Alyson Hannigan’s Terrorist Sex Attack

For several weeks I had been looking for a suitable soft target to help me make my political point clear, it came to me in an instant
the instant I saw her Alyson Hannigan the actress who played Willow
in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was all alone coming out of a small
cloth store with three bags and a massive smile on her face. It was
perfect she was well known enough to cores a stir but not to warrant
heavy security. My first thought was just to grab her but my mind
wood later tarn to other things, but for now I was going to have to
work on how to
get her in the back of my van unseen with what little
equipment I had with me. As luck wood have it she decided to enter a
large but deserted multi-story car park, this I could use to my

I drove into the car park and stopped a little in ahead of her got
out and opened the side door trying to look like I was unloading
something, but in reality I was getting ready to load her. I quickly
took the length of tow rope that came with the van, a large rag I
kept for emergencies and an old tie. As she came along side I
grabbed her and shoved the rag in her mouth before she could scream
my old tie held the gag rag in place nicely. I never realized just
how much she could squirm but I soon stopped that with a quick punch
in the gut, when she doubled over in pain I was easily able to bind
her with the tow rope. I tied her knees together her hands to her
feet and finally around her neck so she was forced to kneel her eyes
and tears betrayed her fear of what was to come. I throw her into the
back of the van and covered her with a sheet. I had to smile as I
closed the side door knowing the government would have to listen to
our demands now.

It was a short drive to our cell base. We had set up in an abandon
mansion in the middle of no where. I ran into the house calling to
the other eleven guys to come see what I had bort. As we all
gathered around the van I opened the door and ripped off the sheet to
reveal miss Hannigan’s small whimpering form seeming to know even
before we did what was going to happen to her. We picked her up and
dragged her in to the building and into one of the former bedrooms
where we had already set up a camera for taping messages finale
placing her on her knees in front of the camera. The message that we
recorded simply showed Alyson bound and now gagged with a ball with
a list of our demands folded by a non-descript threat against her.

For the next two days Alyson remained unharmed the newspapers
reported the kidnapping as a highly planed abduction I had to laugh
at the shear inaccurate of the report. In the report was the
standard line of non-negotiation with terrorists and kidnapers so we
would have to force their hand. A simple pint of blood filmed for
the entire world to see was what we came up with. Alyson was forced
to sit in front of the camera as we took the blood getting every
thing needed was a pain especially with all the necessary secrecy
but I guess it was a bigger pain for her as she sat tied to a chair
before the camera sobbing. The pint was easily taken and sent with
the video but the clear distress of the pretty little actress had no
effect on the heartless politician and some of the media had the
cheek to say that I was just a publicity stunt. We needed something
so big as to force them to admit defeat but what. The answer came as
we watched a late night TV movie involving a young girl’s gang rape
to teach her father a lesson. As a result we decided to video us
gang banging Alyson. We knew that the tape would eventually get
leaked to the public but I hoped and fooled myself it would not.
Alyson did not deserve the violation let alone the humiliation of it
becoming porn for every pervert who wanted it, but it was the only
way we could accomplish our objective to free our peoples from their

By now she only had her right hand tied to her right ankle and her
left hand to her left ankle she was gagged with a large ring gag.
Stating the camera we began with the information that this was the
result of the lack of action on the part of all of the free world.
We proceeded to tear off the short dark blue dress she had been
wearing followed by the light blue panty and bra set she wore under
the dress. Now little Alyson pretty perky little tits were on show
to the whole world but she had managed to get into a position that
hid her tight shaved cunt from the camera. She whimpered knowing for
certain what was going to happen. Grabbing her knees I spread her
legs so the camera could see every thing she had. With Alyson’s
slender form on display you could see her small but beautiful
breasts tight cunt and even her back passage. I was going to be the
first to fuck her seeing her bound naked and helpless my dick
instantly started to harden this was not something I had ever
expected considering I was about to rape her. As I mounted Alyson
one of the guys picked up the camera zoomed in on her cunt while this
was happening I got face to face with her and told her I was sorry
for what I was going to do. All she could do to reply was mumble but
I imagine she was probably telling me to fuck off or pleading no,
all I know was the fear in her eyes.

Finally I entered her with a signal thrust trying not to hurt her
too much but from the look on her face I must have failed. At first
I slipped in and out of her slowly but soon I found myself enjoying
Alyson’s cunt and started to fuck her harder and harder with each
thrust until she was screaming out loud this and the cheers from my
friends made me harder and closer to coming. It was not to long till
I spilt my seed into Alyson womb she was glad that I had finished
and getting off of her until she realized I was being replaced by
one of the other men surrounding her she only now got the idea that
we would all take a turn in her. With the second man in the pussy I
moved to her mouth slipping my soft dick in past the ring gag. I
slapped her face and I told her to suck she had greate difficulty
sucking me because of a combination of the gag and the pounding of
her pussy but she did the job getting me hard once more. She seemed
shocked as I pulled out of her mouth and a second load of cum was
dumped into her slit she realized the next violation when we rolled
her on to her side.

The third of us to enter her slit did so at the same time as I
entered her even tighter ass she screamed so loud that the gag did
little to stop the sound. As she howled in pure agony I whispered to
her “remember how I said I was sorry well I’m not anymore you are
one great fuck.” these words started her crying in anguish and
despair. I pulled out till only the head of my cock was in her rectum
and grabbed her tits stroking coursing and feeling them at first
then when my friend was ready I said to the pitiful Alyson “hold on
babe you will love this.” we proceeded to thrust together and raped
both her holes at the same time. Alyson did not love it in fact she
hated it the sounds coming from her where horrendous squeals and
screams she was broken before I came showering her bowels with my
weight hot fluid. By this time I was so tired I just held the camera
and watched as she was forced to take a cock in every hole and what
looked to be the most painful experience of her life. She took two
in her still tight ass and cunt with one in the mouth for good
measure. Even after all that when I pushed my fingers up her holes
she was still as tight as they cum I wiped the salty liquid off my
fingers onto Alyson hare large amounts still leaking out of her.
When we finished with her we took a copy of the tape and sent it out
to the government. I dumped her in the back of my van and left the
little red head chained naked to a lamp posts out side a police
station near where I found her.

Even if we did not get what we wanted this was definitely the way to
go and as for poor little Alyson she found her self pregnant with
the whole world using her public rape as porn.

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