Alyssa And Rose’s Charming weekend

“Alyssa and Rose’s Charming weekend”

by Professor Moriarty


This story is
solely a work of fiction. It’s not meant to suggest any knowledge of the
sexual practices or preferences of anyone depicted in it.

Driving the twisting roads of northern California is one of life’s
real pleasures, especially when you are driving a restored royal blue ’66
Mustang convertible with a new friend. That was the situation Alyssa Milano
found herself in today. Her new co-star, Rose McGowan, sat beside her in the
passenger seat. They were on their way to a secluded private ranch house
by Uberproducer Aaron Spelling. He had suggested the two girls, and
their on-screen sister, Holly Marie Combs, take a day or two and just relax
at the house, as a prelude to the beginning of shooting of the fourth season
of their successful show. Holly had been forced to decline because of a
family obligation, so it was just Alyssa and Rose, enjoying some of the
fruits of Spelling’s successful empire. The two girls had meshed quickly, and
Alyssa was looking forward to developing a working relationship with the
talented McGowan, who’s work she had always liked. She had always thought
Rose was sexy, as well, and had even masturbated while watching a video of
“Going All The Way”, a film that featured an erotic striptease by Rose. They
had talked about that film, and Rose’s co-star, Ben Affleck, on the trip up.
Alyssa had worked with Ben in his pre-stardom days in a film entitled “Glory
Daze”, and had run into him a few times since. She confided to Rose that she
thought he was not only a sexy guy, but one of the nicer men she had met in
Hollywood. Rose had agreed with her opinion, and as they talked, they
realized that they had at least one other co-star in common. “Oh, Christ,
Jonathan Schaech. What an unbelievable creep that guy is” said Rose, which
provoked an outburst of laughter from Milano. “He’s kind of in love with the
guy in the mirror, isn’t he?” Alyssa asked, which just started them laughing
again. After driving a few more minutes, they came to an almost-hidden
driveway, leading off the State highway. “I think this is the turn off…”
said Rose, consulting the map that Spelling had faxed her. “It’s the first
right, two miles after the Ranger station.” “Yep, this is it”, answered
Alyssa. They drove on for about 500 yards and the place came into sight,
along with a spectacular view of the rolling hills across the valley. “Oh my
God”, said Milano, her voice tempered with awe at the vista before her.
“Aaron has style, that’s for damn sure”, replied the grinning McGowan. Both
girls got their luggage out of the trunk, and entered the large ranch style,
single-level house. It was a few degrees cooler inside, a perfect
climate-controlled 72 degrees. They dropped their bags in the living room and
stood looking at the well-appointed getaway in admiration. “The place is
supposed to be stocked for a few day’s stay. I’ll go check”, said Alyssa. She
found the large kitchen and saw a note on the countertop: “All is ready. Mr.
Spelling sends his regards and wishes you a happy weekend.” She looked into
the stainless-steel refrigerator, and saw that it was fully outfitted. She
picked up a tray of Salmon fillets, and saw several individual bowls of
cut-up salad ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. She took down a
big bowl and started tossing them together, after setting the oven to bake.
“Hey, Rose, are you hungry?” she said to the other girl, still looking around
the layout. “Yeah. It was a long ride.” Alyssa finished mixing the salad, and
put it back into the refrigerator. She began to sprinkle Lemon Salt onto the
fillets, and then, after waiting for the oven to signal it’s readiness with a
beep, she put them in to bake. She went and found Rose in one of the bedrooms
looking over the home entertainment center. “This is really top of the line
stuff”, she said with a tone of respect. “Aaron is the man. If you work for
him, you’re working for the best”, said Alyssa, about the man who had steered
her two most recent well-paying jobs her way. “We have a little time to kill
before dinner. What do you want to do?” “I think I saw a hot tub on the
deck…” replied Rose, with the start of a wicked grin. They retraced their
path back to the sliding-glass doors that led to the wooden-decked patio.
When they went out, the fabulous view was spread again before them. They were
on one side of a valley, and the hills below them fell gently toward the
valley floor, and then rose again to the top of the hills across the way. On
a sunny July day, it was quite a sight. Rose found the controls and stirred
the Jacuzzi to life. They both looked around the patio and saw that it had a
round wood-and-iron table, with several chairs. Off to the side, almost
hidden from view, there was an outdoor shower. Alyssa walked to the edge of
the deck and leaned on the heavy metal railing. “Man, this is one of the
nicest places that I’ve ever seen.” “It reminds me a little of Italy”, said
Rose, who was raised in the Mediterranean country. “I really need to visit
there” said the Italian-by-way-of-Brooklyn Milano. Rose replied “I haven’t
been there in a long time. Going back would be nice…under more pleasant
circumstances”, referring to her strange childhood. The two stood for a few
minutes, looking at the length and breadth of the picturesque valley. Alyssa
finally turned, and said “I think the water is about ready. I’m going to go
check on the fish. Should I get a suit for you?” Rose looked around and said
“Is there any need?” Alyssa thought for a second, then smiled. “No, I guess
not. I’ll be back.” She turned and went inside and Rose walked over to the
shower and turned it on. Once she got a good flow going, she looked around
once again, and then peeled the sheer baby blue tank top she was wearing up
over her head, and tossed it onto the nearest chair. She almost never wore a
bra, and today was no exception. Her large, firm breasts bounced free and, as
always, she enjoyed the sensation of the open air on them. She kicked off her
shoes, and unsnapped the fly of her faded denim cutoffs. She pulled down the
zipper, then hooked the thumbs into the waistband of both her shorts and also
the pastel pink satin panties she had worn today, and slipped both down her
legs. She picked up the shorts-and-panties bundle, and laid it next to her
shirt, She was already wearing her hair in a ponytail, so she just walked
over and got under the warm water flow. She just stood for a moment, enjoying
the sensation of the water cascading over her soft flesh. She was going to
have to be careful in the sun, her creamy Irish complexion made her an easy
burn. Luckily, the sun was still on the other side of the house, and the deck
was mostly in shade. She began to coat her whole torso in soap, starting at
her shoulders, and working her way down to her belly, swathing a generous
trail of lather as she went. She had just started lathering her ample ass,
when Alyssa came back out. The luscious Miss Milano was no stranger to the
nude bodies of other girls. She had had a number of experimental interludes
with other women, including her co-star and friend Holly Marie Combs. She was
still a little taken aback (and was sensing a growing excitement in her belly
and loins), at the openness Rose was showing her. “This is great!” Rose
shouted over the sound of the rushing water. Alyssa shouted back “I’ve got
dibs on the shower next.” “There’s plenty of room, now” Rose replied. “All
right…the signs are really unmistakable, now” thought Alyssa. She smiled
and decided to play this out as far as it would go.

Part 2

She stood a few feet from the shower and started undressing. She had already
taken off the boots she had worn on the drive up when she went into the house
the last time. She undid the leather belt, and unsnapped her faded jeans. She
also hooked her thumbs into her jeans at the hips and pushed down, but she
didn’t get her panties at the same time…because she wasn’t wearing any. She
stepped out of the little denim pile her jeans made and walked a little
closer to the shower, wearing only her black t-shirt, with her wide womanly
hips, tanned legs and well-trimmed dark brown pussy showing below the cut of
the shirt. She smiled the wide, slightly mysterious grin that always made her
look like she had a secret. Rose was watching all of this display with
mounting interest, and not a little excitement. She was soaping the thick
black hair of her pubic triangle, stopping just this side of openly
masturbating. Alyssa slowly peeled the shirt over her head and let her big
breasts out. They felt so good, swinging free in the breeze. She stood there
for a long moment, pinning her hair up, before she moved into the flow of the
water. They washed each other’s upper backs, Alyssa stopping to admire the
Vargas girl tattooed onto Rose’s right shoulder. “This is some really
intricate work”, she said with hushed admiration in her voice. Rose worked
her way around to Milano’s back and admired the cross and rosary beads Alyssa
had done in the same place. “Are you religious?” she asked. “No, not really.
It’s just…kind of a gesture of respect to my upbringing”, Alyssa answered,
gazing back over her shoulder at her friend. “You know we look like a prison
movie cliche, don’t you?” cracked McGowan, which caused gales of laughter
from both of them. Rose continued soaping Alyssa’s back, and then casually
slipped her hand onto Milano’s left buttock, rubbing it gently. “What’s this
one?”, she asked, referring to the sacred heart tattooed on Alyssa’s
exquisite ass. She told her, and Rose continued with the inspection. As
Alyssa turned and faced her, she said “Our tits are about the same size.”
Rose replied, “Yeah, but the areolas are different. Yours are big and
round…” and as she said this, she began tracing the outer edges of them
with her thumbs, while cupping the underside of Milano’s large tits with her
other fingers. “…and yours are small and tight”, said Alyssa as she pinched
them with her thumbs and forefingers. they looked at each other with a level
gaze and each saw a certain level of acceptance in the other’s eyes. They
leaned in and kissed, softly at first, with only the lips. Then their tongues
peeked out gingerly, seeking the other. After a little sliding of the tips,
they exchanged some deeper, more soulful kisses, Alyssa took the initiative,
sliding her tongue most of the way in, exploring the fair-skinned girl’s
tongue and whole mouth. McGowan quickly caught the impulse, and began
returning Milano’s kisses with equal fervor. They were now rubbing their
chests together, side to side and up and down. Both were feeling the queasy,
weak-kneed feeling that signaled full arousal was close at hand. Rose slid
the palm of her right hand between Alyssa’s wet soapy thighs. She began a
rhythmic back-and-forth massaging of the other girl’s vulva, tracing a
pattern along her outer labia, quickly becoming swollen. Alyssa found her
mouth free long enough to say “Oh, FUCK…that’s nice, don’t stop.” McGowan
grinned, and said, with a guttural edge to her voice “Not a chance, honey.”
In spite of her whole body being on fire, Alyssa had to let out a short
giggle at this, which Rose joined. Alyssa’s wobbly knees now barely supported
her weight. She leaned back against the shower wall, and Rose pressed in for
the kill. Her massaging had now progressed to the inner labia, and she was
rubbing Alyssa’s hooded clit with her other hand trying to get it farther
out. Alyssa began to rotate her hips, pressing forward to rub against Rose’s
hands and provide counter-pressure for Rose’s rubbing and massaging. She was
also squeezing and rubbing her own titties, since McGowan had her hands full.
“Fuck me!” she hissed through clenched teeth. Rose slipped first one, then
two fingers inside Alyssa’s cunt and as she began inserting them further in
and pulling them back, in imitation of a cock during coitus, she continued to
rub Alyssa’s now fully emergent clit with her left hand. Alyssa could really
begin to feel the wave building, taking her toward a shattering climax. She
braced herself in the corner with both hands out away from her body. Rose
looked into her face and saw that Alyssa’s eyes were closed and her lower lip
was quivering. “Are you getting close?” she asked. Alyssa nodded, and Rose
added. “How should I bring you off?” Alyssa said, through clenched teeth
“Clit…concentrate on my clit…” Her breathing was fast and heavy, and she
was getting really close. Rose knelt down in front of her and placed her
whole mouth over Alyssa’s vulva, kissing it with her moistened lips, applying
as much warm saliva as she could. Alyssa’s moans were almost continuos now,
and when Rose started flicking the fully aroused rosebud of Alyssa’s
clitoris, Alyssa cried out aloud. Her voice rising to a singsong pitch, she
strung words together, Rose could only catch snippets, between the
still-hissing running water of the shower (“What a fucking hot water tank
this place must have” shot across her mind), and Alyssa’s soapy thighs
sliding frantically back and forth across Rose’s ears and cheeks.
“Doitdoitthatsgoodfuckmefuckitohyeahyeah…” Suddenly, Alyssa clenched Rose’s
head a little harder, and let out a sustained, continual moan. Rose could
taste Alyssa’s juice as it seeped out of her glistening vagina. Rose
continued to lick and suck, as hard and fast as she could, as Alyssa rode out
the last waves of blindingly intense pleasure, and gradually relaxed against
the tile wall, seemingly unable to move again. Rose looked up, through the
valley made by Alyssa’s prominent breasts, now pink with all the rubbing and
teasing they had received, at her face. As Milano looked down, Rose flashed
her a wide, wicked smile, and said “Was that okay?” “Okay?” Milano said,
incredulously, “I think I forgot my name…”. McGowan said, with feigned
innocence, “Well Ma’am, we aim to please”, and with this, she started to lick
Alyssa’s pubic bush methodically, like a cat, to get any fluids left there.
“God, don’t start again…my body can’t take it.” Rose stood up and wrapped
her arms around Alyssa in an almost sisterly embrace. “Let’s get you into the
tub, so you can recuperate, sweetie.” Rose turned the shower knob to “off’,
and slowly led Alyssa over to the bubbling hot tub. As Alyssa gently lowered
herself into the warm, soothing water, Rose said, “I’ll go look in on dinner,
and get us something to drink.” Alyssa could only mumble in reply, as she
slid down under the water, immersing her whole tired, satiated nude body up
to the neck, and closed her eyes. Rose looked back over her shoulder and
smiled in wry amusement at her friend. She dabbed at her body with a towel,
not wanting to track water into the living space, and went through the
sliding glass doors. the air conditioning hit her at once with a pleasant
chill, hardening her exposed nipples quickly. “Wet nude chick strolling
around in the kitchen, pretty much every man’s fantasy…” she thought, as
she caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror next to the kitchen.
She stopped to look, and, as usual, was pretty pleased. She always liked the
impression the jet-black pussy created, right in between and below the
creamy-white thighs and belly. She strolled on, and saw Alyssa’s Salmon
fillets still had more than 40 minutes to go. She padded over to the fridge,
and took out two bottles of Beck’s. After opening them, she took them, on a
tray with napkins, back out onto the patio, and into the mid-Afternoon
California heat. Alyssa still had her eyes closed, and was slowly, almost
absently rubbing her crotch under the water. “Now, who’s starting without
who?” A slow grin spread over Alyssa’s angelic face, and she said “It’s kind
of like a warm-down after a workout. I can’t just stop on a dime, I’ve got to
work my way back down the ladder.” “Ah…very scientific”, replied Rose,
which made them both laugh. Rose took a few steps down into the tub, until
the water was up to her thighs. She leaned across and handed Alyssa a bottle,
which she accepted gratefully. Rose slowly sank into the water, enjoying the
feel of it on her bare skin and she sat opposite Alyssa, slightly higher,
with her breasts visible above the water line. “This is turning out even
better than I had hoped”, said Alyssa. Rose looked again at the view and said
“It’s pretty idyllic, without a doubt.”

Part 3:

Rose was enjoying one of the underwater currents as it jetted softly between
her open legs, when she felt Alyssa’s silky-smooth foot slide along her left
thigh. She looked up to see Milano grinning, as she said “I think it’s your
turn…” Rose smiled and nodded, then moved across the pool to sit beside
Alyssa. They gently caressed each other’s shoulders and nuzzled one another’s
necks. They began kissing softly, again. Alyssa then started working her way
down Rose’s chest, kissing the area between McGowan generous breasts, and
then licking that strip of flesh with long strokes of her tongue. Rose was
now running her fingers through her lover’s hair, and her breathing was
coming faster. Alyssa picked a breast at random and started nibbling around
the areolas, and peppering the area with short kisses. She looked up at Rose,
who was biting her lower lip, and then she took the whole nipple and areola
into her mouth and sucked as if she wanted to draw milk, with long, deep
pulls. Rose was squirming from side-to-side now, as Alyssa switched breasts
and started over. She kissed her way down Rose’s creamy belly, and continued
south, raising Rose’s ass up out of the water, tilting her back so she could
get access to her pussy. At last, she began to rub the sides of her face
against Rose’s thighs. McGowan was emitting low moans now, with increasing
intensity. Alyssa kissed the spot just above the pubic triangle, and rubbed
her chin gently against Rose’s bush. She parted the outer and inner labia
with her fingertips, and started to lick the folds with long, bold strokes,
alternating unpredictably with shorter jabs of her tongue. Rose was nearly
pulling Milano’s hair now, as she kneaded her fingers through it. Alyssa
moistened the tips of her fingers with her own tongue, then began to play her
fingers around the hooded clitoris of her friend. As she did this, she pushed
her tongue into Rose’s pussy, in as far as it would go. “Oh God…oh,
God…this is amazing” Rose said with emphasis. Alyssa wagged her tongue
inside her lover’s pussy as she manually stimulated her clitoris with varying
strokes and speeds. Rose was leaning back on the deck and roughly massaging
her own tits, and rubbing her belly, which felt like it was filled with cold
fire. As Rose got closer and closer to the edge of orgasm, Alyssa would pull
back from the edge and let the fire cool down, before starting again. The
teasing went on and on, until finally Rose said “I really need to cum…”
Alyssa grinned and said “Oh, what a spoilsport.” She blew out a sigh in mock
irritation, and said “I’ll see what I can do.” She started rubbing McGowan’s
erect clit in earnest now. Her licking took on a more methodical, urgent pace
as she drove Rose steadily and inexorably towards a climax. Rose could feel
it building all the way down her legs and up into her throat. As she got
nearer and nearer, her moans and grunts became louder and took on a more
urgent tone. Alyssa rubbed as fast as she could, dribbling saliva onto Rose’s
clitoris to avoid too much friction. Rose finally widened her legs a little
more, threw her head back, and blasted Alyssa’s face with a small shower of
cum. Alyssa licked it up and continued licking her whole vulva, as fast as
her tongue and lips would go. As Rose’s breathing began to return to normal,
Alyssa rested her head on McGowan’s belly, closing her eyes. She heard a
familiar voice saying “I don’t think Aaron would like it if you burned the
place down, especially on your first day.” They both turned their heads
toward the patio door to see a smiling Holly Marie Combs there, beer bottle
in hand. Alyssa had raised her head off of Rose’s belly. Rose looked down at
her and said “Is this going to cause ‘on-set tension among the cast’?”, which
broke them all up. Alyssa finally asked “What did you say about a fire?’
Holly replied, “Uh, oven…Salmon…remember?” Alyssa rolled her eyes in
exasperation. “Don’t worry. I came in and the timer was just getting ready to
go off. I looked out here and saw you two were busy, so I got them out.”
“What are you doing here?”, Alyssa asked. “Well, It’s good to see you, too,
sweetie.” Holly replied. Alyssa said “You know what I mean.” Holly explained
that her family gathering had ended earlier than expected, and that Spelling
had faxed her the same map, so she had decided to drive up. Alyssa said “You
did lock the door, didn’t you? At this rate Elisabeth Shue or Jamie Luner
will show up next.” Simultaneously, Holly said “Great!”, and Rose piped in
with “That would be nice.” All three girls got the giggles, and a moment
later, Alyssa said “Are you going to share some of that tasty little pussy of
yours with us, or what?” Holly rubbed her chin, in mock consideration, and
said “Oh, all right, I guess so…” She put the bottle of Beck’s on the
table, and took a few steps forward. Alyssa and Rose both assumed positions
sitting side-by-side on the far side of the hot tub, facing Holly so they
could get the full benefit of her striptease.

Part 4:

Holly was already barefoot. She pulled the pink sweater she was wearing over
her head, and her conical breasts, which Alyssa had licked and fondled on
several memorable occasions, bobbed into view. Holly’s skin was closer to
Rose’s creamy fair complexion than to Alyssa’s Mediterranean olive-tone skin,
but still a shade or two darker than Rose. “Ooohhh, those are nice”, said
Rose, barely above a whisper. She began gently masturbating, unashamed of
starting early. Alyssa, not wanting to get left behind, started rubbing her
own vulva, slowly, then faster, then back again. Holly unsnapped the fly of
her beltless jeans, and slid them down her legs, stepping out with one foot,
kicking free with the other. She felt her breath catch when she looked up and
caught sight of her two beautiful co-stars openly masturbating to her
performance. She smiled and sauntered over to the railing, admiring the view.
“This is incredible”, she said, relishing both the magnificent sight of the
valley, and her teasing of the other two. “Honey, you can look at it later.
Now come over here like a good little girl, and let us fuck you” said Alyssa.
Holly smiled, looking back over her shoulder, and then peeled the lime-green
panties she was still wearing down, ever so slowly, over her shapely ass,
then down her thighs, bending at the knees and taking the panties down, over
her knees, all the way down to her ankles. She let the underpants go, then
stood up straight. She stepped out of the panties, and stood for a moment
completely nude, relishing the warm sun and fresh air and how it felt on her
skin. Rose deadpanned “Any Ranger watching this house today has gotten one
HELL of a show.” Alyssa and Holly cracked up again. Rose’s restless sense of
humor was getting to be something they both looked forward to experiencing
every day. Holly stepped down into the center of the tub, immersing herself
in water, splashing it all over her breasts and torso. Rose approached Holly
from behind, reaching around under Holly’s arms, and gently cupping her
breasts. She ran her fingers over the puffy areolas, which swelled up when
Holly was aroused, as she was now. Alyssa came from the front, smilingly
offered a kiss to her friend, and occasional lover, and said “Hello, buddy.
I’m glad you could make it.” Rose smoothed Holly’s hair away from the rather
hairy nape of her neck, and kissing and licking the warm, pliant flesh there,
said “That goes for me, too.” After some gentle caresses to get Holly into
the flow, Alyssa started working her way down Holly’s chest, following the
same path and pattern she had with Rose. She kissed and nuzzled the area
between Holly’s cones, and then began to nibble and suckle them. Rose had
caressed her way down Holly’s back, with the tips of her fingers, then the
backs of them, using the knuckles to gently trace the outline of Holly’s
spine. Combs had shivered with arousal at the stimulation, and Alyssa had
sucked her titties even harder, creating a feedback loop of pleasure that
only two working as one can give. As Alyssa got lower, and started breathing
warmly on Holly’s moist pussy, Rose was kissing and squeezing Holly’s butt
cheeks, kneading them in a steady way. She then began to lovingly kiss and
gently bite Holly’s ass. “Is this okay, sweetie?” she asked. She looked up to
see Holly Marie nod, because the older girl had her eyes closed and was
gripping the side of the hot tub, in an effort to stay on her feet. The front
and rear attack was about to cause her to collapse. Alyssa had begun
vigorously licking and sucking her friend’s vagina now. She was working a
steady regimen of fast and slow, and Holly’s knees were now visibly shaking.
Rose picked this moment to coat her index finger with juicy saliva and begin
pressing it against Holly’s clenching anus, looking for a little access.
“It’s time for a little hitchhiking, honey” she said with evident glee.
Alyssa could see what she was up to, and prepared herself, because she knew
that once something, pretty much anything, slipped up Holly Marie Combs’
asshole…she was going to have a rim-rocking orgasm. She gripped Holly’s
hips as tightly as she could, and licked as fast as her tongue would go. Rose
felt her finger making progress a little way, then some more…up to the
first knuckle…she started wiggling it, and Holly bucked like a horse at a
rodeo. Alyssa tried, mostly with success, to keep eating and keep her mouth
clamped on Holly’s pussy as she came in wave after wave of intense energetic
spasms. “OHGODOHFUCKOH…OHHHHH….UNHHHHHhhhhhh…” She ended with a low,
guttural moan, almost a howl, and then slipped down exhausted into the water.
Alyssa, still wiping the tasty cum off of her chin, said “Don’t drown, baby.
We’d never be able to explain it to Mr. Spelling…” Holly cackled out loud,
settling against the rim of the tub, immersed in water up to her neck. Rose
waded a step or two forward and took Alyssa’s wrist, guiding one of the still
cum-covered hands toward her own mouth. “How ’bout a little for the new
girl?” As she stood licking Alyssa’s left hand as Alyssa licked the right one
herself, Alyssa said “Don’t worry. There’s lots more where that came from…”

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