Alyssa Milano’s First Time

This is a fictionalized account of this celebrity’s first time. It is not meant to imply that this is in any way true. Pure, harmless, entertaining fluff.


by ZippyWonderchimp

I had just returned home from a long day on the set of Who’s the Boss? and was looking forward to nothing more than a relaxing weekend at home. My folks and kid brother had left for the weekend to visit some relatives and I hadn’t gone as there was a chance I’d have some re-shoots to do on Saturday.

I went straight up to my room and threw my stuff on
the ottoman near my bed. I fell back on the bed and reveled in the quiet. I started to go over my day in my head and found myself fixating on the big young hunk, Mark, who was guest-starring on the show for a story-arc as my character’s latest love interest.

I thought I heard a noise and quickly rose to my knees on the bed. In from the hallway came Mark from the show. He must have followed me home! We had flirted a little on the set but nothing really came of it, or so I thought at the time.

Frozen with shock by the presence of the intruder I could only stare blankly as he slowly approached me with surprisingly calm smile on his face. Kneeling on the edge of the bed I looked up into the kind green eyes of the large and looming presence approaching me; he must have stood nearly six feet three inches tall and weighed around 230 pounds or so. He certainly dwarfed my 5’1”, 105 pound frame.

He placed his massive hands on my shoulders and drew me toward him as he bent down and placed a passionate kiss on my trembling lips. I surprised myself by returning the kiss with equal passion. After about a minute or two of this his lips moved down my neck and over my collarbone; that move always got to me. He undid first one, then two buttons on the tight and form-fitting flannel “work shirt” I was wearing. For some reason I didn’t try to stop him as he did this then slowly kissed his way down my chest to my cleavage.

Suddenly he pulled the tight-fitting shirt about halfway down my arms with a quick jerk. The fit was snug enough that I couldn’t wiggle it back up my arms from behind me and couldn’t slip out of it to free my arms because the tight cuffs were buttoned; my arms were pinned behind me.

Mark then unbuttoned the shirt the rest of the way and pushed the shirt off my shoulders (though it was still doing an excellent job of restraining my arms). What a day to not wear a bra; I was essentially naked from the waist up. Mark began kissing and sucking my tits. It actually felt great but I wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of even one moan of pleasure if I could help it. Unfortunately my body was betraying me; my nipples quickly became engorged and erect and stood out fat on the tips of my heaving breasts.

Seeing my bullet-hard nips pointing up at him encouraged Mark to gently nudge me backward onto the bed. With my arms pinned behind me by tight top I could do nothing buy fall back onto the mound of pink pillows behind me. I struggled to right myself but couldn’t as I had no leverage. He grabbed my ankles and slid me toward the foot of the bed. He then unbuttoned my skin-tight jeans and laboriously began to peel them down my trembling legs. He left my tennies on and pulled the jeans inside out over my shoes with the zippered cuffs still snugly above my ankles.

His next move was to peel off his t-shirt exposing his well-muscled torso to me. He then kicked off his shoes and took off his jeans and shorts in one motion; it was then that I saw how big he was. His semi-erect penis was bobbing out in front of him and it looked to be anywhere from about nine to eleven inches long and really thick. I was still a virgin but had fooled around in other ways with a couple of my boyfriends, hand-jobs blow jobs and the like, but the biggest erection I had ever seen was maybe a little under seven inches long and not nearly as thick as Mark’s.

I was still in denial about what was about to happen until Mark pushed me back up the bed and crawled between my denim-shackled legs, his now fully-erect rod pointing straight at me. He grabbed my thin cotton panties with one large hand on each hip of the garment and pulled them apart with little effort. My virgin channel was now exposed. I could feel his erect rod and large heavy ball sac rub up against my vaginal lips through the fine brown hairs covering them. As he began to kiss me again I could feel his tool rubbing up and down against the length of my labia. My body was once again betraying me as I felt a slowly increasing trickle of lubricants oozing out of me; preparing my untried tunnel for the experience that I hadn’t sought out yet surprisingly was doing little if anything to resist.

I found myself wriggling and writhing beneath him as all this was happening. To this day I’m not sure if I was doing this to escape or to increase the friction that was getting me all wet downstairs. My clitoris was fully erect by now and all the rubbing against it by Mark’s iron-hard rod brought me to the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. If it hadn’t been for the denim stretching from ankle to ankle I may actually have bucked him off myself.

After I had caught my breath I felt something large and blunt nudging against my crotch, trying to find my entrance. I raised my head briefly and looked past my rising and falling boobs and saw his enormous rod probing my labia. Fully engorged he seemed more huge than before, nearly a foot long from my vantage point. Without warning the plumb-shaped head began to squeeze between my outer lips and through slow but steady force managed to wedge their way inside of me. The pain was intense but bearable. I felt his cock-head snug up against my hymen. For a moment I thought he was going to pull out when he felt it and I slow felt the monster backtrack.

It wasn’t to be. His head withdrew halfway out my cunt lips then with the full weight of this Adonis behind it Mark’s tool plunged forcefully through my virgin barrier and halfway into my cunt. I screamed to wake the dead but with nobody home and no neighbors close by I doubt anybody heard anything. Back he pulled that monstrous tool until its tip was back between my lips and then another violent thrust drove his spike within a few inches of being completely buried within me.

I was moaning and writhing beneath him which must have turned him on because he began to thrust rhythmically in and out of me, slowly at first then faster and faster. I found myself unconsciously arching my back to take even more of him inside of me. Then I realized that I was working my pussy muscles within my tight little cunt and massaging the hot fleshy invader within me. We were thrusting back and forth at each other with all the strength we had. Mark would occasionally bend down to lick and suck my tits; nipples now almost painfully stiff atop red-flushed breasts covered with a sheen of sweat.

Faster and faster, deeper and deeper he went until I felt his fat know pushing against my cervix. There was sill a couple of inches of his rod outside of me and he seemed determined to bury his massive tool inside my tiny frame. Harder and harder until with a sudden yelp of pain I felt him push into my womb and felt his tight balls mash against my ass. This triggered an incredibly violent orgasm within me as I bounced around on the bed beneath him. My interior muscles were working him over good and this triggered his orgasm.

With one final powerful thrust Mark drove in to such a depth that if felt like he was trying to stuff his balls into my over-stuffed cunt. I felt a torrent of hot cum shoot out of his rod as the huge shaft jerked and twitched deeper inside me than I thought any boy could ever go. This felt like it went on for several minutes before he drew his softening cock out of my grasping pussy. Copious amounts of our commingled juices oozed out of me as I lay there in the afterglow.

As Mark pulled my shirt and jeans all the way off allowing me freedom of movement finally, rather than attacking him for his advances or running away, I slowly reached out and began stroking his penis trying to get it back into “fighting trim” again. This was just too good to pass up.


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