Almost Caught

Title: Almost Caught

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Chloe Moretz, Lyndsy Fonseca

Codes: Mf, MF, cons, oral

Summary: Chloe Moretz meets Lyndsy Fonseca’s boyfriend

Disclaimer: The following story involves consensual sex between an underage celebrity and an adult celebrity, if that offends you…why?

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

“Chloe, can you swing by my place and grab my purse? I left it on my nightstand and I need it,” the text from Lyndsy Fonseca read on Chloe Moretz’s phone.

“No problem,” Chloe texted back.

Chloe was on the road and headed towards the studio to record lines for a new Pixar movie. Luckily, she was only a mile from her older friend’s house and it was not out of her way so she had no issue with the pit stop. The young girl was unsure as to what to do with the purse when she retrieved it but figured that she would deal with that when she got it.

The seventeen year old parked her Camaro across the street from Lyndsy’s house. She put her windows up and exited the vehicle. It was a very warm spring day so she was dressed in a short denim mini skirt and loose white tank top. She pulled her sunglasses up into her hair and walked to the door. Seeing the car of Lyndsy’s boyfriend sitting in the driveway, Chloe was confused as to why she was the one called to the house but she ignored it and entered the house.

As she made her way up the stairs, Chloe heard no sign of life. She looked around until she found the bedroom and walked in. She made her way to the nightstand and saw the bright pink purse next to a condom wrapper.

“Hmm,” Chloe said as she picked up the wrapper and tossed it in the wastebasket.

The young actress went into the pocket of her mini skirt to grab her phone and call Lyndsy when she realized that she had left it in her car. She grabbed the purse and turned towards the door as the bathroom door opened. She froze as Lyndsy’s boyfriend, Noah Bean, walked out with only a towel covering his lower body.

“Holy shit!” Noah said as he saw the stunned young girl staring at him like a deer in headlights. “What the fuck…Chloe?”

“Hi…hi Noah,” she said with a stutter.

“What are you doing in here?” the thirty-five year old man asked. “And why do you have Lyndsy’s purse?”

“Um, she called me and asked for me to pick it up,” she explained.

“Oh ok,” Noah said as he sat down on the bed. “You could have called out or something to let me know you’re here, I almost walked out stark naked.”

“Oh…well…I’m sorry,” she said, tripping over her words. “I’m glad…glad you put a…a towel on.”

“Really?” he asked, confused. “You’re actually glad you didn’t see me naked? That’s harsh,” he said with a laugh.

“Oh, I didn’t mean…I’m sure that…,” she struggled to find the right words to say.

“Calm down Chloe, I’m just joking with you,” he said as he stood back up. “You look so adorable when you’re flustered.”

Noah went over to the closet and grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt while Chloe stared at him from behind. As he turned around, he caught the seventeen year old’s eyes drawn down to his ass.

“Enjoying the view?” he asked with a smile.

“Sorry, I was just…” she said as she started towards the door.

Noah reached over and pushed the door closed before she could leave. “Are you okay Chloe? You seem all over the place.”

“It’s…I don’t think I should be here with my friend’s boyfriend basically naked in front of me,” she said as she looked up at him with her big green eyes.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” he said as he walked back to the closet, never taking his eyes off of her. “It’s not like you can see anything inappropriate,” he said as he undid the towel and let it fall to the ground, exposing his semi-hard eight inch cock. “Like this.”

Chloe stared at his cock with her jaw hung wide open. She was speechless as she had never seen a penis so big before, only having seen one that was no bigger than six inches. The young girl closed her mouth and cleared her throat before looking the man more than twice her age in the eyes.

“That is…that is…,” she said, searching for the right words.

Noah slowly walked towards her and reached his hand out, grabbing a hold of hers. He pulled her over as he sat down on the bed with her standing inches away from him. His eyes looked over every inch of the 5’5” blonde piece of jailbait. He could sense her nervousness from the shaking that was present in her hand.

“What do you think Chloe?” he asked her as his free hand grabbed onto his cock and pointed the head at her.

“It’s…really big,” she whispered as she rubbed her thighs together.

“I can tell that you like it,” he said as he let go of her hand.

“How?” she asked, keeping her eyes on his throbbing member.

Noah reached up Chloe’s skirt and made contact with her black panties. His finger immediately found a growing wet spot over her tender young pussy. Chloe jumped when he first made contact but relaxed as his finger softly rubbed up and down her moist slit through the cotton. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lips as a soft moan slipped out.

“That’s how,” he said as he pulled his hand away.

Chloe was disappointed as she felt his touch disappear. She opened her eyes and looked at his smiling face before reaching out for his cock. A sexy smile appeared on her face as she wrapped her fingers around his red rod.

“This is wrong, Lyndsy is my friend,” she said as she started to stroke him.

“She’ll never know,” he said.

Chloe slowly lowered down to her knees and scooted closer to him. She licked her sexy lips while her head slowly drew itself closer to Noah’s cock.

“She’ll never know,” she said softly before sliding the head of his cock between her lips.

The seventeen year old wrapped both of her hands around his large cock and lowered her head down. Half of his cock quickly disappeared before her lips met her hands. She removed both hands from him and lowered herself further down. With six inches inserted her salivating mouth, she felt his warm head bump against the back of her throat.

“Good girl,” Noah said as he pressed both of his hands to either side of her head.

Noah slowly tilted Chloe’s head up, moving the head of his cock against the roof of her mouth. She smiled without letting it slide out and rested her hands on his thighs. Noah pulled her head back, ejecting himself from her before pulling her close, snuggling her face against the underside of his genitals. Her nose bumped the shaft while her lips were pressed tightly to his scrotum. The young girl let her tongue slip out and she softly licked each testicle.

“You ever given a blowjob before?” the thirty-five year old asked the teen. Chloe shook her head ‘no’ as she pulled away from his package. “Practice makes perfect.”

Chloe giggled and wrapped her lips around his cock again while he lay down on the bed. She started bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. Within a minute, she was fully into her first blowjob. She kept her eyes closed as she felt every vein of his cock brushing against her tongue and lips. The underage beauty was enjoying every second of this, despite how wrong it truly was.

Noah moaned and groaned as he received the best blowjob of his life, better than any his girlfriend Lyndsy had ever given him. He was amazed at how a seventeen year old with no oral experience was so good. Everybody knew that Chloe was mature for her age and Noah was experiencing it firsthand.

Chloe pulled her mouth away from his cock to catch her breath. She stroked his cock furiously to keep him as aroused as possible. The only sound she could hear was the faint squishing of saliva against her hand. The young girl quickly slid his tool back into her mouth and continued sucking him for a minute.

Noah sat up and pulled himself away from Chloe, grabbing her under the arms and standing her up. His hands went under her tank top and lifted it up over her head. The young girl was not wearing a bra so he was instantly met with the site of her beautiful b-cups. Noah grabbed onto her chest and gave each breast a squeeze, causing her to laugh. He leaned forward and roughly kissed her chest while she pulled her mini skirt down to the ground.

“Let me see that little cunt,” he said as his tongue brushed against her nipple.

Chloe dropped her panties down, exposing her neatly-trimmed pussy to the older man. Noah released her breasts from his grip and ran his hands down her smooth body. His left hand fell to her thigh while his right focused on her moist pussy. His finger gently circled around her damp clit while his other hand slid between her thighs, rubbing her taint area. He made the young girl moan as his finger slid between her damp lips and slowly moved in and out

Noah leaned his head forward and twirled his tongue over her clit as he gently fingered the seventeen year old girl. Chloe gripped his hair while grunting and groaning at the intense feeling of her first licking. Having only had sex twice, both times being straight normal sex, the beautiful blonde had never known how amazing a warm, slick tongue against her aroused clitoris felt. She loved every second of this, completely forgetting any inner conflict she had about being intimate with her good friend’s boyfriend.

“Fuck,” she whispered. “That feels amazing.”

“You know what else feels amazing?” he asked before shoving a second finger into her hard.

“Holy shit!” she yelled at the hard invasion.

Noah rapidly thrusted his two fingers in and out of the young woman’s soaking wet pussy. Every nerve in Chloe’s body was on fire, especially those in her clit. The older man’s tongue was flicking at it faster as well, trying to give her the best feeling ever. Her hands still gripped onto his hair, pulling him as close to her body as possible. She loved the feeling of the warm breath coming out of his nose, which was pressed tightly to her pubic hair.

“Don’t stop,” she screamed as her knees began to wobble.

Chloe could feel her body began to draw closer to an orgasm. Her knees bent and she felt her balance going away. Noah caught her and removed his mouth from her body. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her up with one hand. He stood up and held her tight while his other hand continued to violently finger-fuck the young girl. She let out a loud, long moan in his ear as her lust took over her body, giving her the biggest orgasm she had ever had.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she yelled, burying her face in the man’s shoulder.

Every muscle in Chloe’s body vibrated as she bucked her hips against Noah’s hand. Her orgasm lasted for several more seconds before she relaxed. She hugged him tight and fell to the bed with him. As he pulled his wet hand out of her crotch, she started to kiss his neck. He ran his wet hand through her hair and pulled her lips to his, embracing in a passionate kiss.

“Want more?” he asked.

“There’s no going back after that,” she said as they kissed again.

Chloe reached behind her and grabbed hold of his cock. The blonde lifted her lower body up, preparing for penetration. Softly, she rubbed the head against her soaked cunt and lowered herself down on it. She gasped as his long cock easily slid between her heavily lubricated vaginal walls.

“Oh god,” she whispered as she dropped all the way down, resting her ass on his thighs. “I can’t believe it fit!”

Noah grabbed onto her hips as Chloe lifted her body up. She sat upright and started to move up and down, guided by the older man. She started off slow but within a minute was riding him pretty roughly. The young woman grabbed at her own chest and held her breasts tightly, preventing them from flopping around with each thrust. She moaned loud as her ass slapped against the man’s hips.

“Oh yes!” Noah yelled out. “Your cunt is so fucking tight!”

“It’s only been used twice,” she said with a giggle.

“Perfect!” he said as he slapped her hips.

“Keep doing that!” she screamed.

Noah continued slapping the smooth skin of her hips and ass. Each strike made her ride him harder to the point she thought she would fall off of him. She bent her body forward and rested her hands on his chest, holding herself up and staring into his eyes. He reached up and brushed the hair out of her eyes and caressed her cheek.

Chloe suddenly stopped bouncing on him and stared at him, her smile disappearing.

“Did you hear that?” she asked.

“Noah!” Lyndsy yelled from downstairs.

“Fuck,” Chloe whispered as she climbed off of him and grabbed her clothes.

“Quick, get in the closet,” Noah said as he hurried off to the bathroom.

As Chloe hid in the closet, Noah ran into the shower and started to clean himself off. He quickly washed any fluid that Chloe left on him, trying not to draw any suspicion from his girlfriend. He smelled his hand and could not sense any feminine juices on him anymore so he headed back to the bedroom.

Noah stepped back into the bedroom as Lyndsy walked through the door.

“Hey babe,” Lyndsy said. “Didn’t bother getting dressed huh?”

“Why would I?” he laughed as he looked over and saw the closet door closed almost all the way.

“Well you know, I’ve got a few minutes before I have to head out,” Lyndsy said as she reached down and grabbed his cock. “Up for a quickie?”

“Do you have to ask?”

Lyndsy unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her knees. She crawled onto the bed and lifted her ass up. With no foreplay, Noah quickly shoved all eight inches of his cock into his girlfriend’s clean-shaven cunt. He grabbed onto the collar of her yellow t-shirt and roughly pulled back with each thrust.

The twenty-seven year old brunette looked back at her boyfriend with a sexy smile as her pussy was pounded hard. She cooed as she felt his hand give her a brisk spank across her round ass.

“Yeah, spank your dirty girl,” she yelled. He spanked her again. “Harder!”

Chloe stood in the closet with her eyes wide as she saw and heard a different side from Lyndsy. She had never seen her as an aggressive woman but liked seeing her act this way. Her hand slowly slid down her sweaty stomach, down through her pubic hair and onto her still-moist pussy. She rubbed herself fast as she saw her friend bury her face into the mattress and scream.

“Oh fuck!” Lyndsy screamed. “Yes, yes, fucking yes!”

“I love you so much,” Noah said as his hips violently slammed into hers.

Chloe laughed as she heard him lie to Lyndsy. As much as he claimed he loved her, Chloe was the one who had Noah bring her to orgasm and as she watched on, she knew that Lyndsy surely would not. The intensity of pleasure she gave to his cock made her certain that he would not last long enough to make her friend climax.

“Oh I’m gonna cum!” Noah yelled out after only three minutes of fucking his lover.

Lyndsy lifted herself up and squealed as Noah pushed into her one last time and held himself tight against her, unloaded his massive load into her pussy. They both groaned and fell forward, collapsing on the bed. He planted soft kisses on the back of her neck as his cock withered out of her. Once he was out of her, he rolled onto his back. Lyndsy reached her head over and gave him a deep kiss.

“Fast but fucking awesome,” she said as she stood up and pulled her pants back up. “Got to go, maybe tonight we can go a little longer.”

They kissed again before Lyndsy hurried off with her purse. Once the front door closed, Chloe slowly made her way out of the closet and walked towards Noah.

“I came watching you two,” Chloe said as she dropped to her knees in front of him.

Noah sat up with a smile as she pushed her hand against his face. He took her fingers in his mouth and gently sucked the feminine cum off of them. He felt Chloe’s tongue swirl around the limp head of his cum-covered cock. There was still a good amount of leftover cum on him, which was quickly sucked up by the seventeen year old girl. She happily swallowed every single sperm that leftover, enjoying the taste of it combined with the leftover juices from Lyndsy’s pussy.

Once she was done, Chloe stood up and slowly walked back to the closet. She grabbed her clothes and started to dress.

“Leaving so soon?” Noah asked.

“I don’t want to but I have to get to the studio,” she said as she pulled her tank top back on.

“Some other time?” he asked.

“Of course, I want to feel that tasty cum spray in my mouth,” she said as she pulled her panties on.

Noah handed Chloe his phone and made her put her number in. He was determined to make up for the moment at a later time, no matter when or where. The two shared a passionate kiss before Chloe left the two story house and went back to her Camaro. As she sat down, she grabbed her phone and saw a text alert.

“Hey Chloe, Noah is home so I’ll just swing by and get my purse, thanks though!” the text from Lyndsy read.

“I’m glad Noah was home,” Chloe said out loud before heading to the studio.

To be continued…

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