’s snatch and shoved it in her ass.  “FUCKKKKKK ROSSSSS……GET OUT OF MY ASS YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” she screamed.  Ross had no intention of taking his cock out of her ass so he grabbed her waist tighter and started slamming his cock into her, his balls slapping against her pussy.  “PLEASEEEEEEEE…..IT HUUURRRRTTTTTTTSSSSSSS!  OHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDDD……YOU’RE TEAAARRRRRINNNNNGGGGGG MEEEEEEEEE AAPPPPAAAAARRRRRTTTTTTT!!!!!”   Maia was crying from the violation and then she felt Ross start to cum.  He filled her bowels with his seed and when he pulled out, he got in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth.  Maia gagged and almost vomited from the taste of her ass on his cock.  When he finished, he wiped his cock off with her long brown hair and sat down.  Maia quickly grabbed her clothes and ran out the dressing room.  Ross just sat there.  He knew what he did was wrong but it felt so fucking good.

The next morning, Ross got a call telling him that filming was cancelled.  He was told that Maia wasn’t feeling well and she needed the day off.  Ross smiled, he knew the real reason.  He did feel bad about what he did to her but he was also very happy to have the day off.  When he went downstairs for breakfast, he found Rydel sitting at the table drinking her coffee.  “Hey little brother, no work today?” she said.  Ross looked at her and said, “Nope.  Where’s Mom?”  Rydel took a sip of her coffee and said, “She’s got a bunch of meetings this morning and then she’s meeting Dad for lunch.  Guess it’s just you and me bro.”  She looked at Ross’s crotch and could see his hard cock poking through his shorts.  She licked her lips and started to rub it.  “Is this for me?” she asked.  Ross nodded and pulled his shorts down.  Rydel wrapped her lips around her brother’s cock and sucked him off until he came in her mouth.  She washed the cum down with her coffee and then stood up.  “Come upstairs with me and I’ll show you the best way to start your day.”  As soon as they got into her room, they both got naked and climbed on the bed.  Rydel laid down on her stomach and got a small bottle out her nightstand.  She squirted some of the liquid on her ass and used her fingers to lube her hole.  She squirted some on Ross’s hand and he covered his cock with it.  She reached back and spread her asshole wide open and said, “Take my ass Ross.  I know you want it.”  Ross got on top of his sister and pushed his cock into her gaping hole.  “MMMMMMMM that feels sooooooo fucking good” she moaned as he entered her.  Ross put his hands on her shoulders and started to fuck her.  He started to do pushups on top of her, driving his cock all that way into her nasty shitter.  Rydel was grunting with each thrust and the said, “FUCK ME ROSS.  FUCK MY NASTY ASS BABY.  I’M JUST A WHORE SO TREAT ME LIKE ONE.  FUCK ME.  FUUUCCCCCCKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  Ross and Rydel spent most of the day in bed.  Ross fucked her in her mouth, her pussy and her ass over and over again.  They lost all track of time and had to hurry to get dressed when they heard their Mother come home.  That evening at the dinner table, Rydel used her foot to massage Ross’s cock under the table.  After dinner, Rydel suggested they go for a drive.  They ended up at a motel a few miles out of town and fucked for several hours before heading home.  Rydel ended the night by giving her brother a blowjob in the driveway.

The next day on the set, Maia avoided Ross.  Ross tried to talk to her but she was having nothing to do with him.  She told him, “Get away from me you bastard.  You raped me.  How could you?”  They did their scenes but instead of hanging out, Maia went right to her dressing room until she was needed on set again.  When Ross went to his dressing room after shooting, he was surprised to find Rydel waiting for him.  Ross had just started fucking her in ass when Maia came in.  The beautiful Aussie stood there, watching the brother and sister having sex and then screamed, “OMG!!!!  YOU SICK FUCKING PIGS!”  Ross quickly got off his sister and ran over to shut the door.  He pulled Maia over to the couch and sat her down.  “Maia, what are you doing here?  It’s not what you think.  Well, it is what you think but I can explain” he said.  Rydel pulled her shorts up and lit up a cigarette.  She looked at Maia and said, “Relax sweetie.  So I let my brother fuck me in the ass.  It’s no big deal.  Besides, he told me he did you the other day.”  Maia wanted to vomit.  She said, “Did he tell you he raped me?  Did he?  This is so fucking gross.  Don’t you know that incest is wrong?  It’s also illegal.”  Maia quickly got up and ran out of the room.  Ross sat down and looked at Rydel and said, “What are we going to do Ry?  If she tells anyone, we’re totally fucked.”  Rydel started to stroke his cock and said, “Relax little brother, I’ve got an idea.”  She leaned over and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him.  Ross enjoyed his sister’s mouth on his cock and said, “I hope your idea is as good as your mouth.”  Rydel kept sucking him until he came in her mouth.

That night, Rydel made a few phone calls and got what she needed.  It only cost her a blowjob and she was happy to pay that price.  Ross was already gone by the time she woke up the next day so she texted him and told him to meet her in Maia’s dressing room after work.  Rydel arrived well before the end of the day and made sure everything was ready for Ross when he got there.  Maia finished up about thirty minutes before Ross did so when he arrived at her dressing room, he walked in to find Maia naked on the floor.  Rydel was sitting in a chair naked, playing with herself.  “It’s about time you got here.  She’s all ready for you” she said.  Ross looked at Maia and asked, “What did you do to her Ry?”  Rydel smiled and said, “Oh, I slipped a little GHB in her water bottle, that’s all.  It won’t hurt her but she won’t remember a damned thing.  Go ahead, do what you want to her.  I’m going to film the everything and if little miss princess there decides to talk, I’ll make sure the video gets out on the internet.  Trust me, she won’t say a word after today.  Hell, you’ll be able to make her your fuck toy from now on.”  Ross stripped out of his clothes and got down next to Maia.  Rydel picked up her camera and started filming.  Maia’s eyes opened up just as Ross put his cock into her mouth.  He throated the pretty Aussie and then came all over her face.  Maia was totally fucked up from the drug when Ross turned her over on her stomach and sodomized her.  Rydel made sure to get some good close up shots of his cock reaming her asshole.  After he came in her ass, he pulled his cock out and spread her gaping hole open so Rydel could get a good shot of his cum pouring out of her hole.  By the time the two siblings left, Ross had fucked and sodomized Maia repeatedly and even fisted her pussy.  The icing on the cake was when he stood over the cum covered starlet and pissed on her.  They left her there, lying in his filth with a note on her chest that told her to check her email.

That evening, Ross got a frantic phone call from Maia.  “Ross, you asshole.  Why?  How could you do that to me?  What did Rydel put in my water?”  Ross told her shut up and listen.  He said, “Listen Maia, it was just some GHB.  We had too.  We couldn’t take the chance that you’d tell someone about the other day.  If you do, Rydel is going to post that vid on the web.  She did a great job editing out my face, don’t you think?  Everyone will know you’re just another whore and you’ll be ruined.  Do you want that?”  He could hear Maia crying on the other end of the phone.  “No, please.  Don’t let her do it Ross.  I’ll do anything you want, just don’t let her release it.”  Ross smiled.  He had her just where he wanted her.  He told her, “That’s better.  From now on, you’re going to do whatever I want, whenever I want it, understand?”  Maia agreed and hung up.  Every day after filming, Maia came to Ross’s dressing room and let him do whatever he wanted to her.  When he went home, he would tell Rydel about it and then the two would fuck each other’s brains out.  Some days, Rydel would join them and make Maia lick her pussy while Ross sodomized her.  Rydel even bought a big black strapon that she used on Maia.  The two took turns defiling her and even gave Maia her first DP.

When filming ended, Ross decided to hold another party at his house.  He invited the entire cast and crew, including Maia, as well as all of his friends.  He made Maia stay upstairs in his bedroom where she was forced to fuck anyone that wanted her.  Dozens of guys went up and fucked the young actress.  Even Rydel went up and had her eat her pussy.  By the time the party ended, she was completely exhausted.  Her final humiliation came when Ross took her into the bathroom and pissed all over her, forcing her to swallow the nasty liquid.  When she was finished, she showered as quickly as she could and ran out crying.  Maia went back to Australia the next day.  She never told anyone what happened to her and has since refused to make any more movies with Ross.  Ross and Rydel continue to fuck each other as often as possible.  One night, after a long session of anal sex, Rydel laid next to Ross and lit up a cigarette.  She was stroking his cock when she looked at her brother and said, “I think we need to have another party.  Make sure you invite Laura Marano.”  Ross smiled and came all over his sister’s hand.

The End.

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