Alliance Divas’ Hawaiian Vacation

Alliance Divas’ Hawaiian Vacation Part 1

by Big Cheif

Stephanie McMahon was in the backstage area at Monday Night RAW with Stacy

Kiebler, Torrie Wilson, and Terri of the Alliance.

“So girls, my brother and I were talking and we decided that you guys should

get a break after the tough times you guys have had lately. So on Saturday

the three of youare going to join me on a plane trip down to Hawaii.”

The three blonds’ faces lit up while all simultaneously thanking Steph for

the great news.

“So you need to show up at the arena on Saturday and we’ll take a limo to the


The three bombshells arrived at the arena and where waiting in the locker

room for Stephanie. To break the silence in the room Terri decided to try and

spark a conversation, “So guys what are you planning to do when we get to


The first reply came from the leggy Stacy, “Oh well I think I’ll do a little

shopping and than hit thebeaches.”

“Well obviously I’m hitting the beach and then thought I might go for a

little sight seeing. What are you planning to do Terri?”

“Probably the same things you guys are going to do, but I think I might get

a little bedroom satisfaction too.”

With that comment the three women brought out into laughter. After about a

minute more Steph showed up inthe locker room, “Ok girls it’s time to go have

the fun in the sun.” and with that the four beauties, with luggage in hand

left the arena and piled into the black stretch limo.

The ride was only about five minutes as the airport was close to the arena.

The divas got out of the car and boarded the private jet while the driver

loaded their bags on. The wait was about another 15-minute wait.

After the plane took off Terri and Torriefeel asleep while Stephanie and

Stacy just made small talk. After several hours on the plane they finally

reach their paradise destination. They stepped offthe plane and let the hot

sun warm up their curvaceous bodies.

“Ok let’s go to our place, unload our stuff and then do whatever.”

So the four got into another limo and wound up at a two-story summerhouse

with a pool in the back.

“Well girls here is our home for the next two weeks. You can go and pick

whatever bedroom you want. You can do what ever you want, and I’ll be out by

the pool if you need me.”

After all the rooms where picked and the luggage was unpacked Terri and

Torrie left to do some sight seeing while Stacy decided to stay behind with

Stephanie. Remembering that Steph went to the pool, Stacy put on her string

bikini and headed out that way. When she reached the enormous pool she got

a shocking site. Stephanie was lying on a lounge chair completely naked! She

just stood there for a minute frozen by the complete shock of what she had

just seen. Her trance was finally broken when Steph opened her eyes and saw

Stacy, “Oh I see you came to get some sun too. Where are Terri and Torrie?”

“Umm. They went to do some sight seeing. Umm. Stephanie, why don’t you have

any clothes on?”

“Oh so that’s what that look on your face is all about. Well I don’t like to

have any tan lines so I just take the sun in nude. You should try it, the

warm sun feels good covering every inch of your body.”

“I don’t know, what if someone where to catch us. And if anyone got pictures

it could ruin us.”

“Oh don’t worry about it this house belongs to my parents and there is about

2 acres of land which is all fenced in so don’t worry.”

“Wellll. I guess if this is your property then it should be safe.”

So being convinced Stacy took off her bikini and laid on the lounge chair

next to Steph.

“Man Steph, you were right the sun feels great on my body.”

“Now see I told you. Now just lay back and relax, I mean that’s why I brought

you guys down here with me.”

The two beauties laid there in the sun both with their eyes closed letting

their naked bodies absorb the warmth. After a few minutes Stephanie opened

her eyes and peered over to Stacy’s direction. Then her trademark evil grin

came across her face as she thought how well her little plan worked. She

took her time to look over Stacy’s body from her nice little tits to her

ompletely shaved pussy to her lovely long legs. Before she thought of getting

up she felt her own bald pussy to find the wetness she was all too familiar

with. As she got up out of her lounge chair she realized that Stacy had

fallen asleep and saw that her legs had become spread open.

“Man she is just making this to easy for me,” thought the young McMahon as

she stepped towards the sexy young blond.

Stephanie stood at the foot of the chair just looking at Stacy’s pussy with

the same grin still on her face. She then kneeled down where she was standing

and inhaled the sweat smell emanating from the lovely slit. Licking her lips

she lowered her face down within an inch of Stacy and lightly blew some air

on it. Stacy squirmed a bit letting a light moan out, but did not wake up.

“Ah a deep sleeper, are we Stacy? Well lets see what it will take to wake you

on up, shallwe?”

The first thing she did was run her fingertip oh so lightly up the length of

Stacy’s slit. To Stephanie’s surprise she had pussy juice on her finger when

she brought it away. Wanting to taste the fruits of her labor, she brought

the finger to her mouth and tasted the little amount of juice on it.

“Hmm. I always knew that she was a sweat one.”

Now she furthered her efforts by parting Stacy’s lips in order to find her

pink little clit. As soon as she found the little bundle of nerves she placed

her mouth over the pussy. In one motion she sucked on the opening and flipped

her tongue across the clit. With this move, Stacy’s eyes shot wide open as

she let out a reflexive moan. When she looked down to see who was giving her

this shot of pleasure she was shocked.

“Oh my god Stephanie what are you doing?! Please stop I’m not into girls,


On this reply she stopped, but planned to continue.Â

“Stacy I’m helping you to relax. And how do you know you don’t like girls. It

seemed you were enjoying it before you saw it was me. You never know, you

could have a desire for women somewhere down in your sexy little body.”

“I don’t know, it seems weird to have a girl eating my pussy.”

“I’ll tell you what, let me continue and if you want me to stop I’ll stop and

we’ll just forget this ever happened.”

“Well that did feel good. Ok, but you promise you’ll stop if I ask.”

“Cross my heart. Now just lay back and let me take control.”

The young blond complied and laid her head back down and awaited to be

pleasured by her boss’ younger sister. Like before Stephanie parted the lips

apart and once again place her mouth over Stacy’s pussy and sucked. As before

Stacy began to moan, but this time it was louder and had more pleasureto it.

As she worked on her, she kept thinking that Stacy had one of the best

tasting pussies she had ever tasted. Then she just stopped and looked up, and

Stacy’s moaning stopped.

“Why did you stop?”

“I just wanted to know if you wanted me to stop.”

“Are you crazy? I don’t want you to stop. Please Steph, eat my pussy and make

me cum all over your face!!”

This is exactly what Steph wanted to hear so she went back to the job at

hand. After a few minutes of this Steph decided to add some fingers to the

equation and pushed her middle finger into the tight hole, still sucking like

a vacuum. After adding a second finger she began pumping them like pistons,

which increased Stacy’s moans of pleasure.




Then like before Stephanie just stopped, denying Stacy of a mind-blowing


“Now, Now Stay. Haven’t you ever heard of sharing? I want you to share the

pleasure with me too.”

Stacy just said nothing and just smiled, knowing what Stephanie was talking

about. As Stephanie got back up she felt in between her legs again to feel it

was even wetter than before. With the smile once again across her face we

walked to the head of the chair and without saying anything strattled Stacy’s

blond head, lowering her own shave pussy to the awaiting mouth. The second

her pussy made it to Stacy’s mouth she felt the wet tongue reach up and bury

itself into her. She just stood still and let Stacy lick her for a few

seconds until she leaned forward to go back to her own work. By the time her

head was again between Stacy’s legs, she had very soft moans escaping her

mouth. She tried to place her mouth over the pussy again, but her moans began

to increase, making hard for her to do so. Still wanting to return the

pleasure Stacy was giving her Stephanie jammed three fingers into her cunt

and began to pump them in and out.

On the other end Stacy was madly lapping at Stephanie’spussy while pumping

her index finger into her tight asshole. Then with her other hand she spread

the lips farther, found Stephanie’s clit and copied the very move she had

done to her earlier. With all the focus being put on some major pleasure

point Stephanie began to pump her fingers faster and finally burst into a

monstrous orgasm.



As she released her juices from her spasming Stacy made sure not to let any

escape with her lapping tongue. Through her whole orgasm Stephanie never

stopped moving her fingers, trying to give Stacy the same experience. As she

began to come down from her sexual high, she once again brought her mouth

down to the blond’s pussy and sucked at her pussy. Not even a minute of

having this done to her, Stacy broke out into a mind-blowing orgasm.



As the orgasm ripped through her body Stacy wrapped her arms around

Stephanie’s while her hips bucked up and down with delight. As Stacy had done

with her, Stephanie would not allow any of her sweat pussy juices escape her

hungry mouth. As Stacy came down from her orgasm she released her arms from

Stephanie’s waistand lowered them down, pinching her nipples, which got

another little moan and giggle.

After they had both come completely down from their orgasms, the two beauties

laid side-by-side, face-to-face on the same lounge chair. As the two smiled

at each other they kissedand rubbed their hands over each other’s bodies.

“See Stacy, I told you that you would be able to relax here. And I just knew

you had a little slut deep down inside you.”

All Stacy did to respond was smile and give a little giggle.

After about twenty minutes they heard a car door and Stacy quickly put her

bikini back on and Stephanie wrapped herself up in a towel she had next to

her lounge chair.

“Hey Stacy maybe we can do this again a little later.”

“Oh that would be great. I’ll see you later Stephanie.”

The two then went separate ways as Stacy went upstairs and Stephanie headed

to the downstairs bathroom where she left her clothes. Before she made it to

the room the front door opened up and in walked Terri and Torrie.

“So there you guys are. Stacy said that you guys were out sight seeing.”

“Yeah, this island is so beautiful. I was telling Torrie how we should come

here for an Alliance diva photo shoot.”

“Yeah we saw about a dozen different places that could be used.”

“Well that’s a pretty good idea. When we get back to the shows I’ll tell

Shane about that. I was thinking the four of us could go out to a cafe for

dinner tonight.”

“That would be great. Where is Stacy?”

“I think she’s upstairs changing. The two of us were out side sun-bathing.”

“Yeah I can see that. I take it you hate tan lines uh?” said a smiling


All Steph did was smile back and went to the bathroom. After all she had some

more planning to do.

To be continued…

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