Alley Way Fucking

When i shag my girlfriend i always think she is an awsome fuck.

That’s only because i make her wear an ABI TITMUSS face mask.

My personal dream is to fuck ABI TITMUSS before i die.

As i left the pub last night i truly thought i was seeing things

ABI TITMUSS on the other side of the road.

Dressed in business suit with white blouse and a coat to match

her super-short mini skirt she wonder down the road.

I was always behind her, When i saw an alley way comeing

up i raced closer to ABI, I caught her just as she got to the

alley way.

Ipushed her down the alley, she fell to the ground, shocked at what

was happening ABI reached for her small handbag, she got up and then

went to move on but i just had to stop her in her tracks.

As i put my hand up for her to stop, she delibratly brushed her breasts

against my hand.

Getting hornier every second, i gropped her breast before pushing my

finger down her blouse and playing with her hard nipples.

I began unfastening her pants, ABI removed her coat

and began unbuttoning her blouse. ABI’s brown bra dropped to the floor

as whilst i was felling her nipples i slyly undone her bra, ABI’s tits were now

free of the bra.

I lowered my mouth between her legs, tonguing

and munching her cunt through her brown matching thong

as she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ABI moaned as started to admirer her own breast.

“Oh Jesus,” she screamed, “Yeah, eat that pussy you

fucking–oh FUCK, OH FUCK, YES!”

DON’T STOP !!!!!!!!!!!.

As i got up off my knee’s from ABI’s wet pussy, leaving the cum to drip to

the floor. Are you going to return the favour, i said as i looked ABI in the eye.


got to my pants, as she looked at me telling her to pull them down.

damn i’ll do anything for you master ABI replied. She unbuckled my pants

and pullled out my hard penis. She kissed the head of my penis before

‘deep throating it’

ABI looked at me as i screamed in ecstacy


I shot straight in her mouth within seconds and she took it straight down as soon as

i ejaculated.

She let my cock free from her mouth still full of cum i sprayed her perfect tits with it.

As she licked it up, i heard somebody getting close to the alley i told her be silent

and she was as the person walked straight by.

When i looked back ABI was on the floor fingering herself. OOOO YES YOU SLUT CUM



as she spurtted her juices on to the floor.

i said softly in her ear as she lays on the floor trying to catch her breathe after

an exciting orgasm

we had best be getting changed as it is late

so we did and we

went back to my place. to my bitchs amazement as we came through the door


she ran over and we had an incredible threesome that night and all the nights in the future

will be better as ABI is moving in.

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