Allison Mack And Her Little Friend


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Allison Mack entered her house after a hard day shooting another episode
of the hit W.B. television show Smallville. Alex was so incredibly
and exhausted from working out in the sun that she just wanted to take a
cold bath and relax for the rest of the evening while watching some TV.
Allison stripped off her sweat soaked tank top and sweater from today’s
chase scene and revealed to the mirror her sports bra and nice sized
breasts, Allison Looked at her body in the mirror very closely and
speculated at how big her boobs had grown over the last year. Allison
unstrapped her bra from the back and let her breasts fall out of their
restraint, she continued to look them over and then began to massage and
fondle them. Allison as getting hotter by the second and decided she
would have to do something to relieve the pressure. Allison shimmied out
of her jeans leaving her clad only in her blue denim panties and walked
over to the nightstand next to her bed were she kept her dildo hidden.
She pulled it out and then pulled down her panties, she lightly touched
her pussy lips with her fingers and brushed them across her crotch
picking up some of the wetness. Allison brought her fingers to her nose
and inhaled her scent deeply, next she moved her fingers to her mouth and
lightly licked her juices from her fingers, this made a surge of
excitement go through her body and made her want an orgasm even more.
Allison picked up her dildo and moved it slowly over her breasts running
it between them and over the round globes slowly circling towards her
nipples which were now as hard as rocks. Allison’s dildo was a long clear
pink plastic apparatus with no vibrator, it wasn’t very thick but is was
very long for deep penetration like Allison likes the best. Allison
placed the fake cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly moved it in
a circle around the edge collecting her juices, then in one quick motion
she shoved the plastic all the way inside of her, Allison jerked in
pleasure as the dildo filled her up and sent waves of pleasure through
her body, Allison began to gently pump the dildo in and out of her
vaginal lips as she closed hr eyes and panted with pleasure. The Plastic
toy moved in and out of her young teen body as it was coated with her
pussy juices. Allison pulled the dildo out of her snatch and moved it up
to her lips, sticking out her tongue Allison slowly caressed the tip with
her mouth and then began licking her own juices from it’s tip. Allison
moaned in pleasure as she tasted her own sweet honey dripping down the
dildo. Returning the plastic phallus to her vagina, Allison once again
began fucking herself with the dildo, She could feel the pleasure
building and intensifying and knew that soon she would burst without
relief. Allison continued to pump moving faster and faster her other hand
was caressing her increasingly hard nipples as she approached the brink
of orgasm. With a cry of pleasure Allison came shooting her creamy cum
all over the dildo and her own hand, slowly removing the dildo she licked
and sucked it and her hand clean of her cum. She was now sweating more
than before and had more of a reason to take a bath.

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