Alyssa Milano’s Train

Alyssa Milano’s Train

Alyssa was furious, After being told by her very, very late Limo driver
that he would be there shortly, she had said goodbye & watched the last
group of professors & Faculty members of the Badenton Prep School drive
off down the mountain. Now, she was alone with 47 Preps & one Weekend
Advisor/Security guard. The Advisor, she was told was in his weekend
studio apt. & probably wouldn’t be out & about until late Saturday
unless he heard some sort of commotion. Most of the Preps had gone home
for the weekend
with their families, but these 47, lived too far away
or had no family to go home to.

This all started when she met the Limo driver who was picking her up
from the airport and driving her the 140 miles to the Badenton Prep
School where she was to perform some of her own poetry & musings. The
Limo driver took one look at her and let out a long soulfull whistle.
That would not have bothered her quite so much if he didn’t stare
directly at her breasts the whole time he was greeting her, making
comments to himself about " what he could do with those heavenly mounds
of flesh". She also noticed a very visible hard-on that he made no
attempts to hide. During the 2 hour ride up to the school, he was
constantly checking her out in the mirror and she swore that he was
jacking off at one point. Finally, she could take no more & informed
him that if he didn’t straighten up & finish the job without staring at
her & fondling himself, she would see that he was fired & possibly
brought up on charges. Oh well, that probably explained the Limo Driver
pulling a No show that evening after the concert…….but the concert
itself turned out to be horrible. As she was reading her poetry, the
students began to boo & yell at her to dance or sing. She even saw one
of the Faculty members yelling at her..Again, enough became enough and
she yelled at the students telling them what spoiled little brats they
were. Well, they got quiet allright, and stayed that way the rest of
the show, 35 minutes.

Now, here she was, stranded, no phone, no vehicle, no real adults to
help her find a way off the mountain…and boy was it starting to get
cold. Her nipples were stabbing into the silky material of her top &
all the boys could see them quite well. "Hey? "How old are you guys??
she asked. About half the boys shouted out 19!! The other half yelled
out 18!!! My god!! a bunch of Teenage boys!! she cried out. One boy
stepped forward….."We might be boys, but we have a place to sleep
tonight… you?" "Well, I’m going to have to sleep in one of the
Dorms" she said. "Go to Hell, Miss snobby little bitch" "You won’t be
allowed in any of the on-campus buildings….you’re an outsider".
"What?, are you crazy, I’ll freeze out here." You can all go to Hell,
I’m going in one of those Dorms"!! Several of the boys stepped
forward…..seeming much bigger & older than 18 or 19……."If you
value your safety, you will stay away from the Dorms"! Alyssa stumbled
back a couple of steps on shakey legs. "Did you just threaten me?!!"
"Don’t you know who i am?". But the Boys all turned & started in to the
Dorms….and as the last ones entered they made sure the doors closed &
locked into place.

Alyssa had been outside for about 2 hours & she was literally freezing.
She had been unable to find anything at all to use for protection from
the cold. She had finally curled up beside the outside wall of the
Dorm, trying to capture some escaping heat and had fallen to sleep.

Alyssa felt as if she were in a dream, floating along thru hallways &
corridors. In her dream she felt free & unemcumbered by clothes. Being
a nudist, this was her favorite way to be….naked & free. Again, she
felt as if she were floating……floating towards a river or a
waterfall…..she could hear the water rushing along, could hear the
falls……then she felt the glorious heat of what must be a Hot spring
or Lava bed….."HUH?!!! "WHAT’s GOING ON??!!looked down and noticed
her nude body & realized she was standing in a shower…..she then
noticed the 20 or so boys standing there watching her. She tried to
cover herself. "GET OUT OF HERE!!" she screamed. The boys startled back
but didn’t leave. " I SAID TO LEAVE!!" "Listen, Alyssa, we could left
you outside & you probably would have died" "You felt nearly frozen".
"All we did is take off your wet clothes & covered you for a while in
blankets & then decided a Hot Shower was what you needed". "You owe us
your life!!" Alyssa was incredulous. " I owe you my LIFE!!" "I wouldn’t
have been out there if not for you perverts" "I want my clothes!!" One
of the bigger boys stepped forward…" You owe us, no clothes til you
pay up in full….what’t the value of your life??" " I think its
probably worth alot." "So i would say, you owe us big time"!!
Alyssa felt trapped….what could she do?…she had no clothes…& no
place to stay without help from these boys. "What do you want from me?"
Incredibly, more than half the boys grinned like the fox who stole the
chicken.. "Well, we were thinking each one of us should have a turn
with you". Alyssa looked at the roughly 20 boys & thought to
herself……"No rock & roll gang-bang was ever this big". but she also
thought they were young & inexperienced……hopefully they would cum
quickly. The presumed leader of the Preps took her by the hand…His
name was Sullivan…..she noticed how sweet & young & attractive he was
up so close. Alyssa had turned 28 this year and felt a few years older.
As they walked, Sullivan reached out & squeezed her left breast,
feeling how firm & full real womens tits felt, instead of the soft baby
tits of the prep scholl girls they saw at social parties at the school.
Alyssa gasped at the firm hand. "This way" "In Here"…she followed his
directions. She was in what looked like the nurses station. It had a
twin bed.Sullivan told her to sit on the edge of the bed. One by one
they would come in & stand in front of her, and she was to "take it
from there". OK, who’s first. Sullivan turned around & smiled…"I’m
definitely first." Alyssa smirked……How did i know that she thought?
Sullivan unsnapped his blue khaki uniform pants & let them fall to his
feet. Alyssa let out a tiny, tiny gasp. she could see the outline of
his cock thru his briefs & my god, but this boy was hung. As Sullivan
pulled down his briefs and stepped up to Alyssa, she was visibly
shaken. This 19 old was hung like a horse. Alyssa lifted his cockmeat
in her hand feeling its weight…then slowly teased his pee-hole with
the tip of her tongue……he cock began to swell….as she sucked the
massive head into her mouth…..she was thinking this may not go as
quickly as she first thought.Alyssa Milano, beauty of TV & movies
bobbed her head up & down on Sullivans Cockmonster, his cock had
swelled to almost 11" & was as thick as her wrist. Sullivan reached
down and squeezed the 2 huge globes of Alyssa’s breasts….pinching the
nipples as he did…..alyssa gasped loudly & all the boys
laughed….this was going to be fun & it had just started. As Alyssa
swallowed as much of his cock as she could she pumped his shaft with
her one hand while fondling his balls with the other. Soon his Cock was
twitching & then he drove it deep into her throat as wave after wave of
cum poured into her tummy."UMMMMMMM" that was yummy….who’s next"? and
so…one by one the boys came in the room & fed Alyssa their cocks and
she greedily sucked them down….most of them were 6" with a few 7" & a
couple 8" & just one more big one at almost 10". While she was deep
throating Mr. 10" Sullivan came in and took something from the Medicine
cabinet & poured it into the Ginger Ale he had for her. Douglas, Mr.
10"< had Alyssa by the hair on each side of her face & was now
pistoning into her mouth like a Jack Hammer. He was jamming his cock
all the way to the root again & again & Alyssa was sucking for all she
and over…..was this kid cumming or not? Then a flash as he roughly
squeezed her massive tits & pushed her back on the bed on her back.
Without pulling out of her mouth completely, he surrounded his cockmeat
with her heaving breasts & started to Tit-fuck her keeping the head of
his cock in her mouth…..That was all he needed…..a few more pumps &
he was shooting his come all over her face & Tits……it seemed as if
he were carrying 2 loads he came so much. Finally, it was over.
Sullivan was there & had a glass of Ginger ale for her….."that was
very sweet of you" she said. " God! I’m exhausted…..I’ve never
pulled a train that long before. She was so dehydrated & so full of cum
in her mouth she drank the whole glass of ginger ale in just a few

It didn’t take long, the sedative the Sullivan had used in the drink
started taking affect immeadiately. Alyssa felt drunk and lightheaded.
"Whats going on??" she asked. Sullivan helped her to the bed & pushed
her down. We’re just going to party a while longer….OK? "Yeah"
Cool" she said with a smile…. I like partying with you guys. I love
taking all your fat little pricks." Sullivan was thrilled…..WOW!! She
wants more"" She’s asking for more"!! Sullivan straddled her chest &
pushed his cock into Alyssa’s mouth "OOOOLLLLLLMMMMMM",
"ULLLMMMMMMMMM"When his cock was hard as steel he climbed down & licked
& spat onto Alyssa’s pretty pussy, rubbing the juices all over her
cunny lips……then rubbing his cockhead over the lips a few times he
pushed in. "OHH Mannn"!! "Guys, she feels like a burning oven""!! As
he pushed his 11" monster deep into her pussy, Alyssa moaned & moaned
loud..OOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!! Sullivan leaned forward & took one of
her rock hard nipples in his mouth, chewing & nibbling on it til Alyssa
was squirming like a crazed sex fiend. Sullivan pulled out & turned
Alyssa over and pushed a pillow under her waist lifting her sweet ass
several inches off the bed. He spread he legs and stared at the
beautiful pussy looking back at him. Sullivan got between her legs and
pushed back into her pussy & started fingering her tight bunghole
Sullivan felt as if he could fuck forever. The first time he got off in
her mouth really relaxed him…now he was fucking purely for the fun.
He continued to work 2 then 3 fingers into her tight bottom. He was
pumping his hand in her ass like a mechanical cock. One of his
classmates appeared beside the bed & offered a tube of KY Jelly. Mr.
Gordon uses this on some of the boys who need special tests &
examinations. Sullivan took the KY a squeezed a gob into Alyssa’s
Assholeworking it in with his 3 fingers & now slipping a 4th finger
into her bottom. Sullivan now had 11" of cockmeat in her pussy & 5" of
hand in her bunghole. Alyssa was really banging back against his cock &
grunting like a savage pig. Sullivan raised his free hand & brought it
down on Alyssa’s round, firm Ass with a resounding THWAAAP!! Alyssa’s
head reared Up and she mewwwwed ^ moaned & begged him to spank her
again….she had been sooooo bad this week she deserved a good
spanking. She had fucked a man on the plane, a gas station attendant, 2
cooks in the kitchen of a restaurant and all in the past few
days…..She loved to fuck…….and god would he please just shove his
fist her Ass and fuck her with it. Sullivan dug his thumb into her Ass
& slowly made a fist…..He couldn’t believe his eyes & neither could
the other boys. Sullivan started pumping into her Ass nice and
slow…trying to match the rythem of his cock in her pussy…..This was
too much though…his cock was rumbling and she was bucking like a
horse. As he filled he pussy with his cream, he fucked his fist into
her ass up to mid forearm & lifted her off the bed. Spent & exhausted
he pulled his cock & arm from the super vixen & headed for bed.

One by one 47 boys climbed on & had there way with Alyssa who bucked &
fucked with everyone of them, taking some in her pussy, some in her ass
& some in both at the same time. All in all she definitely had a
moving experience with the Preppies.

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